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tv   Bares fur Rares  Deutsche Welle  October 4, 2020 7:30pm-8:31pm CEST

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from the city's 300 the self image response card read. 60 minutes w. . what secrets lie behind. you discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. double your world heritage 360 to get me out now. 30 years ago these images waned around the world on october $3990.00 germany was united barely one year after the fall of the god it was the signing of
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the unification treaty in 1990 saw on the ends of east germany now all germans share one parliaments and one currency and today only remnants of the bally wall remain. and with that of war welcome to this special edition of your own max we'll be taking you on a 2 of the german capital including places where the german german divide has left its marks here at the pot some up lots this is where the border used to run and for a long time it was a barren space there are no signs of it here today in today's program we will meet a winner of germany's unity define love without borders and taken a star look back at the berlin techno scene yeah but 1st we meet an artist who hurts to shape the image of birdland after the unity
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jim. jim and the young created a 15 me to stretch of the east side gallery the longest remaining section of the berlin wall. we met him by his artwork at the famous open air gallery. thank you the. complex song i think german unity was a complex and difficult process and i think it's still not completed. even though i wasn't so sure about it at the time it's good that it happened it was necessary. and looking back i must say that i'm happy to have witnessed the entire process. had the opportunity to do a lot of the east and the west and to get to know one understand both sides and maybe reflect that in my work somehow. you know speaking to. the
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99118 artists from 21 countries brightened up a 1300 metre long section of the wall that faced. his but jim painted 30 years ago on what became known as the east side gallery. in kind i was with none of us had any way of knowing that it would become what it is today namely one of the main tourist attractions in berlin or in germany. and a kind of memorial a place of pilgrimage for people from all over the world who want to remember the wall and. this is what his section of the wall looks like today in 2013 he secretly painted over his old work and cause described in your and his helpers wanted to make a statement about the negative aspects of the new berlin. i painted everything i had witnessed in berlin in 2013 years. investors all the digital behaviors walking
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around with lattes on their laptops in the world queuing in front of clubs they won't get into. the us just grew up in west germany and in the 1990 s. was active in the lens art scene he painted murals on the walls of technically and helped provoke the ship happenings then he was commissioned to work for a watch manufacturer and an airline. his larger than life nero's can now be found around the globe. having you know is. also a musician and a d.j. . under the name neo until he releases videos and regularly performs in clubs throughout germany. but 1st and foremost he's a painter and one of germany's most successful pop art artists his answers name is a tribute to the french city where he began his career with street art his colorful
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interpretations of abuses in the world has become his trademark his current exhibition in berlin is entitled tomorrow never knows. tomorrow never knows this song. to morrow never no says one of my favorite beatle songs and describes a sense of life's on certainties. it's always been this way but especially now we can't predict where the world is heading. due to the whole corona thing but also politically. you know on the one hand there's a sense of anticipation but also an unsettling feeling of insecurity. in june of this year of the your pick this feeling into images on the 40 meter high level of the building in northern berlin. weighed down by unwanted ballast is a balloon heading into the i mean i really can't imagine what the future holds for
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the world for germany or for berlin. yet he remains an optimist because he saw how a wall that people once died trying to cross became a work of art. i have a hard time imagining what it would be like if germany were still divided. but i think it'll take one or 2 more generations before this process is completed. the process. jim of in your will continue to monitor this process closer. and no doubt discover many more motifs for his work. even if it might look like it the building behind me is not an old palace on a going renovation the whole world form is a completely new building it is the reconstruction of the old bull and city palace building it was a lengthy process and it's still not finished and now work is also on the way
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outside the building on the monuments to freedom and this follows a lot of political debate on the project and we met up with one of its creators. the planned monument to freedom and unity was designed by sebastiaan let's. the concept is a 50 meter moving bowl that visitors can access different nuff people move to one side together gently tips that way. the monument is meant to commemorate the peaceful revolution in the former east germany. didn't do as this doesn't mean you mention these the idea is for people who gather on this monument to get a feeling for what happened in 1990 this is another attempt to communicate move in one direction together. and use their weight to alter the position of the ball they create their own living image and so on down from the bin because it's a toy. the monument will be located near to such landmarks as the brandenburg gate
