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tv   Projekt Zukunft  Deutsche Welle  August 31, 2020 5:02pm-5:31pm CEST

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it's the 1st such out of israeli a cold in more than 20 years. among the senior officials on board with the u.s. president donald trump's senior advisor and son in law gerald push not is what he had to say. on the plane we asked the pilots to fly faster because there is great urgency between the people of both countries to break down old barriers to get to know each other to form new and hopefully very deep friendships. while this piece was forged by its leaders it is overwhelmingly desired by the people. joining me now from abu dhabi is a sucker she's this is the editor of the college times and how is this flight received in abu dhabi where you are. i have to say that the flight was received with. in comparison the heft and the grandeur. and the
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special treatment actually on there is attaching to this beast caught it was very symbolic in nature in terms of you know the flight had to tell the number of the international calling number for you being 971 that was very symbolic and at the same time as you can see on the on the bush the plane had a piece written on it in arabic have proof and english and asked officials from both sides and the governments from both sides have been touting this. deal for hope and peace want to reach and so it actually is very simple on countries to have the 1st collaboration between the 2 countries landed with a sign of peace. and relations between the united arab emirates and israel normalize remarkably quickly. i would think that there is
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eagerness from both sides to normalize relations to put the cost behind and move ahead as. the judge did today in his speech as soon as he landed to top it off he set palestinians have to look to the past behind and move ahead so i think there is definitely an eagerness and you he is very keen to show that there is no. they mean the sickness because as soon as he said call it was announced on august 13th we have seen a flurry of. you know partnership agreements being signed cloth ration between the strain which is definitely a boston sign for both conflict and peace because he does a window when the 4 sites so i would think that is where the whole energy and the synergy comes from the. well you eat it is a huge diplomatic win by haunting the annexation and the best band and beach temple
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and deplore israel they are establishing diplomatic relations and normalize ties with one of the most dynamic countries in the region the most dynamic economy in the matter so it's a win win so that is a lot of energy on the other you said it's a win win yuck how likely is it that other arab countries including saudi arabia maybe might follow our lead and also go for this kind of wind where. some of the other be i understand it already expressed sort of vessel way sions regarding the deal but what we understand what we hear from both sides is that many adaptations of already in talks it's really there they haven't come out in the open later earlier today i spoke with the spokesperson of the israeli foreign ministry and he said they are in this with many other nations and it is very important for the street for israel to have very strong and stable relations with the u.a.e.
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to start with because what the israeli side believes is that stronger their ties with the u.a.e. and the cost of facts that they can chill more arab nations would take the lead from and they will jump. that is a very important point because especially. the way you way he has established itself as a regional leader and how his insight has marj as a very strong regional leader we have to be i think we have to assume that following the example let's see how both countries are forging ties and they will reap benefits in economy and its economy by socially and culturally and of course is going to just when it's too many other nations are all too eager to for whom and it's. you know it's very encouraging signs there from abu dhabi and so on a sancho thank you. thank you. lebanon's prime minister designate has
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promised to reform the country just hours after his appointment by the president was a deep is a career diplomat and was lebanon's a bastard to germany be acknowledged the needs to reform the government in record time a massive explosion which hit the capital beirut 4 weeks ago has claimed has been blamed on corruption and mismanagement that the previous administration has resigned. in beirut joins us now mystified it says his priority is to form a government and implement reforms what are those reforms. and frankly the forums are very well known in lebanon since the 17th of october when the demonstrators and protesters took the streets of lebanon 1st of all one of the main demands of the protesters and as one of the well before that was mentioned by the french president michel or during his last visit 3 weeks ago what he said about the it explicitly
