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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 13, 2020 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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this is g w news live from berlin tonight in the middle east and historic peace deal between israel and the u.a.e. the united arab emirates says it will recognize israel and establish diplomatic relations in return israel is agreeing to suspend any further and exemptions in the west bank we'll go to washington and jerusalem for reactions also coming up tonight standing up to a dictator. take to the streets of belgrade his capital in peaceful defiance thousands more are in prison following
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a violent crackdown in the wake of sunday's disputed presidential elections. i'm burnt off it's good to have you with us the announcement of a peace deal between israel and the united arab emirates is receiving a cautious welcome by many but not all players in middle east politics as part of the u.s. brokered agreement israel must put on hold its plans to annex any further sections of the palestinian west bank the u.a.e. says that stipulation keeps alive the possibility of a 2 state solution it's calling the deal a win for diplomacy in the volatile region. i historic agreement the united arab emirates and israel 2 countries that never had any diplomatic relations until thursday's deal. and idea was very
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clear is that a. phone call would be united. do stopping and exceed suspending. him at the same time we will be able to also announce that we will begin what will what i would call a normal relationship with israel in various various areas israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu greeted the deal as a huge step towards peace in the region well today we are sure in a new era of peace between israel and the our world this is the greatest advancement toward peace between israel and the our world in the last 26 years. let netanyahu specified that his an accession plans have not been outright cancelled only put on a temporary hold. the agreement brokered by u.s. president donald trump over months of discussions is seen as an unprecedented
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reshaping of the political order in the middle east it comes as a diplomatic win for trump just as the election campaign in the u.s. starts to heat up by uniting 2 of america's closest and most capable partners in the region something would say could not be done this deal is a significant step towards building a more peaceful secure and prosperous middle east. but not everyone is satisfied with the agreement the palestinian leadership dubbed the deal a betrayal and demand that its retraction. as a round the world to the agreement is being hailed as a historic achievement the palestinians see themselves pushed to the sidelines. now this is really prime minister benjamin netanyahu there let's take the story out of washington our bureau chief in his polls on the story for us tonight good evening to you so we know that u.s. president veiled his roadmap for peace in the middle east earlier this year does
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today's announcement does it fit into that plan. yes most definitely brant i think we really can say it's his it would be a huge success for him if this deal really would be signed i mean someone maybe of us remember early on 2016 in the last come paying he already announced once he is in the wise white house he's going to take care of this peace deal and that's now what he's obviously doing and i was just going to look is there going to be a signing ceremony at the the white house with the u.s. of course being the broker for this deal. that's what donald trump announced this morning in the oval office we always have to put in consideration for and it's only a little bit more than 80 days away from election i have and he needs some success this would be his 1st foreign policy success so sure he would want to make the
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biggest event out of it but it would be actually it is also fair to say that. the americans can actually very little right now about international affairs everything is dominated by the pandemic so he wants to make it a big event we shall see how the people react to that it's a very good point it's domestic issues that usually decide elections not foreign policy in his poll in washington thank you. let's take a story where our correspondents are new cramer joins me now good evening to you so we heard benjamin netanyahu say that he has been working for peace in the middle east all of his life and that today's agreement reflects that it is that credible is that vision credible. i mean he has been saying all along that he wants to see an opening to the are just specially to the
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gulf countries so this is basically if it happens it would be only the 3rd country israel would establish diplomatic relations with. jordan and egypt so that is a major foreign policy achievement for netanyahu and he also emphasized tonight that he didn't have to give up much for it because he said it's just a suspension of unmixed sation the controversial is ready plans to annex parts of the occupied west bank so for him it's certainly a major success here but it's a bilateral agreement without the palestinians doesn't have the palestinians and we know that most of the west bank now is controlled by israel so what you say israel is not really giving up anything in this deal so how have the palestinians reacted . well it's a very certainly very difficult news for them we had one on us ravi describing
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a palestinian politician describing this decision by the u.s. . to reward israel actually for its ongoing occupation how must this in this group has described it as a step in the back of the palestinian people now the palestinian president mahmoud abbas has called for an emergency meeting i think for the palestinians in general it's very difficult to understand that an arab country will actually recognize its well without addressing the underlying core issues of this conflict as laid down in the arab peace and if it initiative 20 years ago it's a good point it does seem to change the calculus among arab nations when it comes to peace in the middle east tanya kramer on the story force in jerusalem tanya thank you there's a quick look now at some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world lebanon's parliament has approved
