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tv   Nuhr im Ersten  Deutsche Welle  October 15, 2020 2:00pm-3:00pm CEST

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this is the news live from berlin pro-democracy protesters in thailand defy a government ban on demonstrations and ignore police orders to disperse those that are calling for a new constitution and reforms to the monarchy we'll have the latest from bangkok also coming up. germany raises the alarm off the record recalling massive week spike in new covert cases chancellor merkel urges people to take responsibility to try to bring the virus under control. in the 1st round of the german cup 5th
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division side prepared to face off against european champions. welcome to the program pro-democracy protesters in thailand have started gathering in bangkok's central business district again they are defying a government decree issued over not that bans gatherings of more than 5 people police have set up checkpoints in the city to prevent further demonstrations the government declared a state of emergency as part of a crackdown on the protests the ban on demonstrations comes after thousands gathered on wednesday calling for a change to the constitution and an overhaul of the molecule. they had come and that. once again calling for prime minister piute chair not to resign the protestors that. to remain until their demands were met. the next
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morning the government take back its arrested opposition leaders and remove demonstrations come types in front of the prime minister's office. is also banned gatherings of more than 5 people and the publication of news it deems a security threat to. the anti-government rallies started in july apart from fresh elections and a new constitution the opposition also wants to limit the powers of the king which has not gone down well with thai royalists. i think they were the supporters are right here because they love the country we love the country as well i'm not worried about violence because both sides are doing what they think is best for the country partially also have stifled public criticism of the monarchy but the king has stirred dissent with his extravagant lifestyle and long holidays abroad jaring
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the pandemic. opposition leader a non number called the king on stage during the protests. parking does not reside in thailand i'd like to ask directly what's so bad about living in thailand . he was later arrested with the anger boiling over the government is keen to put a lid on the protests any way it can. let's bring in the journalists here from bangkok but yes what's happening in bangkok at the moment. yeah it seems like they're pro-democracy activists they're not willing to give up so quickly despite the ban of political guttering stick was issued this morning about 1000 of them and now gathering in central bangkok in the main shopping district of the city and they're now occupying no one of the major intersections they're calling for the release of other activists that were arrested this morning police have initially
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tried to stop them from staging this protest but at some points there were too many protesters for them to handle so police released pushed back a little bit of which they issued a warning saying that this protest is in need following the 'd issue of the much as he decreed this morning and they're warning that every participant might get arrested these photos have been going on for several months now why has the government declared a state of emergency now. it's morning the government said it's extremely necessary to issue this emergency decree to maintain peace and order one of the main reasons they cited was an event yesterday when a royal motorcade boss briefly obstructed by pro-democracy demonstrators the motorcade was carrying the queen and son off to count king in thailand and
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it took a while for his motorcade to pass through the protest of as they were shouting protest slogans at the motorcade and this was a very unusual a thing to see here in thailand. a mostly. always used to tremor through completely clear streets that are always create hours ahead before they arrive but for them to go through a protest side was very unusual but many thais they question why this even has happened before should have. options for motorcades to travel and out of streets to turn on so some suspect that's the government even wanted to provoke them at this time. the government the crackdown seems to be further fueling protests and sort of stopping them if the thai government make a mistake here. if it seems that pro-democracy activists
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have now more angry at the government and maybe are also more desperate but i'm not sure how disaggregation with payouts i'm receiving today this morning and throughout the day that the government has a lot of power and that's. so much us and police forces the government so many pro-democracy activists might also can't know that they obviously don't want to get arrested for issuing. speaking pinioned so i'm not sure yet if the government really able to stop the protest with those messages but yes in a bunker for us thank you very much. time to have a look at some of the other stories making headlines today millions from minister to send a durned has said she will resign as leader of the labor party if the party doesn't win the general election this saturday she made the comments during the final leaders' debate polls show a dance party has
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a comfortable lead over the rival center right national party. yemen's warring sides are swapping more than 1000 prisoners captured during years of conflict the trade is part of a deal reached in switzerland in september yemen has been in the war since 2014 causing humanitarian crisis and the death of more than 100000 people. in hong kong several pro-democracy activists are in court facing illegal assembly charges police raided the personal office of media publisher and activist jimmy lie again is one of several pro-democracy leaders who have been arrested on the hong kong's new national security law imposed by beijing. germany has posted a massive spike in covert 19 cases with more than 6000 new infections in a 24 hour period let's have a look at how quickly the u.
