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which. there are about 40000 different kinds of fruit on mother earth and 20000 varieties of apples. the. most popular fruit on earth the food most consumed in. the tomato is actually both fruit and vegetable let's face it your taste buds don't care how the botanist classifieds this wonder of nature as long as your health is concerned it matters a lot whether you eat more fruit or more vegetables. 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day that's the golden rule of nutrition in many countries so when it comes to good health does that mean that more fruit is always better. not necessarily says physician and nutritional researcher. many people misinterpret the 5
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a day rule. of most patients tend to eat fruit 5 times a day and ignore veggies and usually types of fruit that are very high in sugar and . one apple is the equivalent of about 3 cubes of sugar a large pear has 4 a banana 7. and 100 grams of grapes about a handful has about 6 words. you have to have a feel for how much fruit will tip you over the recommended sugar limit with grapes it's not all that many 10 or 12 grapes but as long as you're aware of this and don't overdo it you can dig in and enjoy them and. people with diabetes need to be aware of how much sugar is in the fruits eat daniel sikorsky was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 4 years ago. it made me worry about diabetic food problems heart attack. stroke so i realize i have to take action because.
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daniel sikorsky decided against taking medication and in rolled in a diabetes study under stefan com he's searching for a diet that might help cure type 2 diabetes. one promising approach is a low sugar and low carb diet diner sikorsky used to drink lots of fruit juice and sugary beverages now they're off the table his new diet has made a big difference. do you remember how much you weighed at the start 4 years ago. 10 combat say about 118 kilos not use so you've lost about 40 super good jump our. fruit is jam packed with vitamins and other valuable substances but it sugar that makes fruit so sweet and tempting that sugar is made up of toast and glucose the
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same as the refined sugar that you have a new kitchen. can promote the development of diabetes glucose passes into the bloodstream quickly. 'd in response the pancreas produces the hormone insulin that helps regulate the glucose levels in our bodies by moving it from our blood to ourselves. ringback insulin is the key that unlocks the door and lets glucose into our cells where it's used as fuel or energy . some studies suggest that when we constantly consume too much sugar our cells ability to respond to insulin is eventually impaired and sugar lingers in the bloodstream and that can damage our cardiovascular system and other organs. many. routes contain roughly equal amounts of glucose and fructose but even fruit
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that contains a larger share of fruit isn't better for diabetics. unlike. those doesn't directly ramp up insulin production but too much fruit can also promote the development of type 2 diabetes. ringback can only be broken down by the liver. ringback much of it liver converts it to fashion and stores it and that can lead to fatty liver disease. some kind. of disease that's now playing an increasing role in diabetes research we've come to understand that fatty liver is a problem for the liver itself and it can lead to serious diseases. and we also know that fatty liver has a direct link to diabetes. and patients who manage to get rid of their fatty liver disease stand a better chance of getting rid of their diabetes. in
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a low sugar diet not all fruit has to be banished from the table berries are very flavorful but contain less sugar 100 grams of blueberries have the equivalent of one cube of sugar down your sikorsky has some most every morning with this breakfast news the. congratulations for sticking to this for so long you're doing really well to spar for. doing it for myself to turn 56 soon and i was hoping to stick around for a few more days yet. the biggest trigger bombs are tropical fruits and dried fruit 100 grams of dry dates can contain more than 60 grams of sugar. so. there's something a diabetic should definitely avoid even for a healthy person they should be an exception and should be part of your daily diet so replacing sugar with dates in. cooking and baking isn't
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a good idea that's not and. it makes no difference if you use 50 grams of packet sugar or 50 grams of sugar in the form of dates just got a bit of fiber in the minerals and dates to make them slightly healthier but indianised the sugar content of moderates and you're not really doing yourself any favors when he was in to find them and us as. the 5 day rule is still a good one but now would be nice nutritional experts say it's best to go easy on the fruit and load up on the tables. health consultants often warn us against eating too much salt and adults and not consume more than 6 grams a day too much sodium chloride puts a strain on your kidneys and can elevate your blood pressure but you can't do without it completely because salt is vital ready. it's needed by every cell in the human body 'd 'd it's in our food.
