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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  August 31, 2020 6:15am-6:31am CEST

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very entrepreneur bull absence on its planes the principle to us $6065.00 he says his workers have no interest in the minimum wage because the kilogram price gives them the opportunity to and more and that's why they're willing to work longer than 8 hours a day good also cautious in return to your theme of all sometimes the times are in the forest for 10 hours but maybe they've been shopping or doing something else in between there but in addition they want to make more money in your country and i can't stop them from working an hour extra because they want to earn a few crowns more they get it's very difficult for us to control that really it up . to get over the minimum wage of just under 2000 euros chang has to pick at least 36 kilograms every day today there are only $53.00. it's not a good day. the next morning starts
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early chang has been on his feet since 4 am then he drives up to 200 kilometers with his group. fuel food and accommodation costs him 25 euros a day in addition to the loan he took out in thailand. when they reached the forests they separate quickly in the next few hours they all search for themselves chang is the beginning in his grave. well. it's a constant struggle one step forward one step back on some days when i pick up a lot i feel really good but then on other days when things aren't going so well i sometimes think what am i doing here but. this is filling up
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slowly whether he finds many berries is a matter of luck. in addition many bushes were destroyed by haste in forest fires last summer. now. allow it to pass on whether i find a good spot right away then i can pick up a lot but if not i have to walk up to 10 kilometers constantly looking around it's hard to protect. journalists much also makes his way streets swedish forests at harvest time. he's been reporting on the situation in the barrie industry for years he's worried the number of time barry collectors has grown again is 6200.
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so many more than usual and at the same time there are only a few berries this year. that means there's a great risk that the thais will not soon enough money and will barely reach the minimum wage. in fact many very pickers may return to thailand. we learned from him that seasonal thai workers are even a tax saving model because they don't come from the e.u. swedish businesses don't have to pay income tax. we show him the employment contracts of the times we have been filming. says the minimum wage the. agreed to is an improvement but the thais still have to deal with the loans they took out to come to sweden. we overcovered off. if you were here for 2 months you work one month just to pay off your debts and another month to be able to make money this was pretty optimistic because it takes most of them longer to
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pay off their debts but all of. chiang has been in sweden for 4 wakes and he's still paying off his loan the dream of big money gets a little small make every day chang has a word with his wife telling her not to worry. hello. how are you. what are you doing now. his daughter also comes on the phone. she wants to know whether he's already collected many berries yes quite a few i don't take any time off me i'm working all the time you know. i get it i'll probably make less money than i expected. but if i come home with
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something that's fine my wife will understand it's my 1st time. he's driven by hope change says he'll tell us how much money he'll finally be able to bring home in 6 weeks we'll keep in touch. at a time in thailand we visit the village chief hereupon is something of a role model for many who travel to sweden every summer because he did it himself with his profits he bought a tractor and soon found that. he and his wife i'm now working in the field again it's their own feel. for where you can go from me you become pretty the other people in the village made so much money that they invested in a small business in the city in the top that i hire you although i now have to stand on the market and work there. many just don't feel like working on the paddy
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field any moment i need bangun or they're waiting to be able to pick berries again in sweden only a little girl and i now let other people work in their fields or come here if you don't even know who are really. seasonal work in sweden has brought money into the village but also a bit of envy because everyone here wants to live a better life they want to live like the village chief and his wife. sweden's forests are a place of hope for thai berry pickers for a better life for a way out of poverty. we're now in northern sweden just below the arctic circle hi lynn and it must be here is some way they sent us the g.p.s.
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coordinates for meeting a parking lot somewhere in lapland. the next morning we have an appointment at 6 am in the ski area. even in july it's just 7 degrees celsius at this time of day the contrast with thailand could hardly be bigger. already got. a. pilot in we don't tell us that they are more than 4 hours drive away from their accommodation. may not that we have to sleep here somehow we have a tent for the 2 of us the others have to squeeze into the car at home and. i am tired but whenever i find berries things somehow keep going.
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they have to drive so far away because there are hardly any berries with this trying to make the long journey with while they sleep outside for one night and then spend another night in the camp. the weather is miserable and which bought a particularly rebel is said to grow here. from our current we don't know if i want to know mark we were quite far south yesterday but it wasn't worth it. we are now working our way for the north if necessary up to the norwegian border you know we. need them for. emphasis how i can enjoy. the i still don't know if this is a good area we'll have to walk around. first then we'll get a better idea in the forest.
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like every morning their day begins with the long view along the road for a while and then into the wilderness. john does not want to rely on his phone or g.p.s. in this area every 100 meters he mocks the way back. for them it's a constant struggle. conway when the day goes well and you collect a lot of very stings look up one eye but on other days when things are not going well i ask myself why i'm here walk out of here borrow my time i'm on a map i'm going. to 2 of them a searching for the red cloud bury up here it looks like a yellow raspberry and only grows in the regions of scandinavia. they earn almost 11 euros for a kilogram. cailean has found
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a good sport now she has to be quick before the others come in their group everyone picks for themselves. from them who are out here i'm afraid of the white man spirits no i'm not that's why i pray every night before i go to bed why me why does our everything has gone well his spirits have not nor have the wild animals but we're always on guard. by. what matters is the days healed. despite the cold and rain. we want to keep and we'll keep picking until the very last day i will not do any laundry but we'll fly home and my work clothes but we won't take a break any more like our boss also wants us to make enough money for you at.
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the months they searched for cloud berries. the result is sobering 2019 it was a bad idea after all the debts have been paid each of them had just and 1119 hours. 51 will be back in line with their method for. yes we will come back again even if we've earned less than last year it's still enough for us to pay the school fees for our daughter. what a sad face there's that trial for them they have. martha now if it's a little rough. at the end of the day they returned to their accommodation for me it was still. the to do not give up their belief in the great opportunity in sweden maybe it will get better next year. and chang it was his 1st summer in sweden and he wasn't the fastest but his group
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divided the money for the berries evenly among themselves after $2.00 and a half months he wanted come home empty handed. after deducting all costs he earned 1300 euros. how the lure. i think of this year is something like my apprenticeship my 1st time that they saw today but next year when i come back everything will be better. and they're all already know the area the ward where they would have i know how to pick a lot of areas for the net and been a. it's
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an invisible thread that's been depicted in many ways the coronavirus this man knows exactly what it looks like thomas schmidt schlosser is a scientific militia traitor. by extensive data he gives the virus a realistic face and helps scientists better understand it. tomorrow today. next on t.w. . the power of pictures. the
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turn of events in poland to change to europe forever. at any moment someone could ask you to take out your camera and get ready to board a good. solid dollar motion solidarity documented by independent filmmakers. in 45 minutes on d w. plato is for me to be told this for you. as for hell. beethoven. beethoven is for the.
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beethoven is for. beethoven is for. beethoven 2020 the 250th anniversary year on. the kings of a virus this scientific illustrated makes the invisible visible. something all too visible all the traces of climate change in german forests. not so obvious but real the connection between muscle and mind. well come to you tomorrow today the science show on.


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