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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  August 29, 2020 10:00pm-10:30pm CEST

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this is a deja vue news live from berlin coated questions in the county police stop a demonstration against germany's coronavirus restrictions making multiple arrests but thousands of protesters remain on the streets to voice their anger against the government's handling of them and also coming up. black panther starts chadwick boseman has died at the age of 43 for a long battle with cancer we'll hear about the actor's life and legacy. and never say never the guard units thomas miller make a return to the german national general manager all over beer hall tells me the
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possibilities should he takes. i'm max foster thanks for joining us and we begin here in berlin where shoot rallies have taken place against germany's coronavirus restrictions despite police attempts to break them up the protest had been given the go ahead on strict conditions but police say participants failed to wear face masks or follow social distancing rules in all tens of thousands of people managed to voice their anger against the government's handling of the pandemic. they came from all over the tammany to express their anger at the government's measures to tackle the cone of fire is pandemic so many the measures go too far because they believe there is no way and then share. the initial. i don't believe that there's
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a pandemic i do seeing the disease exists but i do not think it's a pandemic that the low there fit with the un for according to the new definition of pandemic a tease indeed a pandemic but while it has yet to spread from then on it has nothing to do with the danger posed. to many among the crowd refute any affiliation to defy our right to protest are supported by both conspiracy theories and right we need something easily visible given the number of nationalities plugged chance until. the last part. yes there are some german imperio flags but they're not forbidden this is just like the confederate flag in the us which isn't forbidden either even though it is no front upon the well this is a discussion doesn't the sicily how to take place now. with the big you didn't want to condition set by authorities to allow today's protest was that if demonstrators were wearing masks they should respect social distancing rules as most of those
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attending the so-called antique car and i really didn't comply with either of those rules to believe in police moved in to disband to protest early in the afternoon. and for more now i'm joined by our political correspondent emmanuel shas was been following the story so what's actually happening now well quite early in the afternoon we've just seen in the report a 1000000000 police is banned in the process we're talking about around 30000 people who took to those trees they came from all over the country and so there aren't about to just leave when the police told them to do so so police say they were they've arrested around $200.00 people there are still people in the streets but he says they say that some broke into restricted areas around the parliament some various police those have been turned over so that's the situation right now just under a 30000 people who are there well that's a bit difficult to define that's a group of people what unites them if you were. come on the hatred to come on
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distress distress to come on dislike of how german government ease handling death pandemic but they come from all walks of life there are conspiracy theories and to vax is nationalists so that's kept it's a quite a mixed group of people. also the thing is that we cannot tweeted talk about where we'd citizens here when you see german imperial flags neo nazi flags white supremacist flags being waved. so there's a use of slogans and off chance and symbols of another time there's been some people are wearing a star baby they get one by jews during world war 2 so they likened actions of the current german government to dot's of the nazi regime used a slogan of the as in that's folk which means we are the people which was used against the eastern german government and no to using it as a rallying cry though it is also used by
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a right wing parties has been used for some years now so it's a very very diverse group of people but also wearing wearing me there's a lot of far right. groups that have been joining the crowd and you're just mentioning germany actually doing relatively well which is of course true compared to many other european countries so what's weighing very well that's probably a paradox of that situation of what we're witnessing today germany has sped quite well during that 1st wave we counted 241000 people infected but relatively few number of deaths less than 10000 it's better than france or spain for example if you look at other european countries however perhaps there's a lack of awareness in the majority of the population to what has been happening because they haven't been affected personally. already many are shows for years political to barbara thank you for that insight. demonstrators against mass wearing
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social distancing gathered in london in paris today as as well in similar but smaller groups and in london despite the virus having killed more than 40000 people in the u.k. so far thousands metropole her square some carry banners calling the virus a hoax in paris people also gather calling for freedom from what they called a hygiene dictatorship anger is rising in many places against lockdown instructions aimed at the new and. now we turn to some sad news now from the world of entertainment black panther actor chadwick boseman has died at the age of $43.00 but it's been one international acclaim playing the king of a condo in the box office he passed away after a long and private battle with cancer. this year. before finding fame is the regal black panther in the film adaptation of the marvel comic bushman played historical figures such as funk soul musician james brown and
