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tv   Bares fur Rares  Deutsche Welle  October 5, 2020 7:00am-8:01am CEST

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this is day doubly needs life and birthdays donald trump on the file after making a brief appearance outside the hospital to great supporters drive by outside the medical center where the u.s. president is being treated for a cut the time tain is slammed as political theater is dr saif you could be just charged as early as monday night also coming up. britney thing and you can flocks
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of migrants crossing the english channel from fronts pretty sidetracks of nonsense of the promises by my body to government to take back control of its borders after a break. in the world of fashion loses one of its most famous designers japan's consented to cutting ties cut the content we'll talk to a reporter about his legacy. i'm at the how to book him u.s. president donald trump has returned to hospital after briefly leaving in his motorcade to wife to supporters gathered outside a surprising news suggested that his health was improving after he was hospital hospital last fall covered my take on friday. elvia trump posted a video from his hospital room saying he now had a better understanding of the fires. so it's been
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a very interesting journey i learned a lot about coven i learned by really going to school this is the real school this is in the let's read the book school and i get it and i understand it and it's a very interesting thing going to be letting you know about it all trumps a processing from the hospital where he's being treated has caused consternation among senior medical stuff not involved in these kids dr james phillips who works in the image and see the walls of rates weighted every single person in the vehicle during that completely unnecessary presidential drive just now has to be quarantined for 14 days and might get sick i might die for political fiesta commanded by trump to put their lives at risk this is insanity will trump supporters not surprisingly still backing the president a group of. staged waterborne rally on the maryland shore sede trumps infection had
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done nothing to make them more wary of the threat posed by coronavirus others expressed confidence that he'd make a full recovery. was worried about. i think. he's got a great doctor. strong healthy mate so i think the timing is. getting. i don't think i have too much of a impact on. that i'm not saying that. it. made a lot say it was it but it's not fully everything's boy you know with all the. things amanda steals on those. ok let's turn now to some of the other stories making news around the world. new zealand prime minister just in the audience has again
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declared victory over the coronavirus she said restrictions in oakland would be lifted off to no new cases were confirmed 14 days zealand appeared to stamp out the virus in made by the new outbreak it oakland in august. one. has introduced new restrictions following a spike in corona virus infections the latest wave of infections is feared to be much higher and earlier this year pubs clubs and gyms all have to close and gatherings of more than 20 people are now banned. as a by john and media have accused h. other of targeting civilians as military conflict between the 2 sides escalates as a vision 2nd biggest city ganja has come under attack from an indian forces former soviet republics have been in dispute for decades the region of of going to. rescue was a stepped up search stepped up the search for villages rather missing after violent
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storms battered mountainous border pigeons in southern france and italy several communities were cut off by flooding and mudslides france has declared a disaster zone at least 4 people being killed. germany's foreign minister has denounced an attack on a student outside a synagogue in the northern city of hamburg mosque condemned the incident as anti semitic police say a man dressed in military style clothing hit the victim over the head with a shovel security forces of the power of the a silent it tax revives memories of an assault on a synagogue in the eastern city of how a year ago. earlier we spoke to a political correspondent who sent us this report. according to media reports the 29 year old woman attacked the 26 year old victim when the man tried to enter the cynical premise is he hit the jewish student on the head with
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a shovel and that caused severe head injuries that are not life threatening however the police the attacker was overpowered by security forces and those security forces are always present on jewish institutions grounds here in germany and the victim has been taken to hospital the police have yet to comment on the most of this and the attack is now being investigated by german authorities a reliable german news agency d.p.a. reports that the attack was wearing military clothing and that he was carrying a note with a swastika in his trouser pockets which is of course a clear indication that this might well have been an anti semitic attack and another hint for that theory is that there's a tack happened on support which is one of today's them is most important holidays . political correspondent. well since august more than a 1000 migrants seeking refuge in britain have made it across the english channel from the french port of cali the influx is putting the u.k.
