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tv   ZDF Bauhaus  Deutsche Welle  October 10, 2020 11:00pm-12:01am CEST

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biala gassed at frankfurt airport cd managed by frog bought. this is new year's live from berlin shaky cease fire in the caucasus as warring parties come to the table armenia and azerbaijan agree to hold the conflict over the disputed region of nagar attire back but each side quickly blames the other for breaking the armistice also coming up donald trump makes his 1st public appearance since returning to the white house from a 3 day stay in hospital for colbert 19 he tells
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a cheering crowd that he feels great the coronavirus will disappear. and for more cities in france shut down their bodies entirely as they are put on maximum. comes as new infections in the country spiked to a new one day record of almost 27000 cases. i'm told me a lot of them to the program a ceasefire between armenia and azerbaijan appears to have been short lived just hours after it came into effect both sides traded blame for the renewed hostilities of the 2 countries foreign ministers reach a deal after 10 hours of talks in moscow the accord stipulated that the ceasefire would pave the way for talks on settling the decades long conflict.
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stepanek the capital of the embattled nagorno-karabakh enclave live a structured left by as i shot the army recruits is visible everywhere the residents mostly ethnic armenians and now leaving the cell is where they sought shelter during the attacks. you know. good the silence fractions mean too much silence is for. after the silence of there is usually a new bombardment. now i don't know if they will strike again. or if it will be quiet for a long time. several 100 people have been killed on both sides in the heavy fighting since the end of september now russia has stepped in to mediate the conflict with the latest cease fire the result of tense negotiations in moscow. a cease fire will begin at noon on saturday for humanitarian purposes for the
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exchange of prisoners of war and of the detainees and the bodies of the dead for mediation in accordance with the criteria of the international committee of the red cross. it didn't take long for the leaders of both sides to accuse each other of violating the cease fire but many still hold great hopes for peace such as here in baba as a by shun which lies on the border of the disputed area. or to shift if there is a cease fire and the conflict is resolved in a peaceful way then that's fine with us that means we will not lose more soldiers. christian ethnic armenians make up the majority of the population of nagorno caught up on the predominantly muslim azerbaijan accuses its neighbor of occupying its territory in violation of international law the territorial stalemate has continued
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for decades and it's likely to take many more hours of negotiation before a permanent pay still is achieved. and i spoke with. tony on research on the south caucasus at the university of minnesota and i asked him why moscow was hesitant to get involved in the not gone a conflict. russia's role really complex he's. the only country that is supplying weapons to both countries to the country think. is tremendous and they asked for a christian presence for. countries in russia upwards of 2000000 armenians and upwards of 2000000 azerbaijan italy and russia so russia does not want to have this conflict spill over into interethnic conflict on its territory so it's trying to tread you know. rather gingerly on this issue and is trying to
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be more or less. arbitrator whether if they are succeeding in doing this remains to be seen at the moment but it is sort of their role in the conflict right now and then that's further complicated by talk is evolvement. yes actually. it is actually complicated because of turkey and no way turkey has been trying to sort of wait and insert its title into the clinic to decide it wasn't your budget which the smadi conflict even further and it's making the solution to the conflict even more complicated because now we have. nato member country who is inserted its force into a conflict it really had no business to be in. yeah ok it's clear there is no easy fix but what's the way forward and can a diplomatic solution be found before this all gets out into an all out war.
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exclusion these really the crux of the question at this moment and. honestly. the western governments and russia need to ward in a court together to bring the parties together and say these are dissolution and. there are actually frameworks that have been sort of finessed on how to see diplomatic solution to the conflict but the come up to completing far these are so entrenched in their positions that at this point i think diplomacy. enterprise. he's really failing in the moment and western governments need to be much more forcefully and bold to bring the parties together ok the. research on the south caucuses of the university of minneapolis thank you very much
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for joining us with those insights thank you so much for having me. president trump has resumed his election campaign with his 1st public event since contracting the coronavirus amid the resurgence in cases across the nation trump took off his mask and addressed hundreds of supporters from a white house balcony he declared that he is feeling great as he recovers from covert 19 he told the cheering crowd that the pandemic which has killed over 200000 americans is going to disappear. i want you to know our nation's going to defeat this search area but china viruses we call it. and we're producing powerful therapies and drugs in we healing the sick and we're going to recover and the vaccine is coming out very very quickly in record time as you know it's coming out very very soon we have great great companies doing it and they'll be distributing it and we will through our military very very rapidly. w.
