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tv   Auf den Punkt  Deutsche Welle  October 4, 2020 3:00am-3:46am CEST

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this is the news live from good u.s. president donald trump speaks out from the hospital where he's being treated for kind of benign thing trump says he's feeling better and will be back soon about the next few days will be the real taste and he's fighting against the disease we'll get the latest from our correspondent in washington also coming up germany celebrates 30 years of reunification president frank focused on my health the last 3 decades since the triumph of democracy over a patient that he wants against populism and extremism.
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held welcome u.s. president donald trump has spoken out for the 1st time from the hospital where he's being treated for coverage 19 the president gave an upbeat assessment of his condition condition and i video message filmed at the walter reed medical center near washington trump says he's fighting for the millions of people who have had the virus across the world and he adds that the next few days will be the real test in his battle against the disease. i came here wasn't feeling so well i feel much better now working hard to get me all the way back i have to be back because we still have to make america great again we've done a good job of that but we still have steps to go and we have to finish the job.
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i'll be back i think i'll be back soon. so i just want to tell you the sort of feel good. you don't know over the next period of a few days i guess that's the real test so we'll be seeing what happens over those next couple next couple of days. or joining us now is our correspondent carolina chinmoy in washington carolina the president says he's doing well as we just saw did he go defend his decision to continue campaigning without a mask well he said he wants to continue with the campaign as soon as possible he gave this statement without a mask though and we do know that the president himself has been very critical and towards this kind of measures like wearing a mask or keeping social distance donald trump has been even making fun of people who follow this caution rules so the mask has during the campaign it has become
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almost a political symbol now after donald trump himself has gone through this we'll have to see if he really changes openly his mind on the measures to prevent a more infections. carolyn that stay with us we're going to take a look back over a pretty hectic last 24 hours since mr trump revealed he had the coronavirus earlier the president's doctor had also given an upbeat assessment of his progress but the follow up questions have shifted to the focus on timing of trump's diagnosis and infection you. just team of doctors treating donald trump to try to offer some reassurance to the nation that the us president was doing fine they painted a fairly rosy picture and said he was doing quote very well. as reported yesterday consultation with this group i recommended we bring the president up to walter reed . as a precautionary measure measure. to provide state of the art monitoring and any care
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that he may need. just 72 hours into the diagnosis now the 1st week of covered in a particular day $7.00 to $10.00 of the most critical in determining the likely course of this illness. the doctors said the president was not experiencing any trouble breathing and stress that he'd been fever free for over 24 hours. but the doctor's clarification on trump's condition confused many 72 hours into the diagnosis would mean he was confirmed infected on wednesday 8 it wasn't until early friday that trump told the world that he in the 1st lady had contracted covered 19 . on thursday he attended a private fundraising event at this golf course and bedminster new jersey with hundreds of guests. trump's doctor sean conley later issued a statement saying he misspoke and meant day 3. made while president trump had
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nothing but praise for his medical team tweeting that great progress was being made against the coronavirus plague the race is already on the trace and test the people who might have come into contact with the president and the potential pool of people is huge. how killable several people close to trump who attended an event at the white house rose garden a week ago have now tested positive for corona virus and that number could still grow. crowds continue to gather outside the walter reed hospital to show their support for the president donald trump's illness has thrown his presidential campaign into uncharted territory and he is now one of the more than 7000000 americans diagnosed with the virus. carolyn a chimo is still with us in washington carolina more people in the president's inner circle have tested positive in recent days as we saw has certain are we
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though that the rose garden event was this super spreader vent within the president's team. oh this is of course difficult to say it's difficult to do that people are tracing this has not been confirmed that that ceremony last week in the white house was a place where several people got infected but we do know that at least 6 people 2 republican senators by the way 10 that that event have been tested positive for 19 so it is very likely that this might have been the event or where they contrive to have the infection also we have seen the images they are not wearing masks there is no social distancing so probably this was the event but it is very difficult to confirm that. carolyn to get a sense of how this cluster of infections is impacting the function of the trump
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campaign theme just a month now from the presidential election the impact has been a huge don't have to cancel his campaign events this week and the new video the 2nd video by the way he published from the hospital he says he thinks he is coming back very soon and that he wants to continue with his campaign to make america great again. for now he has stopped everything and so how so biden by the way the presidential candidate for the democrats who said yesterday that he would also cancel his campaign event in michigan yesterday i don't respect for the president of the united states being hospitalized carolyn achievement in washington thank you so much pleasure when germany has been marking 30 years of national reunification the previously divided