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the t.v. tower. and berlin cathedral. they attract tourists from all around the world to what used to be east berlin. the reconstructed berlin palace will be an added attraction. if the work goes according to plan the monument to freedom and unity will stand in front of it by late 2021. distinct my verdict on this monument honors 1st all of the brave east german citizens who dared to take to the streets in 1909 and 90 and fight for democracy and freedom that we must not forget east germany was a totalitarian regime to come from and now a monument will honor them here in the heart of berlin. the site of the future monument is itself historically significant the original berlin palace and the national kaiser bill have a monument once stood here in 1950 the east german leadership had both of them
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demolished. the old palace was replaced by the so-called palace of the republic the seat of the east german parliament which is the. on the side of it 970 . 1900 the peaceful revolution led to the end of east germany and the reunification process. later the east german parliament building was demolished. in its place will be the new berlin palace and the monument. the most one also august is autumn i have to say the place we're at now is steeped in history of the crystal palace of the republic stood here the east germany foreign ministry and the state council building stood there so of course this place was very important for east germany as well. and 2013 members of the stuttgart architectural firm miller and partners completed a life size model. but political disagreements kept delaying the start of the actual construction the symbolic groundbreaking finally took place in may 2020.
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the foundation integrates the surviving base of the old national kaiser built a monument there by combining the past and present. the modest of the more looking at this model you see the steps here and the big platform which takes up almost the entire space that one surrounded the equestrian monument that store here in the center. and what's really interesting is that now it's the viewers will be standing at the center so we're at one time kaiser vilhelm stood it's now the visitors will be standing because of the instant dashing gets to those who put. 10 and if everyone plays their part the monument to freedom and unity will embody what its title suggests. citizens in motion. the wall that used to divide east and west once stood here right beside the river you can still find remains of the old wall now known as east side gallery of course
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today it is no longer the city but attracts tourists from all over the world and even so. a year after german unity many germans refer to things east and west although they have so much in common and that is the theme of the hartford project by 2 local artists. 30 years after reunification 30 people couples friends and business partners all from the former east and west germany are taking part in an art project. without one a dodge i noted more without reunification we definitely would not be here it would have been very unlikely. the project is one of many to mark the anniversary of reunification care to mark bart and meet our impact start recording the heartbeats of 15 couples who wouldn't be together had reunification never happened.
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it was important for us to find the common ground in all the different couples and for us it was the heartbeat the essence the core of human beings as mentioned you probably want to go on the couples coming today or all people who are affected by the fall of the wall or unification. one is always from the east and the other from the west who would not have met otherwise. and selena should start our coworkers. uses a digital stethoscope to record their heartbeats. market 1st a graph of the couples also part of the art project every pair has a story of their own no matter when they were born. a year ago when they all fell i wasn't even born so i didn't experience it directly. but of
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course you hear a few stories about it from your grandparents and your parents. but i don't make a big deal of it. muscly 5 star and bettina have to say it was still teenagers back in the 1990 s. the friends got to know each other over 20 years ago in berlin. the artists also document the couple's hopes and dreams for the future. i wish we could come closer to one another. starting now come together worldwide. you know as best i come from west berlin on this and i come from kristen and i'm just not now we're completely honest with each other and not at all superficial. you always hear about the know it all westerners who are always explaining things. and his boss you would never like that you always said look you can do things this way i'm in such
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a way i could totally accept it. others wasn't even doing it constantly but you never adopted a superior man or. lifetime shmeat edits a sound collage from the heartbeat recordings and adds his own music. when the participants heartbeats come together it produces a very special kind of rhythm. this is the exciting thing is this way follows a very similar pattern for the couples after they've been here for a while their heart beats not even lock step so they waves that very similar. this is your hostile he used to be in east germany. and misha heights met there while dancing the tango and fall in love when i'm from the west and moved to rostock many years ago without reunification we never would have made it more than we can get. and since then we've been dancing together and are happy everything works so well here and 30 years from now and we can all still be there. all
