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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  October 24, 2020 10:00pm-10:30pm CEST

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that's a strong. passion for chuck starts november 6th on g.w. . this is news live from berlin donald trump but surely in the u.s. presidential election. i voted for a guy named truck because with the last days of the campaign said to be dominated by america's worsening crisis will see how trump and rival joe biden confronting the key issues also coming up. i'm already afraid of the moment we reach our limits
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and have to choose whom we take on who gets to be treated. should it be deferred or if the 16 year old. belgium has the highest teen in fiction right per capita in europe we'll take a look inside a hospital struggling to come. and children in mali head back to school after months of covidien choose to closures but the pandemic is still threatening to cost millions of children in the region a chance at an education. anyhow thanks for joining us there are just 10 days left before the u.s. election but president trump has already voted he joins tens of millions of americans who have also cost their ballots before next tuesday's election the surgeon early voting in the in the u.s. is being fueled by concerns about coronavirus and trump's handling of the pandemics
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. u.s. president donald trump returned to his adopted home state of florida to cast his ballot and doubts about the security of mail in voting secure for much more secure that when you send in a ballot i could tell you that everything was perfect very strict right by the rules when you send in your ballots could never be like that you could never be secure like that they did a fantastic job but we had great people that. didn't think. i voted for a guy named truck. thank you very much i think that. trump has spent much of the campaign sowing seeds of uncertainty claiming voter fraud might rob him of victory early voting in the united states is shattering records more than 53000000 people have already cast their ballots ahead of the november 30th election many woke up early in the president's former home state of new york to make sure their choice is
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counted. or are we are going to be here earlier this. morning. mark mark. many many people. prefer. you know where if. you're frightened if you're my vote without it there's so many concerns about whether you know if you submit an absentee ballot when it's actually counted in the mail record turnout is also the result of kobe $1000.00 concerns cases and hospitalizations are on the rise 85000 new cases reported saturday. they campaign trail to the white house brought democratic challenger joe biden to his former home state of pennsylvania where he accused trump of mishandling the pandemic. we have 10 days left. that may come down to pennsylvania. and i believe in you i believe in my state the
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choice is never clear the stakes have never been higher expert tell us we're going to lose nearly another 200000 lives nationwide in the next several months all because this president cares more about the stock market and he does you think biden is leading in nationwide polls and in most battleground states but president trump is determined to hold as many rallies as he can to pull off another surprise presidential win now could you believe it 1010 years well here in germany the number of people who have died from. the past 10000 this fall as a shop spike in the number of new cases in recent weeks with a record 14000 new infections reported in just the last 24 hours with that in mind chancellor angela merkel has made an appeal for solidarity as a country confronts across the isn't true. we are not helpless and facing the
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virus our actions determine the strength and speed at which it spreads and the imperative thing is for all of us to reduce contact to meet fewer people. if we all stick together we will meet the enormous challenge posed by this virus. and the americas they're asking people to be responsible ok i'm joined now by a report in the call resign a co you've been following the situation germany had been doing relatively well in the crisis yet now the numbers story why oh basically we've also seen that the numbers are slowly going up already since to die but back then it was 70800 cases a day now we're almost facing 15000 that's a lot to take in seen that the numbers are slowly going up already since to die but back then it was 70800 cases a day now we're almost facing 15000 that's a lot to take in and they also say the reason why i'm going to america has been
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time and again reminding people to stick to the rules and that they have the power to actually influence that but these numbers pretty much reflect that they didn't take the chance you know probably many germans are coming out of a rather relaxed summer they were able to travel again after a very hard time the way able to gather again and they were able to party again to go to restaurants etc but now we are reaching autumn and things are pretty much happening inside which is perfect for the virus to spread we have learned already and this is happening as they have this rather relaxed attitude and this is why the numbers probably are going up and on top of that we have also have regions in germany that decide on domestic travel bans that have been overturned within days or here in berlin we had a curfew for bars and restaurants which then salsa makes them tunes already and this is not setting a really good example for people to you know stick to rules and be confident about what they're doing or like avoiding
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a fatigue that probably each one of us has suffered at some point during this very wrong crisis it's been a flashpoint between the federal and state power here in germany but it's also across borders it's now the same situation. in other countries in europe yes because people are in the same situation i mean we have a new hot spot across europe almost every day one day it's the czech republic we saw france struggling against spain still one of the most affected countries they just reached 1000000 infections this week the 1st western country in europe that has that since the phonetics starts it and they're looking into declaring the state of emergency again maybe to morrow they want to have cabinet meeting that are essential as the prime minister already said that they are probably looking at triple the number of cases like that the facing officially so he's already pointing at the hidden figures and so regions want to make sure that they have the legal powers to implement new restrictions in their parts of the country let's remember