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sector one of the main sectors aiding sectors in the button which caused the need to bunny's state a look among just get there sent over the national debt this is one of the many forms as well as we have other people's political reforms and now the speaker of the parliament announced it is a speech when he addressed the nation that you could go on to loot the reform of the political system the sectarian regime which means that he's asking for a civil system civilian system another he that i'm not suggesting and want as it is right now there was a total collapse in the trust of the government after the explosion in beirut that there's just how much face to the lebanese people have in a deep. the doubts are very high you've got to get issue today after the nation of. prime minister he went to jamaica you want demain just a recent event that was hardly damaged you think explosion you it is explosion in
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beirut support what you what's the what's the use of citizens are divided as well as on when you have to get ignition for 1st of all some of the people in that district if used his visit they try to get him out while other they come to what company so it's obvious that this is divided and it also are very high specially packed on social media which we know is we not to be. activist are on during the 17th off for october a protest they doubt that you can do any reforms or be needed reforms to race to the contrary again. as you mentioned the french president. he is traveling to beirut today on the same day of a deep point and that's no coincidence is it yeah. it's not a coincidence at all during his last visit. weeks ago he mentioned he gave
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a deadline for you and he's elite order to go through those and lebanon on the 1st off to time but he will visit lebanon again by the way he would arrive tonight in about $42.00 days to celebrate with the with the u.n. and the congress anybody of the ground lebanon they're not sort of going to sort what a deadline. diplomatic line when he said that he expects directing to expecting to have some. forms or at least some some of these initiatives that was announced 3 weeks ago that he would see some action in the city got as well as before his visit today there was some q. and quite announcement from the french minister of foreign affairs and himself when they said that the strait if the. if forms are not implemented and lebanon they are trade off civil war maybe the lebanon books since between christians and muslims will not exist anymore so it was quite an obvious method just to live in these
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politicians and elite to go ahead with the reforms and the ignition of a new prime minister we expect that the formation of the new government will not take a very long time. thank you very much. thank you montenegro's pro western ruling party has narrowly won the country's parliamentary vote but failed to win the majority the democratic party of socialists will have to form a coalition to stamp our way an opposition alliance of pro serbian parties won just under a 3rd of the votes. china says its troops did not cross the disputed border with india and the region off the docks the denial comes after neighboring india hughes beijing of provocative military movements in the area the 2 countries have been in talks since june when dozens of indian troops were killed in fighting with their chinese counterparts on the frontier.
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in battle for the russian president oleksandr lucas shanker and his tyrant king officials are barred from entering a stone year latvia and lithuania the baltic states last blacklisting comes in response to a question cause crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators in the wake of disputed elections more than 100 people were arrested during protests on sunday. it's chancellor angela merkel has condemned as shameful an attempt by demonstrators including the far right who stormed the german parliament building here in berlin protesters broke through police lines during a larger rally against the government's policies merkel says those who try to access the building abused the rights to demonstrate peacefully condemnation has been echoed by leaders from across the political spectrum. it looks like a normal monday in central beilin the tourists are back the price tag is open for visitors again but the scenes of unrest at the weekend are on many people's minds.
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saturday evening far right extremists pushed through police lines to the top of the high stack steps he has never appeared he went to the pictures that my generation just isn't familiar with. his rule and these people stand for different values and to see that also here in germany there are so many people who think differently and have different values that pains me. to be. we don't stand the demonstrators shouted resistance. and the isn't us. we are the people. the black white and red of the colors of the old imperial german right used now by neo nazis in front of that i stuck it makes for shocking symbolism. other demonstrators who filled berlin at the weekend and consisted largely of peaceful coronavirus skeptics were no longer the center of attention.
