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tv   ZDF Bauhaus  Deutsche Welle  October 17, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am CEST

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this is news live from berlin a stark warning from the german chancellor. peace wherever possible stay at home in your place of residence angola merkel calls on people in germany to do their bit to stop the spread of infection as coronavirus cases surged their highest level since the pandemic again. in france students and call it tribute to a teacher slain in a suspected terrorist attack in a paris suburb as the education minister valis the country will never bow to
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extremism when defending its core principles. and in this league of leipzig strengthen their grip on the top spot. outclassed by the league leaders with this early contender for this. welcome to the program german chancellor angela merkel has warned of difficult months ahead for the country with almost 8000 new corona virus infections recorded in the past 24 hours the highest figure since the start of the pandemic the chancellor is calling on germans to work together to stem the spread of the virus and tough measures have already been introduced in some parts of the country. marson social distancing tighter coronavirus restrictions have been in force in the
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southwestern german city of stuttgart since wednesday there are bans on drinking alcohol after 11 pm and mass are obligatory in public squares in the city center many of those rules will now be extended to the rest of barton burton back on monday the state premier is going to raise the coronavirus threat alert to the highest level. we're going to tighten restrictions there where this doesn't cause too much pain in the hope that we can spare kindergartens schools and workplaces from further measures as far as possible i also being considered once again curbing the number of people allowed into stores and making restaurant reservations obligatory and german chancellor angela merkel made an urgent appeal in her weekly online video calling on people to act now to contain the pandemic evans's a human bodies meet up with far fewer people with outside or at home refrain from any trips that are absolutely necessary any celebrations that aren't absolutely
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necessary please whenever possible stay at home in your place of residence. and. despite support from the armed forces to keep the test and trace system up and running this concern that germany's local health authorities are still struggling nonetheless 2000 people protested in stuttgart against the coronavirus measures they were not wearing masks. and joining us now in the studio to shed a little light on merkel's statement is kate brady or political reporter kate wise merkel making this appeal now well as you say the numbers have increased dramatically especially within the last week and stay we saw yet another record figure here in germany in the last 24 hours more than 7800 new cases so in comparison to neighboring countries the shirley friends for example those numbers might be something that president manuel michel my only dream all right now
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getting the figures back down to around the 78000 mark every day but of course this is a big jump from what germany has been the biggest numbers we've seen yet since the beginning of the pandemic so this is really a warning if anything to act now and throughout the crisis angela merkel your side scientific person by trading has been very measured in what she's been saying careful putting the numbers forward get the feeling though i don't know if you did that this is almost a final warning very much so and it's very clear that what machall and the german government doesn't want to do is to impose strict a rules on the nation similar to what we had earlier in the year they were never quite a strict as in some other european neighboring countries to germany but even so our people's freedoms was still much more limited compared to what now and that is the last thing that merkel wants to do so what she's calling on people to do is use their common sense now and maybe don't go to that party that you were planning on going to or maybe cancel that birthday celebration you are planning for next week
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but do that of your on your own accord don't wait for that to be an actual new rule in place and what signs are there that the germans will actually heed this call well anecdotally speaking even just travelling around bowl in the last couple of days coming up on the underground even to work today it's very clear that not everyone is following even the most basic of rules which have been in place now for months whether it's wearing masks on public transport or in enclosure shops still a lot of people not wearing them prop. les are tall people not necessarily keeping the distance where they could as well and so that's even with the most basic roles so whether or not people will actually belittling to this call for medical that will be sharing i believe in the coming days if we see a drop in the number of people being infected by current virus for now we're seeing consecutive big jumps in the number so that must be increasing the chance of a 2nd locked down right it certainly could and the question the government is going
