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tv   Europe in Concert  Deutsche Welle  October 10, 2020 4:00am-4:46am CEST

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knows. when you've gone there's no river exist. every 10. 10000000 people in the world this think they have no nationality and they don't belong and. that everyone has the right to. everyone has the right to see. you. this is deja vu news and these are our top stories. germany has marked the 1st anniversary of an anti semitic attack on a synagogue in the eastern city of hama in which 2 people were killed during president frank falter steinmeyer said he felt sadness shame and anger over the attack and over the recent rise in anti-semitism and racism in germany.
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this banished government has declared a state of emergency in madrid because of a rapid increase in corona virus cases the government overruled regional authorities in forcing a partial lockdown in the capital and the surrounding region the country's health minister says the measures are necessary to prevent madrid's high infection rate affecting the rest of spain. the united nations world food program has one dis year's nobel peace prize for its effort to combat hunger and improve conditions for peace. he provided assistance to almost 100000000 people and 88 countries last year the committee described the award as a call to the international community not to underfund the program. this is deja vu news from berlin follow us on twitter and instagram at news or it's at our website w dot com. are
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european museums ready to give up on art looted from their former colonies some big developments there coming up on arts and culture and. australian musician nick cave displays decades of creativity in experience and exhibition. welcome to arts and culture lawmakers in france voted this week to return more than 2 dozen objects to the full country's former colonies i've been in and sent to go the pieces include a royal throne that was captured by the french army over a century ago the bill passed the lower chamber of french parliament unanimously and now it's headed to the senate. if approved by the french senate
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26 artifacts will be returned to the republic of binning it's taken a while for french lawmakers to reach this stage 3 years ago president manuel mccall promised a quick return but for a long time nothing happened. so recently a congolese activist snatched from the music a brownlee what he believes he was entitle to take. in my initiated the fight for the dignity for the recovery of our heritage our works of art our looted stolen spoiled works of art which are today locked up in various western museums stopped by security he's now on trial on charges of attempted theft. but also destructive who is the real thief in this story the thief who takes something fraudulent later i am the legitimate heir i am the biological administrative and cultural of this heritage don't you dare you to read this if but when one. is estimated that some
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asian descent of africa's cultural heritage is currently located in you were taken to a conflict or forced pass out this dark chapter is one many would like to forget but demands for it to be addressed are growing louder. this does not only concern france that many european countries they are now asked to deal with their colonial history and especially with their current relationship with africa which is still marked by slowly lism drop or marker. in the netherlands the cultural council has just laid down new guidelines on restitution london's been a museum is working on returning out of pax to ethiopia to researching their provenance for art historian benedix avoid such time consuming research is needless bureaucracy again the fun always does we assure him that in most cases. consent was not given which is supported by many reports even when it came to scientific
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expeditions so we recommend that if demanded these objects should be restitution without major difficulties. it has to to have. uncomplicated restitution is still not easy the situation has cast a shadow over the opening if the new home forum those in charge want to keep researching. colonel ism is one of the central themes of the entire program of the whole book forum that is the university the city museum and the ethnological collections. so why then a $440.00 clearly stolen pieces from beneath him being moved into the building for many believe the objects will be much safer in europe and that's in africa's best interest. a feeling of superiority and a subtle continuation of colonial mindset in berlin as elsewhere the pressure here is to find a different approach. and museums in the netherlands this week promise to return
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possibly as many as 100000 works of art and artifacts to former dutch colonies that could include this 70 carat diamond that once belonged to a sultan and what's now part of indonesia the decision was based on recommendations in a report by the adult dutch cultural council a body that advises the dutch parliament on cultural policy and willie and gonsalves whole kanya author of that report she is a lawyer and human rights activist who has been other ones advisory committee on colonial collections and this is going to solve it thanks for joining me. right now your report is your report is over 100 pages long what are the key points. he finds. that we apply the minister of culture
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a couple honesty in the 1st place. to recognize that he will go to her object to wait against her will. and just. in year 6 has to be rectified in the best possible way of reconciling with the remedy. if it. so when it has. now major museums and in other lands have signaled that they are willing to work with those guidelines any restitution still there have to be approved by the dutch government if all this goes through what impact do you think these recitations would have on dutch museums and do you think that that's museums can still set an example for the rest of europe. but then you seem to interconnect and then.
