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tv   Maybrit Illner  Deutsche Welle  October 9, 2020 7:30pm-8:31pm CEST

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kill people. i mean a hand people feel for their lives and their future so they seek refuge abroad but what will become of course to stay behind and sit. idle my husband went to peru because of the crisis. if he hadn't gone there we would have died of hunger around him down. the district structure october 16th ditto. this is d.w. news africa coming up on the program. confronting harmful traditions the form of duty queen taking a stand against female genital mutilation we'll look at the challenges she faces. finally free after their ordeal in the hands of jihadist militants for hostages released in mali. and shining the light on
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a dark past efforts in been in to tell the story of slavery using what it left behind. hello i'm told me a lot of boy it's good to have your company the world health organization calls it an extreme form of discrimination and a way of controlling women we're talking about female genital mutilation or f g m more than 200000000 women and girls alive today have had parts of their genitalia removed for non-medical reasons of the 30 countries where women are subjected to f g m 27 are in africa the dark red areas on this map show the countries where more than 50 percent of women have had their genitals mutilated such as somalia sudan and mali in the orange areas the figure is 26 to 50 percent and the yellow areas is
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between 11 and 25 percent. one member of the muscle using her fame as a form a mist tanzania to try to end what she describes as a barbaric practice. diana edward lucas is a 22 year old messiah woman she's trying to break the silence the silence surrounding female genital mutilation or f.g. m. she set up the cut alert foundation it is working to stop the bloodshed from f.p.m. in the midst cycle munity. so i decided to create that formation you know that to stand for my community i believe i want me to tanzania i go the voice of god the power i got a lot of people were listening to solve standing for my community against the education of the what was my great. power some messiah believe that
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a woman is not ready for marriage unless her genitals have been cut the practice is centuries old young girls bleed profusely and sometimes lose their lives during the procedure all the boys are given opportunity and platform to study but young girls are most given that support to it so i said i will finnegan students miscommunication try to get parents that even girls have the power if you look at the girl we educate the community. stopping f.d.m. is difficult politicians sometimes support the practice or keep quiet about it to win votes among the messiah you know you're going to see community where something it has been deaf or years i can't do it has been there for years you know discrimination it's been there for years only may imagine going to a community and tell them to stop what they have been in anything from generation to generation is it was very. diana won the miss tanzania crown in 2016 cents then
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she is used her fame to campaign against female genital mutilation in her community my 5 girls so i understand that the best. and all those that are happening to them it's a part of something that has been growing for from generation to generation. so yes it's any good to do and they deserve the best and this should fly best. voice of the gods of blossom this is. ok and it encourages young girls to study and said of getting married at a young age. under the hash tag stop the bloodshed she's determined to fight for messiah girls against female genital mutilation. in mali 4 hostages including a leading opposition politician and
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a french aid worker have returned home after being freed by islamist insurgents the hostages were kidnapped at separate times but their joint release comes after government negotiations with the hostage takers militants linked to al qaeda in the so-called islamic states have been a constant threat in the country carrying out attacks and kidnappings in the north . asked stanton hadn't seen her husband since march when the 3 times presidential candidate sue my lasy say we seized by jihadists while he was on the campaign trail need to their reunion was just one of the scenes of joy in the capital bamako sissay had words of gratitude for molly's new transitional government. i want to thank the new mali authorities which have changed in my absence this means the president was effective he moved fast and was diligent but here he. says a was released along with 3 european hostages 2 italians the priest pier luigi
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mccarley and the terrorists nicholas. with them the 75 year old french aid worker sophie petal nene had a son they were tears of joy she spent 4 years in the hands of the jihadists after they took a hostage and 2016. year had spent almost a quarter of a century in the north of this country treating children with malnutrition my greatest joy today is knowing that my assistant was able to continue the work without me by someone. it's unclear whether ransom was paid or if the 4 were freed as part of a prisoner swap what is known is that the government of molly's new transitional president. released more than 100 militants last weekend. but mali's neighbors and international partners fear that could add further fuel to the insurgency that's spread from the country's north soon 2012. the felony people
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are a nomadic ethnic group that move with their cattle across west and central africa but with population growth there is less space for their heads to graze freely that means they often come into conflict with owners of farm land who accuse them of trespassing and destroying their crops here's an example of how this dispute is playing out in ghana. 50 year old giallo sambo is a free money herdsman in eastern ghana he owns thousands of cattle they graze on lands like these and that's creating problems with the locals who own the farmland . they are now retaliating. in my view might be yeah we don't have any other job we raise livestock and farm at the same time to make a living much for many years we've done this without issues and in recent years our cattle have been attacked and killed by locals and security forces. they're trying
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to destroy our livelihood yeah well i do and i about. sambo has lived here all his life and he was born into the flaunting community just like his father and grandfather. he explains why he now feels threatened by the current hostilities. and. they are killing our cattle but also shooting at our children and workers who heard the cattle some have even died so now we feel lonnie's are scared . sambo is not alone in this predicament today he's attending a meeting with other feet long east in his community they often come together to discuss the challenges they face sharing stories of discrimination and how they can stay safe. and the time we meet like these. bus and also if you have been on bus not you didn't know to you could only people. really.
