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people feel for their lives and their future so they seek refuge abroad but because of the who stay behind. this place starts october 16th on g.w. . let it. be done is to stop us yet and i have a loser i'm going to cope with. this season on the days. when stress issues you know that will go for a few mondays and we're going to stay in. these are not there for the fun today so much is it afforded us. one.
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in april 990 communist east germany was effectively being wound down but with new opportunities finally emerging some developments were far from free. you heard it was chaos in this country that wasn't really a country anymore only. the state authority crumbling it became a free for all in the country's football stadiums. to dish on the floor all kinds of promises being married to and people lied about everything under the sun. were young and beautiful became a valve for venting frustration in an extreme manner mas who knows it all. 6 months after the fall of the berlin wall state institutions were now also
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collapsing. the west german torch mark would already become the new currency that summer. amidst the up people sweeping the land beyond book park in east berlin hosted the country's last cup final before german reunification . royston days that this is all right show dresden that they're not the only ones with their brand of attractive football and that's all we need to prove today dresden will be scared of us because we've already kicked out 2 teams and marketable and like sick with tough we need that same energy today i want to see every man busting a gut for the others with the right foot in a plane is in my eyes i had goosebumps that's how pumped up i was and that feeling was passed on to the players they were totally fired up. enough and he has scored
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his goal paid to schools one bomb got to 3 goals and dresden will need 4 come home bus to go up you'll see let's get out there give it your all and remember if you're down you're not down and out. i've been going to him don't think. i was 18 i've never been so scared before a match looking back i was totally overwhelmed i run around and didn't know where i was supposed to be running. sherene were in the east german 2nd division and a surprise package in the final their opponent's reigning champions dynamo drinkin teaching the likes of east german stars kierston mighty examined and thorsten the game reflected the times east germany was being wound down its economy in a state of collapse. but for people in sherry and elsewhere in the country german reunification was on the horizon and people were free to travel.
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in the cities at the hectic pace of change in society was something you couldn't ignore on the contrary there were all these things we were now facing for the 1st time marketing's. plus taxes and contracts we have no idea what our future wouldn't. it's. in east germany sports when integrity part of society and governed from top to bottom by the state the country's football players had enjoyed talk clash training and after the fall of the berlin wall were now of great interest to west german clubs. among those attending the last cup final before the country's demise was by a leverkusen football executive branch or calland for business and personal reasons . my mother is from the east and you know i remember the thuringia style rule aids
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and dumplings she used to make i had an affection for these people and still do. the both because on the cities of the ghetto in that it's a region i love as well as the baltic sea coast of course there's still hope. so i was very happy to see the dawn of a new era. in the summer of 1990 the east german currency was replaced by the west german deutschmark west german supermarket chains were quick to set up stores in the east and with them came the western consumer goods. i'm a zipper from the office are always being told what to do under communism now we suddenly have to decide everything for ourselves in a free market society is if we didn't even know what unemployment was what i need social security from so that was really difficult for those players where do we go
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from here. first rush here for these are speed of big business like that. i went straight from jail to unemployment as i was because i never found a new job and the $435.00 mox we're now getting is impossible to live on you know if i'm lucky. i'm going in the shame to see that man if we go to them because of not having to my in-laws and my mother was at that age where this issue became absolutely crucial so of course i was worried. too and. really hadn't especially if this globe and i never ending it was my dentist i knew all these guys who had qualifications for professions that no longer existed so you needed to retrain a lot of people had completed college degrees that were now not recognized an icon
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. in town and no stomach that he has found he said that in 589 behalf. oh oh. god. oh. my god move up press them come on. that god must i did so i had to save time emotionally. come on girls get a move on to most things get back out that was all i can about that that can see if anything is possible 300 feet is not that 'd kind of thing for i was totally obsessed with the business i think. i'm dress i told you to clear your ends come on unbelievable keep it up. i don't want you side i.