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washington correspondents and it's almost kind of told us how trump's 1st public appearance since you released since his release from hospital panned out this was a president trump's 1st outing since being released from the hospital and i think it's important to talk a little bit about the optics here you know the president a little bit over a week ago tweeting that he in the 1st lady had tested positive for covert 1000 now holding a large event at the white house with hundreds of supporters now they were mostly wearing masks many of them received temperature checks when they entered the premises and the president's house speaking from a balcony so maintaining distance but we don't know if he was still expelling the virus so really remarkable to see such a large of vent given the risks that could be involved now what did the president speak about well it's interesting to note that many of the people who were in that crowd were members of a black conservative group and there are so many latinos in the crowd so the president really making an appeal there to a group where he doesn't normally perform very well he also as we heard in that
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clip sort of that he was going to defeat the china virus and he said that this was a peaceful protest for law and order the reason for that is that the president and his campaign believe that he performs the polls particularly well on the issue of law and order not just among his supporters but also among more moderate democrats and republicans that might be swaying one way or the other at this point he doesn't however poll very well at the moment on covert 19 the majority of americans not happy with his administration's handling of the pandemic on till now it is however been difficult for the president to move the spotlight away from covert 19 when he himself contracted in it and has been suffering from it so tommy this event really an opportunity for the president to move the narrative away from the pandemic and back onto the campaign trail. to france where the number of new corona virus infections has so in one day a record of almost 27000 the country's maximum security alert level has come into
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effect in 4 cities as authorities struggle to stop the rise in new cases and france has stepped up its testing program but its most recent efforts have failed to stop the onset of a 2nd wave françois' it is especially hard in the spring and the beginning of the covert 1000 pandemic that's why the country ramped up tests and it's now carrying out more than 1000000 per week like in this lab led by josh actually minutes he says the situation has improved. it. given the facts the requests were twice as hard we had to make sure that we could technically carry out the number of tests requested. on the requests from. today this situation is currently being resort. bad rapid testing is not the only solution cases are especially high in big cities
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like paris where the density of population is very high. this hospital in point of paris was going through a hard time during the 1st wave into our divorce court in aging the covert done response here he sees another main reason for the rise in numbers in france. the french population suffered a huge storm on during the 1st wave nevertheless with another wave we're seeing a relative lax behavior in people. devote says personal responsibility is key in fighting the virus keeping a safe distance and meeting as few people as possible but since the virus is now heavily circulating in france the government is toughening rules in paris for example bars have to close down for now. in germany rapidly rising infections have prompted action from the authorities the capital berlin has
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joined frankfurt and cologne on the list of cities where new cases of exceeded a key measure bars and restaurants have to close early but there is some doubt about whether the new restrictions will be enough to stop the spike. 11 pm and it's poor in with rain but that doesn't stop these young people here in berlin neither does the rise in corona virus infections in the past few weeks the police have had to clear public squares and parks people were ignoring hygiene and social distancing rules now the city is cracking down. and it is on laugh-in that since the end of the summer holidays the focus has shifted to young people who got infected during leisure activities especially in pubs people get infected because they don't keep their distance when it gets late in the u.k. and apps and if it's the speech of. the new rules
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a strict no more than 5 people can gather at 11 at night private parties will be limited to 10 instead of 25 guests bars restaurants and kiosks will also have to close between 11 pm and 6 am bartender jango is frustrated. that time is crucial for us that's when the bar is running at full swing with lots of customers around and then to say you have to leave now we're not allowed to serve you anymore that's the end for us. and what happens after young people have to leave the bars at 11 o'clock well they actually go home just because i was on the form but i'm not planning to go home until 11 i want to live my life and enjoy it as much as possible so. why does it is to avoid those who want to drink will get their drinks beforehand they get out of all from the supermarket and drink it anyway until 5 am no matter whether the bars or clubs are open of the boss
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of me because of mom's assessment of course i want to go out for dinner in the evenings and sit together after 11 but personally i want to take people with a higher infection risk into consideration i can step back. the new restrictions is set to remain in force until the end of this month but if you factions keep rising because it's could be extended. time for sports and polish teenager. has won the french open women's final in paris after beating america's sofia cannon in straight sets she object becomes the 1st polish player to win a grand slam singles title the unseeded 19 year old did not drop a single set during the clay court tournaments she's also the youngest women's french open champion since monica seles in 1992 in football germany finally recorded a 1st victory of the calendar year with a win against ukraine in kiev in the u.a.e.
