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died of hunger the knowledge down. to sleep starts october 16th. this is news to live from berlin and athens court delivers a landmark verdict in a marathon trial protesters clashed with police outside the court while inside leaders of the far right golden dawn party are found guilty of running a criminal organization. also coming up an alleged russian hitman goes on trial in
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the german capital the man is charged with gunning down a former chechen commander in a park last year german russian ties already tense this trials outcome could make them worse plus. legendary guitarist eddie van halen dies after a long battle with cancer considered one of the bravest rocker tars of all time he sounded ben hell in the band that rocks the charts in the seventy's and eighty's. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program we begin with some breaking news the winner of this year's nobel prize in chemistry has just been announced in stock all this year the. prize is going jointly to the french scientists emmanuelle
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a shop and he and jennifer doomed from the united states it goes for the development of a method for genome editing or as the academy called it rewriting the code of life the award comes with a shared prize money of around 1000000 giraffes very much thank you and we will have more on the nobel prize winners later in the program 1st though we go to greece for a historic verdict a court fair has found leaders of the country's far right golden dawn party guilty of running a criminal organization they face at least 10 years in prison a supporter of the group was also convicted of the murder of an anti-fascist rapper back in 2013 outside the courthouse police fire tear gas and scuffles broke out at a rally attended by thousands of anti fascist protesters the guilty verdicts kept in marathon 5 year trial with almost 70 defendants.
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and there's a case that is trending relations between berlin and moscow the 1st day of a trial into an alleged russian hitman has adjourned here and the german capital the 55 year old is accused of shooting a former chechen commander in a berlin park last year on the orders of the kremlin at the case that has gripped the popular imagination in germany. welcome to the capital of spice the german spy museum in berlin recently and it does so cool to god mode into its exits the man in the advertisement is still there to construct killer crest of. this case has all the ingredients of a political thriller in. the russian citizen to travel from moscow via paris and for some to believe under false identity. of this alleged to have a polish his victim on the bicycle in
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a small park in the victim was a church in exile seeking asylum in germany who was killed with 3 gunshots from close range. chris because then allegedly threw his gun and bicycle into the kneebone river and tried to escape but was caught shortly afterwards he was arrested and has been silent ever since. but that's a special situation that in this case we have the suspect we have the person who is accused about murder so we have evidence we have the fingerprints we have pictures if you compare it was a screen case or was a not only case we didn't have any person that we can question so i think that's the sort of quite unique situation right now according to investigators state on cressy cops mobile phone indicates that the crime was carefully planned they say they have found links to the russian that runs association of the domestic intelligence service if they speak which several investigative journalists believe
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is just a cover. we can see that that in classic off the killer started visiting f.s.b. training centers because early years spring 2019 security. employees are prepared for special operations there. as the day of the murder approached he communicated more and more often with the f.s.b. employees. towards the end it was almost every day. the victim is in 100 sheer force on the side of the rebels in the 2nd chechen war moscow had designated him a terrorist. this man was on our wanted list he's a fighter a cruel and bloodthirsty person. the kremlin denies any responsibility for the attack non of germany's 17 inquiries received
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a response it was to request full legal assistance were answered in the de quickly see the german the sororities that install into what's moscow sharpening. the federal government reserves the right to take further measures in this case before. the german federal prosecutor on my have brought charges against fighting chrisy cough but politically just say that in reality the russian state case in the dock. and let's go to the court where the trial has started today and it appears emmanuel or chase is standing by emmanuel what more do we know about the prosecutor's case against the defendant. well this is no ordinary murder trial it's attracted worldwide attention because it's not really the case of determining who he's guilty of the murder physically better who is behind and in fact all the indicators point to of russian ties we know that the suspect who
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traveled to germany weasel a false identity with russian passports we also know that he was assisted by russian artillery tease after he's arrest so that's what the prosecutor will try to determine during that trial the session today was quite short it will resume tomorrow we had to cope plaintive bring their testimonies. the trial of course coming at a time where relations between germany and russia are already strained so how is this trial impacting the state of affairs. well the relations are very strained indeed and not least seen sane of on these poisoning late august and i say the vani who was and here taken in charge by the charity hospital here in berlin say yeah the relations were already strained between germany and russia and if the russian rest poncy believed she appears to be clear i have to divert big