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say germans from the former east and west have grown much closer since we. if occasion and the majority of germans would agree. here beside me you can see a way you know in berlin where he was born and became famous ia the pedestrian traffic light might infect the east german 150 years ago the 1st east german traffic light men when instilled in west berlin and the old ones removed they were among the few things from the former east germany to live on in our everyday lives and now a days you can see that on pedestrian trussing throughout the city. is a little chubby. as a pole the snows and always wears a hat the traffic light from the former east germany nor does the complementary has
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its own. he's a bit of a cute childlike figure it is also a grown man with a hat who acts very responsibly when crossing the street was always works for us day and night. i think it's the combination that makes him so believe the standing man is also something balanced and calm about it and a clear design like which out of all clearer than other traffic right now images. 30 years after reunification the i'm to mention a celebrated as an east german success story. the traffic light men were 1st introduced in east berlin in 1970. traffic psychologist carl piccolo wanted to design a pedestrian signal that caught people's attention. just difficult to appeal to children and older people when using abstract pictograms. so i simply tried to translate their clarity into personified symbols. to build
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a life like unlikeable in this 1st designs the figure even had fingers on a mouse and carl big losses wife helped when it came to the happy. the on to mention became recognizable symbols which in the 1980 s. were used to teach children about road safety on east german t.v. . and a friend who can help. after reunification in 1900. step by step to the west german pictograms gradually began to replace the east german occupation. designer marcus hook house and had just moved to the newly rina 5 berlin and witnessed the i'm to mention being replaced. after reunification i spent a lot of time walking around the former east berlin i was actually standing here at this intersection when they were changing the lights over there. and i thought i'd ask the workers there if i could have the old glass lundy's. i figured i'd be able to make something with them gradually i had the idea of turning them into lights.
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because i may have saved the opposition from extinction because lights caught people's attention in the former east people mourn the loss of their of them. along with inventor called a pickle all because some successfully fought to keep the. 1971 from mention were recognized in the road traffic regulations. 20051 of the 1st east german traffic like many west berlin was installed in the famous quarters for. 30 years after german reunification a little matter more than just traffic signals it's not just bizarre there's something special about them they don't look standardized they look as if there's something particular to the capital and if they're very friendly and project a nice image of our city you don't have them in other cities. for good food it creates a nice atmosphere when we steam i'm afraid it brings bill culture and history to a place i shouldn't forget his gold tradition. the green walking man and the red
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standing man are now world famous and popular souvenirs for tourists. among our international customers is the japanese who like the opera mention most they love little figures among us the opera mentioned are a bit like that and they're crazy about that in japan the east german opera mentioned are quite well known. traffic light meant as a brand ambassadors inspired other cities 2 years ago beat back and has some installed an elvis pedestrian like the american singer was one station 2 years a soldier. and car boxes like now shines brightness birthplace. some european cities now have traffic light women. and same sex trafficked like couples. from kansas sharon wonders a subtle way of spreading a message before no one really knew what traffic light men looked like. just that they were green or red and resemble
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a man but no one paid any attention to their design of it now because the east german opera mention have become so famous the awareness for traffic like men has changed worldwide on. most international pedestrian signals still feature simplistic pictograms. but maybe other countries will eventually follow these men's lead. the sound of new united burning was hot and electric the air also saw the birth of techno the clumps emerged overnight in disused industrial holds and a bend and spaces such as the bull go where i'm standing now on the former border between east and west today the museum of art collectors cabinet. but shortly after you need the former. was. the technique. used to play here the experience firsthand how the city became
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a huge magnet for techno fans. allen alien is a techno icon and star d.j. and head of a record label born in west berlin german reunification was a defining moment in her life. for me reunification was like an explosion. i got to experience what i'd always longed full. of the wool was gone and i could communicate and live with the people on the other side. of your. truth really and has performed all over from new york to hong kong for close to 3 decades she's been a berlin techno ambassador. as a teenager she was into hip hop but in the early ninety's she discovered text no. i like techno because it reminded me of berlin of how the wall fell and i walked around hearing the noise of the streets for me the sound of the city was taken
