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tv   Deutschland im Kalten Krieg  Deutsche Welle  October 6, 2020 1:03pm-1:46pm CEST

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because of a surprise who wins the nobel prize this year but this time it wasn't such a big surprise for me at least because last year there was the 1st image of a black hole published so it was already kind of in focus so talk with us a little bit more about what that means about the research that these 3 have been doing well it's one of the most exotic objects that exists in our universe so it's really fascinating to know more about it for many years the very idea of the existence of a black hole was questioned by many physicists so it wasn't really clear if this existed and many where it was a strange idea to them a black hole i mean imagine a black hole let's just have the image of the earth and put it down to the size of a piece that's how a black that's how massive a black hole is how much energy it really has and then penrose one of the nobel prize winners he was the 1st to use einstein's general theory of relativity to
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prove mathematically that a black hole can exist and then guns and gays. they were more of the practical kind of part of this prize and they showed with their teams with every search teams with very precise observe ations of the black hole which is in the center of our milky way of our galaxy said. that it needs to exist carding to their observations really fascinating what more do we know about the 3 scientists so we know that of course they're of cause i say because it's it's not a surprise there they are all from europe or the u.s. as most of the nobel prize laureates have been in the past years what is new this year is that there's a woman and golfed and only well they have been 210. which where male lariats male scientist so far in physics and only 3 women now she's the 4th
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woman so that's kind of a big thing thank you so much they albrecht joining us for good of you science. now the election commission in kurdistan has a knowledge of the results of last weekend's parliamentary poll the country's president is insisting that he is still in control even though protesters are earlier broke into government buildings and freed his jailed predecessor at least one person was killed in violent clashes that erupted overnight in the capital bishkek anger has been growing over the results of the election that handed victory to 2 establishment parties and opposition politician has now declared himself acting interior minister now despite all of this chaos the president saw in by coffee maintains that he was still in charge he also said that he was not ruling out another election. peace in the country instability in society is more
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important than any politician's mandate i suggest that the central election committee thought really investigate any violations during the election process and to know the results if necessary and i also political leaders to come the vote is an also the not to take part in gatherings. of following the story for us in moscow is bureau chief in your ear shadow europe why are these protests happening right now. well sara these parliamentary elections took place 10 years after the country's to a partially parliamentary system of government and it's not the 1st time that there has been a violent political overthrow this time 16 parties participated in parliamentary elections only 4 managed to get seats in the parliament the current president is known for his reserved political style but his popularity and the popularity of his government has declined most recently due to the pandemic of just on the country has one of the highest death rates
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a kostabi cobbett 19 in the world and current teen has lost congress down a 5th of its budget the president was accused of inaction some even called for him to be impeached yury what does this mean for the region or if the entire region could become involved in this conflict and this is a very dangerous rest in bishkek may have a domino effect due to under a solved problem so that the country has with its neighbors recently in may of this year for example on the border of kurdistan and had done there was a shoot out as a result of the war injure injuries on both sides and i think conflict a curate of a disputed territory on the border last year in the fall of the war also armed clashes with the biggest gun in bishkek they even called for help from the russian military the country is poor and for the so-called islamic state kurdistan like have done is a breeding ground for fighters here in russia however the kremlin how is watching
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closely what is going on in kurdistan as christiane is an important ally and partner for russia not only in the fight against international terrorism but also economically and what is happening on the ground right now and what's expected in the coming hours. well as you said the very last used is that the central election commission in bishkek has an old result of the vault so now the opposition wants to see their country that can do that as prime minister they demanded a 2nd vote president of caracas dungeon beck of call to what is happening now and to attend today the demonstrators occupied to the building of the government and refused to let him police into. your ear shadow joining us with the very latest on kurdistan thank you. and let's turn to some other stories making news around the world calls for our mania and also by john to agree to a cease fire are growing as the conflict between the 2 former soviet states
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continues to escalate scores of people have been killed after the decades old conflict over the disputed territory of no go or no car erupted 9 days ago the region lies inside azerbaijan but is under the control of ethnic armenian forces. russian opposition leader alexina only has made his 1st video appearance since his poisoning with they've banned nerve agent the kremlin critic told a russian blogger that he believed that he was attacked because russian authorities used him as a threat ahead of parliamentary elections he said his recovery in germany could take 2 more months. the european court of justice has struck down hungary and regulations for higher education introduced in 2017 the court called the rules incompatible with the e.u. law critics say that they specifically targeted a budapest university funded by a u.s. philanthropist george soros a vocal critic of prime minister viktor or bonds right wing government. and
