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come including my father while. i was a student i wanted to build a life for myself. but suddenly life became knowledge. providing insights global news that matters d. w. made for mines. this is d.w. news and these are our top stories russian president vladimir putin has expressed support for isabella rusian counterpart alexander lukashenko during talks in the russian city of sochi putin agreed to offer a 1500000000 dollar line of credit as well as support for the country's security forces more than $10000.00 people took to the streets of mints over the weekend to call for those resignation. but we actually have
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a us president donald trump has been meeting with firefighters and emergency officials in california who've been struggling to control massive wildfires that have devastated 20000 square kilometers of land dismissed warnings from local officials that climate change was behind the fires instead blaming the fires on poor forest management. astronomers have discovered potential signs of life on the planet venus they say phosgene gas detected in the planet's atmosphere could have been produced by living organisms nasa says the discovery of the gas is the most significant find yet in the search for ilian life. this is g.w. news from berlin follow us on twitter and instagram at g.w. news or visit our website that's d.w. dot com. the orange skies of california scientists in the u.s.
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predicted years ago that climate change could turn the west coast into a tinderbox now firefighters are battling some of the largest blazes ever recorded the flames have already scorched an area the size of israel u.s. president trump blames the fires on poor forest management trump is a climate change denier and his policies have not slowed down global warming tonight what can he say to those who've lost everything to those who see him less like a president and more like an arsonist i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. this is the climate damn emergency this is real. and it's happening this is the perfect storm troopers the great environmentalist year that it is the california folks is america fast forward but there are places where they. are.
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but we're experiencing right here is coming to a community all across the united states of america unless we get our act together on climate change but if he gets a 2nd term these hellish events will continue to become more common more devastating and more deadly. also coming up china is germany's biggest trading partner china is also a human rights abuse or german chancellor angela merkel is weighing both carefully at the e.u. china's summits now underway to topics which difficult where we don't always agree on calm for example the treatment of minorities and the. ships' human rights watch so i feel that today we had a good open honest dialogue which should be continued. on
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to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with climate change suddenly burning its way into the u.s. presidential campaign there are less than 5 weeks until voters in the u.s. go to the polls if you have followed incumbent donald trump and his democrat challenger joe biden you may have noticed that climate change has been almost completely absent when on the more u.s. president visited california on monday and came face to face with the consequences of a warming planet in the past weeks unprecedented wildfires have scorched 50000000 acres claiming lives and destroying homes the smoke has made the air quality in cities such as portland oregon and san francisco the worst in the world and climate change is not directly responsible for the blazes but it is responsible for the conditions allowing them to become so large and so deadly scientists agree white house hopeful joe biden agrees president donald trump does not trump has always denied climate
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change this weekend and again today he blamed the fires on poor forest management accusing the states of not keeping their forests clean take a listen this is one of the biggest burns we've ever seen. and we have to do a lot about forest management obviously forest management in california is very important. and now it's it extends to washington and extends also to our ago passed a good strong forest management with that duckett about 3 years with the state so hopefully they'll start doing that in the meantime we're helping them. out in a very big way. in a moment we're going to go to los angeles to talk about trump's visit but 1st we want to take a closer look at the fires those trying to contain them and those who have lost almost everything to them tonight's washington bureau chief in this poll is in northern california where thousands of people who were evacuated are now returning
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to scenes of utter devastation. nothing but destruction this is all that is left on the 5 acres so far with and in northern california where sorrow hawkins and to her husband have created a little paradise over the last 17 years to go only 4 hours before everything was destroyed left are only shards of memories of grandmother's good china items they could elected over decades the fire was coming across short grass it was coming across dirt there was no place that we knew for sure would be safe here in this barn sarah lost all her 17 baby goats to the flames we didn't have time to hook up the trailer. we didn't know that we were in any kind of danger no fires ever move this fast out here ever you know and when we came back the next day
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. i'll never forget seeing the burned bodies in the barnyard. people like sarah who are living in this part of the world are used to wildfires that have never experienced something like this year multiple mega fires burning millions of acres have been destroyed millions of residents have to live in talk seek air the whole west coast seems on fire some climate experts say climate change is smacking california in its face. and claremont we speak with the director of environmental analysis char miller human beings are driving climate change they're driving it because in fact we're in cars in southern california and elsewhere that we're pumping affluence into the air that's heating up the planet and the atmosphere and so when the fire earth are burning they're actually burning