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spain had one of the toughest lockdowns in europe nobody was really able to move for months that might not happen again but that trying to avoid it by may be to creating that state of emergency tomorrow and let's face it i think pretty many countries in europe in the same situation they're trying to avoid national harsh lockdowns and trying to find a solution in between to not have to go back to spring again when when autumn nicole thanks so much. well of all the countries in europe belgium is among the hardest hit by the pandemic with the highest number of covered 19 infections per capita region of already has a not time curfew but its hospitals are still struggling to cope and staff they fear i'll soon face the hottest of choices. the briefing between shifts at this hospital in charlotte well and by lonia staff are already preparing for the
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worst. visit book in the modern new long i'm already afraid of the moment we reach our limits and have to choose whom we take in and who gets to be treated well should it be to 30 or the 60 year old. i don't have to answer. 120 new kogut 1000 patients in 20 days belgium is experiencing deja vu the situation is as boring as it was at the beginning of the pandemic the belgian government has imposed new regulations no spectators at sporting events almost no students at universities but so far no lockdown there is no regulation will itself stop the virus from spreading it's up to us to change our behavior in order to stop it but that most of the. experts however are quick to criticize the measures seen as you live on the regulations won't bite fast enough the situation
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is set to get dramatic. like the vallone a region went with its own measures extending its nighttime curfew the region is on the brink of a total lockdown. in the hospital in china this patient has survived the worst. moment but i was really scared for this to see this horrible i didn't take it seriously at 1st. one life saved but more patients will be coming. it's difficult to cope with all this psychologically the work leaves its marks on the stuff for them politics is not keeping up with the pace of the bars. here's a look now at some of the other developments in the global health emergency and
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france's reached a new record of deadly infections with more than 45000 cases reported on saturday health ministry data also showed an additional $138.00 deaths in the last 24 hours poland's president on very due to has tested positive for covenanting and is in quarantine but in the video message on twitter due to said he has no symptoms and japan's government is asking businesses to extend the new year's holidays until mid january that's to get workers to travel off peak to their home towns and whole of a distance i should. attend that some of the other stories making news around the world. the death toll in a suicide bombing in afghanistan's capital kabul has risen to at least 18 people with dozens of others wounded interior ministry says the blast struck an educational center in the midwest and district of the city islamic state militant group has claimed responsibility for the attack. the french court has sentenced
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a 19 year old student to 4 months probation after you posted an internet message welcoming the killing of a teacher who had shown character choose of the muslim prophet muhammad she must also complete a 6 month course on the french state's core value. electoral commission has announced that president alpha condé has won a 3rd term with nearly 60 percent of the vote the opposition has accused the government of go forward counting the ballots authorities say at least 9 people have been killed in violent protests since last sunday's election. on mali now where millions of children i having back to school after missing up to 4 months of classes but even as schools begin to reopen across the region many of them lack the resources to mitigate the risk of covert 19 and many fear the pandemic may cost countless children the chance at an education. a little hand disinfectant
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and then lessons begin at this elementary school in mali social distancing is important but with so many students it's impossible that after months without lessons the children are excited to finally be dark and school. kneebone i really miss school and i've forgotten quite a bit. hard to you know remains crucial but the chrono virus has left the children of the somehow region far behind not all of them were able to learn during the months of school closures and not all have returned to school they started helping the parents at lowe's of their local would seem goes more difficult for the better. or specially girls who are living in this. work is a host to make matters worse there are ongoing conflicts in the country armed groups often attack civilians displacing many families they then have to find
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shelter in camps or makeshift living quarters like here in mali's capital bomb a ko. thing we fled here to avoid being killed. now or can't go to school and. i see i'm 1st we have to focus on surviving. kind of. a good education for a better future for many children here it's just a challenge to be able to go to school that all. one does a good time and champions by munich with again and ramp and form as they routed visit is on track frank but not surprisingly rob levin belsky was the main man in munich polish go machine it had 3 times spine won 5 nil to keep up the pressure on league latest lot seeing who just a point ahead. speaking of the mob a lot sicker are still at the top of the table because they were able to come back from an early deficit to beat head to bed into one of 6 1st goal came from
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a free kick in the 11th minute up and cano hitting the target to level score and get a comeback started it was the france international's 1st goal for the red bulls in 2 youths. a quick look at the bundesliga results this weekend and easily. there are those behind and lots of wins group with private moments lost to gladbach on friday got hold cologne on sunday post because by the food and then off and on had to braman on monday it's leverkusen and the. you're watching they double the news there's more coming up in 45 minutes tops. what secrets lie behind swine. discover new adventures in 360 degree.
