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students are. training successful. starts october. this is the wus a shot coming up today the children forced into an adult's wasn't. millions of children in india are at risk of being pushed into work as a coronavirus pandemic rages across the country can that exploitation be prevented . and conservationists in taiwan race against time to save the island's unique flora from the rapid advance of man made developed.
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by british predator welcome to d.w. news asia glad you could join us concerns are being raised that millions of poor and underprivileged children in india risk of being forced into child labor due to the coronavirus pandemic child welfare organizations in the country are sounding the alarm at a time when significant numbers of jobs have been lost in india's informal sector during lockdowns the fear is children of out of work parents could be trafficked to fill the gap has more on a crisis that could raise decades of progress made in combating child. my. done with child trafficking boys and girls learn through play with child welfare advocate rockish center. child trafficking is a daily reality in india. children are sometimes kidnapped others are forced by their parents to work 15 year old new judge parveen has just returned from visiting
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relatives in the countryside but they're not bad at name mom again i was visiting my uncle and our production about that on the bus ride back if i saw lots of small children all on their own begging on the side of the road and you headed to the company you would be back a singer teaches children how to defend themselves for years he has been working with a charity to fight child trafficking he says the pandemic has made the situation even worse they want their butter for fear children are in great demand as a form of cheap labor market when adult migrant workers return to their villages demand for cheap labor increased. child labor is used to compensate. since the schools are closed due to the lockdown parents have been sending their children away to work. or go out of that there was. this child labor was found during a raid on a bakery in delhi 15 boys were rescued from restaurant kitchens and workshops in
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recent months the foundation has freed more than $1000.00 children being held in slavery like conditions. signs of worsening poverty on the streets of delhi. child beggars existed even before the pandemic but now millions of middle class indians have lost their jobs and laid off their servants these children are helping to feed their families. kyler such as she has established a children's foundation which has grown into a nationwide network its mission raising awareness among indians about the need for child welfare the biggest side is that millions of children may fall back into thinking child labor child that is. school would be denied. these children walk along the train tracks in delhi they hope to earn money from
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selling plastic bottles. according to unicef there are more than 10000000 child laborers in india most younger than 9 years old. that's why rocker singer has invited mothers to visit and he stresses the importance of sending children to school. he encourages the boys and girls to demand a good education but i knew the school was not going to know it didn't even have water we wrote to the head and complained about the lack of water. we even spoke to city council members about it i've come here to help find a solution it is. a school play that shows what it's like for many poor children how they're drugged and kidnapped. but these children are learning where they can turn to for help. and joining us for more is most of the men directing girl he's executive director of the trial rights enjoy
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a bunch of fun but. mr tingle your organization claims to have rescued more than a 1000 children from exploitative conditions in the last few months isn't this a job the government should be doing. this is true but that is your position to have been done you have done it with the support of the moment only and because you cannot do it as you and you cannot stop what you inform me and if they can or distort without double mission we don't and women who come and so we have been doing it along with the government. should have been done bias we have identified more than about 200000000 we have eschewed and lost since the law don't start it in from possibly like in say that your risk your own 200 children. and last one month and a half month the children who are being tougher go back to work from. you have us do more than 200 children such a lin with information we got follow what teams in working in the. districts former
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the children were coming and previous to the chilean children voting during the don't also there with industry than with. staying inside do what some of the chilling verse stuck up their work ethic. to stop traffic stop giving them food and although there was no money nothing so those kind of didn't also we dispute who were the missing the victims of trafficking and they were facing problems so it's somewhat of the government and government supported us in this doing it and that is the government has been with us you don't convert these children who've been working in exploitative conditions but i'd just like to know for you from you about migrant laborers who already are struggling to make ends meet i wonder if they really have any other option than to put all of vailable hands including their children to work. that is too.