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at the results of our own actions sarah hawking's is not willing to give in and he's already building a new barn knowing that the next fire might take everything away again. or let's stay in california let's go to los angeles as we're even bigger when is 290000 is a us political commentator he's a nationally syndicated talk radio host and it is good to have you back on the day u.s. president trump is in your neck of the woods in california today what are people saying about him and his reelection hopes considering that he has put the blame on the states for not properly managing their force. well anybody who's not already a trump supporter looks at it with. not pleasant comments in return 57 percent of the state's forests are actually controlled by the federal government so if president trump over the last 3 and a half plus years doesn't like how they are managed that's on him 3 percent of the
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state's forests are managed by the state of california and to have our governor essentially begging the president to vice president joe biden joe biden just called a climate arsonist begging him for help as under nearly 2 dozen people have lost their lives it's a sad and desperate situation that we have a president lacking empathy for the people of california he just simply lacks empathy for the rest of the largest or you to consider that with what joe biden the democrat presidential hopeful said today about the fires in climate change take a listen if you give a climate arsonist 4 more years in the white house why would anyone be surprised if we have more america blaise if you have a climate denier for more years in the white house why would anyone be surprised when more of america is under water. either would you agree that these fires have
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placed climate change higher up on the agenda for voters there in the u.s. west where you are. i think those of us who consider science the scientific method scientific observation it clearly has moved up again we have watched for nearly 4 years the sitting president rolling back environmental protections removing policies that would stop methane emissions pulling us out of the paris climate accords withdrawing from the world and our allies such as germany working hand in hand to address such a major global issue those of us who aren't on the side of president trump do consider it a dire and important situation of must be addressed now i want us to do a poll of one of your tweets which called our ideas a day you re tweeted the cover of the german news magazine stare and on the cover
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is the face of president donald trump with the headline american psycho how donald trump is systematically destroying democracy now even on the most of your listeners or in the u.s. why did you feel compelled to share that image with the people who follow you. well this is thank you for asking me this is really important brant 1st of germany obviously going back to the early 20th century is familiar with leaders who are not well and do very bad things to the people of their country and others and so for a german magazine to publish that i found that critically important because while i believe in the american system in our 3 branches of government and all of these policies and structures have been put in place for over the last 200 years i had no concept that a single individual and his supporters and enablers would do such an advanced job
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of dismantling those systems so rapidly in a way that i find to be truly dangerous to our democracy and so for the german magazine to publish that i just find to be completely accurate and something we need to be aware of or are used as a surprise that the german the mainstream media here but you see that and they print it and yet you still have a relatively strong level of support for daunte trump in the us. yes and no so because of the way human psychology works and we know going back to people like mike you belly there are ways of manipulating people using fear we see that with the far right in germany as well and across europe and donald trump is using those same age old methods of appealing to the lizard brain the union shadow bringing that out in people and people are susceptible to it if they have
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pain or trauma in their own lives is able to manipulate and it's dangerous it's bad it's wrong i call it out and i think more people should as well. before we let you go i want to ask you about the pandemic in california california is one of the worst hit states in the united states now you've got the wildfires on top of that so one said to me today california dreaming is more like a california nightmare now it is there this sits in l.a. where you are that all that was so spectacular about california is just falling away. well in the moment it feels like that however that's that's not the case here in california california still the golden state we have so much that is happening here at the beautiful nature when it's not on fire or when we have a pandemic keeping us locked in our homes but we have the beautiful beaches we have the deserts the mountains we have all the things that make california great and
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along with hollywood and agriculture the tech industry there's so much happening here this is a moment in time that will pass regardless of donald trump and others however in this moment of darkness you know it is hard to see that light on the other side you know it's a good point and we're all big california fans here i can tell you that either that may have been joining us tonight from los angeles even as always we appreciate your time and your insights thank you stay safe. thanks fred. well this week could have been a legacy defining moment for german chancellor angela merkel she had hoped that the e.u. china summit in the german city of wipes ig would be where an unprecedented improvement in ties with china could be forged but this was before the coronavirus pandemic this was before the hard line in hong kong the summit began today all online they face to face and no hope of really making history instead the chancellor today
