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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  October 11, 2020 6:00pm-6:31pm CEST

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stand a chance. train him successful. record everybody starts october 15th. this is day to the news live from berlin and hopes that a truce between 2 former soviet republics might last as dashed as a vision and on media trade accusations as missiles raining down on several cities civilian victims describe a night of terror on the shelf i am also coming up india's coronavirus cases surged past 7000000 the subcontinent is set to overtake the united states as the world's worst hit nation in the coming weeks. plus coronavirus to take in europe
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foreigners complained that new rules forcing them to close early on putting their businesses on ice. i'm rebecca written as welcome to the program a russian broken safe in the disputed region of nagorno-karabakh is coming under severe strain as a vision says overnight shelling by armenian forces left several people dead and thousands wounded but both sides continue to blame each other for breaking the truce. this doesn't look like a ceasefire as are by john's defense ministry released this video of overnight airstrikes on a legit armenian military positions saying they prevented an armenian attack but armenian showing did hit the as very city of ganja were residents described. a
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night of terror. we're sleeping it was around 2 in the morning we heard an explosion and after that our house blew up it was more. than that and debbie did go down but who are strong fell on my face when i opened my eyes and another rocket hit. i said to myself what is this all i can see was clouds of dust . a prisoner exchange meant to take place on sunday was also part of the ceasefire the leader of the self-proclaimed armenian republic of nagorno-karabakh says is not living up to its part of the deal. according to the agreement this process was supposed to take place today with the support of the red cross. there are hundreds of dead bodies lying there and the government is indifferent to their. people when the. president john says it's our media that is acting in bad faith.
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it seems that the armenian side continues to use the ceasefire to its advantage their attacks on the civilian population of azerbaijan these events were also covered by foreign journalists in our country it's now been 2 weeks of fighting inflaming old hatreds that decades of negotiations have failed to put to rest. let's bring in lawrence was he's the caucasus program director at the london based peace building organization conciliation results says laura thanks for joining me as a vision and i mean accusing each other of shelling cities despite the truce where does that leave the state. well yes there's been reports overnight are of explosions and missile strikes both on population centers in newborn in karbala and on ganja as about john's 2nd city these strikes seem to be aimed at imposing
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a political cost rather than millet serving military objectives per se as far as we know the situation along the front line has been calmer today but these strikes on civilian population points of course are radicalizing populations across the divide and making it increasingly more difficult for the leaders to step back and fill out the terms of a humanitarian truce so i think the ceasefire is in a very dangerous place and i think we could see a lot more violence in the coming days how much of a role are outside parties playing on mainly russia and turkey where are they stoking this conflict. well this is actually never been a proxy conflict as such it's driven by local concerns local identities but outside powers have paid a very important role in sustaining the conflict so for the last 20 odd years russia has preserved a kind of an equilibrium between the parties it's formally allied with armenia but arms both armenia and azerbaijan but russia doesn't want to have
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a major conflict involving an external power such as turkey in the south caucasus a quite sensitive region for russia turkey has entered the conflict in a much more explicit way it's improved azerbaijan's battlefield performance and given the confidence to push back against russian mediation but neither anchor and almost no i think are in full control of the situation and they're not really invested in a fully fledged political process so that's why it's very important for european powers to mobilize and act in the interests of deescalation stabilization and peace these 2 weeks of fighting have left hundreds of people dead and wounded or homeless just how big is the humanitarian crisis at the moment i think there is a humanitarian catastrophe ongoing in the united nations high commission of human rights has reported on this the vast majority of the civilian are infrastructure
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that's been destroyed is in the only car about himself and about half the population some 70000 people have fled the territory there's also a very serious situation in the various azerbaijani cities around the combat zone that have been hit you have luck better there. as for your report so really a very serious situation and this is aggravating and compounding the pandemic which has hit both countries quite quite hard and there is winter coming as well so really a very difficult humanitarian situation in the coming weeks not on splurges thank you very much for that analysis. welcome. the number of corona virus cases in india has surged past 7000000 and experts say the real number may be much higher only the united states has more infections and they are still rising rapidly in india officials confirmed almost $75000.00 new cases in the latest 24 hour period the indian government is hoping to avoid another nationwide lockdown which
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would take a heavy toll on the economy. 1000000 cases in just 2 weeks and yet life in the cities is getting back to normal the government is keen to avoid a repeat of march when india suffered what was then the toughest lockdown in the world the $21.00 day stoppage save lives that battered the economy output shrank but almost a quarter in the summer millions lost their jobs now with many businesses on the brink of ruin a renewed shutdown would be devastating. recent diversity graduates rocky chand says the pandemic is robbing both young and old of their futures you have a dog then and there are no jobs here in the city or in rural areas all you hear about is people getting fired hardly anyone is hiring recent graduates either can't find jobs or they're being fired at the hotel industry has been hit the hardest
