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tv   Bares fur Rares  Deutsche Welle  October 11, 2020 7:30pm-8:30pm CEST

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what secrets lie behind things one. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. w world heritage 316 get the maps now. i really love winter another edition of your own max i'm your host meghan lee now there is a good reason why i am literally hanging here in the balance on a portable ledge more about that soon but 1st here's a look at what else we've got coming up. find out how gold leaf is still produced by hand in venice giggling. handed me to
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a multitalented british musician who feels a close connection to nature. today we kick off the show from a different perspective now i am sitting up here and i'm in a mobile foldable bed for mountaineers now it's practical for anyone who might be out climbing for days and in need of a place to sleep so if there aren't any accommodations in the area they can simply attach this bed to any ledge and spend the night under the stars well you might ask who would actually want to do this hero max reporter axel prima vaizey was a willing volunteer. and. if it's really. this is the place where i'm going to spend the night i don't know if i can handle this. i will spend
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the night hanging off a rock lives and the adventure begins with a hike i'm on my way to the local mountain in the northern part of austria with my guide mark was pulled into. this summit is 1500 meters above sea level. of clear eddy and i'm scared yeah here is fine ok. first i practice abseiled ing down the steep cliff i need to master this so i can get down safely to my part a legislator. marcos also shows me how to get back up again of course. looks really easy paddy bam i. am. who from ok. you know
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who. at this point it's a vertical drop of nearly $200.00 metres. at the end of up sailing so back up our goal. is to gurgle. now let's build my bed it's called a part of it and it's a frame made of aluminum tubes covered with the surface of my lawn for a brick this is what professional climate is used to spend the night on steep rock faces that can be climbed in one day. now we're going to connect. the plank a. to rail to the out of sight. just through here. to. make sure oxen that you do it right because it's late. exactly what is going to tell him. yeah this is pretty much it so this is it my bed
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for 2 nights. marcus make sure the part of it is safe the secure to the cliff. you have who is there actually. it looks scary from out here takes a few minutes and it's getting better and ok don't worry actually i'm cleaning the best for you no thank you that it's time for you ok to be honest right now i don't think if this is a good idea but i'm going to try it anyway but. i'm really getting scared now the big moment has arrived i'm so down to my high altitude bed and take off my shoes of course because at home i would be wearing them to bed either. or both. it looks so easy when he was setting it up and sitting near to put in ok.
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city here myself. completely different story. as the sun goes down temperatures soon begin to drop time to get some shot. so i'm staying in the harness the whole night and i'm still attached to this rope which is fixed up there so even. if the park on the edge would flip over our confidant ok so everything's safe and if i may be get scared in the night. i brought me little companion and he's of course. secured as well
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so good night. it's not only my 1st night on a rock face it's also my 1st time ever sleeping under the open sky. good morning. time to wake up. all. morning morning how you doing oh ok this made. my 1st brought some coffee to sipping some hot brew and taking in this stunning view what a glorious start to the day. yes so this was really one of the most exciting nights i ever had in my life i mean i
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did sleep well i wasn't scared at all during the night of course it's not that comfortable but see the stars in the night and waking up with this view i mean it's priceless. as unbelievable the use of gold leaf in paintings decorative arts and architecture dates back thousands of years but it's becoming increasingly harder to find hand between gold leaf in today's day and age and that's because producing it this way is a fading craft for example in venice in the year 7800. there were 300 so-called gold beater's today however there was only one family dedicated to this ancient tradition there we visited the mario bear to the lord o. studio to see how they are keeping their gold leaf business alive.