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infections have surged in the past 7 days we were at 2828 cases last wednesday that was october the 8th the numbers then kept rising there's a bit of a dip here on the weekend where not all oakleigh health departments report numbers and then you see the steep rise to where we are today at 606638 newly registered covert 19 infections with numbers more than doubling in one week it means the virus is growing exponentially and the figures come just hours after chancellor angela merkel met with the leaders of germany 16 federal states to agree new unified measures to slow the spread of the virus one seen as a role model for europe germany now fears the pandemic is getting out of hand that a country has fed relate to us so far with cases rapidly rising i'm going to america has issued a stern warning. as michel martin does if you ask what worries me it is
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the exponential rise and we'll stop it otherwise it will not end well. we can see that all over the place and i don't need to look at germany here i only need to look in the neighboring countries that's a point of regional leaders have agreed to shut hospitality venue some 11 pm in area to day become virus hotspots or regulation already adopted by some cities like bellina and frankfurt contact restrictions will also be enforced in hotspots social gatherings will be limited to 10 people from a maximum of 2 households in a bid to curb the number of infections at the political level one bone of contention remains leaders can't agree on domestic travel rules death mean travelers from hot spots cannot stay in hotels without a recent negative test i'm putting the accommodation ban is a contest to demand to stay disease someone to keep it up at any cost and to
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measure our e.t.s. states are skeptical because it's related the inefficient to prevent infections but in the end it causes a lot of agitation anger and disruption but some under street say it's not more roads that are needed. the still going to be here some get existing rules are not being followed and they're not being enforced all too often you see people be dealt a mosque on festus and subways i believe the ruse should be better executive it's a fine line when you see all the weddings are kind of course understand but on the other hand it's also a risk for others as well as these i think we all need to be reasonable with the numbers or the funds. if the number of infections keep rising i'm going to america has warned that even tougher steps may be needed. that we're bored by political correspondent. joins us now from our parliamentary studios what's behind these rising infection numbers the. ng which sees obviously tamal
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positives as well you have to know that since mid august we've been seeing here more than 1000000 tests being carried weekly also there's a backlog several laboratories warned that they were starting to be overwhelmed that there was that backlog there are reaching their testing capacity limits now number of daily inspections here in germany you've sated that tweets reached a level of march was more than 6600 infections daily this is alarming but in comparison to neighboring countries germany still has much 'd better for example a neighboring france accounts for more than 20000 daily inspections of the czech republic yesterday counted more done thousands 1500 infections for a country whose population is 8 times less than that of germany so yes the hotspots and infection waits $400000.00 inhabitants increase exponentially and it is
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worrying budget many still has a better handle of the pandemic than its neighbors so far what we've just heard about the new measures that chancellor merkel and the 16 state premiers agreed upon but not all reportedly said she was not happy with the results why. she would have wished for stricter measures or so we've seen into reports not all safe in here is if we are for example the accommodation ban in various regions so they see these to be talks between the state premiers and the chancellor regarding the messy travel so those are all the reasons why those negotiations took so long they were marked on the go stations of eights i was into the late at night yesterday and i'm going to america has warned time and again that people need to keep being careful keep wearing masks keep respect think so so they stand seeing and she's reportedly also
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quite annoyed by the fact that not everyone seems to be observing hold a ruse. so what is the plan then if germany does not get the infection right back on the control. well if those new measures don't suffice and we can know very well imagine that we can see in the future more localized and lockdowns farmer love bounce being put into place the thing is that the governments and the regions want to avoid strictly love down simply because a so this would actually be another blow to the german economy and got america actually warned that germany simply couldn't afford another med on of its economy. is talking to me a little. poland is also expected to announce new hood restrictions after registering a record of nearly 1000 cases today the company managed to keep the number of infections low at the start of the pandemic. example phenomena reports the
