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tv   Deutschland im Kalten Krieg  Deutsche Welle  October 13, 2020 1:03pm-1:45pm CEST

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reinvigorated trump wrapped up the rally dancing with the crowd even as the tone jarred with a country in crisis. the contrasts with democratic nominee joe biden couldn't have been stalking you visited another battleground state one of several east socially distance events across ohio he attacked trump's handling of the pond damage asked donald trump's presidency 250000 dead because of crude experts say we're likely to lose another 200000 people in the next few months unless we take some serious action and he doesn't know what he's doing all because his presence only worried about one thing the stock market he refused to follow the science it's estimated that we just wore these mass nationally we'd save over $100000.00 lives between now and the end of the year. biden himself is now heading to florida with the election day just 3 weeks away both campaigns are in
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over dry. joined by william blue cross from a us election to william he seems trump seems in fighting form again the parent who cover it what role does it play in the in the content fighting form and back to making unsubstantiated claims that can't be said enough that there's no conclusive science on whether someone has had corona and has the antibodies in their blood is immune and if so for how long so we should definitely can't we definitely can't say that anough. has been promising something better or an alternative to obamacare the affordable care act since he ran in 2016 he and republicans have not yet actually presented any concrete plan to what that better health insurance reform might be that they want to replace obamacare with and they've been trying to strike down obamacare through the courts. for 4 years since it was 1st passed and we should be very very clear that the kind of health care that donald trump got for most
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americans is just simple america has phenomenal health care but terrible health care access great doctors great medicines great hospitals but for most americans just out of reach even with obamacare for many americans health insurance is still just way too expensive medicines are just way too expensive they're still not the kind of access that you need and even if everyone could somehow get that kind of care that donald trump got it's just impossible for for a hospital system for a medical system to be able to give that kind of attention and treatment to every single person so not so realistic what donald trump is offering come back to the can paint they're going to florida oh trump is going to florida and how important is that state for the election florida's always that sticky widget in the in the campaign of course is infamous for ever from 2000 being the decisive or indecisive state coming down just a few 100 votes and the bush gore campaign is going to the supreme court how that presidency was decided florida is always an important state by no means decisive it
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has 29 electoral votes. it's also an extremely diverse state which is why there's often such razor thin margins between the winner and the loser in presidential campaigns you have a large jewish population large population you have rule conservatives you have a large cuban immigrant community and their descendants which they tend to be among the more conservative of latino voters so it's a real it's a real mixed bag of voters in florida which is what makes it such an interesting and weird state in a very difficult state for candidates to crack biden has a strong lead over trump in the polls and he's also outspending trump on the campaign how important is money and gives i mean as we say money talks and i think it's impressive how much money gets spent on u.s. elections i don't think many people realize that as much as a $1000000000.00 in total if not more can be spent on t.v. ads and other kinds of spending to try to x.
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you know convince voters one way or the other even though studies show that voters are mainly have their minds made up and there's only so much that another t.v. ad another internet spot web spot can really do in convincing voters but to that end democrats that includes joe biden the campaign itself the democratic party and their affiliated nonprofit groups and super pacs they are out spending the trump campaign and they're out raising the campaign just to give you a few numbers they've spent $85000000.00 more on t.v. ads than republicans and they brought in way more money just in august alone democrats brought in 3 $165000000.00 in donations to the republicans $210000000.00 which gives them much more money to spend with which is exactly what they're doing in these last weeks for the election for the crazy amounts. elections in thank you very much. time now to turn to some of the other stories making headlines around the world today facebook is banning posts that deny at his store the holocaust
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company boss mark zuckerberg says he believes the new policy strikes the right balance between free speech and spreading misinformation the platform has repeatedly come under fire for failing to act on hate speech issues nearly 40 people have now died in vietnam and cambodia as a tropical storm exacerbates seasonal rains across southeast asia the floods are expected to worsen over the coming days with storm nunca forecast to dump more rain as it makes landfall in vietnam on wednesday. china is testing more than 1000000 residents in the city of king doll for corona virus after a small cluster of infections was detected authorities say more than 3000000 samples have already been collected out of 1000000 results so far only 12 have come back positive china says it has been largely coronavirus free since mid august with all reported cases coming from outside the country this latest outbreak has been
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linked to a hospital that had been treating imported covert cases. now for more on that story let's bring in our correspondent when he has building in beijing about is the national health commission says that quote the whole city will be tested within 5 days we're talking $9000000.00 people here how is that supposed to happen. but china has shown that it can test a lot of people in a very short time. earlier this year there was a test. the whole population of one which is 11000000 inhabitants was tested they were not tested in 5 days but a few more but basically china has impressive testing capacities for these mass tests they pool their samples of groups of people and test them together that allows them to proceed very quickly with tests and if they're negative then all of them are negative if they turn out positive they have to retest all the people who