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that we expect here in january well if russia is proven to be a restaurant cboe then of course germany might take measures against russia in the form for example of economy extensions how could germany where yakked should the court role that russia was behind the killing as it is it only those ships sanctions that are on the table or is there something more well we can imagine sanctions i just mentioned the economy as we saw the last december in light of these cases of what is now known as the tea gotten murder well germany had expelled 2 russian diplomats from ballina and moscow had retaliated by expelling. 2 german diplomats as well so we can see an escalating tension between russia and germany we can also imagine some sanctions that will affect the gas line the guy
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has a pipeline project to north stream to do this we'll all probably on the fold we saw a verdict of that's it's you got madder political correspondent many chase thank you. let's turn to some other stories making news around the world fresh clashes have broken out in care of the stands capital bishkek following sunday's contested parliamentary elections officials in all of 5 the results of the poll overnight and agreed to nominate a new prime minister opposition groups took control of most of the government apparatus on tuesday after storming key buildings. prosecutors have searched the offices of the german football association as well as homes of current and former d.s.p. officials on suspicion of tax evasion 6 people are suspected of falsely declaring income leading to an invasion of 4700000 euros worth of taxes. facebook has banned has banned from all of its platforms all accounts that support
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the q. and conspiracy movement the social media company says that the move is part of its efforts to clamp down on misinformation ahead of the u.s. election and promotes stories alleging u.s. president trump is waging a secret war against an international pedophile. and white house senior adviser steven miller has tested positive for the coronavirus he's the latest in u.s. president donald trump's inner circle to contain the virus it comes as trump again downplayed the illness on twitter he's being treated for covert 19 at the white house after spending 3 nights in the hospital. well as the u.s. gets ready to vote in just under 4 weeks many in india are paying close attention over the past decade thousands of indians have flocked to the u.s. many of them applying their skills in the country's flourishing i thousands sector
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but the coronavirus pandemic and the trumpet ministrations clamp down on these as have some concerns about the future. reports. it's an election on the other side of the world but opinions on it abound on the streets of delhi. and if you go into. the 4th part that they view and people went for sure. so from my perspective i think donald trump will be a better president so i feel the job within the definitely put india and he would be better for the u.s. as well to serve it comes in the persian gulf for us the relationship of n.p.r.'s would be much much better but for some here the result of that election so far we could be life changing neely's jog nick a software engineer to google lived in the us for 6 years when india started canceling flights amid the could only crisis in march he rushed home to his family now despite a valid reason he no longer feels confident about returning to silicon valley tanks
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to confusing restrictions on immigrants from the current administration. need leashes decision to return will hinge on whether trump is reluctant i am very worried about a 2nd person than don't because. who's to say what other laws will come in i can't just go back and have. my life begin away from me again. his sister simran wants to study design in the u.s. but the what putting their plans on hold until they see the outcome of the election . some the advantages to continue trump presidency under garments export these immense value for his one sector in trump tough stance on china. it is for sure. imposed on china
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chinese goods and chinese exports and the move. there have been. big plays with india and with those potential treaties he believes could be boosted by trump's camaraderie that india's prime minister now deemed more. for now indian workers here will put plans on hold. until the signal comes from the next american president. and for more i'm joined now by chief international editor richard walker here in the studio richard i mean we're talking about 2 leaders here the thais have deepened in recent years and a lot of that has to do with their personal relationship how strong is that i mean they really are an interesting donald trump and to render a modi i mean both of them kind of falling into this sort of broad category of this wave of populist nationalists that we've seen coming to power many important countries around the world and you really saw that on display earlier this year i
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was actually in delhi in february earlier this year when donald trump came to visit . and rolled out the red carpet big time for that visit not just in the capital delhi itself but also. at a major rally in his home state of gujarat so this was really kind of inviting him to his home turf and putting on really a trump style rally but not in an american football stadium but a cricket stadium and good. iraq and they you really saw you know the kind of ideological similarities that they have you know trump is kind of anti immigration and stands up for the head of america's white majority. modi is a hindu nationalist standing up for india's hindu majority and perceived as really being quite against india's muslim minority so a lot of similarities there and that has also obviously kind of brought those 2 countries together with both of those men in power and you see reflected in