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for nations league goals for material skinned and leon gretzky sealed 021 victory for work in love's side who had drawn all 3 of their previous matches in 2020 the win moves them to 2nd place behind me to spain in group 4 of nations league a. you're watching the news remember you can keep up to date on our website www dot com i'm told me a lot of wind for me and the team thanks for joining us. w's crime fighters are back again a little africa's most successful radio drama series continues then the whole episode are available online a little more so you can share and discuss song w. africa's facebook page and other social media platforms such crime fighters tune in now. been tough it is for me. it's for.
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beethoven it's for him beethoven. and beethoven is for. beethoven is for the for law beethoven 2022 the 50th anniversary here on d w. marvelous world and a star filled cast reminiscent of hollywood movies no wonder people around the globe think about computer games but how influential are they really and how does the gaming seen him take society and what topic today on. more than 3000000000 people around the world regularly play games on a p.c.
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console or in my case on a smartphone games are an everyday part of life for about 40 percent of the people worldwide so it's not surprising that marketing strategist count on the wide reach like with the popular real time simulation game animal crossing your horizons earlier this year it was sold out even democratic presidential candidate joe biden who was nearly 80 years old is using the game to reach new voters over 22000000 people play animal crossing new horizons. now you can also use campaign posters team behind joe biden's campaign has added to the game all of which can be put on. joe biden's campaign team are trying to reach specific target audiences. and animal crossing is an effective way to reach a relatively young mostly female target audience. it's difficult to assess
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the efficacy of animal crossing or other online games in campaigning but in this case they definitely managed to grab the media's attention. in 2006. the democratic presidential primaries made a campaign appearance in the virtual world of 2nd life. he was defeated by the right. to set up official campaign headquarters in 2nd life. to the 2008 election his campaign. because of the lack of transparency there's a potential danger with political campaigning in online games. with animal crossing and joe biden there's a lot of media attention and they specifically targeted that game but generally
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speaking anyone could do that. trump. crissy activists in hong kong have content available to be used to circulate political messages like. whether they like it or not. to be confronted with political issues an animal crossing for the foreseeable future. to be completely honest i'm not sure that game complaining is a good idea sometimes i just want to switch off but radical political groups are using animal crossing to spread more extreme views as well uses content but nintendo doesn't have a real strategy to stop hate speech unfortunately the same is true for many other platforms multiplayer games have a huge problem with racism and sexism even if they think it's just men and boys are creating a toxic atmosphere online they still crossing a line as
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a recent example from germany shows. streaming star montana black normally has over 3000000 followers on the video platform twitch due to his massage honest and sexist videos. the 32 year olds account was blocked for a month afterwards montana black apologized for his heavily criticized holiday videos. from this. usual because perpetrators though normally face any consequences usually it's the gamers who speak out against sexism missile journey and racism who become targets for coordinated hate complaints this past summer thousands of women spoke out about experiences of sexual violence on twitch and since then they have been numerous accounts of women being harassed or abused online. as a gamer who likes to play a lot especially online she encounters massage mystic insults and games on
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a daily basis i know. i would call some of them very slight insults so they're all the classics you'd better go to the kitchen and fix me a sandwich. and it just gets worse from there of course there are no boundaries i've been threatened with rape multiple times on the internet in these situations support from other players is rare. this is no might. become normal and nobody is really bothered anymore everyone just accepts it ok it's just another insult. not all gamers are racist or massage but the gaming scene in particular has a real problem one reason for that is a lack of moderators to oversee communication on the different platforms. images it's a big problem and we see that gaming platforms and communities create spaces where this hatred and toxic communication are expressed openly unlike social media