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to be facing in the coming weeks is do we wait for the situation to get even worse or maybe next week if went by already $10000.00 new cases per day does the government say no now we take action and perhaps put even more stringent more stricter measures on to the public before we end up with a situation like in firms like in the u.k. all right to diffuse political correspondent kate pretty thanks for that insight so i'm going to take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world. united nations secretary general antonio terrace has said the world has failed to rise to the challenge of fighting cope with 19 the un she said the economic effects of the pandemic would be devastating and that concerted action was needed to prevent millions of people from being pushed into poverty and hunger. armenia and azerbaijan have agreed a new humanitarian ceasefire in their conflict over the disputed nagorno-karabakh
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region it's judah come into force for midnight saturday local time step has been welcomed by french presidency manual. this comes a week after a russia brokered truce trade immediately after its announcement. a coalition of mothers marched in protest against nigerian police brutality in the country's commercial capital lagos' on saturday a wave of demonstrations against the police and special anti robbery squad started last week crowds have grown despite the government's announcement that it was scrapping the unit of. france's anti terror prosecutor says the teacher beheaded in friday's attack outside paris had become the target of threats after showing caricature of the muslim prophet muhammad in the classroom the suspected attacker was an 18 year old from russia's chechnya region who had been granted refugee status in france he reportedly loitered outside the school and asked for information about the victim's whereabouts. shocked
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children parents and neighbors come to pay their respects at the suburban pair's school where the murdered teacher taught. although the school had received one complaint after his classroom discussion surrounding caricature of islams prophet muhammad the teacher didn't have a reputation for being provocative. i mean my oldest boy said he never behaved in a racist way. not at all. his lessons weren't intended to shock you know my son didn't think there was anything unusual about him. and his. friends as education minister vowed the country would never bow to terror intimidation when it came to defending its core principles. this teacher was murdered because of what he symbolized knowledge used for critical thinking. the development of citizens who are free and enlightened it's the heart of what we do
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in our schools. many in france support taking a tough line against extremists. for a long time our secular country has been under attack but this time it's on education and it's gone too far. it's the very values of the republican are being attacked here and we cannot allow that. we need to bring our focus on the table and say enough. stuff. the government recently said it was planning new measures to rein in radicalism advocates will see the latest attack as proof that tougher action is needed. new zealand's prime minister just sent to arden has won a landslide victory in the country's general election provisional results show her center left labor party secure and some 49 percent of the vote as its biggest win in 50 years and means ardent can form the country's 1st single party government in decades. not an ordinary election not an ordinary
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time. the words of incumbent prime minister just send ardern after she secured a rare outright majority the 1st in decades. tonight. new zealand has showing the labor its greatest support and least 50 years. we have seen them support and both live in areas and in rural areas and since we may have heard this before but in the recent equally we may not have expected 2. ardern won a 2nd term after steering the country through a series of crises after the christ church mosque shootings last year ardern swiftly banned military style weapons and introduced
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a gun buyback scheme. she won praise for her handling of the kovac 19 crisis the country has recorded only 25 deaths so far. arden also became the 2nd world leader to give birth while in office. her main challenge was from judith collins of the conservative national party. but her blunt no nonsense approach failed to resonate with voters. after the celebrations ardern challenge will be to steer the country out of its deepest recession in more than 30 years. time for sports now in terms of football and rb leipzig kept their place at the top of the bundesliga table with a 2 nil win it. the host started the match day in 2nd place themselves on the receiving end of an early contender for goal of the season. but.
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not goals man appeared confident before kick off but i were no pushover to talk to league leaders until the stroke of half time to score a spanish defender i'm telling you doing the honors. after the break and i pick up the pace and substitute yusuf potions 1st produced this cry by. thought stoner on 66 minutes sealed spirits fight i life 6 day top of the bundesliga with their 2 male victory. say next turn their attention to their champions league clash against the shock cheered on tuesday. my opinion is that. maybe one of the best goals of my it is for one tree then he gets the ball to pass me through chip it over the
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defender and the ball lands perfectly in the ankle but i need to shoot on the 1st one and then i have quite a. defending champions by munich are hot on leaders lead 6 heels after thrashing promoted bielefeld for one robert thomas middle of the byron goals with the win moving them up to 2nd place in the table. back leading the by in line and involved right from the start playing in thomas. 8 minutes. on the scoresheet himself making it difficult look easy and complete control the post 2nd wasn't quite. count. on the stroke of half time. grabbed his 2nd after the restart i.