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government's brags that promises to the test politicians had pledge that leaving the european union would allow britain to take back control of its own borders. pictures that made headlines in the u.k. this summer people and rubber dinghies making their way across the english channel seeking asylum now the royal navy and the air force are being deployed to stop them . as here a sudanese citizen trying to get to england isn't fazed. the government doesn't want a new people for the country but the country is a big it can take anyone. but he will find a place there was here is on the french side at the port of calare trying to figure out when he can cross the city's been an asylum transit hub for years but infrastructure for the almost 1500 refugees is practically nonexistent tent city on
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the edge of a road a little electricity or access to running water. regular police checks. here there are no reception centers. in labor and roadside green areas refugees meet to discuss their only hope of getting away by robert. disposed like people who are people in europe uses the door it isn't doing there were so few enough see what we used to you kate so it's like some people use the machines want to switch out and some people they have more so here to look at about 34 kilometer it takes about 3 hours to be out in the house if people use it on it take about 10 hours to live an
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hour. most boat set off just after dawn the french police have to keep an eye on 45 kilometers of coastline this summer they've had reinforcements the british are paying for an extra $45.00 officers a day some of them on horseback. but still they're only able to prevent a fraction of the risky departures. rescue crews are called out almost every day the english channel is one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world. the english channel is a motorway and driving on a motorway with a scooter is dangerous and that's what it's like here. but that hasn't stopped hundreds of people trying to do it every day. after all asieh says they have nothing to lose. refugees and migrants have
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always faced star cards the latest measures have made those odds even starker. world of fashion has been. to one of its most famous designers japanese create a cancer to god has died of coded nod to the founder of the global cancer brant tata was one of the 1st japanese dishonest to prominence in the highly competitive fashion scene in paris and not in seventy's he died in hospital near paris aged. reporter joins me here with more on the life of cancer very sad news. yes indeed i mean lots of events around the world is kind of been turned on its head because of covert 19 and now this very sad news that the death of a much loved design a cancer as you say who was the 1st japanese designed to really make it big in paris the global mecca of fashion he ended up creating not just
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a clothing empire but also very well known skin care and perfume brands as well he he was really known for his kind of colorful exuberant prints these mismatch colors and flowers jungle prints embroidery all of this came together in a way that really made a splash on the scene in paris in the sixty's and seventy's very different from the understated kind of fashions of the time before he came along designers would kind of peak influences from east asia and apply it to their designs but what he did was he sort of updated existing japanese designs and prints and made it in a way that was appealing to european tastes how exactly do you like the jumping from japan to 2 fronts in the 1st place well he had studied in tokyo and then was designing women's wear for a department store and then the block of flats that he was renting was demolished for the tokyo olympics in 1964 so he got some compensation for that and used that
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money to to go to europe he only planned to stay for 6 months apparent. only ended up staying for more than 50 years and it was 50 years ago. that he launched his 1st collection and this collection ended up on the cover of elle magazine and then he became a household name over nice and from there he launched a flagship store he launched a men's wear brand open boutiques all around the world really paving the way father japanese design is he then sold his brand in 993 and then retired from fashion in 1909 and then sort of went on to do you individual projects since then including interior design brand that he launched this year he's done an awful lot what will his legacy that he put japanese design on the map people are also saying he'll be remembered for he's originality he's creativity something like 8000 individual designs he's in korea people have been paying tribute to the mayor of paris said on
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twitter today a designer of immense talent he had given color and place in fashion paris is now morning one of its songs and incredible thank you sport now in the bundesliga by munich back in the winner's column but only just trying to bounce back after their 1st loss in months the bavarians turned to rubble for goals against the polish well and truly provided. a cerebral robert living dusky urging his byron munich teammates to find a way to start a new win streak goalkeepers kept both sides at bay for 40 minutes then byron took the lead love and dusty forcing a big save but then getting the ball back on his foot my search can operate with the assist. after the break young american chris richards help leavened off key to
