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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  October 16, 2020 7:30am-8:01am CEST

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but he's goes to meet with one of the duros opponents these exiles know the system from within and are important sources. one man here who used to be a close friend of the child his family women a swell. number system would be the systematic persecution again the very same day i submitted evidence of the child this family's corruption to parliament our somebody had asked not to look for me they want to see a child we had evidence that more than 30 farming estates were involved in that corruption. but i was going to do that to the parliamentary audit committee. we are human as i was jailed in 2010. got to see my family was persecuted being my brother died in 2000 i. had a mommy of 5 years it came away with 5 years ago how did he die you know he was shot one of these murdered yes murdered our. scene.
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for us is. only good. thank you for being. so self. you know my eyes. in the woods. in 2017 when the us one day was sent to prison for more than a year. the opposition all make it was only one of countless political prisoners. like about 30 other parliamentarians aswat they had no choice but to flee. this video was taken by prison guards who sent it to us while his family in order to help edwards. it's not all state employees a loyal to my daughter all this. or here. in this one a little community that is mayor is a criminal state and it has a society of accomplices school b.c. and this is. sidey includes many civilian and military accomplices wrong and they
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are all corrupt and they're all in it together in europe that. venezuela's political decline began under president coach of s. . his economic policies paved the way to a morass of corruption. the country's strict currency exchange system in particular opened the door to massive fraud. business elites politicians and state officials obtain state subsidized dollars through the central bank. these dollars with them sold at a huge profit on the black market water positive directly in foreign bank accounts . for state of ministration remains riddled with corruption. billions in public revenues have gone missing. in the industrial hub of malacca
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most factories lie abandoned less than 20 percent of factories in venezuela are still in operation industry has been driven into ruin. under chavez numerous companies were expropriated or nationalized and then were driven into the ground by mismanagement rather than support private industry chavez used petro dollars to import goods from abroad this help to redistribute wealth and power away from the old business elite and increase ordinary people's dependency on the government venezuela is now entirely reliant on the export of petroleum gold and call time almost all necessities have to be imported. and as rough eyler i mean as admits the country made another fateful economic era. him a little boost only looking at monroe installed his military friends and to keep his issues in. strange that look even though to
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a man who heads the petroleum industry as a general for his general computer buddies over 20142017 order the crushing of the protests they said it but it's all it's a hit if a little bit now he's head of the petroleum industry. and knows nothing about it way. duros installed military people in all the key industry positions so well you know if they have no idea how to run of the oil industry at the commission on how to do their bit to believe. while production has collapsed due to mismanagement output is now the same as it was in 1945 along with the oil industry the military also controls the black market and gasoline state subsidized gasoline in venezuela is cheap a bottle of water costs more than a 1000 liters of gasoline sold on the black market in colombia it's worth a fortune. teller i mean as witnessed this corruption from the inside
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and who knows whether it is weighed on elites have stashed that debt he money. to keep on the left in seat 30 years the bottom line is in the group today i believe that at least 30 percent of government revenue has been lost to corruption. in fact are mechanisms by which money is siphoned out of our country using it as diluted and by that money flowed into private bank accounts in major industrial nations it's not in zimbabwe it's in private accounts in europe and the united states. he's done. a system of state sponsored terror is maintaining my do those hold on power the collective was a paramilitary gangs who help quell any signs of popular dissent they observe a strict code of silence and the government turns
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a blind eye and exchange for that loyalty. commandante chavez called us the collective was a kind of urban guerrillas troop. when chavez came to power the color t.v. shows were street fighters who were supposed to keep the opposition in check. these so-called shock collect t.v. shows armed and deployed in case of civil unrest or the like. to suppress people who oppose the revolution. my daughter's support has been doing but not among the collectables. they also still defend the socialist revolution claimed in 1908.
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or what we're going to do. there's one man in this country who wants to improve things. but no one's listening to him he gives an order and everyone does what they want. how can anyone rebuild the country that way. and make a mess of bands i never imagined i'd have to lead venezuela one day i had a career that allowed me to support my family leave we could buy what we needed. even if it wasn't easy. but then it went downhill and we had no food we didn't live well you know. maybe i will be and now when marian soria still lived at home in
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venezuela she was a member of an elite unit of police called fire which is going to reputation as a government death squad. according to a un report they've carried out thousands of extrajudicial killings they target criminal gangs as well as ordinary people who've taken part in protests. near the un was recruited after she graduated from university. she spent 12 months with us before deciding to quit after witnessing an extrajudicial killing. perez and i and at the time there was a search underway for our scoppetta as by the state. he was an opponent of nicolas maduro and was plotting to overthrow him. as i don't buy that that's why he was
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officially designated a terrorist then i only know that already. sadly. paris was a former lead police officer who commandeered a military helicopter and dropped 2 stun grenades over the supreme court in caracas no one was injured. as had hoped to spark a military coup and free the country from corruption but his cool for an uprising went nowhere. that everyone was looking for us got pez so we received information that he was somewhere near el cerrito. when we went to his hideout. then we began our raid you know. at 3 in the morning on january 14th 2018. dora said then nato and then bombing there. you're all.
