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tv   Solidarnosc  Deutsche Welle  August 31, 2020 4:15pm-4:59pm CEST

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city sector one of the main sectors ating sectors and urban which caused the bunny's state a look among 50 percent of the national debt this is one of the many forms as well as we have other difficult political reforms and now the speaker of the parliament announced in his speech when he addressed the nation that you could go on this country again. as you mentioned the french president. he is traveling to beirut today on the same day of the dips appointment as no coincidence is it yeah. it's not a coincidence at all during his last visit. 3 weeks ago he mentioned he gave a deadline for you know and he's elite or the political rulers and lebanon that's on the 1st of the time but he will visit lebanon a gate there he will arrive tonight in about 4 and maybe the 11 and at the distance between christians and muslims will not exist anymore so it was quite obvious method just to live in these politicians and elite to go ahead with the reforms and
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the this ignition of a new prime minister we expect that the formation of the new government will not take a very long time. thank you very much. thank you. you're watching the news still to come the u.s. open tennis gets under way with no spectators and a host of top names missing because of the thrown a virus but also find out why it's likely to be one of the most controversial u.s. opens ever. the 1st all this week we're looking back 5 years to when hundreds of thousands of people mostly from syria escaped war and persecution and headed for the european union to seek refuge it was a pivotal moment for the e.u. and its policy of open borders some member states shut down the borders off to initially allowing the passage of thousands of refugees the use biggest member and the main destination for many of those fleeing was germany how would it respond in
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the crisis is 3 words chancellor angela merkel change the course of european history the w.'s chief political editor he was there on this day 5 years ago. laid out her policy. it was the moment that defined anger that merkel's response to the 2015 migration crisis if you fish out and us it was the german equivalent of this yes we can. i was there 5 years ago when desperate migrants in hungary set off on foot towards germany just hours later i'm going to marco singlehandedly decided to keep germany's borders open the scenes of an open welcoming germany went around the world. 5 years on this raises the question did germany make it and at what cost. in 2015 many an angle or merkel's own c.d.u. party were against her open arms policy but. then finance minister was one of them
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his key concern was losing control for today's speaker of germany's parliament it still is. was before bible one has to prevent the impression that there's a loss of control that situation was crucial for a few months but we've mostly overcome its effect by now we need a european solution to these problems. instead of more europe national reflexes kicked in across the continent in germany america's decision helped launch a populist party into parliament the far right alternative for germany. the support had been fizzling out until merkel's we will make it moment ignited the party's rise to become a fixture of germany's political landscape its co-founder alexander garland freely admits that merkel's open border policy helped propel his party to parliament.
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we didn't make it and we can't make it it's nobody's fault but it's simply impossible to let so many people from a totally different cultural background who behave so differently into a country and say we can make it a. matter of decision was humanitarian yet many also hopes the migrants would be able to meet germany's growing demand for skilled workers a new survey of taint exclusively by do w. before publication so it's a mixed picture 5 years on half of these refugees are in some form of employment or education the authors of the study germany did reasonably well mostly because of its economic strength. almost to the day 5 years after her yes we can moment same place same setting machall says she would do the same again.