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were in that pool this is this is how they do this and this is really the key to china's strategy to control the outbreaks new outbreaks when there are a few cases mass testing is meant to control these. new cases come just days after china's golden week holiday when people travel across the country are chinese authorities keeping track of all those people. well there are a lot of measures in place to keep track you have to install an app on your phone for each place where you go and you have to register with this app because when you enter for example shops shopping malls etc this is not always enforced i am not sure whether this data really is enough to track all people who have been at a certain location at a certain moment but there's also other data public security bureau the police authority they have data on traveling on hotels stays for everybody who buys
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a ticket a plane or a train ticket in china all books a hotel and it's not always clear to everybody how these data is used and how much data is released by one or 32 of the other but basically a lack of data is not the problem here in china and corona virus infections are now very low in china overall if the official reports can be trusted but the pandemic is still raging elsewhere how concerned are chinese authorities about the possibility of another way. well to throw as much in our as they have now to control a place where we seem to have. a dozen maybe a few dozen infections shows that they're very concerned their strategy is to eliminate outbreaks immediately here in china and that means that they have to keep the borders closed with these quarantine rules where people have to stay for 2
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weeks at a designated hotel and undergo quarantine there so i think the biggest worry of the chinese government related to this disease are now the imported cases anyway that the virus could come into the country and could maybe spread and maybe not be detected early enough to prevent a big outbreak i think this is something i'm very worried about that of us much has been reporting from beijing. meanwhile german health minister against ban is says he's expecting a coronavirus vaccine to be ready in the next few months germany is backing several efforts to develop a vaccine sponsors eventually there should be more than enough to go around. nearly yesterday i need you we have contracts with several manufacturers if all the horses reach the finish line we will have far too many vaccines but i can't just rely on one minute fact it's illegal if we have too much i'm sure we'll be able to
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use it globally i assure we'll be able to begin in the 1st quarter of next year you know speaking. john health ministry and spawn speaking there and i'm now joined by peter groff of crimes now he's the director at the institute for tropical medicine at the university hospital tubingen and he's been working on a vaccine for a long time mr times do you share the minister's optimism about a safe vaccine being available in the next few months. gotta know yes indeed i do she is of committed. very much i'm pretty sure that even her and also in the european union the last hour terse vaccines you wouldn't even period you've got the 1st axioms license in china and the other one in russia already next year yoshio that the next 4 will get a license in the united states and that is just a short action but i trust to get
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a good one in the european union into wet where will this come from the european vaccine. while it may be a european european boxing made or was it in europe maybe another one. or american producer or 'd company it had of course license axeman in europe so they're quite a fuel from tieless but usually. is retired already and they already talking to the regulatory agencies such as our move in that sense patients see and they are and. are usually test procedures take much longer so how safe are these vaccines. the vaccines look safe as it stands at the moment unfortunately only if it is presented as we speak so we have to see much more data and certainly the regulatory
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agencies have to look at many more data carefully and then make they have decisions until at least 5000 if not better 10 or 20 or 30000. people who have been vaccinated have not enough data on room to security issues or such as realty. and safety that we can't even license x.e. and in addition to the safety and tolerability questions we have to address all of us would be if it is a christian and to the best of my knowledge not to send one of their products in so far has reached levels of good if you can see but did a tile lacking or maybe they are hidden thinks on a little but in if the data is lacking it's you know another 2 to 3 months will
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that be enough to have more data. yes this is the noel facie trials i'll go in not only one but if you will and in the back seeing. in here that you are face the trial. and then you can embark. on a an interaction this regulator's saying ok you know every moxon a 500. 2000 in a rolling. yacht interaction you quoted and then presented one with data as they come in and said this will also put it because he's a placebo controlled trials so why don't group or faction is we received placebo and the others were passing and if there's a lot of kuwait around most. people in indy. group get it in
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friends and or you have a hat and it. less you have and it lacks in group critical you can also demonstrate sufficient if you can see date but how does this i mean mr spawn probably knew about this he didn't learn about this yesterday i'm sure that he knew about this for for quite some time how does this news tie in with a fresh corona restrictions that have just been imposed in several of the german areas. well a senior girls know very nice it because it was situations we have to face reality and easily increasing numbers infections in. 19 and therefore until we do have anything a good drug is very far and good drugs acts in the only you have
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to rely on consular measures the way it was in existence watch this well insulated tire so the same numbers that are you know in central europe in germany. they're not reaching very high numbers unfortunately it's so but you are just to sum this up and very briefly please you are confident that we will have a vaccine against covert 19 in germany by march. yes and possibly a. bit of off the transom thank you very much i think you might. to bangladesh now which has brought in the death penalty for rape after an increase in sexual assaults demonstrators have taken to the streets in the capital dhaka and other cities after a video of a group of men stripping and attacking a woman went viral on social media in another case
