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tv   Unser Deutschland  Deutsche Welle  October 3, 2020 3:03pm-3:46pm CEST

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well of course it is important to remember that when. speaks of 1990 means of course the peaceful revolution that happened in what was then the communist part of germany east germany where people brought the berlin wall down and waste tensely in the months afterwards after november the 9th actually the whole system collapsed and that eventually then led to german reunification and he stresses that at the time people were calling for freedom and democracy and this is a system that has germany very well since in those 30 years and he says it's a system that is on the same time being questions all the around the world which is why it's much more important than ever to fight for these values of freedom and democracy also here in germany because there are some groups that are beginning to question that very idea also here. said the legacy of 1989 is never
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more important than today what does he mean by that. what he means obviously that this is something where you have to look at just why people are unhappy with the current system that we have and just how much can you go with your criticism of a system he also in his speech earlier he referred to the anti corona demonstration he didn't name them but he meant that spirit of people questioning those restrictions that have been imposed by the german government during the coronavirus pandemic which is leading to big rallies big demonstrations here in germany that are happening on a regular basis where people question very system whereas some people even question the existence and the legitimacy of the german democratic system as we see it at the moment and he says the peaceful revolution of 1909 so does that freedom and democracy are values that are worth fighting for and he said germany should be
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proud that it managed to bring down a dictatorship with a peaceful revolution. a recent rise in the populism let's listen it. ignorant of historical facts must be who would raise the black white and red flag of the german empire of $871.00 or even the battle flag in front of the democratically elected parliament. if they wanted different country authoritarian and aggressively exclusionary they are part of a tradition that doesn't stand for our republic or our democracy today we stand firmly on the bedrock of a struggle for freedom and a history of democracy. decidedly criticize those right wingers there waving imperial flags in front of the guy
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starts going to some background. well those flags were flags that we saw during the latest corona and he coronavirus restrictions demonstrations that happened in several places in germany throughout the summer there are some under way also a place we can go where the vast majority of people who are demonstrating against the restrictions are peaceful and they are considered to be sort of not extremists but then there are fringe groups who have tried to also hijack this movement and some of these fringe groups are actually considered nazis neo nazis or right wing extremists and the latest demonstration that happened in berlin some of those were carrying those right flag which is a symbol from the name $1000.00 century and which dates back to the german empire and then it was also used by the neo nazis started by the nazis between
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19331985 before they adopted the swastika as their symbol which is why it's a highly controversial flag but it is not banned and so this is what i was referring to it is important to note that in his speech it came up very clearly that he's thinking more along the lines when you talk about divisions in germany it's no longer just east and west this is becoming. something where the next generations are overcoming their differences but there are divisions within the german population and these lines go now along the lines of people who believe in democracy and people who don't and who question the very system that we have at the moment. thank you. so this is of course an important day for germany german reunification mean for the rest of the world. global correspondent so this historic event is huge in the countries there covering. margaret thatcher wanted to prevent german reunification and all costs
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the former british prime minister believed a united germany would become too powerful well her efforts failed and the rest is history these days britons look with admiration at germany they're asking themselves how germany handled the cove attend demick so much better and how they can learn from their neighbor on the continent. at the time some is very concerned at the thought of a reignited germany dominating once again the center of europe in light of the memories of the holocaust others said there was nothing to fear from of united germany in the years of to reunification germany and israel became close on many levels they do have to differences when it comes to the israeli palestinian conflict their relations are often described as a special relationship between both countries german reunification is widely viewed as
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a success here in south korea and for some inspiration for those that pursue engagement with the north former president kim dae jong made his berlijn declaration to reach out to north korea resulting in the 1st interpreted summit in 2000 and current president mungy and also chose berlin to lay out his peace strategy toward north korea resulting in a series of summits the reduced tension in the region. i'm here in washington d.c. at the 2nd world war memorial many american soldiers their lives to fight nazi germany thousands of shiites who served investor money became ambassadors of what we used to know as the transatlantic relationship but the reliability of this partnership has changed dramatically and of the current government the narrative of president from germany doesn't pay its fair share in style mean that it's in the discourse america 1st means for many to get out of would you lateral commitments
