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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  August 28, 2020 7:30am-8:00am CEST

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oh. boy. but then i've also got. the indian have snow and fish beatific on and learn from. the ice that i own up to i says tells him kino bazooka of adam for the condom scene target of opportunity and then con about soul walking on what i know how teen that shit so i talk to him who point to another was moved out some style to completion and some. in. france too had yet to ban mass gatherings. the christian open door church a french evangelical mega church. a 5 day rally held here became ground 0 for the epidemic in france. there hasn't been a service here for weeks. pastor sam you read a bit there schmidt is devastated. for my little girl and the wally's of it
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breaks my heart to see the church so empty it's especially hard because i know how phone it normally is with a woman. over 2000 worshippers attended the prayer meeting in big february. this annual gathering is a highlight on the church calendar for 5 days the community sings prays and dances together along just a small or less looking back i would say the mood was utterly normal in the rest of the world everything was still mainly a final meal didn't at the time the problem was restricted to asian countries to china and want to be teached circle so the notion. a false sense of security to prove disastrous for all on the 2nd day of the gathering president in monument michael visited the city of me who was and gave a speech about islamic separatism just a few 100 meters from the church he spent an hour shaking hands with members of the
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public no one more masks no one practiced social distancing it was mid february large gatherings were still nothing unusual. from head to mass gatherings should have been banned everywhere much and. as a do you say these aspects of society that are taken for granted should have been challenge. as a chef no one wanted to make a decision that would have made them politically unpopular. in. france was slow to realize how far the outbreak of progressed the religious gathering abuse contributed to a countrywide infection. thousands of attendees are believed to a transmitted the virus. by february china was flattening the curve. in march the number of new infections in europe exceeded those in china.
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or ranking of countries by corona related deaths per 1000000 made europe the new epicenter of the pandemic. just want to be able spotted that you know i was. comfy can call one i mean does this with some talk this idea also come specially get you know whole mountain incident if you shift a vest on some comfy basket shirts and dig could take away 15 am game vintage. and it's called want to be a once in a high speed up any version you employ him in these instruments but everything you go to run fun finished. this was a story example of how economic interests can take a priority over public health concerns will assume that 40 to 50 percent of
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infections in germany can be traced back to the issue goes your let's have the austrian authorities intervene sooner things may have turned out very different from germany and in austria. i think. by the end of winter break in mid march to became clear that the virus had reached germany. despite the warning signs the country was not fully prepared. on march 7th martin your traveled to switzerland with her family and some friends no lockdown measures had yet been introduced the country was considered low risk. but all 7 of them came down with a new virus. they had no idea how they could have contracted it. they had attended any large parties. and that. the animal was lovely and we'd never experienced anything like it before and we all felt ill i lived we all had the same awful
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symptoms and all of us had it equally badly. it had us very worried after. her husband and daughter were the 1st to show symptoms on the journey home. once they'd arrived her husband's condition worsened. back in germany they couldn't even reach a doctor. down the aisles are too tough a lot of the food kind i were completely on our own it's got paul he wasn't seen by a doctor he couldn't get any medicine. isolated we were in a bad way i felt small band and i wondered what would happen if i died and i didn't know how sick i was i can't even see a doctor for the kind of things they. don't know mentioning i realized any help she was to call the emergency services i talked to my sister because my parents were both so sick and together we decided to call the emergency number. mom was
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transferred to intensive care she had pneumonia caused by the coronavirus. by now the health authorities and hospitals in germany were bracing for disaster. suddenly there was growing public concern about the potential impact of a covert 19 outbreak. the w.h.o. recommends country stockpile personal protective equipment in order to be prepared for a pandemic however there was a shortage in germany. a month into knots or the authorities reliant on international supply chains. it was this assumption that if they suffered a shortage somewhere so they could order it from china and have it delivered into denny's but the supply chain was disrupted. meanwhile politicians and scientists were arguing about the usefulness of facemasks . zoid to. a musket guarded
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transitional people which didn't feel it. should see the exhibits albums sold so somebody in one just claw. does a mosque devoid of a blood to use for kingdoms. it only became mandatory to wear a face mask in shops and on public transport by late april after the pandemic it peaked in germany by then over 6000 people had already died. covert 900 patient day 9 after initial signs of recovery her condition has deteriorated dramatically. she has severe difficulty breathing and the doctors have no experience in tackling this new disease they can make contact and if we don't know it's clinical aggression and it's like a marathon and we're probably only about 20 kilometers into it that's fine times a. day 12 the doctors are surprised to detect
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a bacterial superbug the patient is administered a high dose of antibiotics. ok the virus was attacking her organs and her liver starts to fail it becomes clear just how unpredictable this new virus can be. on the all spider was called one of you will see them and a bonus 5 to also. give them. good. contact trouble by tall is planted to underscore one of your hosts of her lungs almond blood shoot out one key point in 4 so how's that. my thought in fact death baath crooks. you want to. give me.
