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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  October 10, 2020 3:00am-3:31am CEST

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this is a deja vu news love from berlin german chancellor angela merkel warns the country could lose control of the pandemic unless it acts now. the chancellor and the leaders of the country's largest cities agree new measures from places where case numbers are on the increase also coming up. children marks a year since a neo nazi terror attack that left 2 people dead president frank walter steinmeier says that every citizen has a responsibility to stand against hatred and. what
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would have been john lennon's 80th birthday we'd look back at his life and legacy. welcome to the program german chancellor angela merkel and the mayors of 11 of the country's biggest cities have agreed a package of new measures to halt the spread of the corona virus germany fears are growing its 2nd wave of the pandemic after infection rates in several cities including berlin and frankfurt passed a key threshold and triggered tighter restrictions. from her office in berlin and the americans video conference with the mayors of key cities sent the message germany urgently needs to prevent corona spreading in urban centers the other spear
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and other things we are sans that the big cities they have an area as and now the area now where we will see if we can keep the pandemic and control in germany as we have done for months so for if we lose control that is precisely where we are right now it cannot and the important thing is to contain the virus the mayor's agreed a tough new framework it could see experts from germany's armed forces and the national disease control body sent into cities if the 7 day infection rate rises above 35 per 100000 residents their job would be to focus on contact tracing cities where that infection number is above 50 will require people to wear masks in public spaces and there will also be limits on alcohol sales and socialising berlin and frankfurt have already reached that threshold many young people in berlin's bars of not yet change their behavior from saturday people in the capital will only be able
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to socialize in groups of 5 more if they're from only one or 2 households. you know we have a rule which allows us to take action very quickly because we're saying very clearly these places must be closed from 11 pm it's easy to see if a bar is still open or not if it is action can be taken quickly kind of in the shop to get young people may find it hard to take a break from their social lives but as the chancellor appealed to them to observe the rules she also offered reassurance. i just thought so with everything the return parties nights out fun without corona and so i thought what matters now is something out some respect and solidarity some might and if the rise in infections is not halted within 10 days the mayors have agreed to impose even stricter measures and you caught up with germany's leading christian dawson here in berlin the virus now spreading fastest in urban areas saudi inventor mark asked him why.
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now professor trust in cities all over the world seem to be particularly vulnerable for this virus why is this the case and what can be done in cities well it's actually an obvious thing we have. a younger age structure in cities and we had over the last few weeks a higher incidence in young people over the summer months. so this infection is now prevalent in cities and it's now redistributing into older age groups these are all the effects that we have not only in cities but also elsewhere but obviously because of the higher density because of some situations. like leisure. and professional life where you have more people to gather like say and lots off with this. this is probably a specific trait of cities so we have. well. let's say.
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and have a higher incidence now what can german cities for example bourdin learn from the experiences in new york paris london other cities all over the world well i believe the experience in other cities is like. look into the future if we are not ready. to act on the problem now especially in cities and the the element of this activity is to inform the general public to avoid misinformation and to rely on the corporation of of the general public including the younger people. so to address younger people. via media channels that they actually use. is is really a task that maybe hasn't been addressed sufficiently now one
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patient that we see a lot in media channels all over the world the u.s. president is history talent and medication a blueprint for patients all over the world. well this is very difficult to command on because i don't have any particular knowledge on this treatment regimen there are drugs. that are being discussed in the public that will be widely available other drugs that will are not even even clear now so. this is. maybe a bit of of a complex type of question. maybe also very specific to this particular place. so you wouldn't say that it's that these medications would be helpful in this fast recovery could be also seen with other patients who get this treatment well i mean the the list of drugs that's being discussed in public i think for each of these
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trucks there is evidence for an effect or a pivot but this all depends very much on that point of time when they are ministered to doze the general condition of the patient and so on so these are all aspects that i can't comment on but the drugs that were given are certainly contributing to a positive outcome ok thank you very much. it was german just christian just there . germany has marked the 1st anniversary of a deadly anti-semitic attack on a synagogue in the eastern city of hala it happened on the jewish holiday of junket for the neo nazi attacker couldn't get through the synagogue front door and so went on to shoot 2 people outside at the commemoration ceremony german president frank expressed shame and anger over the resurgence of anti-semitism in the country.