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and explore fascinating world heritage sites. t.w. world heritage 368 get kidnapped now. can you hear me now yes yes we can hear you and how last year's german sauce that we're going to bring you i'm going to a man called and you've never caught have before surprise yourself with what is possible who is medical really what moves back and what. we talk to people who followed her along the way admirers and critics alike how is the world's most powerful woman shaping public if they join us from eccles law stops. this week on the world stories. british sheep farmers fear for their livelihoods.
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dangerous apportions in kenya but we begin in the south caucasus where on conflict between armenia and azerbaijan continued this week despite a cease fire the 2 nations from the former soviet union are employed old in a dispute over the not going to car park region which has already cost the lives of many civilians. on the ruins of what used to be her life. her neighborhood was destroyed in the missile attack over the weekend. for home community is. this is. from where the rocket came there were houses everywhere here but they were hit and everything got destroyed. the small sports school to. look their clothes and mattresses lying around my belongings also somewhere here. next to the bombed out homes a makeshift memorial. many gunja residents come here to commemorate those killed in
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the attack certain people according to the authorities. they bring flowers and signs saying who they blame the armenian army. to rest in peace gunja people may god bless you. since late september armenia and azerbaijan have been at war for nagorno-karabakh again. and it is difficult to get an independent picture of the situation in the region both sides report military successes both countries accuse each other of fueling the fight in. 2 attempts at a ceasefire have already failed propaganda and war rhetoric determine everyday life. also here in the city
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center of gunja most people we speak to support the azerbaijan more distant with the power and strength of our army will soon be taken and the flag of azerbaijan will be erased that although my just a registered as a woman to you to join our army i'm ready. this clock no spin change we're not afraid of me my family and fellow citizens all of us so willing to sacrifice our life for a nation we will never back down this talk loudest is a lot closer to me or those after the fatal attack on gunja as a by john has the right to defend itself many here say like an aggie baguley have now has to look for a new beginning in the ruins of her own. like this which was a good confirmation. they want i'm waiting around about 18 to 20 kilos as a carcass. not too much fat just
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a little fat they are very discerning like good quality lamb coach if there's no trade deal between britain and the european union customs duties of as much as 50 percent could be happy don't have to caucus plus an extra border checks might mean the meat being less fresh when it arrives and for us to go to the op a trois and then they go into a refrigerated truck and normally they're killed one day and they're in the paris market the next morning and the delays to that will cause big problems if they're talking about you know 4 or 5 days of customs checks and lorries how it up it's just going to. impact the supply chain impacts all prices. the languishes also farm cattle which are subject to strict quality regulations they fear that often brags it cheaper low quality meat from the u.s. could damage the how market despite this many farmers including some of the language his neighbors voted for bricks and other now recruiting at stores here at
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cannes weekly cattle auction most farmers say they just have to construe it i think farms just got to make the most the situation that it will have the legislation is in place and whatever tires we have and get on with it we will be better off in the end but it will be very hard in the interim period. all beyond a start just starting our coaching on not looking forward to it because offing is going to be a long hard hole we have bricks without government subsidies many farmers might be facing bankruptcy particularly in the absence of a trade deal at languish is furious. it's just disbelief that they can tell so many lies you know it's it's you know the whole they won't be ques it dave everything will be fine it will be the easiest free trade agreement history. and i can't swear it is just proved it will be so much rubbish. father and son are hoping all the same that ed children will take over the
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business as 5th generation farmer despite threats it. to africa in kenya abortions are only allowed under very specific circumstances as a result women in the east african country die daily due to unsafe and the legal procedures and aid organization is doing its best to improve the situation. we call her mercy but that's not her real name she was 16 when she fell pregnant she was scared because she knew her mother would not allow her to keep the baby her mother forced her to have an abortion now for fear of repercussions mercy hides her face. i went to a local medicine man i stayed there for 3 days he gave me herbal medicine and i took it and when you did been on the 2nd day i started seeing blood in that one i
