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the elephant's always on his heels destroying his crops the was a to come to every day to day they're going to get to this piece in the night to come again and continue until the whole field is done. elephants have trampled his fences including the electric ones. and jeremiah doesn't have the money to repair them. the moment of my life is being called a thing they thought they didn't buy elephants why do you need it is there making people poor they're making people poor. no i'm poor. what my feeling is. i think i need to be done what i feel about i live and that's not too many. they need to be to do with. the government hasn't organized any college culture eventually last year lifted
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a ban on elephant hunting that had been imposed 5 years earlier it now permits the killing of 402 year promising a field day for sports hunters the government says the hunting should be allowed specifically in areas where elephants human conflicts are most common or what elephants we have learnt over time about elephants is that when the north is the danger they will not go to those areas and we use the controlled hunting to achieve that not to reduce numbers but to create better. so that people can continue about livelihoods i mean. it's been estimated that the elephant population will continue to grow significantly even if $400.00 a kill each year. trophy hunting is widely despised in europe for example but can it actually fulfill a useful function. some conservationists think it can. the
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impact will be positive because botswana is absolutely committed to having any resources that it gets from sport to go to the communities rural botswanans live with 150000 elephants and they have not been receiving any benefits whatsoever so a couple of animals that are sport hunted can go a very long way to mitigate the kind of negative impacts including the loss of human life that rural botswanans are facing on a daily basis. man a fish was trampled to death last year while on his way home in cassani. his sister dorcas sums up the findings of the police investigation. he'd say to a man bank. so. this.
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and i had to be and. so they pulled him up she tells us they used to be fewer elephants in the area and they were less aggressive. in the past there with just and must present elephant just feet in there sometimes without even seeing it but now why does the actually change without even a person provoking them anyhow she says the aggression may well mean the elephants are feeling stressed the question remains if the elephant population continues to rise and the human population grows as well i'm happy encounters will probably continue to occur and a sustainable solution will still need to be found. in our global ideas series we head to the pacific ocean it's home to many species of sea turtle our reporter claire richardson went to the arm of an island's part of
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the solomon islands north of australia she met some activists who are working to protect the turtles. the solomon islands look like power dice on us the region here in the south pacific is home to rich marry him biodiversity. but it's a challenging environment for the critically endangered hawksbill sea turtles that nest here. female turtles lay roughly $1000.00 eggs each season. only one in a 1000 all make it to adult hood. that chances are made worse by hunting and illegal trading. research us estimate that some $10000.00 tough tools are harvested each year. that's pushed hawksbill sea tuttle's to the brink of
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extinction. but for the creatures who make it to this particular beach that's how. these women are on a mission to save the titles in 2016 they formed a group which brings together communities from 3 islands to protect the tools from hunting need to take on many things they have different powerful background so climbing together also have the opportunity for them to embrace it challenge and put a project they come through giveth uniting them together for concert with. their on my way to the owner from a spectacular group of islands that's one of the largest breeding grounds in the south pacific for the hawksbill sea turtle. the owner evidence of assigned to the marine protected area the fast f a national park in the solomon islands and
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a sanctuary for the tuttles. today the team looking to catch them for time and release known locally as tuttle ready to go. on about what i wanted was. the 1st attempt is a mess. so it's on to the next location to try again i just thought. but though. it might have been the. second time lucky. they call to a female green tuttle a different species. she's strong enough to dislocate a person's arm. not muslim. once on board she's measured and had details are recorded we're not. going to mind.