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government is now facing criticism for failing to prepare the country for a 2nd wave. and the foothills of the mountains a popular tourist destination this winter however a pub leader has little hope of much business normally his family's guest house would welcome school classes and other organized tour groups but most of them have already cancelled. them but if we didn't own this place and just rented it would have already given our. no matter what. 100 percent of. the guest house practically generates no income but still costs money an issue of the ducky with tourist numbers slowly rising again over the summer pablo she legal was hoping for a situation to improve but now the region has been declared a red zone due to
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a surge in covering $1000.00 cases and that means additional restrictions including wearing a mask in public spaces and the ban on cultural events both fuck you common sense even some of these at lunch and this has been going on for months now so people have slowly started getting used to it but the situation for us here is difficult. as a popular tourist destination. are more risk during the 1st wave of the pandemic in the spring poland's national conservative government reacted quickly by imposing a lockdown and closing the country's borders for foreign travelers but since then the 30s have been facing growing criticism for failing to prepare poland's health system for a 2nd we visit my gen at home her husband originally from yorkshire in the u.k. contracted the virus in the spring fortunately without symptoms he praises poland's
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quick response to the pandemic but is worried about its hospitals the health system power and is basically enormously lacking in funding. so if it's the country becomes overwhelmed then i think it's going to be a problem because of the number of hospital beds and respirators and medical staff . paavo sure leader is also a war it in addition to his regular job he organizes weddings here in the mountains they have to be big but it's almost impossible to plan a wedding he and his business partner say if the authorities make ad hoc decisions all the time appropriate to should have set limits from the beginning what difference does it make if we have 50 or 100 wedding guests in a group of 10 people we're in a small circle we know each other and we can react quickly if anything happens. what we need is a clear strategy to combat that pandemic problem says otherwise it will be
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increasingly difficult to convince people to comply with their restrictions. there are some of the other coronavirus facts and figures from elsewhere in the world the world health organization wants an additional $10000.00 children per month could die from malnutrition due to additional economic strains linked to the pandemic according to a registry of authorized medicines russia approved 2nd covert 19 boxing and the chinese city of qingdao has filed health officials after an outbreak of infections broken ily 2 months stretch without new cases city officials say they are still working to test all 9000000 residents after this outbreak. the heads of leading german french and italian business associations have urged the e.u. and the u.k. to do everything in their power to reach an agreement on post drugs that trade british interests also on the thread on the biggest mass reports for on the u.k.
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farmers who fear they could lose access to french markets. frank languorous and some. generations from as they race some 5000 sheep in the southern english county kept most of the meat this export from. the french like a lamb like this which was a good conformation. they want them weighing around about $18.00 to $20.00 kilos as a carcass. not too much fat just a little fact they are very discerning we're like good quality lamb if there's no trade between britain and the european union customs duties of as much as 50 percent could be happy to have a carcass an extra border checks might mean the meat being less fresh when it arrives in france. and then they go into a refrigerated truck and normally they're killed one day and they're in the paris
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market the next morning and he delays to that will cause big problems if they're talking about you know 4 or 5 days of customs checks and lorries held up it's just going to. impact the supply chain impacts on prices. the language has also found cattle which are subject to strict quality regulations they fear that often brags it cheaper low quality meat from the us could damage the home market despite this many farmers including some of the languages neighbors voted for bricks and other now recruiting their stores here at cannes weekly cattle auction most farmers say they just have to. it's true and i think farms just got to make the most of the situation but it will have the legislation is in place and whatever tires we have and get on with it we will be better off in the end but it will be very hard in the interim period all be on a softer start in our coaching on not looking forward to it because offing is going
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to be a long haul to hold we have bricks without government subsidies many farmers might be facing bankruptcy particularly in the absence of the trade and languish is furious. it's just disbelief that they can tell so many lies you know it's it's you know the hollow they won't be ques it dave everything will be fine it'll be the easiest free trade agreement history. and i can't swear it is just proved to be so much rubbish. father and son are hoping all the same that ed children will take over the business as 5th generation farmer despite threats it. says in the management company of korean boy band b.t.s. more than doubled on its stock market depute the huge interest in the i.p.o. is a reflection of the massive global success story that is korean paul and its current