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was very afraid. there are people who were bored and i seemed fine i mean i thought i would die. the. she was lucky many girls and women don't survive such ordeals it's estimated that in kenya 7 women die each day from unsafe abortions like the one mercy had marginalized and poor women are especially vulnerable such as those in the math or islam abortions are illegal in kenya there are only a few strict exceptions women cannot simply go to the nearest hospital for help instead they come to this man he's well known for carrying out abortions along with other procedures even though he has no medical training he's respected in his community as a christian medicine man for people who can't afford hospital treatment mercy says she came to him to she paid the equivalent of 8 year olds for the abortion we ask
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the man directly he denies performing abortions nevertheless he knows exactly how an abortion is done i'm not sure where you're given an injection drug and they're sent home said the pregnancy can terminate there many of these women die if there are lucky they do die if they're lucky the pregnancy terminate safely it's usually bad however i see if. they resign i mean by that's why in most cases the women need professional help after the abortion international aid organization marries stops offers around the clock help for women who can't afford hospitalization yet but with too much experience this i'm deaf or will finally put in that we started the counseling part we also offer emergency treatment which it includes. we give you until baltica spain kill us and even sometimes you have to queue to get up if it indeed is that i pop into the room. mary stokes is only
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allowed to carry out a bush and if it's an emergency if the mother's life is in danger or if it's a rape case otherwise they too would be punishable according to kenyan law of course mercy would have preferred to have seen a real doctor i mean is a similar i would save someone wants to get an abortion they should go to a hospital. because those men will just give you some kind of medicine and then tell you when the pregnancy has been terminated they only want your money in the end you're the one who has to suffer in lieu of a cookie. despite the stigma she faces from her community she thinks every woman should have the right to a safe abortion. our last journey takes us to china the country where the coronavirus pandemic began at the end of 2019 almost a year later like there has largely returned to normal including travel and tourism . the beginning of
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october is china's travel season around national day most people get a week off it's a high point for beijing's cultural sites like the big city which hosts $14000000.00 tourists a year. it is also the 1st national day holiday since the outbreak of kovac 19 just over half a year ago beijing city center looked very different during the winter beijing's heritage sites were shut down because of the epidemic travel restrictions were in place in the whole country. china has brought the epidemic under control there are virtually no more domestic transmission and people are enjoying a return to normal life. i spent the last half a year at home it's only recently that i've been going out again i feel like i've been liberated. and it's great the disease can't time to share enthusiasm in china
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we feel the country has responded very well. there are still measures in place people have to use the health and scan the code to register certain locations tourist sites have limited visitor numbers estimates put the number of tourists in china during this season that 550000000 people that would be 2 thirds of last year's figure. you can see it on the street there are far fewer people than in other years. there are fewer people so the atmosphere isn't as lively as usual and people still have to wear masks. china's economy has returned to positive growth government spending on infrastructure and construction has brought workers back into the cities. but growth is still a lot slower than in previous years private consumption especially is lagging
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behind companies have cut wages and constant bonuses for the employees in downtown beijing that traces of the past 6 months are still visible experts have long warned of china's imbalance growth too much investment and too little consumption of it 19 has made these warnings ever more urgent. there's a cultural raging over the american dream. is in place but which way is it headed artists are concerned what moves down the tundra 1st filmmakers and writers who share their views on nation in turmoil.
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arts 21. next on t.w. . go africa. in digitalization in the pandemic. and online payment system has got rwanda's motorcycle taxi back on the road after a month long drive back. now the customers pay for the ride. for. 16 so. i'm sure that of us are 0. in support of. what's able. to be about.
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this day and still manage. the possibility for real violence in the country it's real. it takes someone very very strong to run this country and in my eyes i think he's doing a decent job.


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