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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  October 18, 2020 3:00am-3:16am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin bolivians cast their ballots for a new president on sunday amid a deeply divided political landscape the front runners are a leftist and a centrist the winner will have to deal with the coronavirus 10 demick and bolivia's worst economic crisis in decades also in france students and colleagues pay tribute to the teacher slain in a suspected terrorist attack in a preaching suburb as the education minister vows the country will never bow to extremism by defending its core principles. in the bundesliga leipzig
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strength in their grip on the top spot inform our class by the league leaders. with this early contender for the goal to seize. time when welcome to the program bolivians go to the polls to elect a new president on sunday the country has been struggling with the coronavirus pandemic which has hit the economy hard bolivia remains bitterly divided along ethnic lines former president abel morales is not on the ballot but in many ways the election is a referendum on his legacy. the front runner in bolivia's presidential race is luis things like he ally of former president abel maurice their left wing socialist
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party champions the cause of the impoverished indigenous people who make up 2 thirds of the population. we're going to give the libyan people what they need. economic stability. political stability and social stability thanks a message that appeals to many after the turbulence of recent is table morales resigned almost a year ago in the wake of violent street protests which broke out after he tried to gain a 4th term in office not normally allowed under the constitution. but he remains popular amongst the indigenous population and has endorsed luis i'd say as his successor many hope he can build on maraniss early successes in lifting millions out of poverty and helping grow the economy. the biggest challenge for the socialist is from centrist candidate parlous messer who has dismissed say as
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a puppet of morality he says the former president was provoked an authoritarian and now wants to govern through the back door. make no mistake we are the only ones who can definitely defeat evil medallists and louis c. because as they is nothing more than mirages without morals thank you have wins the election faces a huge challenge the landlocked mountainous nation is still one of the poorest in south america. the country's precarious public health system has struggled to cope with the coronavirus and bolivia is now facing its worst economic crisis in decades pose predicts the vote will go to a 2nd round runoff between message and see that could put more pressure on even ralitsa as his opponents would likely unite against him. earlier i spoke to our
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correspondent in la paz johann wrote a mirror as and asked what's being done to ensure a fair election. because said that they are doing a huge effort to organize a very transparent election we have many observers already in the country some observers coming from you in their open union son of several from the carter center and from the american there in the session of american states but i think this will not make the candidates or even the people accept the results at the end of the day these elections are very important because we had a very controversial uncomplicated election last year so we need a very transparent election so the people have backed the confidence in its institution and in its democracy d.w. correspondent you have our mirrors in the palace the pandemic is not only its own threat to societies around the world but it's made existing problems worse that's
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especially true for poor people like those in one crowded suburb outside mexico city many residents there don't even have access to clean water which makes staying safe from the virus all the more of a challenge. final adjustments on a device that filters and stores rain water activists from the age group to show have installed 20 such potentially life saving systems in the car to pick a slum on the edge of mexico city now you're a nice waras can bathe her children and wash their clothes the risk of coronavirus is high here and the government offers little help. we had no water for a week they keep telling us to wash our hands but how can we do that if they won't get most water. the government won't install water connections because a cut to pick was built illegally and too close to a railroad people who live here are also cut off from health care the activists
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from the a group are their only allies the community faces a growing wave of problems almost half of all mexicans work in irregular jobs without contracts and a cut to pick the percentage is even higher and there's much less work since the pen to make started. he said even. many people here depend on what they earn day to day. if they can't work the whole family suffers. they simply can't afford to stay at home and do nothing. but going to work raises the risk of infection it's a vicious cycle that hits the weak hardest with a tank of clean water they can at least wash themselves when they get home as far as the pandemic here german chancellor i got america has warned of difficult months ahead for the country with almost 8000 new corona virus infections recorded in the past 24 hours that's the highest figure since the start of the pandemic the
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chancellor is calling on people in germany to work together to stem the spread of the virus and tough measures have already been introduced in some parts of the country. mass and social distancing tighter coronavirus restrictions have been in force in the southwestern german city of stuttgart since wednesday there are bans on drinking alcohol after 11 pm and master obligatory in public squares in the city center many of those rules will now be extended to the rest of barden back on monday the state premier is going to raise the coronavirus threat alert to the highest level. we're going to tighten restrictions there where this doesn't cause too much pain in the hope that we can spare kindergarten schools and workplaces from further measures as far as possible i also being considered once again curbing the number of people allowed into stores and making restaurant reservations
