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tv   ZDF Bauhaus  Deutsche Welle  October 11, 2020 1:00pm-2:00pm CEST

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nerd's. bases d.w. news live from the land india's coronavirus cases surged past 7000000 a subcontinent is set to overtake the united states as the world's worst hit nation workers fear tougher restrictions will bring more job losses also coming up he's back donald trump tells cheering supporters he feels great is doctors says the
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president's no longer at risk of transmitting trying to fire a stop the medical team stop short of saying trump is pure what. and a truce between 2 former soviet republics in the caucuses comes under severe strain despite overnight shelling those sums of events have to manage to return to their homes. i'm rebecca has welcome to the program the number of corona virus cases in india has passed 7000000 only the united states has previously recorded so many infections and they're still rising rapidly in india officials have registered almost $75000.00 new cases in the last 24 hours experts say the real figure could be much higher the total is set to overtake the u.s. in the next few weeks the government is hoping to avoid another nationwide lock
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down to protect the economy with many people ignoring high jane guidelines workers fear a return to toughen measures will push unemployment. yeah the god there are no jobs here in the city or in rural areas all you hear about is people getting fired hardly anyone is hiring recent graduates either can't find jobs all they're being fired of when they go there. are many migrant laborers have left a lot of them are unable to come back to work in delhi because they can't even afford the bus fare. and the few knots of people who aren't wearing masks but you really have to now. everyone needs to think about their health at this point people just don't understand the. war almost have to cross over to data correspondent minera choudhry in delhi many are the virus is still spreading at an alarming pace people same to be getting more and more frustrated as we're just saying health
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health experts rather a warning about mask and distancing fatigue just how big a problem is that. well india ad this very point of just a few weeks are we becoming the worst hit country for this pandemic in the world we are just behind the u.s. as you just mentioned and the think that the experts are pointing out that is actually a serious condition the removal of these fiction which had become important alstom months of nationwide long down to do you make law to me because economy did has did have a major fallout after the last doubt has resulted in a sense of normalcy coming back on the streets and that sense of normalcy has resulted in a sense of complacency also amongst people so if you go out on the street you do see that not enough distances are being maintained and why even in bigger cities like delhi and mumbai you can see people on the street wearing modest if you go to the suburban areas or the smaller towns you don't even see that and why people are
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wearing mosque and that also is out of fear of getting fined by the police they're not very in the mosque properly or vetting the correct kind of plots so there is a sense of duty which has set him right and we've almost 75000 new cases being reported daily it's quite alarming but how reliable those figures well if you if you listen to the expose if you look at a lot of reports being done then yes there is a possibility that the actual number of cases are actually much higher than what is being reported be they have also been reports from smaller towns of underreporting . and underreporting and the deaths which are happening due to covert so the actual number of me actually get much higher also because the testing protocol within india continues to remain little compared to many other countries and when i see that our testing continues to remain do we have to look at it in context of the population that we have a 1300000000 people and the population density that we have and of course winter is
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on the way as well as they can do festival season just briefly what will that mean for the numbers. well experts and the government is also saying that there is of this called the numbers increasing because bias is actually that if you buy this essentially as the possibility the calculation of the slightest during winter during cold weather that actually loves and besides we do have a major festival coming in just a few weeks and then that traditionally while getting this festival people trying to look at markets and they need each other even though we can expect that that that level opened up is not going to happen this year but it is still a chance all the numbers seeing the spike getting back to. where i am an area chantry in delhi thanks very much for the update and now to some of the other developments in the pandemic 150000 people in brazil have now died from coated 19 it's the 2nd highest national death toll after the u.s.