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pulled one back for. brian had a man. can see from excite easily have gone for the full one victory thanks to 2 of them most familiar faces. let's take a look at all the results of this weekend's bonus they get matches so far. were too good for a champion spire thrashed for motive bielefeld dortmund edged out hoffenheim should guard what hurts a berlin freiburg true with bremen leverkusen deep months and were helped by will spur on sunday cologne meet frankfurt and struggling south of play when young. the secret of british graffiti artist banksy has confirmed that he's responsible for a new artwork in the english city of nottingham. it features a little girl with a hula hoop but the hoop is a bicycle tar and she's painted on the wall next to a broken real bicycle that's missing is rear wheel painting went up on tuesday
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thanks these works have appeared around the world and often have political or darkly satirical themes. you're watching d.w. news live from berlin up next africa looks at uganda's mountain gorilla baby boom stay tuned for that next parser thanks for watching. in the height of climate change. africa's most of. what's in store. once used to come for the future to. come for the major cities to get inside clear cut or. how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when will. introduce through the tactics and the weekly radio show is called spectrum if you would like
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any information on the coronavirus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast so you can get it wherever you can get your podcast you can also find us at. foreign slash science. special this time killer drones come back robots and cybersecurity in the military to shoot on not to shoot around the world weapon systems are being developed that would let on to officially intelligence on. so this question can we let an algorithm design have a life and death. the 0 fighters are currently still in use but artificial intelligence could soon replace fighter aircraft that require the pilot to manually shoot misaki. yes the goals of. the 1st big game changer is the fact that we
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now have pilotless weapon systems that can be controlled from a far so they don't require a pilot to be onboard the fighter aircraft as i was in aircraft manufacture airbus tested its 1st unpiloted drones about 2 years ago these drones are a company fighter aircraft from inside the cockpit the pilot can control the swarm of drones abbott says it's a system designed to take some of the pressure off the pilots and protect them so far humans are still of the center of the decision making process here across the globe militaries are developing weapons systems that see artificial intelligence increasingly replace humans in care and the art of it there's this new aspect now and that in the future the decision on target selection and combat likely redirected and it would be an algorithm in a computer not a human being making the decision that something new at no point in history has this ever been the case the decision has always been a human one no matter what weapons are used whether it was throwing stones and
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spears using a crossbow or even dropping by. the us military agency darpa has developed an unmanned ship the sea hunter is equipped with cameras sensors and computers this autonomous robot ship is supposed to detect and pursue enemy submarines so far there are no weapons on board yet the erratic lee it would be possible in the future artificial intelligence could lead to many other changes a team of american researchers and anti killer robot activists has produced this video to warn of the potential consequences the fictional scenario drones are used to. eliminate political opponents with the help of artificial intelligence and facial recognition the drones hunt student activists the drones independently identify their targets bank carry out targeted assassinations. and they can on the technical side and much of this will be possible in the near
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future. heart of the matter which is also expressed in this video is the fact that these new technologies allow it to an extreme extent to distance ourselves from the act of killing a lot more than long range weapons ever could. a sickly we could just categorize and let algorithms take care of going into action. so it's essentially passing on the act of killing to a computer by the. drones be used in the future to specifically target and kill people. so frank sauer this sort of scenario raises primarily ethical questions i mean it's one very fundamental worry is that a dehumanization of those people that die takes place because nobody has to deal with the fact that they've died on the battlefield. and instead the reduced to mere data and numbers which an anonymous machine works through want to tell directly. about it at the united nations they've been debating a ban on china most weapons for years now so far unsuccessfully resistance to
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a ban comes from russia the u.s. and china amongst others the debate centers on whether autonomous weapons are reconcilable with international law critics are worried about a new arms race we've come to see able consequences. as you start to picture and realize that humans are controlling l about have completely fallen out of the equation and when you have algorithms that make decisions. decisions on whether or not someone should be attack targeted and if so whether weapons should be here. it's definitely not so farfetched to imagine that those are happening at incredible speed and could escalate even quicker. the systems they start shooting at each other without humans doing it themselves and it might even become impossible to oversee what's happening at the speed at which everything unfold could be just too overwhelming. saying that decisions over life and death cannot be passed on to machines humans need to take on responsibility and be accountable.