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find that i'm. often on foot uphill thesis to on. the heights not since you know the folks to make the world as i know advice was the. no funding stock at all storm for the stomach was formed under a cult is all that's on the road i need to face fossil since i was 600 years and i spoke of pressure on us from the off one attack via who made 3 of us look like amateurs stallman's and. people here think i was and is in for talking to the level well i wasn't there to scout but i noticed she leans multi-year stomach's the lines in something this skinny guy i left photos of the slings for this little thing here and i thought ok he's got talent the length and it's always hard to judge the pace is that that in i
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think should be lean was 2nd division back then he. gets what a lethal thing but he stood out to me and i thought we should check him out then who come once a month. my 2 years that i had out here track to detention after having in the winter in strays the last semifinal. i was any with any want to shut the crime but i didn't have an agent i just accepted the deal he was offering me because for me it was a huge amount of money for me it meant a future and an insurance. or not see all this on a small sedan we said you'll get such and such a sum for your rent and other living costs me i'd say 2000 marks i think that will cover your basics when i'm films and a plus will guarantee him
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a proper permanent jobs or educational training so that he had optional spots on the philosophy at all and above all teens that we'd give him top rate training as a footballer in the sequel to scottish i was building. soon after that final stand on sign to byron leverkusen for $350.00. thousands to each marks or around 180000 euros and move it all i did some big time furniture shopping i'll take that bed in that wardrobe all paid for by live accusing somebody of what it was like a dream land a completely different world and it's. traditionally player transfers were few and far between east german clubs like sherene formerly also called vienna but that all changed right after the fall of the berlin wall in november of 1909. because you were always afraid hopefully we won't lose another one 0 i know. it's wrong shit was
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a tough time if you were afraid to $24.00 seventh's. but his squad did fall apart during that season franken rolled hole not good went to you back in the 4th division. yes bush yet to hamburg in the west german top flight. could things have been done differently in that transitional year 989 to 9090 had a ban on transfers no way east germans were happy to see an end to all those bands and decrease the very things they've taken to the streets to protest against this exists now new bans could they have imposed a provisional 3 year ban on east german players signing to west german clubs city despite them now playing in the same league and i don't think that would have worked. and dresden players were among the top targets for west german scouts
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who would approach them on site right after training. and then before it was a big issue out that time. who would move clubs and to where and this one now this these were things. we've never had to deal with a force that's not true and of course it was about resources about it and. you has it sitting up there in the stands and he could hardly hide himself to consider taking this. during the final days the center forward kiersten had a largely quiet game unlike the league football where he had scored in every 3rd game as seen here again smacked of bread.
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there's a lot of talk from both about yourself and. i west german magazine has published details of a contract between you and. did you actually sign for them. i did sign a contract but it was then immediately destroyed so that has to be a photocopy of anything no original copy exists so can talk all they want i'm never going there. again. that signature wasn't perhaps a wise move. there were a lot of factors involved they said dresden and my advisor had given their approval i gave it a lot of thought but couldn't reach anyone so i just signed. on and that there was complete naivety among pros who'd grown up in east germany as was the case throughout society.
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and new market was born as some 50000 sales reps an agent scouted the country and football was likewise a lucrative market. it was crazy. people selling you things door to door health insurance and other such things. it included to say oh of course you could easily take out a loan but we conservative thinking east germans were still gullible. as of yet these 2 top members indeed a song i'm sufficiently we certainly learned our lesson that with. this negative thought. later that summer and before german reunification kiersten led to more dreams then for buying leverkusen for what would have been 1800000 here else absalom
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up most of the best dying of old kusin was a top signing of all the big stars we have and there was amma since schuster. said roberto and lucio slow but he was the biggest player we had caused by physio and. then effect was the onslaught as a since high school skates was on a couple of bars was. involves funk schussler. on the new york student amity mouse price was. then she said seeking new things in full by. want that comes with holes in his hands liza was taught us how distressed asset charts would all. i see.


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