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spain's leftist prime minister pedro sanchez has appealed for unity over the partial lockdown in the capital madrid the far right vox ponty says he will take legal action over the measures and russia portugal and the netherlands have all reported record daily increases in new cases. well the white house says president donald trump is no longer at risk of transmitting the coronavirus but the statement released by his doctor does not say the president has tested negative for covert 19 trump has resumed his election campaign telling hundreds of jubilant supporters gathered at the white house that he's quote feeling great he also told the cheering brown crowd that the pandemic would disappear. he's back striking a pose for his supporters for donald trump it's a message to the public the campaign is back on just 9 days after his coronavirus diagnosis became known despite his experience with the virus he still speaks
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dismissively of the disease that's killed over $214000.00 americans the american spirit i think more than anything else science medicine will eradicate the china virus once and for all will get rid of it it's going to disappear it is disappearing that's not exactly true but you know infections continue to rise in the us and medical experts have harshly criticized trumps public appearances. i mean i wish the president is instead of doing what he has now and contributing to further superstar events i wish he's coming out and saying there is a way for us to prevent coronavirus yes we should be focused on back scenes and their ip unix and that's great but there are things that we can do to prevent from getting crown of ours in the 1st place wearing masks physical distancing crowd. trump is trailing badly in the polls and is eager to get back on the campaign trail
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his doctor released a curiously worded letter saying in his quote no longer a transmission risk to others medical experts are mystified by the administration's approach and bewildered i mean the state of disbelief the federal government has mishandled this pandemic from the very beginning and there's a saying that if you play foolish games you win foolish prizes and i think that's what we're seeing coming out of the white house right now his democratic opponent joe biden has made criticism of trump's attitude toward the coronavirus a central part of his campaign. his represent personal conduct france's diagnosis. that is scary realizing effect it's having on our government is unconscionable. they didn't drag you're going to say precautions to protect yourself or others nationwide polls show up broad majority of the public agrees with by with just over 3 weeks to go before the election trump has a lot of ground to make up. of him on this i'm joined
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by a panel of don from our us election tame pay to thanks for coming in and let's start with that event on saturday there's been a lot of criticism about trump's medical team have said that he is no longer contagious so why the criticism well i think one of the i mean there are a lot of reasons for the criticism i think one of the one of the issues for trump here is that you know there's one thing he does not benefit from right now it's you know trust from the public he's trailing badly in the polls and you know it's hard to make a case to the american people do you have to serve their vote when you go out and flout all the safety measures that your own administration. is actually putting out there you know the trump team has been very selective about transparency when it comes to those who were hurt there they refused to say when he last tested negative
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and that means essentially we still don't know how sick trump actually is i mean he's getting a very potent cocktail of drugs deaths of your steroids that some experts believe might be the reason for his somewhat erratic behavior of late 2000 and mission though he says he's feeling great so we just 3 weeks to election day or a little bit longer than 3 weeks he said to return to the camp pet campaign trial next week what can we expect well i think we can expect a lot more what we saw on saturday at that event he is going to continue to hammer home the message of law and order which is an issue that he knows that he he prefer . as well with that has had some effect with voters especially you know voters on the fence. also he's going to use this to you know show that he beat the coronavirus i mean that we weren't supposed to have
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a for another presidential debate on wednesday. that was then you know supposed to been virtual trump did not want to do that one of the reasons he does not want to do that is it's a format that does work for trump thrives on the crowd he needs to get out there feed off of that energy and i think so you know he's really trying to get out there . rallying and firing up his most ardent supporters because the truth is that the coalition that helped him win in 2016 is showing a lot of signs of eroding right now well i mean you mentioned it as well we've been talking about it it's everywhere he's trailing in the polls but we all know from 2016 that the child the top of the polls can't necessarily be trusted so what do we make of those numbers why why would this time be any different again it's it is a very fair criticism but the truth right now by is up by double digits in some polls have him up as you know by as many as 16 points biden's lead has been
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remarkably steady at 78 points now by about 10 for months he's leading every group he's leading among senior citizen among women he's leaving leaving leading among minorities. the only group that trump still has a slight advantage with is with non-college educated white men they're not going to be enough probably most likely to get to get reelected and so you know it is looking like a very of a battle for trump at this stage on a doll thanks very much. a russian bride could say ceasefire in the disputed caucuses region of the going on carol back is coming under a severe strain as a vision claims overnight shelling by armenian forces has killed 7 people in its 2nd biggest city gunja officials say strikes targeted an apartment building the 2
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former soviet republics blaming each other for breaking the armistice in a long running conflict. but even with hopes for i lost interest when delaying a pause in the fighting has given civilians there a chance to return hime. who knows how long this calm will last. instapundit could residents ventured out of their cell is on saturday for the past fortnight the bombing has been almost relentless of blustery spite but by your gorean noise in my not blasts. you know. the quiet scares me because the bombing normally starts right after it's quiet. in shushi also controlled by a mania and people ventured back to the room and get pedro this place was restored after the struggle against azerbaijan back in the 9909 would just be nearly