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a lot. after the wall fell rivers took over empty buildings near the former border in clubs like trees or young people from the east and west celebrated techno as the new sound of freedom trees were open in 1009 $101.00 and launched the careers of deejays like paul fein dyke from the former east germany. ellen alien to me again spinning records here too and other top clubs being a d.j. wasn't enough so she hosted a radio show in berlin and founded a music label i was right down trying to delegate the work i have my graphic artist and my booking agency i have someone helping take care of my label i delegate stuff to friends and people i can rely on. today religion is a cosmopolitan city but while it was divided even found the atmosphere oppressive that changed when the wall fell in 1989 and germany reunified a year later. that's where you got your hit what's not there i don't impress me
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very much emotionally was finding out how different east and west berlin is where. you know and also to live through the phase where we became one. and there have been for years clubs like they are kind and watergate have cemented berlin's reputation as. techno capital but when the coronavirus pandemic struck last march the party was suddenly over. it was a nightmare for d.j.'s like alien who make their living travelling around the world and bringing people together to dance this summer she spent a lot of time traveling on berlin's waterways trying to process the new normal. like this it was awful it was absolutely horrible because i was ready to go on to a full tour. so it was a big shock i must admit that i cried a lot. of good bye and. but instead of sinking into depression she took action
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in june she released her 9th studio album an hour and began streaming live d.j. sets like here from berlin t.v. tower. berlin's techno scene isn't giving up either it's returning to its improvised roots after german reunification and like then finding empty buildings the club reveres and almost has opened on the grounds of a former brewery covers wear masks and socially distance cameras are not permitted so what has had to look 1st of all opening up a club in the corona era in 2020 is very brave of doll that the owner here. it gives us a huge energy. and gives us something to show off to the world in berlin a club is opening up in 2020. 5 homes like this either.
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and of course alan alien is performing here as well. as you. but you don't have to go to a club to experience something new and exciting in berlin the streets of beirut ings of the city common life during the bali lights festival famous len box like the brand new book the gates are based in colorful lights and this was a year mix program dedicated to german unity and with these fantastic pictures from berlin it is time for me to say goodbye if you want to see mall then visit our social media channels are check out our website there you will also fight all the details on our current views draw until we meet again goodbye stay safe and thanks for watching.
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to. shift gears on a virtual trip back to take a look at east germany. the fallen wall escape tunnels bus tours through. the experience it all. the young men to reality. much more time travel. should just.
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come in 15 minutes on d w. that's considered the color of the 20th century the most elite of the us out it's not just the coming doors that have made the designs so common. design of a man had an incredibly expensive nowadays the most cities throughout the south island the east coast called red. 30 minutes w. . is for me. is for you. coming to us for help. beethoven is for her. the beat
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is for the. beethoven is for cars. is for clem beethoven 202250th anniversary here on. this story a stubborn rice farmer from thailand. his problems. his credo no chemical. step. students are. training
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successful. starts oct 15th. this is d.w. news live from berlin and donald trump's personal physician provides an update on the u.s. president's progress doctor sean connelly revealed that the president is now on a course of steroids he also said trump was continuing to do well but was experiencing ups and downs also coming up as a by john and armine a trade accusations over
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a deadly attack on azerbaijan 2nd largest city as fighting and the disputed border no kind of off region continues to intensify. omarion evanston thanks for joining me u.s. president donald trump's doctors have issued a new statement on his condition saying he's. given a steroid drug called dex the methadone this medication is usually given to seriously ill coated patients to help their long function well despite this trial was pressed on doctors said the president may be discharged from the hospital as early as monday let's hear what else dr sean connelly had to say earlier over the course of his illness the president has experienced 2 episodes a transient drops his oxygen saturation we debated the reasons for this and whether we'd even intervene is
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a determination of the team based predominantly on the timeline from the initial diagnosis that we initiate xom at this end i'd like to take this opportunity now given some speculation over the course of the illness now the last couple days. update you in the course of his his own illness. thursday night into friday morning when i left the bedside the president was doing well with only mild symptoms and his oxygen was in the high ninety's. late friday morning when i returned to the bedside president had a high fever and his oxygen oxygen saturation was transiently dipping below 94 percent given these 2 developments i was concerned for possible rubber progression of the illness i recommended the president we try some supplemental oxygen see how he'd respond he was fairly adamant that he didn't need it he was not short of breath he was tired had the fever and i was about it and after about a minute on only 2 leaders he said ration levels are back over 40 over 95 percent.