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combat robots can kill but they can also protect human life when fighting terrorists for example these remotely controlled weapons are produced by general robotics in israel. the weapon a glock 269 millimeter caliber the shooter a robot 11 kilograms the shooting range 20 kilometers east of tel aviv israel. of general. robotics is controlling this robot which looks more like a toy it could be a toy considering it's called jogo but this small caterpillar robot is dangerous it's being advertised as a lightweight ally in the fight against terrorism and it shoots automatically. this is a grouping of turn around so you see that no human to get rich disappears we usually
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when we do competition even with the best shots they cannot reach discussion of groupings and imagine under combat pressure it's even harder. the next challenge targeting balloons on command and then shooting them. in the future dogo is supposed to support infantry troops in action. although it's 2020 today almost all militaries in the world they send humans into a very dangerous areas without the humans even knowing what's waiting for them on the other side right now more people are being killed or injured because the special forces don't have time to think because they're under fire dogo is supposed to provide the time to think in an appetizing video the developers present how future antiterrorism operations could become more secure look for special forces into robots how fast they have to look around clear the area and if need be shoot.
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the whole idea is to have to tell whist occupied with the all but to give the special forces an advantage. general robotics is one of the leading manufacturers for remotely control weapons one other product a sound the pitbull a portable weapon station that was developed as an anti drone tool among other things it can be controlled from this. safe distance. i feel the system which start if they want to track i can cancel the tracking. and i can reactivate just by pressing the start. and now the system is tracking self. and i decide if i want to continue tracking or if i want to shoot don't go and pit bull use image recognition and motion sensors to track their targets
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technologies that are increasingly being controlled by programs little self learning and thereby continuously improving in other words artificial intelligence . the university of tel aviv with its department of cyber security. isaac ben israel former air force general and m.p. is an electorate here his knowledge on military theory and security policy has led him to being regarded as one of the leading experts on artificial intelligence. music the. official in their lives is going to be the most dominant the growth of the next 20 years or so in as well as in. the human mission. weapon systems such as pit bull dog or have only been made possible through more intelligence on faster more accurate control of the weapons
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through programs means that more jobs can be taken off human hands. there are various different stages of technology one stage of technology is the other to official intelligence to help the young men make a decision for example you can put image recognition so the system can suggest today or this person is or probably that they're always in 95 percent because we've checked the facial recognition and it matches our database so this would help support the human to make a decision but your question if now the system will decide that beyond 95 percent or if it's 100 percent sure will it take the decision by a 3rd maybe maybe in the future but we do not support that unlike biological and chemical weapons using cyber technology it is not regulated on an international level not every manufacturer will take on responsibility for the machines they
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produce the thought of robots fighting each other one day is not really comforting but history has taught us one thing there's no such thing as a war without human victims. militaries across the globe preparing for cyber warfare in the german bundesbank to soldiers are working on ways to ward off cyber attacks which strategies do they employ the center for cyber operations is located near here the computer systems of the bonders we are are being centrally monitored the i.t. networks need to function reliably especially for deployment of brought this role is becoming increasingly important for cyber and information command of the art. it has about as many soldiers as the navy. these cyber troops fight off hackers as they just as with industrial networks in the bundeswehr networks are also