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destroyed. but it is the worst when i think they've agreed to truce of 3 days and then after that it will start all over again. on the azerbaijani side to this disbelief over the destruction this conflict has wrought and this is what remains of her tearing jello visit partment she fled the fighting and to return to this. unity i watched a story in which a journalist reported from my balcony and i told myself it's not our house well unfortunately it is. isn't easy. now the jello love this town ta ta was almost completely deserted during the fighting residents returned on saturday to collect whatever belongings reminds many here to a skeptical that this truce will enjoy. if they give us our land back then i'll agree to a safe. and if they will not then we'll oppose it i want our land back. decades
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of negotiations have failed to solve this it is rooted in 2 people struggle for one territory based 2 weeks of conflict have only inflamed old antagonisms. you know watching the news coming up next world stories and a russian journalists desperate protest against the kremlin when i will use headlines for you at the top of the hour don't forget you can always stay up to date on our website. w's crime fighters are back with africa's most successful radio drama series continues in the only persones are available online course you can share and discuss on w. africa's facebook page and other social media platforms crime fighters to me and
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now. this is so no story of a stubborn rice farmer from thailand. his problem pests. his credo no chemicals. and he's trying was. the students in my head since i don't stand a chance. train in successful. soccer cademy starts october 15th d.w. . this week on moral stories. its. lessons from the pandemic. turkeys waiting for tourists but we begin in russia where at the beginning of october journalist i reynosa vina search for self and fire and later died from her
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injuries the russian federation is responsible for my death is the message she left on facebook. a death that sent shock waves through the city and through russia initially not good at hundreds of mourners came out to remember the journalist 80 and us live in the who lit herself on fire here last week. he and us live in equals freedom of speech this sign reads. and at her public memorial service anyone who wanted could say a few words in the journalists. sorry that we didn't save you didn't keep you safe. you know worked with us live in up she remembers her colleague as being fiercely independent despite working in a country where media censorship is commonplace. it's
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hard to approach the authorities and ask questions now but always asked she asked uncomfortable questions you couldn't. she upset p.r. officers because she didn't try to safeguard anyone's reputation she always collected the facts to reveal a full picture of the very corruption and human rights violations. of. her supporters say i was under near constant pressure by the authorities she had to pay several fines for her work at the independent media outlet she founded and just before her self-immolation security forces searched her home over a case against opposition activists. say said home was searched on the same day the opposition politician things the authorities wanted to silence in the. ability to i think she definitely meant her death to be a political act
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a final political act it was a final attempt to get through to people she seems to felt that the classical tools she had a media outlet her facebook page that wasn't enough for her they didn't get her the reaction she wanted. the governor of the region has expressed his condolences for slavin as death and promised a full investigation into its circumstances. meanwhile the bench where she let herself on fire outside a police building has become an improvised memorial to the independent journalist. it was good if the worst hit countries at the beginning of the corona virus pandemic. while infections there are increasing and the government and citizens have learned hard lessons from the traumatic situation earlier the year.
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she lifts through the spanish flu the 2 world wars and now she survived cope with 1940 money greeny is a 180 years old during the 1st wave of the coronavirus in italy she watched many friends in her nursing home die well. you know we have been through so many things in my life and i'm still here it looks as if jesus christ doesn't want me. care homes were hard hits in the early stage but here in the city and the surrounding lumber the region. vanda got to be a volunteer with the white cross provided emergency support during the most acute stage of the crisis she captured some impressions of the chaos on her phone relieved. a very traumatic experience like a tsunami something that in the moment arrives change it completely everything's so from that moment that we change our out of the air we are our there
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are protests to the life people are legally obliged to wear mosques in all crowded places from 6 pm to 6 am and many also keep theirs on during the day another reason infection rates are rising slowly is the long term effect of italy's harsh lockdown which kept people confined to their homes for months on end. professor maria retouches mando says there's no magic formula for other countries to follow italy is not perfect and it certainly can't go it alone i think is an important. think is there to think out to the european to have this same approach our call all therapy the same. exchange experiences the same acquired counting not just the localizer back to just motto you know european
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a strategy to face a divider says the professor also has high hopes for a rep its testing scheme the government plans to roll out in schools that's good news for material and his sister retorted they started class only 2 weeks ago and don't want to go back to home schooling. us and i hope we can soon take off the mosques and get a bit closer to each other without having to keep our distance all the time. since i do understand it isn't that it stands. that. this cemetery is a bitter reminder of milan's collective trauma the 128 people laid to rest here where brought here from overcrowded hospitals and morgues public support for ongoing restriction remains high many now fear the approaching winter.