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a woman was dragged from her car and gang raped by members of the ruling party activists say very few victims see justice in bangladesh because of cultural impunity for a costs. are now joined by phil robertson he's the deputy director of the asia division human rights watch mr abbott said well the death penalty for rape make any difference. it won't the capital punishment is inherently cruel and should be abolished in the 1st place but you know bangladesh has to confront a much more basic problem that it has a broken criminal justice system where survivors are unable to even approach the police with confidence much less expect a successful prosecution we're seeing a situation where survivors of rape are not provided with access to legal aid medical care safe shelter witness protection you name it often they're not believed by police they are maligned and shamed and the core process and as
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a result conviction rate conviction rates for rape are less than one percent in bangladesh and that's something they're saying that with the death penalty is a good still has to be a conviction that still has to be a trial and the conviction runs well of course you know i mean and i suspect that there would be a very serious concern about. the court processes in bangladesh which you know we're talking about death penalty there are very serious concerns about procedures and processes but the reality is that there's a lot of other things that bangladesh could be doing and stead of a kneejerk response like this to just say ok we're going to impose the death penalty because the crowds are unhappy with the incidence of sexual abuse that have now come out on video which are horrible there are horrific and there does need to be action but there needs to be intelligent action you know they need basic elements of a criminal justice system that works and that means
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a witness protection law that means a lot to combat sexual harassment both of these things have been drafted and have been sitting on a shelf somewhere with no action by the government. you know who are robots and how hopeful are you that the bangladeshi government will change the system in a way that the legal process will be improved. we're not that confident that's part of the problem we're very concerned that again you know the the the immediate response of the government is to just impose the death penalty for rape rather than solving the systematic problems with the justice system that prevent women from even wanting to take a case to the police you know i mean you know the shaming that takes place the stigma the lack of support by the police in the system the lack of witness protection so you know people can be intimidated and abused all these things are
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problematic and result in women not trusting the system to provide justice for them when they are the victim of sexual violence so robinson human rights watch asia thank you very much for your input. a new player has opened in moscow about the last leader of the soviet union. while russia's current president vladimir putin fights to keep the soviet sphere of influence alive the play gorbachev portrays a very different leader a man who gave up power and let the communist bloc dissolve himself was at the pretty. with you i remember everything in the memories of the life of one of history's greats michel gorbachev from a balcony seat the 89 year old watched his own life play out on stage at the moscow theater of nations the play that was supposed to be a love story between michelle and his wife raisa became much more it's the story of
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an entire country and the era during which gorbachev was in charge. of what he took with the show he's a visionary politicians none of us can come close to that one day his name will be written in gold lettering. 2 actors wigs and dozens of anecdotes from an eventful life together if gaining near enough in truth on comma tova play a couple who from early on dream of a better for your future everything seems to go according to plan the young party official hopeful from the countryside is given a post in moscow he rises to the ranks to become head of the communist party and then president of the soviet union. he dares to do what no one has done before reform the soviet union. in 1906 cover tough began his restructuring his perestroika risking what many russians still can't forgive him for today the
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collapse of the soviet union acclaimed in the west got a tough remains a polarizing figure in his own country. so it was as a politician he did a lot of bad things for russia still in the. it's not good if a country isn't moving ahead or something if you're among our country the soviet union was stagnant. the old times were not good. thanks to him we were able to free ourselves from the big prison that we were all in back then we help russia will one day become a gorbachev was striving for. in the play about the statesman who brought freedom to his people there is no reference to today's russia no reference to the terrible disappointment that has still not been forgotten almost 30 years after corporate chose resignation. at the last count i was
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a young woman when perestroika came and back then i was promised a whole new world a world with a functioning freedom of the press freedom of assembly and rights to sexual and gender self-determination the world that was promised to me then has nothing to do with the world today with 3 years of research s. the climax of the play is the death of michelle gorbachev's wife from cancer and the turning point of his career the last chapter is called gorbachev and solitude the theater may be filled with enthusiastic applause but in real life things quickly became quite lonely around michelle governor. and his dream of a better freer russia to. much of pitch in peru is one of the wonders of the world and one man has managed to secure a private tour but after a very long waits jesse tucker yama arrived in peru and moxon planned to spend just a few days there to see the famous ruins he's been stuck in the country for 7
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months the site has been closed due to the panda hero's government now agree to let him see the park before he finally turns to his native to. imus said it was an amazing experience. you're watching the news here's a reminder of our top story at this hour u.s. president all trump is back on the campaign trail he addressed supporters at rally in florida the president's medical team says he has tested negative for coronavirus his democratic rival for the white house joe biden has also been campaigning he held a drive and rally in ohio. and that's it from me and then you seen kickoff is up next with all the bundesliga lights in the meantime you can always step to date with the latest news and information on our web site. dot com and do follow us on twitter or on instagram asked d.-w. news gal 1st world news update for you at the top of the hour. that's.