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demanded that trade between the e.u. and china be conducted on a level playing field she also said that europe should stand up for its core values such as respecting human rights even if it requires delicate diplomacy with beijing . co-operation with china must be based on the principles of reciprocity fact competition as well we are different societies we have different social systems but we acknowledge the importance of multiculturalism on the importance of rules when it comes to climate change and climate protection. the e.u. and china welcome the paris agreement that is extremely important and we want to have a high level dialogue take place which doesn't just take place off the cuff but is rather more of a systematic nature to a dialogue between the e.u. and china where we talk about the close go climate conference at the end of the
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year we managed to talk about the topics which our mission has already mentioned and to topics which are difficult where we don't always agree hong kong for example the treatment of minorities and the issue of human rights. so i feel that today we had a good open honest dialogue which should be continued. there was a german chancellor speaking there my next guest has been hard bar she is an analyst in chinese affairs with the very foundations departments good to have you. back on the day when this is a huge china summit was 1st suggested there was real hope that now would be the time for a breakthrough for better relations with china but it seems now there's growing anti china sentiment here in europe what would you say what went wrong well i think like you said there was the hope to get a more productive agenda with china going that didn't happen but i think something
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really significant happened that also happened today it wasn't any concrete out of either the china you know investment treaty signed but the whole process really created a figure amount of european unity and the chancellor actually pointed that out in her press that the whole process of bringing europe together and actually speaking with one voice be china was important and that actually happened and what we saw today the 3 most important evil in the iraqi well into the chinese president really even reading off the same script being totally in line i think that is something significant for european foreign policy. going forward i mean that's that's an important statement to make that the force of china is able to do
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in europe what other things are just migration and even climate change have not been able to do and that is to bring all of europe together do you see it being as a sustaining unity for the e.u. because of china i would hope it to be that way and the process that we've seen in the last couple of months or year or so has really been very encouraging. delegations from all capitals in europe coming together and discussing china issues china is one of the issues where it's easier to build consensus within the e.u. but one of the problems that we always have is that we have this notion that in europe we go eat for 14 days and 2 days and see something that we can and there's other issues where we can't and that is something significant and i think
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that is also something that chinese see very clearly because the general today was not easy for the chinese it's not the kind of summit or leadership talk that they wanted because. it really pushed hard on some issues that are very uncomfortable you know we've heard today from the e.u. that europe is a player not a playing field in other words china is not playing fair with europe why is that criticism justified in your opinion the chancellor pointed that out. president fundal i also pointed out that the economic realities have shifted technically in the last decade and. the global is symmetries in the economic system need to be adjusted and china is such
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a big player today that the rules by which we engage with china have to be we written or we have to insist that china actually plays by the rules of multilateralism that's another term that came up today last week the european chamber of commerce in china published annual report in which they point out hundreds and hundreds of cases where european companies feel at a disadvantage in china at a very systematic disadvantage and that is why this investment rate it's being discussed is so important but it's also important to make it a good deal and not just any there have been calls to boycott disney because of its latest film move on the film was shot on location in the same area of china where the muslim minority we girls are said to be held in internment camps and now we have the european union suggesting that china should allow it to send in
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independent investigators to see what is indeed happening at those camps do you think that's going to happen or do you think it's wishful thinking on the part of europe. i don't think this wishful thinking on the part of europe it's a reasonable request for european diplomats to make to actually allow european diplomats to go to and look at it and it will be important that they look at it with clear eyes that they report back what they being show and what they're not being shown obviously china is going to make sure that it will be made very strong expectation and it's good to see the trust the teeth that have been reported from khinjan in the last couple of years but it will be then the cost of the european diplomats to point that out that china is putting up a show let's see see what happens there's been similar discussions along that