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overall i would take the same decisions again that's right. but she warns of tough times ahead with this vote yes or no. and we will now see a phase where general rise in unemployment will make it again more difficult to get those people to work have only recently arrived here as refugees or as migrants. sheelagh. for now though germans are more busy with corona but debating migration both have proved to be political game changers while germany has undoubtedly mastered the effects of 2015 economically politically i'm going to map all valves not to let that moment repeat itself a moment that changed germany and will define her legacy. no reporting to tennis now the u.s. open starts a new york today but the tournament has already been hit by many no shows because
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of the corona virus one player has already tested positive men's champion rough an adult is not competing at all and 6 of the top 10 women are also staying away for. men's world number one novak djokovic is in new york even if many of his fellow tennis stars are not the serbian has recovered from contracting the coronavirus in june but france's ben luck pair is ruled out after testing positive on the eve of the tournament a raft of other players are skipping the u.s. open because of the pandemic those that are competing will have to deal with empty stands and strict hygiene regulations which limit their movements meaning they can only travel from their accommodation to the carts and nowhere else. given the health crisis and so many no shows many believe the tournament should have been scrapped other fans though think organizers should have welcomed some spectators
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like the french open in september i'm very sorry that i can't attend because i've been going to the years us open the legislature for 20 years. and i really think that given the fact that it's doors they could to use social distancing and they could have had some people attending like but they're doing in paris now what tournament has been taking place over the last week at the same venue to help players get used to the eerie atmosphere 2018 u.s. open champion won only osaka initially boycotted her semifinal in a black lives matter protest before all ghanaians has postponed it in solidarity she won the match a day later but then pulled out of the final injured. it's really important to start a conversation and for me i feel like we took a really huge step just now. and i know i feel like we made a lot of people unconscionable but i think that's also a good thing because maybe they'll think about why they're uncomfortable
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a rat was also brewing over a new play is union the next 2 weeks could see one of the strangest tennis grand slams ever. tokyo goes back in the olympic groove by putting the olympic flame on display ahead of next year's delayed games the 2020 olympics were meant to conclude in the japanese capital this month were postponed for a year because of the coronavirus the famous stay the japanese in big museum next to the national stadium for 2 months the tokyo game suffered another blow last week when japanese prime minister shinzo obvious said he's stepping down due to ill health. before i let you go the 1st panda bears to be born in germany have celebrated their 1st birthday at berlin zoo kitchen towel it becomes star tractions zoo since they made their public debut in jan and we watched it with some
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special birthday treats a frozen cake and a portion of snow of all the punters were born in germany they remain on loan from china as do that after its. you're watching the news here's a reminder of all top story this hour. condemned as shameful an attempt by the far right to storm the german parliament building here in australia extremists broke truth police lines during a larger rally against the government's conduct policy. coming up next indeed news asia taiwan's foreign minister warns that china is trying to export and also its area of international order in an exclusive interview with says nations that value freedom and democracy should become sun. times mourning the
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loss of media freedom in the philippines us the country's top broadcasters forced to shut its regional stations millions have been left without the essential information. got on a lot more in with my colleague p.r. strategy just off to. tell 1st from me on the news in time he was seen here in berlin france watch.
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it's an invisible thread that's been depicted in many ways the coronavirus this man knows exactly what it looks like thomas schmidt is a scientific illustrator. by extensive data he gives the virus a realistic face and helps scientists better understand it. tomorrow 2 to.
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60 minutes on g.w. . life on earth one of a kind and. gigantic coincidence. or the improbable happened. to the office who got it into the creation of our solar system of the planet is a bit like winning the lot of races. what is more unique start september 18th on t.w. . did beethoven do justice did to do did do. did is it is about a 16 month old bleak true king of prussia mob so many rock bands of stolen beethoven. and of course the subconscious always one thing is clear the
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beethoven is the wildly popular. i.c. assured. the unsound the biggest composer of all time i can't even begin to imagine a world class one player centralist on a musical journey of discovery 2 of the world without. stress. september 16th to tell you. this is the time to use a shot coming up today show of support for hong kong's pro-democracy movement. to iraq's foreign minister calls pro-democracy activists in hong kong freedom fighters in an exclusive interview with also wants the world to hold the line against expansionist divisions. and lights out on