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much of what glitters here is indeed gold for centuries venice has launched its wealth with this precious metal. now very few craftsman's shops are left that work gold by hand. in the many gaps of family runs one of the world's last gold beating shops under the name mateo better come back the lot of. you don't really need that much strength for this work . it's all a question of technique your technique actually helps you work with less effort. that's important because depending on how thin the gold is supposed to end up it will take anywhere from 50 minutes to 2 and a half hours to hammer it out. to the purest 24 carat gold is no good at over 1000 degrees celsius and cast as
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a small bar which by itself has a value of about 6000 euros. ludicrous though this little gold bar is about 120 grams depending on the thickness required of the gold leaf we can make up 80026000 pieces from a thing you know for your. first the gold is passed through a rolling mill several times pressing it thinner each time it's rolled into a longer then heated over and over and put through the mill again. this were to go with the colors nice and yellow you know the gold is pure. the hue tends towards a reddish you know it's an alloy no. it might then contain silver or a little copper. when the gold ribbon is several metres long
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it's cut into lengths folded and cut again into little squares saddam in a god so they say these between sheets of parchment to separate them during the beating. a packet consists of 331st they're beaten with a machine and then quartered once more and then there worked with a hammer. for the muck of it out but. the final step is the hammering this is how gold leaf was made in venice a 1000 years ago at that time there were no machines to help with the heavy work. griscom of the hammer ways to kilos almost nothing this one weighs 4 kilos so it's a bit heavier but for me that's nothing at that age kilos well this one's pretty heavy. the hammering produces thousands of these gossamer leaves a single leastways barely as much as a hair eleonora many got so hopes this age old craft may be passed on to the next
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generation. is all it's a great responsibility because this very special work is in danger of dying out and that's not a nice thought that this could one day just be forgotten. our 1st store and gilder a lease up at the mouth song uses a great deal of madea better. gold leaf in her workshop. it takes a steady hand and the right conditions to work with this delicate material. even a gentle breeze could ruin everything. difference between industrially produced and hand made gold leaf is the norm and the industrial gold leaf is much thinner and more fragile it's really hard to do
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good work with the leaf tears easily and in the end it just doesn't look as good as the handmade gold leaf it is with. the. angel atop st mark's company is among the works restored using gold leaf from audio better. thanks to an age old handicraft the queen of the adriatic shines on. we're dish composer and musician cosmo sheldrake is a instrumentalist who uses nature as his inspiration well the chirp of a bird for example can serve as the source for his musical creations now it's hard to put sheldrake's music into one category but we have company time on location to see how he captures the sounds for his musical collages.
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british musician kosmos sheldrake feels a deep connection with nature the songs he composes are inspired by the world around him he works from a small solar powered studio deep in a forest in southern england. to learn to play the piano at age 4 today he plays over 30 different instruments his 2nd album wake up calls features a range of bird samples. chop the sounds out and arrange them a sampler so i can trigger back different elements of what i've recorded in and then start to kind of color those sounds together and build a enter piece of music. whenever he can the 30 year old explores his lush the roundings 'd 'd hunting for sounds to sample. 'd nature to me i guess just means a celebration of life it's just. one of the songs every life has a passion for living and i think it's just. it's just true isn't it just being in
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a natural place you just get that sense of just life busting for from becoming constantly. it's very hard to know what inspires. inspires me to seems to arrive sometimes on the wind maybe. so i'm recording the sound of the wind in the ghost bush it's quite chaotic kind of howling. gusty sound and i'm making peace of the moment involved when. you can tell so many stories and through a piece of music or through sounds that would take you know books to explain. the cosmos music is like poetry.
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he's played shows in many different corners of the world and he has a soft spot for performing in nature. i mean i love playing outside. i for. one of my favorite things that seem to play to places about the people i think it's just as important to perform to in places and to places but often i'll go to a place to record sounds from that place make a piece of music out of that and then take it back to the place and perform it back in the place i think places could listen to music i i'd like to think they could be nice and we believe that the creatures in the place is going to music. i'm seeing. a change right june june.
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by friday in. the cosmos music is an ode to the beauty of our natural environment which like his music never ceases to amaze. we turn our attention now to berlin which is a top address for international cuisine but anyone who comes here would be missing out if they didn't try the famous or the infamous corrie forest now you may just think it's a simple hotdog with a special spicy catch up but it is a much more complicated than that berlin curry verse is prepared and served in different ways which determine the quality and taste we take a closer look now at the production of curry burst in and around berlin and what makes it so special.