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there's been still exist questions both the w.h.o. investigation into the origins of covert 19 there's a lot of issues going on ok bernard barge with the bertelsmann foundation mr march as always we appreciate your time and your insights tonight thank you thank you brant. doctors here in berlin treating russian opposition leader alexina all these say that his condition is improving and of all he is considered the most prominent kremlin critic and he was flown from siberia to berlin in late august after suddenly becoming severely ill from a poisoning attack the berlin hospital treating him says that he's been successfully removed from ventilation and that he's now able to leave his bed for short periods of time the german government says that test by labs in sweden in france have now confirmed earlier findings by a german military lab that not all he was poisoned by
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a soviet era nerve agent known as no future. special labs in fronts in sweden carried out their investigations and confirmed by german findings this means we now have 3 labs working independently that came to the conclusion that the substance which caused mr nirvana's poisoning it was a nerve agent from the navy. my nephew come 1st of which it was this is that is for another 3 independent lamps have confirmed the results it's now up to russia to offer an explanation it is because mr found the underwent treatment then russia has all of the information and samples it needs for an analysis of the i know it is about all right let's bring in our political correspondent. and we need to you. russian foreign minister sergei lavrov we understand he has canceled
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a scheduled visit here in berlin for tuesday for tomorrow what more do we know about this cancellation. well the russian foreign ministry say that there was a change in the schedule of german foreign minister hi kmov and russian for i mean it's a lever of well you really think about tensions between the 2 ministries when he accused bradley and the west in general of being arrogant when it came to treating of on the supposedly better than russian dr doing and. say that the west was using live on these poisoning as a pretext to impose most a more sanctions on russia he also say they. have conducted a preliminary inquiry inquiry on the meetings and of on the head before he fell in siberia but he also say that's well russia needed to see evidence of his poisoning before they could launch a full criminal investigation yeah and we have to remind our viewers that he was in
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a russian hospital for 2 days before he was brought to berlin we know we've got russia demanding that berlin hand over the samples from the body that were taken here is there any chance that germany will do that. where precisely germany justifies not giving evidence of move on these poisoning to russia because i think saying of all the as you say he was hospitalized in a russian hospital for more than 48 hours implying well there was ample time for russian doctors to collect evidence and also now the findings have been come from as we've heard by other laboratories abroad in france and in sweden so badly and simply probably doesn't see the need to provide there some things and german foreign minister high commodity was quite a strong vocabulary when he said that germany doesn't expect to bring of the bad news meaning germany itself to be attacked but rather that russian authorities should do with the news of the poisoning itself yeah that's a very good point don't shoot the messenger because you don't like the message the german government spokesman stephens i've heard has called the poisoning
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a serious violation of the chemical weapons convention now the government is not showing any signs of backing down over this help or do you think that i'm going to miracles government is prepared to go. well i think that germany we likely look at a joint and so for us in the past russia had already been sanctioned in similar cases by the e.u. for example following deposing of russian double agents sega's crippling souls very in england 2 years ago last year following the murder of in the heart of belly of the chechen commander to russian diplomats and had been expelled from germany and now what we're looking at is also the possibility of a comic sanctions and the big question here in germany ease a future of a gas pipeline project north stream to which was supposed to bring gem and bring sorry russian gas into germany treatable take c. and i'm going to america has always defended the project but following up on these poisoning now bellini's say to be more and more willing to discuss sanctions and
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consequences on the future of this pipeline that's right there is talk now that the pipeline may never go online we will see w political correspondent money was shot here in berlin and i think you. well the day is almost done the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either news or you can follow me at brant go off t.v. every member whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see the.
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kickoff. is certain something is coming. the fact checks for the kickoff of the asleep guests are looking breasts should be nervous. player my surprises are. looking to see the new season kick off. next to.
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the big i just. 2012. campaign against more crimes in uganda. a campaign that took the world. a campaign against to start a war. what is really behind confirmation county. in 45 minutes on d w. new . life on earth moon isn't coming to an end. a gigantic coincidence. that they're not previously is earth was just in messy chemistry last time i thought mission the sun. where the improbable but.
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to those of us with the creation of our solar system with our planet is a bit like winning the lottery but there is a little game in the loop. what is earth where you need to start september 18th on d w. w just make it is that yes we're excited to.


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