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tv   Unser Deutschland  Deutsche Welle  October 3, 2020 3:45pm-4:31pm CEST

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we don't all still be dancing. oh say germans from the former east and west have grown much closer since we unification and familiarity of germans with ukraine. here beside me you can see a way in on berlin where he was born and became famous here the pedestrian traffic light might infect the east german 150 years ago the 1st east german traffic light man where instilled in west berlin and the old ones removed they were among the few things from the former east germany to live on in our everyday lives and nowadays you can see that on pedestrian trussing throughout the city. is a little chubby. as a boldness knows and always wears a hat the traffic lights from the former east germany known as the complementary.
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he's a bit of a cute childlike figure he's also a grown man with a hat who acts very responsibly when crossing the street when works for us day and night. i think it's the combination that makes him so popular the standing man is also something balanced and calm about him and a clear design which clearer than other traffic right now. 30 years after reunification the i'm to mention is celebrated as an east german success story. the traffic light men were 1st introduced in east berlin in 1900. traffic psychologist carl piccolo wanted to design a pedestrian signal that caught people's attention. difficult to appeal to children and older people when using abstract pictograms. so i simply tried to translate their clarity into personified symbols. lifelike and likable
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in his 1st designs the figure even had fingers on a mouse and karl big losses wife helped when it came to the half. the i could mention became recognizable symbols which in the 1980 s. were used to teach children about road safety on east german t.v. . and a friend who can help. after reunification in 1009. 100 step by step the west german pictogram gradually began to replace the east german complementary. designer. had just moved to the newly reify berlin and witnessed the i'm to mention being replaced. after reunification i spent a lot of time walking around the former east berlin i was actually standing here at this intersection when they were changing the lights over there. and i thought i'd ask the workers there if i could have the old glass lundy's. figured i'd be able to make something with them gradually i had the idea of turning them into lights.
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because i may have saved the op of mention from extinction his lights caught people's attention in the former east people mourn the loss of their man. along with inventor khalid pick all the calls and successfully fought to keep them. in 1970 often mention were recognized in the road traffic regulations. 20051 of the 1st east german traffic like many west berlin was installed in the famous quarters for. 30 years after german reunification a little better more than just traffic signal and such that's bizarre there's something special about them they don't get standardized they look as if there's something particular to the capital and if you live there very friendly and project a nice image of our city you don't have them in other cities. and it creates a nice atmosphere we need to remove every it brings bill culture and history to a place action for guys culture and history. the green walking man and the red
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standing band are now world famous and popular souvenirs for tourists. and internets and among our international customers is the japanese who like the op and mention most they love the real figures among us the up and mention are a bit like that and they're crazy about that in japan the east german up and mention are quite well known. traffic like men as a brand ambassadors inspired other cities 2 years ago back and has some installed an elvis pedestrian like the american singer was one station 2 years a soldier. and car boxes like now shines brightness birthplace. some european cities now have traffic light women. and same sex trafficked like couples. one so sure there's a subtle way of spreading a message before no one really. traffic like that looked like. just that they were green or red and resemble
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a man but no one paid any attention to their design of it now because the east german opera mention i've become so famous the awareness for traffic light menace changed worldwide on. most international pedestrians are still feature simplistic pictograms. but maybe other countries will eventually follow these mentally. the sound of new united berlin was hot and electric in the air also saw the birth of techno the collapse emerged overnight in disused industrial holds an abandoned spaces such as the bungalow where i'm standing now on the former border between east and west today it is the museum of art collectors cabinet. but shortly after you need the former air raid shelter was the center of the techno scene d.j. and adrian from west berlin used to play here and experience firsthand how the city became a huge magnet for techno fans. allen alien is
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a techno icon and star d.j. and head of a record label born in west berlin german reunification was a defining moment in her life. for me reunification was like an explosion. i got to experience what i'd always longed full take on the wall was gone and i could communicate and live with the people on the other side. of your limb crowd. really and has performed all over from new york to hong kong for close to 3 decades she's been in berlin techno ambassador. as a teenager she was into hip hop but in the early ninety's she discovered techno. i like techno because it reminded me of berlin of how the wall fell and i walked around hearing the noise of the streets for me the sound of the city was taken up.