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kingpins. even though she could only watch the show online wearing a mask in the presence of a few friends b.t.s. found angie one was deeply touched. she was one of more than 100000000 people worldwide who logged on to watch a b.t.s. concert last week and. this 7 piece group of korean 20 somethings clearly means a great deal to her and many others around the world. to play their home their songs are really good their songs gave comfort in these tough times and made me a fan. such devotion is lucrative for korean pop purveyors it's easy to understand why big hit entertainment the management company behind the band decided to launch an i.p.o. demand was huge the share price almost tripled within minutes giving the company a market cap of almost $10000000000.00 comparably making it one of south korea's
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turkey most valuable. my name is kim is now a major worldwide industry leader with their smooth american accents and seemingly universal appeal b.t.s. are at a global forefront big hit successful i.p.o. is also good news for this month. the management company's founder is now a multi billionaire well might be buying his drum. for its passionate fans though the appeal of b.t.s. is about something much more personal than a share price. has a lot of boy band so what makes b.t.s. so special we asked jen moon she's the chief editor for run t.v. that's a great question everyone loves an underdog story and b.t.s. surely has when he needs it 1st did we us 7 years ago under this much a less certain no musical management company they kicked and despite having fewer resources and connections to other key pop groups the role is in global popularity
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and over the years since then they see really personally connected with their fans and social media which their fans say in various cottonseed shoes factor that keep them devoted to this war then there's also say the fact that each and every member of the group write their own songs and lyrics is a huge plus and most of their songs are messages to their fans. t.v. and soul sports now the german cup of david versus goliath matches and tonight is no exception the european champions by a munich faced 5th division side if they do in the 1st round starting a run of 8 matches in 23 days the underdogs from duel will be looking to take advantage of by a hectic schedule although that aims. to say the least. quaint sleepy dhiren isn't used to the big time 100000 people call this place home it's
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also home to 5th division side s c. the crowds pride and joy is this stand the oldest in germany now the latest chapter in this club's history a cup game against the mighty buy in munich. must come home with of course we've been having a bit of a joke about it just get them out the way and then we'll be one round closer to the final rule excited you don't get drawn against by and every year will be a huge experience for us. the game will have some personal significance and used to play at youth level so by leverkusen with current brian starr leroy's and any they remain in contact to this day. we write every so often how we're all doing the distance is a problem and now we're both parents we don't see each other too often we're still in touch and get on really well. friendships will have to be put to one side during
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the game the team has been stepping up its preparations and then add a match a shake they have a form of bundesliga player in their squads. we haven't spoken a huge deal about buying yet or analyze them in any great detail but i think everyone knows what to expect it's hard to find any weaknesses with them so it's just about giving it all we have enjoying the game and then seeing what happens at the end. he usually when a lower league side meets a team like by and they shy away from setting themselves targets but not. magine if we manage to concede fewer than 8 goals in the game then we can say we're better than shall occur in barcelona and that's worth something. both found themselves on the wrong end of the buy and go machine in recent months
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success after all is all relative. until. long than women. have been banned for 4 years for doping violations from kenya won the london marathon in 27 and to doping investigators found increases in his red blood cell count one possible without the use of a prohibited substance or method has denied any wrongdoing he has 30 days to heal the bat. you're watching the news here is a reminder of the top story at this hour hundreds of top protesters have gathered in defiance of a sweeping crackdown on demonstrators some sources have moved to crush months of pro-democracy demonstrations but imposing emergency palls and rounding up leading activists protesters come from the police the spider muti crane running groups of more than 5 people. that's it's for me terms about sin is off next he talks to ken
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cuccinelli acting deputy secretary u.s. also u.s. department of homeland security in conflicts all of this progress for me as for. the get.