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perpetrators don't really fear any consequences for their actions. whether it's games or facebook i believe more action is needed to stop online hate speech the game is seen as a problem but that doesn't mean that every should offend is prone to violence studies have refuted the killer game misconception still the aesthetics of 1st person shooter games have played a role in terrorist attacks there's even a term for it the game if occasion of tara. these on live streams on twitter or facebook seen from the 1st person shooter perspective the terrorist attacks in christchurch new zealand and hunted germany on recent examples of what experts call the game cation of terror the terrorist and holly even posted an achievement list online containing objectives he wanted to collect just like in a video game on. the hull a terrorist posted that racist achievement list online to create a degree of comparability to make
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a sport out of it to say hey look at my high score can you beat it. it's a form of game of location that tries to portray these horrific terrorist attacks as playful and game like how have the boundaries between gaming and reality become so blurred for some people and how do others watch on the fascination. serious games is a term used by some expose to describe games used for educational purposes like teaching politics or history through the dockers of times is the game set in nazi germany and aims at raising historical awareness even one germany's most prestigious computer game award. was made in 1933 the masses was celebrating. we knew that this was the beginning. to come we knew that the nazis didn't make threats we had to do something this is the starting point in the strategy game through the darkest of times here
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players take on the role of resistance fighters some of the tasks include organizing the secret resistance against hitler recruiting new members raising money for protesting this game doesn't need a 1st person shooter perspective to end the fatal pain back at the berlin based company behind the game uses gaming to make history more accessible in a playful way and that's just the beginning. of computer i believe that we're only just getting started with using computer games and the possibilities that they represent especially with education. i'm talking about exciting intelligent games that are fun to play that are educational but not in an obvious way. i believe that usage for these kinds of games will increase because we simply need them. whether it's historical facts. learning about right wing extremism like with leon's character or learning mathematical formulas whilst gaming. education and
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computer games are a good match. but leaving serious games aside for a moment computer games are increasingly taking big social issues and even the future pages have picked up on this in fact many games can compete with hollywood movies. concept design and music it's amazing to see what game designers create nowadays have a look at this was. epic soundtracks played by an orchestra. voiceovers by famous musicians. to. elaborate animations created with the latest hollywood technology games are no longer considered a lower cultural art form as director of the german cultural council and is
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a prominent figure in germany's cultural landscape in his handbook on gaming culture argues that games can be more than entertainment. tell a story differently and the person dealing with the story feels like they're part of the story and have greater control over how the story unfolds. this real one example is c. of solitude a game created by german design economy. and this game turns negative emotions like anxiety loneliness or depression into experiences. my game is very metaphorical and full of symbolism it's my personal story it's the story of my life but i don't want it to be told like this happened that happened so i hide it in more abstract things you roam through this world and bit by bit you discover different parts of the story. kentucky roots 0 is a surreal game set in
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a mystical version of kentucky full of strange encounters the homeless that is based on the t.v. cult series twin peaks'. character development is becoming increasingly important in action games as well like in god for the newest game in the series the warrior creators has to deal with. the blockbuster video game the last of us to only has female protagonists and tells a story about love. games will not be able to get around the broader societal demand that shifting towards more diversity and representation. that's why i feel the gaming scene is still lacking we're arguing among each other and it is a contentious debate we should also be debating it on panels and at podiums we should ask how could you create this character in this way what were you thinking
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have you ever thought about how this can impact society. a broader discussion on games and their content would be helpful i think that in the near future games will be as important as movies or t.v. series which is why they deserve an equally as serious conversation for that same reason game designers and gaming platforms should be held accountable for tackling and removing hate speech what do you think games a cultural art form or are they just something with which to pass the time tell us on facebook or d w dot com and check out our you tube channel for more on gaming culture that's it for me for today thank you and.