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east and west with officially brought back together 3 decades ago the president of the federal republic frank fell to steinmeyer spoke at a commemoration in pottstown new building. a landmark date celebrating 30 years since of divided germany became one again the film studios and parts just outside berlin provided the stage for the official ceremony a toned down event due to the coronavirus pandemic only 230 guests were present about one 5th of the audience originally planned plans for a big street party had to be abandoned. in his keynote speech german president. said the pandemic couldn't blunt the country's pride in the achievement of reunification he paid tribute to the peaceful revolution in communist east germany that brought down the berlin wall in november 1989 and. 2020
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the german federal republic is a country that has been molded by east germans and west germans well rooted family in the migrants it is a country that draws hope from the victory of the ideas of 989. many were the lessons learned from germany's the vision and reunification steinmeier said including the country's strong belief in international cooperation and approach now often being called into question around the world. we germans are committed to international cooperation even though it has become harder especially since it has become harder and. we want to stand up for a strong and fair international order together with our partners in europe ladies and gentlemen dear guests this too is a lesson in mission we've inherited from our history. a day of remembrance but also
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of celebration accompanied by performances appealing to the musical tastes of all age groups including the almost 13000000 germans who are 30 years old or younger who never experienced a divided germany. a country now united but were economic and sometimes cultural differences still exist recent polls show 2 thirds of germans don't think the process of reunification is complete a task that will be up to younger generations to accomplish in the years to come ok let's turn now to some of the other stories making news around the world. italy's far right opposition leader in the tail vini has gone on trial charged with illegally detaining migrants when he was interior minister last year more than $100.00 migrants for mind on the ship itself meaning waited for other e.u. states to agree to take them in he rejects the charges calling them politically motivated. pope francis on set i met his 1st trip outside of rome in 7
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months he traveled to the italian town of assisi in the tomb of some francis he signed and. which is a document laying out the pope's views on key issues on for eternity and social friendship. which ranks of triggered landslides and heavy flooding in the southern french alps at least people in this in neighboring italy one firefighter died in the rescue operation and 11 people unaccounted for the storm caused power outages and widespread property damage. the signees transitional government has signed a peace agreement with several rebel groups that deal brings ease of conflict to an end groups including the judge wade militia have been terrorizing the volatile nation on the horn of africa for nearly 2 decades a report looks at how the peace treaty could help one young victim.
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yes aliment spent with his family here were happy once they lived in this heart had cattle and never wanted for anything he'll never forget that friday back in 2003 when all of it was taken away john joe we've militia attacked the village alum and then just 12 years old was in the mountains with the families cattle. we heard that the whole village had been burned to the ground the people were raped and killed it was a terrible day for me. as in. their mission was part of a genocide following orders from them president omar al bashir the group were to crush an uprising of non arab tribes against the regime in darfur they said hundreds of villages on fire plundered and murdered more than 300000 people were killed and another 2 and a half 1000000 were forced to flee their homes. they could kill your father in
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front of your eyes for regular family. that's why we fight a refugee camp. wasteland and abandon villages still bear witness to the war crimes of the past 17 years until recently militias close to the government and for continued to spread fear and terror even while the new government in how to promised reconciliation and peace. so far only very few have dared to return to their villages tens of thousands are waiting in refugee camps like this one without jobs without prospects petrol and electricity are in short supply and many can barely afford food. everything. everything here is expensive and many things aren't available even drinking water is expensive and there's no bread at all that well if you want to get there are 5. great hopes rest
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on the peace treaty the government signed with the rebels. refugees like a women want to go back to their villages and they want justice for the crimes they were victim to. we hope that our most important demands will be met we want security we want compensation we want to live but above all we refugees want peace. a life without fear and pain a better future for his son alum and wants the same things as millions of others in sudan. but off the decades of war people are no longer sure if they can still hold on to hope. and before we go a reminder about top story this hour those president double trump has spoken out for the 1st time from the hospital where he is being treated for because would not think the president gave an upbeat assessment of his condition but said the next few days for bathing real test and he's battled against the disease.