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after the wall fell rivers took over empty buildings near the former border in clubs like trees or young people from the east and west celebrated techno as the new sound of freedom. were open in 1901 and launched the careers of deejays like paul fine dyke from the former east germany. ellen alien soon began spinning records here too and other top clubs being a d.j. wasn't enough so she hosted a radio show in berlin and founded a music label i was right down trying to delegate the work i have my graphic artist and my booking agency i have someone helping take care of my label i delegate stuff to friends and people i can rely on. to of to. do they really need is a cosmopolitan city but while it was divided alien found the atmosphere oppressive that changed when the wall fell in 1989 and germany reunified a year later. the fact we had to hit what's not i don't impress me very much
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emotionally was finding out how different east and west berlin is where. you know and also to live through the phase where we became one. and. for years clubs like they are kind and watergate have cemented berlin's reputation as. techno capital but when the coronavirus pandemic struck last march the party was suddenly over. it was a nightmare for d.j.'s like alien who make their living travelling around the world and bringing people together to dance this summer she spent a lot of time traveling on berlin's waterways trying to process the new normal. it was awful it was absolutely horrible because i was ready to go on tour a will to. put it so it was a big shock i must admit that i cried a lot. of go by and. but instead of sinking into depression she took action
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in june she released her 9th studio album an hour and began streaming live d.j. sets like here from berlin t.v. tower. berlin's techno scene isn't giving up either it's returning to its improvised roots after german reunification and like then finding empty buildings the club reveres and almost has opened on the grounds of a former brewery covers wear masks and socially distance cameras are not permitted so what i've had to look 5001st of all opening up a club in the corona era in 2020 is very brave of dogs at the opening here. it gives us a huge energy. and gives us something to show off to the world in berlin a club is opening up in 2020. 5 homes focus on.
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and of course ellen ilian is performing here as well. but you don't have to go to a club to experience something new and exciting in berlin the streets of beirut ings of the city council life during the ballet lights festival famous length box like the brand new book gates are based in colorful lights and this was a year mix program dedicated to german unity and with these fantastic pictures from berlin it is time for me to say goodbye and if you want to see mall and visit our social media channels our check out our website there you will also fight all the details on our current views draw until we meet again goodbye stay safe a thanks for watching.
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good. good. good. good. good.
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good. good. good. cause. prussians teams used to come here to chill. out some has been beautifully restored the town is really looking its best now since germany's reunification konstam hasn't aged a bit quite the contrary. a tank full of beautiful colors says history
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class surprises chickie and i laugh about an hour. in 30 minutes on d w. bust up peaceful revolution alabama. the power struggle over the german reunification the 2 plus 4 talks between the 2 german states on the form occupying powers. behind the scenes the cold war continues to how close to unification come to failing. in 75 minutes on d w. in the height of climate change. africa's minister. what's in store for the time has come to power for the future of the book. he did you come to
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forgive megacities to cut you in such a clear picture. do leave her who all. of the mormon. cannot sleep because you know for using love. in those war was smaller. than these birds knows. there's no use no love. for the wicked. doesn't know your work is through the world heard the. arguments new. earth couldn't
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sleep. our current form. you know. this is the the view news live from berlin donald trump sends a message of thanks to well wishers as he begins treatment for covert 19. they are doing very well we're going to make sure that the. u.s. president has been transferred to a military hospital after showing symptoms of the disease also coming up germany celebrates 30 years of reunification german president and for the 1st time my
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speaks of the official ceremony calling the past 30 years a triumph of democracy over oppression and the warning against populism and extra. welcome to the program u.s. president on the trump is being treated at a military hospital after his coronavirus diagnosis is expected to remain at walter reed medical center for several days trump's doctor says he's taking the antiviral drug rep to severe earlier white house officials said the hospitalization was only a precautionary measure trump would continue his presidential duties. the 1st glimpses of the u.s. president since he shocked the world with his covert 1000 diagnosis. here donald