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continually being attacked and the way you usually react as with measures to guarantee security of information these are different measures that have been as valid to protect our own networks and soil and whether that really only defending their own networks or also actively attacking foreign net brock's the german government remained silent on this issue but in 2019 a strategic paper was leaked to the public it stated that there are plans to react with hack attacks in case of a severe attack hack back south basically retaliations against attacking computer infrastructure in the most extreme cases some of those are supposed to be hacked and disable we try digging a bit deeper with con on christan pavlik who had 1st signed all the ration so he does not want to reveal any concrete targets but he emphasizes the potential need to be able to actively engage in cyber combat even if you have a 30 abundance there has the skills necessary to the back end of the war networks
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them to scope out data to grab it analyze it and to influence network said change data that's available but is to terence even effective in cyberspace. they took turns in cyberspace is generally quite difficult when deterrence is based on being able to assess and analyze the opponent skills in cyberspace however you're very concerned with staying anonymous account not revealing anything about your skills as soon as their skills in cyberspace are revealed then you can start comparing specifically but those types of attacks and switched it to terence's controversial often times it's not clear who's attacked whom and who to target one of the reasons why germany is specifically interested in defensive cyber security and having rigid and stable i.t.c. systems.
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eco africa. baby boom for uganda is not in. the primates have taken advantage of the peace and quiet of the current virus lock down to produce a particularly large number of offspring residents in the neighboring villages are thrilled they hope that these where animals will soon attract new tourists again the eco africa a. pond d.w. . just like living on an island. there are many endangered animals and plants old don't only look behind. the land the rapidly growing population is encouraging more and more into their habitat is it an area solvable conflict the only biodiversity a. good 30 minutes on the land.
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crime fighters are back and a good deal africa's most successful radio drama series continues in the all of us odes are available online a little more so you can share. disco song w africa's facebook page and other social media platforms. to me now. it's no secret that our planet's resources are doing that and that's why when i am buying program we like to share ideas on how you can protect and support nature welcomes the coffee. in lagos nigeria and a one welcome for me too so glad you could join us today i am sundered we know video coming to you from kampala here is what is coming up shortly.
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there's a. growing number of. other pride of a country here in uganda these are wonderful and on the most drum many visitors which helps the economy but the core of. the tourism industry hot so a women's initiative to the windy impenetrable national park where the. attraction has come up with other ways of income and that is continuing even though the park is now once again open to visitors but the women aren't the only ones who read good
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use of their time doing this pandemic. for. sprains for. the older. members who. are used to this. so that just a welcome addition. of joy for the people. in. it is so strange because. history. it's
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also good news for write for a woman a local charity organization that profits from stores coming to see the. coronavirus love done much to broach tourism to a standstill depriving many local women of the way to. these women i have been home for 6 months with no walk almost 7 months and because of the uganda has been. or is them to them it means they want to that i'm going on income right for a woman or for services such as bike she was around the national park some of the women just had to learn how to ride a bike themselves but that sure as i'm now in big demand rights for women was founded 11 go by. it now employees of a $300.00 women from villages in the area wanted to empower women but using that
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mountain bicycles we thought maybe torso calm and actually use the mountain bicycles hire them and then them i know but what is the women and the benefits to providing to us as help the women and other locals to recall the need to protect nature and wildlife many know watch out for porches america to prevent the apes from being exploited it's a human perspective that twat doesn't benefit him he's useless. that's how most of the people in the. conservation areas it is and if there is a benefit of one of them. then it seems. it's not good enough but that ended abruptly in march there were no more tourists to rinse the mountain bikes visit workshops or buy handicrafts. so instead the women started making face masks for companies and organizations in uganda as well as for export abroad.