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you know where i'm coming over next her flip has attacked with unique numbers to help rangers identify her in the future you have written. on this green turtle has scars from an attack by a crocodile. that common in these waters. world. is crawling across the coast is clear she's on her way again. a book spell sea turtles also face dangers on shore. have discovered this not just now rangers must move the surviving eggs so the smell doesn't attract more predators. it's all pays off when the baby tattoos are bred to touch. the women of koach he helped build tuttle highways in the sun and leading from the nests to the ocean. as the happening start the journey
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towards the sea the women trying to keep them on track. they stand guard against natural predators and purchase. tools are often cotton illegally sold to buy is overseas totoo is also an important traditional food in the solomon islands and it's been hunted for centuries while the practice is still legal outside to preserve the women of co are trying to change local attitudes. of i've been so i don't like i would say that i go there. and then. my face very pretty and i walk that they make canes my like my thinking when you actively see them coming out from their holes and driving making their way there and then i knew when i got them laughing day and then out me off in the sack that they were waiting for ben out of struggle kobe have already like and then i was
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like oh i really hope. and pride is my family though my community. obviously better. she's just one example of how come back east message is resonating across the solomon islands several women have brought the fight to save tattles back to their villages to teach office the only one living near poor and has started her own offshoot of koichi in her village she uses weatherproof charts on islands where electricity isn't available to show local communities how they can help. our generation for tomorrow. whereas the then but then look how that saw him have to look after our state but. it takes 30 years for tuttle's to reach sexual maturity after nesting they travel thousands of kilometers back to the great barrier reef in australia saying this incredible journey helps the women understand the important role they play in
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conservation we have been. very important because we have a custody and there we have the one who will look after the family we faded to rain and also we took. things then what there is happening in a community so it is very important that we women truth understand what is happening in that environment. there are now twice as many tuttle nests in the on of ns as the weapon for the marine park was established 25 years ago. but more needs to be done to save the species i think that if everybody's operating like to get that then we have i have high hopes for that that those who have to do have a so to see them yeah ok he is hoping to get more women involved in educating and uniting communities to make sure the solomon islands are
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a safer place for turtles today and in the future. that's all from us at global 3000 this time. we're back next week but don't forget we love hearing from you. so send us your feedback on any of these reports to global 3000 at e.w. dot com and check us out on facebook you women see you soon.
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the the. eco africa. for uganda is not. the primates have taken advantage of the peace and quiet of the current a virus locked down to produce a particularly large number of offspring residents in the neighboring villages are thrilled to see hope that these were animals will soon attract many tourists again
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and go for go to in 30 minutes on d w. 11 from. the living come a shoe. or just. the beginning of the end of animal based products. but which will turn it is work and which ones pay off the. new ideas from the global market made. in germany. d w. how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when will all this. computer through the tax and weekly radio show is called spectrum if you would like any information on the crown of virus or any other science topic you should really
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check out our podcast you can get it wherever you get your podcast you can also find us at g.w. dot com slash science. can you hear me no no yes we're going to tell you and i last year's german sunflower when you bring your uncle our mascot and you've never had to have surprise yourself with what is possible who is magical really what moves that want. to talk to people who follows her along the way maurice and critics are right joining us from apple's last stop. frank food. international gateway to the best connection salsa road and rail. located in the heart of europe you are connected to the whole world. experience outstanding shopping and dining offers and try our services. be our guest at
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frankfurt airport city managed by from. this is developing news live from berlin a landmark lawsuit against a search engine giant the u.s. government is taking google to court the department of justice has announced that it is suing google accusing the company of maintaining an illegal monopoly of the online search and advertising markets also coming up it's back to business in delhi
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and that means back to smog we'll take a closer look. plus touch and go into outer space and nasa spacecraft lands briefly on an asteroid where it snatches rocks and dust samples we'll get the details of this daring mission. i'm told me a lot of well welcome to the program the u.s. and google are headed to court the trumpet ministration on tuesday find filed a landmark antitrust under trust lawsuit against google it alleges that the tech giant has been abusing its dominance as an online search engine to fend off rivals google controls about 90 percent of global web searches the company has long denied claims of unfair competition the lawsuit also alleges that google uses billions of dollars to pay phone manufacturers to ensure it is the default search engine on
