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tv   Die Nacht des Mauerfalls  Deutsche Welle  October 4, 2020 8:15am-8:45am CEST

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final score paul then got more goals to the delight of fans young and old and dortmund get back to winning ways in convincing fashion. you're watching news from berlin up next a reporter episode that will focus on tourism in mexico and the risk from covert 19 a michael loco in berlin thanks for watching. this is some dope story stubborn rice farmer from thailand. his problems past. his credo no chemicals. and his trying to. step. out.
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orders from. the students of the past don't stand a chance. training successful. such that it. starts october 1st 2 w. . sand beneath your feet good music and daring to float on a mild summer evening. mexicans want happy tourists. that our livelihood is almost 100 percent dependent on tourists without them everything falls apart. but there is also kind of it a virus that knows no vacation. there has been an x. . financial increase of infection since the beginning of the new normal. sized
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leader is located on the west coast of mexico which is normally a tourist magnet if it weren't for the pandemic. the day has just begun and is normally a towpath n.c.r. would be taking out his 1st tourists the beach would already be crowded and the 33 year old horse would be fully booked. if you want to learn to ride a horse the morning doesn't make him any income like most of the days and months before it is savings are exhausted although beethoven is an optimist his concerns are growing with each day i mean is mediocre. for me it's very hard for animals
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need to eat whether they work or not. i have to care for them just like my family and that's hard for me yes he will once again silencer is pretty much the sleepy fishing village that beta remembers from his childhood. with a pandemic kanva lockdown after that ended everyone look to those tourists who dad to go on vacation without them there's no income and it's a matter of sheer survival. but there are tools books and a spear so. there is no state support her must help himself. he was born here and knows how much nature can provide. together with his son and his father he now goes out fishing every day. and he hopes to get enough
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from the sea to make a small profit. model. palencia later. baytown knows his way around. an octopus likes to hide in the wrong just like the lobster. oysters op backbreaking one. a small catch after an hour it is actually off season for d.c. creatures. a lot there are many lobsters but they're still too small. and unless as we only get as much as we need the pandemic is forcing us to fight
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for our survival just like everyone else in the polls a single tourist boat passes by by to mrs the gas and not only for financial reasons see if you get the game it was electronic press and it's nice to get to know other parts of the world and since i don't have the money to travel i get to know the world through the tourists who talk to me about the country to see and i imagine that the only mucky muck. banks change a few words swamp some beer hall oysters and for a moment many water is almost forgotten. after hours at sea beta has to sell his cancer of the day to current the fishmonger scenic leader is the most sort of look at this oyster it's as big as my hand what do you say with like let's count them. karen had to close her village shop that carries on from home she could no longer pay the rent for her story. the
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restaurants didn't buy enough of food and walking customers stayed away never the less she takes the bait has catch. you up that'll help us with household costs for about 2 or 3 days. minister. the people inside meter urgently need financially robust tourists who come here to the west coast mostly from the u.s. or canada. and if you can't come. next door. or one of the only places i was lucky enough to end up here inside. mexico never closed its borders so the economy could at least keep operating a little bit. together guests and locals are creating a can free atmosphere that could almost make you forget about kind of it.
