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tv   Evangelischer Gottesdienst  Deutsche Welle  October 11, 2020 5:03pm-5:45pm CEST

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it seems as if we are really inside continues to use the ceasefire to its advantage their attacks on the civilian population of azerbaijan these events were also covered by foreign journalists in our country. it's now been 2 weeks of fighting inflaming old hatreds the decades of negotiations have failed to put to rest. let's bring in lawrence players he's the caucuses program director at the london based peace building organization conciliation resources laura thanks for joining me as a vision and i mean here accuse each other of shelling cities despite the truce where does that leave the safe fire. well yes that when reports overnight of explosions and missile strikes both on population centers in new orleans karbala and on ganja as about john's 2nd city these strikes seem to be aimed at imposing a political cost rather than millet serving military objectives per se as far as we
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know the situation along the front line has been calmer today but these strikes on civilian population points of course are radicalizing populations across the divide and making it increasingly more difficult for the leader of to step back and fill out the terms of a humanitarian truce so i think a cease fire is in a very dangerous place and i think we could see a lot more violence in the coming days how much of a role are outside parties playing a mainly russia and turkey what are they stoking this conflict. well this is actually never been a proxy conflict as such it's driven by local concerns local identities but outside powers have paid a very important role in sustaining the conflict so for the last 20 odd years russia has preserved a kind of an equilibrium between the parties it's formally allied with armenia but arms both armenia and azerbaijan but russia doesn't want to have
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a major conflict involving an external power such as turkey in the south caucasus a quite sensitive region for russia turkey has entered the conflict in a much more explicit way it's improved azerbaijan's battlefield performance and given it the confidence to push back against russian mediation but neither ankara nor moscow i think are in full control of the situation and they're not really invested in a fully fledged political process so that's why it's very important for european powers to mobilize and act in the interest of deescalation stabilization and peace these 2 weeks of fighting have left hundreds of people dead and wounded or homeless just how big is the humanitarian crisis at the moment i think there is a humanitarian catastrophe ongoing in the united nations high commission of human rights has reported on this the vast majority of the civilian our infrastructure
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that's been destroyed is in the only car behave yourself and about half the population some 70000 people have fled the territory there's also a very serious situation in the various azerbaijani cities around the combat zone that have been hit you have a lot better there. as for your report so really a very serious situation and this is aggravating and compounding the pandemic which has hit both countries quite quite hard and there is winter coming for as well so really a very difficult humanitarian situation in the coming weeks not months hers thank you very much for that analysis. welcome. well the number of corona virus cases in india has surged past 7000000 and experts say the real number may be much higher only the united states has more infections and they are still rising rapidly in india officials confirmed almost $75000.00 new cases in the light has 24 hour period the indian government is hoping to avoid another nationwide lockdown which
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would take a heavy toll on the economy. and 1000000 cases in just 2 weeks and yet life in the cities is getting back to normal the government is keen to avoid a repeat of march when india suffered what was then the toughest lockdown in the world the $21.00 day stoppage saved lives but battered the economy output shrank but almost a quarter in the summer millions lost their jobs now with many businesses on the brink of ruin every need shut down would be devastating. we said diversity graduate rocky chand says the pandemic is robbing both young and old of their future is god then and there are no jobs here in the city or in rural areas all you hear about is people getting fired hardly anyone is hiring recent graduates either can't find jobs they're being fired. the hotel industry has been hit the hardest
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many older workers are losing their jobs. so that it or do what i thought i was going to get. the government has launched a massive awareness campaign encouraging the public to wear masks wash their hands and maintain physical distance. but not everyone is heeding the cool. notes of people aren't wearing masks but you really have to now. everyone needs to think about their health at this point. people just don't understand everything you think you know. winter and india's festival season are approaching that means huge gatherings in temples and shopping districts if the world's biggest democracy is to get on top of the pandemic persuading the public to mosque up will be crucial. to cross over to data correspondent minera child or in delhi many the virus is
