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tv   Reporter - On Location  Deutsche Welle  August 22, 2020 1:15pm-1:30pm CEST

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that's your news update i'll be back at the top of the hour for the latest headlines remember you can download the d.w. news apple or visit d w dot com you can also follow us on twitter and instagram the handlers at news i'm like a local in berlin for me and the whole team thanks for watching i'll see you soon. like. my gorgeous love was food for the russians so. steeped. so many different walks of life. some are. awfully strong but all
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of them just come straight from the heart to its former c.e.o. even when there's no more delusional or injured. from the fish. to their final resting place the russians g.w. documentary. ever. his opponents are demanding his resignation and a view him as a danger to democracy. to his supporters see him as a savior president jiah ear bolsa not open pits brazilians against one another enjoying the corona pandemic more than as a. player
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. the flacks fans from the corinthians cop carried white almost 5 kilos. obasanjo they carry even greater weight politically. the sao paulo soccer fans are leading pro-democracy protests despite the pandemic. upriver mali 1st us we corinthian supporters were also among the 1st to take to the streets in the 1980 s. to protest against the military dictatorship that's the spirit of this flag that the real business while there are people out there once again fighting for freedom since both an auto is stirring up hatred against minorities against blacks and homosexuals demonstrators want to show that's unacceptable many must stand up for our rights more forcefully. and didn't like nor fellow brazilians feel that
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because in 2018 the majority of them elected a murderer as president. but that was. their own so angry that both sonar has downplayed the coronavirus pandemic even though covert 19 has kind of 811-0000 lives in brazil. a secure custody system the government in the capital stands for the spirit of racism. in fascism. and we fans are fighting against the western edge that. the capital brasilia is a place of pilgrimage of also not found. here's a bell rope of aleo meets with people she calls phantom supporters of the conservative cause. they aim to found a new far right party tailored to president. whom they washed up like a pop star. streams her impressions of these meetings and their political messages constantly on the internet. that's it's the conservative topics which
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the real us and this new party no one else has such conservative topics on their agenda like we do here i forgot but soon afterwards president johnson and joins them fine p.b.s. chats and proceeds to downplay the pandemic in the us was clear that was that was. i think brazil has responded to the pandemic very well. some politicians wanted to destroy our economy. but we came up with the right response. that it was so bell approves a pulse in our eyes crisis management she thinks the pandemic and social distancing measures our own. fault that he suddenly this pandemic arrived conjured up by the press to make sure we stayed shut up at home and couldn't found our party that was
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against the biggest and only truly conservative party in this country despite this thought. for her conservative values include the traditional nuclear family religion and the right to bear arms was whether we've had coded or not our lives haven't stopped our work is really. important to us we conservatives are very hardworking and want a better country also right now but that doesn't happen if you're sitting at home i doubt that you guys that i've gotten a game with ease up in. that compound the corinthians supporters proudly displayed half laughing. this way they're no different than any other soccer fans. or i'm here at the clubhouse more often than i'm at home you know we fans help one another and people outside the club to anyone who needs our help with us because
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the floodgates every saturday during the crisis thank you fast food today i found meals. later luciana clue dee and her team will be out on the streets distributing them we saw that during the crisis everyone was staying home so the homeless were completely isolated. from the damage is all. so the soccer fans are helping out and delivering the meals in their own vehicles. in a convoy by hand for the center of sao paolo. where people are already waiting for them for the homeless these free mails are a blessing as rice noodles and sausage. some have only been living on the streets for a few weeks since the corona crisis left them unable to pay their rent the pandemic has driven more brazilians into poverty. i think. the government needs to leave their power says in see with their own eyes what's
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happening in this country. some pollo has riches but the losers in this pandemic aren't benefiting from them. at least their soccer fans are here to help. or to. talk. about 10 at night they visit people camped out under an overpass the soccer fans dan to go places most brazilians would never sent for 10 cars right overhead while down below desperate families have built makeshift shelters more victims of the corona crisis. just a few weeks ago this family moved back each in covered bed and stove here from their rental apartment. now they're hoping for a better time. 8 and the soccer fans continue to support. what you want to do with the firearm i do to the crisis i can pay my rent anymore.
