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and your family from diseases and coal pipeline the 5 keys to safer to use them you also have a role to play. this is to give you news live from berlin german doctors say alexina vallone is fit to be flown out of russia the medical team travelled to the siberian city of homs to bring the russian opposition leader fighting for his wife to believe in russian doctors say he will be taken to the airport in the next few hours also coming up. the belorussian opposition leader in exile vows to return when it's safe svetlana to sky says the country's people will no longer except the current leader president alexander lukashenko. and joe biden accepts the democratic party's
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nomination for the presidency vowing to end what he calls a season of darkness in american. shores a great honor and your military i accept there's nomination for president of the united states of america biden urges americans to unite and return to optimism. among its nice to have you with us german doctors say russian opposition politician alexina vonnie is in fact well enough to be flown to berlin that's after medics flew to visit the stricken no phone intending to bring him to germany he's in a hospital in siberia in a coma russian doctors had previously said nirvana was unfit to fly but now they
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have agreed to evacuate him to berlin his supporters say he was poisoned because of his political activities but russian doctors say they have found no evidence of poison and say his collapse on a plane was due to a metabolic disease. let's get a closer look at how the situation unfolded. this is the hospital alex i never only was taken to with a case of suspected poisoning and this is where he'll remain for now. doctors here say no valley is too sick to be moved by the air ambulance that was supposed to take him to germany for treatment. regarding his transfer i think and this is what the doctors council decided that it's true we have to completely stabilize the patient 1st but. they also say they found no sign that novell knew it was poisoned the solution so far in the research that has been done no poison has
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been identified. it's a statement likely to infuriate these team who believe he was poisoned while drinking tea at an airport cafe. wife is frustrated she hasn't been allowed to visit her husband and says she doesn't trust the medics i knew we believe that the doctors that deliberately delaying so that the chemical substance in my house spent alexei's metabolism has time to disappear that's why they won't let him leave the hospital aleksei its health situation is probably very bad so we don't believe the doctors in this hospital and we demand that they have my husband over the whole world know it. so was the old wasn't he poisoned what's known as that felt suddenly ill on a flight from siberia to moscow to various passages caps at the incident on their mobile phones some show a screaming and pain the plane made an emergency landing and medics rushed him to
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the hospital he is now not allowed to leave. alexei navalny as one of president putin staunchest critics has claimed he has been poisoned before his wife has written to protein asking him to let her husband go. his supporters also believe that the kremlin and not the doctors may have made the decision to keep me at the hospital. germany's foreign minister. earlier reaffirmed his country's offer to airlift of all need to berlin for treatment at a news conference with his slovakian counterpart moss also said it was almost impossible to judge from a distance whether novolin a really was unfit to fly the shower to a hospital in berlin would treat of only another kremlin critic pussy riot activist judge of 1st of all was treated there in 2018 after he had developed severe symptoms of poisoning. our political correspondent kate brady is following the
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story for us kate greetings doctors from germany reportedly say in a voluntary can travel so what happens now. well we've now heard as well since those dots is what those german doctors were able to assess the volley we've heard from his spokeswoman as well she posted on twitter saying that negotiations to an able the transportation over to berlin off the ground is what she said the news adding that there was a chance that no vonnie will be transported in the plane and there's also been reports as well that russian doctors are now agreeing with those german doctors as well saying. is indeed in a fit state to be elif to. lend and to be treated than the charity hospital just down the road from here so the news is changing ever so slightly here the german foreign minister says no volunteer is welcome in germany
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for treatment can the government. do do more than debt to make it happen although it sounds like you're saying that it's already sort of in the works. it certainly does seem that it's in the works and we have to remind ourselves that the plane that was sent to this morning was not on the on the government's wishes but by a foundation the cinema for peace foundation and the government in this in the situation that it finds itself at the moment has a very careful dams ahead of it of course if it decides to take too much on action offer too much action and then of course it could be seen as taking sides but the office stands and made it clear as well yesterday that showed medical assistance be required and then that could be provided if it was requested by russia now earlier today chief of staff spoke to the press we want to play a little bit of what he had to say and we'll talk again on the other side.