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get on up and jackie robinson the 1st african-american to play in major league baseball in the film 42 jackie robinson. black and white grease i want you to know when you think hard think about the abuse that he's like . your enemy will be out in force and you cannot meet him on its own know. what you're doing one of these pictures approach to your head. bozeman was a vocal critic of the endemic disadvantages facing black actors you have equal if not more talent at times. but you don't have the same opportunities you don't necessarily have the same doors open to you the same nepotism to be young gifty in black these is all of that it's it's is to have. every day
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but quite be able to grasp it to be able to persevered through that though we really get to play in the psychic or the sideshow or backstage or not here are together. but it was his role playing king charles in the blockbuster black panther that his family said was the honor of his life we did. for this. what happens. to the rest of the. black panther 13 academy awards in 2019 the film was a huge box office success and was widely seen as a defining moment for representation in hollywood bozeman had been battling colon cancer for 4 years his family said on twitter that he died at home with his wife
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and family by his side he was just 43. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world. thousands of people have protested in the morrison capital fort lewis against the government's response to an oil spill that is wreaking havoc on the environment and economy a month ago a japanese ship ran aground off the island nation and later spilled a 1000 tons of oil in the sea dozens of dead dolphins have since washed ashore. in russia thousands of people have protested in the far eastern city of to demand the release of the regional governor sarah gave fergal has been detained in moscow over murder charges he did not see his supporters called on russian president vladimir putin to allow his release they say the arrest was politically motivated. italy's coast guard has evacuated 49 migrants from a rescue vessel sponsored by british street artist banksy the operation came after
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the crew used twitter to appeal for help saying at least one of the over 200 migrants on board was dead and several others injured. shiite muslims around the world are marking a shura under the cloud of the coronavirus pandemic is the highlight of a holy month and marks the death in battle of the prophet muhammad's grandson hussein the largest shiite communities are in iraq and iran but the event is also commemorated in many other countries usually huge crowds of pilgrims gather in the holy city of karbala iraq this year though the mood is a little different. it might look like an airport but these security gates the checking fees are not meant to not check this and the people here in cavalera i worship is not travelers oh that's a car that is done with the razor. this year of course we're grappling with the spread of corona virus so we've installed devices and gates equipped with cameras
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for measuring temperatures and to texting pilgrims who might be infected with the coronavirus drop out that she found. inside a few face masks a little sign of social distancing. in iran's capital tehran people seem to be more careful and be staying further away from each other. not the coronavirus has definitely necessitated restrictions but perhaps restriction is the wrong word i think it's better to call it a change in our morning style that is that which. many prefer to stay away from the crowds completely and mark the day at home. oh. but others gathered for the ritual morning of the prophet muhammad's grandson him and his signing ceremony title one in the shia calendar is different in tito this
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year but remained fundamentally the same. and we turn to football now in germany general manager all over beer hall has left the door open for thomas venter to return to the national team and there was among 3 senior players dropped last year as coach yogi live tried to freshen up his side but despite insisting the focus was still on use their hof told the w that you can never say no in football. but i mean it forwards thomas miller has really turned things around in 2020 from being side. lined by club and country he's been enjoying a new lease of life that by and a key part of this season's triple winner has been exiled from the germany national team could he now be recalls in it to interview germany general manager of a beer hof said it was unlikely but not impossible he'd feature again under coach yogi love. you lose as a coach and. made
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a hard decision to put our. world champions like months holist to listen. you can never say no wait for. that moment here we want to give it a chance and i think we can go through that you. too must. be half schooled the winning goal the last time germany won the european championship in 1996 he says the current crop of play is even better something that bodes well for next year's tournament experience wise. not to see better stuff but. now we have much more time to go so we still have hope but i think this is young. enough to get experience in the finals. we want to. be on the highest level. be hoff think the