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some residents in the community say the problems with the food lonnie's go beyond the destruction of the farmland and. to be honest if they want to appease the locals they would have to stop committing crimes while there would be peace and unity among us in this community if some of them would stop stealing and doing other bad thing that's. experts say the lack of a proper landownership system and a lack of community sensitivity have contributed to the conflict. there claire demarcation of where you can increase where you come from is a major problem for some form of completion for space. within some of these rooms in other places is lack of information the government has struggled to come
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up with a solution for now for that is like sambo pray for an end to hostilities to protect his livelihood and his family. protests against racism in the u.s. and europe have led to the toppling of statues that appear to glorify a slave owners in west africa relics from that era are being restored to shine a spotlight on the horrors of the transatlantic slave trade the city of weed out in ben now was one of the major slave ports but is now aiming to be a key source of education on this brutal past. the door of no return men women and children were taken against their will and shipped from here across the atlantic in abominable conditions. the monument was built in the 1990 s. in the unesco sponsored project it's now been newly restored. the same applies to a 3 kilometer long path dubbed the slaver it from the center of wieder where the
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slaves were sold to the beach the route is lined with a freeze testifying to the suffering of the prisoners it was actually powerful local chiefs who captured people usually from rival tribes and sold them to french portuguese and british merchants a complex legacy. of marketing is why we don't is the most marked city in the history of slavery that's why beyond the movements claiming the cause of black people we want the sites that have been involved in history to be restored so that the history doesn't die. we die is also building a museum dedicated to the slave trade overall some 12 and a half 1000000 africans were forced onto ships like this one between the 17th and 19th centuries conditions on board was so bad that nearly 2000000 didn't even survive the crossing. this emotion that i
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have every time i see those chains that we used to shackle the slaves our grandparents our ancestors who were deported by the colonisers it's like i feel sick. every time i relive things that i don't want to relive it's painful but it's our story and we have to accept it one that's it. we're not usually taught these things at school or in everyday life i think that if it continues like this we'll be able to properly represent our country and we need to do that the best deal for. the slaves from been in we're taken to brazil haiti and the united states where they were forced to work on the plantations the former colonial powers have never been brought to account for their actions but the town of weed or at least wants to ensure they're not forgotten. well that's it for now but be sure to check
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out all the stories on com ford slash africa our facebook and twitter as the next time i found out. the full. w.'s crime fighters are back africa's most successful radio drama series continues all of us odes are available online and of course you can share and discuss song w. africa's facebook page and other social media platforms to crime fighters tune in
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now. every day counts for us and for our planet. ideas is on its way to bring you more conservation. around to make see the screen. how can we protect our tests. we can make a difference to. the line to us the environmental series includes $3000.00 on t.w. and on the phone. our european museums ready to give up on art looted from their former colonies some big developments there coming up on arts and culture and. australian musician nick cave displays decades of creativity and then experiential exhibition.