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went to the hospital and we have. yes so when we get it here we trade. and we started from that there's a man and. we just got one and we started for that they must generate some income but. so even came up with another scheme to help this community of women with the help of donations they set up a farm where they grow their own produce also helps keep the charity going plus people need to eat even when there's no money coming. become self-sustaining so we get football in here take it to the women who are on the other side walking and then we still i am bringing their money out to actually coming to the women walking in the fields. now that sutton is
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churches are being listed. and. some of the women moved. and we. will catch a glimpse of the silver box and his family. have been born since the beginning to the delight of conservationists these majestic primates are an endangered species those long ago there were only 800 mountain lived all of them in uganda. the democratic republic of congo fortunately the protective measures. have proved effective and their numbers have grown to over a 1000. did you know that some 1300000000 tons of food a west it every year one point in africa it is often down to a lot of infrastructure for preserving freshly roasted food as
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a result on average $6.00 to $11.00 killers of food a west that. play here in developing countries what a waste of resources sandra but in industrial nations the level of waste is 10 times greater detail as on consumers often toss out food just because it's no longer fresh now one company has found a way of extending the shelf life of fruits and vegetables using a method that doesn't harm the environment. the fruit and vegetables rotting in fields or during transportation to consumers. according to the u.n. food and agricultural organization or f.a.o. some 14 percent of food is lost after harvesting and before it reaches the market or retailer. if you go to a particular country or particular really you are likely to see varying levels of
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losses and this depending on the situation would go up even to 50 percent if you're talking about let's say fruits and vegetables for example or if they're from one does not find a market for that particular food product in a timely basis now this is huge amount of food and if you you convert it into a monetary 20 this is a lot and if you wait it is well into the laws to the environment or the environmental impact that is also huge. when that happens water pesticides and resources used for transportation are all wasted some 7 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions can be traced back to food loss and waste the chief causes include problems with transportation and refrigeration. getting the produce from harvest to kitchen table is a race against time. a
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california based company appeals sciences might be able to help. founder james rodgers and his team have developed a liquid that could extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. appeal is a little exactly like it sounds peel we apply to the surface of fresh produce you can't see it you can't taste it if you look at it slows down the factors that cause the fruit to age. it helps even without refrigeration appeal is a liquid coating that dries into a kind of edible skin. the coating helps to produce last up to 4 times as long that buys time time to transport the produce to store it and eat it before it spoils. appeal is based on limits and other natural compounds found in fruits and vegetables. they were extracted and blended into
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a tailor made solution. by combining them in the rate ratios when they dry dry into an arrangement that allows us to control the factors that cause fruit to age which are basically water going out and oxygen going in so same materials we're just teaching a new trick by finding the right formula to apply to different kinds of produce in order to give them the same kind of protection that you have a lamb in on a cucumber or a. dutch wholesaler nature's pride sell some 120000 tons of fruits and vegetables a year they import from 59 countries especially latin america in rotterdam. the imported produce continues to ripen before it's sorted and shipped to the retailer . and waste is a common problem in the industry but the company hopes to minimize these losses in
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the future. in the way they actually bought it and they don't use it and that costs money. so in the chain if we don't know what way you don't spend that money wrongly with the people we can reduce food waste well since you said don't take the level. food that used to land in the trash can now be sold every day nature's pride treats 6 tons of avocados with appeal before sending them to supermarket shelves across europe. the main customers are in scandinavia germany and the netherlands. nature's pride is the 1st company in europe to use appeal. they're planning to start treating other kinds of fruits and vegetables soon. as time is going by air by using a few we might give them the possibility go by boat and that is of course is they need since our state so there's lots of opportunities. so far the new technology is
11:42 pm
mainly being used by large companies smaller ones can't afford it but appeal says it's planning to change that with a new business model it foresees retail chains in supermarkets paying for the technology for small producers and farmers to install. in return the retailers receive longer lasting produce farmers in places that haven't had access to national and international markets could also benefit. and so the opportunity is to be able to to use appeal to reduce the transport cation costs and increase the quality so it's not a it's a way 'd for a small producer to grow something that's intrinsically valuable to collect some of that value. and that's exactly what would help producers in african countries appeal is currently setting up a facility in south africa for example. it's not just aimed at the export market but could also help reduce food waste in the country itself. but while extending
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the shelf life of produce will help it won't put an end to the waste problem. for that transportation and refrigeration systems will also need to be improved and expanded. and consumers will need to stop throwing food away and start only buying what they'll actually eat. here you get a clue what's really going on. because africa. has been played out big. we introduce you to clever people and the latest solutions for the environment. simply amazing stories. africa.