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ok. 7 as a member of us mary i'm sorry i witnessed what happened when paris was trying. we're going to i'm going to you know you know getting really are going to get out of the. whole thing so they i finally know they say you know ok that was the day when i realized i didn't belong there you know why i had a nervous breakdown. and i cried all the time and said that's it for nicky so why should i be involved in things like this he i didn't go to university to kill people and we don't get that or to have my boss come to me and tell me to kill someone and if i don't they'll kill me if having any doubt might that look the same
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on my palm in my down on me. i. believe in her daughter i left behind with her parents in venezuela was the price she had to pay for survival. the state tara her writers doesn't treat those who turn that back on it kindly. one day a step closer when you leave a state institution where you have information about people you worked with but that's not a risk they want to take that people who quit but especially who quit 5 people
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usually leave venezuela fire and otherwise they'll be killed also because they'll just say you were killed during a robbery and are so they sent them out that'll put it all out there. joe i mean the land mines case and i send my mother money every week or 2 it depends sometimes they need something unexpected like medicine cynical but and medicine is very expensive also put up on the one or the last but normally what i send them every 2 weeks is enough for food and for day care study yet you know to me. a lesson that has been living with her grandparents since january 28th like many
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other venezuelan children whose parents have fled to. other 100 doesn't have a passport and obtaining one is difficult in venezuela at the moment as a result marianne hasn't yet been able to bring her daughter to germany. meanwhile marion's father says so he is dealing with his own problems. that are well hold. doors are getting too tall for the daughter they call for i'm a coconut for. all coconut producers in this region i have to pay protection money . but i'm the one here we refuse they threaten us and sabers like you allowed on our farms. and a little tell us why we don't go there anymore. it's just abandonment in their
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lives here in the bay and to the island or not. but that harvest was how we earned a living those who were more like what are we supposed to do know is only half of what will happen if we're no longer able to work our land and to harvest our crops and i'm on different. criminal gangs are now in charge of his farm they sell his coconuts by the truckload mainly in colombia where they fetch a better price. there is going to get over that i didn't know. carlos trapani as a human rights lawyer. but the rule of law has eroded and obtaining a hearing in the venezuelan courts is next to impossible.
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for them to have a good analysis of this is the call to 9 o 5 distribution would have to really analyze data from 192010 to find out how many children and young people were killed by gun violence is one of the descent of all the districts we looked at the growth of this was one of the most dangerous ones but it was. taught by me is on his way to give a workshop as a catholic school he's a determined advocate especially on behalf of children to want to know what does he enjoy it with a sort of painting music art what is he like and they want us will draw up a flag for him completely does he like to draw seeing sketch work with clay that's the best white board are you really. going to be done for some of them until some overcome. look at.
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hand ah. i'm tired tomorrow and. i am pleased. to get out of here and am i. really do this of. your. mama. as
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a going to do you come once a. month famous serialism little. good looking through the saloon on. the mic feeling. around on. this woman she soon. found. a conflict post called can find. we are left to give up on stripped of support don't. think you'll. come to much. good advice above 3 are not toys to pick different of you i. feel the same way. so i guess the concept wasn't all stuck on. him that look unlike you.
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i'm not quite. funny. all right now ok both because. of the copy i think stop. make up and come on off with venezuelans up bombarded with propaganda on state radio and t.v. . shows are going to last forever but i'm afraid of the day when the other one of us really. good discipline for. the real name of man got up and took as. strong as it was their goal not. the oil. from coming out there live we're going to. but i guess lane is free so unreal so
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for the currency reevaluation it cost $150.00. today that would be 0.015 believe us cents this idea that's a monetary unit that doesn't even exist so gasoline is basically given away here as well i could have paid for that tank of gas with a cook up. there along the lines of the banks people can only withdraw the equivalent of 50 us cents a week from their accounts. venezuela has the world's highest inflation rate duro has continued to print money to finance the deficit. even among the top 5 venezuela's runaway hyperinflation is i was hearing.