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this isn't working man's food it's not trendy food it's for everyone it's food for the homeless and the president alike of the dentin. there may be life without curry worst but in our case it wouldn't have much meaning. for me the berlin curry worst is the best way in the world so pig out that it. has to be fully curry words that any time of the day or night we open at 8 am and close at 5 am or open 21 hours a day. i have lots of vienna bitch i manage curry 36 and berlin's quite spare districts about 20. lin's original curry worst was only made of pork now there are
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many other variations but we only sell curry worst made of pork or beacon curry worst as an alternative iannaccone both. products very worst we only use genuine holland apple fed pigs from our own farm which i know. i am stephon cause i'm head of production at the caught up oh farm but yours. mine we use pork belly shoulder and bacon and then add water in the form of ice for cooling. then of course comes the spices salt pepper and not make to give it a little personal touch mission or too little too. next comes the felling the curry worst is stuffed into an intestinal skin then it's cooked in a steamer. the berlin classic is a shop on tao on a pallet meaning the curry worst has no skin when
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a dog. is on my view to the al east germany we grew up eating curry wares without skin and we've stuck with that variation to this day. my name is dagmar canuck and we're standing here in front of our business because take away us and i'm the 3rd generation to run and here. is the so you see my grandparents and parents introduce the curry worst without skin to east berlin in 1960. investigates trillin already had curry worst with skin back then and my grandpa was always interested in new products so he decided to introduce curry worse to east berlin intestines were in short supply back then so we had to make do without and today we're known in famous for just that. i like curry worst with or without skin curry
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worst with skin should be nice and crispy but not too dry curry worst without skin needs to be very juicy but fried golden brown on the outside. the recipe for our sauce is a secret we won't tell it to anyone it's all stored in our heads. the secret to our sauce to be honest there's no secret it's just catchup made 87 percent tomatoes a little sugar a little bit of a little spice and if that's it with. you. live in before every curry worst shop tries to be unique and i and promotes its own songs in the end it comes down to the vendors personal to. summat mango pulp or apple sauce or wish to share sauce or soy sauce it doesn't
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matter as long as the guests like it. might remain up and i think it's important not to skimp on the sauce but we also don't want to drown the sausage and overpowered states into that is much to go. with it's not like there's one typical berlin curry worst with that the vendors are making each of us sells what works best for us the feel part of everything goes. to burning wood for fire is common practice however burning wood for building seems like a contradiction in terms but now an ancient japanese method of charring wood is catching on in europe it's called shoes simply by and it means refining by fire by burning
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the surface the structure of the wood changes making it fire resistant now one dutch company specializes in this method and we were on hand to find out war. the idea here is not to burn the wood but to treat it following a traditional japanese method of vine and ties 3 boards together to form a shaft he then sets them up right over a flame by that you get something like a chimney fire and the interesting part of it is that if there's a very big oxygen flow which is no pretty good but it's just. the point is to preserve the wood fiber while eliminating the nutrients that attract vermin and fungus that makes the wood more resilient and durable the japanese discovered this effect a long ago after a number of towns suffered fires when that was 30 city fires they found out that the houses which have been done before which at this kind of clearing didn't burn
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that easily off the. feet of vine and has refined the technique for building houses facades and furniture. on an old farm about 70 kilometers southwest of bannister dam his team experiments with different kinds of wood burning methods. in 2012 peter vine ins company was among the 1st to make the technique known outside of japan. now several others offer similar products each with their own processes which they often keep strictly secret. we are very careful with it because it's a very strict procedure in which for every kind of wood we need a different kind of temperature different kind of oxygen speed etc. it took time to get so far but i think we can really make the best we can. the burning process makes the wood a long lasting and low maintenance building material that can stand at least 50 years without needing any further treatment and black is
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a very trendy color in architecture interior designers are using more and more. for instance very tumbling gave the encore. by simone this restaurant and the hague its very own distinctive style with charred wood i chose this material because. as you can see with strike lights it gives reflection gets more depth and there's also gold. even the trains used to serve the food are made with charred wood. and. peter vine and company employs designers carpenters and wood specialists to find new ways to use the material besides merely as decorative paneling. in the future we would like to explore making a whole furniture i fink it's a unique look that you won't gets any other way. into vine and uses
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a blowtorch to test the fire resistance of the wood in the beginning it was the primary tool and it's can't i just did it for myself to make my own house and off the debts of the developments came sort of started with a blowtorch and i did a little small over and now i found out really that it's it's not a trick with local it's a coffin ship and that's something with time which takes concentration and i think that's that's the most beautiful thing that happened. to does advance it's i can't imagine is that we can produce any as long as it's black. or be a divine and whether interior or exteriors architecture black it's very beautiful indeed. and with that we wrap up another show but be sure to follow us on social media or check out our website for this week's drop if you enter you could become the proud owner of this i pad from me and everyone here in berlin as always thanks for watching well seeing it through.
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the be.