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9 will be is going green. can use capital city is transforming illegal dump sites into public parks al-ameen with a wish list and you make it a place where people want to be and transform. the path to becoming an environmentally friendly metropolis. the nairobi is bringing nature back to the city for. i cringe. when. play or i feel big or small i can do it. really is not for. fast small and sustainable. last.
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30 minutes on d w. every journey begins with the 1st step and every language but the 1st word alleged in the book. rico is in germany to learn german why not with him simple on the line on your mobile and free shop in w z learning course you can speak german made it seem. when the sun is beating down in the city high noon what could be more welcome than a loss shouldn't see offering a break from the heat on a nice wrist welcome to this week's equal africa i am sundered you know video here
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in kampala uganda today in the environmental magazine will be looking out called green little promises can't be right needed to. hello sandra and a warm hello to all of us yes green surges figured to be speaking that is pleasant to live in as well and barren mentally and climate friendly more on that in a moment but 1st here's what we have lined up on the show today the. war on waste south africa tries to counter the dangers of toxic landfills. back to nature a french project shows people what nature really feels like a man who's afraid of being bad copes some deadly reptiles get a new home in lake victoria. africa cities face many problems but rising migration is one of the most pressing people from the surrounding countryside moved to the cities in the hope of finding new and better life they are
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put up by the prospects of the record living conditions there despite the high incomes and i will be expected population to double over the next 20 s. the kenyan capital has now decided to become greener more environmentally friendly and generally a nicer place to live for me infrastructure and housing and wished disposal. teaming up to nearly revive in me shockey more park. slowly but surely white life is returning. and sharing space with those who can finally enjoy nature again. created from land once used for illegal dumping these park in the center of nairobi fast opened in 2008 but due to neglect it was later closed for several years now the terms to mention
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walk the park recently reopened. about a 90 tree species grow in shook a memorial park more than 4000 sub planes have been newly planted. kenya's capital is growing rapidly and are abysmal place in is expected to hit 10000000 by 2040 issues like this that if occasion a compelling group of villagers to move to the up and center today 60 percent of cities inhabitants live in informal settlements when his politics is recognize the need for more green spaces. but we're going beyond just. the green spaces that famous we're also dealing with green spaces within neighborhoods and more importantly green spaces within informal settings. kibera the largest settlement has direct access to the needle the river
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the government owns much of the land but has been reluctant to provide basic services such as sanitation of west management so residents are taking things into their own hands. or guiding principle is quite simple you have to build with the programs in the communities fast cause all the folly before they need to do with all the human waste comes from the community nori of upolu to itself. the cleanup work is mostly being done by local young people the main focus is removing west from him and out on the roof. generates around $200.00 tons of trash hardly. a menu for i am happy because it's clean unlike before when one couldn't even stop and rest by the side of the never got back on brady was after clearing the snow but . they couldn't get near here before but now you can because it's clean and you can rest or even out here. after the garbage is removed
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a sewage system will. installed so the worst water can't run off. the government funds were provided for public toilets they have maintained by a local injury all clean drinking water is also now available. for new construct the authorities believe that they would be not only be within very last point in construct that garbage collection and disposal center we believe are not only booster get into into the area of us again when we repair the throughline north you worry leak into their ecosystem. other changes are also being made in an effort to reduce vehicle emissions by 50 percent on literally of a new narrow these busiest shopping district the city county government has recently closed traffic lanes. additional trees are planted and an am $100.00 system will soon be installed to collect data on the
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pollution levels the street was remodeled in partnership with you and happy to it. so our main with the question was can we use this as an entry point into a brand regeneration into a bun transformation i mean make it a place where people want to be can we transform the can we revolutionized have. one ambitious project aims to do just that tattoo city is an urban development in the north of nairobi with housing schools offices green areas and manufacturing districts it hopes to ease the burden on the crowded capital. such a city is mixed use mixed income development and so will have residential properties for different levels of income so we'll have a lot of affordable housing middle income as well as a high end developments. the 1st 48 affordable apartment units completed solar.