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rejected in general is very possible in this in their actions are well yes and they are. to do problems in the search and it has to be there were 10 or 1138 in a way then. if there are so many also acts or if. there aren't those precious people. whose main purpose is still. what. the returns and all that reason why at 70 and excise every committee. now just briefly why now. well people take more animal or an insect pests in your class in history
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because on your class also hope in the haitian. people living in the former colony and in the netherlands and also abroad if this keening that these scientists know to be part of anything or were wrong doings in the past ms gonzalez i think we're going to have to review their thank you so much for coming on arts and culture. thank you very much. some other culture news now of on guard rock musician nick cave has been baring his soul on albums and in concerts for decades well now the singer songwriter is exhibiting has visual art as notebooks and personal artifacts at an exhibition in copenhagen and our reporter adrian kennedy immersed himself in the experience.
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of strangers and kindness the nick cave exhibition is in the basement of the danish royal library in the iconic black diamond building in copenhagen the pieces of music in the. middle histories propelling souls away of the tremendous rate. welcome to the cave cave a sub through a new network of rooms that provide an insight into a shower manic rock star and represent a new artwork reflecting on the nature of identity and creativity. part of the exhibition consists of painstaking reconstructions of caves formal homes and workspaces the attention to detail is breathtaking. the idea for the exhibition originally came from koch your a so christine of back. cave overcame some initial reluctance and worked closely
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on the project. the exhibition also includes the generous part of nick cave's own personal library. with the corona and joost restrictions on visitor numbers it does sometimes feel a little bit like having broken into nick cave's home. alongside the reconstructions the pieces include original artwork personal artifacts collected by the saying. no. and. the result is a tense and frightening journey into the mind of one of the most original voices in rome. and adrian kennedy is here with me now adrianna how did this exhibit happen a major nick cave exhibition at a library in denmark well it was the royal danish library that approach nick cave's
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team nick cave it wasn't that infused about what could have been just an astounding trip down memory lane but fortunately for us he met with the team and he soon became infused by their ideas and. he saw it partly as an opportunity to share with fans artefacts notebooks and his beautifully crafted handmade books that he says give birth gave birth and norrish the official works the songs on the novels of nick cave i think it's pretty obvious that you're a big fan though i've heard some rumors but you're back in the day and west berlin rub shoulders with nick cave did you start those rumors adrian. just around the corner from him in your strasser in west berlin 1980 s. i saw him in bars but i was far too timid to speak to him nonetheless it was very strange and it made me feel rather old to see
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a reconstruction of his burly bedroom there in the exhibition with the books piled high there's a photo. in this room included in the book stranger than kindness companies the expression which shows just how accurate these reconstructions are i'm sure your westborough important part of it was just like ok i made you feel old would you still recommend the exhibition absolutely i only got to spend a couple of hours there and it's a bit to say you could have spent a whole day down there but in this particular. you can spend a whole lifetime down and still not get bought this so much detail and also you have nick cave's expect 6 disposal what could be better what is a whole life basically now the singer in a cave i believe can be experienced in november in select cinemas around the world what can you tell us about that that's why he initially lifestream the film of his
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concert idiot prayer nick cave in alex song to a promising to die but this claimed film will now get a cinema release on november 5th and be released as a love me for album on to 25 november. it's true i think you are reacting to some stranger of unkindness thank you now london's royal ballet is finally back it's been 7 months off the stage for britain's biggest ballet company here they are keeping in shape at home for their big comeback at the royal opera house opera is using the company's return performance as a test to see how it can get back to having live audiences i'll leave you now with the royal ballet thanks for watching arts and culture.