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coronavirus forcing the perspective of euro 2022 next june could prove advantageous for germany giving this young team more time to gain not valuable leaks perience. the tour de france has gotten underway in nice after being delayed for 2 months by the coronavirus and them it alexander christophe took the win on a crash strewn opening stage while britain's lizzie duignan won the one day women's version fans are allowed to line the route during a 3 week men's race despite france reporting an increase in cases it is the biggest sporting event to have spectators during the pandemic events must adhere to hygiene rules as must riders to positive tests in a week team were thrown out. to formula one now and defending champion lewis hamilton has recorded his 93rd pole position after topping qualifying for sunday's belgian grand prix the britain will share the front of the grid with mercedes team
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make terry bought us maxtor staff and was 3rd fastest with daniel ricardo 4th germany's struggling sebastian vettel was only 14th in his ferrari. you're watching t.v. news from berlin coming up next world stories look at how the proto fires pandemic in mexico has caused the death of homelessness i'm nick spicer thanks for watching . you. where i come from we have to fight for a free press i was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one of the shadow and a few newspapers with official information as a journalist and hard work all of the strengths of many characters and their problems are always the same forward to social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press. corruption who can afford to stay silent when
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it comes to the sounds of humans and see them wired to fools who have decided to put their trust in us. my name is jennifer and i work a day w. this week on world stories. we look at a 2nd wave of corona virus infections in israel and visit in mutu issue exhibition in berlin boss we begin in mexico increasing numbers of mexico city residents have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic and can no longer pay their rent many families are now facing homelessness but the government isn't offering much by way of help fashion designer is last hasn't been able to pay his rent since april
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because of the corona crisis his landlord gave him 5 months to leave his home workspace where he's lived for 18 years he had to accept or face a forced eviction it's a situation he's increasingly witnessed in this neighborhood of the historic city center. a local work i was worried because i saw others being affected there used to be print shops on the ground floor. they were involved in a lawsuit. in the uk with the then one day the police showed up on the very day their legal protection ended they were evicted by the police you know with. a survey by the habitat international coalition shows that more than 10 percent of mexico city's tenants have been forced from their homes during the pandemic 61 percent say they won't be able to pay their rent in the coming months
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a neighborhood platform led by sergio gonzalez has proposed a rent law to stop a victuals during the pandemic and instead find solutions. every year mexico city sees more than $3000.00 of actions an estimated 20 to 30 percent of these are carried out in violation of basic legal requirements. the government must stop treating tenants like commodities and it should set rent price limits medical value of the most. to mitigate the effects of the pandemic the mexican government is promoting alternatives aimed at helping homeowners buy or sell property and it's also subsidizing new construction but the measures exclude 15 percent of mexican households the 2500000 people who are tenants the capital is weighing a reform that would ban evictions in cases where no rental contract exists but as
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the city's head of urban planning admits no concrete steps are being taken to protect tenants. says your group is yeah we urgently need to draft a new law that protects everyone's rights in equal measure and i make the money. in. the right to housing made even harder to insure by the corona crisis. in a bracket is one of the most densely populated cities in israel home to a large ultra-orthodox population it's become one of the country's worst coronavirus hotspots motion more golf when the remark home to a largely ultra orthodox or hardly the community the synagogue is closed because of the time to make people have to pray outside. without marking stern who works as a lawyer managers in this free time corona task force. this is stigma and the
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general public against the us for also dogs and again it's been a. people's dream to have a demon all sick and that there infecting people that. it's evil but it's not true and i don't think there's any other community that keeps the rules as strictly as we do maybe a commitment of all youth of even. over 2400 residents are currently infected with call that 19 and their new cases every day in a brac is one of the most densely populated cities in israel. yes boy. the autor you know boardman's for 20 family members share 75 square meters and one bathroom one shower if one person gets sick everyone will get sick. on a simple of many don't have internet no smartphones they can't get information online but this information on billboards. a
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lot of adult the minister palatino has now set up a so-called war room to handle the crisis this is modern stern and his team supported by the israeli army work every day of the week except about was some ultra orthodox communities forbid the use of modern technologies modern stands team rely on them every neighborhood is monitored to help isolate people who have tested positive for the virus and we check those people who are newly infected and send them out of the city if they agreed to it of course because we believe that the more cases we move out the less karuna will spread in this city. a family of 8 needs to be placed in quarantine in jerusalem they're taken by ambulance to one of the hotels that have been turned into quarantine centers run by the israeli military. morgan stern is back on the road the virus keeps him busy all