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into the cause. listen to him sebastian. a deeply divided america is heading for its election my guest this week from washington is ken cuccinelli reacting number 2 of the department of homeland security which caused uproar all through reports of these agents used excessive force during recent protests in portland oregon county's department to keep the peace conflicts of. next on t.w. . world
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set. to go beyond the obvious. and so we're on live. as we take on the world. we're all about the stories that matter to your country but what ever it takes. a running down to explain. how you made for mines d.t. you know that 77 percent obama young event thinks of. guts me and me and you. think you know what it's time all voices. on the 77 percent be talk about the issues. this is where because of.
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the 77 percent this weekend on d w. we have some states who've made sudden changes to their elections systems at the last minute and that is never a good idea perhaps the biggest threat to your democracy is be failure by the president to commit to accepting the election result if you lose it. you know that's a stupid question really a deeply divided america is heading for its election with the polls showing many people were afraid of violence after the vote my guest this week from washington is ken cuccinelli these the acting number 2 at the department of homeland security which caused the uproar off the reports of its agents used excessive force during recent protests in portland oregon can these departments keep the peace in this critical community. i.
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conclude should really welcome to conflict zone 3 weeks to polling day in the u.s. can americans have faith in their electoral system yeah absolutely this is the most well protected election we've ever had and at the federal level the federal government has different responsibilities than the states we focus on cyber protection and dealing with nation states and people attacking the whole system we've got better surveillance than we've ever had before on the system and unlike 4 years ago we have great communication with all 50 states and the district of columbia about what we're seeing in the threats that exist that didn't happen 4 years ago so all of us care saylor is we have all of our states participating in our surveillance effort unlike only about
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a 3rd of them 4 years ago so all the scare stories about massive vote by mail fraud are simply untrue is that right now let me be careful i said the federal government focuses on the cyber threats what you're describing the kind of mail in voter fraud those sorts of things that i'll call more traditional voter fraud are still possibilities and the states are responsible for policing that the federal government does not participate in that and. set to provide them intelligence that we discover on the subject as part of our work but that is a state responsibility and every single state system is different from every other states system so fraud takes place in one location at a time one stated at a time and obviously we do everything we can to support our state partners in policing that well the f.b.i. said the last month the agency has not seen evidence of any coordinated national
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fraud effort whether it's by mail or otherwise you see any reason to doubt what the f.b.i. has told you certainly not at a national level of course a month ago voting hadn't started voting has now started and you know we all see news stories about one thing happening here or there in different parts of the country and you know we're paid to be worried about that but so far nothing large scale that we have detected so what is it the president trying knows that you don't when he says repeatedly this is going to be the greatest election disaster in history the most corrupt election in the history of our country the greatest fraud in the history of elections where did all these predictions of a massively rigged election come from or did he just make them up i think he's concerned about particularly states that automatically mail out ballots to every registered voter and they're concerned that those could be collected up and sent
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back in by people to whom they were not mailed to they were intended to go to and we have some states who have made sudden changes to their elections systems at the last minute and that is never a good idea i don't care what party or or or anything to be essentially trying out a new system including your security in a presidential election year the biggest turnout year of them all that's the concern but what you're telling me is very different from his predictions the most corrupt election in the history of our country this is what he's for constant very different from what i question yeah it's very different from what you're saying. well i'm a den of fining them just wondering if you're also paying and their and their entire and their entire states that are operating as i just described. your threat assessment talks about the russians trying to sow distrust in america's democracy they don't really need to do that because mr trump is the need for them
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out of the russians possibly so mistrust in the democratic process that he has by predicting the greatest election disaster in history well hillary clinton was you has used similar language in describing her well heard vice to her follow on campaign or joe biden and in terms of after the election and so forth candidates operate differently than everybody else and they have a role to play in the process and people will judge. their votes based in part on the things that candidates say for russia to use your example they have no such role and they have no such right to participate unlike the candidates themselves so it's a very very different situation but the fact is that on the back of all this incendiary rhetoric america is self to the teeth in advance of this election isn't the f.b.i.