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you're watching news from building up next sports life asks why german reunification failed in football for getting it all the latest news and information around the clock on that website that's the w dot com american how i'll be back with more headlines for you at the top of the alpha male that's what. i'm secure in that. that's hard and in the end this is a me you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers with lions and. what's your story. 'd 'd on what numbers of women especially of victims of violence. take part and send us your story we are trying in all ways to understand this new
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culture. nothing very little or nothing yet you want to become citizens. in full migrants your platform reliable information. was odd. november 9th 198930 years ago the wall fell people in the east
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looked forward to the future to a new world new possibilities and western products. was similar in november 89 east german clubs looked forward to western t.v. money your sponsors and you. as did players like manchester city legend. then a 20 year old east german international we watched our id idols on television for years for decades and then we played against them all g.d.r. talent stephan for and who benefited from the change not just because he later won the euro's. rented straight away a penthouse flat can you imagine a pedophilic. the people of east germany so great times coming but things turned out differently most companies in the g.d.r. was shut down millions of people lost their jobs the eastern economy crashed and
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so did its football. today 30 years after the fall off the wall not a single team from the east german top division in $89.00 as part of. the last g.d.r. champions homes of all stock are stuck in the 3rd division g.d.r. record champions to normal girl in play in the 4th tier alongside looked like 6 and are in the 5th division they all formally played in europe and even worse stephan floyd's former club style but i'm the book currently playing in the 7th 10. 30 years after the fall of the wall it's pretty clear to see reunification and football. couldn't have gone differently the situation for the g.d. are in november 89 wasn't so bad reigning champions denominate dresden had reached the u.a.e. for cup semifinals just a few months before. almost eliminated us inventors a.s. monaco from the cup winners' cup. mark stopped one game after game in the usa for
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cup. i am the national team were on their way to qualifying for the 1990 world cup they beat the olympic champion soviet union in a stunning performance ah i was a big hero so how did east german football become what it is today. he came over. with a few guys and bought the best lamps there is a good example why in the end was difficult to survive. because in manager sealed the 1st east west deal just one month after the fall of the ball he signed. the best striker time. dressed in style from followed. later ballon d'or winner went to stuttgart the same year.
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he came over and. all the talent. and. didn't really. pay the money. and destruction the dream of the golden west turned out to be a nightmare the g.d.r. couldn't compete in the free markets. were all parts of. the play as paid by the state there was no know how in terms of marketing sponsorship all contracts. regional sponsors in the east didn't have much money and most of the western companies didn't want to invest in east german clubs. i think the investors from the west were interested in other things probably mainly in real estate. trusts. i was really getting into investing with both.
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him until he told. me he invested in many east german clubs in the ninety's and to thousands he saved only one berlin from bankruptcy and helped the like 6 to rise but some of his i'm fellow investors ventures failed. dresden for example ruined by a west german businessman who later went to prison for embezzlement. and we can get many club simply made wrong decisions with the money we can try to get people to know exactly what they were doing when they sign players or coaches from the west for way too much money. in this. group. of course it was bad management of course a lack of investment of course lack of infrastructure but how the club in the east should know how to run
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a football club when you have never exposed to. some of the lack of commercial power in the east was a big factor in why reunification and football failed. now the reason for the downfall of. the fusion of the east and west germany simply wasn't fair in 1989 the west german bundesliga had 18 teams and the east german over league had 14 sides instead of merging these leagues all 18 when the 2nd teams were allowed to stay in the top division and only 2 east german teams could join a further 6 g.d.r. teams were relegated to the 2nd division and the rest went from the 1st german league to the 3rd all german for example former european cup winners knocked a book or record champion dynamo berlin played here in this stadium because well. it was pretty unfair or should have expanded the bundesliga then maybe the damage would have been so bad that it put the spot 10 years. in.