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the conditions because of the children being catholic from the source district was because of the poverty. in those districts that was the reason when all the migrants have gone back the conditions have become even worse in the villages give this to some children who are working in the bank who have been tested for by bengal industry and by talking to one of them. said very clearly that my father's i am i'm supposed to be is and we have 5 business sisters what do we do about it i was studying in the school but i have to leave and then the traffic i came and said you know when father for that he said he would like to go but because i know they want to tell you who the nimble fingers. and so he has to be he has to come do you wanted to study but he has to come so the conditions in the villages had become really very very bad and. people when they left for doing the long don't devote
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that they will not be coming back to work right the problem now you can imagine when they're coming back the conditions i've been wasn't alone in the back in the villages right but the problem continues and i suppose the root question really is what needs to happen to prevent children from being exploited for work see india in india lucky have one of the best. available but i didn't is that the schemes are not reaching to the people we have our models in which we have used you call the bottom of the model that you work for prevention of. geoffrey king you successfully did it in those areas where the general there was an emperor and trafficking all that not enough to look at working not just access of the garment services to the people and that was good enough for them to regard their children from work and put them to school and stop stop the killings and not sending the children to work. so common use of proactive and i think those social welfare
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schemes. in the villages education system schools teachers needs to be improved the school systems needs to be improved you're talking off. the just coming into the valley the school teaching this one teacher who is teaching all the classes on one to 5 did just one teacher teaching the other teacher and he's also being used for the so yeah this is what you need to improve in the villages and if you're going to do that then i'm sure that african will ultimately stop but it has to come from a practical and from the government question here in the common people right improvement of the grassroots level of the trial saying thank you so much for speaking to us under a single executive director of the trial rights in general but one but on the line . now over the past 30 years taiwan has earned a global reputation as a manufacturing powerhouse but the push for industrialisation has come with little
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regard for the environment the government has changed its tune claiming environmental protection as a priority but conservationists warn taiwan is paying the price for decades of inaction around 70 percent of the island is still covered in lush tropical forest but some plants have started to disappear and could be a sign of what's to come. it may look insane serene 1st home since chad is in a race against time a race that pits a group of plant hunters against a rapidly changing climate center human expansion bay search taiwan's natural environment for plant species that could soon be wiped off the face of the earth. finding the rare specimens takes more than scientific knowledge and by. not everyone can get to the places i go to i can stay
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a long time out in the wild in the mountains or choruses i'm very good at climbing trees or not everyone can climb trees. the hunters also have to be able to clamber up steep cliff faces and withstand the damn pores on the many days a time when the sun's not shining. back at the conservation center they carefully catalog and store their finds taking samples of d.n.a. and putting them in a deep freeze. by doing theirs they aim to preserve taiwan's biodiversity for future generations. or mine just as she wants we hope that we will have a chance to return these species to their original habitat. for one day when we can create a new habitat that these species can live there happily with them so. that both miss up the center also study the plants and educate the public about them
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sometimes making new discoveries that can benefit humanity. his or her many of these plants are endangered species. we need to ensure scientific papers and research are published quickly so ordinary people can learn conserving these plants can help us out here gets through. to. the center aims to become the largest shelter of tropical plants on earth a safe haven for flora that can no longer thrive in the wild. that's it for not be sure to check out the other stories on the double dot com forward slash a show on facebook and twitter we leave you today with images from the dragon dance festival in vietnam's capital city 100 the crowds were delighted by the spectacle part of celebrations to mark the noise 1010th anniversary we're back to more of the same times you then.