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let's move to egypt now many. in the north african country are so isolated. a problem for residents on a tourism industry so love paul could provide a solution. as one of the world's largest solar plants it can't cope with the needs of the country in the meantime smaller supply. to fill the gap that's to look. good on is a remote fishing village on the red sea and it's not on the national grid. until recently the only electricity here came from diesel generators. now a solar powered local grid provides electricity of ramtha clock enabling fisherman to store their catch safely and. you know. when we can't fish we used to take them either 11 kilometers south to have more 16
11:45 pm
kilometers north to run. it was quite a long drive and the fish would sometimes go bad and start to smell. now that we have electricity around the clock we have a freezer people come to us to buy fish and we save on time and travel costs. 100 kilometers to the north there's marsa. it's a popular tourist destination the hotels here rely mostly on diesel generators for electricity. but that's not the case at the martha shocker a large where people come from all over the world to dive the owners here have invested in solar power but the system only provides electricity during the day when it's dark the hotel still uses a diesel generator. still the partial switch to solar hasn't just been environmentally beneficial it's also been an advantage on an economic level.
11:46 pm
for many. for. the price of fossil fuels has risen a lot over the past 8 years that's. right now the cost of producing $1.00 kilowatt using the generator is the equivalent of 12 year olds cents. on the other hand the cost from the solar plant is only 8 year old. i mean 1.6. as a result we've been able to recoup our outlays in less than 5 years before. the aim is to switch to 100 percent clean energy as soon as possible. the many great and solar station was built and is maintained by the carm solar company itself the electricity to the hotel. jamaal opt out because there is the on site maintenance
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technician karm solar has a policy of training local people wherever it builds a facility. and. i mean when i started i was a manual labor. digging holes laying cables carrying stuff around i knew nothing about solar power. but slowly i started learning and thanks to kind solar i got trained by their engineers. he checks the solar panels every day it's important to clean them regularly because a lot of sound blows around here for local technicians karm solar is grids present opportunities for career progression. i know in charge of 3 solar grids and nasa. karm solar mostly sets up facilities for big clients and companies but it also serves smaller ones like this bedouin settlement they recently received 2 solar panels from donors.
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jamal is visiting to explain how the mini grid works. harm solar also works with the government on large on grid power plants. another sign that solar power has a bright future in egypt join the print tourist attractions and cultural centers all over the world 'd have been offering their thought was so allow their sights and values to be explored from some wildlife parks in south africa to the same approach i'm even though some are now reopened for business did so far was asked to wildly popular especially those featuring elephants and big cats is this week's. i. want to see what the lions do all day. safari lodges rangers bring south africa's wildlife into your
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home the rangers record what they observe in the money major reserve and post the videos online for free the idea came about when the reserve closed due to covert 19 so it is a really great way of virtual safaris bringing the bush and the animals and the reserves to people in their homes down they couldn't go anyway and we thought it's a fantastic idea to bring these virtual safaris to 2 people the on the beat virtual safaris are a roaring success and are watched by people around the world. in july 2020 the videos were getting between 3 and 4000000 views. the virtual safaris proved so popular that they continued even after restrictions were lifted along with beautiful footage they provide lots of information. and.