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still spreading at an alarming pace people saying to be getting more and more frustrated as we were saying health health experts rather a warning about mask and distancing to take just how big a problem is that. well india ad this very point of just a few weeks are we becoming the worst hit country for this pandemic in the world we are just behind the u.s. as you just mentioned and the think that the experts are pointing out that it's actually a serious condition the removal of these fiction which had become important alstom months of nationwide long down to just zoom economy because economy did has did have a major fallout after the last doubt has resulted in a sense of normalcy coming back on the streets and that sense of normalcy has resulted in a sense of complacency also amongst people so if you go out on the street you do see that not enough distances are being maintained and why even in bigger cities like delhi and mumbai you can see people on the streets wearing monster if you go
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to the suburban areas or the smaller towns you don't even see that and white people are wearing mosque and that also is out of fear of getting fined by the police they're not very in the mosque properly or vetting the correct kind of lots so there is a sense of duty which has set in right and we've almost 75000 new cases being reported daily it's quite alarming how reliable those figures well if you if you listen to the expose if you look at a lot of reports being done then yes there is a possibility that the actual number of cases are actually much higher than what has been reported buddy they have also been a force most want to towns of underreporting pieces and underreporting adepts which are happening due to covert so the actual number of me actually be much higher also because the testing protocol within india continues to remain little compared to many other countries and when i see that our testing khan has to remain you know we have to look at it in context of the population that we have
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a 1300000000 people and the population density that we have and of course winter is on the way as well as the hindu festival season just briefly what will that need for the numbers. well experts and the government is also saying that there is a vis called the numbers increasing because coronado bias is actually a respiratory virus essentially as though it was ability the transmission of this flight as during windows during cold weather that actually loves and we say we do have a major festival coming in just a few weeks and then there are traditionally while during this festival people trying the local markets and they need to go even though we can expect that that that level of meat up is not going to happen this year but that is still a chance or the numbers seeing the spike getting back to us. in delhi thanks very much for the update let's turn now to some of the other stories making news around the world at least 7 people a day after torrential rains led to widespread flooding in southeast asia more than
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26000 people were forced to evacuate as floodwaters inundated central vietnam laos and cambodia have also been affected more heavy rain is expected in the coming days . and at least 17 people have been killed in a collision between a boss and a train in central thailand the 2 of us was carrying 65 passengers to a religious ceremony the vehicle was hit by the train as it crossed the railway track. the world health organization is warning of widespread kovac detained in europe tensions are rising in many cities when measures have been re-impose to try to slow the virus the nearest actions are having a particular impact on sectors such as the service and hospitality industry. i'm sure they say scotland's not like shutdown has put their business is on thin ice hospitality industry workers protesting glasgow they worried about their future
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after the scottish government announced restaurants bars and pubs across much of the country will close for the next 2 wakes they consent shared by the bucket is a 1000000000 is the sense that they have businesses and now being hit by the city's 1st few in 70 years a major imposed because patrons didn't follow social distancing rules but one that will hurt the lure of biting to complain critics. you know is that he was willing to do follow the rules of being put in the same basket as those who don't i wish they'd just controlled that problem. of americans all the guys. anger either islands new antiviral controls spot clashes in dublin this is a protest organized by the far right police had to force them apart from camp to demonstrate is the country's government last week introduced curbs on travel in such a lising due to near record in fiction writes. it's pleading with the population to
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comply rather than let warry in division tie cold cases like. we're sick of being. sick of being told what to do we can go on to go to mass then i go to a funeral mass and everywhere go hundreds also i protested in warsaw they were there to voice outrage over the government's decision to make mosque wearing compulsory in public it's like an island many of these demonstrators were from the far right. across the continent extremists are hoping to capitalize on fears that seem to be growing as quickly as europe's in fiction writes. some sport briefly and in the formula one miss a day's drive lewis hamilton has won the eiffel grown free in germany reaching another milestone in his illustrious career the reigning champion has equal michael schumacher has $91.00 victories a record that looked untouchable rounding out the podium where red bulls max fish
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and red nose daniel ricardo. you're watching the news up next the format divided germany's physician as the epicenter of the cold war we'll have more news headlines boy at the top of the outrank always. imagine how many portions of homeless us turned out in the world climate change the 1st off a story this is my place it went from just one week. really just what. we still have time to an ongoing. process.
