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tv   Der Wert der Artenvielfalt  Deutsche Welle  October 17, 2020 5:03pm-5:31pm CEST

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political correspondent kate brady kate good to see you here 1st question has to be why is the chancellor doing this well as you say we've seen record numbers of new coronavirus cases being recorded in germany in the last 24 hours of course these numbers if you compare them to neighboring friends and numbers that profession president what are you dreaming of right now when you think it's 7000 just more than 7800 new cases in the last 24 hours here in germany but the plaintiff right now merkel wants people to sit up and listen and take heed from this message today which is as we heard stay at home what possible and already start taking new measures yourself take action yourself and don't wait for the new rules you point is a good one it's all relative right but i can't help but listen to this appeal and think of it as a final warning you know the words a warning before going to full lockdown absent a and i mean the message that michael was sending in this podcast was nothing new
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rating nothing we haven't heard in recent months but of course as the numbers of ticks up again she said even just earlier this week the situation is now at a much more serious point and the last thing machall and the german government wants to do right now is to impose any kind of shutdown on the country of course they had quite a heavy shutdown earlier in the year not as strict as in other countries now but still they want people to still be able to have the normal freedoms and so she wants people to listen and to already start trying to limit that travel for example without waiting for an actual obstruction i know you're not a thought reader you're not tethered to the minds of millions of germans but as you report on this what is your sense are people going to take this appeal seriously well it's interesting because if you look at some of the recent polls that's a lot of support for the handling of the government by the government of the of the pandemic but i don't really speaking even just traveling around today i took public transport myself and the still p. . people not wearing masks required or not wearing them properly and this is as
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west saying record numbers of new cases here in germany and the problem is right now this is the chance to action this is what the public health institute the. state and as well here in germany is we need to act now so that we don't see the figures in the u.k. and in fromm's in the coming weeks. political correspondent kate brady really appreciate your thoughts on this. john has vowed to take revenge after an alleged armenian missile strike killed at least 12 people and wounded dozens meanwhile armenia says as a bug john has continued to shell populated areas within the disputed no go in or car bomb region both sides accuse each other of violating a truce brokered by russia last week fighting broke out over the region in september and is the worst since the 1990 s. . parts of the us led by johnny city have gone in ruins in their early hours of
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saturday the destruction of the missile attack was not yet fully visible but what was clear the shock brought here officials say at least 20 residential buildings were destroyed during saturday's attack while most people were sleeping. we have been living in fear for days and we try to hide from that attack but that wasn't of any use where suffering a lot of pain off little what it is that we did use then we've unified the field and was in the right now we can't even identify the bodies. according to azerbaijan the officials the missiles were fired from 2 different locations in armenia are mean and all sorts he's have not responded to the claims gunja is the 2nd largest city in azerbaijan and lies far from the disputed region of nagorno-karabakh since september the hostilities between armenia and azerbaijan have escalated to an all time high i once frozen conflict flaring up again the
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nagorno-karabakh region lies within azerbaijan but is governed by ethnic armenians . residents there are bracing for new bombardments while fearing death from the sky medical officials are also warning that the corona virus is spreading quickly. almost she. said are you still a bit of war of course are a small country has a growing number of coleridge 1000 cases where we don't just like adequate medicine but if difficulties isolating and evacuating patients from our republic. if. the conditions are especially dire in bomb shelters just now in these basements many people are coughing have a fever many have high blood pressure. here self isolation is not an option
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people in the corner car back are trapped between the visible and invisible threats to their lives. let's briefly highlight some other stories making news around the world at this hour thousands are marching in beirut in an attempt to revive last year's nonsectarian protest movement protestors want changes to an entrenched political order that they say fosters corruption and economic mismanagement 2 governments have resigned since the protests started but the country has not seen serious reforms. police have detained 9 people over the brutal killing of a teacher in a town outside paris the suspect an 18 year old chechen was shot dead as police try to arrest him investigators believe the teacher was targeted for showing pupils cartoons of the prophet mohammad in a lesson on freedom of expression. romania's covert caseload continues to grow with hospitals already operating at full capacity they warn patients may end
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up dying at home if the situation keeps deteriorating the government is hoping the numbers will stabilize in 2 to 3 weeks after introducing tougher restrictions. in the thai capital bangkok protesters have defied an emergency ban on public gatherings for the 4th day in a row police shut down the city's light rail system to deter protesters but did not attempt to disperse the rallies protesters want the government's resignation a new constitution and reform of the monarchy. now new zealand's prime minister. has won a landslide victory in the country's general election for visual results show her center left labor party secured some 49 percent of the vote that's its biggest win in 50 years and means our dern could form the country's 1st single party government in decades. thank you. not an ordinary election not an
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ordinary time. the words of incumbent prime minister just send our dern after she secured a rare outright majority the 1st in decades. tonight. new zealand has show in the labor its greatest support and at least 50 years. we have seen them support and post here have been areas and him earlier years and seen 3 may have hoped for but another is equally we may not have expected. ardern won a 2nd term after steering the country through a series of crises after the christ church mosque shootings last year ardern swiftly banned military style weapons and introduced
