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he's to break down old barriers to get to know each other to form new and hopefully very deep friendships. while this piece was forged by its leaders it is over the only desired by the people joining me now from abu dhabi is the sun crushes this is the method of newspaper college times and how is this flight received in abu dhabi where you are. i have to say that the flight was received with. in comparison of the heft and the grandeur. and the special treatment actually on there is attaching to it as beast because he does very symbolic in nature in tones of you know the flight had to tell the number of the international calling number for you being 97110 is very simple and they can at the same time as you can see on the on the bush and the plane had
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a piece written on it in arabic to prove and english and us officials from both sides of the governments from both sides have been touting this as a deal for hope and peace for the region so it actually is very simple and on trees to have the 1st commercial flight between the 2 countries landed with a sign of peace. relations between the united arab emirates and israel have normal us remarkably quickly. either team that there is eagerness from all sides to normalize relations to put the cost behind and move ahead i asked. the judge today in his speech as soon as he landed at offutt up he set up palestinians have to look to the past behind and move ahead so i think there is definitely an eagerness and is very keen to show that there is no . mean because as soon as. it was announced on
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august 13th we have seen a flurry of. you know elvis partnership agreements being signed cloth ration between belief and strain which is definitely a force to sign for both conflict and peace because he does a wind win for both sites so i would think that just banned the whole energy and the synergy comes from the. does the u.a.e. it is a huge diplomatic mean by hunting and exemption in the west bank and beach tentatively and floor israeli they are establishing diplomatic relations and normalize ties with one of the most dynamic countries in the region the dynamic economies in the matter so it's a win win that is a lot of energy and encouraging signs there from abu dhabi and honest thank you time to have a quick look at some of the other stories making news around the world sudan's power sharing government has signed a peace agreement with 5 rebel groups at
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a ceremony and neighboring south sudan it's seen as a major step towards resolving deep rooted conflicts that raged for 17 years under the rule of former leader omar bashir. 11 and the prime minister designate promised sweeping reforms within hours of being appointed by the president mr deep is a career diplomat and former ambassador to germany the previous administration resigned after a massive explosion which hit the capital beirut 4 weeks ago. embattled president alexander lukashenko and his high ranking officials are barred from entering the stone lithuania the baltic states blacklisting comes in response to that the crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators in the wake of disputed elections more than 100 people were arrested during protests and so on the. chance to. condemn to shameful an attempt by demonstrators including the far right to storm
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the german parliament building here in berlin protesters broke through police lines during a larger rally against the government's policies on saturday says those who tried to access the building abuse the right to demonstrate peacefully condemnation has been echoed by leaders from across the political spectrum here. it looks like a normal monday in central berlin the tourists are back that i stagger is open for visitors again but the scenes of unrest at the weekend are on many people's minds. saturday evening far right extremists pushed through police lines to the top of that i stuck steps. just pictures that my generation just isn't familiar with. these people stand for different values and to see that also here in germany there are so many people who think differently and have different values that pains me.
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to be. the demonstrators shouted resistance. and the isn't us folk we are the people. the black white and red of the colors of the old imperial german right used now by neo nazis in front of that i stuck it makes for shocking symbolism. other demonstrators who filled berlin at the weekend and consisted largely of peaceful coronavirus skeptics were no longer the center of attention. 6 policemen and women were invited to the official residence of the german president frank photo steinmeyer thanked them and their colleagues for their composed reaction at the weekend and had a message to the demonstrators. mind 1st didn't miss in that of a dog my empathy ends where demonstrators let themselves be instrumentalist by enemies of democracy and by political agitators. they often.