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a 2nd goal and we're up 2 nil but then it got crazy hair ties materials couldn't afford to leaping john cordoba and it was game on in the 59th minute later cooney of found himself alone in front suddenly it was $22.00 character showing confidence in the 85th minute levon dusky completed the hat trick off of the free kick came over right wrong a hair to free kick jessica and gun come headed home all tied at $33.00 but 11 dusky drew a fall on the box 2 minutes into injury time and he fired in his 4th goal of the night here to coach you know that idea couldn't believe it byron victorious at the last $43.00 hoping it's the start of another long win streak. and before we go a reminder of our top story this hour. u.s. president on the tropics come under fire for briefly leaving hospital in a motorcade to wife to supporters outside the south has been condemned as political
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theater medical team treating trump cove igniting says he is improving and could be discharged that's early as monday. which but you're up by a day w. documentary looking at germany and the cold war is up next don't forget you can get over like this news and information around the clock on our website as to be competent w dot com ron thomas will be back with more news at the top of the alpha now imagine how it for me and been taught to n.p.r. and believe it's what you've. done. and you hear me known for years we don't need you and how it all stands gentlemen sonce now we bring you i'm going to makeover as you've never thought i'd have been surprised himself with what is possible who is magical really what moves that and want also the people who felicia along the way from our midst and critics who want
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to join us from eccles last stop. the cold war was an ideological for people who said you know it is not clear what system is best what system will prevail. in track of it which are long time the issue of who was more powerful economically to see was not totally clearly displayed and in the west the sputnik shock caused total panic sets for the. motion how surprising was that now it's us who are showing the west showing the americans what technical progress is to show from which the. dumb minds got to see. it to you the military doctrine at the time was mutual assured destruction we were prepared to think it's a. really we're. just going to throw in the 1st 15 minutes of
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a war germany would have gone up in flames like a tool which. it had we were really scared because it could all kick off any time someone goes crazy and bam we're in the middle of it to go on. the 2nd world war came to an end in europe in may $945.00 with germany's unconditional surrender the victorious powers divided the ruined country into force zones of occupation it was supposed to be temporary but communist leader joseph stalin was in little mood for compromise with the western democracies france britain and the us. this ideological division led to the cold war a battle for dominance over the world that would last for decades and split europe into 2. nowhere was this more evident than germany where the iron curtain ran
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through the middle of the country and the city of berlin was divided by a wall. here and he is alone in western germany the war came to an end on april 16th 1945 when american troops arrived. it ultimately became part of democratic west germany. but not everywhere liberated by the americans ended up free. is the version that most people could accept was to say who liberated us that we were liberated by the americans and we suffered under the russian sit in that was this lady that was the short form in other words the soviet union's contribution to liberating germany from fascism shrink. to virtually nothing if suzanne than. there were similar scenes at 1st in holland as allah and eastern germany in late april 1905 it
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too was taken by american troops. for 9 year old pay to the liberators were enemy soldiers but they were quite different from what he had been told to expect. as they entered the town in good spirits and she have any as if it were nothing special at all because we met them looked at them stupid as it was we bravely rejected the sweets and chocolate they offered us up for what i got but that was how we have been brought up sadly the americans were soon replaced by the russians and i've produced. for you to listen to. the russians came and the americans left. the allies had agreed that hollow would fall into the soviet occupation zone the days of sweets and chocolate were over. for dinner was a short drive not you're too announced we were afraid of the russian soldiers of
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one of them had assaulted our mother on her way to night school especially to learn russian for us fortunately it happened near our house got so drunk i heard my mother screamed and ran down until i was only 9 years old at the time i just saw the russian let go of her and disappear was a funny a pretty short interest on fox which took. right from the start relations between russians and germans were fraught with problems it was a different story from the western sectors the division of germany had already begun. in late july 945 stalin met with us president harry truman and british prime minister winston churchill in potsdam near berlin. but no longer united against a common enemy there was little they could agree on the solution at the meeting in constant stalin had said right from the start the germany was not to be divided
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consider that truman categorically rejected that idea in his briefcase his assistant was carrying the real full models for the division of germany has already given. the victors mistrusted one another. now that the struggle against nazi germany was over each wanted its own germany its own sphere of influence its own buffer against the others. germany was divided into 4 parts. french. british american. with the 2nd world war behind them disagreements between the soviets and the western allies were out in the open the soviet union had lost more than $20000000.00 people and was economically devastated stalin demanded 10000000000 dollars and access to their war industrial area in western germany stalin needed coal and he held a bargaining chip to the. german prisoners of war.
