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tv   Check-in  Deutsche Welle  October 11, 2020 3:03pm-3:31pm CEST

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well india at this very point of just a few weeks are we becoming the worst hit country for this pandemic in the world we are just behind the u.s. as you just mentioned and to think that the experts are pointing out that is actually a serious condition the removal of these fiction which had become important alstom months of nationwide long down to just human got to me because economy did has it did have a major fallout after the last doubt has resulted in a sense of normalcy coming back on the streets and that sense of normalcy has resulted in a sense of complacency also months people so if you go out on the street you do see that not enough distances are being maintained and why even in bigger cities like delhi and mumbai you can see people on the street wearing monster if you go to the suburban areas or the smaller towns you don't even see that and why people are wearing mosque and that also is out of fear of getting fined by the police they're not very in the mosque properly or vetting the correct kind of lots so there is
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a sense of duty which has set him right and we've almost 75000 new cases being reported daily it's quite alarming how reliable those figures well if you if you listen to the expose if you look at a lot of reports being done then yes there is a possibility that the actual number of cases are actually much higher than what has been reported buggy they have also been reports from smaller towns of underreporting the cases and under the porting a did that switch are happening due to covert so the actual number of me actually be much higher also because the testing protocol within india continues to remain little compared to many other countries and when i see that our testing company is to remain until we have to look at it in context of the population that we have a 1300000000 people and the population density that we have and of course winter is on the way as well as the hindu festival season just briefly what will that mean for the numbers. well experts and the government is also saying that there is
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a this call the number is increasing because coronado bias is actually a respiratory virus essentially as though it was ability the transmission of this light as during winter during cold weather that actually loves hot and besides we do have a major festival coming in just a few weeks and then that traditionally while during this festival people trying the local markets and they need each other even though we can expect that that that level opened up is not going to happen this year but it still sounds all the numbers seeing the spike getting back to. an area chattery in delhi thanks very much for the update. let's turn now to some of the other stories making news around the world at least 17 people have been killed in a collision between a bus and a train in central thailand the 2 of us was carrying 65 passengers to a religious ceremony the vehicle was hit by the train as across the railway track. hardline bellerose leader alexander lukashenko has visited prisoners jailed for
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challenging his re-election the vote was widely seen as manipulated and triggered 2 months of protests there told the detainees that quote the constitution can't be written in the streets more demonstrations are expected later on sunday. in the u.s. city of denver a man has been shot dead during protests by rival left and right wing groups eyewitnesses say the alleged gunman argued with the victim before spraying mace and shooting him at close range police arrested a suspect they said had been working as a security guard. staying in the u.s. in the white house says president donald trump is no longer at risk of transmitting the run a virus but the statement released by his doctor that does not say the president has tested negative 19 has resumed his election campaign telling hundreds of jubilant supporters gathered at the white house that the pandemic would soon disappear. he's back striking
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a pose for his supporters for donald trump it's a message to the public the campaign is back on just 9 days after his coronavirus diagnosis became known despite his experience with the virus he still speaks dismissively of the disease that's killed over 214000 americans the american spirit i think more than anything else science better said we will eradicate the china virus once and for all we'll get rid of it it's going to disappear it is disappearing that's not exactly true but you know infections continue to rise in the u.s. and medical experts have harshly criticized trumps public appearances. i mean i wish the president is instead of doing what he has now and contributing to further superstar events i wish he's coming out and saying there is a way for us to prevent coronavirus yes we should be focused on back scenes and their ip unix and that's great but there are things that we can do to prevent from
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getting coronavirus in the 1st place wearing masks physical distancing crowd. trump is trailing badly in the polls and is eager to get back on the campaign trail his doctor released a curiously worded letter saying in his quote no longer a transmission risk to others medical experts are mystified by the administration's approach. and bill well there and i mean a state of disbelief the federal government has mishandled this pandemic from the very beginning there's a saying that if you play foolish games you win foolish prizes and i think that's what we're seeing coming out of the white house right now his democratic opponent joe biden has made criticism of trump's attitude toward the coronavirus a central part of his campaign. his ripples personal conduct france's diagnosis. of the spiritualizing effect it's having on our government is unconscionable. they didn't drag your grocery precautions to protect yourself or others nationwide polls
