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this is. from berlin tonight in russia the man fighting for the political opposition is fighting for his wife after he suspected poisoning alexina of all the is in a coma and on a ventilator he became ill on a flight to moscow today his spokeswoman says it was a cup of toxic tea that made me sick he could be moved to germany as early as tomorrow and france's president offering of all the of siloam in france was meeting germany's chancellor angela merkel today who also offered help to the critic of the
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kremlin and in the u.s. the democrats most unusual convention approaches its 4th and final night. of the party's presidential nomination later from his home state of delaware. i'm brinkerhoff it's good to have you with us activists here in germany are tonight planning to send a rescue plane to bring russian opposition leader alexina vonnie here to berlin for medical treatment of all he was on a flight from siberia to moscow today when he got sick and lost consciousness he was pictured drinking tea at the airport before boarding the plane t. that his spokeswoman says was poison not long after this picture was taken he became so. that the plane had to make an emergency landing he was carried off the
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plane in the city of almost and taken to a nearby hospital nepali is considered one of russian president vladimir putin's fiercest critics exposing corruption and organizing demonstrations despite official bans. of french president emanuel macron and germany's chancellor angela merkel have offered assistance to nevada they've been holding of somebody in the south of france as far as to offer asylum to the kremlin critic here's part of what he said today. this is don't we are ready to provide any necessary support for alexander novotny and his family there for his health for asylum and for his protection this goes without saying and we discussed it at length on the. heartless bring in our d w moscow bureau chief yuri rich other he's on the story for us from that side good evening to you yuri what do we know about the leg scene of all nice condition to
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not have one of the doctors at the clinic in concepcion of all these currently being treated at that his condition had stabilized a little so he did allow himself a glimmer of hope and then all these doctors already pushing for a transfer to europe and they're appalled that they has even been told of the shot and taking the can germany and belly in that could or that would be ready to treat devaney media reports about the special airplane from germany that would bring a valid tibet in soon obviously the main concern here is not just established by the satellites of the petition but also to examine these substances that may have poisoned him and european cleanings the german clinics at the tate in beilin are supposedly bet that suitable for this yeah and your we know that the spokes person for mr nouvelle name is that the tea had been laced with poison but what evidence do we have to prove that this was indeed a poisoning. all we have to wait for the investigation report of course
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and the question still remains brant what exactly is he is suffering from if he was ready really poisoned and if so what substance was used we can't answer any of these questions and the moment but to many parallels come to mind starting with the poisoning of the former k.g.b. officer living in good london for example then the former russian spies cryptologist elsberry the president of the russian political activist got through there is the love to give the go by the way there is the loaf was treated in germany and he described his symptoms in an interview with w earlier as a very similar to what's happening to not only now so these alleged poisoning has brought back many memories of opposition figures being poisoned or even murder and today we have the french president emanuel mccrone offering alexina volney asylum during a press conference how is that going to go down with russian president vladimir putin well i think the question is whether novelli would look forward to an asylum
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in friends he is solely a russian politician who lives in the russia and especially is politically active here on the other hand yes when it's a question of life and death completely different arguments count as to putin's reaction or possible put interest reaction i think he might even be happy if one of his harshest critics left the country kremlin spokesperson at winthrop a school for example said to that president putin knows about the situation surprisingly peskov said that the authorities in russia would do everything possible to a loan of ali to be transferred abroad in the medical care if necessary and of course you can also criticize putin from abroad but it's a completely different matter when the valise of the country because he support us need him to be in the country to keep the position alive it's true should be doing fulton a favor with. our it you're a shadow in. your thank you. well the french and german offers of medical
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assistance to alexina on the were made today at the french president's summer retreat in the south of france president back wrong and chancellor merkel discussed many issues right from the post pandemic recovery to the political crises in bella ruse in mali but the most pressing subject at the news conference today was the suspected poisoning of devolving chancellor merkel called for rapid clarification of just how the russian opposition leader became quickly so quickly so. if it is wanted for france also goes for germany we will have cooled ill health care assistance also in german hospitals but that must of course be requested from there and what is very very important is that it must be urgently clarified how it could come to the situation or we will insist upon that because what we have heard until now very unfortunate circumstances and this must be done ferry very
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transparently possible and it was the german chancellor is bigger earlier today here at the big table with me now as my colleague political correspondent. so we heard there france and germany are offering assistance to. what saw and do we have europe sending with that it is certainly is sending a sign that europe wants to help you've got to. offer and to help if it was requested but of course that also runs a risk of perhaps russian president vladimir putin interpret in that as europe taking sides that said we do now know that. it is actually planning to go and collect this evening and that's going to be with a team that specialize in tree interest specializes in treating close patients and that's actually being arranged by the foundation cinema for peace foundation which also previously arranged for
