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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  October 2, 2020 2:45pm-3:00pm CEST

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most popular fruit at the food consumed in. the tomato is actually fruit and vegetable let's face it your taste buds care how the botanist classifieds this wonder of nature as long as your health is concerned it medicine a lot whether you eat more fruit or more vegetables. 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day that's the golden rule of nutrition in many countries so when it comes to good health does that mean that more fruit is always better. not necessarily he says physician and nutritional researcher. many people misinterpret the 5 a day rule. most patients tend to eat fruit 5 times a day and ignore veggies and usually types of fruit that are very high in sugar and
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. one apple is the equivalent of about 3 cubes of sugar a large pear has 4 a banana or 7. and 100 grams of grapes about a handful has about 6 kids words. you have to have a feel for how much fruit will tip you over the recommended sugar limit with grapes it's not all that many 10 or 12 grapes but as long as you're aware of this and don't overdo it you can dig in and enjoy them and. people with diabetes need to be aware of how much sugar is in the fruit the daniel sikorsky was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 4 years ago. it made me worry about diabetic food problems heart attack stroke so i realised i have to take action. daniel sikorsky decided against taking medication. and in rolled in
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a diabetes study under stefan com he's searching for a diet that might help cure try to diabetes. one promising approach is a low sugar and low carb diet danya sikorsky used to drink lots of fruit juice and sugary beverages now they're off the table his new diet has made a big difference. do you remember how much you weighed at the start 4 years ago. let's say about 118 kilos and lose so you've lost about 40 superglued jump. fruit is jam packed with vitamins and other valuable substances but it sugar that makes fruit so sweet and tempting that sugar is made up of glucose the same as the refined sugar that you have a new kitchen. ringback ringback can promote the development of diabetes glucose
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passes into the bloodstream quickly. 'd 'd in response the pancreas produces the hormone insulin that helps regulate the glucose levels in our bodies by moving it from our blood to ourselves. ringback insulin is the key that unlocks the door and lets glucose into ourselves where it's used as fuel or energy. some studies suggest that when we constantly consume too much sugar our cells ability to respond to insulin is eventually impaired and sugar lingers in the bloodstream and that can damage our cardiovascular system and other organs. many fruits contain roughly equal amounts of glucose and fructose but even fruit that contains a larger share of fruit isn't better for diabetics. unlike
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glucose doesn't directly ramp up insulin production but too much fruit those can also promote the development of type 2 diabetes. ringback can only be broken down by the liver. too much of it liver converts it to fat and stores it and that can lead to fatty liver disease. is a disease that's now playing an increasing role in diabetes research we've come to understand that fatty liver is a problem for the liver itself and it can lead to serious diseases. and we also know that fatty liver has a direct link to diabetes. patients who manage to get rid of their fatty liver disease stand a better chance of getting rid of their diabetes. in a low sugar diet not all fruit has to be banished from the table berries are very flavorful but contain less sugar 100 grams of blueberries have the equivalent of
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one cube of sugar down your sikorsky has some most every morning with this breakfast muesli. congratulations for sticking to this for so long you're doing really well just by sheer. well i'm doing it for myself to turn 56 soon and i was hoping to stick around for a few more days yet. the biggest trigger bombs are tropical fruits and dried fruit 100 grams of dry gates can contain more than 60 grams of sugar. so. there's something a diabetic should definitely avoid so even for a healthy person they should be an exception and should be part of your daily diet so replacing sugar with dates in cooking and baking isn't a good idea that. it makes no difference if you use 50 grams of packet sugar or 50 grams of sugar in the form of dates that. a fiber in the minerals and dates do make
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them slightly healthier but indiana is the sugar content of moderates and you're not really doing yourself any favors when you can cause you to find them under success in the 5 a day rule is still a good one but nowadays nutritional experts say it's best to go easy on the fruit and load up on the couch tables. health consultants often warn us against eating too much salt and adults should not consume more than 6 grams a day too much sodium chloride puts a strain on your kidneys and can elevate your blood pressure but you can't do without it completely because salt is vital ready. it's needed by every cell in the human body 'd 'd it's in our food. and it's in the water that we drink salt it's made up of sodium chloride ions they're transported through our body by way of the bloodstream. chloride is crucial
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for the stomach cells in the stomach lining release it into gastric glands their chloride ions combine with hydrogen ions to form hydrochloric acid which is important for digestion. we also need salt to move. our muscles are controlled by nerves and they need so the. sodium ions can't pass into the nerve cells or neurons that easily. the positively charged ions accumulate outside the neuron that helps create an electrical potential across the nerve cell membrane. when a stimulus arrives at the neuron small channels open allowing sodium ions to surge and. this causes the short term change in electrical potential.
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which opens the small channels further downstream in the next segment of the cell. this chain reaction sends the electrical signal down the long axon of the nerve cell until finally the nerve signal reaches a muscle and stimulates movement without salt none of this would be possible. the names. may not mean much to you in germany the priest who lived in the 19th century is still a star he treated different ailments with water with compresses and with bobs the good thing is that many of his treatments so simple that anybody can do it at home like treading water. water walking is sebastiaan connived best known hydrotherapy method it requires patients to lift their legs completely out of the water stretch the tips of their feet downward and want through the water like a stork but why. the motion is necessary to activate the cough muscles and stretch
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out the veins it improves circulation. that's why these unusual stork movements the extended front forces are necessary to be cool which intuition take foetal force. one walking is also possible in a basin to has a glinsky checks to make sure the water doesn't go above her knee to help the body fully experience the cool sensation start the exercise with warm feet. she steps in place for between 10 and 30 seconds. my kindness for you can certainly repeat the exercise for a few seconds but it makes no sense to stretch them out for 5 minutes it's not necessary. then brush the water away with your hands. on to see how. should the movements make you feel
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a bit down. from the stimulation of the water temperature and the movements from water treading but it feels good. besides being good for the veins water walking home so strengthens the immune system making the body more resistant to ellis' and if done regularly it can also help reduce stress. the body learns to get rid of stress hormones. that way when i have other forms of stress because my boss is coming or something. then the psychological stress is milder due to the dumping of the stress hormones. i become more resilient against psychological stress getting out the. case to some of it's critical that the water comes up to just below the knee then walk like a stork for 30 seconds max if the water is too cold and the exercise even sooner anyone who is sick or taking medication should seek medical advice before doing
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this i could show you so much small but unfortunately this show now comes to an end so let's wait for next weekend and so then let's all try to stay in good shape.
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this is the news live from the corona virus pandemic makes its way to the door of the world's most powerful leader u.s. president donald trump is important inside the white house off the testing positive for the virus to trump a 74 years old placing him in a high risk trophy for the disease diagnosis from shortly after a presidential aide told.


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