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welcome to arts and culture lawmakers in france voted this week to return more than 2 dozen objects to the 4 countries former colonies of beni in and sent to go the pieces include a royal throne that was captured by the french army over a century ago the bill passed the lower chamber of french parliament unanimously and now it's headed to the senate. if approved by the french senate 26 artifacts will be returned to the republic of binning it's taken a while for french lawmakers to reach this stage 3 years ago president manuel mccall promised a quick return but for a long time nothing happened. so recently a congolese activist snatched from the music a brownlee what he believes he was entitle to take on. in my initiated the fight for the dignity for the recovery of our heritage our works of art our looted stolen
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spoiled works of art which are today locked up in various western museums stopped by security he's now on trial on charges of attempted theft. but also destructively was the real thief in this story the thief who takes something fraudulently i am the legitimate heir i am the biological administrative and cultural of this heritage don't you dare you to read this it but in one. it's estimated that some asian descent of africa's cultural heritage is currently located in europe taken through a conflict or forced pass or this dark chapter is one many would like to forget but demands for it to be addressed are growing louder. this does not only concern france that many european countries they are now asked to deal with their colonial history and especially with their current relationship with africa which is still marked by slow needle is a drop or marker. in the netherlands the cultural council has
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just laid down new guidelines on restitution london's been a museum is working on returning artifacts to ethiopia to researching their provenance for art historian bennett it's a void such time consuming research is needless bureaucracy to get in the front office does we assure him that in most cases. consent was not given which is supported by many reports even when it came to scientific expeditions so we recommend that if demanded these objects should be restitution without major difficulties. it has to to have him in the uncomplicated restitution is still not easy the situation has cast a shadow over the opening of the new home for and those in charge want to keep researching. colonel ism is one of the central themes of the entire program of the whole book forum that is the university the city museum and the ethnological collections. so why then
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a $440.00 clearly stolen pieces from bin then being moved into the building for many believe the objects will be much safer in europe and that's in africa's best interest. a feeling of superiority and a subtle continuation of colonial mindset in berlin and elsewhere the pressure here is to find a different approach. and museums in the netherlands this week promise to return possibly as many as 100000 works of art and artifacts to former dutch colonies that could include this 70 carat diamond that once belonged to a sultan and what's now part of indonesia the decision was based on recommendations in a report by the dot dutch cultural council a body that advises the dutch parliament on cultural policy and lillian gunn saw this whole kanya author of that report she is
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a lawyer and human rights activist who had been other ones advisory committee on colonial collections and this is going to solve thanks for joining me. right now your report is your plan is over 100 pages long what are the key points. he signs a sense that we apply the minister of culture a couple hardesty in the 1st place. to recognize that he will go to her object always against her will. and. in year 6 has to be rectify in the best possible way of reconciling with the remedy. if it. so when it has to. be one. now major museums and another lens have signaled that they are
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willing to work with those guidelines any restitution still have to be approved by the dutch government if all this goes through what impact do you think these restitution is would have on dutch museums and do you think that that's museums can still set an example for the rest of europe. but then you seem to interconnect and then. reacted in general very possible on behalf of their i'm hungry. jacks and they are. to do problems in the search and it has the story then or the plan 3 in a way. s. there are so many also acts or if. there aren't that these precious people. whose main purpose is still. going to vote.
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with germs and come back to me and i accept and high steering committee. now just briefly why now. ok. well people take more and more or an insect pests in your class in history in the kernel in your class also hope in haitian. people living in the former colony and in the netherlands and also abroad if this keening that these scientists know to be part of anything or were wrong doings in the past ms gonzalez i think we're going to have to leave it there thank you so much for coming on arts and culture. thank you very much.
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some other culture news now of on guard rock musician nick cave has been baring his soul on albums and in concerts for decades well now the singer songwriter is exhibiting has visual art as notebooks and personal artifacts at an exhibition in copenhagen and our reporter adrian kennedy immersed himself in the experience. of strangers and kindness the nick cave exhibition is in the basement of the danish royal library in the iconic brecht diamond building in copenhagen the pieces of music in the. middle histories propelling souls away of the tremendous rate. welcome to the cave cave a sub terrain in network of rooms that provide an insight into russia manic rock star and represent a new artwork reflecting on the nature of identity and creativity. part of the
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exhibition consists of painstaking reconstructions of caves former homes and workspaces the attention to detail is breathtaking. the idea for the exhibition originally came from coach you're a circus dean of back. cave overcame some initial reluctance and works closely on the project. the exhibition also includes a generous part of nick cave's own personal library. with the corona and joost restrictions on visitor numbers big does sometimes feel a little bit like having broken into nick cave's home. alongside the reconstructions the pieces include original artwork personal artifacts collected by the singer no. and.