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w. this is the news live from berlin hopes that a truce between 2 former soviet republics might last for dashed azerbaijan and armenia trade accusations as missiles rained down on several cities victims describe a night of terror under fire. also coming up india's coronavirus cases surged past 70000000 sub continent is set to overtake the united states as the world's worst hit nation in the coming weeks. plus coronavirus fatigue in europe bar owners complain new rules forcing them to close early but their livelihoods average.
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welcome to the program a russian brokered ceasefire in the disputed region of now is coming under severe strain azerbaijan says overnight shelling by armenian forces left several people dead and dozens wounded but both sides continue to blame the other for breaking the truce. this doesn't look like a ceasefire as are by john's defense ministry released this video of overnight airstrikes on a legit armenian military positions saying they prevented an armenian attack but armenian shelling did hit the as airy city of gunja where residents described a night of terror. were sleeping it was around 2 in the morning we heard an explosion and after that our house blew up. those.
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fell on my face. i opened my eyes and another rocket hit. i said to my. so what is this all i can see was clouds of dust. a prisoner exchange meant to take place on sunday was also part of the ceasefire the leader of the self-proclaimed armenian republic of nagorno-karabakh says azerbaijan is not living up to its part of the deal. according to the agreement this process was supposed to take place today with the support of the red cross. there are hundreds of dead bodies lying there and the government is indifferent to them. john says it's our media that is acting in bad faith. it seems that the armenian side continues to use the ceasefire to its advantage their attacks on the civilian
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population of azerbaijan these events were also covered by foreign journalists in our country. it's now been 2 weeks of fighting inflaming old hatreds that decades of negotiations have failed to put to rest. let's get more now from lawrence boris he's the caucuses program director at the london based peace building organization conciliation resources lawrence thanks so much for joining us as a by john and armenia they're accusing each other of shelling the cities despite this truce what needs to happen to end this conflict. well i think we're in a very dangerous moment where actually nobody really has leverage over the conflict parties as your report noted there have been missile strikes and bombardments both of population points in a car hit south and of ganja azerbaijan's 2nd city last night with civilian casualties the strikes seem to be aimed at imposing political costs on continuing
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fighting rather than strictly military goals but this afternoon there have been reports of resumed fighting in the northeast and southeast so really. the situation is extremely dangerous and populations are becoming increasingly radicalized which gives leaders very narrow space in which to back down now i imagine this conflict is not happening in a vacuum so tell us more about the roles that outside parties are playing in steering this conflict one way or the other. well this is never really been a proxy conflict as such it's driven by local concerns no cool identities but outside powers have been very important in sustaining it and in this new round of escalation so russia for many years has been playing a kind of a balancing act it's a security partner to armenia that selling weapons to to both sides but what russia doesn't want to see is
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a protracted conflict involving an external power turkey in the sensitive south caucasus turkey's entry into the army has by johnny conflict as the key kind of new feature of this round of violence this has improved azerbaijan's battle performance and given it the confidence to reject what it sees as self-serving russian mediation but neither russia nor turkey are interested or have the capacity for a broader political settlement and that's why it's crucial that european states now mobilize and act to stabilize the situation to reinvigorate the peace process and to support extending humanitarian aid to the region lawrence for many of our viewers this this conflict might seem very vague and far away can you tell us more than the implications of this conflict beyond the region that it immediately affects. well i think the key thing in a sense about the south caucasus is that it's surrounded by a number of regional powers russia turkey and iran that each have separate
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agendas russia and turkey are seeking to elevate their status in regional and global politics but it's also i think the humanitarian catastrophe that is currently ongoing the united nations high commissioner for human rights has has written on this has stated that there is a major humanitarian disaster ongoing very high numbers of houses and schools civilian infrastructure being destroyed in the one you care about itself and in the azerbaijani towns around the combat zone now when you add that to the impact of the pandemic which has hit both countries quite hard plus winter is coming you have the basis for a major humanitarian disaster that european states cannot ignore. our spurs thank you so much for joining us with that analysis thank you very much. the number of corona virus cases in india has surged past 7000000 and experts say
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the real number may be much higher only the united states has more infections and they're rising rapidly in india officials confirmed almost 70 $5000.00 new cases in just the latest 24 hour period now the indian government is hoping to avoid another nationwide lockdown which would take a heavy toll on the economy. and 1000000 cases in just 2 weeks and yet life in the cities is getting back to normal but the government is keen to avoid a repeat of march when india suffered what was then the toughest look down in the world the 21 day stoppage save lives but back to the economy output shrank but almost a quarter in the summer millions lost their jobs now with many businesses on the brink of ruin every need shut down would be devastating. we said team diversity graduates rocky chand says the pandemic is robbing both young and old of their
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future is. there are no jobs here in the city well in rural areas only hear about is people getting fired hardly anyone is hiring recent graduates see the confines jobs well they're being fired the hey charlie destry has been hit the hardest many older workers are losing their jobs but i thought it. the government has launched a muscle when this campaign and courage in the public to wear masks wash their hands and maintain physical distance. but not everyone is heeding the cool. you know some people won't wearing masks but you really have to now. everyone needs to think about their health at this point. people just don't understand. winter and india's festival season approaching that means he's gathering is in temples and shopping districts if the world's biggest democracy is to get on top of