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love we want. when do we want it. easy for some americans at some point in our lives will experience hardship listen. this to some top story a stubborn rice farmer from thailand. his problem that's. his credo no chemicals. and his time was. the students are going to get tested so don't stand a chance. training successful. duncan cademy starts october 15th on t w. what
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is being made here is for many part of the american dream but for others it's an increasingly frequent nightmare. underneath the girl all those parts in the burger and the old cars fruit they all have to work together to give you the final product but really what we're after is a finished. weapon. well. we are part of the n.r.a. the people that are fighting for your rights we've become part of those groups we like to be to a system in the fight for our rights here. every sense of the memberships and then they go to lobbyists and they try to get the pro gun bills through or try to stop the anti weapon bills good. got to pick your colors if you don't quite know what
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you want we can help you get it exactly what you want for where you're headed we just had one that looks like a snake snake skin. and you don't have anybody looking out for you in washington so the n.r.a. supposed to doing that for us. 911 what is your emergency when we need our. enemy. i mean anybody and there are. a lot of a lot of really are in our environment are you know you're going to go you know i'm going. to go on go on the. park on florida february 28th. 1000 year old returned to his former high school to unleash a deadly bomb with a legally purchased assault rifle. the
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park gun shooting left 17 people dead 14 of them students and a further 15 injured. as you can imagine it is a challenging difficult morning georges on the scene in florida where another community is in this believes shocked by devastating violence. the most disturbing aspect about gun violence in america is that recent data shows that the frequency of mass shootings is only increasing over time. the students who survived the massacre are getting ready to go back to school for a much bigger fight taking on the n.r.a. . every year the united states sees about $350.00 mass shootings roughly one per day massacres like the one in parkland have led to read new polls for stricter gun laws resisting such reforms is the national rifle association which owes its very existence to the right of every american to bear arms in self-defense to stop
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a bad guy with a gun it takes a good guy with a god the national rifle association as one of the most powerful political forces in america it has a simple message we have a constitutional right to own firearms and nobody can take that away from us. and the n.r.a. has connections at the very highest level of government. if you had a teacher with who was adept at firearms. they could very well in the object very quickly. the n.r.a. is really londoners and it's mob being and has a huge network of dedicated supporters. of 5000000 members in the n.r.a. today they've gained more and more power ball all the power of course is financial because they can push important candidates tried to warn elections in washington
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where the boys should be perfect we're the boys who should control the early bird could be a day when you tell people who were going to pull the we're going to abolish the right good luck but. how is the n.r.a. able to wield such influence over lawmakers who are these people who know no bounds when it comes to defending these constitutional rights the survivors of the parchman shooting are now among the most vocal of the gun lobby's opponents passed them by invading a country and i became common law but what can they do in the face of the mob the seeming omnipotence to students from the heartland really coming out in force as a new political movement that we have never seen before marching on washington blocking their elected officials they're going up against history that hasn't been on their side of homes and they're going up against
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a dedicated group of people in the n.r.a. that they saw this focus on as tragic as it is the kids that are coming out of heartland are over there are new to this political fight and the n.r.a. has been fighting and gun rights advocates have been fighting this battle so any time a battle that is being waged even in this sleepy looking small town at the foot of the rocky mountains in western colorado it's named appropriately enough his rifle. it's a place that looks like a relic of the wild west it's home to a former saloon and now. a restaurant called the shooter's group. carrying a weapon here is not just permitted it's openly encouraged the restaurant prides itself on having armed waitresses its founder. customers with a 9 millimeter semiautomatic pistol the interior is adorned with john wayne vintage guns and even a crucifix framed by bullets. shooters for l.
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is an open carry restaurant buy we laugh at myself we all carry firearms to work and they are loaded they're real we all practice we all train we are efficient with our firearms we pack this safety with them. i think that it's good for more people to have them because we feel safer this is the safest restaurant the world ever known is always ready in case anything happen and nothing ever has go colorado is one of the $32.00 states in the us where citizens have a constitutional right to openly carry a gun which might be a pistol or an automatic assault rifle. to stop a bad guy with a gun you need a good guy with a gun because the criminals have free range they know you have nothing to stop them when they can go in and try to rob you at gunpoint and you're not going to shoot
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back because you are a law abiding citizen and you are obeying the government and not carrying your firearm and so they know they can go in and they can have whatever they want they can go in and take it they could shoot whoever they want because there's no one stopping them here in rifle colorado there's people that are going to stop them. for more and the pistol is as normal an accessory as a piece of clothing she also carries her gun at home in the presence of her 4 children. she and her husband have around 20 guns around the house out of sight for safety reasons why she's proud to be a lifelong. member of the n.r.a. . and i like that because there's a lot of transparency the n.r.a. wants us to know what they're doing they want us to know what they're fighting for why gun control topic is on the table today and they want to let us know how they are fighting for. the n.r.a. currently has some 5000000 members with almost 800 employees coordinating the