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and promote a very nationalistic foreign policy. from germany to the u.s. where president donald trump is being treated at a military hospital after his coronavirus diagnosis he's expected to remain at walter reed medical center for several days trump's doctor says he is taking the hunting fire old rock as if their earlier white house official said the hospitalization was only a precautionary measure trump would continue his presidential duties. the 1st glimpses of the u.s. president since he shocked the world with his covert 1000 diagnosis. here donald trump has been transferred to hospital with officials insisting it's only a precautionary measure the white house said he was for a cheat but in good spirits and experiencing mild symptoms before takeoff the
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president assured his supporters he was doing ok. thank you everybody for the tremendous support i'm going to walter reed i think. we're going to make you are the. first lady is doing very well so thank you very much appreciate it. the white house had been on high alert after news that a top aide was diagnosed with a virus on thursday. oh pics seen here in the brown coat often travels with president trump. now the race is on to trace and test the people who might have come in contact with the president. and the potential pool of people is huge with an election to win trump has been on the road addressing voters and he hasn't always won a face mask or followed social distancing guidelines. outside of walter reed trump supporters gathered to show their support for the president. but with
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a month until the election trims illness has thrown the campaign into uncharted territory. if donald trump sustain office he's going to have to beat the coronavirus 1st. joining me now from washington is our correspondent stephanie monza stephanie what do we know right now about the president's condition and his treatment here the treatment he's receiving. as we just saw in the piece so the administration says that it's all of course a precautionary measure he's in walter reed he is apparently fatigued still has a fever and sources say and i'm just quoting what those sources say and what was reportedly said by those sources is that he has. trouble breathing so that is not very good how is the treated he is treated as we heard in the piece with a drug called renders a rear end with a drug regenerate this is an experimental drug the 2nd one i mentioned and it is
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not approved by the f.d.a. it was given to him yesterday at the maximum dose of grams and that was the 1st inkling for everybody in washington to listen up and think something is really wrong sol because let's not kid ourselves precautionary nothing of this is precautionary the president is sick with covert 19 and receives treatment the precaution here is that of course doctors and the expert team at walter reed want to make sure that things do not get worse. than what we do know is he'll be out of commission for several days what does that mean for the election. he will be out of commission for a few days for the election he will not be the white house insists out of commission as president of the united states meaning there will be no transfer of power to the vice president for example according to the white house according to
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the charm campaign mr trump is perfectly fine even if it is handling his duties as president just fine now the campaign is a totally different matter this campaign is as it was in tatters it's over the only thing what still happens in the trunk of pain is you see t.v. commercials t.v.'s political ads of the campaign but all the events are canceled today just today the president was scheduled to be in wisconsin wisconsin is a battle states that means mr biden has a good chance of winning this state back but it is also a hot spot for covert 19 the president had until yesterday no plans of canceling this due to covert 19 now of course all of this is canceled. in washington thank you. you're watching t.v. news here is
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a reminder of our top story germany has been holding an official ceremony to mark this 30th anniversary of its reunification president francois does stand by address the event and. describe the past 30 years as the triumph of democracy over oppression. business did on the news from berlin stay tuned for a special program august clues of interview with for fun show the president of the german bombers talk on this day which marks the country's study as anniversary of the reunification. the crime fighters are back with africa's most successful radio drama series continues to not only are available online and of course you can share and discuss on w. africa's facebook page and other social media platforms crime fighter 2 nino. how
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does a virus spread. why do we panic and run with. just 3 of the topics covered and the weekly radio show is called spectrum if you would like and new information on the coronavirus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you can get your podcast you can also find us at delhi dot com. science. the. president talking you negotiated last parts of the german reunification contract in fact you wrote quite a significant chunk of it when you look around now 3 decades on is this what you expected. no fear but where in the world has anyone ever been able to imagine what is going to happen in the kurti years time space. transom i've been there i said
