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this is d.w. news a live shot from berlin and the man of fighting for the political opposition in russia is now fighting for his life after suspected poisoning alexina volumnia is in a coma and on a ventilator after falling ill on a flight to moscow his spokeswoman says his cup of tea was laced with poison. line response france's president marker on all prisoners on the asylum to a crawl in it was meeting with germany's chancellor merkel who also offered to help the kremlin critic also coming up on the show. in the u.s. and joe biden will take center stage he's due to formally accept the democratic
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presidential nomination in the grand finale of a 4 day convention. i'm claire richards and thanks for joining us russian opposition politician alexina vall me is fighting for his life after a suspected of poisoning a german n.g.o.s says it's sending an air ambulance to bring him to germany for treatment he lost consciousness while on a flight from siberia to moscow he was pictured drinking tea at the airport before leaving t. his spokeswoman says it was poisoned and not long afterwards he became so ill that the plane had to make an emergency landing in the city of on. of ali is considered one of president putin's a fiercest russian critics exposing corruption and organizing demonstrations despite official benz. well french president emmanuel mccracken and germany's
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chancellor angela merkel have both offered help to no vonnie they've been holding a summit in the south of france and the crown went as far as to offer asylum to the kremlin critic here's what he had to say this is don't we are ready to provide any necessary support for alexander never only and his family there for his health for asylum and for his protection this goes without saying and we discussed it at length. when earlier moscow bureau chief you're a shadow it gave us an update on alexina condition. one of the doctors at the clinic in peoria when i've only is currently being treated that his condition had stabilized a little so he did allow himself a glimmer of hope that all his doctors are already pushing for a transfer to europe and that there reportedly has even been talk of the shot they take clinic in germany in delhi and that's cute or that would be your idea to treat
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the volley there are media reports about the special airplane from germany that would bring the valley to berlin soon obviously the main concern here is not just istanbul his eye some of the politician but also to examine the substance of that may have poisoned him and european gleanings the german. are supposedly better suitable for this. well of course of ali is not the 1st to fall victim to poisoning blame for which is often a laid at the door of the kremlin the definitive proof is hard to come by there has been a long history of russian dissidents falling ill or dying from poison takes a look at some of the most prominent recent cases. in march 28th seen a poisoning in the u.k. city of souls pretty sharpish the world russian double agent surrogates and his daughter yulia were found unconscious on a park bench. they have been poisoned with a military grade not for chalk nerve agent a u.k.
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investigation blamed russia for the attack moscow denied any involvement and while the screen survived others weren't so lucky one woman who came into contact with residues of the nerve agent later died and before them another russian defector had been poisoned in the u.k. a woman was we'll note. the death drugs all believe in you in 2006 the former russian agent alexander litvinenko fled to london in 2000 he became ill and died in 2006 after drinking tea laced with radioactive polonium $210.00 a british inquiry found that his killing had been ordered at the highest level. that further. this operation to. mr litvinenko was approved by mr but. the. f.s.b.
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. and also president putin another case is viktor yuschenko in 2004 he was a ukrainian opposition leader running against moscow's preferred candidate he fell ill after having dinner with ukrainian security officials doctors say he was poisoned with the chemical dioxin he survived going on to become president of ukraine. and activist p.r. to vets a lot of who has ties to russian protest group pussy riot managed to survive what he says was a poisoning attempt in 2018 his theories backed by doctors who treated him in berlin person law says he was targeted because of his activism but it's is more of a. kind of like a warning gesture so as to indicates to other people who might want to go down that path to do. the kremlin has consistently denied involvement in these cases
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and while it can be almost impossible to prove who's guilty. of and others sure who is to blame. well as i mentioned earlier chancellor angela merkel has been visiting french president and manual mark on for talks in the south of france apart from offering asylum to alexina vonnie the 2 leaders discussed how to revive europe's economy without causing a 2nd wave of the coronavirus the 2 leaders also stressed the need for reaching a post brecht's that deal and the political turmoil in belarus. chancellor merkel says she is open to dialogue with belarus if they are willing to accept. we are showing that we seek dialogue with russia and if want to with beller us to present has so far not spoken with anyone on the phone but we will of course insist on certain conditions the release of christmas no violence free speech the right to demonstrate an inclusive dialogue in that country those are the values which we
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stand for not just to home but also for those brave people in palo roasts. and bicycles. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world london central criminal court has handed down a life sentence to the brother of a suicide bomber who killed 22 people at a pop concert in manchester in 2017. a baby was a convicted of murder attempted murder and conspiring to cause explosions he will spend a minimum of 55 years in prison. south korea's intelligence agency says it has seen signs of a power shift in its reclusive a communist neighbor north korea dictator kim jong un is thought to have transferred some of his powers to senior officials most significantly his sister kim jong the move has fueled speculation as she is being groomed as kim successor.