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cold war was an ideological war people said you know it is not clear what system is best what system will prevail. against our long time the issue of who was more calm economically 2 years was not totally clear to spend in the west and the sputnik shock caused total panic sets after the. house uprising was that now it's us who are showing the west showing the americans what technical progress is to show faults. the mud's got to say i mean you need to have a military doctrine at the time was mutual assured destruction we don't prefer to think it's a. really work. disinterest in the 1st 15 minutes of a war germany would have gone up in flames like a tool which. it had we were really scared because it could all kick
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off any time someone goes. bam we're in the middle of it on to. the 2nd world war came to an end in europe in may $945.00 with germany's unconditional surrender the victorious powers divided the ruined country into force zones of occupation it was supposed to be temporary but communist leader joseph stalin was in little mood for compromise with the western democracies france britain and the us. this ideological division led to the cold war a battle for dominance over the world that would last for decades and split europe into 2. nowhere was this more evident than germany where the iron curtain ran through the middle of the country and the city of berlin was divided by a wall. here it
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is alone in western germany the war came to an end on april 16th 1945 when american troops arrived. it all timidly became part of democratic west germany. but not everywhere liberated by the americans ended up 3. d. is the version that most people could accept was to say who liberated us we were liberated by the americans and we suffered under the russian sit in that was this one thing that was the short form in other words the soviet union's contribution to liberating germany from fascism shrank to virtually nothing if it's to some and. there were similar scenes at 1st in holland as an eastern germany in late april 945 it too was taken by american troops. for 9 year old pay to the liberators were enemy soldiers but they were quite.
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different from what he had been told to expect. they entered the town in good spirits and she have any as if it were nothing special at all because we met them looked at them stupid as it was we bravely rejected the sweets and chocolate they offered us up for gods but that was how we have been brought up sadly the americans were soon replaced by the russians and produce wasn't done for. the russians came and the americans left. the allies had agreed that hollow would fall into the soviet occupation zone the days of sweets and chocolates were over. for dinner was the shoes were dropped and of us who announced we were afraid of the russian soldiers of one of them had assaulted our mother on her way to night school especially to learn russian for us fortunately it happened near our house got so
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drunk i heard my mother screamed and ran down until i was only 9 years old at the time i just saw the russian let go of her and disappear or for the eyepiece or interest on fox wants to. write from the start relations between russians and germans were fraught with problems it was a different story from the western sectors the division of germany had already begun. in late july 945 stalin met with u.s. president harry truman and british prime minister winston churchill in pottstown near berlin but no longer united against a common enemy there was little they could agree on. at the meeting in constant stalin had said right from the start it germany was not to be divided but truman categorically rejected that idea in his briefcase his assistant was carrying 3 all full models for the division of germany who's they. the victors mistrusted one
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another. now that the struggle against nazi germany was over each wanted its own germany its own sphere of influence its own buffer against the others. germany was divided into 4 parts. french. british american. with the 2nd world war behind them disagreements between the soviets and the western allies were out in the open the soviet union had lost more than $20000000.00 people and was economically devastated stalin demanded 10000000000 dollars and access to the war industrial area in western germany stalin needed coal and he held a bargaining chip much to the. german prisoners of war. stalin had thousands of them herded through moscow even before the war was over.
