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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  October 11, 2020 5:45pm-6:01pm CEST

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union that could only be interpreted as propaganda. jim. he's. the best. captured on videotape a new american invention the heated discussion between nixon and khrushchev became known as the kitchen debate yeah i knew if i don't know everything and i would say that you know absolutely nothing about communism nothing except fear of it you must not be afraid of ideas. you have let him sleep in you that's what we're telling you don't be afraid of my dear we have nothing to fear the time has passed when ideas cara us the cold war and its very essence was an ideological war. and we forget so easily that in the 1950 s. and 1960 s. . people said you know that it's not clear what system is best what system
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will prevail. in 1959 on in our call for the don't despair to take part in the planning and deployment of nuclear weapons. a concept known as nuclear sharing. does not mean sure i slept was frightened me because by now we'll be what it happened in hiroshima and nagasaki. and yes even as a we visited various military training areas in the vicinity of hamburg can we believe that we would be able to see from the card whether any nuclear weapons were stored there or anything else and then on december 6th there was a headline in the local newspaper on this john missiles tested in bigger hornets and i said right that's where i'm going even if i have to go a lot of us years you know going to learn to get. the temples staged protests
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against rearmament culminating in west germany 1st easter peace march in 1960. the organizers faced widespread public anger. the real issue we went in to cure that would still have been harmless we were soundly cussed and of course regarded as communists go back to the east they shouted. the next day that that's. the peace movement failed to resonate with people enjoying west germany's unprecedented economic growth. this rapid economic growth was drawing people from east germany via west berlin. and the 1950 s. easterners could still travel there easily. the brain drain that result. it was a serious problem for the easts communist rulers.
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then you know messed things up to much ensure you come when we started the new school year on september 1st half the class was always missing because they had left over the summer holidays mom got on with a spending and its roof looked for a few took about an austin fits right fix it cost him a comment on say to go bad even think easing the troops oh i dunno i start trying to profit. from prison for 2 inputs to my plants as big as you can see it be did you just leave for example me istomin the situation in plz help me just so we get. on august 13th 1961 east germany closed the escape route by building a wall around west berlin. the berlin wall became the very symbol of the cold war.
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it was an admission by the communists that they had to build a wall to keep their people in. this who owns an absolute shock it was an absolute shock for us i mean with of my mother was born in saxony in the east and still had family that has sister was married to a man in east berlin so suddenly she was in a different world she was just not there in our time and funny. germans in east and west were horrified. what was going to come next. intact fine vividly remember that day in 1961 and i found it all really frightening
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because i was as white as a sheet i went to my parents and said now there's going to be war this as a kid because children who had been born during war time world where opens a former secret and were highly sensitive to such they want to allow. on done improve on your oath do you panta down american tanks then drove to checkpoint charlie to the border crossing point on tradition gossamer live where they were face on the other side by soviet armor on the right one to use or beautician they were only a few meters between them and we waited with bated breath hoping nothing would happen to my desk looking. down. at the time there was a military doctrine of mutual assured destruction or mad for short fringe doom in english and a cuckoo in this really was crazy other than a kind of if you attack me i'll strike back and then we'll both be dead when and how they've been there were enough nuclear weapons in the world to destroy our
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planet not once but several times over. in the near 5 in need of 2 yards. but the most dangerous moment of the cold war was still to come the cuban missile crisis in 1962 american recognizance aircraft discovered that the soviet union had built missile launch sites on cuba only a few 100 kilometers from the us the missiles would be able to strike washington and numerous other major cities with ease from the caribbean island. they don't look at its crews you supposedly have quite to the cuban crisis was perhaps necessary because the americans were facing a real threat from outside for the 1st time. president john f. kennedy accused the soviets of a dangerous escalation. in you know be the policy of this nation to regard any. missile launched from cuba against any nation in the western hemisphere as an attack by the soviet union on the united states.
