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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 31, 2020 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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subscribe to the documentary on you tube. this is c w news live from berlin and intolerable and tapped at the heart of our democracy those are the words of germany's prez after far right demonstrators stormed the parliament building in berlanti politicians from across the political spectrum have condemned the attack. also coming up protestors in belo rooms turned up the heat on the streets of grants 3 weeks after
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a disputed election now president to shank those as he is going to russia to seek president putin's help. defuse gets off to something else. and the america yes we can moment 5 years ago our open arms migration policy changed germany and to europe. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program german politicians from across the political spectrum have condemned a far right attempt to storm the parliament building in berlin president trying to shine mayor called it an intolerable attack in the heart of our democracy demonstrators against the government's pandemic policies along with far right groups and science deniers overwhelmed police and rushed the entrance to the german . parliament aboard this talk was of far right extremists pushed through police
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lines to the top of the rice talk steps. the was that they shout resistance. and this interest we are the people i was the black white and red are the colors of the old imperial german right used now by neo nazis. in front of the rice tar it makes for shocking symbolism. it's coming it's not acceptable and it cannot be tolerated that some appear with symbols from a terrible dark past flags that have nothing to do with our modern democracy and they show up in front of the borders tired building the rice tank building the most important symbol of our democracy the parliament the ball of democracy to does parliament of the demonstrators who filled central berlin on saturday were no
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longer the center of attention. many remained on sunday though and how the small day after a rally at the brandenburg gate they focused on the corona skeptic message and dismissed the previous day's aggression was he a prosecutor what happened here was chaos and some small groups who wanted to take advantage of the situation and which we've who support the corona demonstration want to have nothing to do with october was an outrage. yet the far right to a confident place in berlin and for weekends amid the rainbows and peace flags of other demonstrators and the corona skeptics didn't seem to have a problem with them being there all and for more we're joined now by d. w. political correspondent thomas sparrow who was at this weekend's demonstrations we just heard it described their thomas as chaos is that what you witnessed they were certainly not nor more demonstrations we did see specific clashes between. tween
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the police and demonstrators in particular when the police try to dissolve the protest because they consider that people were not wearing mosque or a hearing to social distancing rules or in fact no one was wearing a mosque we were also laughed at when we were wearing ourselves a mosque and at that time when police announced that they would dissolve the protests there were specific clashes and we also saw obviously afterwards what happened when they stormed there i stock building which is one of germany's most important buildings with a lot of symbolic importance because it's important to stress that in 1933 the nazis burned down that building when they were trying to sort of get rid of what was left of german democracy at the time so you can clearly say that this was very very important scenes that we saw also scenes that have shocked germany's political establishment talk with us a little bit about the mix actually that we saw on the streets because you know you have these right wing extremists. pretty much being tolerated and what was a demonstration intended for being against public health concerns why it is that
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there was indeed a big mix of people from families that were there simply out to protest to complain about the government's handling of the coronavirus pandemic to anti boxes to people who believe in conspiracy theories to people who obviously belong to far right extremist groups we also saw them there as well and doc makes the challenge for authorities obviously much bigger to try to identify who is actually going there and watch the goals it is under no circumstances one group of people will want specific interest but a very varied group of people with very different interests probably what unites them all is the fact that they're against the german government and they're against the way the government has been handling the pandemic one person actually told me when i asked about that goal that only the fish only the dead fish swim with the current so basically that they wanted to show a completely different face of germany in the way the current the country has doing has been dealing with a groan of are they so they do have a common denominator of tells. organizers they claim an extreme minority is
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responsible for the clashes the friends of the ones we were just seeing on video there is that correct if you look for example at what the far right a.f.d.c. of the biggest opposition party in the german parliament stressed stressed they were actually in favor of the protests and they have that exact view so they said it was only a minority of people who stormed the parliament they also agreed with other politicians in germany saying that was not enough but on the other hand they did stress that the grievances and the opinions of people had were actually legitimate and that they supported that and they were described as being a good day so it depends what view you take with you believe that it was only a minority who were there from the far right extremist scene or whether you believe like other people said that actually normal common germans were actually marching side by side with far right extremist groups and that was something that we also saw by the way in the counter demonstrations that also took place in berlin on saturday because it's important to stress that it was not only people out there to protest against the coronavirus restrictions it was also people there were also