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you just get to be human and you're like i'm going crazy on you day you know i just so you start to take calculated risks. stephen can be qantas i returned months ago when they were both fed up with the isolation in the yo ass. in the us between everything with cold and the election and unemployment rates you know we really felt like sale you know was a place that we could get away from the cold it. well i'm not sure what it is to be honest a new. it's been made out to be such a big problem but i don't know that it's worse than the flu and i'm not really to get ready to give up my liberty is over a virus the 51 year old only went as a face mask when necessary after all he's among friends. nevertheless he is aware
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that he could infect others or be infected himself and then i don't want to go to a hospital and. be marked as a coded person either i don't have insurance fears so i think i'd probably try to take care of myself the best i could over the best outcome in the country needs tourists and people feel they have to get out and move around because the solitude makes them sick you know it's more important to live in existence we have in you know by fish or you might get hit by a bus or you might get caught it in so you. take so you eat a meal. her is reviving tourism with restrictions stores and restaurants are only allowed to be open for 6 hours a day if the hotels are welcoming only one 3rd of think dance to capacity when the weekend inside a little begins the streets become full of more tourists move closer together and
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many face masks disappear. he she says is a doctor so she's concerned about the can or snus that she often witnesses is simple enough but that it's impossible not to think about the fact that it's a risk and that some of these people will soon be my patients but as a human being i also understand the desire to enjoy the old life style the normal fan base the intensive care physicians days always form as a family that wants to be cared for 3 generations under one roof and the time they spend together is very important to them. but who bit into all those apples. here. he always bites all the apples at the store good for a fruit yogurt though that's our fruit situation over there. but there are worried looks he says and yvonne have the riskiest job in the country by doctors who treat covert patients the last few months have been tough they look i think you think you
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know what to expect but it can always get worse because someone new is suddenly admitted and you don't know how they're doing and i think. this has been the daily routine of doctors for more than 6 months. it gets incredibly hot in the suit you don't understand what the other person is saying which sometimes makes you desperate and you can't breathe well. eases feels a special connection with our fast co be patient because he is also a doctor tourists come to the clinics often with no symptoms but are still in fact it and that could so easily cost the lives of our colleagues. hello doctor how are you. this is how i look but do you think. it's important that patients feel safe they're isolated and have no contact with their families.
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the pneumonia was severe but the scan shows marked improvement. soon the ventilator will be removed. he has put himself in danger for other people. he's doing better and for me as a doctor this is the greatest satisfaction that. the number of infections has risen significantly due to tourism say that alters hospitals are becoming overrun time and again yvonne is worried about his country an explosion of tobie cases and a new lockdown would be a catastrophe for the people of the region. it's a thin line our country needs the economy but this can only be done with strict security measures and the worst thing now is not so much the virus but people's ignorance. ignorance that could have severe consequences for
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maria ho say she works as a hotel concierge and has to get tested one guest tested positive for coping. i mean i like working with terrorists but the risk is always there. the situation is complicated. we also have to make money. means that the doctors do not know when this will end they have their own families who they do not want to in fact. children who are waiting for a welcome home cares and a hug and hope that their parents will remain a healthy. here if they get sick then i can no longer be with them. i'm afraid that they will dying. tourism during a pandemic the wiring of getting sick with a longing for life and the need to make
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a living it may not be the easiest challenge to bring all of these together but it's not impossible. if you're meant to win a game by the end of yes our whole village could be overrun by the virus. as a visitor but i think that if we follow the hygiene and social distancing rules then we can live here together that way is there one is at the bottom and one of them we will stand firm and if you want to get ahead you just have to remain optimistic but i guess it appears this.