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many older workers are losing their jobs. that it or do about it after they were going to. the government has launched a massive awareness campaign encouraging the public to wear masks wash their hands and maintain physical distance. but not everyone is heeding the cool. notes of people aren't wearing masks but you really have to now. everyone needs to think about their health at this point. people just don't understand the need to feel. winter and india's festival season are approaching that means huge gatherings in temples and shopping districts if the world's biggest democracy is to get on top of the pandemic persuading the public to mask up will be crucial. of war almost have to cross over to data correspondent minera child or in delhi the
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virus is still spreading at an alarming pace people saying to be getting more and more frustrated as we're just saying health health experts rather a warning about mask and distancing fatigue just how big a problem is that. well india ad this very point of just a few weeks are we becoming the worst hit country for this pandemic in the world we are just behind the u.s. as you just mentioned and to think that the experts are pointing out that is actually a serious condition the removal of these fiction which had become important as the months of nationwide law down to do you make law to me because the economy did has it did have a major fallout after the last doubt has resulted in a sense of normalcy coming back on the streets and that sense of normalcy has resulted in a sense of complacency also amongst people so if you go out on the street you do see that not enough distances are being maintained and why even in bigger cities like delhi and mumbai you can see people on the street wearing monster if you go to
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the suburban areas or the smaller towns you don't even see that and white people are wearing mosque and that also is out of fear of getting fined by the police they're not varying the mosque properly or vetting the correct kind of lots so there is a sense of duty which has set in right and we've almost 75000 new covert cases being reported daily it's quite alarming how reliable those figures well if you if you listen to the expose if you look at a lot of reports being done then yes there is a possibility that the actual number of cases are actually much higher than what is being reported by the they have also been a force most wanted tones of underreporting the cases and under the porting adepts which are happening due to covert so the actual number may actually be much higher also because the testing protocol within india continues to remain little compared to many other countries and when i see that our testing continues to remain you
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know we have to look at it in context of the population that we have a 1300000000 people and the population density that we have and of course winter is on the way as well as the hindu festival season just briefly what will that mean for the numbers. well experts and the government 1 is also saying that there is a risk of the numbers increasing because coronato bias is actually a respiratory virus essentially and the possibility of transmission of the slightest during winter during cold weather that actually much higher and besides we do have a major festival coming in just a few weeks and then there traditionally while during this festival people trying the local markets and they need each other even though we can expect that that that level of need up is not going to happen this year but it is still a chance of the number seeing the spike getting back to us to see them. in delhi thanks very much for the update. let's turn now to some of the other stories making news around the world thousands of belarusians have taken to the streets of minsk
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for the 9th consecutive sunday to protest against president alexander lukashenko opposition media reporting that police have used water cannon and stun grenades to disperse the crowd and of detained at least $100.00 protesters including journalists. at least 7 people have died after torrential rains led to widespread flooding in southeast asia more than 26000 people have been forced to evacuate as flood waters inundate central vietnam laos and cambodia have also been affected more heavy rain is expected in the coming days. the world health organization is warning of widespread kovac to take in europe tensions are rising in many cities where measures have been re-impose to try to slow the spread of the virus and the restrictions are having a particular impact on sectors such as the service and hospitality industry. i know. they say scotland's not like shutdown has put their business is on thin ice
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hospitality industry workers protesting glasgow they're worried about their futures after the scottish government announced restaurants bars and pubs across much of the country will close for the next 2 wakes they concern shared by the boquet possible lin there's a sense that their business is now being hit by the city's 1st curfew in 70 years a major imposed because patrons didn't follow social distancing rules but one that will hurt the lure of parting to complain critics. you know is that he doesn't do follow the rules of being put in the same basket as those who don't i wish they'd just control that problem. of americans all of those. anger over our lives you antiviral controls spot clashes in dublin this was a protest organized by the far right. police had to force them apart from concert demonstrate is the country's government last week introduced curbs on travel and
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socializing due to near record infection writes. it's pleading with the population to comply rather than let warry in division tie call to say i am very sorry for sick of being. sick of being told what to do you can go on like go to mass that i go to a funeral mass senator or go hundreds also protested in warsaw they were there to voice outrage over the government's decision to make mosque wearing compulsory in public it's like an island many of these demonstrators were from the far right across the continent extremists are hoping to capitalize on fears that seem to be growing as quickly as europe's in fiction writes. some tennis now rafael nadal has bate novak djokovic in a blockbuster showdown at the french open the spaniard won in straight sets 662752 claim his 13th french open title equaling roger federer as
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old time record of 20 slams in the process now del didn't lose a single set throughout the tournament. you're watching data news up next a coven survive a faces coronavirus skeptics in reporter headlines at the top of the out until then you can stand today on our web site state of the dot com thanks for watching. movies. w.'s crime fighters are back with the africa's most successful radio drama series continues throughout all of this odes are available online discourse you can share and discuss on w africa's face for feature and other social media platforms to crime fighters to mean you know. the funny sentence the coronavirus pandemic of. weirdoes science stand. what the new findings have researchers named.