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the east football family joined. the west german family basically. just won the world cup so basically you have to take what you get. difficult start in the 1st 3 unified season he struggled. in 92 he unsuccessfully went to the west german club. was another level of. contract. also a little society with both you have to do look out for yourself in the east and he will. be worth more. in the west you need to. expand to survive now you have to look after your save you have to. realise
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a little bit. how far. i was away from the. west. despite these differences. in the west he won titles with dortmund and germany and ended up as a family favorite at the top of the. same for manchester city between 94 and 98 he scored 50 goals for the sky blues becoming part of their hall of fame. meanwhile the former clubs collapsed. went bankrupt in 998. dressed and left the bundesliga in 1995 with millions of debt never came back. so 30 years after. but wait in the east german class may think that
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but in some ways used is very much alive. take the current german youth development system it is undoubtedly one of the best in the world with specialized football schools and an outstanding scouting system from age 10 all implemented in the 2000 east germany last summer. he basically copied a lot of things what already happened decades 2030 years before in the east and i think all football germany had benefit that. came after that with a lot of young talent i propose if you take a look at the 3 decades after reunification who were the best. in the 90s. born and raised in dresden g.d.r. . in the 2000 and mikhail ballack born and raised in calm marks structure and in
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the 20 ten's 20 course also born and bred in east germany a lot of east german players play later for the german national team there is a character and a power that. comes from the overall situation in east germany east germany was a poor country you have to fight you have to work hard have to grow as a person. east germany is no longer poor things are getting better and since 2005 we even have an east german chancellor. east germany was. obviously not the nicest area to live no is fantastic to live there and then you realise our why not to play for our knowledge to play for the race than again leipsic now. and with abi leipsic there's finally a team from the east that can really compete with the big teams from the west the club was promoted to the bonus. they get in 2016 and finished 2nd in their 1st
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season behind by him but ahead of don't match and therefore top flight season so far they've qualified for the champions league 3 times last season under the guidance of their young coach new young not goes from the team breach the semifinals beating the likes of tottenham and athletico madrid along the way. for the likes of people that somebody comes in and ben thank you for likes of the chance to participate in the bonus he from participating champions league and. they have often to fight for the title to something fantastic. since last season only on berlin has also been in the bundesliga for the 1st time after spending 10 seasons in germany's 2nd tier the club from the east berlin district of kerpen it enjoys cult status far beyond the capital on your own cultivates the image of the underdog in terms of sport the team was able to convince in the 1st year the promoted side
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finished their 1st season in 11th place so re-unification failed but the east is still alive. it was mexico as well. can really feel how high the answers are right i'm going to. make plans and never people. i am chris here it's a. question. i missing you.
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how have true sides of our new home together in the years following german unification. in pop culture. music. and last but not least in the last. 30 years of john mccain from the perspective of the people. who wrote. on d w. neil armstrong really walk on the moon. isn't the earth really flat how strong. does the government just plain stupid reason most . conspiracy theories spread like wildfire on the internet which is simply conspiracy theories can provide comfort you don't like reality create another. democracy of the goal of. 45 minutes w.