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it was an occasion to mourn and reflect for survivors for that their brief and for germany the ceremony and. church marked the anniversary of an anti semitic attack that evoked germany's doctors to history. a year has passed already a year just a year. or did i ever go today and nightmare came true here in holland in broad daylight in the middle of germany in germany of all places i was question it into explained. earlier in the day the city came to a standstill for several minutes as people took a moment to remember the victims. in the courtyard of the synagogue a new memorial was unveiled the head of germany central council of jews said the
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attacker had failed in his mission the teacher were to give it damning the perpetrator wanted to impress the world by killing people who in his mind have no right to live how but he did not convince us of his inhumane ideas he did not impress anyone on the contrary in time. it was one year ago that a far right extremist attempted to shoot his way into the synagogue his intention to kill worshipers marking young kid paul but the people inside was saved by a wooden door that wouldn't breach instead the assailant gunned down 2 non jewish victims a woman passer by and a man i think about shark attacks against jews have been on the rice in germany recently the german president said it was up to all germans to fight anti semitism and his image is most is an anti semitism as a canary in the coal mine for the state of our democracy but the more of earthly it
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is expressed the more of values of tolerance and respect for human dignity are under attack and before. the attack left many germans wondering how widespread far right extremist views are in germany the commemoration in holland was a chance to remember the victims but also to reflect on those concerns. time now to take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world. russian foreign minister sergey lavrov has announced a cease fire between armenia and azerbaijan starting midday on saturday moscow hosted peace talks with the war in countries as follows nearly 2 weeks of deadly clashes over the disputed nagorno-karabakh region. the 2nd u.s. presidential debate that was jus to take place next week has been canceled this comes after donald trump said he would not participate in a virtual debate with his democratic challenger joe biden organizers change the
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format citing safety concerns over the coronavirus. hurricane delta has made landfall as a category 2 storm in the american state of louisiana it brushed past the eastern coast of texas causing strong winds and big waves is the 10th named storm to hit the u.s. this year breaking a century old french. protesters in the chilean capital santiago have resumed anti-government demonstrations police moved in with tear gas and water cannon to break up the gathering it's been almost a year since the country was rocked by mass protests when a police crackdown left dozens dead and hundreds injured. a diesel tank exploded inside a bakery in beirut on friday killing 4 people and injuring several others according to the lebanese red cross the cause of the blast remains unclear explosion comes 2
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months after a devastating explosion in beirut sport killed nearly 200 people. today marks 80 years since the birth of legendary songwriter john lennon after finding fame with the beatles he went on to have an influential solo career but his life was cut short when he was shot dead in new york aged 40 here's a look back at his life. imagine john lennon's 971 song became an anthem for the global peace movement. by then he'd left the wild years of the beatles behind him. so it was an intense crazy world class korea he once said that the beatles were
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more popular than jesus lennon was the funny man but he was also very unhappy by the end he and the others became tired of it told the arguments the touring and the screaming founds. his famous bed ins for peace with his wife yoko ono proved the last straw for the band's fans were furious saying she calls the breakup. an intense period of creativity followed her lead and he wrote incredible songs and performed amazing comics. on a journey of self discovery he became a hero for the peace movement. then in december 1900 mentally ill man shot him 5 times john lennon died soon after probably never having truly found himself and his music that has gone down in
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history. local businesses in iceland's capital reykjavik have clubbed together to rid their city streets of the gooey pestilence they're funding 70 year old good young oskar son's campaign to clear the sidewalks of discarded chewing gum the job came just as he was made unemployed and he says it's rewarding to wipe the sticky blog's away oscars and has cleared away over 15000 of them in the past 11 weeks and he wishes people would stop and think before gobbing out on city streets. and you are of course washing duty of your news live from berlin bob next spicer coming up next is my colleague told me a poet and with to be news africa don't forget you can get all this news and
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information around the clock on our website and steve have you got home thanks for watching. where i come from we have to fight for a free press and was born and raised to me telling the danger ship with just one t.v. shadow and a few in his papers when official information as attorneys i have worked on the streets of many can trust and their problems are all the same 14 solution inequality a lack of the freedom of the press. corruption who can afford to stay silent when
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it comes to the fans of the human sense either my through folds who have decided to put their trust in us. my name is jenny harrison i work again. this is news africa coming up on the program. home fronting harmful traditions the formal break between taking a stand against female genital mutilation we'll look at the challenges she faces. finally free after their ordeal in the hands of jihadist militants for hostages a really. and molly. and shining the light on a dark past efforts to tell the story of slavery using what it left behind.