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leighton's a night here in europe very early in the morning. in homes. like some times he will switch off like. malt coverup operation more fall. doctors refused to cooperate anymore refused to give any information even to this wife. of the doctors who are helping because all the paperwork to make the transportation. public say to sarah to possible start the not serious is not any more transportable he's not any more stable. it's pretty clear that at least up till now of course it isn't that novell needs team and his family believe there is a political motivation behind not transporting vonnie to germany do we know if
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there's anything to that suspicion. well i think that will become clearer as the evening goes on on the one hand you have the german doctors saying that no one is indeed in a fit enough state to be allocated to germany now we have reports as well that russian doctors are confirming that too and also signs now that negotiations are off the ground to enable his transportation from to then and on top of that you also have. the spokesperson for president vladimir putin as well saying that moscow would not stand in the way of his transportation so whether or not that indeed becomes a reality over the course of this evening will surely be an indication of that kate pretty much appreciated the russian opposition politicians felt lunna took in the sky has said she will return to her country when it's safe to do so ticklish skya fled to lithuania after rejecting the results of the election
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earlier this month today she called for more strikes in factories across the country to try to force new presidential elections meanwhile in minsk people gather to support the opposition's newly formed coordination council after authorities opened a criminal case accusing them of attempting to seize power. speaking from vilnius svetlana skier urged her supporters to resist intimidation and to keep fighting i call for all the contras to respect this is really t. over for our country and to respect the choice over our people and the. base for threatened you know i. i don't think i would like to. discuss this question now i think that every person in our country. feels
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here and it's scary now but it's our mission to take over all of us and move for them. correspondent nick connelly ease in minsk for us nick enough sky says the belly wishing people will never accept their current leadership and indeed protests show no sign of winding down at this point what comes next inmates. well there's no clear progression here and no roadmap to some kind of revolution resolution rob especially since president bush in goal i got to get the man who's been in charge of this country for the past 26 years has refused all attempts at mediation or talking to the opposition the real focus here now is becoming protest on sunday last week on sunday so one of the biggest protests abetter sister e hundreds of thousands of people out in the streets it means the organizers want to see more people out of the streets this time around one in 50 developer also
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being the opposition reaching out to senior members of the regimes that given that refusal by only going to look chink or to talk to the protest is direct they're reaching out to members security services in the hope that there will be some possibility dialogue and maybe some kind of. crumbling of the result of the current elites some willingness to reach out that is the hope here but it is all very much up in the very unclear how this can go on connally in minsk much appreciated now. let's now take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world at this hour in libya both the u.n. supported government and the rival government called the house of representatives have announced a ceasefire they both say they want an end to the oil blockade that has been crippling libya since the start of this year the announcements come amid fears of an escalation in the conflict. the european union's chief bret's that negotiator
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michelle bonner says it looks unlikely the bloc will reach a deal with britain before the deadline at the end of this year is british counterpart david frost blamed brussels for the lack of progress saying the e.u. was making talks unnecessarily difficult. turning to the u.s. now joe biden has accepted the democratic party's nomination for the presidency in his speech on the final night of the democratic national convention biden promised leadership that's radically different than that of the republican incumbent donald trump welcome to the 4th night the final night of the virtual democratic national convention rolled out a show of unity and support for the party's presidential candidate please were former rivals for the nominations praised joe biden's leadership and compassion and democrats have filled the choice in november as one between biden's empathy and donald trump bullying and chaos at a time of twin health and economic crisis primary against joe biden this is
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a life changing the election this will determine what america is going to look like for a long long time character is on the ballot compassion is on the ballot decency science democracy they're all on the ballot biden's empathy was underscored i have boy who bonded with the former vice president on the campaign trail over their struggles with stuttering he described by them as someone who cares by and accepted the nomination bowing to heal a country torn by crises and contempt the current president's call american darkness for much too long too much anger too much fear too much division here and now i give you my word if you entrust me with the presidency i will draw on the best of us not the worst i'll be an hour of the light not the darkness.
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it's time for us for we the people to come together and make no mistake united we can and will overcome this season of darkness in america. darkness dominated the picture at a rally held by trump hours before biden's speech evoking scenes of recent unrest he had a warning for voters. if you want a vision of your life funded by the presidency think of the smoldering ruins in minneapolis violent anarchia portland the bloodstained sidewalks of chicago and imagined a may have coming to your town and every single town in america you're not going to have law and order. might encounter that mood with the means of hope and unity in a speech that marked the high point of his half century in politics. he now heads into the general election campaign with a clear and steady lead in polls over trump. but after the carefully scripted
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convention the coming weeks will mark a far less predictable period for joe biden and his democratic party. this is t w news in berlin up next business news with rob walks a michael okun thanks so much for watching i'll be back again in 45 and. they've been robbed of their silly that's what a people experiences when they're taken from them. countless cultural riches were stolen from africa and goes to europe by colonialists. each.


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