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literature invites us to see people in particular. i like to see the kids find the strength growing up. might. work a little for. books on youtube. 30 years ago these images went around the world on october 3rd $990.00 germany was united barely one year after the fall of the valid war the signing of the unification treaty in 1990 saw the end of east germany now
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all germans share one kolya moments and one currency and today only remnants of the burden will remain. and with that of war welcome to this special edition of your own max we'll be taking you on a 2 of the german capital including places where the german german divide has left its mark here at the pot some up lots this is where the border used to run and for a long time it was a barren space there are no signs of it here today in today's program we will meet a winner of germany's unity define love without borders and taken a step look back at the berlin techno scene yeah but 1st we meet an artist who hurts to shape the image of birdland after unity jim. jim and the young created
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a 15 meter stretch of the east side gallery the longest remaining section of the berlin wall. we met him by his artwork at the famous open air gallery. i think of the. complex song i think german unity was a complex and difficult process and i think it's still not completed. even though i wasn't so sure about it at the time it's good that it happened it was necessary. and looking back i must say that i'm happy to have witnessed the entire process. as artists had the opportunity to do a lot of the east and the west and to get to know what i understand both sides and maybe reflect that in my work somehow. speaking to. 199118 artists from 21 countries brightened up a 1300 metre long section of the wall that faced.
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painted thank you years ago and what became known as the east side gallery. in kind of as we was none of us had any way of knowing that it would become what it is today namely one of the main tourist attractions in berlin or in germany. and a kind of memorial a place of pilgrimage for people from all over the world who want to remember the wall in pentagon homes which. this is what his section of the wall looks like today in 2013 he secretly painted over his old work and cause discomfort of a new and his health was wanted to make a statement about the negative aspects of the new berlin. i painted everything art witnessed in berlin in 2013. the investors of the digital became us walking around with lattes on their laptops in the world queuing in front of clubs they won't get into. the us has been west germany and in the 1990 s.
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was active in the lens art scene he painted murals on the walls of techno clubs and helped provoke the ship happenings then he was commissioned to work for a watch manufacturer and an airline. his larger than life nero's can now be found around the globe. having you know what is. also a musician and a d.j. . under the name new on him he releases videos and regularly performs in clubs throughout germany. but 1st and foremost he's a painter and one of germany's most successful pop art artists his artist's name is a tribute to the french says he when he began his career with street art his colorful interpretations of abuses in the world has become his trademark his current exhibition in berlin is entitled tomorrow never knows. the one ever knows
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song. to morrow never no says one of my favorite beatle songs and describes a sense of life's uncertainties. it's always been this way but especially now we can't predict where the world is heading. due to the whole corona thing but also politically aligned. on the one hand there's a sense of anticipation but also an unsettling feeling of insecurity. in june of this year other your put this feeling into images on the 40 meter high will of the building in northern ireland. weighed down by unwanted ballast is a balloon heading into the i mean i really can't imagine what the future holds for the world for germany or for berlin. yet he remains an optimist because he saw how a wall that people once died trying to cross became a work of art. i have
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a hard time imagining what it would be like if germany were still divided. but i think it'll take one or 2 more generations before this process is completed. the process of process jim of in your will continue to monitor this process closer. and no doubt discover many more motifs for his work. even if it might look like it the building behind me is not an old palace on a going renovation the whole old form is a completely new building it is the reconstruction of the old ball and city palace building it was a lengthy process and it's still not finished and now work is also on the way outside the building on the monuments to freedom and this follows a lot of political debate on the project and we met up with one of its creators.
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the planned monument to freedom and unity was designed by sebastiaan let's. the concept is a 50 meter moving bowl that visitors can access different enough people move to one side together it gently tips that way. the monument is meant to commemorate the peaceful revolution in the former east germany. didn't is this just a new mention the idea is for people who gather on this monument to get a feeling for what happened in 1990. for them to communicate move in one direction together. and use their weight to alter the position of the ball and create their own living in the. country been because it's a toy. the monument will be located near to such landmarks as the brandenburg gate the t.v. tower. and berlin cathedral. they attract tourists from all around the world to what used to be east berlin. the reconstructed berlin palace
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will be an added attraction there if the work goes according to plan the monument to freedom and unity will stand in front of it by late 2021. you stink my verdict this monument honors 1st all of the brave east german citizens who dared to take to the streets in 1909 and 90 and fight for democracy and freedom we must not forget east germany was a totalitarian regime to come from and now a monument will honor them here in the heart of berlin it's. the site of the future monument is itself historically significant the original berlin palace and the national kaiser bill have along with one stood here in 1950 the east german leadership had both of them demolished. the old palace was replaced by the so-called palace of the republic the seat of the east german parliament which is
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due. on the side of 970. $989.00 the peaceful revolution led to the end of east germany and the reunification process. later the german parliament building was demolished. in its place will be the new berlin palace and the monument. the most one also august is or than i have to say the place we're at now is steeped in history often because the palace of the republic stood here to the east germany foreign ministry and the state council building stood there so of course this place was very important for east germany as well. and 2013 members of the stuttgart architectural firm fell in part completed a life size model. but political disagreements kept delaying the start of the actual construction of the symbolic groundbreaking finally took place in may 2020. the foundation integrates the surviving banks of the old national kaiser bill him monument there by combining the past and present. the mother still.