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if you close ranks with right wing extremists in the streets or even if you just walk side by side with new nazis sena folks and anti semites if you don't distance yourself clearly and proactively you're on their side. an accusation that corona skeptics have rejected in a heated discussion with journalists they insisted the far right where a fringe group and that the organizers had indeed distanced themselves. according to polls the vast majority of germans support the government's anti corona measures . but it's also the message anglo-american spokesman had. merged i don't want to thank the vast majority of the 83000000 people in this country all those who behave in a reasonable prudent and respectful manner and here to the rules in this pandemic
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even if that's not always easy. the coronas skeptics are making plans for their next demonstration observers will be watching to see whether they succeed in distancing themselves from far right groups more clearly. all this week looking back 5 years when hundreds of thousands of people mostly from syria war and persecution and headed for the european union to seek refuge it was a pivotal moment for the e.u. and its policy of open borders some member states shut down the frontiers of initially allowing refugees to pass through the biggest number and the main destination for many of those fleeing was germany how it was formed in the 1st 3 words chancellor angela merkel then changed the course of european his. w.'s chief political editor was there on this day 5 years ago as anglo-american laid out.
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it was the moment that defined going to merkel's response to the 2015 migration crisis. fish offered us it was the german equivalent of this yes we can. i was there 5 years ago when desperate migrants in hungary set off on foot to what's germany just hours later i'm going to machall singlehandedly decided to keep germany's borders open the scenes of an open welcoming germany went around the world. 5 years on this raises the question did germany make it and at what cost. in 2015 many an angle or merkel's own c.d.u. party were against open arms policy but. then finance minister was one of them his key concern was losing control for today's speaker of germany's parliament it still is. one has to prevent the impression that there is
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a loss of control that situation was crucial for a few months but we've mostly overcome its effects by now we need a european solution to these problems. instead of more europe national reflexes kicked in across the continent in germany america's decision helped launch a populist party into parliament the far right alternative for germany. the f.t. support have been fizzling out until merkel's we will make it moment ignited the party's rise to become a fixture of germany's political landscape its co-founder alexander garland freely admits that merkel's open border policy helped propel his party to parliament. and if we didn't make. we can't make it it's nobody's fault but it's simply impossible to let so many people from a totally different cultural background who behave so differently into
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a country and say we can make it. even from the map of decision was humanitarian yet many also hopes the migrants would be able to meet germany's growing demand for skilled workers a new survey of taint exclusively by d.w. before publication shows a mixed picture 5 years on half of these refugees are in some form of employment or education the authors of the study germany did reasonably well mostly because of its economic strength. almost to the day 5 years after her yes we can moment same place same setting back all says she would do the same again. overall i would take the same decisions again that's right. but she warns of tough times ahead. and we will now see a phase where jenaveve rise in unemployment will make it again more difficult to
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get those people to work only recently arrived here as refugees or as migrants. really got. for now though germans are more busy with corona been debating migration both have proved to be political gain changes while germany has undoubtedly most of the effects of 2015 economically politically i'm going to medical vows not to let that moment repeat itself a moment that changed germany and well defined her legacy. reporting. tokyo has got back in the olympic groove by putting the flame on display ahead of next year's delayed games the 2020 lympics were meant to conclude in the japanese capital this month but well 1st phone for a year because of the corona virus the flame will stay at the japanese olympic museum next to the national stadium for 2 months the tokyo games suffered another