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hello i'm told me all a lot of boy it's good to have your company the world health organization calls it an extreme form of discrimination and a way of controlling women we're talking about female genital mutilation or f g m more than 200000000 women and girls alive today have had parts of their genitalia removed for non-medical reasons of the 30 countries where women are subjected to f g.m. 27 are in africa the dark red areas on this map show the countries where more than 50 percent of women have had their genitals mutilated such as somalia sudan and mali in the orange areas the figure is 26 to 50 percent and the yellow areas is between 11 and 25 percent one member of the must cycle munity is using her fame as a former miss tanzania to try to end what she describes as
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a barbaric practice. diana edward look is a 22 year old messiah woman she's trying to break the silence the silence surrounding female genital mutilation or after i am. she set up the cut alert foundation it is working to stop the bloodshed from f.p.m. in the midst cycle munity. so i decided to create that foundation you know that just sent from michael me i believe i won my sons and i got the boy that was the power i got a lot of people were listening to solve standing for my community against the regime intimidation of what was my great. power. some messiah believe that a woman is not ready for marriage unless her genitals have been cut the practice is centuries old young girls bleed profusely and sometimes lose their lives during the
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procedure all the boys are given opportunity and platform to study but young girls are most given that support to it so i said i'll send against him as we screen nation. that even girls have the power if you look at the girl we educate the community. stopping f.d.m. is difficult politicians sometimes support the practice or keep quiet about it to win votes among the most high. you know you're going to see community where something has been dead for years i give him it has been there for years you know discrimination it's been there for years only imagine going to a community and tell them to stop what they have been inheriting form generation to generation is it was very. diana won the miss tanzania crown in 2016 cents then she is used her fame to campaign against female genital mutilation in her community plus why girls who understand that the best the best and all those that are
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happening to them it's a part of something that has been growing for from dinner right in generations so there's been this funny so yes it's a negative back tooth and they deserve the best and this should fly you the best if they go it's a boy so they go to blossom this will stand for that. day and it encourages young girls to study and said of getting married at a young age. under the hash tag stop the bloodshed she's determined to fight for messiah girls against female genital mutilation. in mali 4 hostages including a leading opposition politician and a french aid worker have returned home after being freed by islamist insurgents the hostages were kidnapped at separate times but their joint release comes after
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government negotiations with the hostage takers militants linked to al qaeda and the so-called islamic states have been a constant threat in the country carrying out attacks and kidnappings in the north passed on to say hadn't seen a husband since march when the 3 times presidential candidate sue my lasy say we seized by jihadists while he was on the campaign trail need to embark to their reunion was just one of the scenes of joy in the capital bamako sissay had words of gratitude for molly's new transitional government. i want to thank the new mali authorities which have changed in my absence this means the president was effective he moved fast and was diligent. here he. says a was released along with 3 european hostages 2 italians the police pier luigi mccarley in the tourist nicholas. with them the 75 year old french aid worker sophie petal nene plantar son they were tears of joy she spent 4 years in the hands
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of the jihadists after they took a hostage and 2016. year had spent almost a quarter of a century in the north of this country treating children with money. my greatest joy today is knowing that my assistant was able to continue their work without me live from what. it is unclear whether ransom was paid or if they were freed as part of a prisoner swap what is known is that the government of molly's new transitional president . released more than 100 militants last weekend. but mali's neighbors and international partners fear that could add further fuel to the insurgency that's spread from the country's north soon 2012. the felony people are a nomadic ethnic group that move with their cattle across west and central africa but with population growth there is less space for their heads to graze freely that