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energy systems have just been finished by 2015 it's expected that over a 1000000 people will be a tome in this modern community. from africa now let's head to europe and from the states each of the countries are for 25 years i mean should serve in the south of france as in raising awareness of a great quality that's natural farming methods those resisting it's eco comes to learn how to plant how plants gardens and fields are cultivated sustainably and how seats are selected and so at what is more near to an increasing number of people in front want a complete rethink of how we farm and process food that's giving these nonprofit project a boost in part to sponsor for a broad spectrum for farmers to drop out. how does lettuce pretty you see. this hands on workshop is getting stressed
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city dwellers the chance to get close to nature once again. if you don't use your own you can over time i realized that i miss nature and that i needed to reconnect with it. that's why i decided to leave everything you know that my job give up my apartment and experience reconnecting with nature in places like this interrogate humanities. you see i was and i met. the at dish valley in the south of france this is where the association ted human easement has set up a model enterprise for agro ecology on a form live in yet the garden is where workshop participants learn about how to apply green principles to agricultural processes the idea is to move away from industrial agriculture and towards natural cycles.
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we realize that plants are like us need a healthy environment they need to do well in the soil and then and there and if that's not the case they want to belive as well we're being productive and don't appear to remold itself in a little bit like human beings so there's a very close connection between us and plants. at a neighboring plot the soil has been exhausted but also official fertilizes their own garden is being fertilized with compost and plant mixtures. the objective. is to improve this structure so that nutrients are more available to plants so that the soil retains more water and is less depleted a source of the challenge if you want to see to do this if. there are lots of microorganisms we can see the earthworms in it there are lots of little routes this is roughly the objective of the agro ecology that we promote more of
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a culture to get this kind of soil. to the bone you know to do sort of what is the opposite of what we saw on the other plot you know where you couldn't even push the shovel in a few centimeters had to hit very hard. for the new takes on established thinking person is regarded as a very fast spreading and persisted weed but the plant tastes good and is easy to digest the workshop leader even says that person could be a substitute for fish since it contains nutritionally valuable omega 3 fatty acids . so here this afternoon we talked about adam while plant medicinal plants all the issues with things like what to watch out for when you start or when she becomes more of an expert watching do with them how they can be used and how they benefit us. the groups now know more about plants and have come a bit closer to nature on an old vineyard which sets
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a fine example of sustainable and reuse. now let's head to the shores of lake victoria here in uganda residents are reputed the opt-out and injured by 9 crocodiles the reportorial come out to conclude families and along the death each water and fishermen complain about broken neat little blank walks with a gun to wildlife authority to capture and really look at the crocodiles in his career they experienced crocodile culture has captured more than 190 crocodiles impressive isn't it. the fear some side to when they're crocodile the largest a species of d.n.a. in africa while tourists cruise the nile hoping to see the imposing reptiles from the safety of a board along the shores of lake victoria the 4 rushes predictors pours a deadly threat to people living in the area drinking fish stalks and shrinking
11:42 pm
crocodile habitats have led to a worrisome rise in attacks in recent times many victims are children who go down to the lake to play or fetch water fishermen are also a target peter is a crocodile expert with the uganda wildlife or free t. he and his team have come in response to reports of a sighting the ask the villagers for further details before setting off to search for the animal when we receive information with quickly rushed through this. form with our no woodward in upshur of the. locals the lead the team to the areas favored by the large reptiles. they really are trapped and made from a piece of meat attached to wire. or not for the way so that when a crocodile a comes. grab the bait and then the wire will die. or