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the result is a tense and frightening journey into the mind of one of the most original voices in rome. and adrian kennedy is here with me now adrianna how did this exhibit happen a major nick cave exhibition at a library in denmark well it was the royal danish library that approach nick cave's team nick cave it wasn't that infused about what could've been just an astounding trip down memory lane but fortunately for us he met with the team and he soon became infused by these ideas and. he saw it partly as an opportunity to share with fans artefacts note books and his beautifully crafted hand made books that he says give birth gave birth and norrish the official works the songs on the novels of nick cave i think it's pretty obvious that you're
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a big fan i've heard some rumors but you're back in mid-air in west berlin rub shoulders with nick cave did you start those rumors adrian. just around the corner from him in your store so in west berlin in 1900 i saw him in bars but i was far too timid to speak to him nonetheless it was very strange and it made me feel rather old to see a reconstruction of his burly bedroom there in the exhibition with the books piled high there's a photo of nick cave in this room included in the book stranger than kindness that accompanies the expression which shows just how accurate these reconstructions are i'm sure you're a westboro important part of it just like ok it made you feel old would you still recommend there at the exhibition absolutely i mean got to spend a couple of hours there and it's a bit to say you could have spent a whole day down there but in this particular. you could spend
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a whole lifetime down there and still not get bought this so much detail and also you have nick cave's expect 6 life reaction disposal what could be better what is a whole life basically now the singer in a cave i believe can be experienced in november and select cinemas around the world what can you tell us about that that's why he initially lifestream the film of his concert idiot prayer nick cave in alexandra palace in june i. claimed film we're now a cinema release on november 5th and be released as a lovely album on to 25 november. and it's really. the exhibition stranger of unkindness thank you. now london's royal ballet is finally back it's been 7 months off the stage for
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britain's biggest ballet company here they are keeping in shape at home for their big comeback at the royal opera house nami opera is using the company's return performance as a test to see how it can get back to having live audiences i'll leave you now with the royal ballet thanks for watching arts and culture.
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is going green. kenya's capital city is transforming illegal dump sites into public parks al-ameen with a wish i knew make it a place where people want to be and come from. the path to becoming an environmentally friendly metropolis. nairobi is bringing nature back to the city for the. team and t.w. . grappling with some tricks. to express his feelings i am not very creative yet but i would love to be considered an artist monday looking for new perspectives. to him. we've been replaced by a previous candidate doing things differently. come to the place where we
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reflect on society. he took. something nice for him i ask him for jurors or dealing with any and i thought i killed many civilians i mean. come quoting my father. says i was a student i wanted to build a life for myself. but suddenly life became malinche kind of. providing insights global news that matters d. w. made for mines. every journey begins with the 1st step and every language but the 1st word in the coax in germany. why not born with helen furr. it's simple online on your
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mobile and free. w.'s of course. german maybe see. this is news a line from berlin germany marks one year since a neo nazi terror attack that left 2 people dead. at the ceremony german president franklin. all citizens have a responsibility to stand against hatred. meets with the mayor of
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germany's largest cities to discuss further measures to contain the. she warns of tougher restrictions if the number of infections continues. and the head of the world food program expresses his joy as the agency is awarded the nobel peace process. welcome to the program germany is marking the one year anniversary of a deadly attack on a synagogue in the eastern city of hala the attack took place on the jewish holiday of young kapoor the failed to breach the synagogue front door but gunned down 2 people outside in a speech at the commemoration ceremony and hala german president frank. said he
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felt a deep sadness but also shame and anger both over the attack one year ago and over the rise in anti semitism and racism germany has seen lately let's listen to more of what the german president had to say. it is not. an attack. and then to return to business as usual. we must take a clear stance on this theme a show that we will not tolerate any form of semitism whether its old or new left wing or right wing they are you more than that that we will actively combat it and this is a fight that every one of us must fight because anti semitism is a canary in the coal mine for the state of our democracy. and more overtly it is expressed the more our values of tolerance and respect for human dignity are under
