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tv   To the Point  Deutsche Welle  August 14, 2020 2:30am-3:00am CEST

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blood on it from the wounds that have yet to heal. what should be done with the stone or from africa. this is being hotly debated on both continents. film and soul starts october 7th on g.w. . tensions are running worryingly high between germany and the united states the bone of contention is a gas pipeline joining germany and russia that is nearing completion the americans call it under into putin and are threatening crushing sanctions if the project is not stopped so long to the point we asked u.s. sanctions against germany how dangerous is an old stream to.
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thanks very much on joining me here on to the point coming to you from berlin and my guests here in the studio are cast in vest far from the german institute for international and security affairs who says north stream 2 has serious political implications but the collateral damage of u.s. sanctions is far reaching also with us is michelle 2 month foreign policy expert with the berlin base we need to cite he argues that europe's quarrel on nordstrom 2 is the biggest failure in german foreign policy in more than a decade 802 to eric author and journalist who writes for the los angeles times and eric believes that the u.s. and many other countries of long gone germany about the perils of north stream to those warnings were however ignored thank you all 3 once again for being here in berlin today with me because i would like to big. with you as an energy expert to
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tell us what makes north stream to so important and so very controversial. i thought i would say the political con the political context attached to it at the end of the day it's an economic pressure checked with with an economic basis linking the big the russian produced so with it's made to market in europe but of course it has the project test high political implications and whether this has been used by many as this is a symbol saying for accounts from for a long time this story has been sort of on the backburner now it appears to be boiling over why what's going on well in germany has been on the back burner germany's been ignoring this for a long time president obama warned about this trump warned about it congress has been talking about this is not just an economic approach and i swear that i was ready with germany can you make a 3rd party call that's eco marker called that but it's obviously
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a political project when the west has your sanctions against ukraine's and russia since the ukraine problem 2014 so it is a political issue germany can call it what it wants but it's not just germany versus us it's also ukraine and against germany it's a lot of eastern european kind of poland is upset about this france was upset about this it's basically a project to shaft the ukraine and keep all the oil gas going away from ukraine so germany has just been ignoring the complaints and the noise out there for 5 or 6 years now and then nobody should be surprised that it's coming to a boil now this was this is an accident waiting to happen and they should have known it's going to come coming to a boil 3 u.s. sentences have told german citizens and others to quote see sent to vittie supporting the construction of the pipeline or face potentially fatal measures that is very aggressive language these are 3 senators from gas producing areas so it's very aggressive language to an ally absolutely at least. senators these are only
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senators so i don't think you need to get too worked up about that but congress was a very strong majority in voting for these sanctions so the germans are making a mistake to think it's only trump versus germany and trump may be gone no trying to be gone but the next president is going to is probably going to be singing the same 2 shows too much the german side have been saying they've been talking about this is that these comments or the letter from the senator as neo imperialist a declaration of economic war it's not all hot air oh it's not meant seriously no i think there's of course neo imperialism is very symbolically laden word but i think there's cons census and merging in the german elites. directed against the kind of what they see as an american intervention interference in german sovereign affairs i think both this pipeline has been german foreign foreign policy failure and so far as germany was not able to unite europe
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on that but on the other hand it has opened read it has opened the floor for donald trump to many on that and what i see now is that this bipartisan approach in america fadia from the american side to understand what's happening in germany and that they're actually weakening those who are criticizing the pipeline within germany and the lots of people who criticize this pipeline including the. custom can you just explain for us because they will be difficult for some to grasp what basis can free congressmen from the united states insist that something happens or doesn't happen in a german port. they say that basically that nature off extraterritorial sanctions applying u.s. law to to to and not a state and this is exactly why they say eastern. how. well the