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stalin had thousands of them herded through moscow even before the war was over. but this humiliation of the losing side failed to achieve its desired effect. this and. the mayor was silence people just stood there and looked and there was no shouting no outbursts of rage just this total silence absolute the shtetl in its own minds of the dimensions of the tragedy on both sides were so masses stuck that had to my view to my you might say that people fairly quickly felt sympathy for the germans they were hungry and racket. in 1945 more than 3000000 german men were imprisoned in soviet camps many would not see their home again for many years if at all. the
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german prisoners were forced into reeducation. so-called and teach us schools for anti fascist were designed to expunge the old ideology and instill communist ideals . and move us the who would know me the red army colonel tried to free us from this nazi ideology this view so that all returned to germany we would actually be educated marxists who are coming from in prisons and as friends of the soviet union would fall under the soviet don't you think a function of. naziism was thoroughly discredited and communism aimed to fill the ideological vacuum the soviet union now controlled one half of europe and believed it was only a matter of time until it controlled the rest communist ideals had attracted many followers in the west now there were fears communists could take advantage of the postwar and stability to seize power as well and most clubs because i have from
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this. speak to his test it is important to understand i think that there was this great fear that socialism was still a seductively ideology feel of the ship if you look east and later in the 1950 s. people spoke about and domino theory and this and this fear was not unjustified after all for a long time socialism had been a fascinating idea it would touch as if unlike today and back then it was often laying on to the notion of freedom efficient liberation and self-determination unsub space to move for good and. so was the soviet triumph over nazi germany not also a triumph of communism over a mean or should move to do even munich you. they were many people in america in france and britain who were convinced of the superiority of the soviet system. some
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had come from the united states to help build up the system. then claim the show would. not. have suited king even if it took the soviet union in so far as roosevelt and churchill to acknowledge that it was russia that had stopped hitler and broken his back so to see the it to which. as a result respect for the soviet union had grown. last which. i believe churchill's famous speech in missouri when he used the term. the start of the cold war. the need to. reveal something. in the. in the adriatic and i are.
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behind. the 8 state. that is. why. the us responded with a show of by natural might in 1907 it approved the marshall plan. officially known as the european recovery program it was designed to immunize europe against the spread of communist ideology. containments was the term president harry s. truman used to describe this investment. i believe. that it must be the policy of the united states. support repeat are resisting it and subjugation by a minority are by outside pressure. the united states made $12400000000.00 available to help western europe to rebuild. germany its defeated
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enemy was also given the support. of. this law which did marshalltown begin student health show in the estate industry. but stalin rejected american help for the soviet zone of germany in the east. and instead of helping to rebuild the region he sent 70000 officials to dismantle its economy everything was taken away minerals machinery entire factories and part of the harvest. it was the very opposite of reconstruction shortages remained widespread. in the west occupation took a different form in 1948 the deutsche mark was introduced
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a strong currency backed by the us dollar west germany began to flourish and the occupying forces began to be seen more as friends. many u.s. citizens sent care packages for the needy over the next 10 years the 3 western zones of occupation received 10000000 consignments of food. the americans also introduced free school meals to slowly people in the western occupied zones began to look ahead to the future. the currency reform saw the 3 western zones unite economically forming a tries own that was far bigger and stronger than this. soviet occupied east. the 4th zone was sealed off from the others. the leadership in moscow installed loyal communist emigrants to run it. and at the top was
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a hardliner brushed who later built the berlin wall. and. he expressed hopes that the communists would soon take over the western zones and rule the country from berlin. in reality berlin was divided into 4 occupation sectors and it became the very front line of the cold war in 1948 angered by the western currency reform the soviet union cut off the western zones from their land supply routes. trains barges and boat transports bush to. the united states britain and france were responsible for 2 and a half 1000000 people in but let all their food and fuel for their homes and factories could no longer be brought to them overlap. in