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attack political correspondent he is in the hall in eastern germany where the memorial ceremony has taken place. meyer said anti semitism is a canary in the coal mine for the state of our democracy that's a stark warning from the german president. it certainly is stuck warning then similar to words that we've fortunately had to hear from stein my own previous occasions as well following this is talking a year ago and also other similar fall rights extremist attacks so clearly under semitism is a growing problem in germany and that's something that the that the that the head of the german domestic intelligence agency reiterated again today as well and there really was a very clear message from president this evening on german society to stand together and stand up against any kind of hatred whether that be on semitism
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xenophobia or islamophobia whether it be in a cafe or in an underground and he was very summed up in a very poignant phrase when he said simply we are strong when we stand together and so he called on the germans as i says today to stop turning a blind eye to these kinds of events if democracy is going to really live up to its true values and the values germany stands for won't be infringed. kate what have people there been saying to you about this day and what it means to them well of course it's been a very somber day today here in hallett but also a time to reflect on what's happened here in germany in the last year both for the jewish community here in the city but also nationwide of course there's been increased police presence at several synagogues schools kindergartens across the
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country in over the last year but this discourse really needs to be extended further than just paying the security here in germany a lot of people still feel that politicians and all 40 is just on quite good no grass when exactly what the problem here is and that it isn't just focused on on to semitism but any kind of hatred anything any kind of hate against any minority here in germany and the discourse needs to be widened in order for this issue way specially if all right extremism to be really tackled well that's a good segue into my next question we have about a minute for this how large is the threat from right wing extremism in germany. well heikal must the german foreign minister repeated again today saying that far right extremism is the biggest threat facing germany right now and we have in indeed seen the number of far right extremist crimes double in the last $2.00 to
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$3.00 is here in germany this really is a growing concern especially for security and intelligence agencies here in germany but of course this didn't come out of nowhere and there is growing criticism increasingly there are more stories being of reports of suspected far right extremism even in german institutions as well and also criticism of how police have handled previous cases of fall right extremism there is of course lodged a lot of criticism as well that for many many gays both german politicians and german authorities have been turning a blind eye to the true extent of the true threat of right extremism here in germany but of course there is still time to tackle that and one of the main places is a middle east is to tackle that right now is online as well it does seem to be the case that a lot of these fall right radicals all being radicalized online which was also the
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case over the suspected perpetrator hit in hell as well thanks for that. translate angela merkel and the mayors of 11 major cities in germany have agreed on a package of new measures to stop the spread of the krona virus germany fears a growing 2nd wave of the virus after infection rates in cities including berlin and frankfurt surpassed a key threshold triggering tighter restrictions. from her office in berlin and the americans video conference with the mayors of key cities sent the message germany urgently needs to prevent corona spreading in urban centers the other spirit the other thing we are the sense that the big cities there than areas are now the area now where we will see if we can keep the pandemic and control in germany as we have done for months so for if we lose control that is precisely where we are right now it cannot and the importance and fear to contain the virus the mayor's agreed
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a tough new framework it could see experts from germany's armed forces and the national disease control body sent into cities if the 7 day infection rate rises above 35 per 100000 residents their job would be to focus on contact tracing cities where that infection number is above 50 will require people to wear masks in public spaces and there will also be limits on alcohol sales and socialising berlin and frankfurt have already reached that threshold and experts are worried the situation could deteriorate as it has in some other countries the experience in other cities it's like. look into the future if we are not ready. to act on the problem now especially in cities and the element of this activity is to inform the general public to avoid misinformation and to rely on the
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corporation off of the general public including the younger people many young people in berlin's bars of not yet change their behavior from saturday people in the capital will only be able to socialize in groups of 5 more if they're from only one or 2 households. globally i mean now we have a rule which allows us to take action very quickly because we're saying very clearly these places must be closed from 11 pm it's easy to see of a bar is still open or not if it is action can be taken quickly caught up in the shop to get young people may find it hard to take a break from their social lives but as the chancellor appealed to them to observe the rules she also offered reassurance. this fits in with everything the return parties nights out fun without corona but what matters now is something else respect and salad eriksson myatt and if the rise in infections is not halted within 10 days the mayors have agreed to impose even stricter measures. that's highlight