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says firearm sales had a monthly record of 3900000 in june how concerned are you about that people are buying guns people in your country who have never bought guns before in advance of this election yeah i think that's more tied to the civil unrest that has nothing to do with the election we've seen that spike since the civil unrest began in the spring in may and i will tell you that in my state of virginia where i used to be the attorney general i've heard from friends who used to be supporters of gun control and suppressing gun sales that they're buying those guns and they're changing their perspectives so the civil unrest is really what's driving the desire for self protection particularly when you see the attacks on law enforcement in this country that have taken place on such a wide scale and the fact that in some places and all you. again my home state richmond the capital city of virginia where the police have not necessarily responded to calls for help so people realize that to
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a certain extent they're on their own and they're preparing themselves for that was the only ones also causing concern is a survey this month which found that around a 3rd of americans justifies some degree of violence to advance political goals a 3rd you proud that 4 years of done would trump has led america to this i think your conclusion is foolish. you know them use a simpler survey that just focused on college students where they believe something like a 5th of them and this was several years ago that the same conclusion using violence was ok to stop people saying what they considered to be inappropriate speech it was interesting that overwhelmingly those folks identify themselves as liberal so this is a left wing phenomena in the united states and and it has grown regardless of donald trump this is been
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a more associated with the kind of violence that they perpetrate against people that they don't like. you now have the charm campaign calling for every able bodied man and woman to join the army for trump's election security campaign this from donald trump jr you really want to militarize the election right like this we've already seen the f.b.i. arresting a far right group from the so-called war verein watchman who were planning to kidnap the governor of michigan shouldn't that be a wake up call about these militia groups. and their actions in advance of this election that actually was not a far right group initial reports as usual were wrong but the fact of the matter is we don't want to see any sort of violence associated with the election we've had months of civil unrest focused in cities where they frankly don't give the police the authority to establish peace where that does happen and we in our country we
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use the national guard are sometimes for that that peace has been restored and that's what we want to see in the president himself has been very emphatic about that all over the country regardless of regardless of politics you comfortable about these militia groups forming part of the army for trump's election security operation last month militia group one militia group set up illegal roadblocks and identity checks in multiple mccown t r again do you encourage this kind of lawlessness no you know that's a stupid question really of course not and again your connection between different parts i'm not quite sure why you want to attack the president so much instead of assign responsibility for these things to the people who are responsible for them but i just don't buy into the premise that underlies your question isn't perhaps the biggest threat to your democracy the failure by the president to commit to accepting the election result they feel loses his answer the question was we'll see
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what happens how does that strengthen people's confidence in the electoral system in the u.s. . much like hillary clinton advised joe biden don't concede no matter what so they're going to fight it out and they're going to have an election and you know we're going to go to the present and loving and and if you don't if you don't want me to answer questions i'm not quite sure why i'm sitting here and and that will play out and you know you like many others have sort of bid on that and the president has never never given any indication that the outcome of the election wouldn't be exactly what the voters determine what it was last time it's what it's been every time in the history the united states and that's what it will be this time and the key for us the key for this president is that americans decide that election that we block out the interference of of outsiders and that americans votes are counted and each counted once and properly and the result will be what it
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is under our system and we'll all move on with that on january 20th regardless of who's sworn in as the next president let's talk about the threats you have highlighted the acting secretary of your department chad wolf recently singled out violent white supremacist extremists as being a major concern he said they've been exceptionally lethal in their current targeted attacks in recent years how do you explain the fact that in the 1st debate talking about violent groups the president said almost everything i see is from the left wing not from the right wing is he not seeing what right wing violence is being promised than perpetrated. are you not showing in those documents no no i mean but in the last 4 months in this country it's been just cities on fire and those are overwhelmingly left the base call them protests but really the riots looting and violence that's the problem that's what he was talking about almost everything i