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your order up by your when it is right. there why are biting. but in this instance the crocodile squad needs to adjust the trap the predator smells a rat and escapes. in one village the crocodile hunters have more luck fishermen have captured a crocodile themselves or gone steam is here to take it away safely safe not just for the people but the crocodile to. after a 7 hour drive the team arrives at the crocodile farm on the outskirts of kampala and the animal is released the facility was set up by the uganda wildlife or $3000.00 partnership with the private investor. this one has reportedly killed 7 people the predator permanently lives in captivity now since its judged
11:44 pm
too dangerous. visitors pay to see the creatures which helps finance the farm that ensures aggressive crocodiles a safe haven some of their offspring will be returned to nature but the program was set up for several reasons $1.00 to breed them we want them to lay eggs and then we later incorporated the eggs and. we will get the young ones which will grow for what isn't proper. for educational purposes and for such the uganda where level 3 to puts the country's crocodile population at about 1200 most of them are now living freely in national parks in uganda. you can always count on the ones to do the trick if you want to generate strong feelings and people there was quite fun when
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they were money and sex and thought about that and came up with a competing for protecting the country's huge bat population it is called bass leaks in a note to the well known to get a feel streamed platform and it walks in very much the same way he is doing good deeds this week. there flexes turning binge watchers into bear watchers it's a new streaming service for wildlife fans launched by the w w f romania. subscriptions to the site help support orphaned bear cubs in romania the country is home to around 7000 bears but animal welfare activists say the largest bear population in europe is under threat. we see more and more cops being the point that from day
11:46 pm
armando due to well human relate. that's a 34th day that. had the. devastation of their natural habitat has prompted adult bears to forge for food from humans in many cases they're seen as a threat and killed leaving the cubs all alone without parents. the w w f says this is europe's only bear orphanage and has rescued over $150.00 of. orphan cubs get food shelter and medical care for 2 years then they released into the wild. what do we want them to do we'd better flee is not only. the story of the rehabilitate the cops but also tries make you think when you formation a wild thing or biology and behavior all of the. i knew much. without the orphanage or french bear cubs could end up in zoos or circuses their flicks means
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people can enjoy watching the cute little car never ends without worrying about exploiting. and how about you if you're also doing your bit tell us about it visit our website or send us a tweet. hash tag doing your bit. we share your story. well when the live the cuddly bit is now to zoom in on the beaches if you are a regular it off like a viking well you already know an awful lot of all these amazing insect how important it is for the ecosystems that he's seriously threatened by the environmental pollution and that you can make a lot of money with the honey what do you think about about. well here's something you haven't seen before on this program being is helping to make music i'm not
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joking seriously check out this. keeping bees and working as a d.j. on it's normally activities that most people would see is related in anyway but not for b m e 7 his music comes from the buzzing of bees he produces cool beats with it and has a message for his listeners as being hot suv loss of a set during the time i was trying to make a performer some audio he says state crackers get things 6 speak for themselves people connect to great through silence. the only sense of studied art and design and began his experimental music while he was still a student he calls it insect it just. c uses a special software to isolate the different frequencies of the bees
11:49 pm
a mate. there are 3 types of being a high this is the queen through a clue is the drawings in the child their own frequency range which. shows the crave has a high pitch piping sound homeworkers has a calming midrange sound drunk by all b. has a piece bass sound. he uses a scanner to record the sounds made by the beings the frame he built is fitted with microphone use and a digital recorder which can capture hours of buzzing in the be hived. being nice always tinkering with new instruments for his music. once he's filled the recorders memory and the london pardon me sent to takes it home to his studio he analyzes the bee sounds and arranges them through various synthesizers to create a track and when you put sounds all of this become carnival lastic community clear
11:50 pm
. the. interface for this synthesizer is to be flying into the flour. be any samples taken his sound installations all over the well it. always takes to the stage in a beekeeper has seen he wants to remain anonymous he wants the listeners to concentrate solely on the music. but this year his performance is a concept that during a lot of luckily being able to come here to my being is just meditates. you know regardless of the pandemic in lockdown everything the bees just carry on as normal. and that she's happy that it's not as much pollution.