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some of the other stories making news around the world spain's government has declared a state of emergency in the capital madrid due to increasing numbers of coronavirus cases the central government overruled regional authorities in order to enforce a partial lockdown in the capital and the surrounding region the country's health minister says it's a necessary step to prevent madrid's high infection rate from affecting the rest of spain. u.s. president donald trump says he's ready to return to the campaign trail and he may even hold a public rally in florida this weekend spent 3 days in a military hospital after being diagnosed with coded 19 is doctor has not said whether the president still has the virus. the foreign ministers of azerbaijan and armenia have met for talks in moscow it follows nearly 2 weeks of fierce clashes over the disputed region of. the mountain ah glave belongs to us
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a by john under international law but is populated and governed by ethnic armenian . police in nigeria have fired tear gas at people protesting against police brutality hundreds of demonstrators rallied after a video of a man being allegedly killed by police went viral on social media authorities have denied that the video is real. and at least 5 people have died as a result of severe flooding across northern and central vietnam some areas recorded up to 500 millimeters of rain in just 48 hours authorities have warned that more flash floods and landslides are expected in the coming days. the united nations world food program has won the 2020 nobel peace prize the norwegian nobel committee honored the u.n. agency for fighting global hunger and the use of hunger as a weapon of war the committee also said the award was a call to the international community not to underfund.
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its perhaps the most prestigious award in the way. the nobel peace prize is craved by world leaders including one of this year's nominees trump but the jury decided to honor an organization not a politician for promoting pace the price came within a pale with this years of wart then the weight nobel committee wishes to turn the eyes of the world towards the millions of people who suffer from a face of hunger. the world the world food program plays a key role in multilateral cooperation on making food security an instrument of peace last year the world food programme fed millions of people at
8:13 pm
risk of starvation. the un body is active in 88 countries. this has made it an agent of peace says the nobel committee. the link between hunger and armed conflict is a vicious circle of war and conflict can cause food insecurity and hunger just as hunger and food insecurity can cause latent conflicts to flare up and trigger the use of violence. as the when i was announced in oslo there was joy and surprise at the w.f. pay real. i mean this is the 1st them oh i forbid speechless what i'm going to. talk about the most exciting point of your life is the nobel peace prize it is because of the the family they're out there in the most difficult complex places
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all in the world where this war conflict climate extremes it doesn't matter they're out there and they deserve this award and wow wow wow wow here believe it that won't be much time to celebrate 135000000 people suffered from a key tanga in 2019 the most in here is challenges that the coronavirus conflict and climate change ensure that the work of the world food program is not about to get any easier. a reminder now of the top stories we're following for you the eastern german city of hala has been marking the one year anniversary of a neo nazi terror attack on a synagogue that left 2 people dead german president frank walther shine meyer said at the ceremony that anti semitism was the canary in the coal mine for the state of the country's democracy. and more expressed the more german values were under
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attack. german chancellor angela merkel has met leaders from the country's largest cities to discuss dealing with a spike in quote a virus infections early in his band's late night alcohol sales with the city officially declared a covert hotspot. you're watching news from berlin stay with us next stop business with stephen beardsley a michael in berlin thank you so much for watching. literature invites us to see people in particular that i like to see myself as the kids find strength grow grow. my only objective on air is to share with and find beautiful. books on youtube. imagine
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how many push. ups right now in the world right now on the climate change debate because the story. bases much less the wind on just one week. how much worse can really get. we still have time to i am doing. some scribe and more news like this. african stock markets are joining hands they want to learn more capital and big businesses but kenya has pulled out of the plans taking a lot of financial firepower with a. hot spot france is seeing record numbers. actions are rising across europe so are new fears for the economy. and hollande
8:17 pm
wants to cash in on the growing medical marijuana market that is we've got the details. of the show i'm stephen busy in berlin it's good to have you with us and we begin today in east africa where 3 countries uganda tanzania and rwanda are preparing to merge their stock markets and the project is funded by the world bank and the aim is to make cross border trading easier tanzania's stock exchange features $27.00 companies with a combined market cap of $6500000000.00 uganda's has 17 together with more than $5000000001.00 has 10 publicly listed companies have a combined value of 3 and a half $1000000000.00 now adding all that up the new joint exchange will be worth around $15000000000.00 and you can see behind me for a comparison kenya's stock market is worth $22000000000.00 alone now the country was actually supposed to be part of the plans for joining us change but later pulled out and it's not only east african countries that are forming closer