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a gun buyback scheme. she won praise for her handling of the covert 19 crisis the country has recorded only 25 deaths so far. arden also became the 2nd world leader to give birth while in office. her main challenge was from judith collins of the conservative national party. but her blunt no nonsense approach failed to resonate with voters. after the celebrations ardern challenge will be to steer the country out of its deepest recession in more than 30 years. i'm joined now by samantha early a journalist in christ church samantha good to have you with us it's looking like not just a win but a historic victory for don was she expected to win by such a large margin. well
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a lot of polls had predicted that juries of this sort of outlier majority that would same tonight but most were predicting that she would need to form a coalition government with the grains and. our electoral system here in new zealand coalition government. they say this is what's usually needed to form a governing majority so it is quite a head start moment that led to his picks out enough to actually govern a lot of what is she briefly outlined as her plan for the next term. well it's really building better for the covert crisis she told supporters they plan to carry on investing in infrastructure things like training and that they now have the mandate to accelerate those planes. just into our journey is very popular internationally you must know i mean winning praise for her reaction to the
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pandemic as well as that right wing terrorist attack in christ church but i wonder as we consider these results if she faced any criticism at all for her handling of other critical issues of the country clearly faces. you to mystically claim plenty of criticism actually although you're quite that wide screwed very widespread support the others it's the story of this election it was the x. posse the free market libertarian party who's been very vocal probably one of the most vocal in terms of criticizing various life a policy and that's gone from point 515 of the vote last time to 815 now moving from one member of parliament to teen so that shows you something about the . yes some opposition there to do. and also you have to speak to a story these dates that the government's going into with the covert response and
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the opposition to the national leader judith cullen see it. that new zealand is in for a tough economic rise and. need a fiscal policy that we have so i think that's what judith cullen see it and she also seated national once they've had a bit of time to reflect the a robust opposition so a lot of challenges there for just and there are doing also and katie areas where she promised or outlined really wanting to make transformational change things like housing climate change and child policy widely seen as areas where not as much progress is made in these past 3 years and has a lot of his supporters in new zealand is with a life so big challenges there for her samantha early in christ church thank you so much. about some boxing news now of britain's anthony joshua's set to defend his world heavyweight titles for the 1st time this year when he faces bulgaria's coup
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put out on december 12th in london the 2 had been scheduled to fight in june but the bout was postponed due to ben demick spectators are currently barred from major sporting events in the u.k. you're watching news from berlin up next docs film displaced oil and brewing looks at the humanitarian crisis that is driving an exodus in venezuela a michael girl and i'll be back with more news in 45 minutes. imagine how many push. us right now in the world climb a tree different story this is one playfield way from just one week. how much worse can it really get. we still have time to. i'm giving.
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every 2 seconds son is forced to flee that nearly 71000000 people around the world have been forcibly displaced more than ever before one is marion saudia who now lives in berlin every month she sends money to venezuela so that her family doesn't go hungry. i don't know how messy though. you are. well i know what i have to say that i want to stick up like i said get out of bed
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at least i mean. i don't i mean that i could be one of the but i believe that the money's going back but. let's have all. known don't know then we'll certainly look you don't have to go but it's a market out there call me. ok but i'm going i'm overseas. ok. millions of venezuelans have left the country fleeing poverty and despair even though venezuela has the largest proven petroleum reserves in the world. venezuela was once south america's richest nation now it's a commie has collapsed sparking one of the worst migrant crises of recent years.
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i'm. serious about to see is a venezuelan journalist who's been documenting the crisis. over the never gonna go to jail and yet not take them out of orbit on one of a global although no one had already taken them in the bury the woman in hand. and. oh yes they are playing their own you know the next
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little. thing and here they are in atlanta i don't have. a kilo of meat for 1st 2000 believe us more than twice the country's average monthly wage many people are angry and afraid protests have swept the country in the capital caracas and elsewhere security forces have responded with violence hundreds of people killed. last. we are able to determine that some people were killed because their names were on the government's food assistance list but if the people in charge of those lists inform the security authorities that they taking part in anti-government protests. that have gone i k i realize it's very worrying. the lists are a form of social control they determine who has
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a right to food. and they determine who's for or against murder us government. anything that they will get. say so but this is embodied in us the state in the northwest of the country as editor of the online news site and he's taken on a powerful opponent the government of president nicolas maduro. in thrall to money and greed the country's oil riches have proven to be a curse. or cruise refinery is 300 kilometers east of caracas the country's abundant oil reserves are belied by the desolation here venezuela is not alone in this paradox
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other nations original such as nigeria angola and sudan are ruled by a corrupt elite while ordinary people live in better poverty corruption and mismanagement helped fuel the instability that drives people to flee countries in the top 10 of transparency international's corruption perceptions and next major contributors to the international migrant crisis places like afghanistan syria south sudan and somalia. in venezuela where the crisis has reached. time mentions poverty has always been a fact of life here but when oil prices were high then president chavez launched ambitious social programs a washing petrodollars the country also continue to take on debt corruption further drain public coffers the crash of 2014 was the final blow.