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listen if you look at europe from the perspective of the year 914 that was the era of those who sleepwalked into world war 130 years after event was 944. and in these past 30 years to germany like the whole world was totally transformed skip the idea also there is no longer a leading world pound the defining of the world order for some time the united states of america appeared to be almost the only remaining superpower so that the world has become more diverse we could never have imagined back then how the east west conflict would come to an end but then it did in the miraculous leave without war without the deaths or with almost no deaths and yet that hasn't made the world a safer place instead we see that wars are possible once again only a few years later in the middle of your despair written or know you mentioned the united states there are you concerned that the us is withdrawing that no no longer
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wants a defined would have the world and so beautifully starkly mind no i wouldn't say that i limit ananda i mean we europeans for all of us oh the fortunate developments of the post-war era alternative at least for western and central europeans less so for eastern europeans who had a tougher time we'll these changes to the fact that the americans learned their lesson from the 1st world war as the period between the wars same leaks that stabilize europe to prevent a repetition. i mean. who are tonight if you. know the world has totally changed which is why the chancellor was correct in 2017 when she said we will need to take on a greater share of responsibility for our own security. but i hope that in the future we will continue to share common values the basic principles of human
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dignity democracy freedom the rule of law and i hope also ecological sustainability and social justice these are the common values and coalesce of a highly educated to dedicate minds of and we had to dismiss. the underside of fundamentally distinguish us as fundamentally for example from the very successful chinese model which today does hold great attraction but at the price of total control of the whole of economic social and political life and that's not our vision of how to live on this is that he wants the force of them that's why we must try to demonstrate the superiority of achilles full balanced in order based on ecological sustainability geo political stability and the principles of western palate is a step in the tate production all of them principally and their best. to
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be both and this could really highlighted we europeans cannot do that alone but we need to take the greater share more we take on responsibility and relevance in economic political military really the more we will influence debate also in america because of where relevant we play as larger role than if we're not event that relevance in spirit of. the speech that indeed many were concerned 30 years ago that many are united could be too strong now many are calling for more leadership. and certainly being too cautious than. i don't. find it stagnant about this fear of a stronger germany got a situation was a shit and all complicated there were of course very understandable constant searches in western europe and british prime minister margaret thatcher was known to have. the immediate reaction from francois mitterrand was similar of course when the 1st few weeks after the fall of the berlin wall the most reliable supporting of
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europe for chancellor kohl would have actually came from the then spanish prime minister gonzales that would otherwise most of them were a bit cautious such as. the mice. so what kind of bus has this if they were wondering what it would mean 40 years after the 2nd world war and he is again a large east most populous nominally the strongest country in europe but that part relatively quickly especially because they understood that this unified germany is all the more reliable because it is a reliable partner and european integration of self interest towards. a polish foreign minister said in a speech not that long ago we used to feel the strength of germany today we rather fear the opposite you can still feel the enormous resistance in the german population and thus also in the political parties in germany including in parliament and yet we have to get used to the fact that others expect us to bear
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a fair share of the common. combined some and last i don't feel. down reunification is seen as a success at the same time the very populism that you mentioned that is very relevant particularly in the east what is it that politicians missed that. talking about germany i would be a little cautious 1st of all the economic differences of the some smaller get out of this but the consequence is a clear for 40 years of social market economy one hand full integration into the european union and the open world trade on the offer and on the other hand a socialist bureaucratic state economy which was just not as competitive. disadvantage to lift up the not least because of this used to block the holes i learned it was not able to create living conditions for its citizens as well as
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a liberal order one side of the liberal whether including the social market economy to be superior to your business if i had to open up the markets of do you believe going to give me the t.v. or not is lefty difference you can feel them all over europe people in poland the czech republic and back here or hungary didn't have it any easier than the people in east germany got himself an eclectic uppity mentioned. dimension that only the people in the g.d. did not have the opportunity to experience living together with people who come to our country from other parts of the world concert tour this is the of me through the integration was not that great in the west either we have more experience we also travelled a lot more in the world of the east german. well there's this big men so it's not surprising lot of people who are not used to
