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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  October 11, 2020 4:00pm-4:15pm CEST

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bases d.w. new line from the land a truce between 2 former soviet republics in the balkans says comes under severe strain as a vision and on many a trade accusations as missiles rained down on several cities civilian victims describe a night of terror under shell fire also coming out india's coronavirus cases surged past 7000000 the sub continent is set to overtake the united states as the world's worst hit nation workers fear tougher restrictions will lead to more child. and
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he's back donald trump tells cheering supporters he feels right his doctor says the president is no longer a risk of transmitting to toronto but. i'm rebecca ritter's welcome to the program a russian brokered ceasefire in the disputed region of nagorno-karabakh is coming under severe strain as a vision says overnight shelling by armenian forces has killed 7 of its citizens but both sides continue to blame the other for breaking the. this doesn't look like a ceasefire as are by john's defense ministry released this video of overnight airstrikes on a legit armenian military positions saying they prevented an armenian attack but armenian showing did hit there as very city of gunja were residents described.
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night of terror. oversleeping it was around 2 in the morning we heard an explosion and after that our house blew up it was more. than that and debbie did go to fell on my face when i opened my eyes and another rocket hit. i said to myself what is this all i could see was clouds of dust. a prisoner exchange meant to take place on sunday was also part of the ceasefire the leader of the self-proclaimed armenian republic of nagorno-karabakh says azerbaijan is not living up to its part of the deal. according to the agreement this process was supposed to take place today with the support of the red cross. there are hundreds of dead bodies lying there and the government is indifferent to their. people on the. present i john says it's our media that is acting in bad faith.
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it seems that the armenian side continues to use the ceasefire to its advantage their attacks on the civilian population of azerbaijan these events were also covered by foreign journalists in our country. it's now been 2 weeks of fighting inflaming old hatreds that decades of negotiations have failed to put to rest. let's bring in lawrence was he's the caucasus program director at the london based peace building organization conciliation results says lawrence thanks for joining me as a vision and i mean accusing each other of shelling cities despite the truce where does that leave the safe. well yes that when reports overnight are of explosions and missile strikes both on population centers in new orleans karbala and on ganja azerbaijan's 2nd city these strikes seem to be aimed at imposing
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a political cost rather than millet serving military objectives per se as far as we know the situation along the front line has been calmer today but these strikes on civilian population points of course are radicalizing populations across the divide and making it increasingly more difficult for the leaders to step back and fill out the terms of a humanitarian truce so i think the ceasefire is in a very dangerous place and i think we could see a lot more violence in the coming days how much of a role are outside parties playing a mainly russia and turkey where are they stoking this conflict. well this is actually never been a proxy conflict as such it's driven by local concerns local identities but outside powers are paid a very important role in sustaining the conflict so for the last 20 odd years russia has preserved a kind of an equilibrium between the parties it's formally allied with armenia but
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arms both armenia and azerbaijan but russia doesn't want to have a major conflict involving an external power such as turkey in the south caucasus a quite sensitive region for russia turkey has entered the conflict in a much more explicit way it's improved as a by john's battlefield performance and given its confidence to push back against russian mediation but neither ankara nor moscow i think are in full control of the situation and they're not really invested in a fully fledged political process so that's why it's very important for european powers to mobilize and act in the interest of the escalation stabilisation and peace these 2 weeks of fighting have left hundreds of people dead and wounded or homeless just how big is the humanitarian crisis at the moment i think there is a humanitarian catastrophe ongoing in the united nations high commission of human rights has reported on this the vast majority of the civilian are infrastructure
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that's been destroyed is in the only car behave yourself and about half the population some 70000 people have fled the territory there's also a very serious situation in the various azerbaijani cities around the combat zone that have been hit you have a lot better there. as for your report so really a very serious situation and this is aggravating and compounding the pandemic which has hit both countries quite quite hard and there is winter coming as well so really a very difficult humanitarian situation in the coming weeks not on spurs thank you very much for that analysis. welcome. a number of corona virus cases in india has passed 7000000 only the united states has previously recorded so many infections and they're still rising rapidly in india officials have registered almost 75000 new cases in the last day the experts say that figure could be much higher the government is hoping to avoid another nation wide lockdown
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to protect the economy but with many people ignoring hygiene guidelines workers fear a return to toughen measures will push up unemployment rather god there are no jobs here in the city or in rural areas all you hear about is people getting fired hardly anyone is hiring recent graduates either can't find jobs or they're being fired it's going to go they're. not going to you know many migrant laborers have left a lot of them are unable to come back to work in delhi because they can't even afford the bus fare. and the knots of people who aren't wearing masks but you really have to now. everyone needs to think about their health at this point people just don't understand the. war almost have to cross over to data correspondent minera chandra in delhi the virus is still spreading at an alarming pace people same to be