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and it's in the water that we drink salt it's made up of sodium and chloride ions they're transported through our body by way of the bloodstream. chloride is crucial for the stomach cells in the stomach lining release it into gastric glands their chloride ions combine with hydrogen ions to form hydrochloric acid which is important for digestion. we also need salt to move. our muscles are controlled by nerves and they need so the. sodium ions can't pass into the nerve cells or neurons that easily. the positively charged ions accumulate outside the neuron that helps create an electrical potential across the nerve cell membrane. when a stimulus arrives at the neuron small channels open. allowing sodium ions to surge
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and. this causes a short term change in electrical potential. which opens the small channels further downstream in the next segment of the cell. this chain reaction sends the electrical signal down the long axon of the nerve cell until finally the nerve signal reaches a muscle and stimulates movement without salt none of this would be possible. the names. may not mean much to you in germany the priest who lifted the 19th century is still a star he treated different ailments with water with compresses and with bob's the good thing is that many of his treatments are so simple that anybody can do it at home like treading water. water walking is sebastiaan connives best known hydrotherapy method it requires patients to lift their legs completely out of the
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water stretch the tips of their feet downward and want through the water like a stork but why. the motion is necessary to activate the cough muscles and stretch out the veins it improves circulation. that's why these unusual stork movements the extended from force are necessary to be cool which intuition take foetal force water walking is also possible in a basin to has a glinsky checks to make sure the water doesn't go above her knee to help the body fully experience the cool sensation start the exercise with warm feet. she steps in place for between 10 and 30 seconds. like i knew for now you can certainly repeat the exercise for a few seconds but it makes no sense to stretch them out for 5 minutes it's not necessary. then brush the water away with your hands.
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on to see how. should great movements make you feel a bit down. from the stimulation of the water temperature and the movements from water treading but it feels good. being good for the veins water walking home so strengthens the immune system making the body more resistant to illnesses and if done regularly you can also help reduce stress. the body learns to get rid of stress hormones. that way when i have other forms of stress because my boss is coming or something. then the psychological stress is milder due to the dumping of the stress hormones. i become more resilient against psychological stress out the solution. to some of it's critical that the water
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comes up to just below the knee then walk like a stork pretty 30 seconds max if the water is too cold and the exercise even sooner anyone who is sick or taking medication should seek medical advice before doing this i could show you so much small but unfortunately this so now comes to an end so let's wait for next weekend i'm so then let's all try to stay in good shape.
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mexico is producing school lessons in a t.v. studio. because everyone has a t.v. . cameras make education accessible to the boring in times of the pandemic. more doesn't create even more social inequality in mexico.
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30 d.w. . that daytime job is a village. but they have a sideline as. stephanie elam a. couple of breath of fresh air in japanese constant chatter. to friends a man. in 16. job. but you are now going to keep you up to the length of. exposing injustice global news that matters w.
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me for mines. media and information literacy the 7th online session of the global media for a coven 19 has changed the way we communicate. this brings new opportunities but also. one solution media and information literacy. is this enough to approach the challenges in our media landscape join our discussion starts 1230 teams see. frank food a hot international gateway to the best connections self in road and rail. located in the heart of europe you are connected to the own world. experience outstanding shopping and dining offers and try our services. be our guest at
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frankfurt airport city managed by from a bought. this date up to the news live from berkeley donald trump makes a brief appearance out of hospital the us president leaves the medical center brings fighting 9 pain to great supporters. get that outside his doctors say he's on steroids and could be discharged as building this month also coming up. the world of fashion loses one of its most famous designs pants
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a cotton dies of kobe daunting talk to our reporter about his legacy. and when does the football but i mean to bounce back from no great loss but the problem they've been dealt and helped the most said. i'm at the how and welcome he was president donald trump has returned to hospital after briefly leaving in his motorcade to wave to supporters gathered outside the surprising move suggested that his health was improving he was hospitalized because hunting on friday earlier posted a video from his hospital room saying he now had a better understanding of the virus so it's been a very interesting journey i learned
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a lot about coven i learned by really going to school this is the real school this is in the let's read the book school and i get it and i understand it and it's a very interesting thing i'm going to be letting you know about it will trump surprise outing from the hospital where he's being treated has caused consternation among senior medical stuff who are not involved in his kid dr james phillips who works in the emergency department at all to rate tweeted every single person in the vehicle during that completely unnecessary presidential drive by just now has to be quarantined for 14 days they might get sick and may die for political theater commanded by trying to put their lives at risk for theatre this is insanity. ok let's turn now to some of the other stories making news around the world. as about john and i have accused each other of targeting civilians as military conflict between the 2 sides escalates as