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in turkey like and other countries the coronavirus pandemic has greatly hindered freedom of movement i'm traveling to countries tourism industry is suffering as a result which includes istanbul. at 1st glance the stumble looked as lively as it did before the coronavirus crisis. is. but if you talk to shopkeepers in the touristic areas you'll only hear complaints there are still hardly any foreign visitors and the frustration is growing by the day. we hear from morning till evening but we sell very little sometimes just one severe a day for. all of us have debts we aren't selling anything we can't pay our rent so it's a lost season utterly lost because even luxury hotels like the parapet are
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in crisis mode because of the pandemic. the building is one of the stumbles landmarks and manager john carroll proudly shows me how beautiful it is the hotel was billed 130 years ago for the passengers of the legendary orient express today guests are staying in rooms once graced by emperor presidents and movie stars. or agatha christie who wrote crime novels here. at the moment so most of the $115.00 rooms disinfected and abandoned. $21000.00 was a very successful year for. it was the changing between selling the person to a 95 per cent of at the start of 2000 the. rise of the epidemic pandemic. first. person to person
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0 the situation has been particularly dramatic on the tank usual riviera and tell us the long beach is almost deserted for months most hotels closed. since early august holiday makers have been returning mainly from russia because the government there is allowing flights to techie again. some action has returned to an tell us pools and to towel owners now hope they can extend the summer season far into autumn. at the para palace they also hope for better times the hotel survive 2 world wars it might also survive in demick. but everyone here knows it will take time before tourists come back in large numbers and marvel at the sunset over eastern ball from the terrace of the para palace.
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german reunification took place 30 years ago afterward many people left eastern money to find work in the wealthier western half of the country but they're not only gradually returning to more remote areas. of a small town in an idyllic lakeside setting pen kuhn in the far north east is marking the 30th anniversary of the end of communist east germany on october the 3rd. a public holiday agony for it it's something to celebrate i'm glad i experienced it then and that i can live like i do today things are much better now here in. d. w. last reported from paying khun 13 years ago at that time young women were leading the d. population of the region leaving the older men behind the women always wanted to move west. or hamburg someone like that. definitely going yes
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i'm out of here. is rubbish here. paying khun and the whole of the northeast seemed then to be in terminal decline today it appears at 1st that most of the residents are still men but in fact there are young women with children living here as well the mass says there's no more talk of the town dying on its feet but is it and as always yeah more things have changed young families are moving here from berlin and the stettin area. some of polish families bringing a breath of fresh air to our town or. life in pain can began to improve in 2007 when the border opened between poland and germany paying khun is not far from the polish city of state teen a lot has changed since then the school was on the verge of closing but is now
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thriving thanks to its polish pupils new homes are being built and more are planned people can also grow old here young people are moving to paying khun to work as carers in this retirement home not everything in pink or in is perfect ironically a building called unity house is an i saw it will soon be converted into a medical center other buildings are empty the last 2 shops in the market square have closed and you won't find anything to eat and drink but paying coon is not on its last legs there are just as many women as men again here and their numbers are growing. place .
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what's the secret to a perfectly fried potato salad the 1st to have some notion of dishes their distinctive character. of the last. europe's favorite dishes with their small and big secrets so far no serious feat secrets. the rooms. next to you. to correct big diesel engines the single sense of trying to smooth in only 3 mines in the interim up. traveling to a mania by train isn't a limb shirt that leads to the treasury luck but the days of the real world the number of players last trades. flew. down. in the height of climate change. the focus of.
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what's in store for such a list for their future in the books e.w. dot com for to make the city the culture in such clear cut or. join another edition of your own x. i'm your host meghan lee. now there is a good reason why i am literally hanging here in the balance on a portable ledge more about that soon but 1st here's a look at what else we've got coming up. find out how gold leaf is still produced by hand in venice giving. me to multi-talented british musician who feels
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of close connection to nature. today we kick off the show from a different perspective now i am sitting up here and i'm in a mobile foldable bed for mountaineers now it's practical for anyone who might be out climbing for days and in need of a place to sleep so if there aren't any accommodations in the area they can simply attach this bed to any ledge and spend the night under the stars well you might ask who would actually want to do this hero max reporter axel prima vaizey was a willing volunteer. and. if it's really. this is the place where i'm going to spend the night i don't know if i can handle this. i will spend
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the night hanging off a rock cliff and the adventure begins with a hike i'm on my way to view a cop mountain in the northern part of austria with my guide mark was pulling to. the summit is 1500 meters above sea level. o'flaherty at and i'm scared scared is fine ok. first i practice up sailing down the steep cliff i need to master this so i can get down safely to my part a legislator. marcos also shows me how to get back up again of course it looks really easy paddy bam i. am here.
