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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 25, 2020 9:00am-9:30am CEST

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it's a v.w. news live from berlin the protests are up for a 2nd night in the u.s. state of wisconsin over the shooting of a black man by police on sunday security forces in the city of pasto shout fire tear gas after demonstrators refused to disperse despite a curfew. also coming up u.s. president john tromped makes an appearance on day one of the republican national convention as delegates formally act his bid for a 2nd term in office and german doctors say that kremlin critic alexina volley was
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probably poisoned in russia medical staff are treating him in for lead they say the test results point to the use of a nerve agent. and as part of our new series looking back at europe's migration crisis 5 years ago we hear from 2 my birds who arrived in germany at the same time in 2015 and both were full of hope but now they face very different futures. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program america's summer of racial reckoning is intensifying anger has again erupted in wisconsin over the shooting of an unarmed black man by police on sunday police clashed with protesters who threw bottles set fire to cars and refused to disperse. despite
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a curfew now the city of can osha has become bone latest flashpoint for outrage over racial injustice the of rust began after officers shot 29 year old jacob blake several times in the back witnesses they filmed the shooting on their cell phones in this video that some might find disturbing. i. don't do it on lookers yelled. was. i 7 shots of fired. was the car horn blares on the body weighs. 29 year old jacob blake was trying to stop a neighborhood dispute according to his family's lawyer you know his young children were in the vehicle his fiance witnessed the shooting it was 2 male officers and one female and so male officers instantly like detained i'm like you know put your hands my love pin this man up against the cover and not even say no no my
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furthermore the kids in the car they didn't even know to kids was in the car blake survived and remains in a serious condition in hospital several police officers have been placed on administrative leave a state investigation is under way. and will be clear this was not an accident this wasn't bad police work this film like some sort of vendetta being taken out on a member of our community. protests a rough day on sunday night in the town of can no show wisconsin vehicles was set ablaze windows smashed. outrage grew on monday demonstrators once more having to insist that black lives matter. it always comes back to these hands up don't shoot. we do heads up don't shoot but doesn't matter no because it doesn't get there. we still we still get. the.
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demonstrations have spread to other cities jacob breaks name is now added to the long list of victims of police violence in america. and let's bring in our correspondent now stefan simons who is joining us from can no show wisconsin where jacob lay was shot i mean watching that video is is really difficult of the public they're angry we know the authorities they have deployed the national guard to patrol the protest what is the situation where you are. right there right behind me here you see a national guard and local police protecting the court house here in konoha from protesters not many promises around here anymore this iteration is significant calm down but in the last hour or 2 you see this fire there in the back there were dozens of those fires car fire as many cars on fire as exploding gas things even
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trucks on fire and now also buildings are torched and were torched 'd the fire department had a really really busy night we think we also saw an event a fight law enforcement officers black no insignia no names no indifferent identification is it bresso that led to believe that also federal law enforcement officers are here and can or should not just state troopers and not just national guard and local police anyhow as i said people here are really really angry still again angry about what they think is and what happened 2 days ago another example of structural and systemic racism on display in police departments here and can osha now but across the united states what is the condition of jacob black right now. yes he was in critical condition is now in stable condition that doesn't mean that he's out of the woods but the doctors reportedly are hopeful that he will. cover stable condition from now remember 7 times shot 7 times in the back and if
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you ask people around here protesters matter protesters but anybody who is on the streets during this night and was on the streets during the day and will probably come back tomorrow to assess this is a miracle that mr blake survived this if you saw the video and we all saw the video that is it probably is a miracle that mr blake is now in stable condition that is the latest on mr blake's condition and what we hear the protesters chanting behind you is black lives matter it has been 3 months stefan since another black man george floyd was killed in police custody we've seen these protests out on the streets of a changed anything. is a really good question and i wish i would have a simple and quick answer on this i don't. at the moment here this feels like
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a mini minneapolis. a low scale minneapolis as of now there's days and nights to come probably but has it changed in america a little bit there are police departments across the country are trying to make really change a structural change in recruiting and who are they hiring as police officers in training in instruction of a police department 6 are we there yet as america as a country and you can or should probably not at least people here think no where near of a real change stuff and simon is joining us from good notion of wisconsin thanks jeff. and the black lives matter movement just one of the major factors that voters will consider when they go to the polls in november u.s. republicans have formally back to donald trump as their candidate for november's presidential election he'll face the democrats candidate joe biden secured the nomination on the 1st day of the republican national convention in charlotte north carolina in
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a speech the president accused his opponents of trying to break the election. day while on the republican national convention republicans made a point of making this an in person event a deliberate contrast of a democratic convention a week. the traditional roku to pick their party's presidential candidates delivered an unsurprising win a stormy not chill i won we nominate a president donald j. charles. the president made a surprise appearance in an unscheduled speech trump to set the tone for the convention we have an attack on the democrats he accused them of trying to recall the election and of spying on his 2016 campaign. far 7 however you want to really drive them crazy you see 12 more years.