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how have 2 sides of the berlin come together in the years following german unification. in pop culture. music. and last but not least. 30 years of german took a shot from the perspective of. the world. on d w. with him her to being gone it goes on because when the highest high you know if i had known the boat would be about small i never would have gone on a trip to europe i would not have put myself and my parents on what i'm trying to do but it's a dream of the going to leave us leave for. mother and son to the hope that one
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little to give them i have serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live there for the month i'm going to. i want to know their story and for migrants terrified of going to reliable information for more grants. 30 years ago these images of wind and round the world's uphill both hurts and $990.00 germany was united barely one year after the fall of the it was the signing of the unification treaty in 1990 saw on the ends of east germany
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now all germans shared one kolya months and one currency and today only remnants of the balun wall remain. and with a war welcome to this special edition of your own max we'll be taking you on a 2 of the german capital including places where the german german divide has left its marks here at the pot some up lots this is where the border used to run and for a long time it was a barren space there are no signs of it here today in today's program we will meet a window of germany's unity define love without borders and taken a static look back at the berlin techno scene yeah but 1st we meet an artist who hurt to shape the image of birdland after the unity jim. jim and the young created
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a 15 meter stretch of the east side gallery the longest remaining section of the berlin wall. we met him by his artwork at the famous open air gallery. thank you the. complex song i think german unity was a complex and difficult process and i think it's still not completed. even though i wasn't so sure about it at the time it's good that it happened it was necessary. and looking back i must say that i'm happy to have witnessed the entire process. as artists had the opportunity to do a lot of the east and the west and to get to know what i understand both sides and maybe reflect that in my work somehow. being supported. in 99118 artists from 21 countries brightened up a 1300 metre long section of the wall that faced. his
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painted fence years ago on what became known as the east side gallery. in kind of eyes with none of us had any way of knowing that it would become what it is today namely one of the main tourist attractions in berlin or in germany. and a kind of memorial a place of pilgrimage for people from all over the world who want to remember the wall of. homes we've been on this is what his section of the walls looks like today in 2013 he secretly painted over his old work and course discussion of a new and his help is wanted to make a statement about the negative aspects of the new berlin. i painted everything art witnessed in berlin in 2013. the investors of the digital behaviors walking around with law takes on their laptops in the world queuing in front of clubs they won't get into. the us just grew up in west germany and in the 1990 s.
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was active in the lens art scene he painted mirror also on the walls of techno clubs and helped provoke the ship happenings then he was commissioned to work for a watch manufacturer and an airline. his larger than life murals can now be found around the globe. having you know it's. also a musician and a d.j. . under the name neo until he released his videos and regularly performs in clubs throughout germany. but 1st and foremost he's a painter and one of germany's most successful pop art artists his art his name is a tribute to the french city where he began his career with street art his colorful interpretations of abuses in the world has become his trademark his current exhibition in berlin is entitled tomorrow never knows. 6 songs
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to morrow never knows as one of my favorite beatle songs and describes a sense of life from certainties. it's always been this way but especially now we can't predict where the world is heading. due to the whole corona thing but also politically aligned. on the one hand there's a sense of anticipation but also an unsettling feeling of insecurity. in june of this year i mean your put this feeling into images on the 40 meter high level of the building in northern berlin. weighed down by unwanted ballast is a balloon heading into the i mean what i really can't imagine what the future holds for the world for germany or for berlin yet he remains an optimist because he saw how a wall that people once died trying to cross became
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a work of art. i have a hard time imagining what it would be like if germany were still divided. but i think it'll take one or 2 more generations before this process is completed. the process of process jim will continue to monitor this process close. and no doubt discover many more motifs for his work. even if it might look like it the building behind me is not an old palace on a going renovation the whole world form is a completely new building it is the reconstruction of the old ball and city palace building it was a lengthy process and it's still not finished and now work is also on the way outside the building on the monuments to freedom and this follows a lot of political debate on the project and we met up with one of its creators.
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the planned monument to freedom and unity was designed by sebastiaan let's. the concept is a 50 meter moving bowl that visitors can access if another people move to one side together to gently tips that way. the monument is meant to commemorate the peaceful revolution in the former east germany. india is this just you mention the idea is for people who gather on this monument to get a feeling for what happened in 1990. 9 for them to communicate move in one direction together. and use their weight to alter the position of the ball and create their own living image and so on gonski been because it's a choice. the monument will be located near to such landmarks as the brandenburg gate the t.v. tower. and berlin cathedral. they attract tourists from all around the world to what used to be east berlin. the reconstructed berlin palace
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will be an added attraction there if the work goes according to plan the monument to freedom and unity will stand in front of it by late 2021. distinct my verdict on this monument owners 1st all of the brave east german citizens who dared to take to the streets in 1909 and 90 and fight for democracy and freedom that we must not forget east germany was a totalitarian regime and now a monument will honor them here in the heart of berlin. the site of the future monument is itself historically significant the original berlin palace and the national kaiser bill have a monument once stood here in 1950 the east german leadership had both of them demolished. the old palace was replaced by the so-called palace of the republic the seat of the east german parliament. on the side of the mid 970.