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a kremlin critic who had been poisoned. also come to bell and say what we know so far is that no bonnie is expected to then be treated at the sheraton hospital here in berlin in the german capital. we have we have somebody with merkel is that correct yes. we are showing that we seek dialogue with russia and if want to with beller us to president bush has so far not spoken with anyone on the phone we will of course insist on certain conditions the release of prisoners no violence free speech the right to demonstrate an inclusive dialogue in that country those are the values which we stand for not just to home but also for those brave people in better us. investments. so what do we have there is this europe standing up for its values or is this europe claiming a geo political stake say well all the european union has tried to do so far is to
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send a message that makes it clear that they do not have geopolitical interests in bell or race of course at the same time though putin isn't going to watch by the nice that could be part of the race that is looking towards europe right now but this is a very different situation from the one we found ourselves in with ukraine some years ago so it really depends where you stand right now but what we heard there from merkel is very much reiterating what we heard after the e.u. council meeting this week is that you know the european union is ready to have talks both with russia and with bellary says well the president doesn't seem ready to be to speak to anyone just yet but even back a year and as michael reiterated just now comes with conditions and that means making sure that prisoners are released in that there's no more violence on the streets we know that at the moment miracle and. keen to have these kind of images
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being shown to the public what's what's the message there is the franco german engine here in europe is it busy working or is it busy demonstrating that it can work well i think is a bit of both at the moment of course there were a whole plethora of topics that the 2 leaders had to discuss today and also right now. is to. trying to be more cooperatively and more union in a more united way and we've seen that recently as well in the in the response of financial response to the concern of virus pandemic and that it's seeing among the macron of machall camps very much a success on that as well but this wasn't just about a mob. a fad down and that in southern france today they said their carriage some european white questioning is currently the president's own they gave up in council as well so this was very much a visit that was very focused as well as somebody have a look he does it in the south of france isn't that great he's always good thank
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you in the united states presidential candidate joe biden is due to officially except the nomination from the democrats tonight at their national convention it's the 77 year old's 3rd run for the nomination he would be the oldest president ever elected if you wins in november the democrats' national convention is normally a scene of roaring crowds with lots of confetti but it's been really gave its web broadcasts due to the coronavirus and by accepting the nomination to go against donald trump comes just one day after a couple of here it's officially became the democrats' vice presidential candidate make you heard the 1st black and asian american woman to be on a major presidential ticket flutie w.'s washington bureau chief in this poll she is in wilmington delaware tonight that is joe biden's home base and it's from there where he will make his acceptance speech this evening good evening to you it is so what can we expect from this speech which begins the hot phase of this campaign in
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the wraps up the convention as well. right brian so we're right in front of the hall where he's going to give his exact acceptance speech tonight and you know he's known as a very empathetic warm man so i'm sure that she will play big on that and he also will use the fact that he's delivering this speech here in his home state delaware this is very important for his personality why because he lost his wife and daughter to a car accident many many years ago and he took the amtrak every day to washington to be able to take care of his 2 sons so that's what he's going to play out showing he is warm he's fit for all the job and he's a much more humble and reliable person than president donald trump and we know that by not only needs to galvanize the democrats but he also needs to widen the party's appeal needs to pull in those independents and undecided voters is he on the right
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path there that is a very good question you just mentioned the last 3 days i mean we saw many many different types of democrats many older statement i mean president obama delivered a an unprecedented speech last night rebuking don't jump in the way a vigil president has never done before but what was missing and what is really criticized highly by the rather liberal than draw of the progress isn't a lot of the rather left leaning democrats it's that they won something from fair kind of ticket in the game and joe biden doesn't stand for that so it shall be interesting to see how he tries to read out reach out to that branch of the party it's a very good point and i have to ask you about what we're hearing concerning the former chief white house strategist for donald trump and that is steve bannon today being charged with defrauding donors to
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a border wall campaign what impact could this have on trump's election chances if any. well we shall see i mean it comes on the heels of the senate intelligence committee report about poll men afford saying that he kind of delivered data to the russians so that is not a good moment for donald trump on the one hand on the other hand as to be expected he says he has nothing to do with it and if he did know about it and he has met at benetton for for many many months if not years so you know don't jump is known as teflon don and i think it really won't matter to his voter base all right we'll see if it matters come election day in november in this poll in delaware tonight seen as always thank you. this is g.w. news live from berlin coming up next u.w. business news with my colleague rob wants to go around we'll be right back.
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