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stayed on that for about an hour maybe it was off and gone later that day by the time the team here was at the bedside president had been up out of bed moving about the residence with only mild symptoms. despite this they want to greet the best course of action was to move to walter reed for a more thorough evaluation monitoring. and with me in the studio now is stacy bivins from our u.s. election team hello to you stacey so kind of some contradictory messages there from the medical team on the one hand they're telling us trumps oxygen was dipping he's on the steroids it's normally used for a very ill coated patients but then they tell us that he might be released from the hospital tomorrow i mean does this add up well i think that there's a couple of things happening i think 1st because this is a high value patient they're probably trying to throw everything at it to try to. to ease him and help him make it through this that's the 1st thing and then you
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talk about conflicting information is conflicting and it's also incomplete we were told that trump had a fever on friday we don't know how high his fever got we don't know anything about his lungs but what the extras were at the capacity or anything like that and we don't know if he's suffering from pneumonia or anything there's just a lot of questions still and interesting in early enough the doctor realized that people found him a little bit cagey as he was sidestepping the supplemental oxygen issue and he said that he was just trying to provide an upbeat message but that's not really his job he is a member of trump's medical team not his p.r. team and people found it strange and it kind of added to what exactly can we believe but only from the white house but from the medical doctor well stacy as we all know a trump has long been criticized for downplaying the seriousness of coronavirus has also been very reluctant to wear a mask in public is his own illness likely to change his tune on these things we
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have no indication that that's the case when he released taped video message he seemed you know thankful to the doctors but he wasn't really contrite and at one point he was saying well i had no choice i have to work and i have to go out but if you're a healthy person you don't have to just stay home or go out you can wear a mask. that you could protect yourself and it's too bad that he as the leader of the country did not take the opportunity to address the 7000000 people who are suffering from covert to say i feel what you're feeling i understand what you're feeling this is what we can do for to protect ourselves and to overcome this he didn't really have anything to say and even now the white house is not making it mandatory for people to wear a mask there's still just the a reluctance of the still very political even now and even though the president is not the only one who's been confirmed to have coronavirus there's numerous people
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in his inner circle and 10 so far at least 10 so stacey what kind of an impact is that going to have on trump's a reelection campaign well there's a lot of things that state this at stake this campaign is running from behind anyway i mean joe biden is already on the campaign trail still and he's in the lead in a lot of polls national and battleground states as well but when you look at the trump campaign and specifically 1st of all he was trying to get people's attention away from cove it so he they were he and the republican party were trying to push through their choice for the supreme court. and now that's kind of been derailed because 2 people on that senate judiciary committee are contracted coded and so we don't know if that's going to change the discussion for that then you look at president mike pence who has to do 2 things step in for trouble on the campaign trail and also do some things administratively so that's where you have it all right stacy givens always great to talk to you many thanks indeed. well here
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in germany police in the city of hamburg have confirmed that a student was attacked outside the main synagogue in the northern german city german media reports say a man dressed in military clothing attacked the student at the house of worship hitting him with a shovel over the head before security forces from the jewish community overpowered the man both the military clothing and the date of the attack bring back memories of an anti-semitic attack on a synagogue in the eastern german city of hama almost exactly a year ago. well for the latest on this story i'm joined by our political correspondent nina ha's and you know what more can you tell us about this attack outside the hamburg synagogue. according to those media reports the 29 year old woman attacked the 26 year old victim when the man tries to and to the
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synagogue premises and he then hit the jewish student on the head with a shovel and that cause severe head injuries that are not life threatening however said the police the attacker was overpowered as you say by security forces jewish institutions are always guarded here in germany so those security forces on the ground all the time anyway and the victim has been taken to hospital the police have yet to comment on the motive of this deed and the attack is now being investigated by the german authorities but the reliable german news agency d.p.a. reports that the attacker was wearing military clothing and that he was carrying a note with this swastika in his trials of pockets which is of course a clear indication that this might have well been an anti-semitic attack and another one for that theory is the attack happened on sue court which is one of judaism's most important holidays when you know this attack comes just days before the anniversary of another attack on