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a by john 2nd visit biggest city ganja has come under attack from a many and forces the former soviet republics have been in dispute for decades over the region of the one i had a. us land has introduced new restrictions following a spike in the corona virus infections the latest wave of infections is feared to be much higher and earlier this year how absurd clubs and gyms all have to close and gatherings of more than 20 people and now banned. or authorities in saudi arabia have reopened muslim holy sites to pilgrims up to $6000.00 a day and now allowed to enter the grand mosque in mecca the kingdom suspended the pilgrimage in early march the year round journey of faith draws millions from across the globe well placed in bellerose of used water cannon to break up a rally demanding the release of political prisoners tens of thousands of protesters have again mots through the capital minsk or thirty's are refusing to
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allow foreign journalists to cover the mounting opposition to the regime of hardline laeta alexander lukashenko. oh an all too familiar scene in minsk these days a peaceful anti-government protest. but quickly put down by the wealth ortiz the difference today was that they were very feeling these outlets that to cover it just days earlier bellary seen all thirty's with judy accreditation of all foreign journalists in the country this footage was pasted on social media. ordinary by the recent had also been warned by official text message that they could face criminal charges if they took part in unsanctioned rallies. but tens of thousands defied the warning turning out to be godless this time to march towards a detention center in minsk on their way they called for the freeing of dozens of
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people who have been arrested since the protests began. rights group he has now says there are now 77 political prisoners in belarus including a number of key opposition figures on friday the u.s. and the european union gets better loose with sanctions for rigging the presidential vote in august and for the harsh and frequent crackdowns on protesters ever since the sanctions target key officials they're not he couldn't go himself minsk fishley announced counter sanctions against the e.u. though it's not clear what form these would take who watch for whom they would target. germany's foreign minister has denounced an attack on a student outside a synagogue in the northern city of how book us condemned the incident as at the semitic police say a man dressed in military style clothing hit the victim over the head with
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a shovel security forces overpowered the a silent the attack revives memories of an assault on a synagogue in the eastern city of hama a year ago. well there we spoke to our political correspondent nina you sent us this report according to media reports the 29 year old woman attacked the 26 year old victim when the man tried to enter the cynical premise is he hit the jury student on the head with a shovel and that caused severe head injuries that are not life threatening however the police the attacker was overpowered by security forces and those security forces are always present on jewish institutions grounds here in germany and the victim has been taken to hospital the police have yet to comment on the motive of this deed and the attack is now being investigated by german authorities a reliable german news agency d.p.a. reports that the attack oh was wearing military clothing and that he was carrying
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a note with a swastika in his trouser pockets which is of course a clear indication that this might well have been and to semitic attack and another hint for that theory is that there's attack happened on cicotte which is one of 2 days a man's most important holidays. political correspondent in hasa that well since august more than a 1000 migrants seeking refuge in britain have made that across the english channel from the french port of cali the influx is putting the u.k. government breaks it promises to the test politicians had pledged that levy that leaving the european union would allow britain to take back control of the time border. pictures that made headlines in the u.k. this summer people and rubber dinghies making their way across the english channel seeking asylum now the royal navy and the air force are being deployed to stop them
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. here a sudanese citizen trying to get to england isn't free. the government doesn't want a new people for their country but the country is a big it can take anyone. but he will find a place there was here is on the french side at the port of cadillac a trying to figure out when he can cross the city's been an asylum transit hub for years but infrastructure for the almost 1500 refugees is practically nonexistent tent city on the edge of a road a little electricity or access to running water. regular police checks. when you. hear there are no reception centers. in lay bys and roadside green areas refugees meet to discuss their only hope of
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getting away by robert. disposed like. people in europe uses authority and in doing there were so few in next year what we used to you kate so it's like some people used. this. out and some people they have more so here to look at a boat said to 4 kilometer it takes about 3 hours so you know what and how it people use the high and it takes about 10 hours to live an hour. most boat set off just after dawn the french police have to keep an eye on 45 kilometers of coastline this summer they've had reinforcements the british are paying for an extra $45.00 officers a day some of them on horseback. but still they're only able to prevent a fraction of the risky departures. rescue crews are called out almost every day
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the english channel is one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world. the english channel is a motorway and driving on a motorway with a scooter is dangerous and that's what it's like here. but that hasn't stopped hundreds of people trying to do it every day. after all asieh says they have nothing to lose. refugees and migrants have always faced star cards the latest measures have made those odds even starker. the world of fashion has said farewell to one of its most famous designer japanese creator conservative cotton has died of cope with 19 founder of the global cancer brand to come out of was one of the 1st japanese dishonest to gain prominence in the highly competitive paris fashion singing not in seventy's died in hospital i.