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lobbying work of over 10000 local branches the association was founded in the team 71 by civil war veterans and nationally as a club for hunters and recreational shooters advocated training children in the use of guns from an early age. the national rifle association commonly referred to as b. and are. the national organization of sportsmen in the united states. but in the 1960 s. new gun control legislation has been introduced following a string of high profile assassinations the n.r.a. switched its mission to gun ownership and because she became one of the most powerful lobby groups in the us. going today in her native his brother. those who know the death of martin luther king this tragedy must bring americans
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together to legislate book but all conclude. one of the most important changes was with all of the violence in our society and other societies in the late 1960 s. and with the assassinations of martin luther king and robert kennedy in 1000 $68.00 president johnson began to push for more restrictions on guns and many americans even democrats who had supported johnson became very worried because they were afraid that if they have their guns they would be unprotected when they saw him putting. they were afraid of no black power and what happened. was that. effective crime control. remains and my judgment effective gun control. a warning shot to the country's traditionalists. there was
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a small group of members of the n.r.a. that believed that gun rights were about to be curtailed dramatically and there were these conversations about gun rights and they decided to rise up within the n.r.a. and they effectively took over the entire organization and it went from a moderate. less powerful group of sportsmen to a very staunch conservative organization 100 percent focused on the idea of ensuring that the right of an individual to own a gun would not be curtailed at all. looking for new ammunition to further his campaign the n.r.a. founded argument rooted in the united states constitution and amendment in 1791. we believe in our current dream we believe in our bill of rights and we believe
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that our 2nd amendment to the united states constitution all of our 2nd amendment because we believe in the freedom and the safety. and that if it is a low gear and g.'s absolutely our freedom and our safety. the 2nd amendment says a well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state the right of the people to keep and bear arms. shall not be infringed and there's a lot of debate about what the founding fathers meant as it mean people have the right to join together to ensure that the government isn't acting as a dictatorship or does it mean every single person has the right to have a gun on them at all times no matter where they are you know or the british you're . going to what i think sometimes people miss is that
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when it was written the weapons the right to bear arms those arms were muskets they were weapons that maybe in a best case scenario you can get off 3 shots in a minute if you were an expert. so at that time mass shootings were impossible because there were not weapons that would make someone capable. in virginia where hundreds demonstrated outside the n.r.a. headquarters afternoon protesters blame the national rifle association for helping should block gun control laws the maybe the n.r.a. is powerful enough to prevent any meaningful change thanks to its political ties and insistence on the constitutional right to bear arms among the anti-gun activists is time to hammond's one of a number of young people here who are survivors of the parked on high school
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massacre for fun at the cowardice us building because that's where they all stay behind closed doors that if they had balls they'd come and talk to us like. they're cowards i fight is that when you fight because too many guys that's how much blood has said that when we say enough is enough you see i'm sure because we're tired of so many children having to we look at their roster groundings you realize that. it's not their pro-gun protesters brandishing an assortment of high powered firearms are present in this state this particular state it's going from a joke into. it is always i'm not a felon i'm not a criminal so china more people are taking it pains me that way. so having more about bit weaker than them is not a man but. in a country in which one in 3 adults owns at least one firearm the young gun control advocates are widely seen as hopeless idealists an estimated $300000000.00 guns are
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owned by civilians half of the world total of privately owned firearms. alan from colorado is an n.r.a. member and has a penchant for high caliber weapons i grew up in a household where if i was a good kid and i did all my chores and i did what my parents asked me to do i would actually get incentive by them giving me ammunition to shoot by 22 caliber rifle. honestly the main thing i worry about is that someone is going to endanger myself or my family or my friends and do i have the ability to protect myself and those i care about around because unfortunately as you very well know wherever you are uniformed france it's a big bad world out there. alan also trains other n.r.a. members in his free time he expects actions not just words for his $1500.00
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a lifelong membership or state senator john morse concedes in his recall race tonight's historic vote leading to the 1st recall in state history national rifle association is attempting to more than make the recall of a state legislator is very punishing as it goes for passing gun restriction legislation in his state. democrat john morse spent 7 years as a state senator in colorado shortly after his appointment as president of the senate in 2013 he. successfully proposed new legislation to restrict the sale of assault weapons the n.r.a. retaliated by launching an initiative to force morse and other legislators out of office via a recall vote. in december of that same 2012 newtown happened and we had.