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financial ties 8 countries on the other side of the continent have already joined an exchange together based in abi john that's the economic capital of the ivory coast. now for more on this let's go right to correspondent and i robi joy during beera oppositions here there she is joy good to see you as always help us understand what do these exchanges gain by joining together. well steve by joining together and there is a lot that that's happened and that includes the fact that now they will not be able to go through the whole process of cross border trading that takes up to 30 days that could actually be reduced down to 3 days and they could just directly cross that list that is the companies across the east african region and also the other benefits that it reduces the time taken and people can be able to buy and sell shares without having to use their own cars or in this case stockbrokers and
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those are some of the benefits that in looking at and it's also good you know chatting investors as well because. stocks do not really do well they're not considered liquid enough to let chad comedian this. joy it's a big deal or can you hold out as. it is a big deal because kenya alone you know could just stand alone on its own but then some of the reasons that kenya gave was the fact that they didn't trust of the software that was going to be used was going to deliver on the project sufficiently and they also added that you know the capacity of the vendor to deliver was was a big compromised in the tendering process and so they felt that they needed more time but then this has taken quite a number of years maybe 5 years it should have been mentored by 20 teen but kenya still had its reservations and joy briefly could they come in later. absolutely they could come in later because these days quite
8:20 pm
a lot to benefit some of the major companies that are listed as in a really securities exchange also listed on the other countries and exchanges like their own distinct exchange and the ghana stock exchange as well as the direct them stock exchange and so can't joining the pool will just let me mean that it would make it more and it a bit easier for the companies as well to buy and sell shares and also it could be good for investment as well all right joy the bureau breaking us to break it down for us from nairobi thank you as always. and on the subject of stock markets european exchange operator euro next is set to buy the milan stock exchange for 4300000000 euros and your next as the acquisitional create the largest pan european market maker to deal also benefits the london stock exchange which hopes shedding the italian unit will ease its takeover of financial data firm or offensive the you have expressed skepticism over that deal. so the l.s.e.
8:21 pm
in your next appear to be the winners of that deal is there a loser or financial correspondent frankfurt chelsea delaney think so. perhaps the biggest loser after today's deal is that it's your birthday which operates the frankfurt stock exchange share they were also in the running to buy the book that they've clearly lost that and it comes after they've lost out on several big acquisitions in the past couple of years there's really a big push towards consolidation among european stock exchange operators right now they're facing an increasing amount of competition from the u.s. from asia from high traders that are really starting to dominate the market and with this acquisition with this deal you're inexorable really become the clear leader in the european stock trading business. right chelsea delaney there in frankfurt and staying in europe infections are rising businesses are afraid the comment has long expected a 2nd wave of coke in $1000.00 cases in the fall and now it appears to be happening
8:22 pm
glenn has turned into a hot spot prompting authorities here to introduce stricter closing times for restaurants and bars and i things are even worse in neighboring france which reported a new all time high with almost 19000 new infections in a single day and paris all bars and cafes must remain closed for 2 weeks and other cities in france could follow suit in the belgian capital brussels to all bars and cafes have to close for a month a scotland has ordered the closure of pubs and larger cities such as edinburgh the whole of britain could soon join in meanwhile in italy it's now mandatory to wear face masks in public even outdoors and poland might even introduce a state of emergency this weekend to keep its soaring case numbers under control. now spain has been one of the hardest hit european countries throughout this pandemic its economy plummeted 18 percent the 2nd quarter and the news remains bad with tourism at a standstill of spanish government has answered with social support programs including
8:23 pm
a short term work allowance guaranteeing workers 70 percent of their wages but for many getting a hold of that help has not been easy. volunteers prepare over 800 meals a day here at this emergency food bank in palma them a yorka. mellow is working in the kitchen he's a top chef but he lost everything because of the coronavirus pandemic. that's when all the problems began i had everything and then came months during which i lost everything was no help or a lot of promises but nothing came of. 'd thanks to the food bank of the melos surviving he invested all his savings in a restaurant thanking the pandemic and the lock down the restaurant out to close today he lives in a tiny room beside the kitchen. sometimes i don't know what you're getting yourself into but it all happened so quickly that i didn't have time to react you always think i won't teach you want all the time comes. that.