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all types of. consuello says the virtual safaris teach the importance of wildlife while also encouraging people to support the reserves. how about you if you are also doing your tell us about it visit our website or send us a tweet. tag doing your bit. we share your story. digital technologies. in kenya cutting edge technology is helping. that is right near to a start up in nairobi is using state lights to provide farmers with forecasts on
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the harvests and also reliable data on the weather but it's not only state lights that are keeping watch on the farmer's fields. oh. once a month most risky money flies are drawn over his clients feel its africa has gotten so bad crop yields here are often the way. these technology could change that the bronze camera captures the light that's reflected off the plants in various well plants and so reveals information which the neck of human eye cannot see. reflected closely over the probes dick in that image little under an alive and we can see if the crops are stressed and why this is important with a drone you can actually stress 2 weeks before you can see to the naked eye so it helps the from a make the right position in time before the crop has the last most risky money
11:52 pm
founded the company in terra africa in 2016 together with the find the startup is one of 12 across africa currently receiving guidance from the german government program for start ups he's kites regularly with the german suburbs provide out for sustainable development g.i. said their initiative supports touchups in the agriculture and food sector in their search for investors up until now most of their funding has come from the same officer like this mark business has also set up a demo system clients can use it to learn how to use the technology with the sensor measures the temperature humidity answer moisture at various years especially up developed by the startup then transmits the data free of charge to a cellphone it's data that is increasingly vital to the farmers as kenya too is suffering the effects of climate change. seasons and weather patterns are shifting . in tara 6 to office allusions to these problems so long to africa and
11:53 pm
based agriculture technology company relabel farmers adopt climate change and increase their yield through precision agriculture through climate smart inputs and through conservation agriculture. this soil census data is combined with additional information regional weather forecasts and images from satellites which can quickly cut large areas of land from outer space the images come from the sentinel to set lights. these in the sky are part of europe's observation they talk. every 5 days they seemed i knew. this spatial he's at the startup then timed the data into valuable information for local farmers they did knology can evaluate a plant scrolled on a light potential problem it's even possible to estimate how high a crop yield will be with you performing well consistently you know that we can
11:54 pm
actually make adjustments on the farm to see if got to their yield now we look at the sort of moisture analysis. so for this wild west it is blue where this well is good so why should distribution yellow or green red is less well mr read right absolutely right so what that tells us is the education lines here are not working . he'll mean why everything is going to plan. your route to get kenya has been using the interior africa for about a year out of 80 tables are flourishing she can also 40 percent more produce than before to hotels and local markets $200.00 farmers already use the op appreciates it's user friendly set up. unlike before when you were depending a lot on. me to take on if i'm not able to be here then i have to depend on their
11:55 pm
work as sometimes they don't do the scouting properly they don't give me the correct information so these has been like my 2nd eyes and giving me information which i cannot even see for example there with a. kenya has been able to improve crop yields and her awnings in terre needs to send a lot of data to use a smart phones a lack of coverage in rural areas on the ground that the farmers have to purchase from mobile service providers can be obstacles for some especially small businesses . that is all from us today we had a lot of fun hosting the show hope you enjoyed watching for now it is a good buy for me sundra to nobody else here in company uganda and from him outside when lagos see you next week in the marines are do be sure to stay in touch on social media so long and see you again very soon.
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just like living on an island. now maybe endangered animals. sound all meeting with. the boeing company isn't thinking more and more into the bag is it and irresolvable conflict or and the value of biodiversity abdominal dog.
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150th anniversary here on d w. keeps their hopes in ship for spectacular pictures. it's their passion for nature. it's their complete devotion. that makes them the most wildlife photographer in the world. a. fascinating. and poetic. confrontational and story. 5 adventures. one goal. the preservation of our planet. it's not just an issue of parting trees and saving pandas anymore. it's us that's the danger of
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surviving an os right through realizing there's a radically different way of living it's rather. starts november 6th on t.w. . this is deja vu news and these are our top stories german chancellor i'm going to machall has warned of difficult months ahead for the country after corona virus infections spiked to a record high she called on germans to work together to stem the spread the virus almost 8000 new infections were recorded in the last 24 hour period many cities that introduce.


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