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immigration but i hope people from other cultures to work perhaps with a different skin color or a different religion can be more easily mobilized by populist slogan so that they can to mobilise erupt into a populist zipper board. us and on this is and this does not only apply to the former east germany but take a look at the debates in the czech republic or lower income groups or if you can't blame people for that but i want to emphasize i. also think that we now have the 3rd generation which people since the early 1960 s. his grandparents or maybe even more great grandparents came to germany from turkey and we still have considerable problems in many parts of western germany and that's why we've west germans shouldn't be arrogant towards germans. but quickly but it all starts i'd like to talk about russia present that in their putin feels that his country was tricked through germany for unification and the decades that followed
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what mistake the west make in dealing with moscow. many memories for. well you have to understand that the fall of the wall and the cold war there's a little less evasion restore a lot to do not only with the liberation of the slaves that were under soviet rule a very fluid there will 5 really good as a whole and eastern europe some of our interests when putin came to power he pursued a policy where to a certain extent he wanted to repair likely humiliation of soviet union people felt . he tried that in his only way soviet to do yours and through quite a party of a bit of he's not right about crimea would just make not only what we do need better fairer cooperation of russia fear of a corporate perhaps not everyone in america either understood handled in a radically in the decisive year. we must try to achieve better cooperation
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with russia. fully respecting the claims for and history of russia. and by the way we must also cooperate. now many simply can't imagine a timely without the term comes to an end in 2021 can you imagine a germany without angela merkel. business been of you know i grew up at a time when one couldn't imagine the federal republic of germany without conrad and i don't know if to that extent i agree. lived in the g.d.r. she would not have become german chancellor without reunification study but she is a woman of the very extraordinary qualities on. this one does i did see it when you're informed that distinguishes her from her previous census it seems that she will be able to determine when she leaves office as. my wife told me
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a long time ago you may never give up voluntarily a video of. this miracle is different from the main he will say for herself when it's under. when it's going to restore decide it seems that she can do this stuff and if she does that in the coming year i think she really will have deserved that it would be for it after the enormous amount she has contributed in those 16 or however many years it is if leading our country in this difficult time is of the contrary. order what's right again and after that life will go on. this is how it is 30 years ago i couldn't imagine how things would be today for us and i can't imagine now what it will be in 10 years but i believe we will still be a strong free democracy based on the rule of law in 10 years' time and also after the federal election next year we will find a new chancellor the voters will decide. in 2021 she is no longer available but
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germany will go on and so will your own order and that's where again. by france hype the president of the german bundestag thank you very much for the entity pleasure. how have 2 sides of the berlin come together in the years following german unification. in pop culture. music. and last but not least. 30 years of german acacia from the perspective of the people. who wrote. on d w. prussia's kings used to come here to chill. most
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dumb as being beautifully restored the town is really looking its best knowledge is germany's reunification konstam hasn't aged a bit quite the contrary. a day full of beautiful palaces of history i'm surprised this chick in clapham common to power. in 60 minutes on t w. global ideas is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make c.d.'s greener how can we protect habitats we can make a difference global ideas environmental series and local $3000.00 on d w and on mine.
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smiles smiles. 30 years ago these images of wind around the world on october 3rd 1990 germany was united barely one year after the fall of the valid war the signing of
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the unification treaty in 1990 saw the end of east germany now all germans shared one parliaments and one currency and today only remnants of the berlin wall remain. and with a war welcome to this special edition of your own max we'll be taking you on a 2 of the german capital including places where the german german divide has left its marks here at the pot some up lots this is where the border used to run and for a long time it was a barren space there are no signs of it here today in today's program we will meet a window of germany you need to define love without borders and taken a look back at the berlin techno scene yeah but 1st we meet an artist who hurts to shape the image of birdland after the unity jim.