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information and background into. the corona update code 19 special. monday to friday on d w. coming up chrysler is a german politician and a covert $1000.00 survivors. at this demonstration the free democrat ams to persuade corona skeptics that the virus is real and dangerous as priceless herself knows only too well. she's still suffering from long term effects and that's not very good of natural paps don't fear any virus not a one on what they do thier liars but well priceless words fall on deaf ears.
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to. hear you survived it thank goodness and how was it. a tough battle now do tell. i suffered from severe shortness of breath and wound up in hospital without oxygen it was ok although even when i was no longer infectious it wasn't over it's affected my speech i'm standing here and want to talk to you do you have children speech is so important to communicate in. the business of us then you will be asked of homeschoolers which and those neurological things bothered me if it's a normal virus i think you must see if you have a half way healthy immune system it's no problem at all it's ok i will be printed
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or doing the measures being taken here all the disaster to the local yeah no you stay healthy and your grandkids to the folks time all from the measures them from corona let a well drop all the art i added to know for a week but it was like the flu it's a mild flu or some sort of off with a mosque because everybody does well you don't need to make folks even more afraid thinking they're doing just fine on connally in a price that has travelled 900 kilometers from the north of germany to the south to constance on lake constance just for this demonstration. she's a politician who's active in state politics for her party the f.d.p. warning people about corona is her new mission. and i'm really worried without social distancing or masks people will simply get sick here for example there is great controversy about masks but i believe fewer people will fall ill if oaks wear masks i must complete this enormously speaking the nose expresses our desire for
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self actualization now we're placing a piece of cloth over it and our spokes person our mouths we can no longer practice self actualization as we can no longer say what we want of the simple fact that you know interesting approach but once again i'd like to say i don't need to examine all aspects but i want to tell you that when i got ill i was contagious before i went to hospital i was logically in quarantine with my children and during that time i wore a mask not one of these a medical mask these immediately and i managed not to infect my children. by the kind of my husband had coded i had coded but we protected our kids with these masks and didn't like them we should just take a lot of it they are you sure that that's so. carlina peiser meets a colorful mix of demonstrators including new agers conspiracy theorists hippies and covert deniers as well as those who are simply critical of the krona measures
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but they're all united by their deep mistrust of politicians that's another reason why priceless here to win back their trust the authorities stipulated that the protesters must social distance most are complying to chrysler's relief protests like this are currently taking place across germany and constanza the police say around 4000 demonstrators took part over the weekend the organizers had announced almost 8 times that many would attend on stage they speak of love people make hearts with their hands and then start spouting hate. chanting lying press lying press this is going to be many of the speakers here see themselves as victims or oppressed people this evangelical pastor says masks are an instrument of bondage and claims they are being used to enslave people as african-americans once were in the us i know that i was slave drivers who enslaved people. with
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a system must have outwardly priceless keeps her cool yet she knows that all right groups have used demonstrations like this to spread their propaganda. in august protestors in berlin away tykes flogging and imperial war flags considered to be symbols of neo nazi sentiment. they even carried them up the steps of the right stock the german parliament a scene which outraged many. of the city of konstanz has banned the use of such blacks at the demonstration yet priceless still heard far right rhetoric being spouted there all the same. it's been here we i can't believe that we just celebrated 30 years of german reunification we have a democracy to celebrate but also to defend that when they have you here i'm constantly hearing that we live in a dictatorship and things are on the verge of collapse i can't believe it i can't believe how they treat people in the work of decades of peaceful democracy. 6
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months earlier chrysler isolated in this hospital room was having trouble breathing . i'm being given oxygen and can use this not be allies there in the e.u. she documented her experiences and put her corona diary up on twitter to this day she's not fully fit she finds it hard to stand for long periods get short of breath and has nosebleeds during the demonstrations she takes a rest break in her hotel room. last march she spent. 6 days in the hospital fighting. my mother the family tops my husband and i said goodbye and weren't really sure if we'd ever see one another again. which meant we were also under pressure to settle our affairs. not only was i breathless and had this fear of suffocating we had to decide what to do. he brought the children into the room and they could only say good bye to me through the window and for me properly thought