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we caught them doing some really bad thing is in 2016 let's see what happens we caught them doing some really bad things we have to be very careful because they're trying it again with this whole 80000000 mail in ballots that they're working on. plates of a convention shifted to washington d.c. where party politicians and so that supporters praised their president. trump appeared on screen again this time in the want house he met with essential workers and 6 former hostages released during his tenure. after the 1st day it's clear that trump will be friends and center of his party's week long pitch to the nation. let's take a look at some other stories making news around the world tropical storm laura is gathering strength as it heads toward the u.s. gulf coast forecasters believe it could become a hurricane before making landfall hitting the coast of either texas or louisiana
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laura comes on the heels of tropical storm marco which is weakening earlier than expected. in india at least 2 people have died and many more were injured when an apartment block collapsed in baja south of mumbai some 60 people have been pulled from the wreckage of a 5 story building dozens are believed to be trapped it's not clear what caused a collapse and facebook has blocked access to a group that's critical of thailand's monarchy after the thai government threaten the company with legal action it comes as pro-democracy rallies spread across thailand blocked group has a 1000000 members its founder has accused facebook of cooperating with the persian to obstruct democracy. anti-government protesters took to the streets for another right in belo verse earlier on monday authorities arrested federal bleeding opposition activists as well as protesters it's been 2 weeks since president
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alexander lukashenko claimed victory in an election that opponents say was raked. watching still to come on the program to margaret's whose lives turned out to be very different as part of our new series looking at the fallout from here ups migration crisis 5 years ago we will meet 2 men who came to germany full of hope. but 1st the doctors treating alexina vali say that they have found evidence that the russian opposition leader was poisoned and of only collapse on a plane on thursday after drinking tea that his team believes was laced with a toxin a kremlin critic is in a medically induced coma in a berlin hospital german chancellor angela merkel has called on russia to conduct a full investigation ramping up security at the sheraton a hospital in berlin alexina valmy is being treated here for what his supporters say was
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a case of poisoning. confirmed that doctors treating putin's most prominent critics say he probably was poisoned. it's said clinical findings indicate poisoning with a substance from the group of colon noster is inhibitors it's not clear exactly what the substance was some call in austria isn't hip it is a used as a treatment for alzheimer's disease but chemicals from the group can also be used as a nerve agent chancellor angela merkel and foreign minister heiko mosse are demanding an investigation in view of mist in the valleys prominent role in the political opposition in russia the authorities there are now urgently called upon to investigate this act fairly and to do so with full transparency. alexina of all me is not the 1st russian critic of the kremlin to be poisoned the former spy alexander litvinenko died in 2006 off the he drank poisoned tea before
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her assassination journalist anna politkovskaya said she had survived an attempt to poison her and the opposition politician barzan them soft was gunned down in 2015 and now this suspected attack for politician norbert wrote ken it's clear who's behind it these are this latest attempted murder and the threats and intimidation against anyone linked to the opposition has once again revealed the true face of the regime and in particular vladimir putin could start. doc to say alexina vellum these condition is serious but not life threatening indeed having a political correspondent nina hazard joins us from berlin with the latest nina the reaction from the chancellor it came quickly didn't it. it came very quickly and uncle americal did use quite strong words in this statement she said that those responsible enough are nice case must be identified quickly and that they must be held responsible it was
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a statement that she released together with her foreign minister heikal mass in which they also called on moscow to investigate they suspected poisoning of mist and of on the thora leave and in a transparent manner because of the political status of mr and of ali as a political dissidents in russia survey says that in their statement and in terms of diplomatic language this is probably the furthest they could go without explicitly mentioning bloody new coups in the very clear words from the german government and they're not lonely use different methods chiefs as ever l. on monday also said that the e.u. as a whole strongly condemns what seems to be an attempt on missed in the values life and that they're asking for an independent investigation so that's the political line from a medical perspective what else are the doctors saying. well interestingly this was a written statement by sherry tay hospital and it is interesting because saudi