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a broadcaster. in the philippines is forced to come down and. talk to lawmakers refused to renew its license we asked where does this nice press freedom. welcome news asia it's good to have you with us hong kong's fight against an increasingly authoritarian state it has found a very vocal supporter in the government of taiwan in an exclusive interview to its foreign minister joseph who has called pro-democracy protesters freedom fighters and promised moral support. but the stand the government of taiwan has taken since anti-government protests broke out in hong kong last year here's more of what said try to give support more support to those freedom fighters in hong
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kong and we continue to urge the hong kong government to adopt free election and to ensure freedom specially freedom of speech and freedom. so that hong kong can stand. freedom in east asia but it's very unfortunate that the chinese imposed. all. hong kong and i thought that you know we saw all the election scheduled later this year it's been postponed for one year the rights of the hong kong people he's being taken away by the chinese government the last bastion of freedom of press the hong kong. has been under assault by the chinese authorities there are politicians especially on the democratic side that are being disqualified by the chinese authorities by hong kong authorities and
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that is a gross violation of political rights in hong kong so this whole situation in hong kong is really a tragedy. let's get more from did up a correspondent we have yang who conducted that interview and joins me now from taipei we are taiwanese clearly concerned but in reality how much of a difference can it make when it comes to the situation in hong kong. so in the interview that we conducted with the foreign minister joseph he clearly pointed out that taiwan's biggest difference from falling into the similar situation like hong kong is to rely on its sovereignty and also its democratic system in the government that is always elected by the people in taiwan so in a way that is there in much aligned with what the administration has been strengthening and emphasizing over and over again over the last few years which is
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that the democratic value is playing a very important role for time one to continue to strengthen its independence from any sort of interference or impact politically from china. voter as we have seen over the last few years have been also exercising their democratic rights. historic high way we have already seen over the last few elections that the turnout has been surpassing the past so that just shows that the society is receiving the message that the foreign ministry is hoping the international community will receive us will lead there's more to talk about. but foreign minister to address john i was alleged expansionism in the region and it's germans to the rules based international order and this was an indoor the foreign minister had to say. i think it's not only about china's expansion their expansion their ambition to you know.
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occupy territorial waters or territories in this region i think they are also interested in changing the international rules of the game they are trying to export the ultimately terri and international order while the democracy aesop following the rule based international order i think it's going to be a moment where the international freedom and democracy needs to be very constant about and as i say you know we are standing on the front line we understand all want all responsibilities and we'll do everything we can not only to protect ourselves but also to protect freedom and democracy democratic oil fly for the international community. yang our correspondent is doing with us on the line really on the foreign minister says taiwan is on the front lines against an expansionist china but is it getting any help internationally in the trenches.
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sosa's 21000 we have actually seen the increased frequency of different countries sending their warships through the taiwan strait and the frequency have also trigger a more heightened response from china and at the same time the u.s. half has been actually approving a lot more military self's in taiwan over the last 4 years and so these are all feeding into taiwan's growing preparedness and also at the same time the capability of its military in order to prepare for all kinds of scenarios for the chinese military invasion and during the interview mr minister also pointed out the very important thing which is taiwan is basically only hoping that at countries like the u.s. is going to continue to help to approve these moves resells and it is not counting on the foreign powers to actually militarily intervene because at the end of the
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day they think that their responsibility rests with the chuck tony snow story and the tony's people were even there for the. entire. the largest t.v. news network in the philippines has had to layoff hundreds of work. after lawmakers voted to reject its license renewal e.b.'s. 53 of its television and radio stations leaving only its cable operations in the capital untouched the network had in the past been highly critical of president. and the so-called war on drugs the cattails went off its operations has been described as a black eye for independent media in the country. the death knell for media freedom in the philippines for decades a.d.'s c.b.s.