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trump has been transferred to hospital with officials insisting it's only a precautionary measure. the white house said he was fatigued but in good spirits and experiencing mild symptoms before takeoff the president assured his supporters he was doing ok. i want to thank everybody for the tremendous support i'm going to walter reed hospital i think i know very very well. maybe you are the 1st lady is doing very well so thank you very much very appreciated. thank you. the white house had been on high alert after news that a top aide was diagnosed with a virus on thursday whoa pics seen here in the brown coat often travels with president trump. now the race is on to trace and test the people who might have come in contact with the president. and the potential pool of people is huge with
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an election to win trump has been on the road addressing voters and he hasn't always won a face mask or followed social distancing god lights. outside of walter reed trump supporters gathered to show their support for the president. but with a month until the election trumps illness has thrown the campaign into uncharted territory. if donald trump sustain office he's going to have to beat the coronavirus 1st. joining me now from washington is our correspondent stephanie monza stephanie what do we know right now about the president's condition and his treatment here the treatment he's receiving. as we just saw in the piece so the administration says that it's all of course a precautionary measure he's in walter reed he is apparently fatigued he still has a fever and sources say and i'm just quoting what those sources say and what was
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reportedly said by those sources is that he has. trouble breathing so that is not very good how is the treated he is treated as we heard in the piece with a drug called renders a rear end with a drug regenerate this is an experimental drug the 2nd one i mentioned and it is not approved by the f.d.a. it was given to him yesterday at the maximum dose of grams and that was the 1st inkling for everybody in washington to listen up and think something is really wrong soul because let's not kid ourselves precautionary nothing of this precaution the president is sick with 19 and receives treatment the precaution here is that of course doctors and the expert team at walter reed want to make sure that things do not get worse. so what we do know is he'll be out of commission for several days
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what does that mean for the election campaign. he will be out of commission for a few days for the election he will not be the white house insists out of commission as president of the united states meaning there will be no transfer of power to the vice president for example according to the white house according to the charm campaign mr trump is perfectly fine even if fatigued is handling his duties as president just fine now the campaign is a totally different matter this campaign is as it was in tatters it's done it's over the only thing what still happens in the trunk of pain is you see t.v. commercials t.v.'s political ads of the campaign but all the events are canceled today just today the president was scheduled to be in wisconsin wisconsin is a battle states that means mr biden has a good chance of winning this state back but it is also a hot spot for covert 19 the president had until yesterday no plans of
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canceling this due to covert 19 now of course all of this is canceled. in washington thank you. well since donald trump announced his diagnosis on twitter late on thursday misinformation has been spreading all social media about the president some are even questioning if trump is actually ill so who can we trust when it comes to the president's health double reporter or hours ago joins me now to talk about this issue 1st tell us about the theories the rather wild theories that are spreading online yet of course there's no evidence that trump was lying about his diagnosis in fact if you know he's been treated in hospital for a dr now and as with any conspiracy theories a lot of people would have had to been involved if they were true but it is a fair question to you it is fair to question any trump statement the washington post in its latest tally says he's made over 20000 false or misleading statements in his presidency but with this news on late on thursday twitter really and other
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social media read really exploded on both extremes of the political spectrum we had for example the left the left wing documentary filmmaker michael moore suggesting that trump had faked this in a in a way to try to postpone the elections other suggest that he was doing this to get out of more t.v. debates after a chaotic debate earlier this week on the other spectrum we had far right conspiracy theories theorists suggesting that he was faking the diagnosis in a grand plan to somehow take down the washington elite we won't get into the details of that but there were a lot a lot of theories there is out there on the internet so the information came from the white house we're in an election campaign can we trust yes and no i mean we know that they held back information hope picks the aide who was 1st diagnosed with the virus. symptoms were known for 24 hours before this news came out we're seeing
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right now some pictures there she is and hope positive diagnosis was actually worse actually by bloomberg and. we know that the white house has not been forthcoming as well with with the president's with the timeline of his diagnosis we know that he went to a fundraising event in new jersey after hope a hope picks had been diagnosed in the past the white house is also not been forthcoming with disclosing the president's medical records one example there was a. issued in 2015 from his personal doctor about saying how how what a great health he was at that turned out that was dictated directly by trump and he also had an unplanned hospital visit under a year ago to the same hospital where he is now which we also don't know the reason for why is it so important to get accurate information about his health well the health of used president is so important for it's the world's biggest economy we