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popularity figures. trump is that has actually 56 percent approval in india which is a striking number and it goes beyond their brand of politics though i mean we also have the issue of the strategic element the issue of neutral interests that you have that's right i mean although these personalities are important that definitely not the whole picture and here is really all about china the rise of china as a superpower really a genuine superpower now and that is really affecting both countries the u.s. and china we've seen really this is the year where people are beginning to recognize we're on the brink of a new cold war between the u.s. and china and india is also affected too because china's rise is beginning to rub up against india as well we've seen that flare up in their border region in the remote himalayan mountains they've been clashes there with dozens of soldiers killed and that's a disputed border there's been an unresolved dispute for decades but this is really
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flared out now and so both countries are kind of facing this assertive even aggressive china and thinking how we're going to deal with that and that is bringing them closer together also with other countries other democratic countries in the region for instance japan australia together with the u.s. and india beginning to form this grouping called the quad which is really going to be something interesting to see as a kind of a new grouping to try to sort of try to. provide a democratic response for china and also. the western world western europe is also interested in closer relations with india so india's role in the world is becoming much much more important as a kind of counterpoint to china the chief international editor richard walker walking us through all of that thank you. now to germany where the number of new coronavirus infections recorded on tuesday was over 2800
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a surge in cases in berlin especially has prompted the city to announce new curfews for bars and cafes as well as stricter rules for gathering and groups aaron tilton went out onto the streets to find out how people are reacting. welcome to germany's new coronavirus flashpoint berlin after months of staving off the worst of the pandemic the german capital has become the frontline in the country's fight against the virus half of all of germany's high risk areas are located here in this city including the district of. gatherings with little sign a social distancing are a common sight here most of the new infections are among young people under the age of 30 they're more likely to shrug off the infection but the diseases spread is also picking up pace among the old forcing berlin city government to take action there introducing new restrictions from saturday compelling bars in stores to close at 11 and limiting alcohol sales as well as the size of private gatherings not
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everyone supports the changes. yes you can just say much it's a hard question i think it's actually the bars are open so long but you have to maintain social distancing and i think as long as people do that it shouldn't be a problem to sit in the bar until late at night. you know i think the same i think everyone can keep themselves in check regardless of how much alcohol they drink at least i can keep a grip on myself so i don't understand why others can't do that. but many support the new measures. of a man up big vision you need to balance your own sensibilities against a virus that puts others' lives at risk you can feed the mention in that case i think the measures are justified the. warning system is flashing red and that's forced the government to take action and while most people we've spoken to say they support the restrictions that still hasn't stopped the spread of the corona virus here in the german capital. and we
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turn now back to our top story because this year's nobel prize in chemistry has been awarded jointly emmanuelle. and to jennifer. the 2 scientists are from france and the united states respectively and they are credited with the development of a way of editing d. and a the royal swedish academy of sciences said that the gene technology is contributing to do therapeutic and cancer and inherited diseases they are the 6th and the 7th women to win this prestigious prize. pictures. and let's pray indeed derek well yes from d.w. science to tell us a little bit more about this i mean these announcements are often a surprise but was this one for you no this was actually the one i've got it right the 3rd one right out of about 50 but actually that's not really it's not really having a crystal ball these these 2 researchers are really kind of kind of pop stars and
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in the science world and just because this discovery was so groundbreaking and so game changing in so many different ways even though it was really only discovered in the 1st publications came out years ago people have been expecting them to actually get this prize either for chemistry or for or for medicine for a few years now which is practically unheard of actually in the know about of the world but it's just proven itself over and over and over again in so many different areas everything from cancer research to industry that's based on bio engineered microorganisms for example it's just it's everywhere and actually they probably would have gotten it earlier if there hadn't been some patent issues or a patent battle going on with another research group that that. has been going on for a few years and is now largely resolved general jennifer doll and herself said you know we came up with with the patent we have the patent for tennis balls they came
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up with a patent for green tennis balls and so that's why these 2 researchers are actually such have become such icons in in this world because of the groundbreaking nature of. what they discovered so break it down for us derek what makes it so special well what makes it special is when you when you want to do bioengineers something when you want to change some things in the genetic code you need to be very very precise because if you aren't precise when you try to cut cut the d.n.a. and or insert d.n.a. and if you don't do it in exactly the right place you can get what are called off target effects now we've had systems for changing for altering the genome since really the 1980 s. but they were very very cumbersome the thing about the crisper cats 9 system is that is that it's not it's a fairly straightforward method that you can use to cut and alter the genome and it's not only it's not only that it's also fairly fairly cheap to use and it's