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browsers it's the u.s. government's most significant act to protect competition since its groundbreaking case against microsoft more than 20 years ago. earlier i spoke to our washington correspondent all of a salad and i asked him what exactly google is being accused of the allegation made against google is that the company is unlawfully maintaining a monopoly in essentially cutting off its rivals in the areas mentioned here are general search services search advertising and general search text advertising so essentially. all the areas google is known for and especially used for among users now this is a very significant law case as you've mentioned already it's the biggest type of biggest off it's time in the last 20 years since a very groundbreaking case against microsoft we're also looking at one of the u.s. government's most significant acts to protect the competition here now google has of course also responded already they say that this law case is deeply flawed they
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really stress today that people are using google and terribly simply because they choose to not because they're forced to and 3 also other options exist other search and engines that can be used other browsers of course as well and the l. also made clear that they're going to fight this. let's take a look now at some other stories making news around the world. mexico's former defense minister some of those influenced has been ordered to remain in u.s. custody without bail pending his trial on drug trafficking charges a judge also ordered the 72 year old to be sent to new york for further proceedings simply goes was arrested at los angeles international airport last week. authorities in paraguayan have seized more than 2 tons of cocaine in the border of yet about 30 kilometers from the capital s. and c. on the drugs are hidden inside cold containers and are worth an estimated 600000000
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u.s. dollars investigators say the containers were headed for israel. bolivia's president elect. there will be no role in his government for former president it will morales or less government for almost 14 years before resigning under pressure last year and fleeing the country his remains leader of ozzy's socialist party. amnesty international says there's credible evidence that security forces in nigeria's commercial capital lagos a fatally shot protesters were demonstrating against police brutality the violence erupted after thousands of protesters defied a 24 hour curfew imposed on tuesday after attacks on police stations the. french authorities have ordered the closure of a mosque in paris saying it helped provoke last week's murder of a teacher a mosque had shared a video railing against the teachers use of cartoons of the prophet mohammad in class the mob insists sharing the clip was not
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a call to violence. countries across europe a scrambling to contain a fresh wave of covert 19 infections in germany the southern state of bavaria has the most new cases it's now under a strict lockdown with about 100000 residents largely confined to their homes. bash has got no land in the feria and my antennas on the austrian border the number one coronavirus hot spot in germany the number of new cases that in the last week is 5 times above the threshold for a high risk area as of choose day locals are back in lockdown and only allowed to leave their homes with a valid reason. the number of new daily cases in germany is rising nationwide with the size and the west worst hit more than 129 areas and deemed high risk as the 2nd wave hits but lynn authorities are urging people to wear masks in all
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crowded places where social distancing isn't possible mosques a compulsory at markets well queuing and on some shopping streets tonight the public is largely remaining calm. of course we're afraid but not in the sense that i think about it all the time when protecting ourselves just like before us but as you know i still live with my parents so i won't go to panic buying the title already found it bad the 1st time around and this time to. think it meant. i think we're better prepared this time around compared to the 1st time. i see how people are behaving and it's much better. but what it means for us i'm in berlin for the 1st time in 10 months and of course i'm a bit afraid and more not there. you know in political spheres pressure is growing for more involvement of the parliament in coronavirus decision making in this talk president wrote to m.p.'s on monday saying that parliament's role as
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lawmakers must be more distinct in the handling of the pandemic a polite reminder that in germany's democracy parliament makes the laws not the government. remember earlier this year when so many of us went under lockdown and traffic cleared up which meant that pollution levels fell no place felt so palpable the then deadly but in the indian capital like other places things of quickly returned to their old ways. after months of absence people in india's capital are feeling it again irritated eyes and throats that smells poor visibility smog has returned to delhi and also even for people who are. active people legacy were coming through and the noticing a change. it's getting harder to believe that after months of clearer healthier air because of the coronavirus lockdown with traffic industry and most social life