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saw the stock markets stock markets were rattled the other day when this news broke but it's also important important for national security if the president in any way is incapacitated it's really important that that information comes out from glee and through the right channels but but of course it's also important for people's health survey this week showed that trump was the sole with the biggest source of misinformation about the coronavirus in the u.s. a number of people get all their news from social media so for the white house it's of course it's better to be forthcoming with this information rather than to to act after at least for some. thank you very much. time now to have a look at some of the other stories making headlines today italy's foreign opposition leader material salvini gone on trial charged with illegally detaining migrants when he was interior minister last year more than 100 migrants remained on a ship salvini waited for all the e.u. states to agree to take them in he rejects the accusations calling them politically
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motivated. to rancho rains have triggered landslides and heavy flooding in the southern french alps at least 8 people are reported missing in neighboring italy one firefighter died in a rescue operation and 11 people are unaccounted for storm corps power outages and widespread damage to property. a rocket carrying provisions for the international space station has blasted off from a space port in the u.s. state of virginia the rocket is carrying a new $23000000.00 toilet which is better suited for female astronauts stashed aboard a spacecraft also fancy meats and cheeses and scientific equipment for the crew. germany is marking 30 years of the country's reunification on this 3rd of october germany's national holiday the country's president from father stan my gave a keynote speech at the official ceremony in potsdam near berlin and event that was
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significantly scaled down due to the corona virus pandemic. a landmark date celebrating 30 years since a divided germany became one again the film studios in potsdam just outside berlin provided the stage for the official ceremony a toned down event due to the coronavirus pandemic only 230 guests were present about one 5th of the audience originally planned plans for a big street party had to be abandoned. in his keynote speech german president. said the pandemic couldn't blunt the country's pride in the achievement of reunification he paid tribute to the peaceful revolution in communist east germany that brought down the berlin wall in november 1989. and 2020 the german federal republic is a country that has been molded by east germans and west germans well rooted family
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and migrants it is a country that draws hope from the victory of the ideas of 989. many were the lessons learned from germany's the vision and reunification steinmeier said including the country's strong belief in international cooperation and approach now often being called into question around the world. we germans are committed to international cooperation even though it has become harder especially since it has become harder. we want to stand up for a strong and fair international order together with our partners in europe ladies and gentlemen dear guests this too is a lesson in mission we've inherited from our history. a day of remembrance but also of celebration accompanied by performances appealing to the musical tastes of all
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age groups including the almost 13000000 germans who are 30 years old or younger who never experienced a divided germany. a country now united but were economic and sometimes cultural differences still exist recent polls show 2 thirds of germans don't think the process of reunification is complete a task that will be up to younger generations to accomplish in the years to come. let's bring in our correspondents. who've been covering the events today let's start with you you've been following president address there what's your take on what he said. well i thought it was a very good speech it was very long and the present president steinmeyer stressed the fact that we mustn't forget that it was a peaceful revolution that ultimately led to german unification that brought down the berlin wall in 1909 and then helped bring down the socialist dictatorship as
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some call it and he said of course there are still differences between east and west but what we mustn't forget is that this all of this peaceful revolution is something that we need to remember when we look at what's going on in the world and that people want freedom and democracy around the world that they're willing to sacrifice a lot for it and there are people here in germany that's what present time i also said who are beginning to question that very system of democracy and that they must do everything against those groups he was quite directly referring to a rise in right in populism recently we've prepared a sound bite there let's business. ignorant of historical fact must be who would raise the black white and red flag of the german empire of $871.00 or even the battle flag in front of the democratically elected parliament.