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looking at this model you see the steps here and the big platform which takes up almost the entire space that once surrounded the equestrian monument that store here in the center. and what's really interesting is that now it's the viewers will be standing at the center where at one time kaiser bill him stood that's now the visitors will be standing because of them stand being that's to put. tanned if everyone plays their part the monument to freedom and unity will embody what it's title suggests. citizens in motion. the wall that used to divide east and west once stood here right beside the river. still find remains of the old wall now known as east side gallery of course today it is no longer the city but attracts tourists from all over the world and even so
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. a year after german unity many germans refer to things east and west although they have so much in common and that is the theme of the hartford project by 2 local artists. 30 years after reunification 30 people couples friends and business partners all from the former east and west germany are taking part in an art project. up only god i noted more without reunification we definitely would not be here it would have been very unlikely that we are saying that. the project is one of many to mark the anniversary of reunification to mark fat and meet our imports stopped recording the heartbeats of 15 couples who wouldn't be together had reunification never happened . it was important for us to find the common ground in all the different couples and for us it was the heartbeat the essence the core of human beings just
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mention the part of you want to go on the couples coming today are all people who are affected by the fall of the wall or unification. one is always from the east and the other from the west would not have met otherwise your reasons we could. have caused and selena schuster our coworkers. uses a digital stethoscope to record their heartbeats. mark for our 1st aircraft the couple's also part of the art project every pair has a story of their own no matter when they were born. a year ago when they all felt i wasn't even born so i didn't experience it directly. but of course you hear a few stories about it from your grandparents and your parents. but i don't make a big deal of it. most of the 5 to and for tina hurt
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stage was still teenagers back in the 1990 s. the friends got to know each other over 20 years ago in berlin. the artists also document the couple's hopes and dreams for the future. it's meant i wish we could come closer to one another. starting now come together worldwide. you know it's best i come from west berlin and it's been and i come from kristen. i know we're completely honest with each other a lot of all superficial. you always hear about the know it all westerners who are always explaining things. and as you would never like that you always said look you can do things this way i'm in such a way i could totally accept it. of the person if you weren't doing it constantly but you never adopted a superior man or. viking shmeat it's
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a sound collage from the heartbeat recordings and adds as music. when the participants heartbeats come together it produces a very special kind of rhythm. is fun this is the exciting thing is this way it follows a very similar pattern for the couples after they've been here for a while their heart beats not even lock step so they waged a very similar. this is you have hostile he used to be in east germany. and michelle heights met there while dancing the tango in love when i'm from the west and moved to rostock many years ago without reunification we never would have made it more than we can get. and since then we've been dancing together and are happy everything works so well when you're 30 years from now and we're going to still be there. because all say germans from the former east and west have grown much closer since we. if occasion and familiarity of germans would
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agree. here beside me you can see a way in on berlin where he was born and became famous here the pedestrian traffic light might infect the east german 150 years ago the 1st east german traffic live man where instilled in west berlin and the old ones removed they were among the few things from the former east germany to live on in our everyday lives and nowadays you can see that on pedestrian trussing throughout the city. is a little chubby. as a post knows and always wears a hat the traffic light from the former east germany known as the complementary there's also no he's a bit of a cute childlike figure it is also a grown man.


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