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blow last week when japanese prime minister shinzo obvious said he would be stepping down due to ill health. and finally the 1st pound us to be born in germany have celebrated death 1st birthday at the berlin zoo fit and polished to become starch options at the zoo since then made that public debut in jan and they were rewarded with some special birthday treats frozen cake and a portion of snow although the pandas were born in germany they remain on loan from china as do that it's. what you do w. news here's a reminder of the top story this hour the 1st ever commercial passenger flight from israel to the united arab emirates has landed in abu dhabi it's hoped this apology
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will mark the start of the era of proof relations between israel and. this is you don't get news live from berlin ben facility is up next with our cold with 90. special. intimate. alpha's from you in the entire news team thanks for. coming bettering the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. our corona update. from the covert 19 special next on d w they've been robbed of their soul that's what a people experiences when their heritage is taken from them. countless cultural artifacts were brutally stolen from africa by colonialists and carted off to europe
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. these thefts left wounds that have yet to feel what should be done with the stone north from africa. stolen soul starts september 7th on t.w. . percent back in the battle against the coronavirus cases of reinfection are emerging in hong kong the united states and europe. they suggest immunity from the disease does not necessarily last long. the world health organization is calling for more studies. concrete answers a vital in developing a back scene that is if we ever get one. so much for herd immunity or full immunity and what about natural immunity so many
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questions which we'll get to in a moment with an expert 1st the world's 1st genetically verified case of someone being re infected with covered 19 and what that could mean for the pandemic. as the coronavirus pandemic took hold scientists knew a vaccine would be the best protection against the virus but there was still the hope that those recovering from infections would be immune as is the case with viruses like smallpox or polio when a 33 year old man in hong kong tested positive for a 2nd time those hopes were ruined. some people might ask will you be immune to the virus forever after you recover there wasn't a clear answer before but now it's certain after your 1st infection there's always a chance you'll get infected again. in their research paper the team at the university of hong kong says the 2nd infection was a different strain of the virus and that the patient was asymptomatic the study
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examines how often people who've had covered 19 are immune to new infections and for how long these questions have implications for vaccine development and decisions about returning to work school and social activities as many countries in europe and around the world went into lockdown to slow the spread sweetened wind against the tide opting not to confine its population schools and restaurants remained open in the hope that infected people would become immune thus allowing them to continue their lives as normal and ultimately slowing the spread of the virus. i think people. take in big responsibility. if. we can be. sweden's infection rate and deaths per 1000000 were soon among the worst in europe. and yet testing showed the country still fell
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a long way short of the estimated 90 percent which would create herd immunity nor is the rest of the world anywhere close to that. the w.h.o. says that until the world has readily available vaccines the virus will continue to inflict significant changes on our lives. as a plan was also global population were close to levels of immunity required to stop . and we need to focus on what we can actually do not to suppress transmission and not live in whole herd immunity been right now not a solution 'd that's not a solution we should be looking to for. and the immunity picture is looking increasingly complicated in the southern german town of fine by a study by germany's robert cock institute found that 40 percent of participants who had tested positive for the corona virus before the study began no longer had
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immune aglow binjie anybodies the most common type of antibody our house and the one student is the can we know from other studies that a proportion of people proven to have been infected with some scaife to show no antibodies after a certain amount of time but this doesn't necessarily mean they don't have any unity to. it in the 2 cups ass craft 5 the shitty it the robert cock institute is now conducting several regional studies and plans to start a countrywide antibody study at the end of september. as researchers toiled to bring vaccines to the world questions are looming about whether it's feasible to create a vaccine that would actually work for a life time. well let's go over to thomas com he's director of the institute for immunology. for us what are the chances of getting reinfected.