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lawmakers and activists in thailand have gathered to commemorate the university of massacre of 1976 when over 40 students were killed by security forces during protest the event has drawn renewed interest as a new protest movement gains momentum in thailand calling for fresh elections and a more democratic constitution. u.s. president donald trump is back at the white house after being hospitalized for coping 19 in an elaborately staged return the address the american public in a video with defiant comments that have stoked criticism from medical experts meanwhile tom's physicians says that he will receive further care over the coming days. it was a determined donald trump wearing a mask who emerged onto the steps of the hospital. 4 days after he shocked the world by announcing he and 1st lady millennia had tested positive
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for covert 19 trump was back after the short helicopter flight to washington crossed the white house lawn and strode up the stick case he made a point of removing his mosque offering a salute to the departing a crew and that was encourage meant for the other 7 and a half 1000000 americans who have been infected by the virus don't let it dominate you don't be afraid of it you're going to beat it we have the best medical equipment we have the best medicines all developed recently and you going to beat it i went i didn't feel so good and 2 days ago i could have left 2 days ago 2 days ago felt great like better than i have in a long time i said just recently better than 20 years ago don't let it dominate don't let it take over your lives but doctors are not convinced i think
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that the president may be in a honeymoon phase as i call it of course in 1000 disease in the 1st it's me me the viral or the inflammatory phase we look for warning sign around 7 or 10 when people can actually do a lot worse require a lot more oxygen and you may get better or at that point may get a lot worse and i'll be around that week and those words will not be enough to deter the president in one of his many tweets on a day of high drama chum pledge to be back on the campaign trail suit. and our correspondent stefan simons in washington sent us this is testament of the president's return to the white house this is a president on steroids not figuratively literally steroids and maybe that explains why he feels so strong and so good after just 2 days while most 3 days in care of a top team of physicians and doctors who has given him any possible
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treatment the best treatment possible medic medicines is across which are not at this point all the early in the disease available to all the americans were infected by covert 19 who were not available which were not available to all the americans who died $210000.00 plus now we will see how this will all develop in the next few days and meantime some u.s. states are allowing early voting one of them being a high you know the latest polls suggest a tight race between president trump and his democratic challenger joe biden in what is certainly one of the most hotly contested states in this election do you have he went to find out what's on voters' minds i try not to trust projections too much being that 4 years ago. projections were so high.
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the actual outcome. while i'm hopeful for biden i are just going to have to wait for the day off. i'm going to be voting for president truman but i i do hope that this makes him more aware of the seriousness that i have it fire for me to help her each people who wear masks more in their life. you know donald trump says he's created more jobs than any other president. barack obama produced more jobs in his last 3 years then well trump what donald trump has in his 1st 3 years so again is a look at the facts don't believe the rhetoric that donald trump put sound i mean let's deal with reality yeah already registered to vote and everything i think people are really passionate this year about their picks and it's been a crazy crazy year and you know every size has been trying to convince one another
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who's right hopefully when it is all over we can all come together somebody is from ohio there so how is donald trump fairing in the state the next poll since this report ohio is one of the battleground states in this election 4 years ago president trump managed to convince voters here that she could bring back jobs and reopen shuttle takes freeze like this less than a month away from election day the race is neck to neck between him and to some a pressing opponent joe biden many you wanted republican last time have the feeling he didn't deliver and is not really on the side of working class americans on the other hand his personal struggle with covert 19 doesn't seem to have changed people's opinions. that was in this poll in the u.s. the u.k. service sector has been particularly hard hit by the coronavirus and as winter approaches force johnson has warned of tough months ahead but it's not only
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hospitality that has been hit london's financial hub this city has been left deserted as people work from home charlotte potts reports. this is the latest fashion trend for bank us in london city accessorizing suits with a match to mask make this one his shop has been around for over 100 years business had always been great until the pandemic and for 6 months he didn't make a single suit and the people come back into the city. so we can get back to some normality now though boris johnson has said everyone who can should keep working from home over the winter some detail of this policy is a disaster. so easy. for the out of the high street all the independent shops you couldn't the big big. stores all over about where. one shop or more paste.