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broadcast beisel information to isolated communities through its regional network now it has been forced to slash its operations leaving millions of filipinos but there's a crucial source of local news. there will be many filipinos in rural provinces who will no longer have access to accurate information and that's where the issue of press freedom comes in. laid off workers and members of the public gathered outside the broadcaster in manila to mourn the loss of the regional station. they also added their names to a petition launched by a group of citizen volunteers the group hopes to collect 7000000 signatures and push congress to renew the broadcast franchise. i grew up watching a.b.s.e b.n. as a child i love this network. the programs keep me company and entertain me when
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i come home from work tired. it makes me cry when i think about abs e.b.m. not being allowed to operate. but they. actually i feel a mix of emotions. it would be hypocritical to say that we are not angry with those who killed our franchise. but we believe that the day will come that we will be alive to be on the air again. but in. the media freedom watchdog reporters without borders says journalism in the philippines has been under increasing attack since president brought rico deter to came to power a.b.s. c b n is one of the most high profile casualties maria resizes editor in chief of the news sorry to rap was a thing or 2 about owning the displeasure of the detector government she joins me
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now on the line from and then. i'd like to ask you 1st. place it in context for us what does it mean for the average filipino. it is the largest broadcaster in the philippines it's radio stations reach parts of the philippines that no other news group hits it is also known as the star network its entertainment group is huge it's the star network right so news entertainment it is a company that employs 11000 people and have this shutdown is a huge blow and definitely meant to be a cautionary tale for journalists where does this leave independent media in the philippines for. an endangered species you know all of the cases against me and rappler in 2018 there were 11 filed by the philippine government and
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then arrest warrants that have gone through the can one conviction on june 15th this year all of this is just one journalist and one small group it was a cautionary tale but to shut down a.b.s. is unthinkable before the time of code it in fact the last time it happened was in 1972 when ferdinand marcos declared martial law and the network was shut down for 14 years you know so is this bringing forward another decade or so 'd of a dictatorship this is a question in the minds of filipinos and frankly for journalists to shut down a b.s.c. vienna's tremendous power this is what we're up against what do you think. all things going to get far worse under the threat to go. i think it already has if you look at what colvin 1000 has done right we have had the longest lockdown this is
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the 24th week of a lockdown that is largely driven by security forces and we have incidents of covert still exponentially increasing meantime as. really a staple what you have president telling security forces to shoot anyone who violates quarantine rules this is not a good way to deal with that having said that in the middle of the pandemic on may 5th a small regulatory group issued this order to shut down a.b.s. in v.n. our house of representatives a working committee there 'd then took away the franchise voted against it so you can see that we have at least a captive legislature it is we're on the precipice fighting for our democracy. where there is a real affinity there for the time being the thank you so much for joining us. and that's it for nob be sure to check out our other stories on day double dog gone for what's up on facebook and twitter now on sunday india to just
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a more than $78000.00 new covert cases in a single day the figure beat the previous google record in the united states really even though with images that illustrate the story of india's growing covert crisis we're back tomorrow with. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. hour corona. 19 special next on d w
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d 2 you know that 77 percent. are younger than fiction. that's me and me and you. and you know what it's. her voice is part. of the 77 percent of the talk about the issues that popped up there is where. 77 percent this weekend on d w. 2 percent back in the battle against the coronavirus cases of reinfection are emerging in hong kong the united states and europe. they suggest immunity from the disease does not necessarily last long. the world health organization is calling for more studies. concrete answers a vital in developing
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a vaccine that is if we ever get one. so much for herd immunity or full immunity and what about natural immunity so many questions which we'll get to in a moment with an expert 1st the world's 1st genetically percent back in the battle against the corona virus cases of reinfection are emerging in hong kong the united states and europe. they suggest immunity from the disease does not necessarily last long. the world health organization is calling for more studies. concrete answers a vital in developing a vaccine that is if we ever get one. so much for herd immunity or full immunity and what about natural immunity so many questions which we'll get to in a moment with an expert 1st the world's 1st genetically verified case of someone
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being really infected with covered 19 and what that could mean for the pandemic. as the coronavirus pandemic took hold scientists knew a vaccine would be the best protection against the virus but there was still the hope that those recovering from infections would be immune as is the case with viruses like smallpox or polio when a 33 year old man in hong kong tested positive for a 2nd time those hopes were ruined. some people might ask will you be immune to the virus forever after you recover there wasn't a clear answer before but now it's certain after your 1st infection there's always a chance you'll get infected again. in their research paper the team at the university of hong kong says the 2nd infection was a different strain of the virus and that the patient was asymptomatic the study examines how often people who've had covered 19 are immune to new infections and
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for how long these questions have implications for vaccine development and decisions about returning to work school and social activities as many countries in europe and around the world went into lockdown to slow the spread sweden went against the tide opting not to confine its population of schools and restaurants remained open in the hope that infected people would become immune thus allowing them to continue their lives as normal and ultimately slowing the spread of the virus. i think people. take a big responsibility. if. we can be outside. sweden's infection rate and deaths per 1000000 were soon among the worst in europe . and yet testing showed the country still fell a long way short of the estimated 90 percent which would create herd immunity nor is the rest of the world anywhere close to that. the w.h.o.