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nearly 2 dozen people killed there most of them 6 and 7 year old children so our sessions started in january and i knew that we needed to do something about gun violence in colorado since much of that violence that occurred here in colorado so by that time the n.r.a. had gin up support for its position and so one of the days when we heard these bills in the senate they surrounded the capitol with about 20 cars that just drove around the block from about 8 30 in the morning until about midnight that night just honking their horns trying to disrupt the hearings so the gun lobby did a great job of making it look like people were really opposed to these mass of these measures senate president john motors is taking come true full and in the
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wrong direction forces pushing major changes strictly list for the n.r.a. invested over a $1000000.00 in a media campaign to oust the state senate president timber to pay for the national rifle association committee to restore colorado's rights this is pretty much their standard stick you know i mean they just lie cheat and steal and for whatever reason too many americans buy into it in as a result too many americans and the dead just pure lies all the way through but you can see it's just marketing and there's very little that's very specific. in there you know morse is going to give us freedom how is that even possible. after serving careers in the police force and then in politics morris now works as a certified accountant in denver colorado but he continues to observe how the n.r.a. has been increasing its political clout in the state senate and house of representatives you know my biggest disappointment in losing was that it sent
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a very clear message to elected officials around the country that if you do anything even if it's just common sense gun safety we took out the president of the colorado states we can take you out too and it has worked. there hasn't been much in the way of gun law changes in the entire country since what we did and we did barely anything and the fact that it actually costs human lives and we're willing to pay that cost i mean it makes me ashamed very ashamed to be an american at this point in time. when john morse had to leave office in 2013 the n.r.a. was headed by david keene an experienced strategist considered a powerful opponent of then president barack obama he has since openly acknowledged his role in the removal of the colorado senate leader claiming that there was
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simply too much at stake back then. we would i went out there lobbied against it. as did every other organization 2nd amendment that was very important in that in that whole battle that was going on. because you could almost hear statehouse doors all over the country closing where they were saying oh no it's not something that we should be looking at because the fact is that there are consequences to to to to passing legislation that really riles up your constituency those political revenge and the demonstration that if you if you go against the 2nd amendment there's a price to be paid. the n.r.a. tries to ensure its opponents pay that price and that politicians and public officials are aware of that threat.
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the conservative state of texas had never caused major problems for the n.r.a. people in the south have traditionally been firm supporters of the 2nd amendment. so the emergence of opposition to the gun lobby here came as something of a surprise a few weeks before the midterm elections in 2. 2018 the city of austin hosted a debate on gun violence former soldier and n.r.a. critic stephen claiming ran for election in the texas state senate. a you know i you can ignore me no no no i was like i love. his grassroots activism made him a popular candidate and despite pressure from the lobbyists he was not afraid to confront the n.r.a. and make guns the key theme of his campaign. i just you know ari is really just a lobbying organization for the firearms industry they make billions and billions
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of dollars in this the united states a very unique and open market where nothing strays like that makes the united states it's one reason the united states is the foremost export of weapons both legally and illegally and i would stress the last i care about moral clarity and i care about making sure that we give a voice to the people that haven't had one of the n.r.a. wants to come in here and challenge me i'll take that challenge any day. among those participating in the forum discussion who are a former police officer and a number of victims of gun violence as well as public officials all of them determined to bring about change every year the united states registers up 260000 incidents involving firearms in 2019 they cost the lives of almost 15000 people and left 28000 others injured or in most states reaching the age of 18 in titles you to purchase a gun without having to prove that you can use one responsibly many americans say
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those laws are too lax but the n.r.a. makes a huge effort to ensure that those laws are not compromised it invests millions of dollars into the election campaigns of politicians to ensure that the status quo is maintained. so this is a picture of the incumbent. senator donna campbell she's chosen not to be here today she felt like this wasn't a friendly forum we tried to give her assurances that we would be respectful and we will listen to all sides of this issue her position isn't really or she doesn't have a position she defers to the n.r.a. for her position and that i think is part of the problem is they use their heavy handed tactics when it comes to. our elections are pouring money into them and overwhelming the other side of the argument with with money oftentimes foreign money is a big part of the problem and why are legit our gun legislation is don't reflect the popular will. the n.r.a.