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show up broad majority of the public agrees with by with just over 3 weeks to go before the election trump has a lot of ground to make up. of i'm all nice i'm joined by don from our us election tame pain and thanks for coming and let's start with that event on saturday there's been a lot of criticism about trump's medical team have said that he is no longer contagious so why the criticism well i think one of the i mean there are a lot of reasons for the criticism i think one of the one of the issues for trump here is that you know there's one thing he does not benefit from right now it's you know trust from the public he's trailing badly in the polls and you know it's hard to make a case to the american people that you have to start their vote when you go out and fly out all the safety measures that your own administration. is actually putting
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out there you know the trump team has been very selective about transparency when it comes to those who were hurt there they've refused to say when he last tested negative and that means a search we still don't know how sick trump actually is i mean he is getting a very potent cocktail of drugs desa fear of steroids that some experts believe might be the reason for his somewhat erratic behavior of late in a mission that he says he's feeling great so we just 3 weeks till election day or a little bit longer than 3 weeks he's set to return to the camp campaign trial next week what can we expect well i think we can expect a lot more what we saw on saturday at that event he is going to continue to hammer home the message of law and order which is an issue that he knows that he performs . well with that has had some effect with voters especially you know voters on the
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fence. also he's going to use this to you know show that he beat the coronavirus i mean that we weren't supposed to have a for another presidential debate on wednesday. was about was then you know supposed have been virtual trump did not want to do that one of the reasons he does not want to do that is it's a format that doesn't work for trump thrives on the crowd he needs to get out there feed off of that energy and i think so you know he's really trying to get out there . rallying and firing up his most ardent supporters because the truth is that the coalition that helped him win in 2016 is showing a lot of signs of eroding right now well i mean you mentioned it as well we've been talking about it it's everywhere he's trailing in the polls but we all know from 2016 that the child's troubles in the polls can't necessarily be trusted so what do we make of those numbers why why would this time be any different than it's it is
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a very fair criticism but the truth is right now biden is up by double digits in some polls have him up as you know by as many as 16 points biden's lead has been remarkably steady at 78 points now by about 10 for months he's leading every group he's leading among senior citizen among women he's leading leaving leading among minorities. the only group that trump still has a slight advantage with is with non-college educated white men they're not going to be enough probably most likely to get to get reelected and so you know it is looking like a very a battle for trump at this stage you know on a dial thanks very much. into the caucasus now where a russian brokered ceasefire in the disputed region of nagorno-karabakh is coming under severe strain as
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a vision says overnight shelling by armenian forces has killed 7 of its citizens the 2 former soviet republics are blaming each other for breaking the elements to this. this doesn't look like a ceasefire as are by john's defense ministry released this video of overnight airstrikes on a legend armenian military positions saying they prevented an armenian attack but armenian shelling did hit the as very city of ganja where residents described a night of terror. were sleeping it was around 2 in the morning we heard an explosion and after that our house blew up it was. then that in that we did go down to not strong fell on my face. i opened my eyes and another rocket hit . i said to myself what is this all i could see was clouds of dust. a prisoner exchange meant to take place on sunday was also part of the ceasefire
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the leader of the self-proclaimed armenian republic of nagorno-karabakh says azerbaijan is not living up to its part of the deal. according to the agreement this process was supposed to take place today with the support of the red cross. there are hundreds of dead bodies lying there and the government is indifferent to their. eyes are by john says it's our media that is acting in bad faith. it seems that the army inside continues to use the cease fire to its advantage their attacks on the civilian population of azerbaijan these events were also covered by foreign journalists in our country. it's now been 2 weeks of fighting inflaming old hatreds that decades of negotiations have failed to put to rest. and finally korean boy band b.t.s. have broken their own record for a virtual audience. huge
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numbers of fans cheered in for their life his live stream concept giving the event 114000000 locks new government guidelines had floated plans for a show with a limited imposing crowd a group of hot of cool fans cheered on their idols from a b.t.s. famed café in seoul a band who spearheaded a global craze to south korean pop music also known as a pop. thanks for watching. personal drama competition rivalry marketing numbers atmosphere power fight that's how intuition love hate money and as fans crimes find us fans and friends hold. on you tube join us. this soon to some next story of
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a stubborn rice farmer from thailand. his problem. is crito no chemicals. this time was. the students are behind. the scenes don't stand a chance. train and successful. ok everybody starts oct 15th.
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on his way to training here at the olympic facility in hanover the blind judoka trains with the german national team. today he's being supported by his younger brother. is how. mr vick. is good. and it is kindness. that says about me after i take it in. and i you know. i completely slot into that as a distance and you convicted this is. still. on the intensity you have.