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if they want a different country authoritarian and aggressively exclusionary part of a tradition that doesn't stand for our republic or our democracy you know today we stand firmly on the bedrock of a struggle for freedom and a history of democracy. president stand by and there criticizing those waving imperial german flyers in front of the german parliament recently thomas can you give us some background on this. those who are actually waiting those relax in front of the german parliament a few weeks ago many of them belong to a group called the right on their rights group or actually against the german state they don't believe even in the existence of the german state we saw a couple of people here a very small group of people here at the brandenburg gate today also waving some of those imperial flags having t. shirts wearing t. shirts with a conspiracy theory so they were also probably at the protest
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a few weeks ago here in berlin there are other protests here in the brandenburg gate today as well including a very loud you can probably hear them group of communist from latin america that are very skeptical of german unity are now in favor of the g.d.r. of the job and democratic republic so you can clearly see that there's a different groups of people here in normally this is the place where germany unity is celebrated but because of the coronavirus pandemic celebrations here in berlin were consuls. almost 30 years of the reunification these protests although also a sign of the differences big differences that still exist between east and west germany. there are signs of different views on democracy of different views on the german unity and there's not only one narrative about what happened 30 years ago and how this has developed in the last 3 decades i need is
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important also to stress these differences between east and west there are differences for example when it comes to wages when it comes to unemployment that most of the affect people in the east but it's also important to stress that 3 decades after german reunification germany has indeed progressed a lot germany has indeed become a very stable prosperous country at the heart of europe and that's something that german political leaders are very proud about. let's come back to you. where the central event was being held today what else is planned for today well of course thomas mentioned the official festivities have all been curtailed down they've been canceled in berlin all together but parts down here has installed a big alley where all the individual federal state have a chance to present themselves in cuba so i hope you can see them behind me in the
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background and so people are strolling by and just learning about each other essentially learning about other regions in germany then there will be more festivities going on that is central square here in part and 7 o'clock german time the whole country is supposed to thing together this is something which is going to happen remotely but the main event is going to take place in life of course a very important place when you look at the peaceful revolution that led to german unification alternately and so the whole country can join in but really as we do everything but actually most to leave these days during the coronavirus pandemic. thank you both. well it's 30 years ago people in east germany were hoping reunification would give them a better life many found new york at unity is a most improved their standard of living but others found themselves in the midst
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of option evil and well left behind even now 30 years later divisions remain between east and west. there was no master plan no example worldwide for this is turning event german reunification. not even a year before the berlin wall had come down after months of peaceful protest and the family is generally. give us u.k. france and the soviet union gave the green light paving the way to really unify the 2 germany's. those from the east had to adapt to many things new money and the economic system and a new lifestyle soon the disillusionment kicked in. what we're missing was it's about because you know. you can only financial cost but also the social medical costs are a logical burden connected with
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a client economic decline or germany and the mass unemployment nobody mentioned before in. as many as 4000000 workers in the east saw their jobs disappear countless others had to take on work that was below their qualifications many young and educated people left to look for a better life some areas feel the neglected to this day. there are rural areas where there's a lot of poverty and rip people feel left behind turning towards what they have which is often their national identity or even their racial identities. and the last national elections the center right and center left parties were more popular in the west than germany the far left and extreme right in eastern germany. a celebration nevertheless takes place every year with good reason we have had 30
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years of peace and prosperity for a lot of people we think of germany as such a stable and secure country i think it's amazing when you look back at german history over 100 years germany went through from a monarchy to a failed democracy to a dictatorship to a communist system to a successful democracy and then 3 replications a reinvention as the real headline for german history regardless of the differences really unified germany is often seen as an example of a stable and democratic country. now with me in the studio is alice she was born and raised in east germany and worked as a junior minister in the office of the last prime minister of the g.d.r. now runs a successful think tank and potsdam how did you see that situation at the time do
