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we can make a difference. the only do those environmental series include $3000.00 on t.w. and on. this is detailed news live from berlin german doctors say kremlin critic alexei navalny was probably poisoned medical staff treating the volley here in berlin say test results point to a toxin affecting his nervous system is now under 24 hour police protection and germany's chancellor is calling for an investigation also coming up. u.s.
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president donald trump makes a surprise appearance on day one of the republican national convention as delegates formally back instead for a 2nd term in office. and the newly crowned football kings of europe return home in triumph find meaning touched down in the very end capital after winning the champions league title to be various defeated french giants partisans are not in the reeling final to write their names in the record books. i'm told me a lot of both thanks for joining us the doctors treating alexei you know bonnie have to say they have found evidence that the russian opposition leader was poisoned the vani collapsed on a plane on thursday after drinking tea but his team believes it was laced with a toxin a kremlin critic is currently in a medically induced coma in
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a bubble in hospital german chancellor angela merkel has called on russia to conduct a full investigation. ramping up security at the sheraton a hospital in berlin alexina valmy is being treated here for what his supporters say was a case of poisoning the sheriff confirmed that doctors treating putin's most prominent critics say he probably was poisoned. it's said clinical findings indicate poisoning with a substance from the group of colon noster is inhibitors it's not clear exactly what the substance was some call in australia's inhibitors a used as a treatment for alzheimer's disease but chemicals from the group can also be used as a nerve agent chancellor angela merkel and foreign minister heiko mosques are demanding an investigation in view of most in the valleys prominent role in the political opposition in russia the authorities there are now urgently called upon to investigate this act fairly and to do so with full transparency alexina on the is
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not the 1st russian critic of the kremlin to be poisoned the former spy alexander litvinenko died in 2006 after he drank poisoned tea before her assassination journalist anna politkovskaya said she had survived an attempt to poison her and the opposition politician barzan them soft was gunned down in 2015 and now this suspected attack for politician norbert wrote ken it's clear who's behind it these are this latest attempted murder and the threats and intimidation against anyone linked to the opposition has once again revealed the true face of the regime and in particular vladimir putin could sort. doctors say alexina vell nice condition is serious but not life threatening. of the findings of doctors in berlin contradict an early examination by russian medicine medical officials who
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say they found no traces of poison and avani so we spoke to david your link a clinical pharmacologist and toxicologist in toronto and asked him whether it's possible that the talks and was not at 1st detectable i suspected the capabilities in germany are greater than those in siberia and so you would normally look for a depressed level this enzyme in the body these drugs is eventually interfere with this ends and breaks down the chemicals you are calling and you can detect low levels of the enzyme for often very long periods of time not every hospital can do i'm sure they can do it i don't know if they can do it in syria my suspicion is not it's also i suppose conceivable that you can actually detect the chemical self be more sophisticated testing that i think would be in normal use sort of thing that a military operation might do so i would be very much inclined to believe the german doctors and be suspicious that the russian testing was over not valid or not
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reported. let's now take a look at some other stories making news around the world. police in belarus have arrested several activists they say are responsible for organizing and to government protests and factory strikes it's part of a widening government crackdown on the opposition in the aftermath of president lukashenko has disputed election victory earlier this month. after 3 days of talks west african mediators have failed to strike a deal with mali's military coup leaders for the formation of a transitional government regional leaders have been pressing for a quick return to civilian rule following president ibrahim. ouster last week both sides say that cater nor longer wishes to rule. rescuers in india are racing to save people from the wreckage of a building collapse south of mumbai dozens of people were trapped when the structure came down following heavy monsoon rains authorities say at least 28
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people have been pulled from the rubble. protests have erupted in wisconsin after police officers shot an armed black man 29 year old jacob blake was shot multiple times in the back as he got into a vehicle of sunday afternoon he's not in hospital in a serious condition police say they were there responding to a domestic incident. u.s. republicans are formally back to donald trump's bid for a 2nd term as president trump secured the nomination in a roll call vote as republicans began their national convention in charlotte north carolina the convention is being held in person though this year's event has been scaled down because of the coronavirus and then make last week's democratic convention was an almost entirely virtual affair because of fears of spreading the virus. now let's now listen to what president trump had to say when he accepted the
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republican nomination by far 7 have you want to really drive him crazy you say 124 years. we caught them doing some really bad things in 26 to see what happens we caught him doing some really bad things we have to be very careful because they're trying it again with this whole 80000000 mail in ballots that they're working on. a spring in news washington bureau chief in a supposed inus what exactly is trump accusing the democrats of. well tell me he's actually accusing them of stealing the elections so that's his explanation if he might lose the 2020 lection there's only can happen because the democrats have stolen it and by just saying that like if you want to really scale them say 12 more years he's playing into that fear which is already here in this