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says that until the world has readily available vaccines the virus will continue to inflict significant changes on our lives. as a planet as a global population we're close to levels of immunity required to stop. and we need to focus on what we can actually do not to suppress transmission and not live in whole herd immunity been our salvation right now is not a solution 'd it's not the solution we should be looking to for. and the immunity picture is looking increasingly complicated in the southern german town of bad finding a study by germany's robert cock institute found that 40 percent of participants who had tested positive for the corona virus before the study began no longer have immune aglow binjie anybodies the most common type of antibody in our house and the one student is the can we know from other studies that
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a proportion of people proven to have been infected with sars cave to show no antibodies after a certain amount of time but this doesn't necessarily mean they don't have a new unity. in the 2 cups ass craft 5 the state the robert cock institute is now conducting several regional studies and plans to start a countrywide antibody study at the end of september. as researchers toiled to bring vaccines to the world questions are looming about whether it's feasible to create a vaccine that would actually work for a life time. let's go over to thomas com he's director of the institute for immunology. for us what are the chances of getting reinfected. the chances to be real but slim there are several case reports from different countries on people who have recovered from cope 1000 and then fell sick again this is series of 8 patients from china and similar reports from hong kong and some
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european countries so it seems to be possible but you're saying rare. what about other cases that haven't been uncovered and more studies that have to be done according to the world health organization i mean could this be the tip of the iceberg. probably not because from we know a little bit about the immunity against covert 90 man how people usually develop antibody responses which are protective people usually responses by t. cells which are protective but we do know that in some people these responses may be showed live so that would be a possibility to explain the fact that some people can become reinfected after well but most people should have protective immunity for some time after the infection risk with 1000 reservists who have to but what about full i mean are they i mean does that exist when it comes to code 19. what do you mean by full
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immunity lead once infected you can never get infected again in your life is that what you mean exactly well that's true and that's truly to say because we only know this infections it's a little bit more than half a year so thus far the vast majority of the symptomatic patients and the asymptomatic that have been investigated have not fallen sick again but we do not know if the immunity against the virus will last for year or for 2 years or for many years experience from other coronaviruses including disaster or one of our shows that the immune response is when enough to sometimes so for doris. immune responses antibody responses were no longer detectable after 6 years in most of the people so we do not expect lifelong immunity after an episode of covert 19 probably . and of a question what about developing vaccines or drugs to treat a coven infection doesn't doesn't success depend on knowing exactly how immunity against the disease what's well seems have off mean developed quite
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empirically and there's a lot of flick scenes promising rick scenes in the pipeline we do know a little on protect if immunity you're absolutely right we need to know much more about this far it seems that the wreck scenes that have been tested are and using the right responses and probably or possibly we will have to be content with less than the normal circs says so maybe of exceeding would not induce a lifelong immunity or not induce an immunity that lasts for 10 years or so but even if it lasted for 2 or 3 years this ng would be a great success and even if it would just prevent the cv year clinical choruses if it would switch to clinical a severe clinical course to a mild infection acing that would be a huge success already given the current situation so could it meaning getting immunized getting if like a flu shot every year basically we don't know if it would be every year every other