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a synagogue in the eastern german city of hala that was also on a jewish holiday the holiday of young key poor in that attack 2 bystanders were killed is a connection likely is the timing of this no accident. well you're right the 1st anniversary of this attack in hollow will be commemorated in a couple of days on friday with high ranking attendees of the official commemoration that include german president from further steinmeyer and that attack attack last year did shake germany to its core because of course a mass murder was only prevented because the attacker couldn't get into the synagogue because of the robust stalls and these 2 people those 2 bystanders as you say they were indeed killed and yes the latest statistics do so without the biggest threat here in germany is security threat does come from the far right is something that the german interior minister horsy over has had to concede and do semitic crimes rose 13 percent in 2020 compared 22829000 compared to
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2018 and so this is indeed a threat that is constant here in germany our political correspondent nina many thanks indeed for that update us or by john has accused armenian forces of shelling its 2nd largest city of guns killing at least one civilian and injuring others is the latest escalation between the 2 former soviet republics over the disputed not gotten the kind of region which is officially part of azerbaijan but controlled by ethnic armenians armenia has denied the attack on ganja but the leader of the go to market abbas says his forces hit the city's military air base. all that's left of these houses in the city you ganja. will be asked by johnny's who lived here no
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they were lucky to escape this rocket attack. and they're in no doubt who is responsible. manner that upon millions did it but we're not afraid we stand here we will not leave you know they're not going as often the government of azerbaijan is already threatening retaliation and not only for this. president in recent days the armenian armed forces have fired more than $10000.00 shells at various cities and settlements of azerbaijan treacherous cowardly rocket and artillery attacks that of the. horizontal bit armenia denies the attacks going out with the front of the night now artillery shells no missiles have been launched from the territory of armenia to the territory of azerbaijan yet. the niña accuses as a by john of continuing to shell the disputed region if not corner carabao show
8:12 pm
including its capital although officially part of azerbaijan the territory is run by ethnic armenians and its leader there has admitted his army destroyed a military airport in ganja. it's unclear how many have died since clashes erupted last weekend but this has been the heaviest fighting between armenian and azerbaijani forces since a cease fire was agreed in 1994. both sides claim the other is targeting civilians and to turkey now wading in to condemn armenia no one knows how this will end. all right some sports news now and in soccer door fund we're looking to bounce back from a defeat in their last one just league outing last season's runners on have some star players back in the fold and against freiburg unveiled what could be the
8:13 pm
makings of a new dynamic duo the young norwegian scoring machine erling hola netted 2 goals in dortmund's 1st home game this season now against fribourg he was hoping to add to that total of them that's exactly what he did and opened the scoring with half an hour gone. gio raina set him up to thread the ball under-floor him others outstretched leg and into the net. 2 minutes into the 2nd tower for a corner from raina an emirate john double dortmund's lee my fribourg simply can't be giving john all this space to head home. of the brain are then set up all done 20 minutes later to make it 3 nil for dortmund 53 assists on the day for the 17 year old american thanks of the game holland turned provider for felix
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possibly rounded out the scoring in the game's final minutes with his 1st ever abundance league goal of the 4 until the final score paul then got more goals to the delight of fans young and old and dortmund get back to winning ways in convincing fashion amad well also on saturday life saved put themselves on top of the leak for now with an easy for an ill wind over the club at the very bottom shelf life sic were already a goal when a highly you know a dive to get his head on a crossing pass christopher and cuckoo was the one who sent in the near perfect cross leipsic went on to win 4 nil. on a club record run of. 19 games with out a win. ok let's take a look at all the results so far this weekend in the in this league umpire in munich barely stunned past hertz haberlin volves workers as outs for it and it
