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tv   Reporter - Vor Ort  Deutsche Welle  August 30, 2020 9:15pm-9:31pm CEST

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i have a closer to a record equalling 7th title. and you are watching deed of your news live from berlin coming up our documentary series doc looks at how the coronavirus time that is changing the world and there's lots more news and background in 30 languages on our website d.w. dot com and also follow us on twitter and instagram handle it is at each of the news on exposure and only about one update in $45.00. life on earth one of the coming to. try to coincidence. we're going to go happened. sort of bit like winning the lottery and. earth more unique start september 18th
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on d w. a new strain of virus has brought the world to its needs. the virus they're working hard looks like by april that we're accuracy goes away hope that's true some countries are managing to protect the public others are failing. you so you're at more. if this is serious and you can seriously. you know race against this deadly disease political systems compete to prove their superiority. not hung over the mobile numbers will win and china will win.
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because in a strong state can be useful let's be so much muslim times we need to add even redemptive 100 percent so it's interesting that since the hobby. thought. the pandemic has thrown political accountability and personal tragedy into sharp relief be. covert 1000 patients they want. this 62 year old woman is running a fever and having trouble breathing textbook symptoms of pneumonia. she will spend
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the next 39 days fighting for her life. we don't film her every day. some scenes are reconstructions based on our medical records how does this virus affect our bodies and where did it come from. in central china has a population of over 11000000 this is where the virus was 1st identified but as this word originated. chinese critics will later claim that the sars c.o.v. to strain was created in a lab and. according to another theory it jumped from wild animals to humans at a wet market and. whatever the origin by december 21000 the city's hospitals were struggling to contain an outbreak of unknown etiology. and late december we received a signal that there were
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a cluster of an explain the manja a new one and china we had no diagnosis and it could have been flu and so we activated our networks to verify the event that it is. no go. 'd one of the 1st doctors to sound the alarm was lead when young. un december 30th he warned his colleagues and local hospitals be a private. one hour later one member wrote.
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the reply. please worst fears were confirmed when one authorities moved to silence him. he was interrogated by the police force to sign a letter of reprimand and a promise to stop spreading rumors time was running out. and his family were unaware of the extent of the danger posed by the new virus in early january he took his father to his annual medical checkup. the news the online media and video sites were all reporting that there was no human to
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human transmission in good soil and that the break was under control those that saw and it spread could be avoided. today he believes his father contracted the virus during that routine check up on january the 15th he came down with a fever. but across china it was still business as usual preparations for the lunar new year celebrations were underway. millions of people were traveling across the country to visit family. meanwhile a yens father was fighting for his life. he was transferred to a hospital where covert 1000 patients were being isolated. little made still coming here triggers hellish memories. on call vote on fever my father die on the 12th floor of that building their home in the fall.
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you know that this was the evening before he died pictures of those. saying goodbye to my mother maya video challenged us live in. he's convinced that his father's death could have been avoided had the 140 sworn to the virus sooner. while the spread of covert $1000.00 gathered pace and the rest of the world germany included was focused on other issues. in australian istanbul's extent looted sick kind and that there bush and the incest
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there also shamanist the presidents ms video how do by actions on and look today actually at. how we once on a follow meghan said system can stay out into the hall hype. only a handful of scientists understood the gravity of the situation. at the biotech company cure back in 2 bingham researchers were interest in the awaiting the 1st novel coronavirus genome sequence and after the talks began after the christmas break we agreed to start as soon as the sequence was made available by the sixpence dies and she couldn't do that even if we changed our minds later then yeah i decided to start the same day and not waste any time right. the high stakes international rights to develop a vaccine against the new virus was on. researchers in berlin were also getting to work with one of the 1st diagnostic tests for coping $1000.00 was developed for lyn shari tay hospital. before long it was apparent that scientists worst fears were
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being realized. must have a hood in he not yet strong and hard to snuff me give him the all swat on this noise out again call one of yours to stop not tsunami of them if you want to be stepped up to the phone. in who bay province some 60000000 people faced a travel ban and were soon effectively under house arrest. neighborhood committees were set up to supervise entry and exit points and make sure residents had regular food supplies. to kenya is china is a surveillance state we knew that the crew of irish crisis that's how thick it must have been and that adolph in this case because the state is able to use existing surveillance infrastructure here to efficiently impose strict local locked
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ourselves on shutdowns dual fuel called. the one party state was affective but it also made sure any dissent was squashed. covert 1000 patient day 3. the 62 year old patient's condition is deteriorating fast her breathing is so labored that she requires intimation of artificial respiration her lungs are severely inflamed. but by day 5 her condition starts to improve she's responsible things are looking up. and when one talks none of them want her in common so. does not all to get hold of you was hot.
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deferments its desire to move the front of the bus to orange ducked off. again also keen on going stick to bin laden that's also enviable says it and spiffy take dish . about tweeting there's a lot to get this kind in order. by january 31st some 12000 cases of the new coronavirus have been registered almost all of them in china. but the 1st cases outside the country were now also being recorded and how meaty on the way in mid january governments were being told to guess how epidemic plans and be playing outside a crisis or the unfolding a number of countries took it seriously because they took priority experience. one of the 1st countries to launch a rapid response to the coronavirus was taiwan. in
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may shorten was responsible for containing the spread of her neighborhood. dynamic. that was in the. housing run additional. information as a township mayor some of her new responsibilities include checking up on people who are sheltering at home and bringing them food supplies and reading material it's a social service provided by the city of taipei but also in next social control did you check your temperature today on the day when her it was normal to have a runny nose she her because any other symptoms that we know nothing. nothing until that's great. mr mao has just returned from the us he has to quarantine for 2 weeks . he receives financial assistance while he stays at home. i cannot believe this because if i won't be so oh then
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the c.d.c. or the police. will know. even as garbage is taken care of a municipal trash collector specifically comes by to pick up garbage from homes of people in quarantine. it separate it from other waste and incinerated. shenzhen jen was minister for help during the 2003 sars outbreak that claimed 73 lives in taiwan. and i think that we have prepared for this. for 17 years. we came across this. area and then that a while and then me so the entire. health administration as well as i
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was anything have practiced the how to for pandemic. that included stockpiling face masks unlike in many western countries taiwan ramped up its production of surgical masks. so. each person was allowed to purchase 2 every 7 days. taiwan never imposed a strict lockdown like the one and move on. the small island proved to the rest of the world that it was indeed possible to contain the virus by late august only 7 people had died a covert 1000 in taiwan. years of preparation as well as extensive contact tracing and serve the authorities well. the west meanwhile remained oblivious to the oncoming threat or were they simply indifferent and i'm sure we are going back on the hours of preparation.
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oh why. didn't the international and fin fish beatific gone and learn from. the ice that i own no devices tells me they hadn't pretty calm didn't seem target of opportunity and then caught about soul walking on what i have seen never shuts them who point to another holes and we'll talk some style to completion soon. france too had yet to ban mass gatherings. the christian open door church a french evangelical mega church. a 5 day rally held here became ground 0 for the epidemic in france. there hasn't been a service here for weeks. pastor sam you read
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a bit there schmidt is devastated. for model girl wally's it breaks my heart to see the church.


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