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a spectacular action planes landed and took off around the clock bringing in around $2100000.00 tons of freight above all food and coal the berlin airlift as it became known ensured the survival of west berlin within a year the communists capitulated and reopened the land routes 1949 saw the founding of the 2 german states the democratic west and the communist east the division of germany was sealed. prevail you know. but some do so if. you know it at the moment. what follows. were decades of hostility between east and west as they buy for military supremacy. at 1st the americans believed they had the upper hand because they had the atomic bomb. after they were used on the japanese
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cities of hiroshima and nagasaki the terrifying power of these weapons was clear by the time the cold war came to an end the americans had carried out more than a 1000 nuclear tests ready 5. but in 1949 the soviet union caught up with atomic weapons of its own the nuclear arms race had begun. by 998 the soviet union had carried out more than 700 tests during the cold war a nuclear test was carried out on average every week and a half reviving old fears displayed a who feel that wasn't alone of to the 2nd world war as it was when i was a child the center of stuttgart was still in ruins in where all my relatives come from the cathedral was still standing but everything around it had been flattened so naturally we were afraid that something similar might happen again to scoop us
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you know those fears never went away nor did the victorious powers military barracks sprang up all over germany and the east the soviet army stationed in the west where the americans the british and the french promised and became the us has biggest military airfield outside its own territory the ultra modern us army hospital that was built in the small town of blonds which was also its biggest outside america military training grounds were followed by housing estates and schools the western forces also had their own radio stations. allied protection didn't come cheap in the 1st year of its existence the young west german state paid half its tax revenue to the occupying army. the occupying forces had a huge cultural impact on west germany bringing movies and magazines that gave many germans a taste of the wider world. today and then were given all the profiles the
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wires of a.p. radios broadcast the sound of a new era that is in the west. and. in towns and cities in the east ruins were still visible everywhere the soviet union didn't invest it took frustration grew many people just wanted to get out some 200000 left the east in 1950 alone by the time the berlin wall was built 11 years later more than 2 and a half 1000000 had gone. east germany responded to this exodus by founding it secret police the stasi it undertook surveillance on a massive scale people lived in fear of their own government. we always put a coffee pot cozy over our telephone because we thought that was where the bug was it was only much later that we learned it had been installed in the ceiling
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afterwards and i found all the conversations we've had in our living room well documented in the stasi files we were always able to send many of our friends a letter outlining half an evening in which they had said this and that. afterwards that was really amusing or was it doesn't doesn't look back then it wasn't as well that's not going to stick how much me. and for a short while there still appeared to be a final chance to end the division of germany and the cold war. stalin's last suggestion that germany should not be divided came in march 952 when he also proposed to pan german elections and japan german government would have to turn to you. but he said germany must not belong to any military alliance adenauer however said before we negotiate with the soviet union on this west
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germany must become a member of nato to do so. and that was that is i think. that. reunification became a distant dream and the cold war gathered momentum. east germany urgently needed economic success the government demanded increased output from the workforce it invented the propaganda legend of activist odd authentic of a miner who supposedly had voluntarily exceeded his own production quota by more than 300 percent. the communists claim to represent the working class but it seemed they didn't know the workers very well they would soon find out how they really felt. on june 17th 953 workers in east berlin revolted against drastically increased work quotas and went on strike many in the east heard
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the news from west berlin radio station and join them. in little by little the talk that they are not released also in the us the mud the soft. i always followed events on rios of course like not pop it was a day of great excitement and none of those men for can still remember my father taking my mother by the arm dancing around the apartment with her and saying over and over again mother from now on everything is going to get better. but things didn't get better. shots were fired. that this day yesterday it was the feelings i think untended begin to. even think i'm putting my life. and all the uprising on june 17th $953.00 cost $55.00 lives.