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doctors have some experience now with treating russian dissidents who have been poisoned allegedly poisoned or there are indications that they've been poisoned 2 years ago pussy riot activist a russian activist who was flown to berlin to be treated here and the doctors also found that he had been poisoned so they have some experience and this time they released a written statement and said that there were signs indicators of the group of rays inhibitors found in alexei navalny body and that there were multiple tests being carried out in several laboratories just to make sure that this was actually the truth treating mr not only was an antidote they can't rule out long term effects but that he's currently stable briefly nina how is russia reacting no official reaction from the kremlin yet you know joining us from berlin thank you.
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5 years ago in the summer of 2015 europe face its biggest migration crisis since the 2nd world war hundreds of thousands of desperate people fleeing war and economic hardship trying to reach the continent or the largest group of migrants making the perilous journey came from syria where 4 years of civil war had forced them to flee president bashar al assad's forces had increased their attacks on opposition strongholds and the so-called islamic state was gaining strength but people from many other countries including afghanistan iraq pakistan eritrea they also left their home in search of a better future in europe faced with an unprecedented wave chancellor angela merkel's government decided to open germany's borders and almost a 1000000 migrants claimed asylum here as part of our series looking back on that summer 5 years ago we met up with 2 of those micro. look into how.
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to live my name is burkholder. i was born in 1980 sure and. i fled eritrea because i could no longer stand the never ending military service at the us about how much. you know my name and i'm 31 years old. i arrived in germany in 2015 and i don't think i had to leave syria. and then after 2 years of military service i came home for the 1st time i had only seen my daughter once at birth and never again after that when i got home i walked right past her i just didn't recognize her nothing in life could be any sadder than that and yeah you can only. hope that i was arrested by the secret service. when i got out of prison i couldn't
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stay in syria. i wasn't afraid to flee my you're often hungry your toilet. you want to sleep in a real bed not on the ground it's often just over the media that. yeah i never would have thought to see what's in the book i went off on my own at 1st. i didn't want the whole family to flee together. if something were to happen i wanted it to happen only to me and. i came to germany on may 2nd 2015 at 1st i was in munich then i was sent to berlin. in syria i was a doctor. and i wanted to get professional training and continue that he. was not doctors here in germany i'm not allowed to work without a license so i thought ok what can i do. i could work as an interpreter as
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a volunteer. people were nice and told me some german words you have been all. over the phone up d.n.a. said it to me during the asylum procedure and i was told that i could apply for a family reunification. but i would then have to show documents that do not exist in eritrea. marriage certificates birth certificates to behave. in 2017 my wife finally had a hearing at the german embassy. right after that i wanted to call her to see how it went. then i found out that she died suddenly that. i didn't understand it at all i lost my will to live. tried 1000. and 2017 i passed the professional language exam at the medical association of
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early in my mind then the knowledge exam that they're not got my license to practice medicine says he's 10000 dollars and i got my 1st job as a resident in your mind out of my work is my life it's my whole life i was just completely leveled. motherhood to business or no to well. i can never be well without my 4 children the sub is enough to say that i cannot sleep and i'm powerless. i can't say whether i want to go back to syria and leave all stay here forever. live and. die just maybe. be possible or 13 if all goes well in the us i was asked. to some high school and my hope is that my children can come to me. after all that's
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what i'm fighting for as well because i can't go back. and let's get more on the situation for migrants in germany we are joined now by catarina she is the head of the department for education and family at the german institute for economic research and berlin the institute has published several studies assessing migration to germany welcome to the program and thank you so much for joining us in our report there we just heard about the very different experiences of 2 migrants who came to germany do they tie in with what you have learned from other migrants. well. look perception of migrants is very different and therefore in our reports we usually got different aspects some of the experience which we heard from the 2 who are refugees who came to germany or think what we find in particular well the well being which is really