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with a trump administration has written to the u.n. security council requesting that u.n. sanctions be reimposed on iran washington insists that tehran is in violation of the 2015 nuclear deal just by president trump abandoning the agreement 2 years ago . when u.s. president a former chief strategist stephen bannon has been charged with a fraud federal prosecutors in new york allege that bannon and 3 others orchestrated a scheme to defraud hundreds of thousands of donors they run into a fund raising campaign to build a wall along the u.s. border with mexico smaller than new york state was saying in the. us a presidential candidate joe biden will officially accepted the nomination a from the democrats later tonight on the 4th and final day of the party's national convention the democratic national convention is normally a scene over a roaring crowds and confetti but has been relegated to web broadcasts due to the
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coronavirus pandemic biden accepting the nomination to go against donald trump comes a day after kamel heiress officially became the democrats' vice presidential candidate or making her the 1st black and asian american woman it to be on a major presidential ticket if biden wins in november he would be the oldest president ever elected. leader of years a washington bureau chief in as paul is covering the story for us from joe biden's home state of delaware you know it's great to see you a biden will be making his acceptance speech tonight from wilmington where you are standing and it might be the most important of his long political career what can we expect to hear. right so this is the official starting gun for his election day his election really begins and he has not only to convince the public that he's better than donald trump and he's the wrong that donald trump is
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the wrong president at this moment he really has to build a bridge between the different branches in the democratic polity and this shall be interesting because there is a lot of criticism that he's not the right person for the diversity of this country so we shall see if you will be able to do that well that's right there is a division between the more progressive wing of the democrats and biden and so in addition to galvanizing them he's also going to need it to widen the party's appeal outside of the democrats do you think he's going to be able to muster the support to trump. we shall see so this is really like one of his defining moments in his life this is the 1st time he is running for president as you mentioned there he's delivering his. speech in delaware his home state which plays a crucial role role for his life he lost his wife and his daughter in 1972 and commute every day from delaware to washington to his office that's
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a little bit longer than an hour's train ride to take care of his 2 sons. this car accident and this is probably what he's going to play big tonight he wants to be seen as a warm person and say take care taking person. interesting of this is enough absolutely right i think biden was seen as a tragic figure especially early in his political career but let's talk about his opponent we have more bad news for trump today as his former campaign chief steve bannon has been in charge with defrauding donors do you think this is going to have a serious effect on trump's chances in november. well claire you know this comes at a moment when the senate intelligence committee reported about paul many forward to russians intelligence so they say that he paid money to them so this is really not a good moment the more bad news for donald trump on the one hand but on the other
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hand i mean be kind of have to be realistic trump is known for some good reasons as teflon done so i think that his supporters don't really care about the breaking news about today. or reporting for us in a delaware thank you very much. well today german chancellor angela merkel met in berlin with a climate activists a grazer turned back and the ways annoyed it is guns are concrete steps to mitigate the effects of climate change and they talked about how to keep the public's attention on the climate amid the coronavirus pandemic. it's been 2 years since swedish climate activists claim to to bag went on strike from school for the 1st time to call for action against climate change since then her activism has led to worldwide school strikes but the global current virus pandemic has kept protesters
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at home a 90 minute meeting with german chancellor angela merkel on thursday provided a chance to refocus attention on the climate change crisis we want people to listen to the science and to act on the signs to act in line with the science. that is all we also that's also in our demands that we should establish annual binding called them budgets based on the contest available science and then of course based on the budget which gives us the best chance of staying below 1.5 years of global average temperature rise so that is that is what we're all seeing for 2 but 3 of the european activists also delivered an open letter signed by 125000 people to demand stronger environmental legislation from a youth leader as the meeting came as temperatures continue to soar during germany's heat wave the government also confirmed today earlier that it would have missed its 2020 climate goals had it not been for the large drop in greenhouse
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gases caused by the economic havoc of the current virus pandemic. well here's a reminder of the top story we are following for you the russian opposition leader alexina volumnia is in a coma after becoming ill on the flight to moscow his spokeswoman suspects someone at least his team with poison german activists say they're planning to send a plane out to bring him to berlin for treatment french president and i know my client has also offered involving his country's help including a political asylum. don't forget you can always get the w. news on the go just download our app from google play or from the app store it will give you access to all the latest news from the. around problems as well as push notifications for any breaking news and if you're part of a news story you can also use the g w out to send us photos and videos of what's happening. that's a news update at this hour remembering of course also stay up to date on our web
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sites t w dot com and i resent him for lemon for me in the whole scene here thanks so much for watching. what secrets lie behind us was. discover new adventures in the 360 guide. to explore the world heritage sites. world heritage 360 to get me out now. they've been over.


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