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the be.
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a. fine old communist east germany was leading. the big weight on the biggest issue from the question the boom in germany
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above. thanks confrontation between china and taiwan the superpower is threatening to invade its neighbor. how serious is it how is china justifying its claims. the w.'s richard walker analyzes the causes and dangers of the conflict in taiwan china's next target close up. in 60 minutes on d w. in the art of climate change. comes from the city.
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what's nice to people. what ideas do they have their future. d.w. dot com africa mega city the making. clear you're. done is to stop us yet on tour i've got no call to see. you this is not based. on stress issues never go for the mondays and we're going to just. these are not bad for you today semi is it a boy this. morning.
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in april 990 communist east germany was effectively being wound down but with new opportunities finally emerging some developments were far from freedom. you heard it was chaos in this country that wasn't really a country anymore and these. the state authority crumbling it became a free for all in the country spall stadium. full of the 2 difference for there were all kinds of promises being married people lied about everything under the some. people. became a valve for venting frustration in an extreme manner mas who knows of all. 6 months after the fall of the berlin wall state institutions were now also
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collapsing. the west german to which mark would already become the new currency that summer. amidst the upheaval sweeping the land beyond sport park in east berlin hosted the country's last cup final before german reunification . is i think is that this is over show dresden that they're not the only ones with their brand of attractive football and that's all we need to prove today dresden will be scared of us because we've already kicked out 2 teams and marketable good leipsic we're tough we need that same energy today i want to see every man busting a gut for the others with the right button and praying i had tears in my eyes i had goosebumps that's how pumped up i was and that feeling was passed on to the players they were totally fired up. yet enough and for this he has scored his goal pizza
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schools one bomb got to 3 goals and dresden will need 4 come home bus to go up you'll see let's get out there give it your all and remember if you're down you're not down and out. i was with the internet. i was 18 i've never been so scared before a match looking back i was totally overwhelmed i run around and didn't know where i was supposed to be running. sharing or in the east german 2nd division and a surprise package in the final their opponents' reigning champions dinamo drinkin featuring the likes of east german stars kierston mighty examined. and thorsten good show the game reflected the times east germany was being wound down its economy in a state of collapse. but for people in sherry and elsewhere in the country german reunification was on the horizon and people were free to travel.
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in a city as it did take pace of change in society was something you couldn't ignore for on the contrary there were all these things we were now facing for the 1st time marketing taxes and contracts we had no idea what our future wouldn't. be. in east germany sports weren't integra part of society and governed from top to bottom by the state the country's football players had enjoyed talk plush training and after the fall of the berlin wall were now a great interest to west german clubs. among those attending the last cup final before the country's demise was buyer leverkusen football executive branch or callum and for business and personal reasons. my mother is from the east coast
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and remember the rule aides and dumplings she used to make us had an affection for these people and still do. the both because. it's a region i love as well as the baltic sea coast of course. i was very happy to see the dawn of a new era. in the summer of 1990 the east german currency was replaced by the west german deutschmark west german supermarket chains were quick to set up stores in the east and with them came the western consumer goods. i'm a zipper from boots an officer always being told what to do under communism now we suddenly have to decide everything for ourselves in a free market society because if we didn't even know what unemployment was back home what i need social security for so that was really difficult for those players
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so where do we go from here now that that's flash here for these ish feet i think it is like that. i went straight from jail to unemployment as i was i never found a new job and the $435.00 smocks we're now getting is impossible to live on you know if i'm lucky. i'm going in the to see. them because of not having to my in-laws and my mother was at that age where this issue became absolutely crucial so of course i was worried. too and. really didn't especially if this when it i know one day i knew all these guys who had qualifications for professions that no longer existed so you needed to retrain a lot of people had completed college degrees that were now not recognized to the nic and. i. went down and
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stomach he has found he said that in 589 behalf. oh oh. god. oh. my god move up press them come on. john. i don't know how to save time emotionally. come on girls get a move on to most things get that cut that was all i cared about was that that that one can say anything is possible. 300 feet is not that 'd kind of thing for i was totally obsessed with the business me i'm. i'm dress i told you to clear yarns come on unbelievable keep it up. and that kind of money is not that.