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the pandemic persuading the public to mosque up will be crucial. now let's turn to some of the other stories making news around the world thousands of belarusians have taken to the streets of mince for the 9th consecutive sunday to protest against president alexander lukashenko opposition media reporting that police have used water cannon and stun grenades to disperse the crowd and have detained at least $100.00 protesters including journalists. at least 7 people have died after torrential rains led to widespread flooding in southeast asia or than 26000 people have been forced to evacuate as floodwaters inundate central vietnam laos and cambodia have also been affected and more heavy rain is expected in the coming days . at least 20 people have been killed in a collision between a bus and a train in central thailand a tour bus was carrying passengers to a religious ceremony the vehicle was hit by the train as it crossed the railway
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track 60 kilometers east of the capital bangkok. the world health organization is warning of what it's calling widespread coded for t.v. in europe tensions are rising in many cities where measures have been reimposed try to slow the spread of the virus the new restrictions are having a particular impact on sectors such as the service and hospitality industry. i know. they say scotland's not like shutdown has put their businesses on thin ice hospitality industry workers protesting glasgow they worried about their futures after the scottish government announced restaurants bars and pubs across much of the country will close for the next 2 wakes they consent shared by the boquet because of berlin is the sense that they have businesses and now being hit by the city's 1st few in 70 years a major imposed because patrons didn't follow social distancing rules but one that will put the lure of fighting to comply and critics. you know is that the us will
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be those who do follow the rules of being put in the same basket as those who don't i wish they'd just controlled that problem. of americans all it does. anger i've island's new antiviral controls spot clashes in dublin this was a protest organized by the far right police had to force them apart from camp to demonstrate is the country's government last week introduced cook's on travel and such a lising due to near record in fiction writes. it's pleading with the population to comply rather than let warry in division tie called to say. we're sick of being. sick of being told what to do you can go on to go to mass than it was with funeral mass senator or go hundreds also protested in warsaw they were there to voice outrage over the government's decision to make mosque wearing
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compulsory in public like an island many of these demonstrators were from the far right. the continent extremists are hoping to capitalize on fees that seem to be growing as quickly as europe's in fiction writes. let's get more on these developments right here in germany with my colleague anthony howard and to me this term code what we've been talking about here how do we know this is even a thing open but both potential answers around scientific but almost irrefutable fatigue is sitting in clearly because the advice on how to deal with corona has not changed and yet the cases in europe and in the midst of what we call the 2nd wave so we know what to do we know where must we know to socially distance into hygiene and that's the great sense of fatigue in some senses the way healing the sign message it's like hearing from your parents the whole time clean your room and people end up i don't want to do it most of them less people doing the right things we know the right things we're doing the right things and yet the restrictions of
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back and getting would worse we're talking madrid italy england france and now germany we know people have current if it's a because public health experts are saying loudly and clearly that the battleground of covert now is in the minds of those who have to follow the rules all of us and it's just not happening some are saying it's cognitive dissonance but in layman's terms people just don't want to do the same thing and get the same result. and it's something to china that have a broken record going on right and further proof is that the who say on their website less people less searching for coded terms we just don't want to know about it so we're googling for other things now and here in germany there's at least from the outside been an impression whether whether it's true or not that germany has done quite well with the virus of people that following the rules is that so much the case anymore that ship has sailed even if it was just an impression it's a $4000.00 because it's on friday i think in a usually under foot struck a lawn through that impression not only that it's just not berlin and we'll get to berlin but braman frankfurt and stuttgart this is not about building being the
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northeast boy in the family the black sheep the black sheep in the german family not doing as they say it's now. widespread beyond the pot in town so to speak and angela merkel doesn't always speak up as much as other world leaders we know that when she rises have voice to say 10000 a day is on the horizon and when we get there we have a serious problem then you know something is up buildings particles of chinese now no alcohol between 11 and 6 am and again knowing the culture here compliance could be different right specially for a city that's really known for being open all the time now we've been seeing in the report you've been telling us this resistance now a lot of times we hear about this resistance we're focusing on conspiracy theorists far right activists people who spend way too much time on you tube but is there any legitimate claim city to push back this criticism or see declines i think is a legitimate question that we weren't asking 3 months ago perhaps and that's a a middle one it's a pretty tough one is that how many millions of people should be put under
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financial pressure in in accordance to save how many 1000 lives it's a horrible thing to watch but it's because part of the daily life the feel israel and the fatigue is really want to apparently the man asked them how they're going to cope with homeschooling when winter is coming winter is coming for us all and they howard thanks very much for that update. let's turn now to. the day you know the people for over that's in home the force and for the. beatles it is for me. is for. me it is for. beethoven it. is for.