11:51 pm
this year. if he's been he's a happy bunny sentenced to his sounds are ahead especially with young audiences at the same time they raise awareness of the worldwide decline of the populations. what a strange idea in office report from kenya we saw how illegal waste dumps can be dealt with south africa is approaching the problem of thoughtless ways dumping in a much more radical fashion lots of towns and communities have been declaring war on waste recently the idea is to turn waste into an integral part of a waste base so shaken i mean transformation collect more recycle more and raise people's awareness easily done many have already had bad experiences with the trash heaps piled high outside their doors to. waste strewn on the edge of a township in south africa it's
11:52 pm
a common sight when burned toxic fumes fill the. that motivated the government to transform 50 illegal dumps into punk's and playgrounds as part of its war on waste but into benzene nicky from the municipal authority says such projects roots of seat without the help of local residents so frank we're having a challenge of any kind of dumping where we are. trying so hard is our mess pushing messages that talk to all communities to make them understand that you own your own neighborhoods you know where your neighbor wants not government. to press and it's a partnership between us and you have to take care of your own name by which it can work for us if you don't work with us woman township home to 60000 people off as one example of what can be done. here kalani see were launched really
11:53 pm
moved feel a project with the help of a nonprofit organization are transformed and they need to dump into a vegetable garden the income from cells and now say let's we employ 5 looky men the produce sells well in the neighborhood. cutting on. the 1st of all this garden helps to keep the environment clean just people no longer dump garbage here but it also helps the community by providing jobs in order for the garden to grow and succeed i need people to help now the garden provides a source of income and food. and we need other community based initiatives are also striving to keep the township from drowning in rubbish like the trade a social empowerment project that works with waste pickers like host who will send . collect recyclable waste from around the township put each film sack. points which you can exchange for food clothing and other items marianne. found in
11:54 pm
the projects as a way of helping the community people think that thrown away means that it just goes away but we have a lot of people that live in those away places that live close to tips and places where garbage collectors. but it wasn't a fair living condition for anyone central africa we're really trying to change that because our are informal housing is very close to those areas so we want them to be the best areas they can be if people are going to live in them. things to retreat collecting recyclables has become a really nice job in the area provide an elitist will find. that people around me my neighbor and. mother. who. look after the business. back up the garden. and packing vegetables to hundreds of local families the kind of virus pandemic has
11:55 pm
left many in the township without a source of income so they can rely on food aid. and the n.g.o.s that helps them set up the garden are working together to assemble and destroy. the cat packages once a blight on the neighborhood this area is now a lifeline while south africa's war on waste is far from over the success of projects like those in walnut township show that at least some of the battles are worth the fight. as you know he had eco africa we never tire of highlighting just how important i would nation ship to nature and that's why i will be back next week with a new edition of our environmental magazine i am now it's a way signing off from the end of history kind of park in lagos nigeria and by advice of my colleague in uganda buying a good bye to you know a deal of the us do not forget to check out our social media site get involved let
11:56 pm
us know what you think about environmental issues it is a goodbye from me sandra teen of deal here in kampala uganda out of course i'll be looking forward to having your company once again next week. good. good. good. good.
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more. i cringe as you. can see where. whether your ideas are big or small i can do it all. really is not for. fast small schools and
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sustainable. cost. a lot of friends. coming up on d w. what's the secret to a perfectly fried potato. what if some notional dishes their distinctive character over their. europe's favorite dishes with their small and big secrets you know series made secrets the oldest. 13 d.w. . to own. or not to own gold. what about a sharing economy instead. of. a change in thinking is
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changing the economy to create something new. economics magazine in germany. on t.w. . every 2 seconds a person is forced to flee their homes nearly 71000000 people have been forcibly displaced. the consequences of the disasters were documentary series displaced depicts dramatic humanitarian crises around the world. for a good thing and i didn't go to university to kill people that may want to have my boss come to me and tell me to kill someone having in many and if i don't they'll kill me and. people feel for their lives and their future so they seek refuge abroad it's about building
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a mosque as me the most about this state to see to rise is that someday we won't even see the rooster. but what will become of those who stay behind it's a way my husband went to peru because of the crisis. if he hadn't gone there we would have died of hunger. that someone out of town. just starts oct 16th on g.w. . this is news and these are our top stories u.s. president donald trump has resumed his election campaign with his 1st public event since constructing the coronavirus he took off his mask and addressed hundreds of supporters from the white house about trump said he is feeling great as he recovers from cope with night. armenia and azerbaijan have accused
12:01 am
each other of breaking a cease fire shortly after it came into effect.


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