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9 am usually rush hour in the city not so in corona times it's hard to believe how empty the streets which are normally bustling with people cars and buses up to half a 1000000 workers come into london's financial district usually every day to work here now norman foster world famous good can is virtually deserted as are the other skyscrapers here in the city most workers are still working from home at this point at least over the winter or until a covert 19 vaccine is found. experts tell me that social distancing is difficult and skyscrapers plus making offices covert compliant would be cost. twitter has already announced that their employees will be allowed to work from home indefinitely and british petroleum is smiling over the most dramatic downsizing of property in their history we are seeing
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a lot of time it's completely rethinking how they are going to occupy the space so without a shadow we are looking to where rents are going to go up and up and up and this will begin to become more and more valuable. rents will stabilize or even drop clocks believes london city will survive this crisis as it did august for now though this iconic part of london really is on life support and local businesses don't know how to make it through the window especially in restaurants and pass we haven't bought one book for christmas not one not for taylor dayne hook tells me from now on it's survival of the fittest and he desperately hopes that he will be amongst them through the water for now let's get you up to speed now on some of the latest developments in the coronavirus pandemic ireland is set to impose stricter covert 19 measures but the government has rejected calls from health experts for
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a 2nd lockdown instead indoor dining will be banned and people will have to stay in their county of residence japan and south korea will resume short and long term business travel between the 2 countries lifting restrictions put in place to stop the spread of the virus and india registered its lowest daily increase in new coronavirus cases since august but despite the lockdown india is on track to overtake the u.s. as the country with the biggest caseload. and there are growing concerns that the coronavirus pandemic could force millions of poor children in india to work now lockdowns have thrown the country's job market into turmoil as you might imagine well 4 organizations are warning it could erase decades of progress in eradicating child labor. that don't with child trafficking boys and girls learn through play with child welfare advocate rockish singer. child
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trafficking is a daily reality in india. children are sometimes kidnapped others are forced by their parents to work 15 year old new job parveen has just returned from visiting relatives in the countryside when. i was visiting my uncle which i pradesh on the bus ride back i saw lots of small children all on their own begging on the side of the road heading to the company and. back a singer teaches children how to defend themselves for years he has been working with a charity group to fight child trafficking he says the pandemic has made the situation even worse. for fear children are in great demand as a form of cheap labor when adult migrant workers returned to their villages demand for cheap labor increased. child labor is used to compensate. since the schools are closed due to the lockdown parents have been sending their children away to work.