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6 policemen and women were invited to the official residence of the german president frank photo steinmeyer thanked them and their colleagues for their composed reaction at the weekend and had a message to the demonstrators. in that of a dog my empathy ends where demonstrators let themselves be instrumentalist by enemies of democracy and by political agitators. they are. if you close ranks with right wing extremists in the streets or even if you just walk side by side with new nazis xenophobes and anti semites if you don't distance yourself clearly and proactively you're on their side. committee in the mind. and accusation that corona skeptics have rejected in a heated discussion with journalists they insisted the far right are a fringe group and that the organizers had indeed distanced themselves. according
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to polls the vast majority of germans support the government's anti corona measures . but it's also the message anglo-american spokesman had. mostly i don't want to thank the vast majority of the 83000000 people in this country all those who behave in a reasonable prudent and respectful manner and adhere to the rules in this pandemic even if that's not always easy. the coronas skeptics are making plans for their next demonstration observers will be watching to see whether they succeed in distancing themselves from far right groups more clearly. well that was chief political correspondent linda crane joins us now for more on this melinda we just saw these scenes of some of the women from saturday let's put this into perspective all these images symbolic of a real threat to democracy in germany. the images absolutely are symbolic
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but they do not represent a real threat to democracy so let me explain that a bit they are politically symbolic because germany is a parliamentary democracy and that parliament building the high stack is the very heart of the country's political system as we in fact have heard from germany's president there also historically and emotionally symbolic images because in fact the nazi era began with the burning of the price tag it's thought that nazis probably set that fire so pictures like this right wing extremists on the steps of the rights to have building are absolutely very disturbing to many germans but they did not represent a real physical attack. on the german political system this was a fairly small group amongst the protesters a couple of 100 right wing extremists who clambered those steps and who appeared
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once they got there to be more interested in taking selfies and waved waving their flags than actually storming their hives tug entrance the head of the berlin police the interior minister of the city said that at no time was the rice tog building in serious danger and the fact is that the vast majority of this quite disparate protest was made up of normal citizens who don't like those corona protection measures as we've just seen in the report and also of some anti-vaccination activists and esoteric people and so on now we also just heard 90 percent of german citizens say in polls that they support measures to wear masks and socially distance so these protests do not represent a vast majority nonetheless one must ask whether all the attention that the right wing protesters are getting may possibly reinforce right wing groups in this
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country well let's just assume point are they going to be any consequences to these actions that we see. well the practical consequences will surely be that the police will be even more active in forcing the coded protection measures at future protests as you know this protest was broken up because the protesters weren't wearing masks they weren't social distancing you can be sure that the police will be watching much more carefully in future to see whether in fact there is compliance because people have the right to assemble they have the right to free speech but they don't have the right to break the rules on covert protection measures so that's one point the other point is that the bluntest togs a council of elders will be meeting to talk about how to possibly protect the building security more intensively going forward. thank you.
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the finance committee of germany's parliament is grilling ministers over the accounting scandal of the bank robs payments group why lawmakers want to know how a huge suspect of soul could have gone undetected for so long the group collapsed in june with debts of more than 3000000000 euros. once the star of financial technology now bankrupt after collapsing at light speed ever more shocking numbers are now coming to light as revealed in the insolvency administrators report his conclusion the company is bankrupt and deep in debt the company only has about 26800000 euros freely available yet it owes 3200000000 euros for years why are card accumulated eye watering losses it burned through millions each week the company filed for bankruptcy at the end of june after admitting to 1900000000 euros worth of missing transactions the accusations against the company's leadership range from organized criminal fraud to breach of trust to market manipulation it's
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new from across the hood i would never have thought it possible seeing that intelligence supposedly responsible people work for the auditors that such unbelievable fraud could go on for so long. it was on. the talks like a stain from some of wire carts managers will have to testify in court the case is also up for discussion and germany's parliament the blunders time of them or one of germany's biggest business scandals in recent years we are now joined by our political correspondent kate brady kate how likely is it that there will be a deeper investigation in the german parliament. well it will be the outcome of these herrings today and tomorrow of some key figures that could indeed influence whether or not there is a deeper investigation in the bundestag and for that to happen there would need to be the supports all that least 25 percent of the lawmakers in the bundestag and