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west germany declared june 17th its national day. dismissed non-teaching combination you knew they deserve to be a dust up over the freedom that it. took to push down can took over mission was i. the escalating tensions between west and east fueled years of war. is what is up and could be a trick that's also what i thought when the korean war broke out it's also what my family found we had a small business and they began to hoard not theriot just because things are now really dangerous they said another war could begin so we must make sure we aren't prepared for the flip of. a 1000 kilometers away in korea the
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superpowers faced off against each other just like in germany. korea was divided into north and south. the economically and militarily strong north was allied with the soviet union and stalin gave his approval for. to invade the south. the lightning strike nearly succeeded but the u.s. was soon able to drive back the invaders. in total the american sent $1700000.00 soldiers to korea and china and the soviet union supported north korea while u.s. led united nations forces fought alongside south korea. the war ended in the summer of 1953 with the 2 sides facing each other along nearly the same border line on which the war had begun. for west german
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chancellor kahn about a lot of our there was no getting around moscow but decade after the end of the 2nd world war some $10000.00 germans were still in present in the soviet union on an hour's goal was to bring them home the price for that was recognition of the soviet union the hated communists unaccountably matic recognition of the soviet union by auden our was an initial step towards normalization law and now there was fierce resistance even from elements of the government who had accompanied him to moscow tied it to damani but odd now or got his way because so many germans were leading the terrible lives in russian camps after west germany recognized the soviet union the last remaining german prisoners of war were released to do in georgia critique of. the return of the 10000 was an emotional moment for many it was only now that the war had truly come to an end.
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but with fears that a new conflict could break out in 1955 west germany established an army the bun dispair. neighboring countries viewed the formation of german military units just 10 years after the end of the war with great concern. the new german army is gone not to use of it on the german army is not easily accepted by people with long memories 2 of those who think you uncreated fine on germany you even look. like it or not the family is with us again. the bun despair was a member of nato the north atlantic treaty organization right from the start soon to military blocs would be facing each other. east germany established its national people's army and early 1956 and it soon became a founding member of the communist military alliance the warsaw pact. that had been
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deemed to be in big trouble i don't doubt because you cannot do this and even then figure out how to get me and i don't you know i think that's good. each action provoked a reaction each block justified its actions as a response to those of the other bloc. if war broke out between the superpowers it would happen in germany if the warsaw pact invaded it would probably go through the folder gap and a deliberate region in the middle of west germany along the border to the east the area quickly became highly militarized. and with tensions high the west was unprepared for perhaps the biggest shock of all sputnik when it launched this 80 kilogram satellite in 1957 the soviet
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union opened a new front in the cold war space. to the moon to sputniks a sputnik shock utter dismay in the west since it because it thought that those who had historically always been a bit back. especially the russians had now overtaken it gets into and. how surprising was that done there was great rejoicing does the soviets are in front now it is us who are showing the west showing the americans what technical progresses faults with the soviet satellite secretary every 95 minutes over 500 miles up at a speed of 18000 miles an hour and when not to done pretty under force don't become you realize that it's meant the soviets had missiles that in a worst case scenario could carry nuclear warheads and reach other continents intercontinental the photon. at 1st the space race looked like that between the
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tortoise and the hare the 1st living creature in space the 1st man the 1st woman. the 1st unmanned landing on the money those were all soviet successes. these triumphs were all sold to the people in the soviet union and its client states as victories of communism. propagandistic that you know this the propaganda was always based on a comparison that you've got vast and we've got these i can do this well so what can you do will be more to the objective is not to portray something objective libs it's even more stupid as a shrewd american folk singer once said to a 5 year old kid who doesn't want to sleep because even a lullaby is propaganda if you need to get it going to get there in you which it spites. be in. the common people reacted with scorn
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no food on our spoon but a plaque on the moon. nixon and khrushchev these are the historic almost unprecedented scenes from the american national exhibition in moscow. russians might have been far ahead at space but the average american household was a world apart from its counterpart in the soviet union as the 1959 american national exhibition in moscow showed. this to naturally the exhibition only showed how americans live. when he sold his kitchen with a dishwasher a refrigerator and so on which were totally normal appliances for the average american family a machine nikita's they gave each christian of who wasn't a stupid person regarded it as total propaganda you know. there was no way that could be true he said. if life in america seemed so much wealthier than in the soviet union that could only be interpreted as propaganda.