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a 2 week state of emergency for beirut in its 1st meeting following last week's catastrophic explosion it grants the military broad powers like prohibiting gatherings and declaring curfews protesters and rights groups fear that it could lead to a crackdown on civil liberties germany has registered its highest daily number of new coronavirus cases for more than 3 months development of the german health minister has described as worry this comes as the southern state of bavaria deals with problems with its testing system tens of thousands of people have been left waiting for several days for their test results. thousands of people have returned to the streets of the bella resumed capital minsk for a 5th day of protests against a violent crackdown on demonstrations bellerose interior minister says he does not think that the current situation a melts to quote a revolution almost 7000 people have been detained since protests erupted over
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president alexander lukashenko disputed election when we have more now in our next report and a warning some of you may find the images disturbing. 5th the night of protests there appears to me no let up in the people's push for change . thursday crowds of people took to the streets of the better assume capital to denounce a police crackdown on demonstrations over sunday's disputed election many women wore white and carried flowers condemnation of the extension of president xander look at those 26 year old rule is gathering momentum across by the reuss the e.u. and the us have both said the elections were not there free nor fair russia on the other hand says foreign interference is to blame for the protests. i want fair elections i want to see a free better us with laws that are the same for the government and the people.
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we've been coming out since monday but it was very scary then and today we're crying because we believe we've won. the. relatives and friends of demonstrators arrested in this week's protests have been demanding their loved ones be released from detention centers like this one and then it's. images of the injuries freed protesters claim to have sustained at the hands of police have caused shock and consternation. of. workers at this stage alan factory joined the protest to. president grip on power looks increasingly shaky. so i'm joined now by journalist and book cobra she is in minsk tonight and it's good to have you on the program talk to me a little bit about what's happening right now we understand thousands of people are gathering again on the streets what is the mood like there and is the police
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presence as strong tonight is it has been in previous nights. oh yes and i'm actually outside no i'm inside a car but otherwise i'm driving around and i'm being in different locations and i'm seeing a lot of people in months because covering. kind of many neighborhoods mean it seems like every basically neighborhood has it's kind of on gathering of people the mood is very quiet it's very calm they see people are clapping cars honking i'm not in the outskirts of the city so you know the city center so the row. does and people at least have 700 and they also saying clubbing again and they're on this bonnet saying that we are for peace we want the police violence to be stopped and so on the road to white with white slugs everywhere and people just agreed to cars
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so that there's a honking so it's completely peaceful with a police presence but i saw some unmarked buses driving around in kind of observing people and what's happening is it's kind of hard to see why the police. have not been brutal collide if i may say so it's perhaps because the factories since have to and they announce must strikes over the country so it might have frightened and scared for their searches so that's why the response tonight at least is not is still quite the let's see how develops hopefully it's going to stay the same you know one of the of the police they've been accused of being very heavy handed towards protesters does this apply to journalists such as yourself as well. yes it is a very true of many people a lot of people that are bad that the offense and the journalists have been feets
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and as well don't expect talkative this probably listened as i cases under this kind of thing separately from just justice and they hope they find some themselves and nevertheless the police intentionally shot them all so they both men have been destroyed during this from the b.b.c. chromo these going to make you have made major media outlets but also local journalists who feel that fog it is also likely the police simply sometimes don't even know who is being detained because some journalists well some people just disappeared in the cannot find them. in detention centers so it's very hard to see the numbers because a number of journalists i come to this day i think yesterday that the scene at the end of the journalists but again the course of the country but i think i've been a. journalist on a new book open joining us tonight from minsk on
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a thank you thank you i sports is now in champions league quarter final action wants to get stoned the experts and beaten highly favored athletico madrid 2 to want to advance to the semifinals getting the winning goal at a study of the loose in lisbon portugal was substitute striker pilar adams with just a few minutes remaining before the end of the game this is only the 4th year light because played in european competition and it's the 1st time that the team has advanced this far. they are celebrating at leipsic tonight this is the w. news wives from berlin here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you israeli leader benjamin netanyahu says his country and the united arab emirates have agreed to a historic peace deal under the terms of the u.s. forward plan the u.a.e. will recognize israel and israel will suspend its controversial plans to annex more parts of the palestinian west bank. you're watching b.w. new tuesday dubi you've business is up next stick around we'll be right back.
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