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1900 the peaceful revolution led to the end of east germany and the reunification process. later the east german parliament building was demolished. in its place will be the new berlin palace and the monument. the most one also. i have to say is the place we're at now is steeped in history of the palace of the republic stood here to the east germany foreign ministry and the state council building stood there so of course this place was very important for east germany as well. and 2013 members of the stuttgart architectural firm milligan partner completed a life size model. but political disagreements kept delaying the start of the actual construction the symbolic groundbreaking finally took place and may 2020. the foundation integrates the surviving base of the old national kaiser built a monument there by combining the past and present. a modest of the more
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looking at this model you see the steps here and the big platform which takes up almost the entire space that once surrounded the equestrian monument that stored here in the center. and what's really interesting is that now it's the viewers will be standing at the center where at one time kaiser bill him stood it's now the visitors will be standing because of them stand that's to prison for. if everyone plays their part the monument to freedom and unity will embody what its title suggests. citizens in motion. the wall that used to divide east and west once stood here right beside the river you can still find remains of the old wall now known as east side gallery of course today it is no longer divides the city but attracts tourists from all over the world and even 30 years after german unity many germans refer to things east and
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west although they have so much in common and that is the theme of this heartfelt project by 2 local artists. 30 years up to reunification 30 people couples friends and business partners all from the former east and west germany are taking part in an art project. only god i noted more without reunification we definitely would not that it would have been very unlikely that we are saying that. the project is one of many to mark the anniversary of reunification here to mark fat and meet our impact start recording the heartbeats of 15 couples who wouldn't be together had reunification never happened. with us but it was important for us to find the common ground in all the different couples and for us it was the heartbeat the essence the core of human
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beings just mention the part of your decor the couples coming today are all people who are affected by the fall of the wall are unification. one is always from the east and the other from the west would not have met otherwise you could go off. and selena should star coworkers shmita uses a digital stethoscope to record their heartbeats. mark far 1st a graph of the couples also part of the art project every pair has a story of their own no matter when they were born. a year ago when they all fell i wasn't even born so i didn't experience it directly. but of course you hear a few stories about it from your grandparents and your parents. but i don't make a big deal of it. mostly fighter and bettina her
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face was still teenagers back in the 1990 s. the friends got to know each other over 20 years ago in berlin. the artists also document the couple's hopes and dreams for the future. i wish we could come closer to one another. starting now come together worldwide. you know it's best i come from west berlin on and on and i come from kristen and please i know we're completely honest with each other and not at all superficial. you always hear about the know it all westerners who are always explaining things. and as you would never like that you always said look you can do things this way i'm in such a way i could totally accept it. others wasn't even doing it constantly but you never adopted a superior man or. wife going she needs it it's
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a sound collage from the heartbeat recordings and adds his own music. when the participants heartbeats come together it produces a very special kind of rhythm. is fun this is the exciting thing is this way follows a very similar pattern for the couples after they've been here for a while their heart beats not even lock step so they wave that very similar. this is you have ha stuff used to be in east germany. and reach out heights met their while dancing the tango and fall in love when i'm from the west and moved to rostock many years ago without reunification we never would have made it more than we can get. and since then we've been dancing together and are happy everything works so well here and 30 years from now and we hope it will still be there to. all say germans from the former east and west have grown much closer since reunification anthem a jora t.
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of germans would you crazy. here beside me you can see a way in on berlin where he was born and became famous here the pedestrian traffic light meant infect the east german 150 years ago the 1st east german traffic live man where instilled in west berlin and the old ones removed they were among the few things from the former east germany to live on in our everyday lives and nowadays you can see them on pedestrian trussing throughout the city. is a little chubby as a pole the snows and always wears a hat.


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