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country that donald trump by the end of the day might not be willing to leave the white house if he loses these elections you know it's been no surprise that trump would be formally nominated but the event itself was brought forward why. right it's very unprecedented the president or a candidate speaks before the acceptance speech groups normally happens the last day of the convention. doing that you know he really kind of misses the stage he misses his audience he misses applause so he's going to take every possibility to get the attention and we have to be honest with ourselves tell me also give him this attention because we are reporting about this event today. and the convention is to go on for 4 days and will be reporting as you say about trump's actions
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but what else are we supposed to expect from this event. it's mainly the main speakers will be kind of from his family we will hear his 2 daughters we will see his 2 sons appearing his wife obviously in milan is going to play a bigger role i think what we should look out for is nikki haley the former governor and best of her to the united nations because people say that she will run 2024 for president regardless of the outcome of this election so she's speaking tonight in that shelby interesting to listen. ok ines poll in washington we'll leave it there for now thank you hurricane marco and tropical storm laura have torn through the caribbean and the gulf of mexico leaving a trail of destruction at least 11 people died in the dominican republic and haiti both storms are expected to hit the u.s.
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call for coast this week. i storm laura has already left a deadly mark on the dominican republic in its wake flooding that's left homes inundated and up to a 1000000 people without power. residents have been trying to salvage whatever they can. in neighboring haiti torrents of flood water gushed through the streets in a similar picture of despair. most people here on safe this town is destroyed as you can see look at the people walking by the house is a condemned there are dead people traders have lost their goods one. after gnashing southern cuba storm laura is now heading towards the u.s. gulf coast and cueto rica in tandem with another potentially deadly storm system
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marco. u.s. president donald trump says emergency services are in place this is so water and president that the scope of the storms and also the fact that they come so quickly after one another both storms have the potential of gathering strength before they make landfall and could cause significant damage so we're going to get basically a right hook from marco and then a lot from 4 more. storm surges of up to 2 meters high and predicted for coastal areas in louisiana or mississippi. residents are doing all they can to prepare for the double punch heading their way in the coming hours. as orton european football's newly crowned champions by in munich a back in the bavarian capital after historic night in lisbon the red carpet was rolled out for the players who beat paris and germany in the champions league final
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they arrived with european club football's greatest prize the champions league trophy a small number of fans were on hand to greet them later when their bosses arrived at allianz arena because of the ongoing pandemic there was no official parade. and looking through the famous names of the by and side who beat. it's possible to overlook the man who took over the reins of a club in crisis last november by an management introduced as the interim coach 9 months and 3 trophies later the caretaker has become a fully fledged buy in legend. i it was once said by a munich could win the bundesliga trophy playing with their hands in their pockets . but after a humiliation in november last year the bavarian set forth in the table and were forced to sack then coach nico. and hunt for
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a savior to their season they didn't look far and in fact promoted then assistant coach clancy flick on an interim basis that once designed for what's important for us now is to look ahead what happened we have to see to it that we start acting on the pitch often plots its feet again as the buyer and head honchos went looking for a big name flick focused on getting the best out of his team. is of searching turned to weeks management noticed that flick and his newly motivated charges were still winning and he was soon given the job on a permanent basis. biron were back moving in the right direction but few would have foreseen that the unassuming man from hyderabad was about to unleash a run of form that would take the football world by storm. the german cup in the bag. 6 as well as their 8th straight one just league title click at 1st revived then refined
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a winning machine of epic proportions sunday's victory over. has completed flix journey from byron replacement to buy and legend. is a reminder of the top story we're following for you. sharon tate. the whole say test results indicate that russian president elects eat and evolving he was poisoned there remains in critical but stable condition since being flown from siberia for treatment to german chancellor angela merkel has called for an investigation. don't forget you can always get news on the go just download on now from google play all from the op store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications with any breaking news and if your part of us go for a news story you can also use the detail be added to send us photos and videos of what's happening. you're watching news from the next stop
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is the news africa remember you can keep up with these stories and more on our website called follow us on twitter i don't instagram is talking a lot of going for me and the rest of the news team is fortunate. to. be there until even and this is climate change brags that sex. happiness increase books. this is the plan for you. to get smarter for free to do over your books. how does
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a virus spread. why do we panic and when we'll all miss. just 3 of the top.


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