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response in germany the reaction is. so huge because this is really seen as an attempt to well into suffering in the face and at the end of the day it's also is certainly undermining regulatory affairs as the legal process is it legal or illegal and i'm not a lawyer but my understanding is that this is going much too far both in legal terms but also in political terms because in germany the background and the reading is that this is sanctioned this letter but there is a wider range of sanctions and it's not it's no longer clear with all the list of sanctions coming out of the us what are the motivations behind it and what is really the the context rallies they should or are even also the dishes behind and all the to lift so this is something and then it is really seen as part of geo economic drive over playing out with and then i. just wonder i mean one leading
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commentary here in germany said nobody wants to be blackmailed and the suggestion is that the germans are going to push back will the americans be weren't. i don't know i mean the united states is trying to keep the sanctions up against russia russia depends heavily on these gas exports the russian treasury gets a lot of money from germany from these gas exports and the united states as mentioned is interested in selling liquefied natural gas to europe a lot of americans why ask themselves why are we spending so much money on defense of europe when when germany goes and spends billions of dollars a year on a natural gas from from germany from from russia so all these things come into play time the accusations show that germany is making itself a hostage of russia the most goes mercy that this is a russian trojan horse and also a greek trojan holes well see there was the pipeline old stream 115 years
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ago when this pipeline was build my major criticism was that germany might become dependent on russian gas since then more then when t. terminology for liquid to fight natural gas have been build in europe they are up in t. off opportunities to get gas from all directions this pipeline is not dangerous in so far as we need this gas no we don't need it it is an additional off so and that is why i think it's simply beyond the point and missing the point that this is a politically explosive project but economically if you have the pipeline there wouldn't be a major problem not even for ukraine which has just concluded its treaty with russia on the continuation of gas deliveries. until 2024 and you can be
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sure that they will be an additional there will be an additional agreement after that will sound so rational but of the same time you are arguing in the statement we had at the top of the show that this is the greatest failure in german foreign policy. and the last 10 years has indeed because as i said germany didn't manage to bring europe together it didn't manage to integrate the baltic states the critics of the pipeline and pushed through and i think this is 1st and foremost something which happened in the aftermath of the refugee crisis in 2015 when nobody in germany paid attention to what the then economy minister gabriele did who was a close friend of but it was equally godly who pushed forward this project and this has been overlooked and despite the criticism in initially from many observers including eric in clued in others including me so i think
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this is this is something which falls now back on to all feed after 5 years that surprises me all the time germany always acts like the big european pro europe. but they're ignoring eastern europe and they've been ignoring eastern europe for years and his crane poland lithuania latvia these countries that know russia well and said don't do this but germany just went ahead and did it anyway i mean that surprises me is that i think there was a certain misreading going in there lynn at that the failure point and i think the misreading was that germany itself the self perception was that germany was clearly pursuing a dual strategy of containment the study of russia plus cooperation so basically the old pattern of the cold war and containment is just it's clear because germany in that kind has been instrumented to keep up the consensus on e.u. sanctions so this was kind of. being in the background and why thought
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the others would accept within the package of culpa ration the snot stream to a pipeline which was also giving germany a certain leverage the said the kremlin and i think the other misreading than was the dynamics inside. you go for an energy union and to really drive this and to a certain extent you know it all the. rhetoric from berlin around it it's an economic project the legal and regulatory background was somehow based on the status quo in 2015 and what was ignored was this big push in the e.u. to change the regulatory approach to change to deal with russia a common view and indeed later on it was not chief to have the consensus but i think to me ringback this where the major misreadings on the job is going to have to talk about russia's role in all this in just a minute let's start 1st of all though a closer look at the pipeline that is the focus of these rising tensions between the u.s.