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but this humiliation of the losing side failed to achieve its desired effect. on the spot and. the mayor was silence and people just stood there and looked and there was no shouting no outbursts of rage just this total silence absolute the shtetl in his own minds that the dimensions of the tragedy on both sides were so massive stock that had to my view to my you might say that people fairly quickly felt sympathy for the germans they were hungry and racket. in 1945 more than 3000000 german men were imprisoned in soviet camps many would not see their home again for many years if at all. the german prisoners were forced into reeducation. so-called and teeth as schools for
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anti fascist were designed to expunge the old ideology. and instill communist ideals. i move the who know me red army colonel tried to free us from this nazi ideology this view so that all are returned to germany we would actually be educated marxists who are coming from in prison as friends of the soviet union for the soviet don't you think you function of. naziism was thoroughly discredited and communism aimed to fill the ideological vacuum the soviet union now controlled one half of europe and believed it was only a matter of time until it controlled the rest communist ideals had attracted many followers in the west now there were fears communists could take advantage of the postwar instability to seize power. outage because i have from this. speech to his test it is important to understand i think that there was this great
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fear that socialism was still a seductive ideology for fuel efficient if you look east and later in the 1950 s. people spoke about a domino theory and this and this fear was not unjustified after all for a long time socialism had been a fascinating idea it is. unlike today and back then it was often linked to the notion of freedom if liberation and self-determination concepts pushed him. so was the soviet triumph over nazi germany not also a triumph of communism over a mean or should an overdue even munich you offer a fool the war there were many people in america in france and in britain who were convinced of the superiority of the soviet system you going to do what you could some had come from the united states to help build up the system to then claim the war sure would. you say was the most of suit to keep feeding benefited the
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soviet union in so far as roosevelt. and churchill to acknowledge that it was russia but it had stopped hitler and broken his back so is he yet the which. after he says go save as a result of respect for the soviet union had grown. a bit of a lost its good nature i believe churchill's famous speech in missouri when he used the term iron curtain not the start of the cold war. the need you wanted of loopt reveal some pretty good. promise. in the. tree and in the adriatic and i are defended across the continent. that line i will look at the age state of central and. all the famous it is and the population.
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why. i must go to. the us responded with a show of by natural might in 1947 it approved the marshall plan. officially known as the european recovery program it was designed to immunize europe against the spread of communist ideology. containments was the term president harry s. truman used to describe this investment. i believe. that it must be the policy of the united states to support. resisting it tempted subjugation by minorities are by outside pressure. the united states made $12400000000.00 available to help western europe to rebuild. germany its defeated enemy was also given the support.
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but stalin rejected american help for the soviet zone of germany in the east. instead of helping to rebuild the region he sent 70000 officials to dismantle its economy everything was taken away minerals machinery and tire factories and part of the harvest. it was the very opposite of reconstruction shortages remained widespread. in the west occupation took a different form. 1948 the deutschmark was introduced a strong currency backed by the u.s. dollar west germany began to flourish and the occupying forces began to be seen
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more as friends. many u.s. citizens sent care packages for the needy over the next 10 years but 3 western zones about the patient received 10000000 consignments of food. the americans also introduced free school meals to slowly people in the western occupied zones began to look ahead to the future. 2 the currency reform saw the 3 western zones unite economically forming a tris own that was far bigger and stronger than the soviet occupied east. the 4th zone was sealed off from the others. the leadership in moscow installed loyal communist emigrants to run it. and at the top was a hardliner brushed who later built the berlin wall.