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people there to say that you couldn't have protests where you show people hand in hand or side by side with with what they described as neo nazi sets positions as are a lot about the atmosphere in the country right now what has been the reaction from politicians politicians from across the board from the german president to the german vice chancellor to other politicians from most parties have actually criticized what happened at the rice stock slammed it saying that that was a bad day for german democracy stressing that it was an intolerable attack on the heart of german democracy already explain the significance the significance of of the rice such a different view as they already stressed came from the far right if we saw also many of the supporters there at the protest on on saturday politicians from the a if they were also at the protests and they again stressed that even though they did not agree with what happened at the rice that they did think that the actual ideas that people were bringing that protest were legitimate and therefore one of their leading gave the petition described as a good day is thomas ferro thank you. let's
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get a quick check now some other stories making news around the world police in the u.s. city of oregon have launched a homicide investigation after a man died during clashes on saturday night skirmishes broke out after hundreds of supporters of president donald trump drove through the city trump and his democratic opponents blamed each other for the violence. at least 3 migrants died and 5 others were injured when a fire broke out on the boat carrying them across the mediterranean the smoke from the fire could be seen from a beach near the italian town of cortona 2 police officers were also were. lebanon's president michel aoun has called for lebanon to be declared a secular state during a televised address he said that it was the only way to protect and preserve pluralism and to create national unity on monday lebanon marks 100 years of
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statehood. police in the capital bits kept more than $100.00 anti-government protesters it were taking part in another mass demonstration to demand that president alexander the shan't go step down now the protest started after that claimed an overwhelming reelection victory earlier this month but observers say that the poll was neither free nor fair because hanko is due to meet his ally russian president vladimir putin in moscow. go away go away they chant tens of thousands hit the streets of minsk on sunday the 3rd week of protests doing their best to avoid a massive police presence. but not always with success. thousands have been detained in recent weeks opponents of the regime and of
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president aleksander look at shank oh. yes i came here to express my disagreement with the results of the election and my solidarity with the detained people i stand for peace for belarus but not for lukashenko who is mr. lucas chink of his dog in his heels since the protests began he says belarus is threatened by foreign powers not the other military reports that nato has deployed their forces for drills right on our border what am i supposed to do. and he says he'll soon meet with russian president vladimir putin who has offered to send in security forces to quell the protests. telling him let's see what we can do with low draw up sunday's protests came on the christian goes perth to the crowd marked it their own way with another chant. happy birthday.
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well all this week we are looking back 5 years ago to when hundreds of thousands of people mostly from syria escaped to war and persecution and headed for the european union to seek refuge it was a pivotal moment for the e.u. which prides itself on its open internal borders some member states however were closing them putting up far from wire fences to keep out migrants all eyes turned to a use biggest member germany would it side with the fence builders or up hold the blocks commitment to freedom of movement. over 3 words on the stay 5 years ago chancellor angela merkel took an unusually proactive sound and changed the course of european history. it was the moment that defined going to merkel's response to the 2015 migration crisis if you know. it was the german equivalent of this yes we can. i was there 5 years ago when desperate migrants in hungary set off on
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foot towards germany just hours later i'm going to marco singlehandedly decided to keep germany's borders open the scenes of an open welcoming germany went around the world. 5 years on this raises the question did germany make it and at what cost. in 2015 many an angle or merkel's own c.d.u. party were against her open arms policy. then finance minister was one of them his key concern was losing control for today's speak of germany's parliament it still is. one has to prevent the impression that there's a loss of control that situation was crucial for a few months but we've mostly overcome its effect by now we need a european solution to these problems. instead of more europe national
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reflexes kicked in across the continent in germany america's decision helped launch a populist party into parliament the far right alternative for germany. the f.t. supporters have been fizzling out until merkel's we will make it moment ignited the party's rise to become a fixture of germany's political landscape its co-founder alexander garland freely admits that merkel's open border policy helped propel his party to parliament. we didn't make it and we can't make it it's nobody's fault but it's simply impossible to let so many people from a totally different cultural background who behave so to. friendly into a country and say we can make it. yes this is in fact a matter of decision was humanitarian yet many also hopes the migrants would be able to meet germany's growing demand for skilled workers
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a new survey obtained exclusively by de w. before publication shows a mixed picture 5 years on half of these refugees are in some form of employment or education the authors of the studies say germany did reasonably well mostly because of its economic strength. almost to the day 5 years after her yes we can moment same place same setting machall says she would do the same again. overall i would take the same decisions again that's right. but she warns of tough times ahead. and we will now see a phase where jenaveve rise in unemployment will make it again more difficult to get those people to work have only recently arrived here as refugees or as migrants . really go. for now though germans are more
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busy with corona been debating migration both have proved to be political changes while germany has undoubtedly most of the effects of 2015 economically politically i'm going to macko valve's not to let that moment repeat itself a moment that changed germany and well defined her legacy. that was our chief political editor michel we could never afford there i'm sorry kelly in berlin thank you so much for joining us for this half hour on. what secrets lie behind. discover new adventures in the 360 get. to explore major world heritage sites. p.w. world heritage 360. now.
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of climate change. there soon.


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