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is reported to. during the cuban crisis we too were only seconds away from a nuclear war. that. one of our submarines which had nuclear missiles on board was attacked by the americans with depth charges. he lined with his orders the captain was ready to press the button and fire his missiles. could see no good to secret service officer stopped him and told him to wait for a confirmation signal. what would have happened had he launched those bombs through . the world seemed on the brink of nuclear war people everywhere prepared for the worst. thing. that
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i am sure remember of what bert the turtle just did ben's because every one of us must remember to do the same thing and cover and cover just as you do in your school so if you hadn't. we were all terrified that a nuclear war would start tomorrow oh so soon after all there were purely psychological things that we had had to learn like hiding under our school dismiss the shelter bombs started dropping outside i was really scared of things like that . the cuban missile crisis was resolved because both superpowers took a step back without loose. face there was a glimmer of hope that they would talk to each other to reduce the risk of nuclear war or sleuth he should use for face of because it's coakley loses it was after the
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cuban crisis the 2 sides set up a hotline a way cos they knew they were you but in my view there was direct connection between the command center of the soviet general staff and in the american situation rizzoli called let's use news spoke of but it is a joke for new media going in the if anything happened we would inform each other if it's. president kennedy made history in 1963 with a speech in west berlin. he appealed to the world to support the divided city at the heart of the cold war. it's remembered for one phrase in particular. the proud of both wars. he would romana saw. in the world of freedom.
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the proudest. i believe i was too tame to me. because a student in berlin i was there when john f. kennedy was a simpler team he was highly popular just like american music and the american lifestyle were also popular especially in the sixty's it's. only 2 days after kennedy's speech soviet leader nikita khrushchev visited east berlin we are in the cold war he said and i too am a berliner the us president had captured the hearts of west berliners in just one day khrushchev visit lasted 3 days and was soon forgotten. this american rocket was designed not to launch missiles but to overtake the soviets in space. in 1961 kennedy had pledged to put an american on the moon by the end of the decade up
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to 400000 people worked on the apollo project named after the greek god of light the massive effort what finally overcome the humiliation of sputnik. kennedy would not be able to witness his country's triumph he was assassinated in 1963 the launch site was named in his honor the kennedy space center. it was the site where apollo 11 was to blast off on july 16th 1969. the moon landing 4 days later was the event of the century viewed live around the globe. and it's not known and since 1969 i was living investor in that hospital in the west in ireland to visit a ship when you know radio and t.v. show up during the moon and we stayed open all night in case someone stevie said he needed to paraguay and see how i was fit just from nearly everyone watched west german television and so we of course were also able to see the landing on the
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movie. i just graduated from college and was living in a small apartment i was vojislav i was lying on my my bed watching neil armstrong come down that ladder and announce you know this is one small step for man one giant leap for mankind. for. the 2 superpowers could now see eye to eye in space. fired. for the 1st time. i'm human beings had seen their planet from the surface of another celeste field body it was a giant leap for mankind and
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a brief respite in the middle of the cold war in which the year of nuclear annihilation gripped the world. ny nobody is going green. kenya's capital city is transforming illegal dump sites into public parks al-ameen what you wish was a new make it a place where people want to be and transform. the path to becoming an environmentally friendly metropolis. kahl nairobi is bringing nature back to the
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city africa. and 30 minutes w. . in the height of climate change. africa's most of. what's in store for the most wanted list for the future. e.w. dot com we're going to go cities to the multimedia inside clear answer. this is so no story of a stubborn rice farmer from thailand. his problem pests. his credo no chemicals. and his time was. the students are behind tests don't stand
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a chance. train him successful. duck ahead of me starts october 15th d.w. . this is do you have any news live from baghdad and hopes that a truce between 2 former soviet republics might last. as a vision and on media trade accusations as missiles raining down on several cities civilian victims describe a night of terror under shell fire also coming up india's coronavirus cases surged past 7000000 the subcontinent is set to overtake the united states as the world's worst hit nation in the coming weeks. busker on.


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