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and germany. nord stream 2 is an ambitious european russian energy project once completed the pipeline costing billions of euros will transport gas from russia through the baltic sea to germany and it runs largely parallel to the existing nordstrom one pipeline after u.s. sanction announcements in december 2019 a swiss pipeline vessel suspended operations now russian ships are ready to complete the last 160 kilometers at the end of july the trump of ministration further intensified threats supported by u.s. congress. this action puts investments or other activities that are related to these russian energy export pipelines at risk of u.s. and sanctions it's a clear warning to companies aiding and abetting russia's influence projects will not be tolerated get out now or risk the consequences americans fear that
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germany will become unilaterally dependent on russia through nordstrom to germany denies this and wants to proceed with the project the usa many in europe are saying it's only interested in selling their own expensive liquid gas to germany. will there be a trade war between the usa and germany. how explosive is this story. right hopefully not to ridiculous levels but it is a problem and it's up to germany the ball's in germany's court now. to see but it's really once again it's not just trump it's the congress the congress forced to do this trump was originally reluctant to do more sanctions against russia but congress overruled him on that veto proof passage of a legislation a few years ago so it's a mistake in germany to think it's only just because the americans want to sell some gas here in europe and it's a mistake to think it's only trump and the problem may take care of itself because
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it's not going to go away. did you know the ball is in germany's coal should germany fight sanctions with sanctions. no i think it's not and i think it won't because. then you has no interest in infighting merica economically over this and on top of it needs e.u. and the e.u. responds because foreign trade is an e.u. matter so i think there's not a consensus in the u. in the 1st place and 2nd there's not the political will but there is certainly a political will to have a common stance on extra territorial sanctions and that is where i see a major divergence of u.s. and european foreign policy in the future and the u.s. is losing europe over that over the question of extraterritorial sanctions is becoming a question of the into of international relations and how we deal with each other
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in international relations so europe obviously and germany for the specific matter doesn't like to be put in the same basket like iran also we have major differences over the day cvo a dream and with iran on nuclear energy we're also american extraterritorial sanctions are applied which have leading which have led to the possibility of having iran knew of having nuclear weapons in iran in the near future so this is this is i think the major bone of contention we will have in the future and i hope that if should trump lose these elections that congress might rethink the consequences of if the torah tolerated sanctions in the future because in doing to pick up on that if if suddenly i think what i would say is it's not clear what is that in the teeth ation behind in washington state's vast range plus it's to me it's not clear what is the cost and benefit to this because the
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sanctions do a lot of harm. they've got a lot of harm to the energy markets where we really see apologize ation going on and it is also a loss of credibility and to me it's also not clear to look at the appropriateness of the means because this issue of feeding the beast i would simply say although it's much more important to the russian budget what trump did with the tweets to establish this opec plus agreement which we've seen in in may has done much more for the russian bunch of ben and then you guess else we do so i was very important and we don't see moves that so in a sense it's a feeding scene in targeting germany and it's part of this german right of us rival thing. that we haven't mentioned chancellor merkel so far it's interesting that they're old issues or not old races but they're the focus of the story and one of the focus of the stories is her own constituency the island of brougham in
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northern germany what is going to michael's position on all this she seems to be sort of looking the other way who had to turn in this position has been pretty much the same over the past 5 years and now it's a clear stance against this step of the senate. if i may have answered that i think in 2015 merkel was preoccupied with the refugee crisis when the social democrats pushed for this project so you have to see it as initially as a social democratic project now because look the other way and said ok it's only an economic problem and possibly underestimated then the consequences this will have. but but when it came to the question of sanctions kat's sanctions ex a territory of sanctions of coals then she was pressed into that line and this is
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the problem now because of the sanctions it's so difficult to have a broad controversial discussion in germany about that anymore but there are some signals coming from the german government peter buyer medical's transatlantic coordinator in the form ministry said recently in an interview that maybe we didn't pay enough to the geo political implications of this we should have so there seems to be some reasonable thinking going on in trying to find a way out of this mess that sounds naive to assume that you know that this was always that this was never a policy of this so this line it's an economic it's an economic business projects and it's a political issue seems very naive i mean the german foreign minister told told don't you belive that he will not allow the u.s. to interfere in the way that it has been interfering in this story what kind of clout does the german foreign minister have when he makes that kind of statement probably not very much. for mr talks a lot but i haven't seen a move move the needle anywhere really about the 10th german foreign minister to be
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laughable if in moscow imagery as a lot of clout there he brought up a lot of issues this week in moscow with the assassination last summer in berlin things like that but i don't think a lot of things have changed. so you know jim the no real german response i'm then gathering to the worries of the likes of ukraine and poland. well i think i was with mosse the day before yesterday in moscow and i can say that basically there was the the usual exchange of nice teas and criticism and so i think both countries are stuck in that the most important thing is. germany still is the major organizer of sanctions against russia in the wake of the russian intervention in ukraine and i think 1st of all poland the baltic states and also the united states of america need to be particularly in up holding these sanctions
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also in the future so should germany decided to go along what some left as social democrats already link or all of these suggest that we've finally. bandon these sanctions they will be shooting problem in containing russia and i think these sanctions which is why the overlook have actually reduced military tensions in ukraine and have stopped a major russian intervention in 2015 in what they call nova and also the the areas in southern ukraine ok because when i come back to you in just a 2nd let's just move on to the showdown between washington and berlin over the nold string to pipeline comes against the backdrop of water almost feels like a breakdown in relations between the 2 sides which has been highlighted by donald trump's recent decision to withdraw troops american troops and thousands of them from germany. spangdahlem is one of 5 u.s.