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combating the pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and. our corona. with 19 special next on d w. and you your years here as we're going to you in the last 2 years german chancellor will bring you an angle that matters or as you've never heard have
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surprise yourself with what is possible who is medical training what moves back and what. we talk to people who follows her along the way admirers and critics alike now as the world's most powerful woman shaking her legacy the metal. russia calls it relief for the world the shipments contain the back seeing candidate sputnik. 2000 venezuelans will try it out including a member of the presidential family. emitter forensically nicoli brewer in this clinical trial phase my son nicholas an estimate duro guerra told me of his decision to be vaccinated with the russian vaccine to join the trial i think it's very good by the same way be him. well the reuss was the 1st foreign country to
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receive batches of the back scene last week india is also interested in testing it . for russia it could be a spot mic moment like the one in 157 when the communists launched the 1st satellite. in august russia declared itself the 1st country to approve a coronavirus vaccine high risk groups have been receiving sputnik 5 health workers journalists teachers alongside china russia has been deploying the shots before fall efficacy trials are complete the results are promising the vaccine has been met with some skepticism washing his hands multiple times a day just one of a series of hygiene measures gulper in undertakes the doctor doesn't want to take any chances with coronavirus but he knows a vaccine would offer the best protection against covered 19 that's why his
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volunteer to take part in testing a new russian one. of those when someone has to do it without clinical trials they are no medicines the effectiveness of a vaccine can only be evaluated in the 3rd phase of clinical trials. the previous 2 treated to a frazzle stage 3 of the trials began a month ago but the vaccine which has been named footnote 5 was licensed already in august before they began mass inoculation in russia is planned for later this year something numerous experts have sharply criticized the russian government rejects the criticism it says the vaccine has been developed from already known substances and doesn't pose any health risks. russia urgently needs an effective vaccine. the country currently has the 4th highest number of corona virus cases worldwide and the numbers continue to rise with around 6000 new infections each day
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galperin and other doctors working say they are not worried about the vaccine safety. after old the vaccine has already been tested on several well known public people and they're doing quite well. these public figures include russian defense minister sergei surely google moscow mayor say so beyond in and one of president vladimir putin's daughters ports and p.r. material. literacy rich city is part of russia's strategic interests to always want to be 1st irrespective of whether it's a revolution or the 1st flight into space now it's about saying that we're the 1st to develop a vaccine internally we're showing that the situation is under control x. journal and it's a signal that russia is still mastering its role as the savior of the world. and. some young galperin isn't thinking about his country's p.r.
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plans just now the doctor is here because his hoping to help win the fight against the corona virus pandemic. we are tired they wanted to be over the new vaccine would help calm people and offer a way out of the situation. it will most likely be at least several months until the results of the phase 3 trials are known only then can the actual effectiveness and safety of russia's sputnik 5 vaccine be assessed. know about safe works at the international vaccine access center of the johns hopkins bloomberg school of public health so will the russians be the 1st. and look there are lots and lots of people to achieve a vaccine it's not about who's going to be 1st it's event as many people as can cross the finish line really to have a safe and effective vaccines we want multiple winners here and there are some
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vaccine is certainly you know doing moving to phase large scale phase 3 is as are many others and we want lawson shit to look after the completion of those things 3 is when we have good safety data and good if you can see that it is the vaccines actually work and lots of people we want to succeed not just on one group or another on the point of safety you have the russians being fudging the numbers of some of q.'s then skipping parts of the trials. there's no good solid evidence that there's been any concern about the numbers the detail that was given in the russian papers and it was excellent you know the quality of the evidence was as solid as any of the other published papers the there have been some lay reports on blogs and so on those really don't hold water when examined fairly and statistically so no i don't have any food more concerns about this group than any other group of tickling. the modified common cold viruses behind such vaccines have
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been studied for decades but still not widely used why why is that. there are a number of other vaccine platforms that have we have a lot more experience with the advantage of any of our very good vaccines ease that they are potentially capable of privilege bring almost a antigen to the need system and so there and they vector itself is designed to be known up look at ing sort of card causing friction the capacity to do that to get that city to develop these vaccines has been in development for quite a long time but i recently has a really rich lawson shot under the pressure really you know developing a vaccine against all of ours and that's been a success so that's good and we would like to see more of these vaccines going forward claiming a lot more experience with them particularly around safety and around if you can see but there's no reason to suspect that they'll be problematic vaccines in fact they're likely to be very good vaccines where you have