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obligatory and german chancellor angela merkel made an urgent appeal in her weekly online video calling on people to act now to contain the pandemic evans's a human bodies meet up with far fewer people with outside or at home refrain from any trips that are absolutely necessary any celebrations that aren't absolutely necessary please whenever possible stay at home in your place of residence. and. despite support from the armed forces to keep the test and trace system up and running this concern that germany's local health authorities are still struggling nonetheless 2000 people protested in stuttgart against the coronavirus measures they were not wearing masks. about some of the other stories making news around the world. a new curfew has come into force across france in a bid to curb the spread of the coronavirus all public spaces will be shut between
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9 pm and 6 am and 9 major cities for at least a month it comes as more than a record $32000.00 new cases were confirmed across the country in just a single day. united nations secretary general antonio gutierrez has said the world has failed to rise to the challenge of fighting kovan 19 the un chief said the economic effects the pandemic would be devastating and that concerted action was needed to prevent millions of people from falling into poverty and hunger. thousands of people took part in a women's march in washington d.c. and other u.s. cities to oppose president donald trump whom they view as a threat to women's rights the saturday event mirrors the women's march that took place right after trump's inauguration in january 2017 organizers urged participants to wear masks and maintain social distance. i mean
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ian and azerbaijan have agreed to a humanitarian cease fire in their conflict over the disputed no go no carb region it came into force at midnight local time a russia brokered truce from last week fell apart almost immediately. france's anti terror prosecutor says the teacher beheaded in friday's attack outside paris had become the target of threats after showing caricature of the muslim prophet mohammed in the classroom the suspected attacker was an 18 year old from russia's chechnya region he reportedly avoided outside the school and asked for information about the victims were about. shocked children parents and neighbors come to pay their respects at the suburban paris school where the murdered teacher taught. although the school had received one complaint after his classroom discussion surrounding caricature is of islams prophet muhammad the teacher didn't have
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a reputation for being provocative. i mean my oldest boy said he never behaved in a racist way. not at all. his lessons weren't intended to shock you know my son didn't think there was anything unusual about him. and his. friends is that you cation minister vowed the country would never bow to tear or intimidation when it came to defending its core principles. this teacher was murdered because of what he symbolized knowledge used for critical thinking that with the development of citizens who are free and enlightened it's the heart of what we do in our schools. many in france support taking a tough line against extremists you know that for a long time our secular country has been under attack but this time it's on education and it's gone too far. it's the very values of the republican are being
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attacked here and we cannot allow that we need to bring our focus on the table and say enough. stuff. the government recently said it was planning new measures to rein in radicalism. advocates will see the latest attack as proof that tougher action is needed. let's turn to football now and every leipzig kept their place at the top of the bonus league table with a 2 nil win at. the hosts started the match day in 2nd place but found themselves on the receiving end of an early contender for goal of the season have a look. at coach you're not goldsman appeared confident before kick off but i were no pushover took their leaders into the stroke of half time to score spanish defender i'm telling you doing the honors. after the break up the pace and substitute uses potions 1st to produce the crowd.
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thought stoner on 66 minutes sealed spirits fate i. stay top of the bundesliga with their 2 male victory. say next turned their attention to their champions league clash against the shock cheered on tuesday. my opinion is that. maybe one of the best goals of this war. then he gets the ball. through keeps it over the front of. the boat perfectly and i mean it's to shoot on the 1st time and he did quite well let's take a look at the results of this weekend's bonus league matches so far leaders were too good for the champions byron thrashed promoted. dortmund edged out hoffenheim
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stuttgart one at half have berlin drew with bremen leverkusen beat by a club or held by on sunday cologne to meet frankfurt and struggling shall play only on birth in. the secretive british graffiti artist banksy has confirmed that he is responsible for a new artwork in the english city of nottingham it features a little girl with a hula hoop but the hoop is a bicycle tire she's painted on a wall next to a broken real bicycle that's missing its rear wheel the painting went up on tuesday banks these works have often appear around the world and are usually political and darkly sits here. and watching news from berlin up next sports life how to succeed in football without making much money stay tuned for that we'll be back with more news at the top of the hour and always
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get the latest from d.w. dot com twitter and instagram and the unions will see you there. thanks for watching. in the fight over climate change. conference may soon. what's in store. for the future. we're going to go city hall to get insight. into. how does a virus spread. and. just through the cracks.


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