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fortunately germany could afford to give not only business but also the health system a financial boost. hospitals prepare for the epidemic but you're marking thousands of beds in intensive care for coated 1000 patients. the fact that germany invests a substantial amount of its resources and health care appeared to be paying off. good too if nothing i guess and that's for the court we shouldn't forget that prior to. the corona crisis germany was often criticized for having too many hospitals due to how many intensive care unit was sick prior to the crisis and this was seen as a floor in the system but now it's proven to be a strain ionas here which allowed us to take appropriate measures and then. in a further effort to contain the spread of the virus the government also increased testing capacity germany didn't want to make the same mistakes as france or italy. there's
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always an element of luck no clearly and i think we were lucky that the crisis it's the 1st time is served as a warning to the general public this wasn't touche it's because i'm going to be also got lucky with so close not because it causes a lot of other virus. to fall on the computer sucking. led by chancellor merkel who holds a doctorate in quantum chemistry the german government followed the advice of experts as it said about tackling the epidemic. by now the epicenter of the crisis had shifted to the us. new york city began digging mass graves for its countless victims. the white house also consulted with experts. but unlike in germany their advice
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wasn't always heeded. maybe it's a president trying. to figure fast. and then i see the disinfectant but not. in a minute one minute and is there a way we can do something like this. injection into the world i feel about vaccines like i feel about this this is going to go away with a lot of the same it's going to go. and we're not going to see it again anybody that needs a test it's a test we they're there they have the tests and the tests are beautiful anybody that we just get you just. donald trump failed to keep his promise. to new york city elect the test kits when they needed them the most. the city's health commissioner was growing desperate. we had been loudly pleading for testing to come to our jurisdiction. and what happened was that you
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know things happen and the unfortunate story is that the testing kits that we got in new york city didn't work. the u.s. a world power completely mishandled the response to the pandemic. to this day it still failed to control the spread. before long angry americans were taking to the streets to vent their fury and he locked on protests. the u.s. has no short term work scheme like germany's and no uniform health system. many people have no health insurance the unemployment rate nearly tripled in april. most here have coded 1000 symptoms and free testing is the only way they can find out if they have the virus. in mid july 25 percent of tests in arizona came back positive . it's shocking how many people really need to be tested you know and i think we
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closed last and opened earliest i think possibly and i think that that was a huge problem and i would see people i love my app next door complaining about wearing masks or wanting to go to bars and their rights being you know taken away and i just thought that was beyond ridiculous. fearful of the economic toll arizona was slow to respond to the pandemic then it lifted restrictions to sue. as a result the number of cases has skyrocketed. the u.s. might be one of the wealthiest nations in the world but few countries have been a severely hit by the pandemic. kovac 1000 patient day 15. you try to apply everything you know about medicine. but even then you find yourself overtaken by events.
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the patient has developed new symptoms. a life threatening clot in her long a pulmonary embolism. blood thinners aren't helping her circulation is collapsing. the doctors ordered the family. by now doctors have learned that this is a typical development the virus attacks not only the longs but the blood vessels to day $22.00. the patient undergoes a lifesaving emergency tracheotomy. poorer countries have been defeated by the pen demick such as nigeria. at night during lockdown the streets of lagos are dangerous. residents have set up a citizen's militia. attacks
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are increasingly commonplace. overwhelmed by the challenges of the fantastic the state is powerless to intervene. we well try. struggling very aggressive with. ricky realize. this. impossible 'd we know. officially nigerians are supposed to stay home for 36 days mass gatherings or cancel. 36 year old for more than $5.00 salary has lost his job because of the lock down. he doesn't have any savings. he's a sound engineer and has his own small studio. events provided him with most of his income. now that they've been cancelled he's lost his livelihood and there will be
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no i was staying indoors and social distancing is the best solution to tackle khurana to get her government should give us something to eat even if it comes weekly a monthly so that we can all survive this one time in which he did you know. he and his wife live with their 4 children in a tiny apartment. i'll be back in the name of what we have been asking our neighbors and close relatives for food and assistance. as how we have been able to survive tragically. the public has been given little support during lockdown. the government has a limited food distribution scheme which has led to stampede says people scramble to collect the meagre supplies offered in nigeria locked on measures have failed to
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contain disaster from spreading i think it's very important to look at how people. leaving and say ok what would be the best measure to reduce transmission and then work it out like that and not just copy and paste what has been done in countries. like that. the ideal solution of course is a backseat one that is widely available. in 1000 patient day 27. after the tracheotomy the patient's condition improved today the nurses managed to help her into a chair she's awake and can respond to questions by nodding or shaking her head recent weeks had seen her condition fluctuate dramatically but she now appears to be stabilizing. but the doctors consider transferring her out of intensive care. for ever and that the idea that.