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at this point it's a vertical drop of nearly 200 meters. up ahead of up sailing so back up our goal. in a hurry. now let's build my bed it's called a part of it and it's a frame made of aluminum tubes covered with the surface of marlin fabric this is what professional climbers used to spend the night on steep rock faces that can be climbed in one day. now we're going to connect. the plank a. to rail to the outta sight. just to hear. one to. make sure i actually did you do it right because it's late tomorrow. exactly what is going to. have it. yeah this is pretty much it so this is it
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my bet for tonight's. marcus make sure the part of it is safe the c.q. to the clips. you have is there out there it looks scary from out here takes a few minutes and it's getting better and ok don't worry actually i'm claiming the best for you oh thank you that it's time for you ok to be honest right now i don't think you this is a good idea but i'm going to try it anyway but. i'm really getting scared now the big moment has arrived i absented down to my high altitude bag and take off my shoes of course because at home i wouldn't be wearing them to bed either. where to go. it looks so easy when he was setting it up and sitting here. ok.
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sitting here most of. this is completely different story. as the sun goes down temperatures soon begin to drop time to get some shots. so i'm staying in the harness the whole night and i'm still attached to this rope which is fixed up there so even. if the park on the edge would flip over our confidant ok so everything's safe and if i may get scared in the night. i brought me little companion and he's of course. security as well
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so good night. it's not only my 1st night on a rock face it's also my 1st time ever sleeping under the open sky. good morning. time to wake up. all. morning morning how you doing oh ok yes. macaluso just brought some coffee to sipping some hot brew and taking in these stunning view what a glorious start to the day. yes so this was really one of the most exciting nights i ever had in my life i mean i
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did sleep well i wasn't scared at all during the night of course it's not that comfortable but seeing the stars in the night and waking up with this view i mean it's priceless. as unbelievable the use of gold leaf in paintings decorative arts and architecture dates back thousands of years but it's becoming increasingly harder to find hand between gold leaf in today's day and age and that's because producing it this way is a fading craft for example in venice in the year 7900. there were 300 so-called gold beater's today however there was only one family dedicated to this ancient tradition there we visited the mario back to back to lord o. studio to see how they are keeping their gold leaf business alive.
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much of what clippers here is indeed gold for centuries venice has flaunted its wealth with this precious metal. now all very few craftsman's shops are left that work gold by hand. and the many got so family runs one of the world's last gold beating shops under the name madea better come back you know to. that you don't really need that much strength for this work it's all a question of technique your technique actually helps you work with less effort. that's important because depending on how thin the gold is supposed to end up it will take anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 and a half hours to hammer it out. to the purest $24.00 carat gold is noted at over $1000.00 degrees celsius and cast as
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a small bar which by itself has a value of about $6000.00 euros. still a little gold bar is about 120 grams depending on the thickness required of the gold leaf we can make 80026000 pieces from it and you know for you. first the gold is passed through a rolling metal several times pressing it thinner each time it's rolled into a long rib in heated over and over and put through the mill again. restored it go would if the colors nice and yellow you know the gold is pure. the hue tends towards a reddish you know it's an alloy no. it might then contain silver or a little copper if you did a. when the gold ribbon in several metres long it's cut into lengths
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folded and cut again into little squares saddam and it got so ways these between sheets of parchment to separate them during the beating. a packet consists of 331st they're beaten with the machine and then quartered once more and then there worked with a hammer. for the mark of it out but. the final step is the hammering this is how gold leaf was made in venice a 1000 years ago at that time there were no machines to help with the heavy work. hammer ways to kilos almost nothing this one weighs 4 kilos so it's a bit heavier but for me that's nothing and it goes well this one's pretty heavy. the hammering produces thousands of these gossamer leaves a single leaf weighs barely as much as a hair eleonora many godso hopes this age old craft may be passed on to the next
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generation. is all it's a great responsibility because this very special work is in danger of dying out and that's not a nice thought that this could one day just be forgotten. forces that . are restore and gilder a lease up at the mouth song uses a great deal of madea better. gold leaf in her workshop. it takes a steady hand and the right conditions to work with this delicate material. even a gentle breeze could ruin everything. chmod that the fitting difference between industrially produced and hand made gold leaf is the norm and the industrial gold leaf is much thinner and more fragile it's really hard to do good work with. the leaf tears easily and in the end it just doesn't look as good
1:42 pm
as the handmade gold leaf. the angel atop st mark's company is among the works restored using gold leaf from audio better. thanks to an age old handicraft the queen of the adriatic shines on. british composer and musician cosmo sheldrake is a multi instrumentalist who uses nature as his inspiration well the chirp of a bird for example can serve as the source for his musical creations now it's hard to put sheldrake's music into one category but we accompanied him on location to see how he captures sounds for his musical collages.