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is constant push for political leverage has given a major boost to the careers of prominent members of congress in washington the majority of them republicans. the n.r.a. spends a considerable amount of its resources in influencing our lawmakers in order to prevent them from happening or even proposing gun legislation. senator john mccain for example received $8000000.00 richard burr from north carolina $7000000.00 roy blunt representing missouri 4 and a half 1000000 and marco rubio from florida $3000000.00 the gun lobby also donated 30000000 dollars to donald trump's $26000.00 election campaign an investment that paid all. the true friendship in the white house. federal agencies be coming out to law abiding gun owners.
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behind the scenes that political influence is meticulously documented by the n.r.a. and elected politicians are assessed according to their usefulness to the gun lobby and those grades have a big impact on their chances of reelection. political candidates and elected officials on a scale that we rate our school children on so a is good at is bad and all of the major candidates will get an n.r.a. rating what they often do is they take all the speeches that the person running for office has done they have people that work for them at the n.r.a. and they scanned all of the speeches and of course you can do this on computers as well for any type of comments that might seem negative and you know just a few negative comments is enough to you know basically push their button and they go after you so you know typically if you want to a plus you have to basically you know bow down to the n.r.a.
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you have to basically come out you know in favor of the 2nd amendment without any targets of restrictions but i want to say at the outset that from the remarks you just heard this is a guy that gets it you know think it is this is done on translator chief of staff ryan's priebus back in 2013 this is a guy that built and helped elect the kind of people that electrified this crowd today you need great mechanics and you need great candidates need them thank you very much god bless you. you probably. endorse about $1400.00 candidates each year at the various levels if you have an incumbent who's in a rated. officeholder and a challenger who's a rated then the incumbent gets the advantage because his record is real because he didn't just talk he or she did talk we actually voted. it's not uncommon for
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children in the u.s. to learn to shoot a gun before they can read and write. just outside of austin texas we find what is for gun reform activists a shocking example of elementary education 6 year old kate. about solution. suitable both you and me are those your 1st time when you were 4 right yes 1st time shooting for a shop at target depicted on the cover is kate with her 22 caliber rifle so this is the one that she shoots the most as what she kind of started with is easy for her to use it because it is very small and light weight and it fits her pretty well or i can shoot it it's fun to shoot it. oh it's actually. there she is with a rifle. she trained jujitsu and she does ballet and other things that helped
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develop the strength that she would need to shoot to have your guns i don't argue it's sunday morning and a group of families meet up at a shooting range. kate and her friends have come out here to the desert with their parents to let off a bit of steam. but this is no toy gun so her dad gives her some practiced lesson it's so let's do the 1st one dry ok out of the target flacco breath. ok good more down on the target so that i am pretty ok nice work and the children here are aged between $6.12 texas has no minimum age for firing guns kates $22.00 caliber rifle it does not have a strong recoil but it's as deadly as most other common firearms.
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but a nice piece that they didn't embrace out loud. like where did i get all the hi. all i can't beat. you see. you were this shot knight kate's gun use a simile automatic a r 15 which is not just the weapon of choice for some elementary school girls similar guns were used in parkland and the pittsburgh synagogue shooting in 2018 as well as notorious mass killings in monster vegas orlando sand bernadino and the sandy hook elementary school shooting each ended the lives of dozens of people americans now own an estimated 15000000 new york fifteen's which has become an almost iconic symbol of the gun control debate some states have age restrictions up to 21 to buy handguns but not in our 50 and so you can buy an a r 15 legally when you're 18 again all you can do you don't have to show any ability
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to be able to use it you don't have to show you know any sort of real mental competency you know you you there's no waiting period to get one either walked out with a ar 15 and a 100 rounds of ammunition 20 minutes later the same guy you can't go buy a 6 pack of beer there is no better fire on the from their homes against realistic threats than your 15 semiautomatic it's easy to learn easy. i think there are 2 reasons people find these attractive one and it gives the sense of power that 2nd people are also afraid well if you limit that weapon then you allow limits on other weapons too so there is this purity this sense that we have to have no limits at all which is what the n.r.a. argues the n.r.a. does not defend they are 15 as they are 15 they defend the right to own all dogs it's become a focus in america now because people who want to enforce gun control say that there's real.


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