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he expressed hopes that the communists would soon take over the western zones and rule the country from berlin. in reality berlin was divided into 4 occupation sectors and it became the very front line of the cold war in 1948 angered by the western currency reform the soviet union cut off the western zones from their land supply routes. trains barges . no transport church to. the united states but many trucks were responsible for 2 and a half 1000000 people in berlin all their food and fuel for their homes and factories good luck to be brought to them overlap. in a spec tack. other action planes landed and took off around the clock bringing in around $2100000.00 tons of freight above all food and coal the berlin airlift as it
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became known ensured the survival of west berlin within a year the communists capitulated and reopened the land routes 1949 saw the founding of the 2 german states the democratic west and the communist east the division of germany was sealed. do you feel you know. that some days. if. you're naive at yemen. what followed were decades of hostility between east and west as they bite for military supremacy. at 1st the americans believed they had the upper hand because they had the atomic bomb. after they were used on the japanese cities of hiroshima and nagasaki the terrifying power of these weapons was clear by the time the cold war came to an end the americans had carried out more
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than a 1000 nuclear tests indeed. but in 1949 the soviet union caught up with atomic weapons of its own the nuclear arms race had begun. by 990 the soviet union had carried out more than 700 tests during the cold war a nuclear test was carried out on average every week and a half reviving old fears to display all who feel that wilson blown off to the 2nd world war was when i was a child at the center of stuttgart was still in ruins in where all my relatives come from the cathedral was still standing but everything around it had been flattened so naturally we were afraid that something similar might happen again. to suit us we don't go to those beers never went away nor did the victorious powers military barracks sprang up all over germany and the east the soviet army stationed
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in the west where the americans the british and the french promised and became the us has biggest military airfield outside its own territory the ultra modern us army hospital that was built in the small town of lungs which was also its biggest outside america military training grounds were followed by housing estates and schools the western forces also had their own radio station. allied protection didn't come cheap in the 1st year of its existence the young west german state paid half its tax revenue to the occupying armies. the occupying forces had a huge cultural impact on west germany bringing movies and magazines that gave many germans a taste of the wider world. than the world will be profiled in the wires of a fee radios broadcast the sound of a new era that is in the west. in
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towns and cities in the east ruins were still visible everywhere the soviet union didn't and best it took frustration grew many people just wanted to get out some 200000 left the east in 1950 alone by the time the berlin wall was built 11 years later more than 2 and a half 1000000 had gone. east germany responded to this exodus by founding it secret police the stasi it undertook surveillance on a massive scale people lived in fear of their own government. we always put a coffee pot cozy over our telephone because we thought that was where the bug was it was only much later that we learned it had been installed. old in the ceiling but afterwards i found all the conversations we've had in our living room well documented in the stasi files we were always able to send many of our friends
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a letter outlining half an evening in which they had said this and that. afterwards that was really amusing or was he doesn't doesn't look back then it wasn't as well that's not going to stick how much need. for a short while there still appeared to be a final chance to end the division of germany and the cold war. stalin's last suggestion that germany should not be divided came in march 952 when he also proposed pan german elections and japan german government we would have to turn to you. but he said germany must not belong to any military alliance adenauer however said before we negotiate with the soviet union on this west germany must become a member of nato. and that was that. that.
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reunification became a distant dream and the cold war gathered momentum. east germany urgently needed economic success the government demanded increased output from the workforce it invented the propaganda legend of activist adal panuco a miner who supposedly had voluntarily exceeded his own production quota by more than 300 percent. by communists claim to represent the working class but it seemed they didn't know the workers very well they would soon find out how they really felt. on june 17th 953 workers in east berlin revolted against drastically increased were quotas and went on strike many in the east heard the news from west berlin radio station and join them.
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in little by little the told that they are not released so also the us the mud the sofa. i always followed events on rios of course it was a day of great excitement and none of those by and for i can still remember my father taking my mother by the arm dancing around the apartment with her and saying over and over again mother from now on everything is going to get better. but things didn't get better. shots were fired. this day yesterday both in the field i think and then the big one wanted to be mostly composed and i thank you. and all the uprising on june 17th 1953 cost $55.00 lives. west germany declared june 17th its national day.