1:43 pm
british musician cosmo sheldrake feels a deep connection with nature the songs he composes are inspired by the world around him he works from a small solar powered studio deep in a forest in southern england. learned to play the piano at age 4 today he plays over 30 different instruments his 2nd album wake up calls features a range of bird samples. chop the sounds out and arrange them on a sampler so i can trigger back different elements of what i've recorded in and then start to kind of color those sounds together and build the enter piece of music. whenever he can the 30 year old explores his lush the roundings 'd 'd hunting for sounds to sample. 'd nature to me i guess just means a celebration of life is just. one of the songs every life has a passion for living and i think it's just. it's just true isn't it just being
1:44 pm
a natural place you just get that sense of just life bursting forth from becoming constantly. and. it's very hard to know what inspires. inspires me it just seems to arrive sometimes on the wind maybe. so i'm recording the sound of the wind in the gorse bush it's quite a chaotic kind of howling. gusty sound and i'm making peace of the moment involves quite low winds. you can tell so many stories and through a piece of music or 3 sounds that would take you know books to explain. because no music is like poetry.
1:45 pm
he's played shows in many different corners of the world and he has a soft spot for performing in nature. i mean i love playing outside. i for. one of my favorite things that seem to play to places about the people i think it's just as important to perform to in places and to places but often i'll go to a place i record sounds from that place make a piece of music and then take it back to the place and perform it back in the place i think places can listen to music i'd like to think it could and i certainly believe that the creatures in the place is going to be easy. i'm seeing. a change right june june
1:46 pm
with. 55 fry in. the cosmos music is an ode to the beauty of our natural environment which like his music never ceases to amaze. when turn our attention now to berlin which is a top address for international cuisine but anyone who comes here would be missing out if they didn't try the famous or the infamous corrie forest now you may just think it's a simple hotdog with a special spicy catch up but it is a much more complicated than that berlin the curry verse is prepared and served in different ways which determine the quality and taste we take a closer look now at the production of curry burst in and around berlin and what makes it so special.
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this isn't working man's food it's not trendy food it's for everyone it's food for the homeless and the president alike who don't think. there may be life without curry worst but in our case it wouldn't have much meaning. for me to be the berlin curry worst is the best way in the world of pig out of. the fully curry worst at any time of the day or night we open at 8 am and close at 5 am we're open 21 hours a day. i am less of vienna bitch i manage curry 36 in berlin is quite spare district let's back up to. lynn's original curry worst was only made of pork now
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there are many other variations but we only sell curry worst made a pork or beacon curry worst as an alternative iannaccone both. for our curry worst we only use genuine holland apple fed pigs from our own farm which i know. i am stefan cause i'm head of production at the caught up a farm but your. mind will use pork belly shoulder and bacon and then add water in the form of ice for cooling. then of course comes the spices salt pepper and nutmeg to give it a little personal touch additional to through. next comes the felling the curry worst is stuffed into an intestinal skin then it's cooked in a steamer. the berlin classic is a shanda on a palette meaning the curry worst has no skin on
1:49 pm
a dollar. and some of you do the enemies of germany we grew up eating curry worst without skin and we've stuck with that variation to this day. my name is doug my konopka we're standing here in front of our business canuck is take away and i'm the 3rd generation to run it here. this is so lucky my grandparents and parents introduced the curry worst without skin to east berlin 0960. and best placed really an already had curry worst with skin back then and my grandpa was always interested in new products so he decided to introduce curry worst to east berlin intestines were in short supply back then so we had to make do without and today we're known and
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famous for just that. i like curry worst with or without skin curry worst with skin should be nice and crispy but not too dry curry worst without skin needs to be very juicy but fried golden brown on the outside. the recipe for our sauce is a secret we won't tell it to anyone it's all stored in our heads. the secret to our sauce to be honest there's no secret it's just catch up made of 87 percent tomatoes a little sugar a little bit of a little spice and if that's it. you. live in the for every curry worst shop tries to be unique and i and promotes its own sauce in the end it comes down to the vendors personal. taste. some at mango pulp or apple sauce or wish to share sauce or soy sauce it doesn't