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year or every so years or so but that could be the case it would be slightly different from flu because flu you need a new show every year because the virus changes so rapidly that does not seem to be the case with a groan of iris and there was a scarf to if i would have to immunize more frequently it would probably be cause the immune response a memory wanes against. the virus and never needs to be refreshed that that's a possibility that needs to be explored to us come out there from the institute for immunology in a thank you very much. thank you or much of my story. for a look at some other aspects concerning the coronavirus it's over to our science correspondent derrick williams with your questions. we've heard about the underlying diseases and conditions that can influence the severity of coded 19 outcomes but does viral load also affect some verity. when i began looking into this i quickly realized that there's still no clear answer to this question partly
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because the amount of virus in a patient's body changes from day to day as the disease progresses we know from other diseases that that high viral loads are linked to infectiousness but do they also affect disease severity in covert 19 well the information coming out of the studies this kind of conflict in a recent fairly large scale one for example found a clear link between mortality and high viral load in hospitalized patients and even suggested it could be used as a tool for stratifying patient risk but other studies that have measured viral loads in for example children who had very mild forms of the disease found they were generally carrying even more virus than adults who develop severe forms of the
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disease and then there are the studies showing that that asymptomatic or precint dramatic adults can also have very heavy viral loads so so after hours of reading this is how i would interpret the data because kids and asymptomatic adults can have lots of stars cove 2 in their bodies but no symptoms a high viral loads don't seem to be a reliable indicator of disease severity and. so you land in the hospital with this if your case at that point it does become an indicator of outcome severe but we still don't know is whether high viral load is actually causing the disease to get worse for those patients in the hospital or if it's in effect but at least in those who are hospitalized the 2 are associated in some way.
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well over 38000 people turned out to protest against germany's coronavirus measures on the weekend there were multiple arrests after clashes with police they say right wing extremists co want to the demonstration of 1000 people have died from the virus in germany still protesters believe the danger is overblown. personally i don't believe that there's a pandemic i do think the disease exists but not a pandemic kind of. definity on from the cording to the new definition of a pandemic it's a pandemic. but that has to do with how much it spread and not with how dangerous it is. finally medical stuff are among those most at risk of getting the corona virus but a hospital in mexico city has taken on a new employee with complete immunity to cover tonight. goes from room to room providing support to patients with robots help they can talk to relatives via video
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cold or to the hospital psychologist feelings of isolation are a big problem for coven sufferers and this is where the rogue accounted. for when the next time.
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it's an invisible thread that's been depicted in many ways the coronavirus this man knows exactly what it looks like tomas schmidt is a scientific illustrator. aided by extensive data he gives the virus a realistic face and helps scientists better understand it. tomorrow today. 30 minutes on d w. 5
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gonna here's a guy in german chancellor angela merkel who made a famous claim visited us when germany opened its borders to refugees 5 years later we take an in-depth look at what happened then attack what followed. and the consequences of the refugee crisis that we're still facing today. are topic on d.w. new. i'm not going to think that well i guess sometimes i am but most often when the captain. thinks deep into the german culture of looking at the stereotype of class but if you think exclusively countries that are not. yet needed seem to think in this drama they are doing it because it's all about who. i might show joins me from the german sunday to be a. post. in
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a free to any full of surprises moved on. to something one day in the footsteps of the great britain in europe northernmost town the fleet street. car. for a time i wanted. to marry a much alive challenge to specialists in germany. where exactly. in. the last hours culture history in. detail travel extremely wary of its. place.
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to play. this is the wus live from the historic landing in abu dhabi hopes for a new era in arab israeli relations as the 1st direct commercial flight between israel and the united arab emirates touches the. america leads a chorus of condemnation after activists to the far right break through police lines out the german parliament. also german lawmakers question ministers of the scandal hit german payments firm wired.


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