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over the case that was the last time they should at least have the chance to say goodbye. but it all turned out well. her husband who also contracted cope at 19 stayed home and cared for their 3 children while social distancing so from median family communication that transcends all boundaries. there is our yellow line. and behind it is my don't want to feel this way we can talk. oh oh. in the hospital colleen a priceless really missed her husband and children. this isn't really long to see my family. this morning my daughter face time to me and we kissed and cuddled. she was so unhappy because her homework wasn't going so well and she cried bitter tears as she could see even more but i could only hug and kiss her over the screen. and i
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really broke my heart country from that. she wants to help others avoid such heartbreaking situations. but back at the demonstration she's met with nothing but skepticism. how much are they paying you to do this voluntarily i get no money i'm a natural path i don't believe in cove it at all absolutely nothing and i believe that you are being paid to do what you don't need to worry about me not at all don't worry natural paths don't fear any virus not one but they are liars natural paths are very afraid of paid lawyers. that's hurtful that you keep saying i'm being paid because i'm doing this as a volunteer that upsets me you've hurt my feelings because i couldn't believe it right from the start because we have our herbal tinctures in the cupboard and they
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help and then the fear of any virus vanishes in a flash. very hard to put you're certainly earning well from this you certainly are . not getting any money i'm doing this in my free time i know you get some kind of perks i'm sure of it. might be sad that you think so poorly of others. chrysler remains patient she wants to give everyone a chance and not push them into the arms of the far right. there are also people here who want to bring down the government or assemble anti democratic forces. those who go onto the streets with. vice citizens. i think that's the wrong way if we want to have a democracy we have to fight for every citizen. not to leave them to the extremists . counter-demonstrators have also come to constance but unlike heisler they just
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want their opponents to leave. but yes yes. the counter protesters believe they were all just placed their trust in science as do most germans they split up into little groups and go all over town the police say some 2700 counter demonstrators were here over the weekend many of them fear that groups of krona skeptics are being infiltrated by the far right and neo nazis and they want to take a stand against that he didn't. vote on backs commissioner against anti semitism is also speaking at the gathering he's read colleen a priceless corona diary and wanted to meet her in person who. is proof they need it and it's not about the. blue mattel's priceless or that he's heard some clearly anti semitic remarks here. i just visited the jewish community in nam are
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it if the people have concerns over criticism you can talk about them but raising imperio is insulting jews and wishing politicians would die it is not ok if the. same thing happened to me often during discussions today i'd say thanks for being so frank that pleases me and i'll give some thought to what you say and still time and again came another volley of insults the message never got through i could picture late i made peace signals smoke signals there was no appeasing them with. the constitution on basic law and a functioning. prosy a most people want things to stay that way but these people need a scapegoat someone they can blame and that's politicians like you and scientists like me and many other cities and unfortunately time and again i mean some jewish community has a role in this together i think this time despite its true i'm so happy we got to meet here. once again she returns to the corona skeptics rally.
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good but eventually even carlina heisler has had enough can you prove you had. nice or can. they always all worked up at the end of a day like this but i think it's extremely important to engage people because politics again that demonstrations like this so i listen closely and gather lots of info then i sort myself out and feel better. and we've made lots of mistakes in the past especially in our debate culture mention when i'm fine if i denigrate people as covidien from the start i can't conduct a dialogue with them at eye level so feel more dialogue and less hate that's calling a priceless goal along with convincing people to take coronavirus seriously.
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9 mil b. is going green. can use capital city is transforming illegal dump sites into public parks al-ameen with the question was can you make it a place where people want to view and transform. the path to becoming an environmentally friendly metropolis. cull nairobi is bringing nature back to the city for good. what's the secret to a perfect. clee fried potato. would give some national dishes their distinctive character. for the love of. europe's favorite dishes with their small and big secret you know serious heat secrets. 62 w.
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. i'm not laughing at the germans but if somebody down but knows them nothing will become an even german thinks deep into the german culture of. mutants when taken as grandma they all do you know it's all about who they know i'm rachel join me to meet the gemini monkeys of course. when the sun is beating down in the city high noon what could be more welcome than a loss shouldn't tree offering a break from the heat on a nice wrist welcome to this week's equal africa i am sundered tween over here in kampala uganda today in the environmental magazine will be looking out called green little promises can be right needed.


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