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matter as long as the guests like it. might remain up when i think it's important not to skimp on the sauce but we also don't want to drown the sausage and overpower its taste that is much to go. with the food it's not like there's one typical berlin curry worst that the vendors are making for each of us sells what works best for us apart from everything goes. to burning wood for a fire is common practice however burning wood for building seems like a contradiction in terms but now an ancient japanese method of charring wood is catching on in europe it's called shoes and it means refining by fire by burning
1:52 pm
the surface the structure of the wood changes making it fire resistant now one dutch company specializes in this method and we were on hand to find out war. the idea here is not to burn the wood but to treat it following a traditional japanese method of vine and ties 3 boards together to form a shaft he then sets them up right over a flame by that you get something like a chimney fire engine interesting part of it is to face it there's a very good oxygen product which is not really different but it's just. the point is to preserve the wood fiber while eliminating the nutrients that attracted vermin and fungus that makes the wood more resilient and durable the japanese discovered this effect a long ago after a number of towns suffered fires when there was $3050.00 fires they they found out that the houses which had been done before which at this kind of clearing didn't
1:53 pm
burn that easily off the. beautifying and has refined the technique for building houses facades and furniture. on an old farm about 70 kilometers southwest of astor dam his team experiments with different kinds of wood burning methods. in 2012 peter vine and company was among the 1st to make the technique known outside of japan. now several others offer similar products each with their own processes which they often keep strictly secret. we're very careful with it because it's a very strict procedure in which for every kind of wood we need a different kind of temperature different kind of oxygen speed etc. that it took john to get so far but i think we can really make a the best we can. the burning process makes the wood a long lasting and low maintenance building material it can stand at least 50 years without needing any further treatment and black is
1:54 pm
a very trendy color in architecture interior designers are using more and more. for instance very tumbling gave the encore. by simone this restaurant and the hague its very own distinctive style with charred one chose this material because. as you can see with strike lights it. gets more deft and is also golden. even the trains used to serve the food are made with charred wood. and. peter vines company employs designers carpenters and wood specialists to find new ways to use the material besides merely ask decorative paneling. in the future we would like to explore making the whole furniture i think it's a unique look that you won't gets any other way we need to find and uses
1:55 pm
a blowtorch to test the fire resistance of the wood in the beginning it was the primary tool and it's can't i just did it for myself to make my own house and off the debts that the developments came so i started with the blowtorch and i did with the small over and now i found out really that it's not a trick with the local tree it's across friendship and that's something with diamond which takes concentration and i think that's that's the most beautiful thing that happened. to this event it's i can imagine is that we can produce any color as long as it's black. or be a divine and whether interior or exteriors architecture black it's very beautiful indeed. and with that we wrap up another show but be sure to follow us on social media or check out our website for this week's drop if you enter you could become the proud owner of this i pad from me and everyone here in berlin as always thanks for watching being ends there.
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a person does forced to flee their homes nearly 71000000 people have been forcibly displaced the consequences come to satirise our documentary series displaced depicts dramatic humanitarian crises around the world you know. what a good thing we don't need and i didn't go to university to kill people. or to have my boss come to me and tell me to kill someone if he got mad if i don't they'll kill me. people feel for their lives and their future so they seek refuge abroad but what will become of those who stay behind and it's a way our capital my husband went to peru because of the crisis that i wanted that if he hadn't gone there we would have died of hunger and on down the. displaced starts october 16th.
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this is deja news live from india's coronavirus cases surged past 7000000 the subcontinent is set to overtake the united states as the world's worst hit nation has feared tougher restrictions will bring more job losses also coming out. coronavirus for change in europe following his complaint that new.


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