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that is looking more and more likely already the business friendly free democrats and the left party have said that they would support a deeper investigation and we're expecting to hear quite possibly a similar voice of support from the green party as well tomorrow so a deeper investigation would enable for more files to be viewed and also for more witnesses to be question but that kind of investigation would take as well into 2021 which of course is germany's next big election year with with voters here in germany had into the polls already in fall of next year well and investigation like this you know the next year who's in the line of fire that what's at stake. well the biggest parties that have something to lose here are indeed the 2 governing parties anglo-american is conservative c.d.u. pass a current course holds the seat of the chancellor but also the junior coalition party
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the social democrats the s.p.d. and the finance minister germany's finance minister all off schultz he will also be in the firing line as it were when it comes to a deeper investigation there are still questions being asked as to what extent german officials knew about what was going on why ecod and if they did what was the extent of their knowledge and how early they could have possibly known so of course that could have huge repercussions for the social democrats as well with of course the current finance minister on our show wanting to to run for the chancellery in next year's elections for the social democrats. brady thank you. all this week we're looking back 5 years to when hundreds of thousands of people mostly from syria escaped war and persecution and headed for the european union to
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seek refuge here it was a pivotal moment for the u.n. its policy of open borders to some member states shut down the borders after initially allowing the passage of thousands of refugees the use biggest member of the main destination for many of those fleeing was germany and how would it respond in the crisis 3 words chancellor angela merkel changed the course of history w.'s chief political editor was there on this day 5 years ago as uncle america laid out her policy. it was the moment that defined going to merkel's response to the 2015 migration crisis if you missed the shah fish and us it was the german equivalent of this yes we care. i was there 5 years ago when desperate migrants in hungary set off on foot to what's germany here just hours later i'm going to marco singlehandedly decided to keep germany's borders open the scenes of an open
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welcoming germany went around the world. 5 years on this raises the question did germany make it and at what cost. in 2015 many an angler merkel's own c.d.u. party were against her open arms policy. then finance minister was one of them his key concern was losing control for today's speaker of germany's parliament it still is. one has to prevent the impression that there's a loss of control that situation was crucial for a few months but we've mostly overcome its effects by now we need a european solution to these problems. instead of more europe national reflexes kicked in across the continent in germany america's decision helped launch a populist party into parliament the far right alternative for germany. the
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f.t. supports have been fizzling out until merkel's we will make it moment to ignite is the party's rise to become a fixture of germany's political landscape it's co-founder alexander garland freely admits that merkel's open border policy helped propel his party to parliament. we didn't make it and we can't make it it's nobody's fault but it's simply impossible to let so many people from a totally different cultural background who behave so differently into a country and say we can make it. matter of decision was humanitarian yet many also hopes the migrants would be able to meet germany's growing demand for skilled workers a new survey obtained exclusively by do w. before publication shows a mixed picture 5 years on half of these refugees are in some form of employment or education the authors of the study germany did reasonably well mostly because of
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its economic strength. almost to the day 5 years after her yes we can moment same place same setting machall says she would do the same again. overall i would take the same decisions again that's right but she warns of tough times ahead. and we will now see a phase where jenaveve rise in unemployment will make it again more difficult to get those people to work have only recently arrived here as refugees or as migrants . really got. for now though germans are more busy with corona been debating migration both have proved to be political changes while germany has undoubtedly marse to be effective 2015 economically politically
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i'm going to moscow valve's not to let that moment repeat itself a moment that changed germany and will define her legacy. next stop is our science show today and there's lots more news business sports in such which is on our website dot com and also. on twitter and instagram. that's. us from the entire news stream let's watch.
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it's an invisible thread that's been depicted in many ways. this man knows exactly what it looks like thomas schmidt is a scientific illustrator. aided by extensive data he gives the virus a realistic face and helps scientists better understand. tomorrow
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today. next on t.w. . how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when we'll. consider 3 of the topics covered and the weekly radio show is called spectrum if you would like and new information on the crown of virus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you can get your podcast you can also find us at dot com slash science. they've been robbed of their soul and that's what a people experiences when their heritage is taken from them. countless cultural riches were brutally stolen from africa and carted off to europe by colonialists.
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each artifact has blood on it from the looms that have yet to feel. what should be done with the stone or from africa. this is being hotly debated on both continents. stolen sold star september 7th on d w. n l bookings of a virus this scientific industry to make the invisible visible. something all too visible are the traces of. it changed in german for it's. not so obvious but real the connection between muscle and mind.
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well come to you tomorrow today the science show on t w.


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