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my wife and i became unemployed. we have 3 children. so we have no choice but to come here i built the shelter myself. here this slightly tipsy soccer fan even gave someone his ships. we've become friends i miss these people and always wonder how they're doing. back in brasilia sabella and the balance in our own fans like a dad worked up. here it is close. they're all very religious and have constructed huge crossers. stuff like this is from our last demonstration we made it. and you know radical christians and evangelicals make up much of balance in our lives power bands that brazil's a conservative christian country tomorrow will demonstrate for god i was stands above all else i mean right there was in the middle got it put
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a strain for the political left drives how on earth she says till recently brazil's leaders were communist and corrupt the work of the dictators wasn't finished in 1964 i mean. there are still communists around communism is didn't really exist not in america it's everywhere they're all still here the whole time for years. i will say that i and even though brazil's president denigrates homosexuals there's a gay bone so naro supporting. he is a staunch and conservative and also a member of this religious group. how can that be always just normal sex while some homosexuals right wing conservatives and for boston are ok get it freaks out the left wingers who want me to carry a rainbow flag and scream and shout. but also what's our duty.
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oh religion family and honesty. the most you know leftist you actually are honest this is also a master mix. in needling sit down travels to the president's residence where she hopes to get close to him most and are often appears with his supporters here. but she doesn't get past the entrance. and further ahead the president talks to the press and a handful of supporters so belmont's content herself with the knife straight. she's disappointed hold your head high captain. it's a tough situation for his own security personnel won't let folks near it's strange . you need lots of strength because they're trying to keep the people friendly and that's bad but we will be doing the next morning back getting ready for the big some day demonstration. also naro supporters have brought along 27 crosses
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one for every state in brazil. first by gather for a press. 'd and. was then they embark on their mission. comments on all of their activities live on the net usually without a mask on here i have 27 crisis and no one will be throwing stumbling blocks in our way again because this video is being transmitted world wide will show who the anti democrats are it's not us now so 7 most of us. against this confrontational style is seen on the streets and on the net people are polarized. so sit down doesn't accept that my brazilians may have contracted and dying from coronavirus due to balance in our own down. playing better angels. but because
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president bill scenario didn't stay home a single day we went out to. the palace and waited till the pandemic was over the country would have already fallen apart but he led brazil the death of these people nobel sonar out as on the pressure even a brainwashed criticism is growing long cheechoo to his policies on the environment and human rights that's why they take to the streets every sunday with national flags to back him up it's not a mass movement conservatives soccer fans are among the hockey. because demonstrating here given all the kids are all supporting democracy also nora can't be undemocratic otherwise he would have stood for election and he won it which is why we're here with our flag to say just let him govern. because. they bought
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hausherr you know and the other soccer fans in sao paulo see things differently for them no it's games humane and a danger to brazilian democracy. which is your there's another virus worse than mcclellan a virus. no houses the racism and right wing extremist policies of our government you know is still mislabel no single variable. the divisions are growing even between those championing a right wing revolution. and those fighting for the future of democracy in brazil. there was.
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nothing. once in deafening love summer music festivals. this year they're mostly quiet. or even silent. is their music playing anywhere. summer music festivals during the coronavirus endemic to our $21.00. next on the d w. these assault rifles should not be a museum the big german arms manufacturer had cloned cars sold them illegally to mexico ablaze. is always seem to find ways to get around the german government and so forth but slaves so let's close bombs industry leaders in the dog. in the 45 minutes on d w. in the height of climate change. africa's most of.
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what's in store for the. list for the future in the. coming together major cities to get insight. culture. is crystal i've been craving art culture and fresh air. you can't talk or a no way right now people in the cultural sector and artists have to be the ones coming up with the idea that you can expect politicians to understand exactly how this business works to get. here also the challenge we face is how to take the situation seriously while also enjoying ourselves.


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