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the time. it's hard it's very difficult and very demanding but it don't give up someone is watching over us. been a block is taking up the task to keep the virus from spreading further just like the rest of the country which is in the midst of a 2nd wave of the pandemic. since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in china the nation's government has faced criticism from other countries for the way it disseminate information but people in china are also fighting against what they say are beijing's efforts to cover up the epidemic. this small neighborhood park news home ensuring journal is a place filled with memories for john high. student or with wooden door last year my father used to sit at this place. every time i come to these familiar
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places places i used to visit with my father. i'm overwhelmed with grief at the same time i feel anger jungly far john high's father was a veteran of china's nuclear testing programme he was a 100 and but he spent his last years at his son's home in the coastal city of shenzhen about 1000 kilometers from one in january he broke his leg as a veteran he enjoyed good medical insurance but he was required to get treated in his hometown. when he needed treatment i took him to war and when he was in hospital i said. this was my way to show my love for him. and that time covered 19 was already spreading in the city and local officials were reassuring people that the virus could not be transmitted from person to person
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a lie as it later turned out. johnny fast drugged for one week before he died his body was immediately taken for cremation there was in my opinion the officials who covered of the disease in its early days had behaved like criminals. china has since largely managed to control the spread of the virus life is back to normal in most places the government prides itself on its ability to contain new outbreaks through testing and quarantine the public mood has shifted from anger to appreciation of the government's response and those who want to remember the sufferings of the past under pressure to keep quiet john lyons try to file a case in court against your story at least his case was rejected his social media accounts were shut down he has received threats from the authorities so this isn't . these events have left us relatives of the victims with a boundless feeling of pain it's
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a pain that will stay for the rest of our lives but the local authorities just say this matter is already over their tone shows a complete disregard of other people's lives. more cynical. all that's left of his father's live pictures of happier days john has not even retrieved his ashes from the criminal for fear of public anger the government requires that victims have to be buried in the presence of fishel a condition he refused. our last story brings us to germany after more than 2 years of work the jewish museum berlin has opened a new permanent exhibition it depicts jewish life in germany in the past and in the present day and tackles the topic of anti-semitism in a new way what's life like for jewish people in germany today what challenges do
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they face and what makes them happy better than jewish museum has been thinking about this for the past 2 and a half years and offers up some answers in a new exhibition. a collection has been created in which jews can recognize themselves in their living environment it's also known jewish visitors can read unlearn a lot of the wealth of jewish and german jewish relationships. a new start in the management of the museum dutch women haiti bared over in april sees the new exhibition as a long overdue reaction to cultural changes. first of all the audience has changed there are less and less people that have experienced the 2nd world war personally and many people came into germany they don't have a personal relation to the history of the 20th century in germany and of course
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many jews came to germany so there's also a revival of jewish life how has jewish life changed in germany and where to problems still exist a video installation encourages dialogue about the ever present search for identity . through virtual reality visitors can see destroyed senegal to restore to their former glory those who see what has been lost feel the loss protect their the keenly. the museum has taken center stage in germany's capital for 20 years a spectacular zigzag building by daniel leaders can't from above a broken star of david insight a desk and searching path through german jewish history in 2018 the exhibition welcome to jerusalem made headlines many thought it was too anti zionist when it a marriage that then director peter schaffer also supported the palestine related b.d.'s organization the scandal was spare fact schieffer resigned hetty baird never
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accepted the challenge and just looking forward to stimulating debate the jewish museum in berlin stands in an interesting field of tension on the one hand it has to present the history and culture on the other hand it has to reject. all the dynamic developments in society. and show the jewish perspective on this from sunday the museum will finally be open to every one again. there are. 3 prime examples for the power of critical hard.
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