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suddenly stopped the environment recovered and people breathed easier. that seems over now one might say it was only a matter of time smog in these parts has several causes there's the exhaust from all those engines and boilers. farmers burning off stubble on their fields after the harvest and the winds and rains of the monsoon are gone. the lockdown is also a thing of the past india has now clocked over 7000000 corona virus cases and people are realizing that pollution and the pandemic are forming a vicious circle. we have this double problem of pollution and coronavirus people were already scared of the corona virus and now secondly this pollution so what should we do. doctors say pollution and covert 19 are
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a dangerous combination. cause inflammation in the lungs and the. cause and both of them run their cause inflammation. get complicated for those facing the double threat of covert 19 and unhealthy air this may be an especially difficult when sure. let's catch up now on some of the developments in the corona virus and demick researches in the u.k. are planning to deliberately infect volunteers with the virus that causes covert 19 the controversial technique could speed up development of a vaccine to help and the pandemic if it receives regulatory and ethics approval singable plans to roll out rapid coronavirus tests for weddings and business conferences its health ministry says it will identify other events that will
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require rapid tests they are likely to include sports events and live performances and india has recorded its lowest daily amount of new coronavirus cases in nearly 3 months the number of new infections continues to decline since peaking in september . a nasa spacecraft has briefly landed on an asteroid called bend over 320000000 kilometers from earth the osiris rexx collected rock and dust samples that scientists hope will allow them to learn more about how planets formed and life began. to words that nasa scientists have waited for since 2016 when robotic spacecraft cyrus rex started its journey to the asteroid for the past 2 years of its mission osiris rex has been orbiting the asteroid looking for the perfect spot to land for only a brief encounter a few seconds almost like
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a kiss on the surface was all the time osiris rex had to grab rock and dust samples from the asteroid seconds that have been here in the making room i can tell you that everything went just exactly perfect which is kind of the hallmark of this team we have consistently been expectations over and over again we have overcome the amazing challenges that this asteroid has thrown at us and the spacecraft appears to have operated flawlessly it was the 1st time nasa has touched down on an asteroid but it could be a week before scientists know if and how much the spacecraft gravity still the mission is already a success i mean like ever we would actually pull this off. if the sample collection was successful cyrus rex will begin its long journey home and return to earth in 2023. football and the champions league has resumed amid media speculation about its
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possible demise in future seasons where last term semifinalists rb leipzig got on with the job in hand and beat istanbul's busch action here to nil and grabbed both goals in the group page opener in the german city only $999.00 fans were allowed in . due to coronavirus restrictions the turks were making their debut in the elite competition of the heavily backed by president roger type only. in other champions league matches and tuesday it was a poor start for bruce the adult and they lost 31 at italy's last seal last season's runners up p.s.g. were beaten 21 by manchester united and barcelona won 5 want to home to one variants for as rush who are making their group stage comeback after 25 years away holders by munich host atletico madrid on wednesday with surgical gnabry ruled out with corona virus brazilian police have rescued more than $160.00 wild parrots
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after finding them crammed in a car ready to be smuggled into the city of south paolo animal rights activists say wildlife trafficking is widespread in brazil with millions of native animals smuggled every year to make matters worse smugglers face relatively small fines when court. 166 pirates ready to settle on cell palos buzzing illegal wildlife markets police found them in the trunk of the smugglers car not far from the city the birds were crammed inside wooden boxes and were immediately handed over to a local animal rescue n.g.o.s to be cared for. because. they say that one can say i arrived here in very poor condition in very small boxes with several animals in the same box. at the end metairie marion's are
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struggling to take care of the parish many of them are very young they need to be fed between 6 and 8 times a day. to put on the so this is the breeding period for pirates so the traffickers find the nests take the animals and bring them for example from the mato grosso to the state of south paolo where there is a bigger market for these animals than in my brazil is home to the world's largest biodiversity which makes it a hot spot for poaching and wildlife trafficking rights groups say millions of native animals are trafficked in the country every year the birds among the most traded pieces these little ones where lucky they have escaped that fate at least for now once they have fully recovered military marion say they will return them to the wild. before we go here's
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a reminder you can always get news just download apps from google play all from the app store and that'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and if you'll part of a news story you can also use the d.w. app to send us photos and videos of what's happening. watching the news from berlin up next as $1000.00 special i've told a lot of folks for joining us. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. hour carona update. 19 special next on d w. w's crime fighters are back africa's most successful radio
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