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a range of potential at and of ours vectors some more frequently encountered by human populations than others then that differences potentially that could arise among the different products and that some of the detail that's coming out from some of the scientific literature but as a platform have you know it's a really exciting platform and we hope that they'll be lots of opportunities to develop this platform that respects analogy beyond this pandemic into the future also what's the certainty you know the vaccine is the past phase 3 will be successful for the wider population. there's never certainty. he's built on uncertainty and falsifiability so it's really a golden that and methods are as rigorous as they can be and it's important that we continue to evaluate the vaccine even after that it's rolled out and even after to choose licensure and phase 3 phase 3 trials of the trials that demonstrate large scale you know in terms of tens of thousands and collectively close to hundreds of
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thousands of people safety and disciplines and important efficacy against disease so it actually protects human beings against disease that's the time that we require philosophia. for a vaccine is very rarely hopeful because as you know series sound very rarely their society has the right have the pros and cons as we go back since they were potentially harmful but very rarely so but they are very very beneficial and frequently so so it's always a question of balancing the risks and benefits and that correct balance requires good science groups or violence and good evidence going forward beyond phase 3 and beyond licensure wellington any use of hopefully future use you've said it's problematic if a vaccine is designed to target the disease and not the infection why. well it's not exactly right about your clothes i mean or vaccines really designed to target disease but clearly we're facing
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a complex situation currently we've gotten a virus because we have widespread infection and transmission occurring globally i think my public expectation is that once a vaccine is available we go back to the way things work and we stop mosques and we stop social distancing and that's just judgment of what are vexing at least in the initial phase can do the end of the vaccines to reduce disease and to reduce it in volatile groups at least initially in the 1st round of vaccination if a vaccine is given to those at high risk and not toward the body clearly transmission will continue to occur you know if you didn't receive the vaccine but a year from now or year and a half from now or 2 years from now when the vaccine is more widely available it will be critical to demonstrate that it actually reduces transmission and not just reduces disease because if it doesn't do that then the other ways to reduce transmission have to continue with face masks and so on and one could imagine a paradox whereby if the vaccine continues to allow transmission and works less
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well to protect against disease in the other lead that you know paradoxically. address that comes could get worse not better so we need to be very careful about how we deploy vaccines on the basis of the best available science and evidence around what they do what their if it is these against you know about say thank you very much for joining us thank you for having. and it's that part of the show when we look at your questions on the crowd a virus is the w. science correspondent there. are many countries testing school age kids on a wide scale to if so what are the results. because covert 19 in general at least doesn't affect children as severely as older people kids in general have not been tested as much throughout the pandemic it's simply been a question of resource allocation but the lack of really solid data has also led to a lot of speculation that kids might not be much of
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a factor in spreading the disease throughout wider society which has in some countries influenced things like decisions to reopen schools but now a big study from india could cause authorities to rethink that idea it focused among other things on contact tracing data from 85000 confirmed cases in 2 states there in total it looked at test results from over 500000 contacts that occurred between people who were infected and the people they gave it to or didn't get and one of the most interesting takeaways was that it showed kids actually do pass the disease on to other kids especially those in their age group which would include for example kids in the same class at school what the study wasn't able to clarify was was how often those kids subsequently might have passed the virus along to adults but but even so the evidence now looks pretty compelling it indicates that
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the idea that kids don't really spread covert 19 doesn't really hold water which a lot of researchers have said shouldn't actually come as a surprise. have you along for another code special seizing. good.
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big. smile. cities around the world the facing unprecedented challenges climate change is making. it even hotter and more and more animals are moving. it's getting while the. knowledge of the planet thinking up solutions tomorrow today. 90 minutes on d w in mexico many pushing muslims are thrown out in the morning right now climb
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a tree the coffee story. faces life less leeway for just one week. how much worse can really get. we still have time to ask i'm going on. it. sort of says that subscribes like. sleep. carefully. choose to do good. discover the. above.
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says. playing . this is deja news live from berlin mixed messages as u.s. president donald trump posts and other videos from hospital in a very interesting journey i learned a lot about covert i learned as part of really going to school this is the real school event goes on to take a motorcade trip that many say break code with 19 protocol also on the program. to americans and a briton are announced the winners of the 2020 nobel prize for medicine for their discovery of the hepatitis same virus.


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