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simple enough that every lab can really or practically any lab can employ it so it's not it's simply not as cumbersome you that's fast it's efficient and it's exact and all of those things have really changed the face of bio engineering in a way that is absolutely i'm really glad that they finally got the prize i've been predicting it for years along with lots of other finally finally we got it right you know t.v. is there equality of thanks so much. now iranian sports have taken a step forward toward equality between men and women for the 1st time iran will officially have a female powerlifting team taking part in an international competition for women already competing in the sport is a welcome and a long overdue initiative. iranian foreign honey repairs meals for her family. and she's also preparing to officially compete as a power lifter for iran for the 1st time the 29 year old has been active in the
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sport for several years and saw some success but the competitions weren't recognized now they will be the hours of pumping iron are finally paying off. my opinion this is some of the best news i've received since i've been active in powerlifting. i'm sure the support of the federation inspire a lot of unknown talents around the country to blossom and step forward. and they've been hesitant to do so. but it will be a lot better for powerlifting women to have the support of the federation. still. some iranians have a negative view of women in power lifting her and he believes that could change if she succeeds in international competition the idea of female power lifting has already generated some enthusiasm time will tell if iran has the potential to
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become world champions one day. a somber note for you now the legendary rock a taurus and songwriter eddie van halen has died after a long battle with cancer together with his brother alex in 1972 he formed the band that later became band helen 10 years after their family emigrated from the netherlands to pasadena california van halen became one of the world's top selling bands with songs like. eddie van halen was born in 1955 and he moved with his family to los angeles in the sixty's he started life as a musician after piano but later switched his ambitions to the guitar the rest is history eddie and his brother ehrlich's formed in the mind to seventy's they had a distinctive style with and it is that infamous guitar solos and from dave evolves
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from boy taken the wrong. they appeal to people from old age groups. younger fans don't even know we have 11 other records. with if we give a taste of each one they want to buy. so it's not for the money because every $1.00 of the money will go out by him all the hard rock bands released their 1st album in 1978 which into the top 20 on the american billboard charts making it one of the most successful debuts of the decade. eddie van halen is nearing that your technique and him a place he wrote school of fame alongside the likes of jimi hendrix and eric clapton in 2000 every just poll in the popular us music magazine voted him the greatest guitar player of all time.
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and now we have before we go a quick reminder of the top stories that we're following for you here at g.w. news there have been scuffles outside of an athens court as it found leaders of the country's far right golden dawn party guilty of running a criminal organization the verdict comes after a marathon 5 year trial the defendants face at least 10 years and present. this year's nobel prize in chemistry has been awarded jointly to french scientists . and jennifer doing the doing enough for the united states for their development of a method of editing. and don't forget you can always get news on the go just download our out from google fire from the store which will give you access to all of the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for breaking news if you're part of a news story you can also use the app to send us photos and videos of what is
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happening near you. next on my colleague christophe. walk you through all of the business headlines of the day i'm sara kelley in bar land thank you so much for joining us to take care of sids.
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there's a lot of energy. there's enough of it if. there's a way to come. on for. sure it's not sealed is really. the green energy is the future. and it's already.
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made the majority. 60 minutes d.w. . in the height of climate change in. africa. what's in store. for the future in the books. called for to make a city hall to get insight. into. the finds against the corona virus pandemic. where does science stand. what new findings have researchers need. information and background into. the corona up to. 19 special. monday to friday on g.w. . this is so no story no stubborn rice
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farmer from thailand. his problem. is crude oh no chemicals. this time was. good tests don't stand a chance. train him success. tucker shatter me starts october 15th d.w. . president trumpet ends negotiations over a stimulus package for the battered u.s. economy congress is unable to agree on how to prop up business and consumers the fed warns of unnecessary hardship for americans also coming up to us china as golden week holiday drawing close we take a look at how millions of people on the move could profit off the country's economy
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and will take of south korea which has turned itself into a global hub for electric mobility.


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