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from one of the office was coming from. being interviewed at a private radio station there are only a few independent media. ok let's left in the country the pani is careful with his criticism. the sanctions are not to blame for all the problems with the children something of these problems have been around for a long time after 2007 something got much worse for child mortality was increasing year by year even before the sanctions and this i think i mean on the obvious once you're on. for a long time until those regime tonight there was a crisis after the united states imposed sanctions that changed the news of the crisis is everywhere. carlos trapani is listening to a speech by the prosecutor general on state television.
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i think that people don't want to. get out of. africa you know but i've got. to go. but if i didn't i didn't. know but i thought i did it there are a. lot of. them my. car lost refuses to flee he wants to stay with his family and continue to work for change even though that's often a discouraging prospect. to. look at a real i watch a mature so not only so that i can be a journalist without fear but so that my children can live in
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a more peaceful country i think go away and so that my family can live well and in peace without me it isn't bank and so that friends and family who have left the country come back again with simply of course i want change he can. we think that. say somebody else is taking his children to school many critical journalists have been forced into exile so far he's been sped it only it up in a little bit in freedom. i mean if i joke about it ok but you know bob rubin would be a good little boy do you look at almost every month if i was one of the new baby daddy. but i want to load which i made a woman a year ago william aluminum a little blue. people love the young ones that i'd only pull out of. this version of a pluri polo world has become
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a reality but not in the way that chavez had imagined today venezuela has become the plaything of international interests. in february 29000 the united states sent humanitarian aid for delivery to venezuela seize up by police witnessed what happens i am the 1st aid trucks were greeted with euphoria but soon the border crossing at the bridge became the scene of a propaganda showdown my daughter shocked the border trucks full of food and medicine were unable to pass protesters clashed with venezuelan security forces in the end 2 trucks went up in flames none of the 8 reached but i swear last i am was. 3 world powers are each pursuing their own names in venezuela the united states
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russia and china. might work. yes you do. you think. you're. sure. you got it. and. like syria and ukraine venezuela has a global strategic significance the united states and russia are joking for influence without russian intervention my daughter's regime would likely have collapsed. china has maintained its economic and trade ties to venezuela hoping to
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gain access to the country's vast natural resources. venezuela has become a bargaining chip in a global game of poker and a number of countries are hoping to solve the crisis to that own advantage. i spoke to reporters gene i went to china. i spoke with president rouhani of iran with president bush a flicker of algeria with the gulf states i understand on oil and. i attended opec meetings for 12 years and i met minister and i am me and all the oil ministers my i love lucy on the fracking the head but only man i knew it wasn't just fracking in the united states for the deadly confrontation between the gulf monarchies are ran down. between the gulf states and russia. on a downward fracture of the unity of all big states in the last cd you see so you only look at the deficit has overtaken libya and syria the geopolitical terrain has
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shifted africa and north africa and the mediterranean for before an oil is a key factor yeah i'm a little back i hear. the geo political terrain is shifting and in this new cold war. new countries are becoming a battleground for competing interests. the citizens of those countries are being left to fend for themselves millions of people will continue to find themselves displaced forced to flee for their survival. huddled. around. the heart of the really was not going to remember how many no. way they're going anywhere. i. mean i know you think i would ask him that he got us in the middle of the. safeway
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and. safeway. but. yes. the you'll see if. i see a fellow the. this is how it is every day so my maid actually never wants to talk to me sometime if i think avoiding me is her way of telling me she misses me. she tells me i'm tired i'm sleeping my grandma has told me to clean my room. i asked her and did she send you a way to clean your room you go and say yes bye bye i'm very busy the mail 5 she's always looking for an excuse to talk to me. and when she wants to it's too late
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over here the 2nd with agnes. to the barricades in defense of coaching autonomy students in brooks kentucky pi the country's top arts university the far right government wants to impose a government war to the school. the student protesters strongly oppose this measure. the culture war in congress is heating up. some kids under.
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13 d.w. . instead as poor little stressed girls took it over now live i'm sure going to be . a dynamo certain people a good angle in support of. what's a big what's a will walk over. to the river. 2 and it was the 1st international tribunal in history. the number of trials. 75 years ago high ranking officers of the nazi regime were you judging by the allied forces. with the 1st war criminal. to be held accountable for their crimes. right now i'm on them going through don't panic use the phrase you're. our 2 part series the 3rd reich the talk
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starts november 12th on d w. this is news coming to you live from the u.s. presidential candidates square off from a distance that separate televised events joe biden and donald trump revealed their very different views on issues from the pandemic to racial justice. also coming up the european commission she. leaves the e.u. summit in brussels and goes into self.


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