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see is from the left wing not from the right wing he refused to condemn a group. the proud boys which were described by the associated press as a male only group of neo fascists who call themselves western chauvinist in fact he told them to stand back and stand by are you happy that the u.s. president tells groups like this to stand by stand by for what so again you know you've characterized a group and i don't necessarily agree with your characterization the pictures i've seen of members of that are hispanic and black in addition to weight so you know he got to be a little bit more careful and discriminating and just smearing people like that. you know the president wants people to stay involved in staying engaged he recently in his capacity as president not as a candidate gave federal employees the election day off to work as election officials to help bring off the election safely and securely so you know i don't
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hear you asking about that as a candidate he encourages his folks to participate as volunteers to turn out votes to do all the kinds of things you need to win an election and and he has 2 roles here unlike his opponent so he's playing them both vigorously and effectively so how much of a threat are these militia groups who may well turn up to the teeth the polling stations to quote observe what's going on how worried are you that people could feel intimidated by that violence could break out you seem very complacent about so . we have no no no you're hypothesizing with no information there is no intelligence today that a single polling place of our approximately very approximately 100000 across this country. is subject to any such threat if we get that sort of intelligence the
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f.b.i. in its role as the protector of civil liberties against civil rights violations and threatening people voting would be a civil rights violation would take that information and act on it and they are prepared to do exactly that with respect to sort of pop up violence things that we don't see coming state and local law enforcement officials are as they have always been responsible for taking care of that we will offer them all the help that they can that were legally allowed but the federal government is actually blocked by federal law from getting near polling places on election day except on very were with very rare exceptions description only you know the department is currently under investigation by the house intelligence committee off the allegations that you and acting secretary chad was illegally manipulated intelligence to both donald trump's interests
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a department spokesman has denied these allegations although completely false yes they are they come from a high level was going to in fact the yes in fact the same person wrote an e-mail only days before maybe a week before he left his then position. actually explicitly stating the opposite so you know and the house committee knows that they have that and but they have other interests here that are political so but so far every single allegation he made for which there is information has. been proven false and you never had meetings with him in which you told him to modify the section on white supremacy in your current threat assessment so as to make that threat appear via salute lee not salute lina and you never expressed frustration with it very seriously i knew it never expressed frustration with the televisions reports on
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central america and the us accused are known deep state intelligence analysts of compiling you never only tell slow they about that. only how slow they want in your view does this administration play politics with the threats facing the us play them up or play them down for purely political reasons absolutely not it's been a media narrative that's been very popular and as someone who has at least a role in one part of it with the department homeland security in a year i have never seen that happen. what about the president's warnings about the caravan of central american migrants heading towards the border in 2018 he tweeted that criminals among the middle east there's a mixed up with those people wasn't the slightest evidence for that was the oh no there was you know it's a matter of degree in terms of how many of the most recent caravan had the same but
2:47 pm
are our allies in guatemala 1st and then mexico broke up that caravan and enforce their own immigration laws in such a way that those folks were returned home or turned away from continuing north well trump himself actually walked the whole thing back a few hours after he said it and said there's no proof of anything but that could very well be that's playing politics with intelligence is the well he's a candidate for president so you know we do have information about some of the people who come up in these caravans that varies time from one time to another us to about 20 there are a lot of caravans and 20 there haven't been a lot of caravans this year we've had one recently that i was referring to and we do have information about some of the people who gather in those and you know we make use of that we share it with our allies along the way and we work together with them to try to avoid large scale illegal immigration and try to stick to legal
2:48 pm
immigration. you talked earlier about the violence in some cities and your use the president sent federal forces into portland oregon during some of these prolonged protests this summer. you were asked about this violence on the radio show on october the 1st then you said one of the worst parts of it is the in courage of courage moment it's been getting from so much of the left wing political leadership but in saying that you seem to ignore the fact that there have been some pretty blunt and frequent condemnations of violence from senior democrats why didn't you mention that as well. well how you you ask questions like you're the communications department for the democrat national committee here. i said so many on the left and i'll give you examples as i did in that interview i believe the speaker of the house attacking law enforcement officers but not condemning those