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we have yet to fully understand this tiny novel virus. researchers are skeptical if it really only spread from one to europe in january. the out but schweitzer hospital in france. shows schmidt head of radiology has examined hundreds of covert 1000 patients that made an interesting discovery. that you can spoil yourself after what happened in march and april it occurred to me to look through our records beginning in the summer of 2019 to see if there was anything unusual. didn't just know. along x. ray made on november 16th showed typical signs of a covert 1000 infection. tool and it was especially noticeable is this opaque area
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. he found another suspicious case in november 12 more in december thinking he missed we thought this was an unusual flu also the patient had a high temperature long embolism monia but it didn't add up the skin can correspond . later he gave the patients an antibody test all came back positive. the french radiologists findings tie in with the studies conducted in other countries. a number of indications suggest but the virus was already spreading around the world and late fall of 2019. what we know is when the virus has been detected. initially and then who and. maybe this virus came from somewhere else in china where and we don't know really if if the the really 1st time this virus emerge. in marketing. at
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this stage it seems unlikely many scientists believe the virus was transmitted from animals to humans in south china or neighboring countries long before it was detected and. what the outbreak and marked the start of an international race to find a vaccine. only a vaccine can stop the pen demick. the company cura back into being in this hard at work. of a vaccine is in production here in this tank. the research is top secret. the company began production in april hoping to get a head start. it
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was a high risk move but molly all of 14 blip check is confident she made the right decision when she approved development of a vaccine in january. he had always felt that on time is of the essence that everyone is expecting a vast amount of vaccines to be available soon. the company is pinning its hopes on the substance could it be the silver bullet the world is waiting for. some 30 vaccines are currently being tested on humans right now will cure vax back scene prove effective and safe in trials. using those. for. any vaccine that ends up going to market will need to be widely available. missing of let's leak from dog abort we need to vaccinate everybody my 120 year
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olds to newborns order for soup and only then can we start to eat couvade 19 and as many people as possible around the world are vaccinated phone call video and singe but i won't give it to you won't achieve much with vaccination programs that are merely a local or national. that soon i will mark to come and army to being the guy. but inevitably most governments put the interests of their own people 1st. countries they can afford to can order supplies of the vaccine the race to develop a vaccine has become a race for political power. that has got other on t.v. . and even invent 5000000 or mine and in fact off one of your stock their bond tripping up you would take on tony mchugh of the us we have a deal invested soon in the beauty and i'm ganna. up to no no no i don't pick
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up all the here in lansing. and that's one of the vet have not been and that's a sign that you can use usenet the small. in for the 1st time in the world a vaccine against a new coronavirus was registered but through the proof you know we can only use me insurance you will know it with which we have repeatedly addressed that china is leading the world in vaccine development for covert 19. the pandemic has become political a battleground in which leading nations buy for power. but when it comes to managing the pandemic by as far ahead of washington. china is no longer in crisis but playing the role of the savior dispatching p p e deploying doctors all over the world. war machine let's make concerted efforts to protect the life and health of people
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in all countries. conquer they pull home you'll fall. in the u.s. the virus rages on embarrassing the white house administration as it ravages the public. as trump continues to blame his domestic crisis on china. his america 1st slogan has never wrong so hollow. china's cover up of the will han virus allow the disease to spread all over the world china has total control over the world health organization we will be today terminating our relationship with the world health organization. the us is losing its world superpower status. and china is eager to take over the leading role it long played and geopolitics. this commission will dated its usually ockham's likely the chinese model is sure to gain popularity in a way through this crisis this killing given how efficiently china was able to
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limit the number of deaths i minimize economic fallout the many are likely to see. our democratic systems are to solution to leak the image you see into along some. covert 1000 patients day 35 today were allowed to film. a. half unbelievable yesterday thought she was getting better. i thought we'd be able to transfer sooner. the 62 year old patient has acute kidney and liver failure the doctors don't understand. they still don't know what to expect. and pretty soon they think when you think you're close to the goal. someone comes out from behind in tackles union. back. in the dead people's a dilated. in the liver failure
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a massive. place to put down that we have to respond immediately to the end of the . day 38. x. rays show that her abdominal muscles are inflamed. the doctors have never seen anything like it. her organs are failing and there's nothing they can do. the patient appears to be losing a fight. day 30 night at 10 o 2 the patient is pronounced dead massive organ failure. the global pandemic has been wreaking turmoil around the world for just over 8 months. in taiwan the government continues to manage the situation well so far there have only been 500 infections. in
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germany infections are once again on the rise like many others manion sick or it is still suffering from the long term effects of covert 19 she still has some difficulty breathing and hasn't fully recovered her sense of taste when you see when i see health care for young people are i want to shake them and say you have no idea how much you might suffer if you get this illness. in early august nigeria extended the 2nd phase of a nationwide lockdown by 4 weeks the country has avoided the worst. experts wonder if this is because its population is relatively young. in china after talking to us in the u.k. yet came under pressure from the police and was forbidden from giving any further interviews. according to beijing the economy saw modest growth in the 2nd quarter of 2020. the us
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economy continues to reel. in november the country goes to the polls trends response to the pandemic could impact the election. covered 1000 has claimed over 290000000 lives worldwide and will continue to claim many more the virus still isn't under control and the outlook is far from encouraging. 'd the sentence they've gained hold. the sulaiman family fled syria 5 years ago. and came to germany. you caught up with them. how are they doing today. was that hopeful promise fulfilled. the focus of europe. 30 minutes
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w. t w news coming to you live from donald trump takes aim at his democratic rival in a fierce acceptance speech. joe biden is not a savior. of america use so. here's the destroyer of america's jobs and if given the chance he will be the destroyer of american greatness.


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