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through all. this child labor was found during a raid on a bakery in delhi 15 boys were rescued from restaurant kitchens and workshops in recent months the foundation has freed more than $1000.00 children being held in slavery like conditions. signs of worsening poverty on the streets of delhi. child beggars existed even before the pandemic but now millions of middle class indians have lost their jobs and laid off their servants these children are helping to feed their families. kyler such as she has established a children's foundation which has grown into a nationwide network its mission raising awareness among indians about the need for child welfare the biggest side is that millions of children may fall back into slave. labor that is. school would
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be denied to. these children walk along the train tracks in delhi they hope to earn money from selling plastic bottles. according to unicef there are more than 10000000 child laborers in india most younger than 9 years old. that's why rocker single has invited mothers to visit and he stresses the importance of sending children to school he encourages the boys and girls to demand a good education but i knew the school was not good at all it didn't even have water he wrote to the head and complained about the lack of water. even spoke to city council members about it i've come here to help find a solution it is. a school play that shows what it's like for many poor children how they're drugged and kidnapped. but these children are learning where they can turn to for help. and now we turn to the world of art and
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an example of success against heavy odds the great painters during the mid renaissance were exclusively man except for a woman in the 16th hundreds in italy for centuries art historians and considered the works that you are about to see as a curiosity that though has changed with a new exhibit at london's national gallery. she was one of the most dazzling artists of the baroque and intrepid pioneer are to means yet gentle a screen be italian pain to use to work to raise the voice of women and fight for equality against all odds and this in the 17th century it was extremely challenging for women in the 17th century i mean they had sort of severe social restrictions but also as an artist i think you really had limitations this sort of restrictions on not being able to move about and see the all works on public display when there she was really exposed to very little compared to say have male counterparts in the
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exhibition shows 30 pictures from a remarkable career the daughter of painter or out sulu me gentlest to muse you discovered her extraordinary talent early on and let nothing stop her. we know that she was painting independently by the time she was 16 and her 1st known work painted when she was just 17 is absolutely astonishing but i think also she had sheer determination she wanted to do the same with the men were doing that meant painting more than just 2 lives and portraits are to musea painted scenes susannah and the elders from 1610 shows a bathing susanna who seems visibly uncomfortable under the lustful honesty of the men are to musea herself then became a victim of sexual violence the exhibition presents the original transcript of the court case the put art museums teacher augustine autopsy on trial for rape for the trial artemisia had to. repeat her statements under torture. she agreed
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to undergo judicial torture it was the only way that she could prove that she was telling the truth and she knows. the way she comply and sort of all this is the judge's questions with incredible poise for a girl of just 1718 and i think you get a lot of optimism from that not to me as he has trauma and her lust for revenge visible in her most famous work judith beheading whole of. it shows female determination to make men pay for the violence inflicted the decapitation of the oppressor whole acehnese is brutally depicted. she takes the story of judas brutal killing of the general holder for these dials up the excitement the passion the horror you're right inside the tents with this thing happening in front of you can almost feel the whole blood spurting on t.v. it's a pretty shocking picture unflinching images painted by
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a courageous woman now finally in the spotlight. what a pioneer there now to the diamond which we're about to show you which might not look exactly down market but it has just been sold to what experts are calling a bargain price an extremely rare and flawless white diamond has been sold at sotheby's in hong kong for just under $16000000.00 the $102.00 carat stone made history as the 1st gem of its quality to be sold without a minimum bidding price it was part of a larger stone mined in canada in a mine there 3 years ago and was snapped up by an unnamed telephone better. well rick reminder of our top story here good news roger penrose of britain reinhard gensler of germany and andre against the u.s. have been awarded the 2020 nobel prize in physics the 3 were recognized for their
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work surrounding black holes. feel lection commission in kurdistan has a noble results of last weekend's parliamentary ball the move came after protesters seized government buildings overnight and freed and jailed former president the head of the commission said the decision was aimed at avoiding tensions. up to date on d.w. news coming up next it is kick off i'm sorry. it's for a watch. fights
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in. the match is dramatic and munich grabs 3 more points.