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means they often come into conflict with owners of farm land who accuse them of trespassing and destroying their crops here's an example of how this dispute is playing out in ghana. 50 year old giallo sambo is a fulani herdsman in eastern gonna he owns thousands of cattle they graze on lands like feeds and that's creating problems with the locals who own the farmland. they are now retaliating. in your mind you might be yeah yeah we don't have any other job we raise livestock and farm at the same time to make a living for many years we've done this without issues and in recent years our cattle have been attacked and killed by locals and security forces. they're trying to destroy our livelihood yeah well i do and i have. sambo has lived here all his life he was born into the fulani community just like his father and grandfather
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. he explains why he now feels threatened by the current hostilities. and. they are killing our cattle but also shooting at our children and workers who heard the cattle some have even died so now we are scared. sambo is not alone in this predicament today he's attending a meeting with other food lonnie's and his community they often come together to discuss the challenges they face sharing stories of discrimination and how they can stay safe. and the time we meet like these. bus and also if you have been on bus not you didn't know till you couldn't leave people. or you would. some residents in the community say the problems with the food lonnie's
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go beyond the destruction of the farmer and. to be honest if they want to appease the locals they would have to stop committing crimes there would be peace and unity among us in this community if some of them would stop stealing and doing other bad thing that's. experts say the lack of a proper land ownership system and a lack of community sensitivity have contributed to the conflict. there are clear demarcation of where you can increase where you come from is a major problem for some form of competition for space. within some of these rooms in other places is the lack of information the government has struggled to come up with a solution for now for that is like sambo pray for an end to hostilities to protect his livelihood and his family. protests against racism in the us and europe have
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led to the toppling of statues that appear to glorify a slave owners in west africa relics from that era are being restored to shine a spotlight on the horrors of the transatlantic slave trade the city of we die in bed now was one of the major slave ports but is now aiming to be a key source of education on this brutal past. the door of no return men women and children were taken against their will and shipped from here across the atlantic in abominable conditions. the monument was built in the 1990 s. in the units goes sponsored project it's now been newly restored. the same applies to a 3 kilometer long path dubbed the slavery from the center of wader where the slaves were sold to the beach the route is lined with a freeze testifying to the suffering of the prisoners it was actually powerful
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local chiefs who captured people usually from rival tribes and sold them to french portuguese and british merchants a complex legacy. to market in this one we is the most marked city in the history of slavery that's why beyond the movements claiming the cause of black people we want the sites that have been involved in history to be restored so that the history doesn't die. we die is also building a museum dedicated to the slave trade overall some 12 and a half 1000000 africans were forced onto ships like this one between the 17th and 19th centuries conditions on board was so bad that nearly 2000000 didn't even survive the crossing. this emotion that i have every time i see those chains that we used to shackle the slaves our
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grandparents our ancestors who were deported by the colonisers it's like i feel sick. every time i relive things that i don't want to relive it's painful but it's our story and we have to accept it one that's so bad it's like on that we're not usually taught these things at school or in everyday life i think that if it continues like this we'll be able to properly represent our country and we need to do that the best deal for. the slaves from bernini were taken to brazil haiti and the united states where they were forced to work on the plantations the former colonial powers have never been brought to account for their actions but the town of weed or at least wants to ensure they're not forgotten. well that's it for now but be sure to check out all the stories on com for slash africa our facebook and twitter we'll see you next time i've been out.
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i'm sure that it. was able. to bring about. doing it like many other germans this coronavirus summer i've borrowed a camper van and i look forward to a break in the fresh air in. the region is about.


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