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military bases affected by the troop withdrawal of the american base in the i feel region had been a major hub for u.s. operations in africa and the near and middle east a total of 12000 of the 34500 g.i.'s stationed in germany are to either return home or be transferred to other european nato bases president trump has announced that the reason for this is germany's contributions to nato which are far below the minimum requirement agreed to. when. they were. regardless of whether or not donald trump is reelected in november germany can probably count on less u.s. support in the future. this heavenly situation where we are well
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off doing well financially and growing while the us protects us with their military power and nuclear arms and europe is a thing of the past and won't be easy to recreate if you. will nato be weakened by the dispute between partners. that's the question will not be weakened by this dispute between germany and the us so how how far will that some weakness go in a yes or no so 1st of all i think on the trunk there's nothing really good at numbers germany now is contributing to the nato budget as much as america is contributing probably meant the german defense budget with germany is below what it has problems in 2014 and that is a problem i think but here we're talking about american troops which will be redistributed and withdrawn from germany which we're not. of nato operation in
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europe but actually a part of you as operations in the middle east in africa so not directly concerning nato so this is an american issue it will be an additional burden to the american budget so it's not true what trump says it's not use it is serving the american cause economy but it will be and additional burden however it is a political problem because the of course it is doesn't go without noticing in russia this is direct against nato so it's more a politically politically symbolic problem than a military problem for nato. yeah indeed i mean i think what is so tricky for bilin is this issue linkage that we see security linking it to an economic economic issues like like also energy issues and and this is not the style
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of berlin used to deal with the issues it was much more compartmentalized in the game so this is also something we seeing with the north stream to pipeline project and by the way i wanted to say some thing on about ukraine and poland it's not to how it's said out of washington that the burden didn't pay concerns i mean very little of us very much engaged in the trilateral talks in g. thing this agreement that we see now for 5 years of having transit guaranteed through it crime we've seen in germany pushing inside the e.u. for common policy and energy projects like the baltic pipe for example which has paid from the european bought it. poland with with no value to the gas fields so this is part of how it's seen in germany evanier very very nice so bo way off yeah that's interesting because i was going to sort of this is you know this all sounds very much on. the sort of the typical rational german approach americans
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the american of the sable how great is your concern that on both stories we're talking about the pipeline in the troop withdrawal well playing into vladimir putin's hands because that's one of the tropes in the american democracy you have to leave europe divided is good news for putin and putin he's happy when nato is fighting amongst themselves united states and germany are having their their problems hopefully they'll overcome them but as far as the 5 year deal for ukraine goes what happens after 5 years that's that's a problem not what happens in 5 years or so but once again the whole nato issue is you're germany wasn't listening american presidents been warning for a long time germany for defense and they didn't do more for defense and that's why they're in the mess they are now because germany wasn't listening to the signals on this point trying to get it's going to probably not going to get finished no i'd be surprised if anything has coming out of that i think you have to have folks thanks for joining us on to the point here if you don't believe me enjoy the show as much as i have come back next week by by inches.
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this is deed of many years live from berlin a historic agreement in the middle east the united arab emirates says it will recognize israel and establish diplomatic relations and little in return is others agreeing to suspend any further annexation in the west bank. in belarus peaceful protest against a violent crackdown in the wake of sunday's disputed presidential election brings a row.


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