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reported your brain joins me here with more on the life of cancer very sad news paris fashion but yes indeed i mean paris fashion week like lots of events around the world is kind of been turned on its head because of covert 19 and now this very sad news that the death of a much loved designer kenzer as you say who was the 1st japanese designed to really make it big in paris the global mecca of fashion he ended up creating not just a clothing empire but also very well known skin care and brands as well he he was really known for his kind of colorful exuberant prints these mismatched colleges and flowers jungle prints embroidery all of this came together in a way that really made a splash on the scene in paris in the sixty's and seventy's very different from the understated kind of fashions of the time before he came along designers would kind
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of peak influences from east asia and apply it to their designs but what he did was he sort of updated existing japanese designs and prints and made it in a way that was appealing to european tastes how exactly do you like the jumping from japan to 2 fronts in the 1st place well he had studied in tokyo and then was designing women's wear for a department store and then the block of flats that he was renting was demolished for the tokyo olympics in 1964 so he got some compensation for that and used that money to to go to europe he only planned to stay for 6 months of. ended up staying for more than 50 years and it was 50 years ago that he launched his 1st collection and this collection ended up on the cover of elle magazine and then he became a household name over nice and from there he launched a flagship store he launched a men's wear brand open boutiques all around the world really paving the way for
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the japanese design is he then sold his brand in 993 and then retired from fashion in 1909 and then sort of went on to do the individual projects since then including interior design brand that he launched this year he's done a lot of what will his legacy that he put japanese design on the map people are also saying he'll be remembered for his originality he's creativity something like $8000.00 individual designs over his entire korea people have been paying tribute the mayor of paris said on twitter today a design of immense talent he had given color and lice place in fashion paris is now morning one of its songs and incredible thank you. down in the bundesliga by munich back in the witness column but only just trying to bounce back off the 1st loss in months the bavarians to live in dusky for goals and
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against the polish well and truly provided. a cerebral rubber glove and dusty urging his byron munich teammates to find a way to start a new win streak goalkeepers kept both sides at bay for 40 minutes then biron took the lead love and dusty forcing a big save but then getting the ball back on his foot i search can operate with the assist. after the break young american chris richards help leavened off key to a 2nd goal and we're up 2 nil but then it got crazy hair ties materials konya found a leaping john quarterback and it was game on in the 59th minute later konya found himself alone in front suddenly it was $22.00 character showing confidence in the 85th minute levon dusky completed the hat trick off of the free chip game over right wrong a hair to free kick jessica and down come have it at home all tied at $33.00 but he
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drew a fall on the box 2 minutes into injury time and he fired in his 4th goal of the night catches coached bruno's leva dia couldn't believe it biron victorious at the last $43.00 hoping it's the start of another long win streak. in europe up next on the deadly world stories look at hopeful former terrorists in nigeria don't forget the app is there for all the news information around the clock i'm anthony out of it back with more headlines at the top of the out. why are people forced to hide in trucks. many present. there are many.


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