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getting more and more frustrated as we're just saying health health experts rather a warning about mask and distancing fatigue just how big a problem is that. well india at this very point of just a few weeks are we becoming the worst hit country for this pandemic in the world we are just behind the u.s. as you just mentioned and the think that the experts are pointing out that it's actually a serious condition the removal of these fiction which had become important alstom months of nationwide down to just human got to me because economy did has it did have a major fallout after the long don't has resulted in a sense of normalcy coming back on the streets and that sense of normalcy has resulted in a sense of complacency also amongst people so if you go out on the street you do see that not enough distances are being maintained and why even in bigger cities like delhi and mumbai you can see people on the street wearing monster if you go to
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the suburban areas or the smaller towns you don't even see that and white people are wearing mosque and that also is out of fear of getting fined by the police they're not very in the mosque properly or vetting the correct kind of months so there is a sense of duty which has set in right and we've almost 75000 new cases being reported daily it's quite alarming how reliable those figures well if you if you listen to the expose if you look at a lot of reports being done then yes there is a possibility that the actual number of cases are actually much higher than what is being reported by the they have also been reports from smaller towns of underreporting. than under the porting adepts which are happening due to covert so the actual number of me actually be much higher also because the testing protocol within india continues to remain north compared to many other countries and when i see that our testing continues to remain you know we have to look at it in context of the population that we have
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a 1300000000 people and the population density that we have and of course winter is on the way as well as the hindu festival season just briefly what will that mean for the numbers. well experts and the government is also saying that there is a risk of the numbers increasing because coronado bias is actually a respiratory virus essentially and the possibility of transmission of the slightest during winter during cold weather that actually much higher and besides we do have a major festival coming in just a few weeks and then they're traditionally while getting this best to work people trying the local markets and they need each other even though we can expect that that that level of meat up is not going to happen this year but it is still a chance of the number seeing the spike getting that test at the scene. in delhi thanks very much for the update. let's turn now to some of the other stories making news around the world at least 17 people have been killed in a collision between a boss of a train in central thailand the 2 of us was carrying 65 passengers to
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a religious ceremony a vehicle was hit by the train as across the railway track. in the u.s. city of denver a man has been shot dead during protests by rival left and right wing groups eyewitnesses say the alleged gunman argued with the victim before spraying mace and shooting him at close range police arrested a suspect they said had been working as a security guard. and staying in the u.s. the white house says president donald trump is no longer at risk of transmitting the coronavirus but the statement released by his doctor does not say the president has tested negative for covert 19 has resumed his election campaign telling hundreds of jubilant supporters gathered at the white house that the pandemic would soon disappear. he's back striking a pose for his supporters for donald trump it's a message to the public the campaign is back on just 9 days after his coronavirus
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diagnosis became known despite his experience with the virus he still speaks dismissively of the disease that's killed over 214000 americans the birth of spirit i think more than anything else started spreaders and will eradicate the china virus once and for all we're get rid of it it's going to disappear it is disappearing that's not exactly true infections continue to rise in the us and medical experts have harshly criticized trumps public appearances. i mean i wish the president is instead of doing what he has now and contributing to further superstar events i wish he's coming out and saying there is a way for us to prevent coronavirus yes we should be focused on back scenes and their ip unix and. it's great but there are things that we could do to prevent from getting crown of ours in the 1st place wearing masks physical distancing crowds. trump is trailing badly in the polls and is eager to get back on the campaign trail
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his doctor released a curiously worded letter saying in his quote no longer a transmission risk to others medical experts are mystified by the administration's approach i'm bewildered i'm in a state of disbelief the federal government has mishandled this pandemic from the very beginning there's a saying that if you play foolish games you win foolish prizes and i think that's what we're seeing coming out of the white house right now his democratic opponent joe biden has made criticism of trump's attitude toward the coronavirus a central part of his campaign. his replies personal conduct searches diagnosis. that is scary baillargeon effect it's having on our government is unconscionable we don't drag your grocery proportions to protect yourself or others nationwide polls show a broad majority of the public agrees with by with just over 3 weeks to go before
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the election trump has a lot of ground to make up. in formula one must say it is dr lewis hamilton has won the eiffel compre in germany reaching another milestone in his illustrious career the reigning champion has a cold michael schumacher has record 901 victories a record that looked untouchable rounding out the podium where red bulls max fished up and ran daniel ricardo. the german national football team finally record of if victory of the year with a win against ukraine in kiev in the you a fit nation is leg goals from mathias tkinter and leon gorecki sealed a $21.00 victory for joachim the side who were drawn all 3 of their previous matches in 2020 when moves them to 2nd place behind late is spain in group 4 of nation a you're watching news next up shift living in the digital age will have more
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