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at the age of 12 shoot job began practicing judo he was so talented that he eventually began competing in the bundesliga for sighted athletes. as in can see it. does feel like a partner. can is it behold. the smell and the aftermath and the event and it can feel it have a good cup others feel and a little of us done past year that there's at least is in the hide listen them as all does the coffee is going out onto my. shoeshine enjoys regular yoga sessions with his team which helps him keep mind and body in tune. as learn vest and
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this is. a nice medicine called good and for. a nice and kind person who sits here and lie does this for most of us and. too often and. that's the last name to. give shoes or are trained several times a week even during the coronavirus pandemic his dream of competing at the paralympic games in tokyo lives on. and on snow has had a chance at as its just a palimpsest now to live. as if you talk. to. all men then let's not have to buy. tickets one for the speed of the shuttle. bus had only gotten one treatment for. regular visits to the german city where his family lives help them unwind from the pressure much to the delight of his little sister's idea now he is able to enjoy
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these visits the relationship with his family wasn't always easy. a man trying. think also the board other things and add things one last and thank you for what off and on can indicate an. and thus. if you give him if you give much. i mean is there. some money for me and i need. aged 5 from yemen to germany. he learned how to cope with his retinal disease and hopes to set an example for his siblings. germany is his home now but he still feels a deep connection to yemen which is inspired him to help out in his native country even stick to media. does it all. it's an invention
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of a. god 1st place here. now as my niece came to wouldn't come. this year i was all set to compete at the paralympics corona canceled these plans and serve shoes john has decided to visit yemen to organize a mini olympics together with a friend he sorts out the final details. guest this with his thin mints and this and often to give him. his finger in the. underestimated distance flop of. over the last weeks she has invested a lot of time and energy into the project which is being organized together with
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a judoka in yemen. and then media. saying it was. just an online it was no time in iowa. it's. in here and you're going to see. they travel via egypt so that you many coast then drive to the capital sanaa by car . isn't. clinton cup i've got internet and i'm on. top i think the guy on the back it's rather the death to the french but i'm hot you have to pop in at least once when.
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a civil war is being waged in yemen since 2015 famine sickness and violence have plagued the country particularly the capital. it's here that shoes. wants to bring some peace together with the your many judoka alley whose rough. and pleasure. in the pub. that is in and semantic is just a misstep by new courses of action for this is as super fun and tired from office. the scenes almost incessantly he can push. to go to sleep just one tough hard enough at staying calm disillusion minutes in shawshank and. those kids. don't know. how they went out that.
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i thought i could be out to new friends only to have a few days to organize their mini olympics get people together and find a venue. and then. end up on it. and. it has. this one post where mention. and front. war has made organized sports impossible and. children and teenagers don't have anywhere to go for some friendly competition somewhere to escape the bleak situation. and don't have it easy they have to organize many things in secret in the end they manage to find a hole where their events can take place. just like that sport is back in the emmy
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. awards continues months and is able to perspectives on. mainstream popular and. you can see who can be in the band getting too deep and mentions a consequences about peak is in my best he can spin much this delusion didn't mention adult i'd been done such duckman. i. was. on this day. off far away to use a fully focused on judo and the event is a resoundingly success. designs give voice to what his neck is like in hats and the mentions will be. ok is this inspection is that what's on.
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the vine didn't what we've done here little has nothing on t.v. is a positive vision all false it's all this we see guys the sports. highlight and ali facing off to them fighting for freedom. and many olympics on the way to 2 judoka combined paralympics and a lympics blur the lines between germany and yemen between peace and war. i. think. it's a. month. in months can you come on you've got to give each take. you by the.
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intense heat to make. this is to be gotten fun google. this to. feelin big flame a symbol of peace and bright in sun up. because . it's a. fun. absolutely. absolutely. and.
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here he. paused the tivo. and this thing to get. off to 4 weeks returns to germany the trip has left its mark on him he's mentally and physically drained he seeks help from his old. job trains here to restore his energy is long fight is far from over. and tyson says that i know. i need consistency.
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litter. sure in the age of corona. award winning novelist. experimenting with an online book fair. and a female poet his award in literature is highest on. monstrous. w. . i cringe as you very soon. whether your ideas are big or small and you do it all. is not for. fast. and says.
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wow i'm. 60 minutes on d w. what secrets lie behind these walls. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. w world heritage 360 get the maps now. the stuff the fact the frankfurt book fair is even taking place in south a signal of hope.


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