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jim and the young created a 15 me to stretch of the east side gallery the longest remaining section of the berlin wall. we met him by his artwork at the famous open air gallery. i think of the i know. complex song i think german unity was a complex and difficult process and i think it's still not completed. even though i wasn't so sure about it at the time it's good that it happened it was necessary. and looking back i must say that i'm happy to have witnessed the entire process. as artists have the opportunity to do a lot of both east and the west and to get to know what i understand both sides and maybe reflect that in my work somehow. in
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99118 artists from 21 countries brightened up a 1300 metre long section of the wall that faced. painted thanks to years and what became known as the east side gallery. in trying to rise with none of us had any way of knowing that it would become what it is today namely one of the main tourist attractions in berlin or in germany. and a kind of memorial a place of pilgrimage for people from all over the world who want to remember the wall. this is what his section of the wall looks like today in 2013 he secretly painted over his old work and course discussion of a new and his health was wanted to make a statement about the negative aspects of the new berlin shop. i painted everything i had witnessed in berlin in 2013 his eyes. investors all to digital but he means
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walking around with lattes on their laptops and the world queuing in front of clubs they won't get into. the artist grew up in west germany and in the 1990 s. was active in the scene he painted murals on the walls of techno clubs and helped provoke a sea of happenings then he was commissioned to work for a watch manufacturer and an airline. his larger than life murals can now be found around the globe. having you know is. also a musician and a d.j. . under the name new and team he released his videos and regularly performs in clubs throughout germany. it's sad but 1st and foremost he's a painter and one of germany's most successful pop art artists his artist's name is a tribute to the french city where he began his career with street art his colorful
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interpretations of abuses in the world has become his trademark his current exhibition in berlin is entitled tomorrow never no. one ever knows songs. never no says one of my favorite beatle songs and describes a sense of life's uncertainties. it's always been this way but especially now we can't predict where the world is heading. due to the whole corona thing but also politically. on the one hand there's a sense of anticipation but also an unsettling feeling of insecurity it's. in june of this year other your put this feeling into images on the 40 meter high will of the building in northern ireland. weighed down by an wanted balanced is a balloon heading into the. what i really can't imagine what the future holds for the
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world for germany or for berlin. yet he remains an optimist because he saw how a wall that people once died trying to cross became a work of art. i have a hard time imagining what it would be like if germany were still divided. but i think it'll take one or 2 more generations before this process is completed. the process of. jim of in your will continue to monitor this process closer. and no doubt discover many more motifs for his flag. even if it might look like the building behind me is not an old palace on the going renovation the whole old form is a completely new building it is the reconstruction of the old bull and city palace building it was a lengthy process and it's still not finished and now work is also on the way
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outside the building on the monuments to freedom and was unique this follows a lot of political debate on the project and we met up with one of its creators. the plan monument to freedom and unity it was designed by sebastiaan let's. the concept is a 50 meter moving ball that visitors can access different enough people move to one side together to gently tips that way. a monument is meant to commemorate the peaceful revolution in the former east germany. didn't do this is just a new mention the idea is for people who gather on this monument to get a feeling for what happened in 1990 this is for them to communicate move in one direction together. and use their weight to alter the position of the ball and create their own living image and so on guns have been because it's a choice. the monument will be located near to such landmarks as the brandenburg gate the t.v.
