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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 15, 2020 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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sarah willis on a musical journey of discovery. without a top score september 16th g.w. . this is v.w. news live from berlin but a rosen's turn out in force for a 7th straight day huge crowds gather in minsk up the spot where a protester died earlier this week in clashes with police demonstrators are demanding new elections they have europe's support and bottle to president alexander lukashenko says if russia is backing him also coming up. sealing the
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deal the u.s. and poland signed a defense agreement months in the making will see a 1000 u.s. troops move from germany to poland poland calls it a guarantee of u.s. support in the face of a foreign threat. and a spectacular victory for bahrain munich in the champions league semifinal against barcelona could the german side go on to win 3 of soccer's major trophies feces. yes welcome to the program thousands of people have gathered in minsk for another day of protests against a better regime government defying a police crackdown following elections that they say were rigged demonstrators rallied at the software a protester died in clashes with police. earlier this week they're calling on the
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country's president xander to push and go to resign after decades in power the european union says it will sanction officials who repress dissent you can go says that russia has promised to provide assistance to ensure the security of better lives. well earlier we spoke to journalist hunted you back over in minsk and i asked her how protesters feel about because shango consulting his ally president putin. why are these new scheme yes during this commemoration of accident and basically you know and people immediately brought back and they're saying well little figure it out because. the people don't want any rational intervention and bill are withstanding and progression protesters they want to dependents and all there are no details so far so it's not really clear what's to say you know how to comment on the 5 lucia who is here but many people also fear
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that it might be a sign of perhaps not intervention but maybe millet support from russia cracked out on a peaceful protest arcelor as well there are different rumors and people don't really know what to think but they are against any kind of russia russia's aggression in the country. well u.s. secretary of state by pompei o says his country is working with its european partners to support the batteries in people pumpin made the comments on a visit to warsaw where he signed a deal that will see a 1000 u.s. troops move from germany to potent the defense pact will pave the way for an increased and sustained u.s. military presence in poland something warsaw has long called for it comes after the u.s. announced it would withdraw some 12000 troops from germany for failing to meet nato targets on defense spending. we're joined now by journalist mike bell and i guess.
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she is in warsaw hi mike bolena let's start with why did the polish government want face a new defense deal with the d.n.i. to states. well they may. feel is something to increase the number to u.s. troops in poland of course they need it this is the presence of the u.s. military in currency and soon poland hurts you have to know there is that special sense of be frightened by a russian up with the gate if you like russia. into ukraine recently so the current polish government and his intensely try to teach coups that and president undo that even promise that the conflicts us through to the base could be made for its trunk so now she is not that much number of u.s. troops from point hostile who flies in a line fight the fight and who does is really really were basically it's
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a it is rather simple but the government is trying to emphasize us there's the day that this needs the security for this is it in for people and so basically if as of u.s. troops are going to be moved from germany to poland how does warsaw actually view the deployment itself. well the polish government is. trying to hard to say that poland does not direct benefit from that partial birth also through some gentlemen and you have to know here in poland troops presence it's rather simple to leave because and there is still the highs for support if i think for freedom in the dragon even i'm monument here in warsaw so i'm polish people and the much support in the eighty's from the us. and in their fight against communities regiment enough prison rather unhealthy like other countries is
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relative positively themes here in poland so that you and present you as soldiers you have even applauded on the streets well i'm soldiers in although there is also our voices of concern here recently think that poland is maybe too wants and is maybe 2 thoughts and obedient towards us and not the presidential dealmaker. my darling. caught in warsaw thank you for your analysis there. well take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world this hour thousands of people have protested in the eastern russian city of a cover up for the 6th weekend in a row the demonstrators are demanding the release of regional governor said he was arrested last month and taken to moscow for god is accused of involvement in 2 murders 15 years ago and supporters say his arrest is politically motivated.