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shaka is defeated again thanks to their shockingly poor performance leipzig enters the international break at the top of the table. next on t w. confrontation between china and taiwan the superpower is threatening to invade its neighbor. how serious is it how is china justifying its claims. the w's richard walker analyzes the causes and dangers of the conflict taiwan china's next target close up. in 60 minutes on d w. i
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was here when i arrived here i slept with people in a room. it was hardest for. i even got white hair. language telling us this keeps me awake they tell me to interrupt let's say you want to know their story the muslims are fighting and reliable information for margaret. i. live. once i refresh ng stuff to the season it's matchday 3 and 4 once boy in munich on
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knots the number one in the league for a change robert leventhal ski is not the league's top scorer he is somebody around . the. last time outs both by and i'm still been suffered. shocking defeats and the pressure on the favorites has set scene early dortmund had to win the palms of freiburg and the last 4 by and against him would be unthinkable. seldom before has such a crisis mood taken root so soon 2 coaches have already been replaced by match day trading and both new replacements had rough 1st days at the office. things have been going so well so far for hoffenheim football fans have them to thank as the 1st team to beat on peaceable boy in full year. but shouldn't have had any problems in frankfurt then right. well as you already know
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everything goes according to plan the season but that's exactly what's so great about saying welcome to kickoff on match day 3. the man who brought byron munich to their knees hoffenheim sebastian heard this will forever be known as the coach who ended the pirates $32.00 game unbeaten run on the match day 2 if you can defeat byron he can surely beat frankfurt right. yet it wasn't the byron peters who showed early promise but rather the home side andre silva with a nifty back heel went close but no cigar i. hearn a skeptic school knowing he still hadn't any stop his sleeve. christophe baumgartner slid the ball to the prolific andre cromwell rich pulled frankfurt's
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entire back line and gave hoffenheim believe in the 18th minute. to croatian international has been an unstoppable form of late this fabulous solo strike was his 6th goal in 3 match days can anyone or anything stop him. a strong leader. oh no virus could stop them. hopefully not get coprime or if it was the talisman in the 1st half frankfurt's fortune hunter bass tossed we emerged after the restart to turn this match on its head. in the 54th minute just set up daiichi camera for the equalizer. showing the world but he's not just a full getter but also a profiler. kernis may have outmaneuvered fire but he struggled to find an answer to dos. that the one hour mark the dutchman nearly put aside ahead but was denied by all of
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a bound months put reflexes. while the 8000 frankfurt fans in attendance were making all the noise puffing hunched chances came few and far between pavel cataracts she can not make in the 67th minute was cleared just in time by martin him to play golf tennis knew the game was still up for grabs but it was past austin ko who were more hungry for the win dos would come knocking on bowman's door once more and this time he would succeed. just tap and seal to victory for frankfurt inspiring some big words of praise from his teammates. timothy for why it's almost. impossible for you as a board not the know by law to give us your go there by law for the position if.
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it was a book or as popular as the form said it was more superhero. i pulled the superhero . the home fans were brushing their superhero without recognizing their own role that was to serve as a fountain of positive energy when the going got tough for frank french. those with compliments. for the protagonist. for the you know we dispute this good efforts of those were there to be those side to disappear. maybe that's what was missing for her and as the souls or maybe the fans . frankfurt fans pushed the team to the win but of course at the hotel had an ace up his sleeve just like his counterpart it's the perfect start to the season for bass tossed in the eagles something brucia dortmund wish they could also say.
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where dortmund stand after last week's shock defeat to work 'd have a new tactics been so easy to crack questions that seem to surface every season and even though this campaign they seem to have the perfect mix of young and old skills and athleticism of creativity and physicality. but all that doesn't help when things are just not clicking in the attack in the opening half hour and were just too predictable i thought i. were still in shock and freiburg didn't give them an easy ride to make the home side work hard and dortmund didn't look up to the challenge i planted on far. households of does and pressing contests of answer i can see if i don't know from from transitional transvaal bestseller they haven't done. and just
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after the half hour mark friedberg relaxed their grip on the game a little that struck. one of my own and of course he was yelling hall and the red eye. thank you mark oh roy's one the bull in midfield giovanni raina had the awareness to find poland and the goal breathed life into dalton's game thank you even if they didn't school again right away the self-doubt following their defeats on the previous weekend had vanished suddenly the team created chance after chance of 5 on the sleeve the game again so it was with a wee bit and we had to prove that it was just over there to do with it it's 5 and