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tower. and berlin cathedral. they attract tourists from all around the world to what used to be east berlin. the reconstructed berlin palace will be an added attraction. if the work goes according to plan the monument to freedom and unity will stand in front of it by late 2021. just think my verdict on this monument owners 1st all of the brave east german citizen. and so who dared to take to the streets in 1909 and 90 and fight for democracy and freedom but told we must not forget east germany was a totalitarian regime that came from and now a monument will honor them here in the heart of berlin. the site of the future monument is itself historically significant the original berlin palace and the national kaiser bill have a monument once stood here in 1950 the east german leadership had both of them demolished. the old palace was replaced by the so-called palace of the
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republic the seat of the east german parliament which was built on the side 970. 1900 the peaceful revolution led to the end of east germany and the reunification process. later the east german parliament buildings demolished. in its place will be the new berlin palace and the monument. will saga through the autumn and i have to say that the place we're at now is steeped in history of them because the palace of the republic stood here to the east germany foreign ministry and the state council building stood there so of course this place was very important for east germany as well. and 2013 members of the stuttgart architectural firm millet and part completed a life size model. but political disagreements kept delaying the start of the actual construction of the symbolic groundbreaking finally took place in may 2020.
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the foundation integrates the surviving base of the old national kaiser built a monument there by combining the past and present. the month often with looking at this model you see the steps here and the big platform which takes up almost the entire space that once surrounded the equestrian monument that stood here in the center. and what's really interesting is that now it's the viewers will be standing at the center where at one time kaiser vilhelm stood that's now the visitors will be standing. because of the instant dusting gets to the super. tanned if everyone plays their part a monument to freedom and unity will embody what its title suggests. citizens in motion. the wall that used to divide east and west berlin once stood here right beside the river you can still find remains of the old wall now known as east side gallery of
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course today it is no longer divides the city but attracts tourists from all over the world and even 30 years after german unity many germans refer to things east and west although they have so much in common and that is the theme of the hartford project by 2 local artists. 30 years after reunification 30 people couples friends and business partners all from the former east and west germany are taking part in an art project. without reunification we definitely want to bet it would have been very unlikely. the project is one of many to mark the anniversary of reunification care to mark fat and meet our impact start recording the heartbeats of 15 couples who wouldn't be together had reunification never happened. it was important
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for us to find the common ground in all the different couples and for us it was the heartbeat the essence the core of human beings just mention. the couples coming today or all people who were affected by the fall of the wall unification. one is always from the east and the other from the west who would not have met otherwise. and selina shuster our coworkers. shmita uses a digital stethoscope to record their heartbeats. mark farner 1st a graph of the couples also part of the art project every pair has a story of their own no matter when they were born. a year ago when they all fell i wasn't even born so i didn't experience it directly. but of
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course you hear a few stories about it from your grandparents and your parents. but i don't make a big deal of it. was. really vital and for tina her face was still teenagers back in the 1990 s. the friends got to know each other over 20 years ago in berlin. the artists also document the couple's hopes and dreams for the future. it's wrenching i wish we could come closer to one another our beers starting now come together worldwide. it's been as best i come from west berlin on it's been and i come from christian and british right now we're completely honest with each other and not at all superficial let's go. you always hear about the know it all westerners who are always explaining things. and his boss you would never like that you always said look you can do things this way i'm in such
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a way i could totally accept it. as it was and if you weren't doing it constantly but you never adopted a superior manner. edits a sound collage from the heartbeat recordings and adds its own music. when the participants heartbeats come together it produces a very special kind of rhythm. this fungus is the exciting thing is this way it follows a very similar pattern for the couples after they've been here for a while their heart beats not even lock step so they waged a very similar. this is have hostile kids to be in east germany to get a high share and reach a heights met their while dancing the tango and fall in love when i'm from the west and moved to rostock many years ago without reunification we never would have made it more than we can get. and since then we've been dancing together and are happy everything works so well here and 30 years from now and we're going to still be
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dancing. all say germans from the former east and west have grown much closer since reunification and familiarity of germans with ukraine. here beside me you can see a way you know in berlin where he was born and became famous here the pedestrian traffic light might infect the east german 150 years ago the 1st east german traffic light man where instilled in west berlin and the old ones removed they were among the few things from the former east germany to live on in our everyday lives and nowadays you can see that on pedestrian crossings throughout the city. is a little chubby as opposed knows and always wears a hat.


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