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is. captured on videotape a new american invention the heated discussion between nixon and khrushchev became known as the kitchen debate yeah i knew if i don't know everything and i would say that you know absolutely nothing about communism nothing except fear of it you must not be afraid of ideas. even if that's what we're telling you don't be afraid of idea we have nothing to fear but time has passed when ideas us the cold war and its very essence was an ideological war. and we forget so easily than in the 1950 s. and 1960 s. . people said you know that it's not clear what system is best what system
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will prevail. in 1959 on our call for the bundeswehr to take part in the planning and deployment of nuclear weapons. a concept known as nuclear sharing. frightened me because by now we'll gee what had happened in hiroshima and nagasaki because he. done. so we visited various military training areas in the vicinity of hamburg and he believed that we would be able to see from the card whether any nuclear weapons were stored there or anything else and then on december 6th there was a headline in the local newspaper honest john missiles tested in baghdad hornets and i said right that's where i'm going even if i have to go a lot of this year you know when he learned if you. the temples staged protests
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against rearmament culminating in west germany 1st easter peace march in 1960. the organizers faced widespread public anger. the vote of national relation we went and we take your own narrative that would soon have been harmless we were soundly cussed and of course regarded as communists go back to the east they shouted. like that next to that that's. the peace movement failed to resonate with people enjoying west germany's on precedented economic phone. this rapid economic growth was drawing people from east germany via west berlin. and the 1950 s. easterners could still travel there easily. the brain drain that resulted was a serious problem for the easts communist rulers.
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the neo messed things up to much ensure to come when we start of the new school year on september 1st half the class was always missing because they had left over the summer holidays among a hole in the vase $39.00 is and it's too fucked her feet of i wouldn't need us if it's right fix it. now in a common one say to go have a go betty think the easy bit fruit so i dunno if they start trying to positive. contributions in flintstone not plants as big as the units he had been to just. before exam me istomin the shift in jobs help me to shift so we did. on august 13th 1961 east germany closed the escape route by building a wall around west berlin. the berlin wall became. the very symbol of the cold war.
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it was an admission by the communists that they had to build a wall to keep their people in. this who owns an absolute shock it was an absolute shock for us and with of my mother was born in saxony in the eastern still have family that has sister was married to a man in east berlin so suddenly she was in a different world she was just not there not on the boat. germans in east and west were horrified. what was going to come next. kentucky 5 vividly remember that day in 1961 and i found it all really frightening
7:50 am
it's i was as white as a sheet i went to my parents and said now there's going to be war this as a king the question who had been born during war time world where of its former secret and were highly sensitive to such thing. on done improve on your oath do you pants down american tanks then drove to checkpoint charlie to the border crossing point on tradition gossamer live frugally strong where they were faced on the other side by soviet armor on the. moon pieces or beautician there were only a few meters between them and we waited with bated breath hoping nothing what happened to my desk looking. down. at the time there was a military doctrine of mutual assured destruction or mad for short from the storm even englishman who could this really was crazy over in a kind of if you attack me i'll strike back and then we'll both be dead and then are they thinking. there were enough nuclear weapons in the world to destroy our
7:51 am
planet not once but several times over. in the near for india to have to rearm. but the most dangerous moment of the cold war was still to come the cuban missile crisis in 1962 american war conason aircraft discovered that the soviet union had built missile launch sites on cuba only a few 100 kilometers from the us the missiles would be able to strike washington and numerous other major cities with ease from the caribbean island. just pull your friends you the cuban crisis was perhaps necessary because the americans were facing a real threat from outside for the 1st time as. president john f. kennedy accused the soviets of a dangerous escalation. in you know being the policy of this nation to regard any nuclear missile launched from cuba against any nation in the western hemisphere as an attack by the soviet union on the united states.