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beatles it is for every. beethoven 2020. 5th anniversary here on d w. marvelous world and the stuff it cost reminiscent of hollywood movies no wonder people around the globe and yes think about computer games but how influential are they really and how does the gaming seen him play society the topic today on. more than 3000000000 people around the world regularly play games on a p.c. console or in my case on a smartphone games are an everyday part of life for about 40 percent of the people worldwide so it's not surprising that marketing strategist count on the wide reach
8:17 pm
like with the popular real time simulation game animal crossing your horizons earlier this year it was sold out even democratic presidential candidate joe biden was nearly 80 years old is using the game to reach new voters over 22000000 people play animal crossing new horizons in the. you design your own little island now you can also use campaign posters team behind joe biden's campaign has added 4 logos to the game all of which can be put up as. joe biden's campaign team are trying to reach specific target audiences. and animal crossing is an effective way to reach a relatively young mostly female target audience. it's difficult to assess the advocacy of animal crossing or other online games and campaigning but in this
8:18 pm
case they definitely managed to grab the media's attention has shifted. gentlemen is not the 1st u.s. politician to try using gains during an election campaign in 2006 mark warner then the party favorite in the democratic presidential primaries made a campaign appearance in the virtual world of 2nd life he was defeated by barack obama who then went on to set up a virtual campaign headquarters in 2nd life in the run up to the 2008 election his campaign and it's appeared in both sports and racing games. because of the lack of transparency there's a potential danger with political campaigning in online games. with animal crossing and joe biden there's a lot of media attention and they specifically targeted that game but generally speaking anyone could do that. trump supporters are also uploading their own designs to animal crossing pro-democracy activists in hong kong have content
8:19 pm
available to be used to circulate political messages likewise the blacklight smash them is then test done so too. whether they like it or not players are bound to be confronted with political issues and animal crossing for the foreseeable future. to be completely honest i'm not sure that game complaining is. good idea sometimes i just want to switch off but radical political groups are using animal crossing to spread more extreme views as well users can flag content but nintendo doesn't have a real strategy to stop hate speech unfortunately the same is true for many other platforms multiplayer games have a huge problem with racism and sexism even if they think it's just fun men and boys are creating a toxic atmosphere online they still crossing a line as a recent example from germany shows i knew that streaming star montana black normally has over 3000000 followers on the video platform twitch due to his massage
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honest and sexist videos. with the 32 year old's account was blocked for a month afterwards montana black apologized for his heavily criticized holiday videos. the outcome from this case is unusual because perpetrators don't normally face any consequences usually it's the gamers who speak out against sexism missile genea and racism who become targets for coordinated hate campaigns this past summer dozens of women spoke out about experiences of sexual violence on twitch and since then they have been numerous accounts of women being harassed or abused online. lydia is a gamer who likes to play a lot especially online she encounters massage and it's again salt and games on a daily basis i don't know what i would call some of them very slight insults so there are the classics you'd better go to the kitchen and fix me
8:21 pm
a sandwich. and it just gets worse from there of course. there are no boundaries i've been threatened with rape multiple times on the internet. situations support from other players is rare. this is no might. become normal and nobody is really bothered anymore everyone just accepts it ok it's just another insult. not all gamers are racist for massaging it but the gaming scene in particular has a real problem one reason for that is a lack of moderators to oversee communication on the different platforms. images it's a big problem and we see that gaming platforms and communities create spaces where this hatred and toxic communication are expressed openly unlike social media perpetrators don't really fear any consequences for their actions with its games on facebook i believe more action is needed to stop online hate speech the gaming seen
8:22 pm