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hard to write that was. god. i knew paul for 2 months leading up to all these a store was that's not since you know the folks who did make the bill goes on vices was all funding stock all thrown through the stomach was going on they called his office i'm so annoyed i was the police awesomest was $600.00 and i spoke of pressure on us from the off one attack via who made 3 of us look like amateurs stillman for enjoying delta language people here until i was on this ng for talking to the level well i wasn't there to scout but i noticed she leans multi a stomach the lines in something this skinny guy a left foot of that since he's the old thing here and i forgot now ok he's got talent to lengthen it's always hard to judge the pace is that the no i think should
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be lean was 2nd division back then he thought that's what they need the thing but he stood out to me and i thought we should check him out then who come once a month. my theory is that i had already track to detention after having in the winter in shaving the semifinal was a we were shot the kind of god i didn't have an agent i just accepted the deal he was offering me because for me it was a huge amount of money. for me it meant a future and an insurance. or. small for that and we said you'll get such and such a sum fiorenza and other living costs he i'd say 2000 marks that will cover your basics plus will guarantee him
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a proper permanent jobs or educational training so that he had optional spots on the field and above all that we'd give him top rate training as a footballer in the sea of the shall speak. soon after that final mathias down one signed to byron leverkusen 435-0000 marks or around 180000 euros and move at old school i did some big time furniture shopping i'll take that bed in that wardrobe all paid for by live accusing somebody of what it was like a dream land a completely different world it's. traditionally player transfers were few and far between east german clubs like sherene formerly also called the anomaly but that all changed right after the fall of the berlin wall in november of 1909. you always afraid hopefully we won't lose another one of our as long as it was
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a tough time you were afraid to 24 seventh's. but his squad did fall apart during that season franken rolled hole not good went to new beck in the 4th division. yes bush yet to hamburg in the west german top flight. things have been done differently in that transitional year 989-2990 had a ban on transfers and no way east germans were happy to see an end to all those bands and decrease the very things they've taken to the streets to protest against its existence. new bands could they have imposed a provisional 3 year ban on east german players signing to west german clubs it's going to be despite them now playing in the same league and i don't think that would have worked. and dresden players were among the top targets for west german
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scouts who would approach them on site right after training. and it was a big issue at that time. who would move clubs and to when and that's one of the subcommittees these were things we've never had to deal with before this is not true and of course it was about resources by then. but instead they come to. you has been sitting up there in the stands and he could hardly hide himself to consider taking from the. during the final days the center forward kiersten had a largely quiet game unlike the league football where he had scored in every 3rd game as seen here again smacked of.
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a lot of talk from both about yourself and. i west german magazine has published details of a contract between you and. did you actually sign for them. didn't sign a contract but it was then immediately destroyed so that has to be a photocopy of anything no original copy exists so you can talk all they want i'm never going there. again. and that signature wasn't perhaps a wise move. that were a lot of factors involved they said dresden and my advisor had given their approval i gave it a lot of thought but couldn't. reach anyone so i just signed lives and it's honestly just that there was complete naive and see among pros who'd grown up in east germany as was the case throughout society. in the city.
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and new market was born as something 50000 sales reps and agents scouted the country and football was likewise a lucrative market. the mystery out of the deal when it was crazy to housing people selling you things door to door health insurance and other such things on the physician offical voice it included to say bob carr oh of course you could easily take out a loan to lose my doc but we conservative thinking east germans were still gullible . as of yet. still tuckman them into song i'm sufficiently we certainly learned our lesson that tamada. it's not going to start. later that summer and before german reunification kiersten lefty mo dreams then we are by and leverkusen for what would have been 1800000 here else.
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ah just months of best dying of old ku system was a top signing of all the big stars we have and there was amma since shoe stuff. say roberto and lucio but he was the biggest player we had caused by physio and. went into effect. on throughout their socks since high school skates on the top bar. replied. i know both function. was revenge you could see groupings in full by.


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