7:52 am
voting booth reported to. the church during the cuban crisis we too were only seconds away from a nuclear war. i don't think. that one of our submarines which had nuclear missiles on board was attacked by the americans with depth charges so. that. he lined with his orders the captain was ready to press the button and fire his missiles. could see it no good to secret service officer stopped him and told him to wait for a confirmation signal from. what would have happened had he launched those bombs. the world seemed on the brink of nuclear war people everywhere prepared for the worst. being. that.
7:53 am
if you're a member of what bert the turtle just did bends because every one of us must remember to do the same thing and cover and cover just as you do in your school as if you had. we were all terrified that a nuclear war would stunt tomorrow. so you should be off to rule there were purely psychological things that we had had to learn like hiding under our school desks this the shelter started dropping outside i was really scared of things like that. the cuban missile crisis was resolved because both superpowers took a step back without losing face there was a glimmer of hope that they would talk to each other to reduce the risk of nuclear war or saluki should use for face of the wolf was for going to school conditions it
7:54 am
was after the cuban crisis the 2 sides set up a hotline a way in my class they knew they were there my dear there was direct connection between the command center of the soviet general staff and in the american situation recently called nazi he us news spoke of but it is a joke for new media in that if anything happened we would inform each other if its . president kennedy made history in 1963 the speech in west berlin. he appealed to the world to support the divided city at the heart of the cold war. it's remembered by one phrase in particular. the pride of war that. he will roll on us. saw.
7:55 am
in the world of freedom. the proudest owes. me i'm really. odd as to daintree and barely in cash because a student in berlin i was there when john f. kennedy was a simpler team he was highly popular just like american music and the american lifestyle were also popular that come as specially in the sixty's. only 2 days after kennedy's speech soviet leader nikita khrushchev visited east berlin we are in the cold war he said and i too am a berliner the us president had captured the hearts of west berliners in just one day khrushchev visit lasted 3 days and was soon forgotten. this american rocket was designed not to launch missiles but to overtake the soviets in space in 1961 kennedy had pledged to put an american on the moon by the end of the decade up
7:56 am
to 400000 people worked on the apollo project named after the greek god of light the massive effort would finally overcome the humiliation of sputnik. kennedy would not be able to witness his country's triumph he was assassinated in 1963 the launch site was named in his honor the kennedy space center. it was the site where apollo 11 was to blast off on july 16th 1969. the moon landing 4 days later was the event of the century viewed live around the globe. in 1989 i was living invest in that hospital in the west in ireland ship working in a radio and t.v. shop during the moon landing we stayed open all night in case someone stevie said he needed repairing the always fit because from the early everyone was. west german television and so on we of course were also able to see the landing on the movie. i
7:57 am
just graduated from college and was living in a small apartment was lionized lying on my my bed watching the oh armstrong come down that ladder and announce you know this is one small step for man one giant leap for mankind i. never thought. that. the 2 superpowers could now see eye to eye in space. for the 1st time human beings had seen their planet from the surface of another celeste field body it was a giant leap for mankind and
7:58 am
a brief respite in the middle of the cold war in which fear of nuclear annihilation gripped the world. what does home mean after 3 decades of a unified germany. 5 hard. to question.
7:59 am
marks 20. 30 minutes on d w. media and information literacy the 7th online session of the global media for a covert 19 has changed the way we communicate. this brings new opportunities but also 6. 1 solution media and information literacy. is this enough to approach the challenges in our media landscape and join our discussion starts 1230 u.t.c. . w.'s crime fighters are back again africa's most successful radio drama series continues all of us odes are available online and of course you can share
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and discuss on w. africa's facebook page and other social media platforms crime fighters to mindanao . this is deja vu news live from berlin president criticism after leaving the hospital briefly to greet supporters the u.s. president is being treated there as well to read for his doctors say he's on steroids and discharges early as today monday we'll get some analysis live here in the studio also coming up britain's struggle to hold an influx of migrants crossing
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over from france is putting pressure on the government in london which promised to take back control of the borders after.


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