as a problem but that doesn't mean that every should offend is prone to violence studies have refuted the killer game misconception still the aesthetics of 1st person shooter games have played a role in terrorist attacks there's even a term for it the game if occasion of tarot. these on live streams which will facebook seen from the 1st person shooter perspective the terrorist attacks in christchurch new zealand and hunted germany all recent examples of what experts call the game if occasion of terror the terrorist and holly even posted an achievement list online containing objectives he wanted to collect just like in a video game and he took on. the whole a terrorist posted that racist achievement list online to create a degree of comparability. to make a sport out of it to say hey look at my high score can you beat it. it's a form of game of occasion that tries to portray these horrific terrorist attacks
8:23 pm
as playful and game like how have the boundaries between gaming and reality become so blurred for some people and how do others watch on the fascination. serious games is a term used by some expose to describe games used for educational purposes like teaching politics or history through the dockers of times is a game set in nazi germany and aims at raising historical awareness even one germany's most prestigious computer game award. was made in 1933 the masses was celebrating. we knew that this was the beginning and were to come we knew that the nazis didn't make threats we had to do something this is the starting point in the strategy game through the darkest of times here players take on the role of resistance fighters some of the tasks include organizing the secret resistance against hitler recruiting new members raising
8:24 pm
money for protesting this game doesn't need a 1st person shooter perspective to end fatally paying back at the berlin based company behind the game uses gaming to make history more accessible in a playful way and that's just the beginning. of computer i believe that we're only just getting started with using computer games and the possibilities that they represent especially with education. i'm talking about exciting intelligent games that are fun to play that are educational but not in an obvious way. i believe that usage for these kinds of games will increase because we simply need them. whether it's historical facts. learning about right wing extremism like with leon's character or learning mathematical formulas whilst gaming. education and computer games are a good match. but leaving serious games aside for
8:25 pm
a moment computer games are increasingly taking big social issues and even the future pay just picked up on this in fact many games can compete with hollywood movies. concept design and music it's amazing to see what game designers create nowadays have a look at this was. epic soundtracks played by an orchestra. voice service by famous musicians like. elaborate animations created with the latest hollywood technology games are no longer considered a lower cultural art form as director of the german cultural council is a prominent figure in germany's cultural landscape 'd in his handbook on gaming culture he argues that games can be more than entertainment. tell
8:26 pm
a story differently and the person dealing with the story feels like they're part of the story and have greater control over how the story unfolds. this real one example is c. of solitude a game created by german design economy. and this game turns negative emotions like anxiety loneliness or depression into experiences and. my game is very metaphorical and full of symbolism it's my personal story it's the story of my life but i don't want it to be told like this happened that happened so i hide it in more abstract things you roam through this world and bit by bit you discover different parts of the story. kentucky roots 0 is a surreal game set in a mystical version of kentucky full of strange encounters the homeless that is based on the t.v. cult series twin peaks'. character
8:27 pm
development is becoming increasingly important in action games as well like in god for the newest game in the series the warrior craze charles has to deal with. for. the blockbuster video game the last of us to only has female protagonists and tells a story about love. games will not be able to get around the broader societal demand that shifting towards more diversity and representation. that's why i feel the gaming scene is still lacking when we're arguing among each other and it is a contentious debate we should also be debating it on panels and at podiums we should ask how could you create this character in this way what were you thinking have you ever thought about how this can impact society. how.
8:28 pm
a broader discussion on games and their content would be helpful i think that in the near future games will be as important as movies or t.v. series which is why they deserve an equally as serious conversation for that same reason game designers and gaming platforms should be held accountable for tackling and removing hate speech what do you think games a cultural art form or are they just something with which to pass the time tell us on facebook or d w dot com and check out our you tube channel for more on gaming culture that's it for me for today thank you and.
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