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the chances to be real but slim there are several case reports from different countries from people who have recovered from cope with 19 and then fell sick again this is series of 8 patients from china and similar reports from hong kong and some european countries so it seems to be possible but you're saying rare. what about other cases that haven't been uncovered and more studies that have to be done according to the world health organization i mean could this be the tip of the ice but. probably not because from we know a little bit about the immunity against covert 19 man how people usually develop antibody responses which are protective people usually responses by t. cells which are protective but we do know that in some people these responses may be showed live so that would be a possibility to explain the fact that some people can become reinfected after well but most people should have protective immunity for some time after their infection
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was cool with 100 researchers who have to but what about full immunity i mean does that exist when it comes to coated 19. what do you mean by full immunity that once infected you can never get infected again in your life is that what you mean exactly well that's true that's 30 to say because we only know this infections it's a little bit more than half a year so thus far the vast majority of the symptomatic patients and the asymptomatic that have been investigated have not fallen sick again but we do not know if the immunity against the virus will last for year or for 2 years or for many years experience from other coronaviruses including the zoster one of our shows that the immune response is when enough to some time so for the us. immune responses antibody responses were no longer detectable after 6 years in most of the people so we do not expect lifelong immunity after an episode of covert 19 probably
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and they question what about developing vaccines or drugs to treat a kind of infection doesn't doesn't success depend on knowing exactly how immunity against the disease what's well seems of off me develop quite empirically and there's a lot of like scenes promising rick scenes in the pipeline we do know a little on protective immunity you're absolutely right we need to know much more but thus far it seems that the wreck scenes that have been tested are and using the right responses and probably or possibly we will have to be content with less than the normal circs says so maybe of exene would not induce a lifelong immunity or not induce an immunity that lasts for 10 years or so but even if it lasted for 2 is 3 years this ng would be a great success and even if it would just prevent the c.v. or clinical choruses if it would switch to clinical a severe clinical course to a mild infection acing that would be a huge success already given the current situation so could it mean getting
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immunized getting if like a flu shot ever yeah basically. we don't know if it would be every year every other year every street but that could be the case it would be slightly different from flu because flu you need a new show every year because the virus changes so rapidly that does not seem to be the case with the grown of iris and there was a scarf to if i would have to immunize more frequently it would probably be cause the immune response of memory wanes against. the virus and the effort needs to be refreshed that that's a possibility that needs to be explored to us come out there from the institute for immunology into thank you very much. thank you very much of my story. for a look at some other aspects concerning the coronavirus it's over to our science correspondent derrick williams with your questions. we've heard about the underlying diseases and conditions that can influence the severity of college
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19 outcomes but does viral load also affect so verity. when i began looking into this i quickly realized that there's still no clear answer to this question partly because the amount of virus in the patient's body changes from day to day as the disease progresses we know from other diseases that that high viral loads are linked to infectiousness but do they also affect disease severity in covert 19 well the information coming out of the studies this kind of conflict in a recent fairly large scale one for example found a clear link between mortality and high viral load in hospitalized patients and even suggested it could be used as a tool for stratifying patient risk but other studies that have measured viral
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loads in for example children who had very mild forms of the disease found they were generally carrying even more virus than adults who develop severe forms of the disease and then there are the studies showing that that asymptomatic or precentor matic adults can also have very heavy viral loads so so after hours of reading this is how i would interpret the data because kids and asymptomatic adults can have lots of stars coast to in their bodies but no symptoms a high viral loads don't seem to be a reliable indicator of disease severity and. so you land in the hospital with a severe case at that point it does become an indicator of outcome severe what we still don't know is whether high viral load is actually causing the disease to get worse for those patients in the hospital or if it's an effect but at least in those
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who are hospitalized or associated in some way. well over 38000 people turned out to protest against germany's coronavirus measures on the weekend there were multiple arrests of the clashes with police they say right wing extremists co want the demonstration of 1000 people have died from the virus in germany still protesters believe the danger is overblown. personally i don't believe that there's a pandemic i do think the disease exists but not a pandemic kind of. difficulty on from and recording to the new definition of a pandemic it's a pandemic. but that has to do with how much it spread and not with how dangerous it is. finally medical stuff are among those most at risk of getting the coronavirus but a hospital in mexico city has taken on
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a new employee with complete immunity to covered 90. goes from room to room providing support to patients with robots help they can talk to relatives via video cold or to the hospital psychologist feelings of isolation are a big problem for coven sufferers and this is where the program comes it. see you next time.
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the big. passion the drama competition rivalry marketing numbers atmosphere power fight that's how intuition love money millionaire fans primes fire spammers and found old. golf on you tube joining us. is for. beethoven.
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beethoven is for. beethoven is for the frame on the back beethoven 2020 the 50th anniversary here on. this is deja vu news africa on the program today the diplomatic route between 2 giants in place to africa nigerian trade isn't gonna save they're being harassed by local top government officials enough have said they won't stand for it. and getting the word out in cameroons way not everyone is convinced coronavirus.


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