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they continue to do it after the break and right jan with a looping hits of double the lead $51.00 of the germany international found a space and converted another rainer assist thanks to a closing down freiburg in their build up play and soon after giovanni raina made a hat trick of assists by poland with his brace and a 66 minute ob the whole region running to the channels the light shone so the youngsters pass that 7 same run it is not just the man for the future but also the presence of thanks astonishingly it was freiburg who had covered more distance in the match but top and time and again won the both and put them on the back foot like here with paul and storming forwards to find félix past left
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abo of when i 1st put in as lee your goal for the local lad made it for nil at the lights for the home crowd has been good at home but there also has to do it the way no and yes you see it again there with the fans. at the back it's amazing and yeah it's it's a good feeling playing a. key reason for dalton's recovery giovanni right now let's take a closer walk. with you. on match day 3 giovanni rayner made bundesliga history at the tender age of 17 he provided not one not 2 but 3 assists indorsements win over freiburg. the american teenager is the youngest player to have ever accomplished such a feat in the bundesliga a new record. the american dream finally placed me the ball then you know if it
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gets dangerous he respects me. thank you thank. you thank you. remarkable and even more so when you take into account that he's only played 18 games and germany's top flight it looks like this is just the beginning. thanks. by and showed they were more chill last weekend away to hoffenheim back home kept who were ready to pounce while they were down the visitors started well but were unlucky john called it was judged to have been offside off the scoring early on the same thing happened to thomas miller shortly after no goal said the referee. but i don't usually need many chances
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robert leventhal ski was full what's the score that 2nd time asking back to business as usual. points of a one deal lead into the break. restarts it was trying to meet allianz arena fines top shoots up. robot leg on the ski making it to feel. back to normal as blindfolds. butts bruno love at the is lance did not give in shortly before the alamo colombian gunslingers on court about it talking then mchale's junior drew level off to 71 minutes confidence on a high off to his 1st brazil call up. but 11 those years still have been his legacy top gun and he soon put his side back in head. i. have to have one last chance and young gun jessica 9 can made it 33 after just one
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minutes on the pitch i 1st goal on his bundesliga debut. but the madness didn't stop there 11 doves he was brought down in the half top box in the 95th minute and converted his fall for the match but in came out on top in this 7 goal. this year for us it's amazing he won everything we showed the best sort of football maybe in that he's talking war by and now the expectation are very high and to have to be ready for this. assistant coach radley's metaxas was left in charge of alford with heiko hellish out sick against both sport they were looking to land to the top spot after a barn storming start to the season but the talks us couldn't get them to glory as alfredsson bobus an only got close still sporle a strawman 2nd place after 3 match days a 1st for the club. the day before austin is heading home to
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amsterdam in his final game for braman against newly promoted bealefeld the host scott to lead after 27 minutes through another midfielder and leonardo bits and courts. got tense in the game's final seconds but armenia's deserve. served equaliser was well let's off the edmonson's bullets head it was perry score a mike founded who was judged to have found his mark of a harsh cold in the end of the celebrated a 2nd win of the season while new boys feel it filled with a feat it for the 1st time in 2020. the island versus cologne was the 1st post game up on display history back in march this time 300 fans were present in cologne but that didn't help the hosts they've been winless since their last encounter with the falls. took charge early
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on and after just 14 minutes allison play out was allowed far too much time and space in the box the frenchman made up one. just 2 minutes later steps outlined stuart with a crafty header from a corner. come where shaky at the back and keeper team off horn wasn't pleased. in the 2nd half mark was brought down and captain l'arche tindall stepped up to seal the win 3 in. the visitors took it down a notch after that and allowed the moana consolation. new signing elvis rex budgerigar on the scoresheet but it was too late to prevent bloodbaths 1st win of the season. tensions boiled over in
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stuttgart the reason this little pinch from live occasions kalin better robbie he got off with just the yellow card and after just 7 minutes new signing patrick should open the story. but as injury been so him and by his attacking friends out of the game. still got pushed hard for the equaliser and were eventually rewarded for their perseverance with 15 minutes left to play philip claimants' cross was converted by such a polite to each his 3rd goal when he's the top flight going for stuttgart own the promoted side a 4 point. max cruiser has hit the ground running for when you're in berlin. spoiled new mines hell john moritz least his debut.


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