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thanks it's the most vulnerable who have suffered the most. her. lives with her 7 children in a slum on venezuela's caribbean coast. oh you. mean 1st of all it's a. battle my husband went to peru because of the crisis where you know he went there to send us help here at home and they said. if he hadn't gone there we would have died of hunger. then they were on one of them we would have starved to death that a sentimental one of them if. i wasn't one to help. i . see a little bit of last summer when he has no work for
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a week he can't send me any money. but as in we have only one meal a day i try to feed the children at 2 in the afternoon. and they spend the rest of the day sleeping. pills and again the feeling they ask me for food. but they understand when i tell them we don't have any money sometimes they cry. it's not easy when your children beg you for food but you have nothing to give them . that it's hard really hard. place. the united nations food and agriculture organization has warned that venezuela may be on the brink of famine and. like many in the country they're lucky hard as
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children haven't been to school in months they can't afford the bus fare. near leckie hut i goes to the supermarket once a week but only when her husband has sent money from peru. she can only get the banus s a t's. others in venezuela can't afford food at all. people with family abroad are the lucky ones it's a better irony the more venezuelans flee abroad the more money flows back home. that's been a boon for president nicolas maduro. his government needs hard cash. all accounts belonging to the state owned oil company gave a son in the united states have been frozen due to sanctions.
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without the remittances sent by migrants the state would be unable to import even basic foodstuffs and medicines. that. venezuelans hoping leaving and drugs leave home got a collapse of the health care system and soaring child mortality close with. travel documents across the border to colombia illegally the brain drain is an especially bitter blow for many of those fleeing are doctors lawyers and teachers highly educated people that are badly needed at home.
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by june $21000.00 some $4000000.00 venezuelans had left the country out of a total population of just $30000000.00. venezuela was once considered a beacon of prosperity caracas its glittering modern capital. corruption didn't begin with president chavez who died in 20 for a team but in the 20 years since chavez 1st took office corruption and mismanagement have spiraled out of control. one of the lynchpins of the system was rafael ramirez he served as minister of energy on the chavez and at the same time as president of the pdvsa oil company for years his loyalty to chavez allowed the president to dip into the country's petro
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dollars at will without parliamentary oversight or accountability. jarvis had nearly unchecked access to oil revenues. some went to fund far reaching social programs but billions also vanished into private coffers. today as both his friends and foes call him has gone into hiding in exile. me he must soon as you said the simple i just read the petroleum exports brought in about 700. 1000000 dollars over the 10 years i was in office ok let winter be a thing by my calculation 480000000000 of that they came from taxes we got the rest from the pier davis's petroleum sale so 700000000000 is it this is me the big question is you number one of the state do with that money so that's the big question is a country living up to the it's
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a question say so but he's has also lost himself he's in neighboring colombia to carry out the research for nearly a quarter of venezuelan refugees more than a 1000000 people have ended up in the country. the. the word of. the * law. the. oh. the venezuelan government sometimes blocks access to the border some young venezuelans have gathered in colombia under one of the border bridges. venezuelan state media has a blackout on stories like this bought says up the ts will report on it. i read
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that this you know this is not freedom of expression no don't we fight to preserve it every day risking that our websites will be blocked no he's shooting in porn and that will be publicly insulters i mean threatened with jail and up he'll have our passports confiscated at the airport when the woman has had a lot of blood. verret spills over the young people launch an attack against maduro security forces. they throw rocks and a metal tear gas and rubber bullets 2 . but i think that's a. good thing i didn't think it would.
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but he's goes to meet with one of the duros opponents. these exiles know the system from within and are important sources. one man here used to be a close friend of the chavez family a swell. that has someone to run the systematic persecution again the very same day i submitted evidence of the child his family's corruption to parliament our somebody had asked not to look from illiteracy and job we had evidence that more than 30 farming estates were involved in that corruption. later on but i simply and if you believe that the parliamentary audit committee. we are human as i was jailed in 2010. out of my family was persecuted and being my brother died in 2000 i am on a meal for years in a mean way for the sick or how did he die you he was shot one of these murdered yesterday how.


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