8:24 pm
there are hundreds of thousands like tiago in majorca alone this grim social drama could get worse. than 85 percent of all families who ask for help of not being able to pay their rent for 2 to 4 months almost none received the basic social income and many have not yet received the short term work allowance if they were entitled to toll. live in madrid is painfully aware of this problem she's a dancer but she can't perform she's been trying to get support for months she also hopes to get a basic income that would give her 460 euros a month. yes let's hear yeah one more it's my last attempt to get any help the aid for artists isn't coming i don't get on employment benefits either you. know one of the ministries involved can say why the aid is flowing so slowly the spokes person is not available for comment so we ask the trade union to explain.
8:25 pm
situation came as a complete surprise like the pandemic itself but on the other hand the idea of basic income is something completely new that has never been seen before and these are new applications new permits. back in majorca tiago only sees his wife every few days she now lives in a neighboring town and also only has a small room to grow viruses separated them the mood is getting worse. or lies are dominated by fear and worry if you don't know what decision to make this uncertainty. this year an estimated 1500000 people are reliant on food aid from the government and charitable organizations. brief look at some of the other business stories making headlines the u.s. has imposed steep new tariffs on nearly $2000000000.00 worth of aluminum from 18 countries the commerce department accuses of dumping it as is this chinese aluminum
8:26 pm
dumping on other markets is this placing production from there into the u.s. at some 350 percent germany faces the highest tariff. the world's oldest computer company i.b.m. is splitting itself into 2 units to diversify away from its legacy businesses and focus on high margin cloud computing i.b.m. will list its i.t. infrastructure services unit with a new name by the end of 2021 i.b.m. stock climbed firmly on the news. germany's one time booming startup scene has hit the brakes state investment bank says there are 70000 of the small innovation driven firms in the country same numbers in 2018 the report as a weakened economy in a stable labor market mean fewer people are willing to take the risk. the british economic recovery slowed in august growing by 2 point one percent over the slows increase since the economy began to recover from the pandemic in may analysts say growth will slow down further in the coming months through the new kroner
8:27 pm
restrictions and concern over a no deal brags that. well let's go over to asia now it's not a cure for covert 19 but it can help ease chronic pain in the symptoms of diseases like multiple sclerosis cannabis there's plenty of it in thailand and now the government hopes that it could also be a lucrative export. elsewhere it's inconceivable the health minister the man in the middle aging in the cultivation of cannabis a newton child of iraq will join the hundreds of employees of the thai government pharmaceutical organization g.p.o. in this ceremonial planting the shrubs will be used to produce medicinal products completely legally and on behalf of the state. had one lakh and older ones that match but the greenhouse can control various factors about the growth of the cannabis i had that matthew thought police had that enables us to extract large amounts of cannabinoids from the plants you know get them based on that and then
8:28 pm
reduce the cost of producing it as a product in the future and that by. for almost 2 years it's been legal to cultivate cannabis in thailand under controlled conditions it's going well with some of the crop even being exported. for now only massive state run facilities like this one can grow it but the thai government is already planning to put medicinal marijuana plants in the greenhouses of private growers. and that's it for me. as always you can find out more about these and other business stories online at www dot com slash business on facebook and twitter. thanks for joining us.
8:29 pm
is going green. can use capital city is transforming illegal dump sites into public parks al-ameen what you wish was a new make it a place there for. the path to becoming an environmentally friendly metropolis. nairobi is bringing nature back to the city.
8:30 pm
for go. 60 minutes. past the drama competition rivalry marketing numbers atmosphere power. fight at sac intuition love hate money. fans friends fattest fans and fans all. on you to join us. this is deed of lean years africa coming up on the program. confronting harmful traditions the former queen taking a stand against female genital mutilation we'll look at the challenges she faces. finally free after their ordeal in the hands of jihadist militants for hostages released in mali. and shining though.


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