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scoreless dortmund dominated freiburg life's a shut out frankfurt the hoffenheim gladbach took down cologne stood guard drew with a very cool isn't braman beats newly promoted bielefeld and when young berlin defeated minds. you're up to date now on the w. news our next shift to living in the digital age omarion evan steen and the entire news team and you're watching. my 1st boss like moses sewing machine. where i come from women are bound by this notion for even something as simple as learning how to write a by side isn't. since i was a little girl i wanted to have a bicycle off my home and it took me years to. finally gave up invented by young
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guys like that but returned because sewing machine sewing i suppose was more appropriate for girls than writing and by. now i want to reach out to those moving back home who are both by the duties and social norms and inform them of more dead basic rights my name is the matter of the hook and i wore them. to. germany to celebrating its 30th anniversary of reunification imagine 90 west germany and east germany reunited to become one nation what was it like join us in a shift today to take a virtual journey through time. this is what the berlin wall looked like breach of storm obstacle on the close god
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dividing the city for most citizens of the g.d. are leaving the country for west germany was not possible you had to go to extreme lengths to flee like digging underground tunnels using virtual reality it isn't all possible to experience what it was lied. when people try to escape from khosla got to experience what it was like for his grandfather who dug a tunnel underneath the berlin wall. this man in this picture is close measure from go is that he's my grandfather and in this picture you see him building a tunnel under the burden wall losing of your goggles on its own coast and social historian beery our time traveling back to the year 964 for the you tube show virtually history. tenzin as i say he has a plan. it's just a few years now but younger is this weird names like pretty much travelin in time
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in 1964 close michael vaughan koestler and some friends dug a tunnel from west berlin to eastbourne and they wanted to help people to the g.d.r. it took them 6 months of digging and secrets to complete until you can experience the tunnel in virtual space 12 meters deep 145 meters long the young tunnel builder from back then is now a pensioner when close michael vaughan coarsely sees the virtual video of the berlin wall and tunnel it brings back memories from legion 64 came this. way and exhausting. especially on the knees are always covered in scratches and then to move or. sometimes we had to lie down and land today in constant fear of the tunnel to lapsing park dish off to cope with
8:19 pm
the spite of the risks the plan works out $57.00 men women and children were able to flee using the term which is a place in the history books. and the famous story was the mother and family 6 going through a house that stood directly at the parent wall this could also. relived virtually history. first virtual boosters exploring east berlin when it was still part of the g.d.r. the buildings that no longer exists today which is interesting. traveling through checkpoint charlie the border crossing point between east and west is particularly interesting. i think the most frequently asked question is actually where is the wall. and it's of course an enormous responsibility to present and to make this experience relive a ball. but it's also
8:20 pm
a chance to encourage people to think about what things are like them and what lessons we can learn from today. it's an impressive images today it really does look very different. is a scholar of cultural studies at university in berlin and king's college in london she looks at the ways in which we can make history more vivid we asked how effective technologies like virtual reality truly are in bringing history back to life i think these formats work really well considering how they are becoming more common for personal use it makes sense to use them for educational purposes but it's important to have people that if we're supposed. to disadvantage is that virtual reality is designed to compete and recreate an intensely emotional situation and. this can quickly lead to taking on a position that can be quite problematic especially in historical political
8:21 pm
education is a very emotional experience perhaps it's too emotional of an experience to be used to teach history objectively luckily there's another way to time travel. in the adventure game the berlin wall players have flee the g. developers of the game hope that it can help educate young people about what life was like in the to tell a tarion state now when exactly was this wall that's probably the most frequently asked tourist question the o s f a r can help with. suddenly the back complete with border patrols tanks and watch towers. using augmented reality technology the knowledge displays that virtually on your smartphone or tablet. you can even jump through the decades and see how the border. was transformed from a barbed wire fence into a concrete wall this. was the most fascinating moment for me is when you put your
8:22 pm
phone aside and you still have this lingering impression that the objects are still there and that is connecting history to reality in a way that's impossible to do with a book or a movie. the bowling ball was located just a 10 minute walk from our studio here obviously test the b.f. already it's pretty interesting but i'm not fully convinced yet even though it provides spatially imagination of the walls bought a during a different historical period i'm sticking with photographs of course there's more to the g.d.r. than the wall citizens don't like having their lives reduced to that if you would like to take a more personal look at everyday life in the g.d.r. the project open memory box might be for you a german argentinian filmmaker and a canadian political scientist got together to digitalize home movies recorded from