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a japanese oil tanker there caused an environmental disaster when it ran aground of marriages has leaked into according to officials there the condition of the vessel had deteriorated greatly overnight emergency teams have been racing to siphon off remaining fuel from the ship. indian prime minister narendra modi has marked his country's independence day at a military parade it was severely curtailed because of the coronavirus pandemic in a speech to the nation modi laid out ambitious goals including a digital health and a promise of high speed internet in every village across the country within 3 years . in japan emperor nero he too has marked the 75th anniversary of the end of world war 2 expressing deep remorse for the country's role in the conflict is grandfather emperor hirohito led japan in its
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fight against the allied force. o'hare in europe excuse me german health minister has defended his decision to impose a travel warning on most of spain apart from the canary islands spawn said it was necessary because of a sharp uptick in new infections and he warned travelers that party tourism is irresponsible during the pandemic well tourists returning to germany from high risk areas must get tested for coverage 19 the travel warning is a major blow for spain's tourism sector travel operator has announced it's canceling old german package holidays to the region and has asked all customers already there to return within the next week. an island of silence this was the island in the middle of june when german tourists largely began arriving again off to look down but it may well start to look this quiet again soon now that germany has issued a travel warning for the bleriot garlands gems schmidt runs
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a small her telling my oka it is many rooms a large garden and now big worries. today we received 3 cancellations because people are insecure or cannot afford to go into quarantine when they come back from my yoko or the blair garlands there is simply a great deal of planning uncertainty. for their course of plans enjoyed its potential to travel warning was announced after surgeon coronavirus cases across spain many here expected it but others were hopeful they've been forthright talking you hear like came here 2 days ago and realize that i'm sorry for here than in berlin or in brandenburg or in the baltic sea where there are a lot more tourists to see you seem to have to we don't know whether we will go home again all when we will go home and what impact this travel warning will have previously $5000000.00 germans came to the island each year many are now likely to cancel their travel plans the current warning applies to all of spain except canary
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islands to put it loosely you could say turn off the lights lower the shadows will close the country. it's very difficult for everyone because the islands rely on tourists on the one hand there are the hotels then the retail trade where tourists go shopping restaurants bars clubs discos actually every business is affected in charlotte so you can will this 2nd wave of the corona virus came faster than many expected and soon it will be quiet again on my oka. well here's a look at some of the other developments in the corona virus pandemic russia says it has produced the 1st batch of its coronavirus vaccine it's the 1st country in the world to approve a vaccine the world health organization says it still needs a vigorous safety review india has now reported more than 2500000 cases of covert 19 country remains the 3rd worst affected by the pandemic after the u.s.
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and brazil and new zealand is battling its 2nd corona virus outbreak with 7 new infections it's extending a lockdown of its largest city opened by at least 12 days. well moving on to sports and in a thrilling champions league quarter final match in lisbon won this league a champions byron munich hammered spanish giants barcelona a 2 the game was closed to the public because of the coronavirus pandemic but the bavarian still put on a show to remember robert leavened the fed thomas miller to open the scoring in just the 4th minute to get the party started for by a munich 3 minutes later david oliver gifted barcelona a goal when he put the ball into his own net after that though there was no stopping the bavarians goals from even paris each sage could not breathe and another from may did a comfortable for one at halftime. on the months of the god in the team piled on
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the pressure in the 1st half and forced our opponents into committing errors we were also great that possession and counterattacking. after the restart luis suarez gave a glimmer of hope when he made it forward too but then biron scored seemingly at will strikes from yahshua came in. 11. and a brace from philippe could seno rounded out the incredible $82.00 final score a debacle for barcelona. one of the though of course this was a painful defeat the way it happened it was extremely painful for me. but it's especially painful because of what it means for the supporters for the club this harsh defeat. barcelona fans in this pub in lisbon were devastated. i can't remember any result as historic as this it's so sad i'm
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ashamed we have never seen anything like it. after this performance by our north through to the semifinals and the favorites to hoist the champions league trophy. certainly a result to forget for barcelona moving on to liverpool liverpool coach club has been named premier league manager of the season after guiding his team to their 1st league title in 3 decades liverpool coasted to the title with a total of $99.00 points finishing nearly 20 points clear of manchester city cop arrived at liverpool in 2015 and last season he led liverpool to the champions league trophy. former one championship leader lewis hamilton clinched a record extending 92nd career pole position at the spanish grand prix on saturday 6 time world champion hamilton has won the last 3 editions of the race and he was fastest in all 3 phases of qualifying on a hot afternoon outside barcelona his team
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a voluntary blood tests came in 2nd to lock the front row for mercedes hamilton's closest challenger x. for stopping of red bull will start in 3rd. while political twitter fights are not unusual in the run up to a presidential election but now a surprisingly animated spot has broken out between a trump campaign advisor and a very famous suburban housewife presidential aide jenna s. kicked off the war of words when she tweeted that a presumption of democratic vice presidential candidate. would like marge simpson prompting a rush of comments but one person she likely didn't expect to hear from was march simpson herself. i usually don't get into politics but the president's senior adviser janet alice just said conall paris sounds like me says she doesn't mean it as a compliment at that as an ordinary suburban housewife felt
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a little disrespect for i teach my children not to name call santa. i was going to say. 2 but i'm afraid they please but. you know we have to be thought out so there you have it from marge simpson herself do not annoy her because you'll see what happens anyway you're watching the news coming to you from berlin we'll be back next hour with more headlines by karen sisco. every day. for us and for our play. the idea is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make cities scream or how can we protect.


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