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you think it was a. realistic ation coming together on island i lol. no i don't believe. dialects on the side of the t.d. i was quite clear the mid seventy's of the population wanted to choice to an existing candidate and not one to underscore the complicated procedure of forming a new entity ending with a new constitution the point was the original plan wasn't it of the people who actually instigates it does if you believe that shit what did they want at the time . of the servants was of course to get rid of the socialist system and to have the freedom of opinion and to a democratic country that changed and changed not advancing that we are. the people who want to have our say but we are one people and that heavily impacted on the elections in march. $990.00
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but there was also a political attitude on the side of the former less german government. did not take. the very last democratically elected government as being an equal footing essentially in my area of responsibility determine chance of us of the opinion he even managed to pose as himself and we should not bother. that was many have said at the time the call really took the opportunity went through the stand point point plan and that was the only window of opportunity that was there to achieve unification would you agree or did you agree a time. they're used to distinct 2 different issues one thing is that determined unification needed to claim and of all partner. and the other thing is that there was a mistake from divest german government to believe the confidence will increase if
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they do not know as they are part of germany that will be at it and therefore. we will see it as an east german government a lot of support and understanding from our european partners including and from the united states of america the admired us that we wanted to get rid of the system that they went and peacefully to peacefully protest against that but not that's john cleese not identity of it they regarded you many years ago as a junior partner yes but there have been also good and shining examples the former state minister and office of the translator 1st in germany mr stuffer market was my direct interlocutor he tried it once and then he stopped. back then was it foreseeable then when realization finally happened would you have thought that certain years later we still have these differences between east and
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west yes why. if you can't eliminate the history of people their experiences and it was clear for me that. hardly a hand i was not of the opinion that they're that determined unification they're not building to social help ship. and i feel that a lot of people that come chop less and that neither have a breakdown in our culture as we have tied to introduce some safeguards but frankly. some major issues like the deaths of the t.d.i. have not been addressed in the treaty of unification so as other side it. was not surprised that social differences they made and also. get defenses in the biographies talk about differences of biographies are you one of
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the few east germans who actually made a good career in the west or in the western system if you will. go america aside there are very few actually achieved that why is that. you know in my area of course for divinity i try to have more is charm and indeed international organizations including indeed institutions and if i found a lot of support the french have spawns out language courses because this is a very big problem for its troubles. and then your head as to what to provide as internships and european commission. but it has not helped. thank you very very much for this very personal inside. you're watching the w. news here's a reminder of all top stories music u.s. president donald trump is being treated at the military hospital off the testing
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positive for cold at 19 his doctor says he is doing very well and his team has started therapy with the antiviral drug crime disappear. and germany has been holding an official serve a need to mark the 30th anniversary of his reunification president quantizer steinmeyer addressed the event. it is crap the past 30 years as a triumph of democracy over of pressure. this is d.w. news from berlin on galil 1st chance to watch.
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russia's key. as he used to come here to chill. out stuff as being beautifully restored the town is really looking its best now since germany's reunification
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concept hasn't aged a bit quite the contrary. a day full of beautiful palaces history and surprises chicken about dominating our. news on w. . bust up peaceful revolution and then. the power struggle over the german reunification the 2 plus 4 talks between the 2 german states on the form occupying powers. behind the scenes the cold war continues how close to unification come to failing. in 45 minutes on t w. this
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is so no story a stubborn rice farmer from thailand. his problem pasts. his crew go no chemicals. and he's trying was. good since i don't stand a chance. train in successful. duck academy starts october 15th d.w. . such.
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october 3rd is germany's unity day and it's a national holiday here in germany.


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