8:23 pm
147 to 990 and now the publicly available it's their contribution to a more comprehensive understanding of life and the g.d.r. . life in the g.d.r. 8 millimeter film personal memories spending 4 decades 7 years. the golden lawrenceburg falls and alberto herskovitz made an appeal in the newspaper for 8 millimeter film was shot during the g.d.r. they never thought that they would be able to collect more than $2200.00 film roles . 415 hours a film has now been digitalized an archived and published on the open memory box website you can filter your search quest pacific date or let yourself drift through the. selection terms like freedom hubby or yellow to see 2 2nd film snippets repeatedly recombined randomly. and these 2 sections are listen many stories in them selves that's something that digital technology allows. if you look
8:24 pm
at the clips one after the other it changes into and it looks a little bit different interest has a different effect i just under the beautiful. just and. these are videos that people innocently shot for themselves or their family. and this is. and that's the big difference compared to our behavior today of course . we also film our surroundings our children all the food we and the places we travel to. but the difference is that we're also always aware that we might post or share these videos. whereas this material on the other hand was never intended to be shared widely. trolls and herskovitz visited the people who do films or appeared in the videos. they were then asked to comment on the. morning
8:25 pm
sometimes at night i would dream of going to west been to see what it was. open memory box and more personal and unique glimpse of life in the g.d.r. and what's offered in history books what a great project but for some memories of live in the g.d.r. . less pleasant the ministry of state security or stasi spied on its own citizens when it became apparent that the d.d.r. was and then they tore up to start the records but not completely 600000000 scraps of paper were left. now artificial intelligence can help to reassemble. the computer is doing this puzzle using the sky and fragments. 600000000 little pieces are stored in the archives and then you fraction of them have been digitalized it would take centuries for humans to complete this puzzle and that's why it was invented. the
8:26 pm
fragments was a very special challenge there was for example and a 4 piece which was torn into a $143.00 pieces and the. challenge really. is the creator of the. said machine vision at the institute for engineering design in berlin since the eighty's it's a technology that enables computers to recognize and identify objects even without a template. vision is necessary because there are many visual processes where human beings are unable to. mention. medical actually images for example. and more effective than humans in processing large amounts of pieces and complex shapes like the. first the software
8:27 pm
analyzes the. piece memorizing content paper type these categories for priests or. self learning algorithms reassembles those pieces that have been identified as belonging to gether. i would say we resemble the $23.00 bags filled with peeper scraps was exposed to be the 1st they had to be digitized that soren 700000 little pieces for the search algorithm was able to reassemble. or problem even though the software was working the scan it turned out to lack the necessary precision it. came up with new plans for a rather of course about 6 counties that would enable greater precision but they couldn't get the necessary funding. even though they no longer scanning stasi files the technology is being used around the world today a program very similar to you because this is being used to put fragments back
8:28 pm
together that were destroyed like these from the 1994 bombing of the jewish community center in boy ms arias for example or these books and documents from the cologne city archive which collapsed in 2000. meanwhile there are still thousands of bags full of shredded secrets in the stasi documents archives waiting for a machine to put them back together again finding the right puzzle pieces from $600000000.00 little pieces it's impressive what i can do to me projects like time right make history more tangible i also remember more details what do you think which project impressed you the most and what time period would you like to travel back to let us know on facebook or d w dot com and don't forget to have a look at our you tube channel where there's a lot more on video that's it for today and.
8:29 pm
it's considered kind of the 20th century the most a good. s.l. it's not just the government dollars that have made the design so common. desire a man had credibly spencers nowadays the most ladies through. much of the sports cars red. stuff peaceful resolution combat. power struggle the german reunification the 2 plus 4 talks between the 2 german states in the form occupying powers. behind the scenes the cold war continues how close to this
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occasion come to failing. in 45 minutes on t.w. . the idea is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make signal screeners how can we protect habitats we can make a difference the engineers the mental series of global $3000.00 t.w. and all mine. and it's time this sports car was nothing short of a.


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