2:49 pm
who are committing the violence mayor ted wheeler of portland oregon who went out to speak to the violent looters and they're not protesters they're rioters and and he thought they were his friends and they shouted him down and began rushing his space his own police had to declare a riot and rush him out of there governor brown of oregon who in 4 months of violence has yet to use her own national guard she has over 7800 national guardsman whose part of their purpose is stablish in peace in their violent outbreaks in her state and she refuses to do it and instead condemns the ministry for protecting a federal courthouse and federal buildings in portland oregon that's just to be clear you mentioned adding officers in portland we were doing that to protect
2:50 pm
federal facilities we don't just go into a city even when they're violent. without the agreement or cooperation of that city unless we have a federal mission to perform so again the 1st responsibility to pick lee in quelling violence and dealing with it is state or local government but where there are federal facilities and where federal jurisdiction is attacked we have to respond to that ourselves and many of those who criticize the actions of your federal officers cited the use of excessive force the american civil liberties union said in august that your militarized agents use sharpshooters to maim people protesters away and i'm up cause routinely attack journalists legal observers and medics with sonic weapons and tear gas they didn't spare moms dads veterans nurses or even the city's mayor there was this law enforcement or punishment so 1st of all the characters ations you recited are false in portland alone our officers
2:51 pm
incurred over 300 injuries meaning we had they were injured not causing injuries. they were very restrained while dealing with violent protests night after night for weeks on end. with often without the help assistance or support of local law enforcement because the local political officials those same ones i mentioned earlier as encouraging this sort of behavior ordered them to hold back so we used as minimal amount of force as we could to maintain safety and to attempt to quell violence as much as possible you didn't beat a navy veteran for simply asking questions doctors were wont to be doing as they gave medical support to the injured no no on that one didn't happen thankfully but with respect to the navy veteran you're referring to that was the united states
2:52 pm
marshal service in the department of justice that was not. members of the department of homeland security so i can't really speak to the tails of that i can say that when a law enforcement officer is doing their job. they don't have the luxury of inquiring various job or life status questions like you just described to determine if someone is a veteran or a mother or a father or all the various things you named they don't have that luxury when they're under attack and trying to protect themselves. so are you satisfied with all the actions that your office has carried out then despite the fact that the a.c.l.u. said d h s is too powerful to abusive and too much of a threat to america's democratic values the american civil liberties union has proven itself an extremely unreliable and nonobjective characterize or of events so you know your reliance on them says more about where you are coming from than what
2:53 pm
the facts were we were very happy with how our officers performed they were professionally restrained over months of violence directed at them and the facilities that they were protecting including the people in those facilities and behaved very well as no one is ever perfect we don't expect perfection but they did an outstanding job and part of that unfortunately is shown by the raw number of injuries they suffered over the course of that time while inflicting very few was that was the threat exaggerated president trump said of portland the entire city is a blaze all the time that was august 31st but it wasn't was it the fire service city's fire rescue service told him that no uncertain terms were not a blaze in portland they said there's a very isolated pocket of demonstrations that have involved fire none of which has
2:54 pm
been substantial enough to need more than one fire engines so that the facts get in the way of your narrative no if you just look at the federal courthouse when they on numerous occasions attacked the courthouse broke front doors you know were tearing wood off and were throwing liquid excel or end into the courthouse and attempting to fire commercial fireworks and set it on fire so they were trying to burn down the building and kill everyone in it so you know you respond accordingly to that and even with that kind of a through. yet we never used above nonlethal means to repel those sorts of attacks so that seems very appropriate under the circumstances had the federal officials not been there that courthouse would have been burned to the ground so the city's foreign rescue service didn't know what they were talking about while they've still got a federal courthouse and they don't have to drive to another state to have their cases heard because federal law enforcement officers were willing to come in and protect
2:55 pm
it there have been fires all over the city in various days in various places it isn't just the federal courthouse it's also police facilities the police union facility other local buildings neighborhoods that they've gone through so you know . portland is not a big city that's an awful lot of violence over an awful long time and that includes but isn't limited to the setting of fires. and you know again all over the city so i think it's accurate to say there have been fires all over the city that's true ken cuccinelli thanks for being on conflicts of. my pleasure.
2:56 pm
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