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tv   Corona Special  Deutsche Welle  August 21, 2020 3:45pm-4:00pm CEST

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do mosques help prevent you infections what about social distancing. is it safe to travel or exercise open questions that a dance is as we continue to navigate life in the pandemic. of a study by berlin charité hospital has found the risk of catching the corona virus from contaminated surfaces is lower than thought that's the good news the bad news is the risk from droplets in aerosols is greater than previously thought that means talking singing coughing or sneezing can spread the virus enclosed spaces with reduce the s.o.c. lation also pose a risk. close proximity indoors with poor ventilation and physical exertion these are factors that help encourage infection with sars c.o.v. to. this west even the home everything indoors where there is little fresh air to start with obviously one has to be very careful about aerosol transfer it was only
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about. this 1st became apparent through infections enquires counter tobias' brahman was rehearsing with 80 singers in the rehearsal room of berlin cathedral on march the 9th their chairs were distributed throughout the 120 square meter room 5 days after the rehearsal 60 members of the choir were sick people were infected all over the room. because a drop of infection over such long distances is almost impossible scientists suspected aerosols who were responsible for transmission. aerosols or tiny particles like fine dust particles can attach themselves to the aerosols and spread infection scientists are now certain that these are the main infection root indoors . aerosols occur wherever it quits or finally optimized this can happen for example
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on people's vocal folds when they're speaking or singing in. a larger droplets calm travel far because they fall to the ground smaller aerosols or lighter and float in the air for several hours indoors spreading all over. that's why ventilation is so important. constant ventilation is best room should be ventilated every 20 minutes ideally ensuring cross ventilation. a fan can also convey stale air outside. he's president before that i'm personally very careful whenever i'm indoors so if there's no fresh air supply i'm very careful and if there's something else like an air conditioner blowing the air around and i'm especially careful that it comes because under us forces to here is a very busy area circulated like not that i wouldn't stay in that environment for a long. time off. and side
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aerosols are harmless the tiny particles are diluted so quickly in the fresh air that they're not dangerous because infection requires a certain quantity of viral droplets also ultraviolet light renders the aerosols harmless the best thing to do is to meet people outside. and if we go from a quiet family gathering in the countryside is practically the best solution and where you can also observe social distancing the worst situation is in a closed room with hundreds of people marching for 10 hours drunken shouting to find out that's not really a horace situation when it comes to the transmission of the novel coronavirus it with. the berlin cathedral choir has responded to the danger of indoors. there are persons now take place outside the cathedral. much to the delight of passers by the end of. a william
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schaffner works in preventive medicine and infectious diseases just how infectious is the corona virus when and born according to the latest research. well it certainly can be transmitted to the if born route at some distance we still think lost of the infections are transmitted indoors within 6 feet but there's no doubt now those airborne particles can travel more widely at a greater distance particularly if you have someone who is a super spreader and is shedding large amounts of virus so both close in and farther out contribute to transmission this is a very contagious virus who in this case is super smart as someone who's no barring a monster. almost certainly someone who's not wearing a mask masks are very effective in in blocking transmission out
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and of course that's why the recommendation is here in the united states at least that all of us should be wearing masks when ever we are around other people but what would you say to the guys at my gym who refuse to wear mosques some of my colleagues even and people out there who just say they have a right not to wear a mosque. well it's very difficult to persuade people who are very fixed in their beliefs but it's not a matter of right right depends only on your be a viewer but this is a contagious virus what you do actually affects others not wearing a mask that's like driving your car where the light is red you were in danger others as well as yourself what about something like a conditioning or ventilation systems i know quite a lot of people are worried about that the famous berlin club bad kind of poly reopened with fans installed on the dance floor and in the toilets to prevent the
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spread of aerosols and allow people to potty but how effective a measures like that. well we think that air conditioning which brings new air in and gets some air out and moves air around actually dilutes the virus so most of us think that air conditioning is beneficial it's still a matter of debate and regular fats the sole spoke festival is called classical music lovers for example to keep their fans folded and enjoy the heat saying fanning could spread infectious aerosols instead of allowing them to be sucked up by the air conditioning. yes you see there are 2 ways to look at the fan 1st of all does it spread the virus potentially yes but does it also dilute the virus and we think the answer to that is yes so air movement is akin to what it is outside lot of us think is
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a good thing things will get more difficult in the winter when we have to keep our windows closed oh yeah yeah i haven't even got to that yet. what's going to happen because we're talking about you know doing so much outdoors what happens when winter comes here well when winter comes we're going to have 2 problems not only coated but influenza our old friend will visit us so here in the united states we're recommending everyone older than 6 months of age be vaccinated against influenza it's not a perfect vaccine but it still can prevent many influenza infections personal protection that's good and it will take sham of the strain off the health care system the hospital's emergency rooms doctor's offices so we're urging everyone to give backs needed against flu this year how worried are you about the 2nd wave that is currently sweeping pownce of the world. yeah i'm more worried about it seriously
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worried here in the united states as everyone knows we're not doing a good job in controlling this virus we're still in the 1st wave and it could get worse this winter so we need a national plan which is not yet forthcoming so we're struggling here total it will be with us it will not disappear you know i know it doesn't sound like it at all william one last question a british study has found singing is no more of a covert 19 risk than talking it says both hume is the most important risk factor that's the university of bristol the results as they found that aerosol mass produced rose deeply with an increase in volume of singing or speaking by as much as 20 to 30 percent or 30 times rather. can you comment on that. i'm a little dubious about that study saying. involves more volume we will spread
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the virus or with shaking i think i've never been to a quiet concert that's for sure. though you're looking ahead is there anything positive you can leave us with we're working on that actually everybody around the world is working on it actually as we have actually is now in final stage clinical trials we hope my fingers are crossed that they will work and then we can start distributing this vaccine around the world my things are also across william schaffner thank you very much for joining us there from nashville. down. there time now to answer your questions on the coronavirus science correspondent has been holed up in his home office since the beginning of the crisis. can certainly create existing conditions cause some people to get thicker and that . i was kind of amazed when someone pointed out that i haven't answered this really
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pretty basic question in the 5 months i've been doing this no time like the present a range of underlying medical conditions what are known as as co-morbidities are associated with more severe outcomes if you contract code at 19 there's a long list of conditions that might be linked to it as well but the evidence is pretty clear that people are in particular danger who have chronic heart respiratory or kidney disease diabetes cancer sickle cell disease as well as patients who are immunocompromised or obese because many patients have more than one of those co-morbidities it's proven pretty difficult to rank them but a widely accepted study from june estimates that nearly one in 5 people worldwide is that increased risk due to at least one co-morbidity and one in 20 is at high
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risk those people in particular should pay close attention to social distancing measures in daily interactions they should wear face coverings they should wash their hands often and not break off their treatment plan without talking to their doctor and finally they should continue to get as much safe physical activity as possible. oh yes there are benefits all and see you again soon.
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this is g w news live from girl and german doctors are granted access for alexina volney in hospital the medical team travelled to the siberian city of all to bring the russian opposition leader fighting for his life to germany but russian doctors insist he's too thrilled to be moved also coming up. the belorussian opposition leader in exile.


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