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just missed mounties didn't come in mission you knew they deserve to be a dustoff the freedom that it. took to get to stunk and took over mission was i. the escalating tensions between west and east fueled fears of war. that's also what i thought when the korean war broke out it's also what my family found we had a small business and they began to hoard not hearing much as those things are now really dangerous they said another war could begin so we must make sure we are prepared for the flip of. a 1000 kilometers away in korea the superpowers faced off against each other just like in germany. korea was divided into north and south. the economically and militarily strong north was allied with
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the soviet union and stalin gave his approval for it. to invade the south. the lightning strike nearly succeeded but the us was soon able to drive back the invaders. in total the american send $1700000.00 soldiers to korea china and the soviet union supported north korea while u.s. led united nations forces fought alongside south korea. the war ended in the summer of 1953 with the 2 sides facing each other along nearly the same border line on which the war had begun. for west german chancellor kahn about out of our there was no getting around moscow but a decade after the end of the 2nd world war some $10000.00 germans were still in
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present in the soviet union on an hour's goal was to bring them home the price for that was recognition of the soviet union the hated communists under control matic recognition of the soviet union by auden our was an initial step towards normalization law and there was fierce resistance even from elements of the government who had accompanied him to moscow to wage tided damani but od an hour got his way because so many germans were leading the terrible lives in russian camps after west germany recognized the soviet union the last remaining german prisoners of war were released to do in georgia critique of. the return of the 10000 was an emotional moment for many it was only now that the war had truly come to an end. but with fears that a new conflict could break out in 1955 west germany established an army the bun
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dispair. neighboring countries viewed the formation of german military units just 10 years after the end of the war with great concern. the new german army is to use of. the german army is not easily accepted 5 people with long memories to others who think you uncreative fine on a german use even looks like it or not the family is with us again. the bun despair was a member of nato the north atlantic treaty organization right from the start soon to military blocs would be facing each other. germany established its national people's army and early 1956 and it soon became a founding member of the communist military alliance the warsaw pact. ended with the. big 4 but i don't doubt because you cannot go. deep deep even in figure out
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how to give your life to me and i think i know it been your opinion to. each action provoked a reaction each block justified its actions as a response to those of the other block. if war broke out between the superpowers it would happen in germany if the warsaw pact invaded it would probably go through the folder gap and a deliberate region in the middle of west germany along the border to the east the area quickly became highly militarized. and with tensions high the west was unprepared for perhaps the biggest shock of all sputnik when it launched this 80 kilogram satellite in 1957 the soviet union opened a new front in the cold war space. difficult to just put an extra sputnik shot utter dismay in the west since it because he thought
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that those who had historically always been a bit back. especially the russians had now overtaken it gets into and. how surprising was that done there was great rejoicing he's the soviets are in front now it is us who are showing the west showing the americans what technical progresses faults with the soviet satellites segovia every 95 minutes over 500 miles up at a speed of 18000 miles an hour when i had to done pretty unenforced didn't become you realize that it meant the soviets had missiles that in a worst case scenario could carry nuclear warheads and reach other continents intercontinental the further on. that 1st the space race looked like that between the tortoise and the hare the 1st living creature in space the 1st man the 1st
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woman. the 1st unmanned landing on the moon those were all soviet successes. these triumphs were all sold to the people in the soviet union and its client states as victories of communism. propagandistic that you know this the propaganda was always based on a comparison of eve vast and we've got these i can do this what so what can you do more to the objective is not to portray something objective libs it's even more stupid as a shrewd american folk singer once said to a 5 year old kid who doesn't want to sleep because even a lullaby is propaganda if you need to get a good look at the new widget spites going to be in the door of. the common people reacted with scorn no food on our spoon but a plaque on the moon. nixon and khrushchev these are the
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historic almost unprecedented scenes from the american national exhibition in moscow. russians might have been far ahead in space but the average american household was a world apart from its counterpart in the soviet union as the 1959 american national exhibition in moscow showed. it was difficult naturally the exhibition only showed how americans live community. when he saw this kitchen with a dishwasher a refrigerator and so on which were totally normal appliances for the average american family a machine that nikita say gave each crew shove who wasn't a stupid person regarded it as total propaganda you know. there was no way that could be true he said. if life in america seemed so much wealthier than in the soviet union that could only be interpreted as propaganda. which. is.
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captured on videotape a new american invention the heated discussion between nixon and khrushchev became known as the kitchen debate yeah i knew if i don't know everything and i would say that you know absolutely nothing about communism nothing except fear of it you must not be afraid of ideas. even if that's what we're telling you don't be afraid of idea we have nothing to fear but time has passed when ideas us the cold war and it's very essence was an ideological war and we forget so easily that had been the 1950 s. and 1960 s. .


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