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. increasing if chilled if the children are still a broch this is something what we find in the areas you step family you really think asian is a very important thing for the well being of refugees on the other hand we also find if we look on this example of this map from syria who is a doctor that refugees once they come to germany. rather typically high expectations concerning game planning in china mean and what we find is that not all of these expectations could be really mad. yet there in particular women and. refugees were. mentally health problems they usually can't meet their expectations really for cation meeting the
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expectations when it when it comes to employment what are the other issues that you know migrants refugees still encounter in the country. well we are looked on children and adolescents as one example so one thing well i think it's very positive this that children and to let the lessons who are at school actually have a very strong belonging to their school this belonging is even stronger than what we find for other. students in germany on the other hand what we also find that there are under represented represented in sport clubs or in other extracurricular activities. activity is switch would help them actually to be better integrated into the john society we have to mention that adds up. yes arik apologies back in 2015 we know the german chancellor angela merkel told
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the country we can do this looking back was she right i think we sorrow all are off the 'd field back to where i would say we are on a good way i could say after 3 years and this is what our reports are looking at 3 years after you watch immigration into germany it's we love 'd at the end of the integration process so we have reached a lot there are still areas where we still have to do more accurate stick integrate in pretty girl or female refugee east jaw to really get a good education for children and adolescents and also for our other adult refugees so i would say. partly yes
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we should. we should could team you always all our efforts because it's still too early to say well we. thank you so much for joining us to share that assessment catarina head of the department for education and family at the german institute for economic research we appreciate it. and there is more information on the fallout from the migration crisis 5 years on on our web site t w dot com in other news european football's newly crowned champions byron munich are back in the bavarian capital after a historic night in lisbon the red carpet was rolled out for the players who beat parsonage amaan in the champions league final they arrived with european club football's greatest prize the champions league trophy. a small number of fans were on hand to greet them later when their bosses arrived at the alley on survivor
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because of the pandemic regulations there was no official parade. a quick reminder of the top stories we're following for you authorities in the u.s. state of wisconsin have deployed the national guard to quell protests triggered by the shooting of an unarmed black man in the back officer shot 29 year old jake blake multiple times he is in a serious condition in the hospital. doctors up for lynn's hospital say the test results indicate that russian dissident alexina volleying was poisoned he remains in critical but stable condition since being flown in from siberia for treatment german chancellor angela merkel has called for an official investigation. coming up next on d w news a kickoff special reveals some secrets of the one to remember there's always more
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on our website w dot com you can also follow us on twitter and instagram at u.w. news i'm sarah. varney in the whole team thanks for watching take care and stacy.
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kick off. jane tucson shows. what makes more good live and also be so consistent. and who can use their heads when the time is right. we look into these and other secrets in a strictly scientific manner of course. and share our answers with your. public. levanon in the grip of hizbullah the so-called party of god controls large parts of politics and society. after the
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explosions on the shore the situation in the entire country has taken a dramatic turn the political climate is unstable a country held hostage levanon close on. 60 minutes t w. we know this is a scary time for the coronavirus is changing the world changing our lives so please take care of yourself good distance wash your hands if you can stay at how we are do w. for here for we are working hard we're sitting here with informed on all of our platforms we're all in this together until. and we'll make it. a
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cigar box. very soon stay safe areas stay safe. the science of the bowl is there any such thing as 100 percent scoring chance what's the secret of the supreme set pieces.


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